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Barnes & Noble Faces Steep Challenge as Holiday Nook Sales Decline 
Barnes & Noble on Thursday announced disappointing holiday sales figures, with steep declines that underscored the challenge it faces in transforming from its traditional retail format. Retail sales from the company’s bookstores and its Web site,, decreased 10.9 percent from the comparable nine-week holiday period a year earlier, to $1.2 billion, the company reported. More worrisome for the long-term future of the company, sales in the Nook unit that includes e-readers, tablets, digital content and accessories decreased 12.6 percent over the same period, to $311 million. (Source

Macy’s to close 6 stores Nationwide, opening or expanding 9 others in 2013.   Macy's Inc. had a strong holiday shopping season, posting same-store sales increases in December. It also made an unrelated announcement that it plans to close six underperforming stores in 2013. The Cincinnati-based retailer reported total sales of $5.1 billion for its December period, up 3.6 percent from $4.9 billion a year earlier, and up 4.1 percent on a same-store basis. Macy's said it was closing stores in Paseo, Colo., Belmont, Mass., Honolulu, St. Paul, Minn., and Houston. (Source

Security worries still keep 12% of consumers from shopping online 
Some want to see goods before purchasing, but many of the online holdouts are concerned about fraud and privacy according to a new study by Javelin Strategy & Research. The single biggest reason for not shopping online, cited by 32% of those who don’t, is that they want to purchase in person so they can see merchandise and avoid returns. But 26% are concerned that personal information will be used fraudulently, 21% that credit or debit card data could be used to commit fraud, and 18% that personal information will be sold to other merchants. 20% say shipping costs are too high. (Source

Canada's Prime Minister to honor Toronto Chinatown grocer, who chased down shoplifter and held him until police arrived, with Diamond Jubilee medal  Toronto Chinatown grocer David Chen, who gained notoriety three years ago for catching a shoplifter and throwing him into a delivery van until police arrived, will receive a Diamond Jubilee medal from the Prime Minister on Jan. 12. The Conservative government’s “citizen’s arrest” law was created based on the grocer’s actions, according to a Toronto Star article. The law took effect last June, and allows people to take “reasonable” actions to protect themselves, their family and their property if the option of using police isn’t available. (Source

Palm Beach County Commissioner pushing for more police and mall security rules after Boynton Beach Mall incident just before Christmas  Palm Beach County Commissioner Shelley Vana was shopping with her family at the Boynton Beach Mall just before Christmas when an “altercation” erupted and she dove to the floor to protect her 5-year-old granddaughter — an episode she said highlights the need for better security at places where people gather. Deputy County Administrator Verdenia Baker said Thursday that she planned to meet with county attorneys to discuss whether the county could require addition security. Mall officials said that safety and security is their “top priority." (Source

Student died after being restrained by customers in shoplifting apprehension
Customers at the store restrained Corey Stingley, 16, outside VJ's Food Mart, in Milwaukee, on Dec. 14. Police and paramedics revived him, and doctors at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa later determined that Stingley had suffered major brain damage, according to medical updates posted by Stingley's family. Stingley died Saturday. After the incident the three customers were taken into custody for questioning and one of them was referred to the district attorney's office on suspicion of causing injury, the chief said. (Source

South Carolina teen busted with $15,000 of counterfeit phone cases.  The York, South Carolina teen was arrested by York County Deputies following an investigation into the trafficking of counterfeit Otter Box cell phone cases on Craigslist. A search of the 16 year old suspect’s home revealed $15,000 of inventory; no charges have yet been filed. (Source

Man accused of six armed robberies in seven days in Portland area
Clackamas County deputies arrested a man accused of six armed store robberies over the span of seven days. Hitting small markets the man hit 3 on Dec. 26 alone. No one was hurt in any of the robberies. (Source

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Industrial Plastic Theft Task Force bust 8 member organized gang stealing plastic pallets The third bust in the past year of gang members stealing plastic pallets and grinding them up. More than $5 million in stolen trademark plastic had been recovered over the previous 12 months. And this group of six males and two females -- including five family members, two employees and the business owner had over $115,000 of stolen product located in two locations. (Source

