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 January 13, 2016


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Opening Comments
Gus Downing

WG Security Products
Ed Wolfe, VP Business Development

Doug McHose, President

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Joseph Nay, CFI was named AP Director for VXI Global Solutions.
Joseph was previously an Loss Prevention Manager for Heinens before taking this role. VXI Global Solutions is a leading provider of business process and information technology. They have headquarters in Los Angeles and also locations in Asia and Latin America. Joseph was also a Loss Prevention Manager for AutoZone. He earned his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Youngstown State University, and his MA in Criminology/Criminal Justice from The University of Memphis. Congratulations Joseph!


2016's GLPS's - Group LP Selfie's
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Loss Prevention & Safety Team

When it rains, We Pour"

Pictured from left to right:  Michael Loox, CFI (Loss Prevention & Safety Director)
and Kregg Carney, CFI (Corporate Loss Prevention Manager)



America's Top Cop - NYPD Commissioner Bratton speaking at The Daily's LPNN 'Live in NYC' Event this Monday, Jan 18th
With a full house expected, America's Top Cop is scheduled to address attendees this coming Monday at the Daily's LPNN event - 'Live in NYC at the NRF Big Show'. As one of the founders and huge supporters of Los Angeles' ORC Association, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton has been a driving force behind helping to establish New York City's new Metro ORC Association. His team has shared with us that this national problem is one of his hot topics and special interests. Bratton plans on speaking about the ORC problems, efforts and current issues concerning all of us in retail - such as active shooters, terrorism, retail's label as a 'soft target' and what we all can do to help in these efforts. They even brought up if Bratton could go over his time allotment and really communicate with the retail LP industry and open it up for questions from the attendees.

Rarely do we have such opportunities to connect and hear from America's Top Cop and the D&D Daily is proud to be able to provide this for our community.

"What Happened When I Stole From Target": Former ORC Fence Tells His Story
Those who may be shoplifting at Target and thinking they're getting away with it - it's very likely they are not. As discussed in a fascinating Reddit thread about Target's top-rated forensic lab, investigators may be studying the crime, even if they don't set out to catch the suspects on the spot. Target takes shoplifting very seriously. The company has a top-rated forensic services laboratory in Las Vegas and Minneapolis, where a forensic team helps solve organized retail crimes committed at Target stores through video and image analysis, latent fingerprint and computer forensics, according to its website.

Reddit user StiggyPop found this out firsthand. In Reddit's Today I Learned community, he wrote about his former life as a shoplifter. Upvoted has verified the legitimacy of his story. He starts by talking about how he would steal things.

"So, at a different point in my life I had a serious drug problem and my main source of income was shoplifting Blu-Rays which I would fence to a used game store. During a ~4 month period I stole about $15k worth of Blu-Rays from a single Target location. There was no magic to it, I'd walk in and fill a hand basket with new releases and walk out the door. I'd run to my car and drive away, and towards the end I would basically fast-walk through the parking lot, they will not chase you out of the store."

He mentions that the store he'd sell the stolen items to would make specific requests, and give him about a third of the sticker price in cash. "Like, they'd ask me to get them PS3 controllers, or Family Guy box sets," he writes. "I think they went off of what sold well on eBay."

After doing this for months, StiggyPop was finally stopped on his way out of the store. "I followed my usual method of filling a basket and went to leave the store. I got through the first set of doors and as I went to leave the terminal doors two guys stepped in and addressed me by name and told me to stop. I made a half-hearted struggle and just gave up. These were two guys from the higher level of Target loss prevention. Not only did they know my name, they knew my apartment and started asking me specific questions about who else lived there and who drives the silver car that was there that morning. They had actually watched my apartment that day and followed me from my doorstep to the store in order to catch me in the act. They also knew the store I sold the discs, too, and asked me some general questions about that process." upvoted.com

Grocery store has no staff - just an app and the honor system
The very first grocery shop exclusively controlled by an mobile app has opened in Sweden. In a small seaside resort in the southern part of Sweden a supermarket totally controlled by your app is open for business. It responds to shopper requests day and night. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The store is always open and there is no on-site staff. While nobody physically works there, it is monitored by round-the-clock security cameras. Once you are a registered member and download the app, you can go in, scan your items, pay from your phone, bag your groceries, and head home. This honor system may seem risky, but the owner says he's hopeful that keeping it simple will suffice. He says he got the idea to open the shop after he dropped his son's last bottle of formula in the middle of the night and broke it on the floor after business hours. After that, he wanted to find a way to make a quick run to the corner shop possible at any time of the day. wpxi.com

Analysts Needed to Outsmart Crime
Analyst positions now available in the exciting and rapidly growing field of security and loss prevention. Join the CAP Index team and deliver impactful data intelligence that empowers major organizations to combat crime and loss. This one-of-a-kind opportunity is exclusively available to individuals with a keen interest in loss prevention analytics. Senior- and entry-level positions currently available. Click here to learn more!

