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 January 12, 2016


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Gus Downing

WG Security Products
Ed Wolfe, VP Business Development

Doug McHose, President

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Anthony Rodriguez was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention, Commerce for David Yurman. 
Anthony was previously the Senior Manager of Loss Prevention for the retailer and has been with them for over 2 years. He has also held other loss prevention and investigations positions such as Corporate LP Manager for The Children's Place, Regional Investigator for Ann Inc., Department Manager of Investigations for Saks Fifth Avenue, Market Investigator for The Container Store and Store Detective/LP Specialist for Bloomingdale's. Congratulations Anthony!


2016's GLPS's - Group LP Selfie's
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

The Helzberg Diamonds
Loss Prevention Team

"Embrace innovation and change and show every customer our integrity and passion


Pictured from left to right:  Nate Frazier (DVP - LP), Jessica Smith (RLPM), Lori Jacobs (LP Assistant), Jon Dalton (RLPM), Patrick Smith (RLPM), Tim Lapinski (Director of LP) and Cassy Lee (LP Assistant)



ISIS Attack on Baghdad Mall Leaves at Least 18 Dead, 40 Injured
At least 18 people were killed and 40 others were injured when insurgents attacked a shopping mall in Iraq on Monday with hand grenades and at least two nearby bombs, police told NBC News. Iraqi security forces opened fire on the insurgents, who initially tried to take a money exchange office in Baghdad Al-Jadeedah before entering the Al Jawhara shopping mall, a Baghdad police major and an Iraqi federal police master sergeant said.

Seven people, including two policemen, were killed in the car bomb blast near the mall in the predominantly Shi'ite district of Baghdad Jadida, police and medical sources said. Five more people were shot dead by the gunmen storming the mall, and six others were killed when those same assailants detonated explosive vests, the sources said. Police said the attackers threw hand grenades at civilians inside the mall and held them hostage there.

All six assailants were dead by the end of the standoff, police said. The Iraqi government said that four of the attackers were killed by Iraqi officers and that the two others blew themselves up.

Separately on Monday evening, a car bomb in southeast Baghdad killed five people in a crowded market area and wounded 12 others, hospital and police officials told The Associated Press.

"People started running into the shops to hide, but (the militants) followed them in and opened fire without mercy,"
said Hani Fikrat Abdel Hussein, a shop-owner standing amid shattered glass and rubble at the site of the blasts.

ISIS appears to have claimed responsibility for the mall attack, according to a statement the terrorist group published online, said Laith Alkhouri of Flashpoint Intelligence, a global security firm and NBC News consultant. nbcnews.com nytimes.com

Preventing Physical Theft With Digital Means
Just as online data breaches, payment security malware and hackers get more sophisticated, so, too, do shoplifters. Over the holidays, the retail industry saw an increase in activity among shoplifting rings, which made off with significant amounts of merchandise from multiple locations as they executed coordinated attacks on multiple retail outlets simultaneously. In an age of digital threats to retailers, it can be easy to write off this seemingly old-fashioned form of crime. However, shoplifting costs retailers $30 billion annually, according to the National Retail Federation.

With the retail industry, by necessity, having an ever-increasing focus on the online realm -- when it comes to security and all other matters -- a focus on in-store theft prevention might take a backseat to those concerns. However, one retailer, Rite Aid, has been taking steps to combat loss prevention head on by combining data with in-store know-how.

According to a recent article from the National Retail Federation, Rite Aid is using a holistic approach to its shoplifting woes. Working with loss prevention firm USS over the past several years, Rite Aid has been making a hard push to pinpoint high-risk items in its stores and to find data-based solutions that protect the chain's locations from shoplifting, while still managing to enhance the customer shopping experience. pymnts.com

British luxury retailer Belstaff maintains a strong defense against counterfeiters
British luxury brand Belstaff outfitted heroes and villains in the 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall, but its dedication to chasing international criminals didn't stop there. When CEO Gavin Haig was considering accepting the position several years ago, his research of the company led to a number of counterfeit websites. Security software firm MarkMonitor was brought in, and traced fraudsters around the globe. Once evidence was collected, Belstaff filed suit in a U.S. court; the resulting judgment, announced in October, transferred more than 600 websites from counterfeiters to Belstaff and awarded damages of $42 million. The retailer isn't resting on its laurels, though; it's still actively seeking and taking down other counterfeiters.

