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 January 5, 2016


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Developing Tomorrow's
LP Leaders, Today

John Voytilla, VP Global LP & Safety, Office Depot

New Perspectives
on the National Retail
Security Survey

Dr. Richard Hollinger, criminology professor at Univ. of Florida, lead author of the NRSS

Keys to Collaboration:
Building Effective Public-Private Sector Partnerships

Joe LaRocca, RetaiLPartners; Eric Ives, Unit Chief International ORC Task Forces, FBI; Cpt. John Romero and Det. Joe Hopkins, LAPD Commercial Crimes Division

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Stan Welch was named Vice President, Business Development for The Zellman Group and Agilence, Inc. Strategic Business Partnership.  Stan Welch joins the strategic partnership between Agilence, Inc. and The Zellman Group, LLC. to build strong executive relationships with customers and extend opportunities within the retail community. During Stan's 20+ years of professional experience and executive direction in the development of loss preventions systems and infrastructure with major retailers, he has reduced their shrink and shortage by millions of dollars and increased ROI. Stan will bring his strategic planning direction and insights to our clients in all aspects of their profitability planning. Most recently Stan was VP of Loss Prevention at JCPenney Corporation, with additional experience at Sears Holding Company and Target Corporation. Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight column below.
Raymond Sosa, CFI was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for CVS Health.  Raymond was previously the Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager for CVS Caremark before receiving this promotion. He has also held such leadership roles as Senior Manager of Risk Services for Axcess Financial, and National LP Manager for Sears Holdings Corporation. Raymond was also a Regional Investigator for Stage Stores/Bealls/Palais Royals. Raymond earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Safety & Health from Columbia Southern University, and went on to earn his MBA. Congratulations Raymond!

Why Retailers Must Restructure In 2016 - It may be too late for some!
A must read for the serious retailer

The 2015 holiday season has made the major shifts in consumer buying patterns very clear. The rise of Internet shopping and growth of off-price retailing are mega-trends reshaping the retail industry. In 2016, retailers who want to survive will have to respond by restructuring. Internet sales are booming at the cost of direct store purchases. Customers are favoring off-price stores that offer fashion at an attractive price.

I am worried about the future profitability of many leading retailers. They are now defensive against the leading Internet and off-price retailers such as Amazon and TJX Companies. They are losing sales productivity in their stores while expenses rise and management bureaucracy grows.

Here are some of my worries: Rapid Internet market share gains. By all indications Internet sales rose about 23% in 2015 and are likely to increase at that pace again in 2016. Aggressive U.S. expansion of low price international retailers Primark, Aldi and Lidl.

As these retailers compress consumer prices, traditional U.S. retailers will be forced to emphasize low price and low cost operations. As a result, traditional retailers will have to look at their cost structure and decide how to be lean and competitive in their pricing, staffing, and store count.

Surge in off-price store openings. Customers like to shop for value; off-pricers are happy to oblige. The market share shift to off-price is obviously hurting the traditional retailers requiring them to review their cost structures including stores and staffing.

Consumers prioritize new technology. Every time Apple introduces a new product, traditional retailers will feel a negative impact.

Communication with Millennials. Millennial customers are not confident consumers. They are afraid of a recession or lack of employment.

The signs are everywhere; traditional retailers must restructure their organizations now. The cost of operating is escalating as stores become less productive. More stores must be closed. Costs must be cut and reallocated - there are too many chiefs and too few sales people taking care of the customers.
Innovative thinking and serious restructuring is urgently needed but only modest incremental changes are imminent. Dwindling profits will force faster change, but it may be too late for some. I have many reasons to worry about traditional retailers as 2016 gets underway.

Editor's Note: This article was written by Walter Loeb and appeared yesterday in Forbes. I worked with Walter on the NRF's Associate Member Advisory Council and he is considered to be one of, if not the #1 retail business consultant in the industry worldwide and his opinions are sought after from virtually every CEO in America. And if he sees this, as we have all seen over the last year or so then take notice and take action now in your own planning. You may even want to get proactive and offer your thoughts to your senior management team on how you can contribute. forbes.com

H-E-B Among Posse of Retailers Opting Out of Texas Open Carry Law Others include Safeway, Costco, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Whole Foods
H-E-B, Whole Foods, Safeway, Trader Joe's, Costco, Fiesta Mart and Sprouts Farmers Markets are among the retailers opting out of Texas's controversial "open carry" gun law, which went into effect on Jan. 1 and which allows licensed firearm holders to openly carry handguns.