NRF: Obama Praises 'Thriving Private Sector' But Continues Talk of Mandates
President Obama praised the private sector for its role in job creation during his final State of the Union address Tuesday night but continued to push for policies that have held back efforts by retailers and other businesses to put Americans back to work. "For the past seven years, our goal has been a growing economy that would be better for everybody," Obama said. "We've made progress. But we need to make more." "All the talk of America's economic decline is political hot air," he said, citing 14 million jobs created in 70 straight months of growth and the lowest unemployment rate in more than seven years. "We've recovered from the worst economic crisis in generation." "I believe a thriving private sector is the lifeblood of our economy," Obama said. "There are outdated regulations that need to be changed and there's red tape that needs to be cut."

Nonetheless, Obama lashed out at the business community, saying the nation's economic system is "rigged in favor of the wealthiest and biggest corporations," criticizing "years of record corporate profits" and decisions "made in boardrooms that too often put quarterly earnings over long-term returns," and saying many large businesses "have less loyalty to their communities." While criticizing corporations, he praised "start-ups and small businesses" and said he would work to "lift up" companies that are "doing right by their workers." nrf.com

Big Lots Loses Bid To Undo $1M Falling Bottle Verdict
A Texas appellate court on Tuesday upheld nearly all of a $1 million jury verdict awarded to a man who was hit in the head by two bottles of deck cleaner that fell from a shelf at a Big Lots store, saying the evidence supported nearly all of the award. PNS Stores Inc. had sought to vastly reduce the verdict and win a new trial in the personal injury lawsuit, arguing that the evidence didn't support the amount awarded to plaintiff Rene Munguia and that the jury was motivated by passion and bias. But the appellate panel rejected PNS's bid for a new trial and said that the noneconomic damages, which made up the bulk of the award, weren't flagrantly excessive. law360.com

American Eagle Outfitters provides Victoria's Secret with competition
American Eagle Outfitters' Aerie brand saw same-store sales increase 17 percent for the first nine months of 2015 and analysts see plenty of room for growth. nypost.com

Sheetz is handing out raises to its store employees
Sheetz is raising wages for its store employees and plans to maintain their hours, as well. The convenience store chain is now offering a minimum wage of $10 an hour for sales associates while shift supervisors will earn $13 an hour and assistant managers $16. wpxi.com

Aeropostale to cut 100 corporate jobs
The teen retailer is cutting about 100 corporate jobs, roughly 13 percent of its total, as part of an effort to save up to $40 million. abcnews.com

JC Penney plans to shutter seven stores in 2016
Unlike many of its department store rivals, J.C. Penney saw comp sales increase over the holiday selling season. Even so, the chain has made the decision to close seven of its 1,060 stores. thestreet.com

Florida Albertsons to become Safeways

Aeropostale CEO gives up 1 million shares for employee retention

Holiday Period Same-Store Sales Results

Ollie's Bargain Outlet - holiday comp's up 5.6%
GameStop - holiday comp's up 4.4%
New York & Co. - holiday comp's up 1.6%
Stage Stores - holiday comp's down 2.5%
ascena retail group - holiday comp's down 4% - ANN Brands down 1%, Justice down 15%, Lane Bryant up 6%, maurices up 1%, dressbarn down 3%, Catherines down 2%


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Chasse Ballroom owner arraigned
on 14 counts of embezzling

The PayPal Global Asset Protection Investigations team assisted the Oakland County Police department with their investigation into the affairs and arrest of Michael Anthony LaJoice. LaJoice was living a lifestyle on other people's savings, and that lifestyle included being a philanthropist. LaJoice was responsible for embezzling about $20 million over a 12-year period from the Clarkston-Brandon Community Credit Union in Independence Township, where he worked as a chief financial officer since 2003. Investigators also executed search warrants at several locations linked to LaJoice and removed a safe, computers and business records from his $4 million home. The PayPal Asset Protection team continue to support the Police with their efforts to build a case against the suspect.