"Before we started the campaign 12 months ago, 90 counterfeit websites came in every four weeks," Haig says. "Now about seven come to market every four weeks. We have less than 10 percent of the problem that we had 12 months ago, partly because we're very visible and very vocal about chasing down counterfeit sites."

MarkMonitor began about 15 years ago targeting cybersquatters who would co-opt brand names for a website and either hold them hostage for an exorbitant sum or use it for misbehavior. MarkMonitor uncovered more than 3,000 websites using the Belstaff trademark in some capacity. Sometimes the vendor was selling fake Belstaff merchandise along with other products; sometimes the counterfeit site mimicked the Belstaff website. Sometimes there was no merchandise at all; the consumer would make a purchase and the product never arrived. All held the potential to significantly damage the Belstaff brand. nrf.com

Dublin, Ireland: H&M settles suit with family for $20,000
over a Mock Robbery Drill
Two sisters, ages 6 and 11, who fell victims to a mock armed robbery during a staff training exercise in a Dublin H&M store, were today awarded $20,000 damages between them in the Circuit Civil Court. The court heard that in March 2013 Abbie and Casie Kennedy were at H&M in Dundrum Town Centre with their mother Claudia McGrane when the "terrifying" incident happened. The family had been in one of the store changing rooms when they heard someone shouting "everybody get down on the ground, open the f**ing till, get down on the ground, what are you looking at?" The scene had continued for several minutes while the family was still in the changing room, and Abbie and Casie had been terrified and in fear for their and their mother's lives. Judge MacCabe was told the family went out of the changing room when they heard people talking in the store. A store manager had later told Ms McGrane that an individual had been training staff in the event that there was a robbery, and what they had heard had been a robbery simulation. Later that day Ms McGrane had called H&M head office in England. The court heard that a representative for the company had apologized for the incident and had offered Ms McGrane a 30 euro / $32 voucher, which she had refused. irishtimes.com

FTC has no interest in allowing Staples acquisition of Office Depot
The Federal Trade Commission is not budging from its move to block Staples from acquiring its rival Office Depot, The Post has learned. Regulators have no interest in settling with Staples on the current terms, so Staples cannot complete its $6.3 billion merger, said three sources on different sides of the case being heard in US District Court in Washington, DC. "Staples and the judge want a settlement. The government does not want one," a source said. On Dec. 7, by a 4-0 margin, the FTC Commissioners filed suit to block Staples from acquiring Office Depot. Judge Sullivan said he expects to decide by May whether to allow the FTC to stop the merger. nypost.com

Child Labor Ruling Latest Supply Chain Wake-Up Call
The U.S. Supreme Court ruling Monday allowing a slave and child labor lawsuit to proceed against Nestle's U.S. subsidiary, Archer Daniel Midlands Co. and Cargill Inc. should serve as yet another wake-up call to companies with extensive supply chains that they need to know what is happening in those networks if they want to avoid similar problems, said a labor activist and a labor attorney. The three companies deny the allegations that they knew their cocoa suppliers in Ivory Coast were using underage and forced workers. wsj.com

Young women's apparel retailer Joyce Leslie files Chapter 11
A decades-old apparel retailer finds itself no longer in fashion, undone by fast-fashion competition and a lack of e-commerce expertise. Joyce Leslie filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy court protection in White Plains, New York, and is a likely candidate for liquidation, Women's Wear Daily reported. The chain, founded in 1945, operates 47 stores throughout the Northeast. The company is looking to find a "going-concern" buyer, but if it cannot, it will begin liquidation sales in early February through an agreement with SB Capital Group, Tiger Capital Group and 360 Merchant Solutions, the report said. Sales at Joyce Leslie have been on the decline for the past several years. At the end of January 2012, the posted $104 million in sales, which dropped to $98 million in January 2013. It expects to post annual sales of $63 million for the fiscal year that ends in January 2016, Women's Wear Daily said. chainstoreage.com

