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U-Tip - The Two Minute Tip
(Bob Serenson)

Bob Serenson, Director of Loss Prevention, Logistics and Innovation, Bed Bath & Beyond, tells us about the origin of the D&D Daily's new "U-Tip" program. Bob's LPNN session at last year's "Live in NYC" event struck a chord with a lot of LP exec's in the industry, which spurred further conversation on the topic of investing in yourself, your career, and your company investing in you. Bob brought the idea to Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor of the Daily, of giving industry leaders the opportunity to share quick tips and advice in the form of two-minute videos, with the ultimate goal of helping others improve both personally and professionally. As Bob tells Joe LaRocca in this very first U-Tip, it's all about giving people the opportunity to hear something that might click with them. One little piece of advice could make all the difference in someone's career.

U-Tip - The Two Minute Tip
(Bob Serenson)


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U-Tip - The Two Minute Tip
(Bob Serenson)
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