For further information on PayPal GAP Team, email inquiries to lawenforcement@paypal.com. 



The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating Your 'Threat Score'
- Fresno PD offers rare glimpse into high-tech crime center
While officers raced to a recent 911 call about a man threatening his ex-girlfriend, a police operator in headquarters consulted software that scored the suspect's potential for violence the way a bank might run a credit report. The program scoured billions of data points, including arrest reports, property records, commercial databases, deep Web searches and the man's social- media postings. It calculated his threat level as the highest of three color-coded scores: a bright red warning. The man had a firearm conviction and gang associations, so out of caution police called a negotiator. The suspect surrendered, and police said the intelligence helped them make the right call - it turned out he had a gun.

As a national debate has played out over mass surveillance by the National Security Agency, a new generation of technology such as the Beware software being used in Fresno has given local law enforcement officers unprecedented power to peer into the lives of citizens.

Police officials say such tools can provide critical information that can help uncover terrorists or thwart mass shootings, ensure the safety of officers and the public, find suspects, and crack open cases. They say that last year's attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., have only underscored the need for such measures.

Few departments will discuss how - or sometimes if - they are using these tools, but the Fresno police offered a rare glimpse inside a cutting-edge $600,000 nerve center, even as a debate raged in the city over its technology. Fresno's Real Time Crime Center is the type of facility that has become the model for high-tech policing nationwide. Similar centers have opened in New York, Houston and Seattle over the past decade.

On 57 monitors that cover the walls of the center, operators zoomed and panned an array of roughly 200 police cameras perched across the city. They could dial up 800 more feeds from the city's schools and traffic cameras, and they soon hope to add 400 more streams from cameras worn on officers' bodies and from thousands from local businesses that have surveillance systems.

Fresno police said having the ability to access all that information in real time is crucial to solving crimes. They recently used the cameras to track a robbery suspect as he fled a business and then jumped into a canal to hide. He was quickly apprehended. The license plate database was instrumental in solving a September murder case, in which police had a description of a suspect's vehicle and three numbers from the license plate. washingtonpost.com

eBay Security Bug Left Data Open To Hackers
ZDNet reported that eBay recently patched a security vulnerability that had been leaking the personal details of millions of sellers and buyers through phishing campaigns. Originally found by an independent researcher who goes by the moniker "MLT," the XSS security flaw allowed any hacker of basic ability to simply paste his or her own login page over the legitimate eBay one. When users went to enter their information, they would be given an error message as the fake page copied their data and redirected them to the actual site.

In a statement to ZDNet, an eBay spokesperson confirmed that they had been in contact with MLT about the flaw, but that crossed wires prevented them from acting on the information until nearly a month had passed since the two parties originally made contact.

The optics of the story don't look great for eBay. A white hat hacker reaches out of his own volition, but his recommendations are lost in the weeds, as what MLT called "a fairly basic vulnerability" continued to allow hackers access to users' personal information. Now that the mend has been made, it's time for eBay to take stock of the damage. pymnts.com

Google: Drone deliveries may only be a few years away
Product delivery-by-drone in urban areas may be possible within a few years if the U.S. government and the aviation industry agree to work cooperatively on the new technology, the chief of Google Inc.'s drone cargo project said Monday. Alphabet Inc., the holding company that owns Google, is in a race with Amazon.com Inc., the online retailer, to develop drones for product delivery. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, announced last October it was also developing similar drones. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates aviation, expects to finalize rules for commercial drone operations later this year, but those regulations will only allow the simplest operations within sight of the operator. The agency hasn't begun the formal process of drafting rules for how automated deliveries would work. The FAA and NASA are also working on developing a low-level air-traffic system to guide drones and prevent mid-air collisions. Google, Amazon and others are also making their own air-traffic systems. bloomberg.com




The Retail Equation Releases Stats Revealing Volume of 2015 Holiday Returns

With return authorization solutions deployed in 34,000 stores across the country, The Retail Equation, an Appriss company, annually reports on the state of post-holiday returns in the United States. The company is uniquely positioned to paint an accurate picture through the vast amounts of data it collects and analyzes during the seven days after Christmas at the point of return. This data reveals some compelling facts about consumer return behavior.


1. Returns peaked again on Dec. 26 at 11:15 a.m. PST/2:15 p.m. EST., this is the same time returns peaked last year. It's clear lunchtime on the day after Christmas is the most popular return time of the entire year. This is when all return registers should be properly staffed and associates should be ready to deliver the best customer experience. It is also the ideal time to convert gift returners into regular shoppers.