Retailers Hired Fewer Holiday Workers For Second Straight Year
Retailers hired fewer workers during the holidays for the second straight year, as technology is helping retailers meet higher demand with fewer workers, Challenger Gray & Christmas said Tuesday. Retailers added 745,800 workers in the final three months of 2015, according to an analysis of government employment data by the outplacement consultancy, down 1.2% from the 755,000 workers added in 2014, which was 4% lower than the year before. wsj.com

Warm weather, strong comparisons impact December retail jobs
Strong job growth in December seems to have benefited some industries more than others, though unseasonably warm weather impacted retailers more than expected. The retail industry - excluding automobiles, gasoline stations and restaurants - dropped 8,600 jobs in December. Compared with December 2014, retail jobs were up 174,000 jobs. nrf.com

Starbucks To Build 2,500 More Stores In China Over Five Years

Limited Too is coming back

NY JC Penney Workers Push For $750K Wage Suit Deal

CVS Pharmacists' OT Suit Meets Its End In 9th Circ.

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Barnes & Noble Says Recent Rulings Support Data Breach Suit Dismissal
Barnes & Noble on Monday told an Illinois federal judge that two recent decisions in other courts bolster its argument that consolidated class actions stemming from a security breach that exposed PIN pad devices at dozens of stores in 2012 should be dismissed. The bookseller said that a decision last week to boot multidistrict litigation over data breaches at supermarket chain SuperValu, and an opinion that nixed a proposed class action stemming from a data breach at arts and crafts chain Michaels Inc., support its motion to dismiss the suit against it for lack of standing. law360.com

Cybersecurity Startup Calculates Odds a Company Will be Breached
QuadMetrics Inc. says it can predict with greater than 90% accuracy the likelihood that a company will be breached within the next year. While one customer says the young company's technology is still maturing, its prediction efforts represent an emerging capability in the fight against cybercrime. QuadMetrics says that chief information security officers are using its product as their primary risk management tool, but admit that it is one tool of many that customers have in their arsenal to fight cybercrime. Most cybersecurity tools focus on detecting a breach that has already happened, but few, if any, can predict the probability that a specific company will suffer a breach over the following three to 12 months, according to Stewart V. Nelson, senior risk advisor at Kapnick Insurance Group. The general inability to forecast cyber risk has made it difficult for companies to benchmark their relative risk to their peers, he said. wsj.com

The IT Case Against Backdoor Encryption Access
While government agencies continue to push for backdoor access to encrypted information systems, a recent survey showed 63 percent of IT professionals remain opposed to the idea. According to a recent survey by global IT and cybersecurity association ISACA, the results of which were released Monday (Jan. 11), nearly 59 percent of respondents said privacy was being compromised by the government's effort to impose stricter cybersecurity laws.

"The Cybersecurity Snapshot shows that the professionals on the front lines of the cyberthreat battle recognize the value of information-sharing among consumers, businesses and government but also know the challenges associated with doing so," Christos Dimitriadis, international president of ISACA and group director of information security at INTRALOT, said in a press release. "Cybersecurity has become a high-stakes, boardroom-level issue that can have crippling consequences for any C-suite executive who lacks knowledge about the issues and risks. Strong public-private collaboration and ongoing knowledge-sharing are needed to safeguard our organizations from cybercriminals."

The survey of 2,920 ISACA members across 121 countries divulged mixed feelings and doubt about the recently passed U.S. Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015, which calls for organizations to disclose information voluntarily after data breaches take place. Nearly 72 percent of respondents in the U.S. said they are in favor of the U.S. Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015; however, only 46 percent believe their own organization would voluntarily share cyberthreat information with the government if it experienced a data breach. pymnts.com

Data Security Predictions for 2016
Ghosts of the Internet past will come back to haunt businesses. Like barnacles spreading across a boat, the cost of security maintenance will grow over the next 12 months and create massive problems with the Internet and security practices. A surprising number of the most popular websites on the Internet are not as secure as they should be with respect to certificates, which leaves them vulnerable to exploitation. Businesses must make every effort to migrate to current versions of infrastructure products to avoid being taken by surprise when upgrade costs snowball and support dwindles.

Mobile wallets and new payment technologies will introduce additional opportunities for credit card theft and fraud. We've already seen the potential size and scale of retail hacks in 2015, but tumultuous shifts in the payments and payment security landscape will play right into the hands of savvy cybercriminals in the next 12 months. Hacks targeting mobile devices and new payment methodologies will impact payment security, while the increase in non-traditional payment methods on mobile devices or via beacons and smart carts will open up the doors for a new wave of retail data breaches.