The aforementioned retailers - which are either posting signage stating open carry is not permitted or have stated that open carry is not welcome in their establishments - said they will abide by their longstanding policy to permit concealed weapons inside their stores.

In a statement, San Antonio-based H-E-B, which has more than 350 stores throughout Texas and northern Mexico and is a major purveyor of alcoholic beverages, said its decision complies with the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission. "As a retailer of alcohol, long guns and unlicensed guns are prohibited on our property under the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission rules. H-E-B maintains the same policy we have for years: only concealed licensed handguns are allowed on our property." progressivegrocer.com

Video analytics market poised for growth
The North American market is, and will remain, the largest segment of the global video analytics market from 2015 to 2020 as the market grows worldwide. Cloud integration is a key trend and, while business intelligence is a rising application, security and life safety remains the top application for video analytics.

"We estimated that in 2020 the total video analytics market size, globally, would be $3.9 billion," North America currently has 40- to 50 percent of the market.

"The most common approach is a hybrid approach, in which server-based as well as edge-based combinations are being used in different scenarios," Katkar said. Edge-based analytics are more scalable, Katkar said, which is a main differentiator. Server-based analytics can generally house more features, he said. securitysystemsnews.com

International Connection to ORC
National Geographic Underworld does episode on 'Managing Stolen Goods'
With a Cuban gang they show how crews steal merchandise, trucks and cell phones and ship them to South America with Columbia being the #1 destination of choice. Great episode and truly shows why we fight ORC nationwide.  nationalgeographic.com

NYC Officials Tout New Low in Crime, but Homicide, Rape, Robbery Rose
Overall, historic downward trend continued in 2015, though crime was up in Manhattan and Bronx. Major crime in 2015 was at the lowest point since statistics have been kept. Overall, reports of such crimes fell 1.7% in 2015 from a year earlier, bringing the two-year drop to 5.8% since Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton took office.

Messrs. Bratton and de Blasio said the police department was in a good position to drive down numbers further as new technology came online and 2,000 additional officers were sent out in 2016. Editor's Note: Bratton will be speaking at the Daily's 'Live in NYC at the NRF Big Show' event, Monday Jan 18th at 7:30 p.m. right after posing with LP teams for pictures. If you're in the area bring your team in for a team picture with America's Top Cop. wsj.com

NLRB Says Whole Foods Can't Bar Employees From Recording the Workplace
How far will they take it - will they tape interviews themselves

A National Labor Relations Board majority has ruled that Whole Foods can't bar employees from recording the workplace, finding that policies requiring management approval to record could prevent employees from engaging together in workplace activities protected by the National Labor Relations Act.

A 2-1 board majority ruled on Dec. 24 that two rules in Whole Foods Market Inc.'s employee handbook that prohibit recording company meetings and other aspects of the work environment with a camera or recording device without approval violate the NLRA. Employees could reasonably understand the rules as prohibitions of protected, concerted activity, such as unionization efforts or engaging in other activities collectively that would advance their interests on the job, the majority said.  law360.com

New York State Completes First-Ever Skimmer Crackdown -
Finds 6 devices at gas stations
in total, state and county inspectors checked 10,001 gas pumps - nearly 25 percent of the skimmers in the state - from Nov. 2-25. All six skimmers were internal devices connected to the wiring of the card reader inside the gas pump in order to steal and store credit card data until downloaded by criminals. csnews.com

New year brings minimum wage hikes for Americans in 14 states
As the United States marks more than six years without an increase in the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, 14 states and several cities are moving forward with their own increases, with most set to start taking effect on Friday. With Friday's increases, the new average minimum wage across the 14 affected states rises from $8.50 an hour to just over $9.

