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What's in store for senior level Loss Prevention positions in 2013? 
With eight senior positions filled internally last year, the economy still struggling, and the housing market still underwater the outlook may not be that promising for job growth in the Loss Prevention industry in 2013. In fact we may see a slight decrease in positions. But that'll become more clear as we move through the next two months as most jobs will be safe after this first quarter. We have already seen one senior LP opening frozen this week, and retail America will still avoid relocation expenses this year at any cost. And while there's always 6 to 7 smaller Directorships available in North America at any one time this doesn't necessarily mean job growth. And while there is one retailer planning on some major LP job growth, the vast majority will keep headcount frozen if not slightly reduced even more. Additionally, with a number of retailers struggling we will ultimately see some job loss in those organizations. But with Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Big Lots, Pep Boys, The Sports Authority, Michael's, Ahold U.S., Dollar General, and The Compass Group all filling their senior LP positions over the last 18 to 24 months there may not be many true big jobs on the horizon this year. The one interesting note is that while Canada's LP job growth is moving up well, due to the obvious, their senior positions are decreasing.

E-commerce brings nearly half of holiday retail growth 
Online retail accounted for more than 45% of holiday retail growth, even though it represented only 14.5% of total sales in November and December, based on data provided by comScore and ShopperTrak. Store sales increased only 2.5% over the holidays, ShopperTrak says, compared with 13.7% for the web, according to comScore. (Source

Protection 1 makes biggest buy in its history 
Protection 1—which bills itself as the nation’s second-largest business and home security company—announced this week that it has acquired Vintage Security, which is based in the nation’s capital and has more than 15,000 customers. Protection 1, based here, says the acquisition is the largest it has made in its 25-year history. (Source

Wal-Mart Pressured to Name Suppliers After Factory Blaze 
Wal-Mart is under increasing pressure from investors and labor-rights groups to name its garment suppliers after a fire in Bangladesh killed more than 100 people at a factory that made its clothes. Proponents say public disclosure of supply chains -- a move made by Nike Inc. (NKE) and other retailers in recent years -- encourages accountability that leads to factory improvements in countries where unsafe conditions are widespread. (Source

Security Director News awards '20 Under 40' winners for 2013.  
The honor is given to "up-and-coming" security professionals, as nominated by colleagues, supervisors, or association members. The winners will be honored next month at the ninth annual TechSec Solutions conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Each winner will also be profiled in Security Director News.  (Source

Europol launches European Cybercrime Centre 
The new European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) based at Europol headquarters in The Hague will be officially launched on Friday, January 11, and will be the focal point in the EU’s fight against cybercrime, protecting citizens and businesses against cybercrime threats. (Source

Mobile Attacks Top the List of 2013 Security Threats 
Will this finally be the year that mobile malware leaves its mark? There has already been malware that has made it into the Android Play Store and even Apple's App Store. Given that the large majority of mobile devices run without any type of malware detection, it is inevitable that we are prone for a major, disruptive malware possibly posing as an update for a popular application." The popular Android mobile operating system, with its open ecosystem, may prove an especially attractive target to cybercriminals. Trend Micro predicts that the number of malicious and high-risk Android apps will increase three-fold from about 350,000 in 2012 to more than 1 million in 2013, broadly in line with the predicted growth of the OS itself. (Source

Cash for Hay Driving Thieves to Move Bundles 
From maple syrup in Canada to hay in the west Sheriffs in rural counties in Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas say the spike in hay thefts is part of a broader rise in agricultural crime. California’s farmers have grappled recently with growing thefts of grapes, beehives and avocados, and sheriffs say high prices of scrap metal have made agricultural machinery — whether it works or not — an appealing target. The economy, the drought, unemployment, strapped families - and now we're seeing rises in all sort of crimes. (Source

Toronto shoplifter who shot at a loss prevention associate gets nine years in prison
. Christopher Alexander screamed and swore at the judge, calling her a devil after she sentenced him to nine years for shooting at a loss prevention associate at The Bay in the Fairview Mall. The loss prevention officer gave chase through the lower level of the mall. Alexander turned around in the food court and fired a shot from a 9mm Glock pistol, missing the officer, then dropped the weapon before fleeing. The same judge had acquitted Alexander of attempted murder in the case back in October. (Source