Data Theft Prevention technology adoption will dramatically increase in more mainstream companies. As a result of the very public breaches of 2015, predicted changes in cyber insurance, increased visibility in the boardroom for all things cyber and continued worries about data loss, there will be a more aggressive adoption of data theft prevention strategies. The prevailing assumption among security teams will become 'we are already compromised' to help them strengthen their ability to deal with the inevitable. itproportal.com

UK - Britain's (ex-)greatest fraudster to help West Midlands Police on cybercrime

The Container Store ditches walkie-talkies for "wearable computers"

How Retailers Can Extract Value From Location Data



Stores to be equipped with Nedap's RFID-ready loss prevention solution

The Italian fashion retailer Calzedonia Group has selected Nedap as solution provider for security solutions including electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, video surveillance and intrusion detection systems. The multi-year contract encompasses the supply and installation of RF EAS hardware and consumables for loss prevention purposes. The first step entails the roll-out of EAS systems to about 50 Tezenis and Intimissimi stores. Worldwide, Calzedonia has around 4,000 stores across 40 countries and the first installations were already completed in the last quarter of 2015.

Shrink reduction & future-readiness
After extensive field-testing of different EAS suppliers, Calzedonia selected Nedap's EAS solution because of its reliable detection performance, easy connectivity and the future-proof RFID upgrade path, which makes it possible to upgrade to RFID technology in the future without the need for major additional hardware investments. All connected systems deliver real-time insights into the system and store performance for monitoring and benchmarking.

"As a fast growing company, we were looking for a global partner that is capable of offering the same high quality and service levels around the world," said Calzedonia's Global Risk, Security & Compliance Manager who oversaw the roll-out. "We were impressed by Nedap's pro-active approach to lower the losses in our test stores and we are confident that the EAS roll-out to all our locations will deliver a significant impact on our profitability."

Global partnership
With stores located throughout Europe, Asia and South America, the retailer recently announced plans for expansion into the United States. "We are proud to have been selected by Calzedonia and are looking forward to supporting the Calzedonia brands with their global expansion plans by giving the merchandise the most effective and customer-friendly protection," said Rob Schuurman, Managing Director at Nedap Retail. "Our focus for 2016 is on efficient and speedy implementation through our global partner network."

Read more here.



Se-Kure Controls

Se-Kure Controls develops and manufactures innovative asset protection systems that maximize return on investment for its retail and industrial customers. From mechanical security to electronic protection, Se-Kure Controls offers over 800 unique products and solutions. They've made a name for themselves over the past 50 years by taking new ideas from concept to completion faster and cheaper than their competitors. Roger Leyden, Founder, President & CEO; Michael Campbell, VP National Sales; and Greg Saputo, Regional Sales Director, tell us what's new with Se-Kure Controls and why they're having their best sales year to date.

LPNN Quick Take #4

Get to know Steve O'Toole, National Sales Rep for NuTech National, in this LPNN Quick Take. As a first-time attendee of NRF Protect, Steve talks about his biggest takeaways from the LP conference, what excites him most about NuTech, and several other fun topics with Amber and Joe.

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E-Commerce Driving Retail Fraud Loss -
Retailers lost 1.32% of Revenue to fraud in 2015
The National Retail Federation (NRF) reported findings from the 2015 True Cost of Fraud Study from LexisNexis, which found that the percentage of revenue lost to fraud nearly doubled from 2014 to 2015. The increase can be attributed to an increase in online and mobile fraud, according to the study. The annual study is based on LexisNexis' "Fraud Multiplier," which determines the total cost per dollar of fraud.

Retail fraud connected with online, telephone and mail orders contributed to an overall growth in the cost of fraud to retailers. The study shows that retailers lost approximately 1.32 percent of revenue to fraud in 2015, up from 0.68 in 2014.

Online activity generated 55 percent of the fraud experienced by retailers in 2015, up from 42 percent in 2014.