The 14 states where increases take effect on Friday are: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia.  reuters.com

Checkpoint Systems Announces Roll Out with Japan's Major Chain AEON RETAIL and Introduction of RFID and Robots
Checkpoint Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced that AEON RETAIL, a major Japanese retailer, is switching out existing acousto-magnetic (AM) electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems for Checkpoint's radio frequency identification (RFID)-upgradeable RF EAS systems to improve inventory management and the shopping experience. AEON RETAIL will also pioneer Checkpoint's RFID robot prototype to automate the in-store inventory cycle-counting process so it can improve inventory visibility and enhance the shopper experience. businesswire.com

Police recruit 'Britain's biggest fraudster' to help them fight online crime and personal data theft
Tony Sales, who stole £30million using hacked personal data, now tests e-commerce systems. Sales was one of the country's most wanted men as he ripped off stores and websites after buying shoppers' personal data from hackers. Sales committed his first credit card scam aged just 13 and spent time behind bars before he turned his life around to put his criminal know-how to positive use as a fraud prevention expert. But he will now lecture police and business chiefs on cybercrime. West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson has invited Sales to give the keynote speech at his annual business summit on January 18. Cyber crime is the topic for this year's summit and a top priority for the force. Sales was serving a 12-month prison sentence in 2010 when he was put in touch with the Home Office. mirror.co.uk

El Niño's warm weather is costing retailers $500M
Warm temps and a dearth of snow as expected has hit many retailers, and more seasonably cold temps and even snow are coming too late for many specialty apparel retailers to recoup their resulting losses of more than $500 million, which doesn't even include similar losses at department stores, according to Planalytics. Because of the El Niño-pattern induced warm weather, apparel retailers lost $421 million in sales due to weather between Nov. 1 and Dec. 19, and that rose to more than $500 million through Dec. 26. And an expected cool spring, also due to El Niño, will exacerbate weather-related sales problems for apparel retailers, and will likely cause them to make more conservative plans for fall, analysts say. retaildive.com

KKR buys Midwestern chain Mills Fleet Farm - Expect major expansion

Macy's to reveal list of stores slated to close

German retailer Lidl buys up land for planned U.S. expansion

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How to Detect, Assess, and Manage Cyber Security
CFO's top 10 cyber security stories from 2015

At CFO we have explored in many stories why senior finance executives must understand the importance of computer and information security. The CFO's role in finding technical solutions to security issues, from hardware and software, to preventing the disruption and misdirection of the services they provide, is increasingly crucial.

Finding and implementing the best cyber-security strategies based on the latest technological advances must be a priority for financial managers at all levels. The following articles provide a look at how CFOs can detect, assess, and manage cyber security. cfo.com

Government Adopts Sanction Rules For Cyberattack Suspects
The federal government has adopted new rules for freezing the assets of people suspected of aiding cyberattacks, laying out the circumstances under which officials can sanction cyberbreach suspects and the proper actions to take against suspects' bank accounts.  law360.com

New JavaScript Ransomware-as-a-Service Kicks off 2016
Here it comes - to a computer near you. Security researchers are warning of a newly discovered Ransomware-as-a-Service campaign using malware written in JavaScript for the first time. Fabian Wosar of security firm Emsisoft explained in a blog post that Ransom32 can be signed up to on a Tor site using just a Bitcoin address to which the spoils will be sent-minus a 25% cut.

After signing up, users will be able to access a basic admin page-enabling them to see how many systems are infected; observe how much money has been collected; and tweak various settings for the ransomware. Editors Note: The FBI has already warned that you should just pay it if it hits your company computers. As they simply don't have the time or staff to respond and fight it.  infosecurity-magazine.com

The next wave of cybercrime will come through your smart TV
Always on and vulnerable, smart TVs are waiting to be attacked. Smart TVs are opening a new window of attack for cybercriminals, as the security defenses of the devices often lag far behind those of smartphones and desktop computers. Smart TVs aren't just consumer items, either, as the devices are often used in corporate board rooms. Sales of smart TVs are expected to grow more than 20 percent per year through 2019, according to Research and Markets. While attacks against smart TVs are not widespread yet, security experts say it is only a matter of time before cybercriminals take note of the weaknesses. csoonline.com



The Zellman Group and Agilence, Inc. Announce Appointment of Stan Welch as Vice President, Business Development

Greenvale, NY - January 5, 2016 - As evidence of the new strategic partnership announced last month between Agilence, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based data analytics solutions for operations and loss prevention and The Zellman Group, LLC., provider of consulting and support services for retail operations and management, both companies are pleased to announce the appointment of Stan Welch, Vice President, Business Development.

Stan Welch joins this strategic partnership to build strong executive relationships with customers and extend opportunities within the retail community. During Stan's 20+ years of professional experience and executive direction in the development of loss preventions systems and infrastructure with major retailers, he has reduced their shrink and shortage by millions of dollars and increased ROI. Stan will bring his strategic planning direction and insights to our clients in all aspects of their profitability planning. Most recently Stan was VP of Loss Prevention at JCPenney Corporation, with additional experience at Sears Holding Company and Target Corporation.

