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Interview with Lisa LaBruno Two Part Series

In this two part series, Lisa LaBruno, Senior Vice President Retail Operations at RILA talks with LPNN about the Horizon's Committee and their recent creation, the Technology Priorities Document, designed to help drive innovation and address emerging trends in technology in the retail sector. Lisa discusses how the Horizons Committee started, who is involved, and where they plan on going with their submissions, webinars, and the TPD in the near future. In part two, questions are answered from members of the Horizons Committee. Brand Elverston, Director of Asset Protection Strategic Initiatives at Walmart talks about how the TPD is a driving force to him as a retailer, and the progress he has seen since its launch. Orlaith Murphy, Senior Director of Loss Prevention Operations for Gap Inc. also describes what her vision is of the future of the TPD and its impact on the retail industry

Interview with Lisa LaBruno Part 1

Videos In This Series:

Interview with Lisa LaBruno Part 1 Interview with Lisa LaBruno Part 2
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