2. The highest rate of returns nationwide occurred on Dec. 26, where returns were more than two times the normal rate seen during the holiday season. And, interestingly, because of the way Saturdays fell in relation to both Christmas and New Year's Day, Jan. 2 was a big return day also with returns nearly double the normal rate.

3. The Midwest states again had the highest rate of returns, when comparing total dollars purchased to total dollars returned and exchanged.

4. Illinois had the highest rate of returns with 21.6 percent, while Missouri had the second highest at 21.3 percent.

5. The state with the least rate of returns was Vermont with 12.2 percent.

"Every year, we aim to offer key insights on return behavior to help retailers optimize their return counter and create a positive shopping experience for their consumers," said David Speights, chief data scientist at The Retail Equation. "This might include incorporating friendly return practices that still allow for managing risk and preventing invalid returns to staffing up during certain days and times."

As the hustle and bustle of the holidays begins to wind down, retail executives turn their attention to final shrink numbers. The Retail Equation has conducted studies to substantiate the fact that return rate and return fraud are closely tied to shrink. These studies indicate that if a retailer takes actions to prevent return fraud and abuse, shrink can be reduced by a significant amount. This suggests that paying close attention to returns is a powerful weapon to combat shrink. As companies look to improve their loss prevention metrics in the coming months, they should consider implementing strategies to reduce return rate and fraud and, ultimately, shrink.

About The Retail Equation
The Retail Equation, an Appriss company, optimizes retailers' revenue and margin by shaping behavior in every customer transaction. The company's solutions use predictive analytics to turn each individual shopper visit into a more profitable experience. This yields immediate financial payback, increasing store comps by as much as two percent, with significant return on investment. The Software-as-a-Service applications operate in more than 34,000 stores in North America, supporting a diverse retail base of specialty apparel, footwear, hard goods, department, big box, auto parts, and more. For more information, visit www.theretailequation.com.



NuTech National

For more than 31 years, NuTech National has set the pace for innovation and excellence, serving major retail chains across the nation with the industry's largest network of sales, service, installation and alarm monitoring. Greg DeTardo, Founder and President of NuTech National, and Tonya Prive, Director of Sales, talk about the latest features and services the company has rolled out over the past year in this LPNN interview. From NuTech Link 6.0, their latest retail management security software - to their Depot Services - to Smart Retail Alert and Employee Watch, learn how NuTech sets itself apart from other alarm companies.

LPNN Quick Take #5

MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley take a serious look at the latest National Retail Security Survey, discussing the study's most surprising findings, the benefits it brings retailers, and the evolution of the LP industry over the past 10 or so years.  

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

New Study Shows Click-And-Collect Purchases Jumped
During The Holiday Season
Despite wide-ranging and fast-moving changes, the retail industry is still getting used to living in an eCommerce-dominated world. The same goes for consumers as they figure out which new paths to purchase fit in best with their purchasing habits.

According to a study conducted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), the buying public is moving toward click-and-collect as its preferred omnichannel shopping method.

Through a representative sample of more than 1,000 consumers, ICSC found that 32 percent of holiday shoppers utilized click-and-collect fulfillment options this past season. While some retailers might take this as yet another sign of eCommerce encroaching on the brick-and-mortar world, further analysis shows that click-and-collect might be better understood as a complimentary shopping behavior. Of the 32 percent who utilized click-and-collect options, 69 percent made additional purchases from stores when picking up their original purchases. pymnts.com

What You Need to Know About Card-Not-Present Fraud
Last year, Aité Group reported that U.S. credit card fraud had increased 100 percent from just seven years ago. As a contributing factor, Aite cited increasing fraud at the point-of-sale, as well as rising card-not-present fraud-which now represents 45 percent of total U.S. card fraud. At the same time, U.S. online and mobile commerce is growing at a 15 percent annual rate.[1]

As the number of chip cards and EMV terminals continues to grow, analysts expect that CNP fraud will grow with it, although Javelin Research & Strategy warns against thinking of EMV as influencing the shift toward CNP fraud. Rather, the analysts suggest, the growth in CNP fraud is largely a factor of the growth in e-commerce shopping.[2]

In any event, the next step for online merchants is clear-the smartest approach is to improve fraud prevention strategies and safeguards.