"We are excited and privileged to have Stan join us as part of our strategic team. His knowledge will advance the success of our customers and bring an added perspective that will resonate will all types of customers and retailers." - Mr. Stuart Levine, CEO, TZG

About Agilence
Agilence (www.agilenceinc.com) is the industry leader in data analytics and reporting solutions for operations and loss prevention. Agilence develops its cloud based 20/20 solution for the retail, food and beverage, and pharmacy markets. 20/20 is a highly flexible and powerful application that provides organizations with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster, to increase efficiency and improve profit margins across the enterprise. Agilence, Inc. is headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ. To learn more about Agilence, please email sales@agilenceinc.com or call 856-366-1200.

About The Zellman Group
The Zellman Group (www.zellmangroup.com) is the industry leader in Civil Recovery, Employee Restitution Recovery and Loss Prevention services. The Zellman Group's management team is comprised of experienced industry professionals. They ensure superior customer service in programs that are risk averse and results oriented. Other services include: EBR tool analysis and implementation, Investigations, eCommerce fraud detection, and operational consulting. To learn more about Zellman, please email sales@zellmangroup.com or call 516-625-0006.



Cyber Security & LP's
Role in the Effort

The NRF's Threat Alert System &
RILA's Development of R-CISC

How LP Fits In

Both NRF and RILA have been tirelessly working together and separately over the past year to establish efforts to help fight the cybercrime crime wave impacting retailers nationwide. Leaders from both industry groups sit down together with LPNN for an in-depth look at the NRF's Threat Alert System and RILA's Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center. Tom Litchford, VP, Retail Technologies for the NRF, and Suzie Squier, Sr. VP, Member Services for RILA, discuss the latest in cybersecurity, what the two leading retail associations are doing about it, and what role LP executives can play in the fight against this unprecedented threat.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #20

Greg Saputo, Regional Sales Director, Se-Kure Controls, joins Joe and Amber for an LPNN Quick Take. Learn what Greg's one regret was after he made the switch from retailer to solution provider after 34 years in the LP industry.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

2016: The Year of Consumer-Centric Fraud Prevention
How can retailers ensure that their store remains attractive and competitive as we head into a new year? Make sure that every element contributing to the customer's experience of your website is designed to make that experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. And that includes fraud prevention.

Always Be Closing - It might not seem intuitive to think about fraud prevention in this way, but the fact is that ultimately, it's all about sales. e-commerce merchants have to wake up to the fact that fraud prevention affects checkout and conversions and make sure that it's helping to increase sales, not discourage them. In 2016, online retailers must start treating fraud prevention as a part of the customer experience, and making sure that it is optimized to create a good experience for good customers, as well as blocking bad ones.

Remove Friction From Checkout - Many of the fraud prevention methods and tools on which e-commerce merchants rely introduce friction into the checkout process. Given that an impressive 49% of online shoppers consistently consider Amazon when making an online purchase, it's not surprising that 1-click has set new norms when it comes to customer expectations of how easy it should be to make a purchase. Retailers can make their checkout process fast and easy with intelligent, automated fraud prevention which uses cutting edge technology.

A Real-Time Reality - The prevailing consumer culture is one of instant gratification, and that means that merchants are obliged to make everything about their site compatible with those demands. If 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, as Kissmetrics have reported, then retailers can't afford anything that adds delay on their website. That means that fraud prevention has to become real-time.

Automation Ahead - Full automation means no more manual reviews - which in turn means quicker, smoother checkout and faster fulfillment - and also removes much of the burden from the fraud team, who no longer have to worry about the floods of orders that come in during busy holiday periods, or over weekends. With machine learning, a fraud prevention system can learn from every transaction, becoming increasingly tailored to a retailer's needs over time and recognizing new fraud techniques almost as soon as they appear.

Be Accurate, Not Risk-Averse - Due to the high cost of fraud, fraud prevention has typically been conservative. But retailers are starting to wake up to the fact that this approach is a sure way to lose good customers. Retailers should treat customers as "innocent until proven guilty" to improve customer experience and conversions - both now and in the future. A great experience can turn a shopper into a customer for life, just as a bad one can send them straight to your competitors.