Target store video captures “person of interest” in bank robbery hostage case.  A “person of interest’ was captured by several video cameras at a Target store, Police have released the video in an attempt to find the suspect in connection to two bank robberies in Phoenix. One bank employee was kidnapped at her home on Friday night by the suspect, then forced into the bank Saturday morning with what she was told may have been an explosive devise around her neck. (Source

Three Rite Aid Robberies linked in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. 
Over the last two months, Rite Aid Pharmacies have been the target of what State Police claim to be the same suspect. Each time the hooded, masked suspect comes into the store and passes a note demanding Oxycodone. No weapon has been displayed, but the suspect has threatened employees and customers. Rite Aid is offering a $2500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the suspect. (Source

Walmart television thief being sough in Central, Louisiana.  One suspect is believe to have hit the Walmart in Central, Louisiana twice in the last few weeks stealing large screen televisions. The suspect was able to disarm a fire door in the Lawn and Garden department of the store and quickly escape. (Source

Dollar General robbery couple on the loose in Weslaco, Texas.  Authorities are asking for the public's help in finding a couple accused of robbing a Dollar General store off South Bridge Avenue in Weslaco on New Year's Day. Weslaco police said a man and a woman walked into the Dollar General around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Employees allegedly spotted them shoplifting and confronted them but the man threatened to assault an employee who called police. (Source

Louisville area Deputy struck by a car during shoplifting chase.  An off-duty Jefferson County Deputy witnessed a shoplifting indecent at a Walmart, attempting to make the stop the suspect ran into the parking lot. During the foot chase the Deputy was struck by a car, knocking him to the ground. The Deputy was treated at the scene and expected to be okay. As for the suspect Yaaman Lee, he is now in custody facing robbery, assault, fleeing and resisting arrest. (Source

Jewelry store shoot out with Police in Sweden ends with one suspect shot in the head.  Four masked men attempted to rob a jewelry store in Sweden Friday morning. Three masked suspects entered the store while the forth waited in the car; inside the three smashed out showcases and triggered an alarm. Police confirm that they engaged in a shoot-out with four masked robbers, one had been shot in the head, he was taken to hospital, but the extent of his injuries remains unclear. The three remaining suspects are still at large. (Source

Fayetteville Robbers breaks into a Goodwill Store to access the safe of a Georgia Power Office next door.  Taking their time, two men broke into the Goodwill Store then busted out a connecting wall to access a safe at the Georgia Power office. The theft took 3 hours. Once inside the Georgia Power office the thieves were able to open the large safe and steal an undisclosed amount of cash and make a clean get-a-way. (Source

Two clerks stage robbery for $215 and a carton of cigarettes. Daytona Beach, Florida area convenience store workers conspired to stage a robbery and 911 call in order to get just enough money for one of the suspect’s car payments. The reward for the cashier on duty to play along was a carton of cigarettes. Both men now face multiple felony charges. (Source

December Same Store Sales Results

Costco up 9%
American Apparel up 9% with their online sales up 59%
Pier 1 Imports up 8.2%
Family Dollar up 2.5%
Walgreen down 6.1%
Wet Seal down 9.7%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Family Dollar 1Q up 6.6% with sales up 12.7%

An active shooter exercise and training video - Everyone in every store and office needs to be trained and as we mentioned, a National Retail Certification Program is needed! Are your employees trained?