Man hid overnight in a Kansas City Kmart, and then hit the jewelry department for $76,000
.  Marion Hamilton was charged with second degree burglary and theft, the $76,000 of merchandise was recovered. Police say that Hamilton hid in the backroom of the store until the store was closed for the evening. Hamilton worked quickly to grab the jewelry, but tripped an internal motion alarm. Hamilton was arrested by police just outside the store, still wearing his rubber gloves. His previous criminal record includes 10 felony arrests and six felony convictions for second-degree murder, robbery, stealing and burglary. (Source

Walmart loss prevention associate in Spotsylvania, Virginia sentenced to two years in prison for theft
.  Phillip Leonhart, 28, was sentenced to eight years with six years of that sentenced suspended for the theft of over $10,000 from the Walmart he worked at. The evidence showed that Leonhart, on at least 10 occasions, disguised himself in a rubber mask and sunglasses and took various electronics out of the store garden center entrance without paying for them. (Source

Alleged Salvation Army embezzler arrested for theft of $50,000
Santa Rose, California’s Salvation Army is dealing with a case of embezzlement committed by the bookkeeper. Paula Fernandez wrote at least 20 checks totaling nearly $50,000 to cover her rent and other living expenses. Police were called when Fernandez’ daughter attempted to cash one of the checks at a bank. (Source

Four arrested in counterfeit check scheme in Pennsylvania
Swatara, Police quick work Tuesday helped bust an organized crime group. Just before 1 p.m., police were called to Metro Bank on Derry Street for a suspicious person trying to pass a check that tellers thought may have been counterfeit. The individual was located, taken into custody and identified as Cody Taylor of Halifax. An investigation found that Taylor was working with an organized crime group from North Carolina that was manufacturing counterfeit checks drawn on local businesses. Information on Taylor’s vehicle led officers to a local motel, where two additional suspects, Erik Nelson and Jason Small, both of North Carolina were located and arrested. (Source

FBI press release: Romanian citizen involved in phishing scheme sentenced to four years in Federal Prison
.  Dragos Razvan Davidescu, 39, a citizen of Romania, was sentenced yesterday by United States District Judge Janet C. Hall in New Haven to 48 months of imprisonment for participating in an extensive Internet phishing scheme. Davidescu was heavily involved in the phishing conspiracy between 2004 and 2006, and he possessed personal and financial information of more than one thousand victims. (Source

Three suspects arrested in Phoenix for identity theft
Thirty victim's profiles have already been discovered during the police investigation in Phoenix. Police say the victim’s mail was being stolen from their home; two of the three suspects were arrested because a neighbor noticed the suspects stealing mail, called police, and then followed the suspect’s vehicle until police arrived. (Source

Motorcycle dealership the victim of a smash and grab in Miami
.   Five high end dirt bikes were thrown into the back of a pick up truck with little regard for scratching the paint. The suspects drove the pick up truck through a locked gate, then smashed through the store front to gain access to the bikes in an overnight raid. The five dirt bikes are valued at over $31,000. (Source

CVS loss prevention associate threatened with syringe in Bridgeport, Connecticut
.  Christopher Somsky is being charged with first degree robbery for attempting to steal seven packages of Children’s Advil. Somsky, 39, was apprehended by loss prevention when it was determined that he had been previously busted for shoplifting at the same store. Somsky figured he was going to be prosecuted and pulled out a syringe and stated he had AIDS, attempting to stab the loss prevention associate. Somsky was able to escape the store but quickly apprehended by police. (Source

Two Walmart associates accused of stealing up to $2000 in Rock Hill, North Carolina
.  According to the Walmart supervisor, Kaliah Norwood and Jasmine Ward stole $570.95 in merchandise, but they believe the total could be as high as $2000. Norwood, 33, was employed at the Rock Hill Walmart as supervisor. Both Norwood and Ward were arrested; bail was set at $1000. (Source