Over the next several years this problem is expected to worsen. Fraud happening where a credit card is used but doesn't have to be shown to make a purchase, such as on e-commerce sites, is expected to nearly double from $10 billion to $19 billion, according to the study. hardwareretailing.com

The top 10 e-commerce days of the holiday season

Here are the top 10 desktop online sale days for 2015:

1. Monday, Nov 30 (Cyber Monday) $2.28 billion
2. Tuesday, Dec 1 $1.95 billion
3. Friday, Nov. 27 (Black Friday) $1.67 billion
4. Friday, Dec. 11 $1.48 billion
5. Monday, Dec 14 (Green Monday) $1.41 billion
6. Monday, Dec. 7 $1.400 billion
7. Tuesday, Dec. 8 $1.396 billion
8. Thursday, Dec. 10 $1.244 billion
9. Wednesday, Dec. 2 $1.243 billion
10. Tuesday, Dec. 15 $1.240 billion  internetretailer.com

In 2018, 50% of Consumers Will Use Smartphones or Wearables for Mobile Pay

E-commerce drone delivery could take off in a few years, a Google exec says

More Leading Merchants Choose Visa Checkout to Increase Online and Mobile Sales



Edgewood, MD man facing multiple theft counts
for stealing $45,000 from retailers
Tony Eugene Lindsey, 30, of Edgewood, allegedly stole more than $45,000 worth of merchandise from several Harford County businesses, according to a Sheriff's Office news release issued Monday. According to the release, in August 2015, detectives with the Harford County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division became aware of an individual making numerous transactions at local pawn shops. The individual was pawning multiple items that were new or like new, according to police. Detectives gathered a description of the individual and were able to determine, after speaking to local businesses at a Harford County Sheriff's Office ALERT meeting, that the same individual was allegedly involved in several shopliftings and shoplifting attempts in Harford County that had been occurring since January 2015. The more than $45,000 worth of merchandise allegedly stolen from retailers between January and October 2015, was in turn allegedly pawned for profit by Lindsey police said. baltimoresun.com

New London, CT: Rent-A-Center manager stole $35K worth of merchandise
The former manager of a rental equipment store in Norwich is accused of stealing more than $35,000 worth of merchandise and creating fake accounts to blame the losses on customers. Zachary Crowe, 36, of North Windham, is charged with first-degree larceny and appeared Monday in New London Superior Court. Crowe managed the Rent-A-Center on in Norwich from 2005 until he was fired Feb. 26, 2015 when his embezzlement was discovered. Police said Crowe admitted to his boss the day he got fired he had been stealing cash bank deposits to pay for merchandise and money owed on fake customer accounts he had created. Crowe stole about $5,800 from six deposits he made in January and February, police said. Crowe said he created about 50 "ghost accounts" belonging to existing and new customers to cover up the loss of merchandise. After an investigation, Rent-A-Center loss prevention officials told police in June, 59 items of stolen property, valued at $35,544, were hidden in 39 customer accounts without customers' knowledge. norwichbulletin.com

Fayetteville, NC: Mother and daughter arrested after a 4 month ORC spree
A mother and daughter were arrested Monday in connection to a string of organized retail crimes over the past four months. Jami Jackson, 28, and Tori Goutier Shouse, 51, were arrested after attempting to pawn a stolen guitar. Investigators determined that Jackson was wanted for a string of thefts from several stores during a crime spree that spanned from Sept. 19 to Jan. 10. Authorities said she stole merchandise totaling $5,196.50 from retail stores including Lowes, Target, CVS, Family Dollar, BJs and Guitar Center. Jackson was charged with felony larceny, felony possession of stolen goods, two counts of felony conspiracy, 11 counts of misdemeanor larceny, 11 counts of misdemeanor possession of stolen goods, and five counts of misdemeanor conspiracy. wral.com

Conover, NC Man Charged with Habitual Larceny
30-year-old Randal Jordan was arrested Saturday on one felony count of habitual larceny. He was arrested after a Loss Prevention Officer at Target in Hickory after attempting to steal two Dyson vacuums valued at $999. Officers arrived and learned that the Jordan was also a suspect in a previous incident that occurred in July of last year. whky.com

Twin Falls, ID: 5 Charged with Burglary
at Wal-Mart
Three women wearing matching jumpsuits and two men were arrested at Wal-Mart Saturday and charged with stealing more than $800 in store merchandise. Police responded to a report of five people working together to conceal store items in a shopping cart. The security employee told police the group exited the store pushing a cart "loaded with merchandise. The items were placed in Wal-Mart bags the group brought with them. magicvalley.com