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Dyson vacuum cleaner ORC thieves busted at Walmart in Godfrey, ILL.
After several thefts and return attempts Loss Prevention and the police finally bust two thieves who had been stealing Dyson vacuum cleaners and Kitchen Aid mixers and trying to return them for in-store credits. (Source

Facebook tip leads police to jewelry thief who had been hitting Target stores over the Holidays in Green Cove Springs, Fla.  Clay County detectives, acting on a tip from Facebook, arrested a 24-year-old Middleburg woman Thursday in connection four thefts of jewelry from stores between October and December. The tip that led to the arrest of Duzti Jo Davis came after the Sheriff's Office released information and a surveillance photo on Dec. 21 showing a woman shoplifting from the Target store on Wells Road on October and a request for information. According to deputies, the photo showed the thief leaving Target after stashing dozens of silver necklaces in the bottom of her bag. Detectives say a woman matching the same description had stolen jewelry from the Target stores on County Road 200 on Oct. 26 and Dec. 20 and back at the Wells Road store on Dec. 21. Clay County Sheriff's Office's Facebook friends identified the woman in the picture as Davis. By the time deputies arrested her at her Periwinkle Avenue home Thursday morning, she had shaved her head. (Source

Great Falls, Montana suspect arrested, connection to several electronics thefts from Walmart.  Joseph Dubois faced the judge yesterday following his arrest on January 2. Dubois was arrested on charges of stealing four computer and two Xbox gaming systems on three separate occasions from the local Walmart. Video had captured all three thefts, Dubois was arrested wearing the same hat and coat as seen in all three thefts. (Source

Chinese Black Market making profits off Australian Baby Formula.
Australian stores have seen a alarming surge in the sale of baby formula, it is believed that the product is being purchased at the average retail price of $25 per can, being shipped tax free to China and sold there for over $50. The demand for safe baby formula in China is so high, due to a scare from tainted formula being sold there over the last few years. Australian retailers like Woolworth and Chemmart have limited the amount of product each consumer can purchase, in an effort to make sure they can supply their own local customers. (Source


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Detex offers a wide range of life safety and security door hardware products that are guaranteed to be the most durable, easiest to install, innovative, technologically advanced and architecturally beautiful products available on the market today. From multipoint locks, to delayed egress to economical locks and alarms, Detex has been helping retailers and restaurants for decades. Detex manufacturers’ a wide variety of security hardware designed to prevent shoplifters from using emergency exits as escape routes, thwart break-ins and stop dishonest employee’s from sneaking out a locked door.


Detex provides everything you need for a customized, integrated door security system. Easy to specify, easy to order, easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain, Detex EasyKits are field-proven, code-compliant and will meet all of your requirements for worry-free, safe and secure control of building entry and egress. Detex has built specialized weatherized delayed egress systems for outdoor garden centers, and systems that automatically lock or unlock doors with the push of a button. You might only need to add a strobe light to an alarm, or prevent a propped door, but regardless of your challenge, give us a call, we can provide several answers.


For more than a century, Detex has been the world leader in Guard Tour Verification products and systems. Setting the standard with the widely used, reliable, and rugged mechanical watchclocks and continuing with the innovative GCS ProxiPen electronic guard tour verification systems, Detex is recognized worldwide as the leading solution provider.


Detex provides toll-free phone support, Monday through Friday, 8AM until 5PM Central Time. Technical support is available to anyone with questions or issues, just call 1-800-729-3839, and press 2 to speak with a technician. Detex products can be purchased from a variety of distributors, dealers, installers and integrators. Contact Detex or one of our many representatives to discuss your challenges and applications. A complete list can be found at Sign up for our monthly email and keep up with the latest in security door hardware.

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Axonify. Read how Pep Boys reduced their shrink by 55% by overhauling their LP awareness program. Download.
Thought Challenge

Thought Challenge Review

By Christopher Giunta
AP Operations Analyst
Ralph Lauren

as published on July 16, 2012

Despite retail consumption being responsible for about two-thirds of America's GDP, we are far behind the curve of other business segments in developing concise and objective units of measurement. We need to set a higher standard for the term analysis in Loss Prevention. Too often we look to our experience to create KPI's and identify sources of shrink to determine our strategic mission. And, quite often, we mistakenly refer to aggregating data as analysis.

True analysis is based in statistics and must be elevated from the realm of descriptive statistics, such as percent change or averages, to relational and causal models. Relational statistics would include the Pearson's Product Movement Correlation or simply correlation, a phrase often misused and misunderstood in our industry. Have you ever heard some say, There is a direct correlation between? Truth is, direct correlations do not exist; they are either positive or negative. Those who understand the concept also know that with the correlation comes a probability of error the chance that the relationship between your variables is random and otherwise inconclusive.