Make Fraud Prevention Consumer-Centric in 2016 multichannelmerchant.com



Mebane, NC: Southern Female Jewelry Store Bandit hits Jared in NC, marking her 6th Armed Robbery
A woman possibly sought in 5 other jewelry store robberies in the South - netting more than $450,000 worth of goods - is wanted after now robbing a store in North Carolina. The young woman, who has robbed jewelry stores in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, is accused of tying up two workers during a jewelry store robbery Monday at Tanger Outlets in Mebane. The incident was reported around 10:30 a.m. at the Jared Vault. No one was injured. Mebane police said the woman showed a handgun and ordered the employees to a back room before tying them up with zip-ties. In previous robberies of jewelry stores, the woman also showed a gun and tied up workers at the stores with zip-ties. The woman fled with an undisclosed amount of merchandise, but so far has stolen more than $450,000 worth of jewelry in the six total robberies, officials say. Police released a surveillance image of the suspect. She stands about 5'8″ tall, weighs about 120 pounds and should be considered armed and dangerous, police said. The same woman may be involved in similar robberies in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, police said. Before Monday, the last jewelry store she robbed was in mid-October in Tennessee. greensboro.com

Santa Monica, CA: Police Arrest Men From The Bronx
Inside Apple Store On Fraud
Santa Monica police arrested two men from The Bronx, New York, on Thursday, Dec. 24, after trying to buy 12 iPhones with fraudulent gift cards at the Apple Store in Santa Monica. Santa Monica Police had been informed that two suspects had entered the store at 12:32 pm and had attempted to purchase 12 iPhones by using numerous gift cards. The security staff also told the officers that they had recognized one of the suspects from a previous suspicious purchase and theft attempt at the store. The officers noticed that when the suspects spotted the officers walking towards them the suspects became agitated and began to walk towards the exit. The officers moved in with haste and asked the suspects if they were willing to have a conversation, to which they agreed.

The officers spoke with the suspects individually, asking each one about the gift cards and although each suspect claimed that the gift cards were legitimate they gave conflicting stories about how the gift cards had been obtained. Given these conflicting stories, the circumstances about the attempted purchase, the prior theft attempt and multiple recent incidents of identity theft and credit card fraud at the Apple Store the officers arrested these two men, and they were each charged with intent to commit a crime, grand theft, identity theft and conspiracy. When the officers arrived with the suspects at the jail they searched the suspects and discovered numerous fraudulent gift cards amongst their possessions. smmirror.com

Wayne, NJ: Woman Caught Shoplifting $2,000 Worth Of Bras And Perfume at Willowbrook Mall; Police believe she is part of a shoplifting 'gang' that has hit several Victoria's Secret area stores
A Pennsylvania woman was charged with shoplifting after she was caught putting more than $2,300 worth of bras and cologne from Victoria's Secret in the Willowbrook Mall Saturday night, Wayne police said. Cynthia Mary Roman, 39, of Tobyhanna, Pa., was caught putting 49 bras and 10 bottles of women's cologne worth more than $2,300 into a bag as she walked through the store, said Capt. Laurence Martin. Loss prevention officers at the store said they think Roman is part of an organized shoplifting "gang" responsible for stealing merchandise from various Victoria's Secret store in the region, Martin said. Police said Roman had a $1,300 warrant out for her arrest out of Paramus. She was released on the shoplifting charge and released on her own recognizance on the Paramus warrant, Martin said. patch.com

Lincoln, IL: Repeat thieves arrested with $250 in Walgreens merchandise; arrested 6 times in 2015
Three people were arrested Saturday outside the Wal-Mart in Lincoln on collective charges of burglary, retail theft and possession of a hypodermic needle. Lincoln Police responded to a call from the Walgreens store on Woodlawn Road around 6 p.m. alleging that the group was spotted shoplifting personal care items. As the officers were searching the vehicle to recover those items, they also discovered a hypodermic needle, leading to the arrest of Nicole R. Glasscock, on charges of burglary, obstructing identification and possession of the syringe. Glasscock was charged with retail theft six times in 2015 in Sangamon County, with five of those instances resulting in felony level charges and two of them being on consecutive days (Aug. 16 and 17). Glasscock had also faced multiple retail theft misdemeanor cases in Sangamon County in the two years before. The two people with her were also arrested on the charge of burglary and retail theft. lincolncourier.com

Racine, WI: Smash & Grab of Apple products at Target
Police are seeking two men wanted for a smash-and-grab theft of electronics at the Target store Sunday afternoon. According to Racine police, who were called at 3:15 p.m. Sunday, the two men were seen walking around inside Target, 5300 Durand Ave., for some time. Then one of them produced a metal tool and used it to smash into a glass case containing Apple-branded products including iPads and Apple Watches. The men grabbed several of the products and dashed out the emergency doors on the store's east end. journaltimes.com

