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Kevin Cook was named Assistant VP of Asset Protection for Pep Boys. Kevin joins Pep Boys from Advance Auto Parts, where he's spent the last 14 and a half years. At Advance Auto Parts, Kevin got his start in the role of Field Operations - Group Supervisor. Over the years, he moved up to Loss Prevention Investigator and Regional Asset Protection Manager. In 2007 he took on his first Director role as the Area Director of Risk Management. Kevin held two more Director titles at Advance Auto Parts (Director of Corporate Asset Protection and Director of Loyalty Development). Congrats Kevin!

Hurricane Sandy wipes out retailer Mandee 
Big M, which owns retail chains Mandee, Afaze and Annie Sez, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, citing store closures related to Superstorm Sandy. It cited liabilities of more than $50 million. Big M operates at least 15 Mandee stores in New York City, several of them on storm-ravaged Staten Island. In total, the women’s clothier operates 84 Mandee stores, 35 Annie Sez stores and 10 Afaze stores. After financial difficulties early last year, Big M went through some turnaround efforts and closed unprofitable stores and reduced overhead costs. “The chain was doing much better, and then unfortunately they got hit in the ribs by the hurricane,” he said, noting that a half dozen stores were flooded. “When people were without electricity and couldn’t get gas because a tree was down, they weren’t going to a Mandee shop.” Earlier last year they had wiped out the field LP team and this past August the Dir of LP, Jim Sellwood retired and they hired LP Innovations to handle the LP responsibilities. (Source

Target reorganizes their asset protection team 
Target's investigations division is reorganizing and looks like they're sending their hourly investigations specialist back to the stores side of their business and won't be running them out of their investigations centers around the U.S. The investigations team leaders and salary investigators will still be focused on high level investigations and there will be an increase in their training responsibilities at the stores. It's also rumored that their Investigation Centers & Investigations Center operations team leaders will be reporting to corporate now and not to the regional AP teams.

Weis Markets' Asset Protection program continues to grow and evolve 
Under the leadership of Mike Limauro, VP of AP, the program has picked up both risk management and food safety recently. Promoting two seasoned and well established AP executives, Chris Detray and Rob Wynn, to lead both efforts, they've taken the lead in Weis Market's continued evolution of their AP program. Now focusing on business intelligence, they plan on filling another new position to manage the data analytics and go beyond the shrinkage implications and look at the business enterprise wide to improve profitability.

Tyco Retail Solutions Celebrates Successful Year 
Under new leadership, Tyco Retail Solutions is razor focused on addressing retailers' global store performance and security needs. A leading global provider of retail performance and security solutions, today recounts a successful year, highlighted by top industry accolades, product innovation and global thought leadership. To be better positioned for the future, Tyco Retail Solutions has appointed Nancy Chisholm, former vice president and general manager of Tyco Retail's Loss Prevention business, to lead the entire global retail business to continued excellence while meeting the growing enterprise store performance and security needs of retailers worldwide.  (Source

Northern Michigan University reaches agreement with Macomb Community College in Detroit on LP classes  Northern Michigan University recently concluded an agreement with Macomb Community College in Detroit to offer on campus classes in loss prevention as part of their Loss Prevention Management Degree. Students can take many of their courses near home and complete the degree online. Click here and here for more details.

Richemont brands won $100 million anti-counterfeiting suit by default last week
 The suit was won by default after the owners of the sites, such as, never answered Richemont's compaint. As a result, in the next week hundreds of websites that allegedly sold counterfeit watches will be taken offline.  (Source

Romanian sentenced to only 21 months for multimillion-dollar hacking theft of payment card data from hundreds of U.S. merchants'  In his guilty plea, Butu admitted that, from approximately 2009-2011, he participated in a Romanian-based conspiracy to hack into hundreds of U.S.-based computers to steal credit, debit and payment account numbers and associated data (collectively "payment card data") that belonged to U.S. cardholders. According to court documents, Butu and his co-conspirators used the stolen payment card data to make unauthorized charges on, and/or transfers of funds from, cardholders’ accounts (or alternatively to transfer the stolen payment card data to other co-conspirators who would do the same). According to Butu’s plea agreement, he also attempted to sell, or otherwise transfer, the stolen payment card data to other co-conspirators for them to use in a similar manner. He admitted to acquiring stolen payment card data belonging to approximately 140 cardholders during the course of the scheme. In his plea agreement, Butu agreed to be sentenced to 21 months in prison. (Source