However, the correlation itself is simply the first step. By elevating our analysis, we will begin to come closer to identifying cause and effect, which will result in the creation of meaningful KPI's and predictive analytics. This is where multivariate analysis comes into play, which essentially quantifies the impact one metric has on your problem, while simultaneously controlling and calculating the impact of several other metrics. What we are talking about here is equation building.

Do you remember that equation from back in high school algebra class, Y=mx+b? It was last period, as you were struggling to remain conscious, and the teacher kept talking about slope and the intercept and the axis. It's a little something like that old thing. Let's stop sacrificing calculated conclusions for convenience. We must realize that our experience in itself is subjective, but math is not. Though our interpretation of the results will cater to our individual biases, this is completely understandable and expected. However, with the foundation of our thought processes elevated, we can begin to uncover the true causes of shrink and tailor our resources toward much more effective, cost reduction strategies.



The Loss Prevention Foundation announces Partnership with The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO)


Matthews, NC (January 03, 2013)—The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announces its partnership with The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO). ISCPO is an international supply chain organization focused on maintaining a global networking platform for all Loss Prevention and Security professionals that span across multiple business segments. “LPF is excited about establishing this collaborative partnership so efforts within both organizations can be maximized,“ said Gene Smith, president, LPF. “We look forward to assisting ISCPO as it grows in membership and achieving its mission.”

“The Loss Prevention Foundation is an international leader in educating and certifying retail loss prevention and asset protection professionals. It also maintains the industries only industry specific membership program. This partnership is going to benefit both organizations in numerous ways”, said Glenn Master, Chairman of the ISCPO. “ISCPO’s mission from the beginning has been to establish a global networking platform for all Loss Prevention and Security professionals that span across multiple business segments. LPF is a leading organization that already has credential-based, industry certifications established. This partnership will allow certification based training for ISCPO members and will also provide LPF a global platform for networking with supply chain Loss Prevention and Security professionals”, stated Master.

For news, information and membership inquiries, visit us both on

LPF - Media Contact: Donna Murphy, 866.433.5545,

ISCPO - Media Contact: Byron Smith, 469.215.8184,



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Director, Security Major League Soccer New York, NY Major League Soccer
Director - Loss Prevention Vans Cypress, CA Vans
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Corporate LP Manager Eddie Bauer Seattle, WA Eddie Bauer
Asset Protection Director Macy's Secaucus, NJ Macy's
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Asset Protection Mgr Sam's Club Fayetteville, AR Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G1 Vernon Hills, IL Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G2 Concord, CA Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G2 Baltimore Rosedale, MD Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G2 Timonium, MD Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G3 San Fernando, CA Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G3 El Monte, CA Walmart
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Bakersfield, CA Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Maryland Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Evansville, IN Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Houston, TX Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Albany, CA Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Connecticut Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Kona, HI Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Raleigh, NC Target
Regional LP Mgr CKE Restaurants Tallahassee, FL CKE Restaurants
District LP Mgr HomeGoods Roseville, MN The TJX Companies, Inc.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Pittsburgh, PA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Saugus, MA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Covington, GA Sears Holdings Corp.

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Steve Evans was promoted to Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager for CVS Caremark.
Andrew Cahill was named Area Asset Protection Manager for Pep Boys.

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Why Setting Goals Can Do More Harm Than Good Before you set out to make and keep a list of new year's resolutions for you and your company, consider this: Researchers from four top business schools have shown that goals often do more harm than good. (Real damage)

Top 10 Traits of an Exceptional Boss Let me ask you something. Would you trust a surgeon who's never performed an actual procedure? How about a litigation attorney who's never seen the inside of a courtroom? Of course not. (Emphasis on "successful")

Why Leaders Need to Rethink Teamwork The problem with teamwork is that stable teams that plan first and execute later are increasingly infeasible in the twenty-first century workforce. Teams are not the solution to getting the work done. (Survive and thrive)

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