Nine-Week Holiday Same Store Sales Results

HMV Canada up 1.4%
Game Stop down 4.4% with total sales down 5%



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Nationwide fraud ring busted in Kearney, NE
Two men believed to have made fraudulent credit card purchases in Kearney are in custody. Monday, the Kearney Police Department sent an alert to all Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce members alerting them of the fraud in which suspects were obtaining stolen credit card numbers and a Grand Island man was making fake credit cards. The suspects then made large purchases until the credit card company either caught the fraud or the suspects created a new card. The purchases have been made from Kearney to Miami. It’s a pretty intricate ring of criminals, and they’re doing it all across the United States,” said KPD Investigator Brian Thome. Felix Carlos Diaz-Brito, 33, of Miami and William Cabrera-Moreira, 30, of Grand Island have been arrested in connection to the fraud and are being held at the Madison County Jail in Norfolk. The Grand Island man believed to be manufacturing the credit cards still is wanted. (Source

ORC group of three busted stealing merchandise, receiving gift cards and selling them for cash in Louisville, Ky.  38-year-old Carl Griffin Jr., 27-year-old Dustin Johnson and 41-year-old Kimberly Jo Sweazy took merchandise from Home Depot, Kohl's, Lowes and JC Penney without paying and later returned it and received gift cards since they didn’t have receipts. Police say Griffin, Johnson and Sweazy then sold the gift cards to various pawn shops and second-hand dealers for cash. (Source

Lone Tree, Colorado getting hit by ORC weekly 
The 21st-century shoplifter isn't a teenage girl slipping earrings into her purse, but often a sophisticated network of computer-savvy, highly organized professionals who make retail theft their full-time job, Lone Tree police say. “It's huge and it costs us a lot of money,” said Acting Lone Tree Police Chief Ron Pinson. “We've had groups come in that have stolen up to $10,000 worth of merchandise. These are people that are often doing this for their living.” Professional thieves often travel from mall to mall, and city to city, stealing everything from jeans to laptops. The stolen merchandise is then sold. Such high-dollar thefts occur about once a week, Pinson said, and those who engineer them are endlessly innovative. They do come up with new schemes,” he said. “Sometimes the law is a little bit behind them.” They range from the bold — those who use metal-lined shopping bags that pass undetected through security systems — to the subtle. Recently, thieves used credit card numbers obtained from banks that had not yet assigned the numbers to individual cardholders. (Source

Check Fraud Scheme with ties to Scotts Valley, CA., Suspects on the Run 
The Scotts Valley Police Department has arrested a woman from Oakland, in connection with a fraudulent check ring. Police say Alexis Slaten was found to be conspiring with several others to manufacture and use fraudulent checks in this area. The investigation is ongoing and two additional suspects were identified, Lawrence Stone of Oakland and Retascha Harrison also of Oakland. Anyone with information can call Lt. John Wilson of the SVPD at 831-440-5670. (Source

Police seek help in ID'ing identity thief who's hit Ace Hardware, Home Depot and Zip trip stores in Spokane, WA.  The man purchased merchandise worth thousands of dollars from two Ace Hardware stores using checks stolen from vehicles, according to Spokane County sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Craig Chamberlin. Other stolen checks were cashed at several Zip Trip stores and Home Depot. Crime Stoppers of the Inland Northwest is offering a reward for information leading to his identification. (Source


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Vendor Spotlight

USS Unveils New Public View Monitor/DVR with Advanced Alarms that Catches Criminals

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – January 9, 2013 – Retail thieves will strongly avoid merchandise protected by the new Scout X400 public view monitor (PVM) with a built-in DVR from Universal Surveillance Systems LLC (USS), the architects of surveillance technology. The rugged, advanced unit features a 9.7-inch vivid video screen and multiple new innovative tamper alarms that allow eye-level mounting to record activity from the optimum vantage point offering a strong, visible deterrent to thieves.

"With the growing incidence of retail theft, particularly organized retail crime, video surveillance utilizing PVMs has become an increasingly important theft deterrent," said USS President and CEO Adel Sayegh. "Much like a vigilant guard, the Scout X400 PVM will watch over merchandise, and, mounted at eye-level in an aisle or at a check stand, the sharp image on the bright screen sends a clear message to would-be thieves that they are being monitored. The eye-level positioning also optimizes its ability to clearly view and record faces. Additionally, its alarm will let you know immediately if anyone attempts to obscure the camera, reposition the monitor, cut the power cable or open the unit."

