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Tony D'Onofrio Named CEO and Managing Director of Prosegur Security's Global Retail Business Unit
Prosegur Security, a global leader in security technology, has appointed Tony D'Onofrio as new CEO and managing director of its Global Retail Business Unit. D'Onofrio is a recognized global top 100 global retail influencer and his future-looking articles on retail, security, leadership and emerging technologies are widely shared on multiple platforms in the U.S. and internationally. Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight below.

Happy Trails
Industry Pioneer Dave Zulawski Announces His Retirement

A long-time mentor, innovator, and thought leader across the industry, David E. Zulawski, CFI, CFE has announced his retirement effective January 31, 2021. Zulawski, along with Douglas E. Wicklander, CFI, cofounded Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ) in May 1982. Over the last several decades, he has helped change the landscape of interviewing by advocating a non-confrontational approach, training thousands of investigators, and shaping the careers of many for years to come. Read More Here

Alex Payne named Director of Loss Prevention for Ingles Markets

Before being named Director of Loss Prevention for Ingles Markets, Alex spent four years with Kohl's Department Stores as a District Loss Prevention Manager. Prior to that, he spent 15 years with Belk in multiple loss prevention roles, including Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Area Loss Prevention Manager, and Loss Prevention Manager. Earlier in his career, he spent six years as a Probation Parole Officer in North Carolina. Congratulations, Alex!

Wes Gray, ACFI promoted to Director of Security and Loss Prevention for Verizon Authorized Retailer, TCC
Wes has been with TCC for more than 12 years, starting with the company in 2008 as a Sales Manager. Before his latest promotion to Director of Security and Loss Prevention, he spent three years as Loss Prevention Manager, two years as Regional Investigator, and nearly a year as Sales Marketing Manager. He also served in the U.S. Air Force for four years. Congratulations, Wes!

Jason Zlotoff, CFI named Asset Protection Manager, NYC
for Louis Vuitton

Before joining Louis Vuitton as Asset Protection Manager, NYC, Jason spent 10 years working for Abercrombie & Fitch, most recently serving in the role of Sr. District Manager of Asset Protection. He held various other roles with Abercrombie & Fitch, including District Asset Protection Manager, Senior Asset Protection Investigator, Asset Protection Manager, and Loss Prevention Investigator. Congratulations, Jason!

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Protests & Violence

Lawmakers warned police of possible attack ahead of siege
Democratic lawmakers warned U.S. Capitol Police one week before the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol that thousands of fervent Trump supporters could storm the complex and try to "kill half of Congress" to stop them from certifying Joe Biden's election victory.

One of them also warned that Vice President Mike Pence's life was in danger.

On Dec. 30, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) spoke with a police captain, informing the officer that - based on past death threats made against her by Trump supporters and the violent language she saw used in online forums - protesters might attack the Capitol and physically harm lawmakers counting the Electoral College votes.    

Wilson spoke to The Hill about the warning and provided notes of the hour-long phone call with the Capitol Police captain. thehill.com

Thousands of police & troops pouring into DC
Law enforcement and military taking 'unprecedented' approach to security in D.C.

Officials involved in the security preparations said they had never been so concerned about violence in Washington, including in the days after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Hundreds of armed National Guard troops joined police behind new 8-foot fencing and checkpoints walling off the grounds. So many Guard members were dispatched to Washington, and so quickly, they were left to sleep on the domed building's marble floors, a scene reminiscent of the Civil War.

At the White House, the vice president's residence and other federal buildings and monuments, authorities took similar action - setting up checkpoints, closing streets and conducting aerial surveillance. Pentagon officials said that as many as 20,000 National Guard troops mobilized from multiple states could arrive in the area before the inauguration. latimes.com

Heavily Armed Protestors Popping Up at State Capitals
Legislatures boost security after insurrection, FBI warnings

State legislatures and law enforcement officials are boosting security at capitol complexes around the country after the violent insurrection in Washington, D.C., last week and in the face of FBI warnings of armed protests in the coming days.

Legislators say they are increasingly anxious about the armed protests, which began last year in response to lockdowns imposed to stem the coronavirus pandemic and are mounting over President Trump's false allegations about election impropriety.