Wayne, NJ: Shoplifter busted with a plastic bag full of ladies perfume from Victoria's Secret
A man was caught shoplifting women's perfume from Victoria's Secret in the Willowbrook Mall Monday, Wayne police said. Police were told by loss prevention personnel at the mall that Kyle Tucker, 27, of Haskell, walked around Victoria's Secret filling a black plastic bag with women's perfumes. Mall security officers detained Tucker outside the store until police arrived. patch.com

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Columbus, OH: Neighbors near Easton Town Center concerned about safety after recent viral videos of fights
Neighbors who live near Easton Town Center in Northeast Columbus looking for answers after two fights involving young people were caught on cell phone video inside the shopping mall. "Certainly this is a concern," said Chris Engleman, who is the coordinator for The Upper Albany West Block Watch, "we are one exit away from Easton" The public relations firm for Easton Town Center says they are looking into two separate fights within days of each other inside the shopping center. The first incident happened the day after Christmas inside a Foot Locker store when a group of young people began fighting with each other sending mannequins and merchandise flying through the store. Three days later a second round of violence involving young people happened at the food court. While no injuries were reported, mall management says it will continue to investigate what started the fights. abc6onyourside.com

Rawlins, WY: Drug sales outside Kum & Go leads to fatal Police Shooting
Officials have identified the man shot and killed by Rawlins police at a convenience store. The Carbon County Coroner's Office identified the victim in the Dec. 30 shooting as 39-year-old John Randell Veach, of Fort Collins, Colorado. Police had responded to the Kum & Go convenience store after a report that an individual had been selling drugs in the parking lot. Officers arrived to find Veach, who reportedly had a warrant out for his arrest. Police say Veach was shot while officers tried to take him into custody. Police say the officers provided medical aid but Veach died later at a hospital. therepublic.com

Brownsville, TX: Thieves break through Store Wall to Steal Merchandise; 6th store burglary
Thousands of dollars of merchandise were stolen after thieves broke into a Brownsville business in an unusual way. The thieves knew the store's weakness and took advantage of it. Store manager Alejandro Robles is now aware of the hole in the store's security. He is now making some unforeseen repairs. "They broke all the wall," Robles said. Surveillance cameras caught three men busting through the wall of the cell phone store. They went straight for the expensive items. Robles said, within the last nine years, thieves have targeted the store six times. krgv.com

Gary, IN: Police are investigating five robberies reported last weekend
Police are investigating five robberies reported last weekend in Gary. Three men entered the Dollar Tree store in the Village Court shopping center just before 9 p.m. Saturday, and one of them approached a female employee in an aisle and displayed a knife. The woman ran, was caught by the man, escaped from him and hid in a bathroom. The other two men knocked down a male employee and took money after a cashier opened a register. The three men left before police arrived. Police responded to several robberies Sunday, including three within an hour and a half. nwitimes.com

Baton Rouge, LA: Heavy traffic helps Deputies bust Dollar General Armed Robber; possible ties to 3 other violent robberies
Detectives in two parishes are working to connect a man in the East Baton Rouge Parish jail to violent robberies of dollar stores on both sides of the Mississippi River. Zaccheus Quinn is charged with armed robbery in Baton Rouge. In West Baton Rouge, deputies believe he is responsible for a robbery at a second dollar store, the Dollar General on La. 1 in Brusly. The Baton Rouge robbery was in late November. The Brusly heist was a week later. Quinn is being questioned in connection with a shooting outside the Dollar General a few days before the heist. An off-duty security guard was shot in the parking lot. Quinn was arrested, investigators said, after he was followed by a witness from the armed robbery in Brusly and became stuck in traffic off La. 1 near the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge. wbrz.com

Pacifica, CA: Police seeking Safeway Armed Robber, Cash Office associate restrained
Police are seeking a masked suspect who allegedly robbed a Pacifica grocery store Friday night, before taking an undisclosed amount of cash. At 10:46 p.m., officers responded to a Safeway store located on Linda Mar Blvd. for a report of a robbery. Store employees told officers that at around 10:15 p.m. the suspect entered the store and gained access to the store's safe room, police said. The suspect then took money and restrained an employee before fleeing the store. patch.com

