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Live in NYC Full Broadcast

With over 2,000 viewers and great Guests, Cast and Crew, the event covered timely subjects and delivered valuable information for the LP viewers. MC'ed by two dynamic and absolutely energized industry executives, the event was a huge success and showed how the D&D Daily continues to lead the way in "Educating, Informing & Instilling a Sense of Community" for the LP industry. Visiting with LP Leaders of various Solution Providers, Retailers, Academia, and Trade Associations, the sessions covered a wide array of timely and critical subjects that can have an impact on your career and add value to your performance. Over 120 senior LP executives attended the live filming and dinner party, which took place at the upscale Maloney & Porcelli restaurant in downtown Manhattan. The historical night culminated with the honoring of Karl Langhorst, Director of Loss Prevention for Kroger, for all his efforts in developing a best-in-class LP program, which has become one of the strongest models for our industry to date.

Live in NYC Full Broadcast

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Live in NYC Full Broadcast
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