While credit card fraud is trending down in Europe it still reaches $1.97B U.S. annually for organized crime groups with most of the cards misused coming from data breaches in the U.S
.  The wide adoption of EMV (Chip and PIN) technology in the EU has been a key driver for reducing domestic ‘card-present’ (CP) fraud. Chip and PIN technology offers stronger security features than conventional magnetic strips, both for the physical card (unlike magnetic strips, the chips cannot be easily duplicated), for the technological infrastructure behind the transaction, and for the cardholder whose confidential data is more secure. However, the level of illegal card-present transactions carried out overseas has seen a sharp increase as criminals target the weak points of the system by committing crimes using non-EMV compliant cash machines and payment card terminals in countries such as the USA, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Russian Federation, Brazil and Mexico. Organized crime groups upgrade their criminal techniques relatively quickly, producing devices to bypass the latest anti-skimming technology and exploring other ways to rip off EU consumers and industry. (Source

Chinese man pleads guilty in U.S. court in $100M stolen software sting 
U.S. officials and the Chinese man's lawyer, Mingli Chen, said the case was the first in which a businessman involved in pirating industrial software was lured from China by undercover agents and arrested. He stole and sold American software worldwide to 325 black market buyers in 61 countries. Corporate victims in the case included Microsoft, Oracle, Rockwell Automation,, Agilent Technologies, Siemens, Delcam, Altera Corp and SAP, a government spokesman said. (Source

Supermarket robbed twice in one night 
Thieves bashed a supermarket cleaner with a metal bar and tied him and and two others up during a frightening robbery southeast of Brisbane, Australia. Within hours of an earlier, unrelated break-in at the same store, a second set of thieves forced the roller door of the Ormeau supermarket about 3:45 am (AEST) and bashed a cleaner over the head. The manager of the Vaughan Drive store was also assaulted and made to open the safe. He, the cleaner and another worker were tied up and the thieves made off with cigarettes and cash. (Source

Three robberies in New Bern, N.C. and three smash and grabs in St Louis last night  In St. Louis they hit two subway's and a convenience store and in New Bern they robbed a Family Dollar and two convenience stores. (Source (Source

Total identity thief gets 18 months in prison and will be deported
In the case that brought national attention of a school teacher who had her identity stolen and the crook actually claimed the teacher had stolen her identity gets justice - 18 months in prison. This one was all over the press last October and puts a face to the whole issue of ID theft. Of special note is that this writer actually had his credit card info stolen two days before Christmas and an alert bank fraud department stopped the thief. (Source

Tractor-trailer loaded with $250,000 of appliances vanishes in Orlando despite having a GPS  The driver parked and locked his rig Friday evening outside a Lowe's home-improvement store at 3500 S. Semoran Blvd. to deliver the LG washers, dryers and refrigerators on Monday morning, records state. (Source

Copper thieves hit warehouse used by film makers in Atlanta 
Copper thieves gutted a warehouse in northwest Atlanta that is rented out by Hollywood film companies. The thefts happened in between the shooting of two movies. Atlanta police said the warehouse was burglarized on Christmas Day and again on New Year's Day. Both times the burglars broke into the building through a back door. Once inside the thieves spent hours pulling copper wiring as thick as one inch from switch boxes, and out of walls and ceilings. They even took time to strip some of the wiring before they loaded it up in a getaway vehicle. On December 21, 2012 production was wrapped up on Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie "Breacher". The building was empty until Monday when a portion of the production company for the sequel to the movie "Anchorman" moved in. (Source

Fred Meyer jewelry associate busted for stealing $15,655 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Ashley Messmer was an employee for the last four months at the Fred Meyer Jewelers inside the Kroger Super Store in Fort Wayne. It is believed over that time she stole $15,655 in cash and merchandise. (Source

Two men arrested for multi-state check scheme totaling over $400,000.  U.S. Marshall’s found one suspect in Kennesaw, Georgia and the other in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Both suspects were driving $50,000 trucks that they had purchased with fraudulent checks. It is believed that the two suspects purchased vehicles, firearms, tools, ATV’s and gasoline totaling over $400,000 using fraudulent checks in at least three states. (Source

Houston area convenience store destroyed by attempted smash and grab using a stolen truck.  Police are still searching for the suspect who failed to even enter the store. Slamming into the store three times with a stolen pick-up, he did a great deal of damage to the store front but fled the scene after his attempt failed. Police believe the thief was trying to get to the store’s ATM. (Source

Oshkosh, Wisconsin police search for suspect in Walgreens robbery.  Oshkosh Police are searching for a suspect in an overnight armed robbery that occurred at 2:22 am. Police say a suspect entered the store and demanded money from the clerk, threatening to use a gun, although it wasn't displayed. The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of money, no one was injured. (Source