The payments industry is advancing the next generation of 3D Secure (3DS), an online authentication protocol, to support new and emerging technologies in the remote payment environment. This protocol allows merchant electronic commerce platforms to link into interfaces controlled by issuers where cardholders can confirm their identity directly with their banks by entering a password or a one-time code. paymentweek.com

NRF Publication, STORES Magazine, Recognizes Pep Boys
and Credera for Ecommerce Excellence



Pontiac, MI: Man charged with sale of $50,000 in stolen goods;
total of $409,000 sold on eBay account
A Pontiac man who stole upward of $50,000 in merchandise from a Livingston County retailer was sentenced. On Thursday, Jack Joseph Verellen Jr. was sentenced to three years of probation with the first year in the Livingston County Jail for organized retail crime. He was given credit for already serving 81 days. Authorities allege Verellen had an alpha key to remove antitheft devices from merchandise and that he used that device to steal property from Livingston County Meijer stores throughout the summer and fall. Assistant Prosecutor said a search warrant was executed at Verellen's home, and officers found numerous computers and printers that he used to created UPC codes. Investigators estimated Verellen stole upward of $50,000 from three different Meijer stores over a 10-year period. Further investigation revealed Verellen sold the stolen goods online and that in an eBay account he had $409,000. Defense attorney Robert Gardella said $250,000 of his client's account was not from stolen goods. livingstondaily.com

Saginaw, MI: Alert Home Depot employee details foiling alleged arson,
theft conspiracy
Kathy Marciak takes pride in her job at the Home Depot, she told a judge Tuesday, Jan. 12, in a Saginaw County courtroom. It's that pride, and her attentiveness, that helped her foil what prosecutors say was a conspiracy by Alvin B. Jenkins Sr. and Terrance A. Furline to make away with high-end equipment by setting a fire in the Kochville Township store. Marciak, 58, works as a cashier in the "pro end" of the Home Depot. In addition to assisting customers with paying for their items, she also checks the receipts of other customers leaving the store to ensure they are not leaving with items they did not pay for. She testified that her senses for that latter portion of her job were heightened Oct. 29, because during a daily morning meeting, her manager informed her and her co-workers that the day before, some individuals had set a fire in a Home Depot in Flint Township and used the distraction to steal expensive equipment. mlive.com

St Petersburg, FL: Convenience store owner at center
of Million dollar Fraud Ring
Authorities say a convenience store operator is responsible for a fraud ring involving six Tampa Bay area stores and more than a million dollars in losses. The Tampa Tribune reports that Wail Mari, owner of King Food Mart, was charged Tuesday with public assistance fraud, scheme to defraud and trafficking in credit cards. St. Petersburg police say Mari bought EBT cards for 50 cents on the dollar and used them at stores to buy items for his store and others in the area. After using the cards, Mari would take them to a gas station to clear the remaining balance in exchange for cash. Police say the arrest is the result of a 15-month investigation. EBT cards are given to low-income families to buy essentials like food. tbo.com

Lemoore, CA: 7-Eleven Associate tricked into handing over $680 in cash from the register; call from Corporate
Sgt. Alvaro Santos was watching the 7-Eleven from his patrol car across the street when he noticed unusual activity. He didn't know if it would turn out to be nothing or if it was an armed robbery in progress. So after the woman got out of the SUV and walked to the 7-Eleven, Santos went to speak with the driver of the car-- which was parked behind the convenience store, with its lights off. He also called for back-up. The other officer who arrived spoke with the woman inside 7-Eleven, and eventually arrested Kelly Marie Davies for being under the influence of a controlled substance. During a search, police found $680 in $20's, $10's, $5's, and $1's. Police say it was money from the 7-Eleven registers, but it wasn't a typical robbery. "We discovered that there was somebody calling into the business pretending to be from their corporate office and pretty much tricked the cashier into turning all their money over to this female," Santos said. The store clerk says she was on the phone with the man for nearly two hours. He asked her to count the cash in the registers, put it in a bag, and be prepared to give it to a woman who was coming by to pick it up. "Her name is Kathy and she's going to be coming here with two officers and just give her the money she's going to ask for three items and I'm not supposed to know what it is," the clerk said. The woman asked for three cartons of cigarettes, then got an iced coffee before being approached by the officer, who the clerk thought was part of the store audit-- it was actually a Lemoore police officer. Lemoore Police say they're working with Hanford Police about a very similar and recent burglary at the 99 Cents Only store there. abc13.com