Burlington, VT: Man arrested in Concord for larceny had 9 open warrants
Concord police have arrested a man for larceny into a business, and identified him as the suspect allegedly involved in multiple thefts throughout eastern Massachusetts. Steven Stanley, was the man involved in the $250 eyeglass frame larceny from Concord on Jan. 8. Stanley was also found to have nine open warrants in Boston, Burlington. Braintree, Randolph, Wrentham and Natick for similar theft and ORC charges. He was also listed on the Boston Police Department's most wanted list. wickedlocal.com

Thibodaux woman accused of felony theft
for returning merchandise she didn't buy
On Friday, January 8th, at approximately 12:30 p.m., police say 28-year-old Rhaneka Mathews took items off of a shelf at a business in the 400 Block of North Canal and brought them to customer service for a store credit. Police were notified and arrested Mathews before she left the store. Because she had previous convictions for Theft, this latest arrest was a felony. katc.com

Providence, UT: Hearing set in baby formula theft; 400 containers recovered
Three suspected baby formula thieves are set to appear in 1st District Court next week, where investigators may present evidence tying them to thousands of dollars in stolen baby formula. Selford and Iolanda Velcu and Elisabeta Zatreanu each appeared in court Monday where prosecutor Jacob Gordon argued against releasing the defendants on bail. The three of them were arrested Dec. 28 after they were spotted at the Macey's grocery store in Providence. When investigators served a search warrant obtained that day, they found a storage shed filled with more than 400 containers of formula. hjnews.com

Lake Orion, MI: CVS hit for 90 bottles of nail polish, valued at $1,600

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Franchise owner killed outside E. Houston McDonald's, may be inside job
Houston police responded to an east side McDonald's on Monday morning after the franchise's owner was robbed and fatally shot. Under the golden arches, yellow tape and flashing lights marked the spot where thugs gunned down Carroll Oliver. The 911 call came in from 5301 East Freeway at about 9:45 a.m. Investigators believe the robbery may have been an inside job with a former or current employee tipping off the suspects that a money drop was about to take place. Oliver picked up cash at the business and was walking back to his SUV in the parking lot when he was ambushed, robbed and shot. The store owner was carrying a pistol and tried to fire off a few shots before he died at the scene. khou.com

Florida man charged with stealing $3.2M from Brinks armored car company
A Florida manager for armored car company Brinks was arrested in California on charges he stole $3.2 million in cash on New Year's Day from the company's Miami storage facility. Miami resident Jose Agurto, 37, was arrested in San Diego on Saturday, according to the FBI. Agurto worked at a Brinks Co facility in Miami since September. On Jan. 1, surveillance video captured Agurto walking into the vault where money is kept and dismissing the only other employee on hand. Minutes later, video showed Agurto transporting two bags of cash, weighing about 50 pounds, out of the vault and into the trunk of his car. Agurto finished his shift and left a resignation letter, along with his service weapon, on a desk at the facility at the end of the day. Authorities said they had recovered some money but did not specify how much. aol.com

Aurora, CO: Subway Robbery suspect chased by Armed Bystander; shots fired After a masked man hit an employee and robbed a Subway restaurant in Aurora, an armed bystander took matters into his own hands. He chased the robber, pulled out a gun and fired warning shots in the air, then additional shots at the subject's getaway car. Nelson's well-intentions yielded a court summons for reckless endangerment and the firing of a weapon. eater.com

Abigail Kemp, Aspiring Model behind the spree of Jewelry store Armed Robberies
The FBI says a cell phone number and social media led to the arrest of a female jewelry thief. Investigators say Abigail Kemp is the woman who stole at least $4 million in jewelry from stores across the south. The 24-year-old aspiring model was arrested Friday in Georgia. Federal agents recovered cell tower information that put Kemp's phone number at nearly all of the robbery locations. They also used Kemp's own social media photos to match her Honda Civic to the one captured on surveillance video. The FBI had additional help from tip callers who recognized Kemp's picture. Authorities also took a possible accomplice into custody. They say the man acted as a lookout during the robberies. 6abc.com