Woman accused of stealing $1,749 in merchandise from two Walgreen's on same day in Port Charlotte, Florida.  Deputies busted Janet Nicole Klotzbier, 31, for allegedly stealing shopping carts full of merchandise last month from two Walgreen stores, one in Port Charlotte, the other in Murdock. This past Sunday deputies finally located Klotzbier and charged her with Grand Theft for allegedly swiping 122 items worth $1,210 from the Walgreen’s in Port Charlotte, a theft deputies said occurred prior to her arrest at Walgreen’s in Murdock. On December 8 she was reportedly caught stealing an overflowing shopping cart with merchandise valued at $539 from a Walgreen’s in Murdock. Deputies said they also found Xanax and Nuucyntha pills in her purse. (Source

Cherry Hill Mall brawl breaks out in New Jersey
. A fight between teens went on for a few minutes and was captured on video, which made its way to the internet. Mall security and police broke up the disturbance; no reports on arrests following the incident. (Source

Sacramento’s Food Source Grocery Store security under investigation for excessive force
.   A young mother with her two small children admits she was shoplifting, but the force used during the apprehension was excessive and then says she was struck again in the security office. When the female called her husband, he came to the store, saw his wife’s injuries and went after the security guard. Both parents ended the night in jail. (Source

Australian Police chase policy attacked as bandits strike twice in retaliation following botched grocery store robbery.  Two hours earlier, three suspects botched a break-in attempt at an IGA store in Ormeau. Police responded and a high speed chase was called off because the suspects crossed over to the wrong side of the road during the pursuit. Police believe the suspects returned to beat the store manager with a crowbar two hours later. (Source

Petco parrot thief in Pittsfield, Massachusetts arrested, but the $600 parrot is still missing.  Police arrested a 52-year-old man on Saturday after he allegedly walked into a local pet store and stole a $600 parrot and then attempted to sell the bird at a number of local businesses, including two city bars. According to police, Williamson first went to a pet shop before hitting up patrons at Charlie’s, Zen’s Pub and The Hot Dog Ranch in an apparently unsuccessful attempt to sell the parrot. When arrested by police on Saturday, Williamson said he no longer had the bird, he now faces charges of felony larceny over $250 and animal cruelty. (Source

Holiday Same Store Sales Results

Sears Canada down 5.8% for nine week holiday period

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Destination Maternity 1Q up 1.9% with revenue down slightly



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Suds for Drugs - Liquid Gold - The story behind the Tide push
Tide detergent: Works on tough stains. Can now also be traded for crack. A case study in American ingenuity, legal and otherwise. March 2011 - the ORC Unit of Prince George County Police receives it's first Tide ORC call. Where $10k to $15k was being stolen monthly from one Safewy store by more than two dozen thieves working in crews. As others heard about the case more retailers joined the investigation with reporting their loses as well. Since then, the oddly brand-loyal crime wave has gone national, striking bodegas, supermarkets, and big-box discounters from Austin to West St. Paul, Minnesota. In New York, employees at the Penn Station Duane Reade nabbed a man trying to abscond with Tide bottles he’d stuffed into a suitcase. In Orange County, an attempted Tide theft led to a high-speed chase that included the thief crashing his SUV into an ambulance. Last year, for the first time, detergent made the National Retail Federation’s list of most-targeted items. Says Joseph LaRocca, founder of the trade group RetailPartners, who helped compile the report: “Tide was specifically called out.”

Tide bottles have become ad hoc street currency, with a 150-ounce bottle going for either $5 cash or $10 worth of weed or crack cocaine. On certain corners, the detergent has earned a new nickname: “Liquid gold.” The Tide people would never sanction that tag line, of course. But this unlikely black market would not have formed if they weren’t so good at pushing their product.

Two women stealing cart loads of merchandise from two Lincoln, Nebraska Walmarts.  The two suspects were apprehended by Lincoln Police as they attempted to push two carts full of merchandise valued at $2000 out of the Walmart store. Police and Walmart loss prevention were tipped off to the suspects because they had hit another area Walmart two hours earlier for approximately $1500 in merchandise. (Source


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WG Security Products now provides retailers with the option to make ANY hard tag an ink tag with the Ink Pin. The pin is a rounded plastic bubble, filled with bright red ink, welded together tightly to prevent leakage. It features a grooved pin and is compatible with any ball-clutch and clip mechanism tags. The Ink Pin can add a visual deterrent and an aesthetic upgrade to an otherwise bland-looking tag. Insert the Ink Pin into an alarming tag for an extra layer of security to your more expensive items. For budget-conscious retailers who use dummy tags as a deterrent-only method of loss prevention, adding the Ink Pin to a dummy tag turns the tag into a full-fledged security device.

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Kevin Cook was named Assistant VP of Asset Protection for Pep Boys.
Raymond Sosa, CFI
was promoted to Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager for CVS Caremark.
Greg Huber was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Meijer Stores.
Tony Howland was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Banana Republic.

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3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Career Mentor Recent studies have demonstrated the abundant benefits of being a career mentor to others -- including greater compensation growth and career advancement -- but, do you have what it takes to be a mentor? (Not for everyone)

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