Orange, CT: Kohl's bust shoplifter with over $1,000 in merchandise
It's not easy to hide more than a $1,000 worth of clothes while trying to leave a store without paying for the merchandise. That's what 48-year-old Edna Perry, found out after she was stopped by Kohl's security outside the Bull Hill Lane store with $1,020 in clothing. without paying for it on Jan. 7. She was subsequently taken into custody and charged with fourth-degree larceny. ctpost.com

Barron Co, WI: Walmart repeat offender facing 7 years and fines up to $20,000

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Tuscon, AZ: Walgreens Armed Robber shot outside store by Deputies
A man who was demanding Percocet in a robbery at a northwest-side Walgreens was shot by a sheriff's deputy outside the store Tuesday, department officials said. Deputies received reports that the man was armed. The man, in his 30 was in critical condition after undergoing surgery for a rifle wound. Shortly before 12:30 p.m., a 911 caller reported a robbery at the Walgreens near North Oracle and West Ina roads. Deputies arrived at the store in under two minutes. The robber was inside the Walgreens and at the time deputies did not know the type of threat he was posing so they walked into the store. Deputies learned the robber had climbed over the counter and demanded Percocet, a painkiller that contains oxycodone. Other 911 callers reported the man was armed. Deputies chased him out of the Walgreens. Deputy Jay Korza, a 15-year veteran, fired his rifle and struck the robber in the lower back. tucson.com

Little Rock, AR: Red Lobster shoot-out suspect pleads Not Guilty; Off-Duty Officer shot
A man arrested in a robbery that led to an exchange of gunfire with a Little Rock police officer pleaded innocent to multiple felony charges Tuesday. Kenneth Lavell Nelson, 25, is accused of holding up a Red Lobster at 8407 W. Markham St. on Saturday night with two of his cousins. Police said the robbers exchanged gunfire with an off-duty officer who confronted them at the restaurant. The officer, Shawn Bakr, 39, was shot in the shoulder. He was treated and released from a hospital later that night. Nelson's court appearance was the second in the case. His cousin, Troy James Williams, 20, of Cabot, pleaded innocent Monday to charges of criminal attempted capital murder, first-degree battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated robbery and six counts of aggravated assault. arkansasonline.com

Foxborough, MA: Police Search For Suspect In Jewelry Store Robbery
Police are searching for a man they say carried out an unarmed robbery of Cindi's Diamond & Jewelry on Central Street. Cindi Haddad-Drew of Cindi's Diamond & Jewelry said on the store's Facebook page last night that the man had come in around 5:13 p.m. and stolen a 2 carat loose diamond. She said he had been in the store earlier browsing engagement rings, and that he was wearing jeans, Nike shoes, a tan tweed scally cap, and navy blue shirt at the time. Haddad-Drew said in the Facebook post that it was the first time the store had been robbed. cbslocal.com

Mission Viejo, CA: Man Sentenced in Dramatic Jewelry Store Robbery;
high speed chase, dumping loot on freeway
A 23-year-old Inglewood man arrested in connection with a Mission Viejo jewelry store robbery pleaded guilty today to stealing a vehicle and was immediately sentenced to two years in jail. Multiple felonies for robbery with sentencing enhancements for gang activity and theft exceeding $150,000 and the use of a dangerous weapon were dismissed against Levon Michael Tippit. Co-defendants Devan Devell Howard, 18, of Inglewood, and Marshawn Marshall, 18, of Palmdale, were next due in court Feb. 11. They were accused in the Oct. 21 robbery at the Fredric H. Rubel jewelry store in the Shops at Mission Viejo Mall. The robbery took place just before 1 p.m. The masked robbers smashed a couple of glass cases and grabbed gems and Rolex watches worth thousands of dollars. Witnesses reported seeing the robbers dump their loot out the window of the stolen getaway vehicle on the San Diego (405) Freeway in the Costa Mesa area about a half-hour after the heist. patch.com

Appomattox Co, VA: ATF, Virginia State Police and Sheriff's Dept. team up to bust 3 Gun Store burglars
Three people were arrested on Monday in connection with a burglary that took place at an Appomattox County gun store on Sunday. The business, TNT Outfitters, was broken into at its Dove Lane location, resulting in numerous firearms being stolen. The Sheriff's Department led the investigation and was assisted by the Bureau of ATF and the Virginia State Police. timesvirginian.com