Credit Card Hacker sentenced to 334 Years in Prison in Turkey
A 26-year-old hacker has been sentenced to 334 years in prison for identity theft as well as mass bank fraud in Turkey, or in simple words, he has been sentenced to life in prison. 26 year old Onur Kopçak was arrested in 2013 for operating a phishing website that impersonated bank site, tricking victims into providing their bank details including credit card information. Kopçak's clone website was used by his gang for credit card fraud scheme. Turkish citizens were tricked into believing that the site belonged to a bank authority and parted with their credit card information. Kopçak had 11 other partners in crime who used the data collected to fraudulently to cash out mega bucks. thehackernews.com

Gladwin, MI: Two arraigned in pharmacy break-in; 10,000 pills were stolen

Owasso, OK: Hibbett Sports hit with an Armed Robbery

Glendale, AZ: Man admits to Arson and Jewelry Store Burglary

Fayetteville, GA: Smash and Grab at Beauty World store; $5,000 in premium hair stolen

Indianapolis, IN: Men sought in fraud case, accused of using cloned credit card numbers at Meijer

West Lebanon, NH: Police search for man using fake credit cards at Price Chopper

Plano, IL: 3 Arrested for Felony Retail Theft at Plano Walmart

Zales Jewelers in Mission Viejo, CA (1/8/16) and San Diego, CA (1/5/16) were the victims of a Credit Card Authorization fraud which has lead to the loss of 13 items valued at over $100,000

Zales Jewelers in The Meadows Mall, Las Vegas, NV was the victim of a Grab & Run on 1/7, merchandise valued at $17,779

Zales Jewelers in the White Marsh Mall, Baltimore, MD was the victim of a Grab & Run on 1/7, merchandise valued at $9,339

Zales Jewelers in the Fashion Center at Pentagon City, Arlington, VA was the victim of a Grab & Run, merchandise valued at $4,200

Piercing Pagoda in the Greece Ridge Mall, Rochester, NY was the victim of a Grab & Run on 1/9, merchandise valued at $649.98

Beauty World - Fayetteville, GA - Burglary
Boost Mobile - Temple, TX - Robbery
Bozrah Wine - Bozrah, CT - Burglary
Citgo - Hampton Roads, VA - Burglary
Dollar General - Indianapolis, IN - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Appleton, WI - Armed Robbery
Fox Shooting Loft - Clark Co, OH - Burglary
Hibbett Sports - Owasso, OK - Armed Robbery
Hope Foods - Tampa, FL - Armed Robbery
Maplefield's Convenience - Marshfield, VT - Armed Robbery
Subway - Aurora, CO - Robbery
Tim Hortons - Brantford, ON, CN - Burglary
Wegmans - Greece, NY - Robbery
7-Eleven - Rocklin, CA - Armed Robbery



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Anthony Rodriguez was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention, Commerce for David Yurman.

Steve Waligora was named Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist for Dominos.
Stephen comes to us with Safety and Loss Prevention knowledge covering OSHA and DOT safety. Stephen also brings several years of retail Loss Prevention experience from the Kmart and CVS brands. His most recent position was Manager of Safety Training and Recruiting with Am-Can Transport Service LLC. A native of Michigan, Stephen and his family will be relocating to Ann Arbor.

Jenn Mallett was named Regional Safety and Loss Prevention specialist for Dominos.
Jenn will be supporting our Midwest franchisees as well as our other safety and loss prevention regional specialists. Jenn has been with the company for over 4 years and is currently in our People Pipeline program. She has held several positions, from being a CSR for a franchise store and working her way up to General Manager, with her most recent position being a MCO in Virginia. Jenn brings with her a wealth of information from both franchise and Team USA and I am confident she will be a great resource and will assist us in having a safer work environment.


Damon Trite was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Signet Jewelers.

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7 Smart Habits of the Most Successful Leaders  Success doesn't just happen overnight. It takes adopting certain strategies from the onset in order to build your abilities and focus to get what you're after. Here are some habits you want to form as a leader. Don't second-guess

3 Mindset Shifts that Will Make You a Better Leader  The practice of mindfulness is one of the key skills that need to be mastered if you want to be a successful leader. Here are some mindset shifts you may want to use to help boost your leadership abilities. Own your feelings

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