The Scout X400 features a crystal-clear public view CCTV monitor in a heavy-duty commercial-grade case, WDR camera, multiple tamper alarms and digital signage capabilities to display messages to customers for marketing and other purposes. The monitor can also be used to display video messages or advertisements triggered by the unit’s built-in motion detector.

The Scout X400 is perfect for reducing product theft at retail store product gondolas, end caps, checkout counters and aisles where expensive or frequently stolen merchandise is displayed.

For more information, click here or call 1-800-488-9097.


Scott Richardson
Corporate Communications Manager
Universal Surveillance Systems


Thought Challenge

Thought Challenge Review

People: Our Greatest Asset

By David Thompson
Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Abercrombie & Fitch

as published on July 20, 2012

Too often our jobs become task focused, prioritized by metrics, scorecards and results. We forget that to achieve our goals and become world-class organizations that everything starts with our teams, our people. I learned early in my career that our best investment as an industry is within our own teams.

Being an industry that is ever-changing and evolving with the challenges around us it becomes our duty to maintain the same urgency in the development of our people. As a manager and leader we have the responsibility to ensure the leaders of tomorrow are given the tools to succeed. Amidst the conference calls, inventory meetings, internal interviews and all other tasks we find ourselves involved in we need to take a step back and dedicate time to our people. For each of us to become better leaders and to truly contribute to a sustainable division we have to challenge ourselves to develop our team. Whether it's having a formal career progression conversation, or a casual discussion about the individual development, these moments make a huge impact to your core players.

As a leader it's important that we are aware of the strengths of each of our team members, and not just the highlights from a scorecard, but true strengths of the person. The best way to determine your team's strengths is to get them involved and owning their own development plan. Being a manager in our industry is similar to being a coach, and it is our responsibility to put our players in the positions that give them the best opportunity to succeed. I often think to myself after a visit with one of my team members, What development opportunities did I leave with them today? Even more importantly, Is this person playing the best position in our team? and do they know what they need to do to advance to the next step?

When comparing company versus company, and specific markets against each other we have to remember that it's not just who has the latest technology or the best camera system but who has been the most diligent in developing their staff to become world-class leaders. Next time you are visiting a store, calling your team and putting out fires; take a second and think about the most important asset we need to develop and protect our people.


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Director, Loss Prevention Lumber Liquidators Toano, VA Lumber Liquidators
Director, Security Major League Soccer New York, NY Major League Soccer
Director - Loss Prevention Vans Cypress, CA Vans
Mgr, Loss Prevention Office Depot Boca Raton, FL Office Depot
Corporate LP Manager Eddie Bauer Seattle, WA Eddie Bauer
Asset Protection Director Macy's Secaucus, NJ Macy's
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Daniel Poelstra was named Regional Director of Asset Protection for Saks Fifth Avenue.
Martin Hernandez
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5 Things I Resolve Not to Do in 2013 It's the time of year when everyone resolves to make changes for the better, but nearly one-quarter of all resolutions were broken in the first week alone. Within six months, more than half of us will give up. (What's the point?)

Meditating Your Way to More Effective Leadership Big companies are exploring how meditation can help their leaders and employees agilely thrive in today's fast-paced business environment. And the benefits are widely publicized. Research is fast concluding that sitting still is a very healthy thing to do. (Sit still)

What Your Team Really Hates About Your Leadership Style It's human nature not to want to be the bearer of bad news, and it takes real nerve to inform your boss of his or her shortcomings. But what would your employees really say about your leadership? (It's sugarcoated)

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential,
that word would be 'meetings'.”
- Dave Barry


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Over the years, we've heard a number of CEOs at failing companies remark that the #1 cause for the company's demise, other than competition, was the acceptance of substandard performance on the part of the employee population. A tough comment to make and a difficult thing to change. Motivating and developing your team should be a priority for every executive at every level. The real challenge becomes how do you modify substandard performance and when do you draw the line. Every leader is measured by the success or failure of their team and every leader has a responsibility to maximize performance. If a team member is failing, a leader has to call it out for the good of the team and the company. And at the end of the day, it may be the best thing for that team member as well.

Just a Thought,

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