Johnson City, TN: Thief busted at Walmart attempting to steal
a Pricing/ Inventory PDA
On January 12, officers of the Johnson City Police arrested Dan Cox and charged him with one count of theft over $500. According to a Walmart loss prevention officer, Cox was observed concealing a Motorola MC40 PDA, a device used for inventory and pricing purposes, in his pants before exiting the store. abc19.tv

Spearfish, SD: Salvation Arm store Burglar 'shops' for two hours,
returns to retrieve lost cell phone
Police say a local woman broke into the Salvation Army store on New Year's Day, spent two hours "shopping" for clothes, accidentally left her cell phone behind, returned to the store and retrieved it hours later, then was arrested the next day when officers used a clever yet simple technique to identify her. Arrested on suspicion of felony burglary as well as misdemeanor counts of petty theft and intentional damage to property was Kimberly Rae Bostwick, 42, of Spearfish. rapidcityjournal.com

Philadelphia, PA: U.S. Customs seizes $35,000 of counterfeit
'smart wristband' from China
If you were hoping to nab a cheap wearable any time soon, your friendly, neighborhood, knock-off dealer's supply might have just gotten pinched. An estimated $35,000 worth of counterfeit smart wristbands from Hong Kong were seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Philadelphia Jan. 4. According to a release, CBP worked with the unnamed trademark-holding company in order to determine whether the fakes were indeed fakes. The 350 seized wristbands first arrived in the U.S. Dec. 4, which if authentic would retail for around $100 each. mashable.com

Washington, PA: Goodwill Employee busted for felony theft

Frederick, MD: Man charged with 3 Armed Robberies: Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut and A1 Mart

Corpus Christi, TX: Man accused in fatal shooting of convenience store clerk indicted

Aldan, PA: Giant Supermarket employee charged with Arson

Richland Co, SC: NC man charged with cashing stolen SC lottery tickets

Lewiston, ID: Idaho man drove stolen car to meeting with Police Officers

A1 Mart - Frederick, MD - Armed Robbery
Chevron - Cocoa Beach, FL - Armed Robbery/ suspect shot
Cindi's Diamond & Jewelry - Foxborough, MA - Armed Robbery
Country C - Store - Norwalk, CT -Burglary
C&S Market - Augusta, ME - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - AR - Robbery
Dunkin Donuts - Frederick, MD - Armed Robbery
El Taconazo Western Wear - Rockford, IL -Armed Robbery
Food Lion - Leonardtown, MD - Robbery
Marathon - Port Huron, MI - Armed Robbery
Pizza Hut - Frederick, MD - Armed Robbery
Salvation Army - Spearfish, SD - Burglary
Stripes- Corpus Christi, TX - Shooting/ 1 killed
Time Saver - Midwest City, OK - Armed Robbery/ clerk shot
TNT Outfitters - Appomattox Co, VA - Burglary
7-Eleven - Ellensburg, WA - Robbery (inside job)



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The Fastest Way to Achieve Success Is to First Help Others Succeed  Some of our greatest successes in life often come through helping others to reach their own success. When you focus on helping others reach their goals, your payoff will be greater than you imagined. Share your network

3 Signs You Are Becoming Successful
Sometimes when we reach success, it can be hard to tell. There's no sounds or flashing lights to tell us that we've hit our mark, but there are more subtle signs that we can look out for. Here's how you'll know you've reached success. Haters


Effort Is an Overlooked But Major Key to Success  Effort is an absolute must have when it comes to being successful. With effort, the rewards and fulfillment that comes from true success, and sacrificing things to reach success, are well worth any challenges that come your way. Get results with effort

The 7 Ways Most People Ruin Their Own Success Sometimes the obstacle we run into, is ourselves. We can be our own worst enemies, especially when we manage to sabotage our success. Here are some common ways we keep ourselves from reaching our full potential. Shortcuts

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The importance of staying focused and positive in your job search can't be over emphasized. Even when you're networking keep it positive and never network without asking for another contact name at the companies you're looking at. Operators, Human Resource executives, other Loss Prevention executives, anyone that is in a management position with the companies you're interested in joining. We'd also suggest visiting some stores and trying to meet the Loss Prevention team and finding out more about their LP efforts, structure, management individuals, and just plain getting to know that companies LP culture and never leave without leaving a copy of your resume. Every successful marketing campaign has a grass roots methodology and getting into some stores is just that. If done correctly I assure you the multi unit LP executives will find out who you are and respect you for doing it.

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