Sheridan, CO: Patrols beefed up after string of smash-and-grab burglaries
Police are beefing up patrols around an area hit by smash-and-grab burglars in Sheridan and authorities are trying to figure out if the crimes are related to others in the metro area. A surveillance picture shows a suspect burglarizing the Verizon store along Riverpoint Parkway in Sheridan on Monday. About 100 yards away about the same time, the Truck Logic store was also hit. The front door was busted and cash was taken. The with recent smash-and-grab burglaries, the Truck Logic owner was surprised this type of crime is still happening. kdvr.com

Athens, GA: 89-year-old woman arrested for felony shoplifting for second time in month
An 89-year-old Athens woman was arrested for felony shoplifting at a westside supermarket Saturday afternoon, less than a month after she was arrested on the same charge in Oconee County. Elizabeth C. Bingham was not charged with felonies because of the value of the items she stole, police said, but because she had at least three prior shoplifting convictions. When arrested Saturday, Athens-Clarke County police said she tried to steal four boxes of over-the-counter medicine, with a total value of $25, from Bell's on Hawthorne Avenue. onlineathens.com

San Juan, PR: $41,000 shipment of Counterfeit Toys seized; bringing total to $747,000 in 2015
US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) field operations officers completed the seizure of 10,000 counterfeit toy dolls arriving in Puerto Rico in a shipment from China. The estimated domestic value of the shipment is $41,250. CBP officers inspected a container whose contents appeared to be non-compliant with US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements. CBP import specialists examined samples of the items that were determined to be counterfeit. Fake toys take unfair advantage of recognized brands sought out by consumers. In fiscal year 2015, the San Juan field office seized 287 shipments for violations of intellectual property rights (IPR), with a combined domestic value of $747,416. caribbeannewsnow.com

Helena, MT: Super 1 Foods shoplifter charged with Robbery after pulling knife on Loss Prevention

Kansas City, MO: Man gets 12 years for robbing cellphone store in 2014

Tampa Bay, FL: More Skimming devices found at Tampa Bay area gas stations

Chicago, IL: Payless Shoe employee charged with $450 theft

Minneapolis police seize over $1M worth of marijuana disguised as produce

UK: Pickpocket gang is jailed after stealing over 1000 mobile phones on the London's Tube

Kay Jewelers in the Arundel Mills, Hanover, MD was the victim of a Distraction Team Theft on Sunday afternoon; merchandise totaling over $50,000 was recovered and one of the 2 suspects was arrested

Aqua Hair Salon & Spa - Fairfield, CA - Burglary
Beauty Ware - Lubbock, TX - Robbery
Casey's General - Belleville, IL - Robbery
Dollar Tree - Gary, IN - Armed Robbery
El Coqui Market - Lancaster, PA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Taylorsville, UT - Armed Robbery
Guardian Drugs - Oshawa, NC - Armed Robbery
Kum & Go - Sioux Falls, SD - Armed Robbery
Lupita's Wireless - Brownsville, TX - Burglary
Rite Aid - Albany, GA - Armed Robbery
Safeway - Pacifica, CA - Armed Robbery
Salvation Army - La Vergne, TN - Burglary
Shell - Houston, TX - Burglary / ATM
St Joe Guns - St Joseph, MO - Burglary
Subway - Houston, TX - Burglary
Truck Logic - Sheridan, CO - Burglary
Verizon - Sheridan, CO - Burglary
Walgreens - Albuquerque, NM - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Woodburn, OR - Armed Robbery



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Stan Welch was named Vice President, Business Development for The Zellman Group and Agilence, Inc. Strategic Business Partnership. 

Raymond Sosa, CFI was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for CVS Health.


Michael Tracy was named Zone Manager, Loss Prevention & Safety for Lumber Liquidators.

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We've all got great ideas and plans. The problem lies in putting them together, rolling them out and maximizing speed to market. Making it happen quickly and efficiently - that's the key to success. The first obstacle is always fear of risk. Making an idea a reality requires risk taking and sometimes you've just got to make it happen if your inner self, or the bird on your shoulder, tells you it's the right thing to do. I was writing this e-newsletter for a year before one morning in 2010, on March 25, I walked in and just said hey we're doing it. Yes, I was absolutely fearful of all the critics and naysayers, but I took the risk and made it happen. There will always be torpedoes in the water and sometimes they hit. But to make things happen you've got to jump in the water and swim as fast as you can.

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