National Guard troops deployed behind a safety fence on the first day of Washington's State legislative session, a week after protesters jumped a fence outside Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's (D) residence. Protests this week did not turn violent in Olympia, either because of heightened police presence, a backlash against the insurrection in the nation's capital or because of a timely rainstorm.

"We must have had at least several hundred, I don't know the exact number, law enforcement officers, mostly from the Washington State Patrol," said state Sen. John Braun, the Republican minority leader. "I feel very safe."

Agencies in other states are also
increasing police presences and erecting new safety and security measures.
Montana - Florida - Kentucky - Alaska - Mississippi - Texas - Ohio - Where else?  Continue Reading

'Church service' led by 'Storm the Capitol' organizer
approved for Sunday at Minnesota State Capitol
Law enforcement has been on alert after credible threats of violence tied to Sunday events around the country. 

At least one event has been approved for the Minnesota State Capitol on Sunday: a "Sunday Church Service" led by the Bloomington conservative activist behind last week's "Storm the Capitol" rally.

The state Department of Administration approved permits this week for a Saturday "Freedom Fest" event and Sunday's "Church Service" event, according to records obtained by the Star Tribune.

The applicant for both events, Becky Strohmeier, leads the Hold the Line MN group that attracted about 500 people to the "Storm the Capitol" rally on Jan. 6 that is now under investigation by state law enforcement. Strohmeier's group also stages weekly rallies at the Capitol and has protested outside the homes of Gov. Tim Walz and other elected officials.

In preparation for weekend protests, Walz activated the Minnesota National Guard, and Harrington said the security presence around the State Capitol will resemble the security during the unrest that followed George Floyd's killing by Minneapolis police. startribune.com

Inauguration week could turn violent, so Airbnb canceled all DC reservations

FBI Getting Proactive: Chicago Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Violence at Upcoming Presidential Inauguration


COVID Update

US: Over 23.6M Cases - 394K Dead - 14M Recovered
Worldwide: Over 93M Cases - 1.9M Dead - 66.5M Recovered

Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 260   Law Enforcement Officer Deaths: 200
*Red indicates change in total deaths

It's Getting Worse & We Have a Brutal Period To Get Through
Post-holiday COVID-19 surge hits new deadly records

The anticipated surge following holiday gatherings has now arrived, leading to a stunning number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths rising every day

On Tuesday alone, a record 4,327 people in the U.S. died from the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University. In just the past week, a New York Times tracker showed the seven-day average for deaths rose from about 2,600 per day to about 3,300. And the numbers keep climbing.

"We went from a very high baseline level of infections to even higher," Anthony Fauci, the government's top infectious disease expert, said at a forum hosted by Schmidt Futures on Tuesday. "And as we've seen over the past week and a half or so since the ending of the holiday season, everything seems to be a record."

"We're in a very difficult situation and it is getting worse," he added. "I hope that as we get towards the end of January, that we'll see a peaking and a turning around, particularly if people hang in there and don't get discouraged by COVID-19 fatigue and let down on their public health measures."

But now, an even greater threat is looming in the form of new virus variants. One strain that was first detected in the United Kingdom is thought to be significantly more contagious, and it's already been identified in multiple U.S. states.

Given the increased infectiousness, the new variant is expected to become more common in the U.S., prompting public health officials to ramp up their calls for Americans to take precautions.

There are already more than 200,000 new cases every day in the U.S. The record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations, at more than 130,000, is putting a tremendous strain on hospitals and threatening care for people without the coronavirus.

While vaccines provide a light at the end of the tunnel, they will not be widely available for several months, meaning there is still a brutal period to get through before they have widespread effect. thehill.com

Should Employers Administer COVID-19 Vaccines?
Employers that want to administer COVID-19 vaccines onsite have many challenges, not least of which includes the availability of vaccines, having trained staff and limiting liability.

"Employers are taking various approaches to vaccines in the workplace," said Michael Oliver Eckard, an attorney with Ogletree Deakins in Charleston, S.C., and Atlanta. Some businesses, he noted, including organizations that employ critical infrastructure workers, are considering entering into agreements with state and local health departments to be closed point-of-dispensing sites to administer state-provided vaccines, which means only employees and sometimes their family members are eligible.

Dollar General is an example of an employer taking a different approach. With more than 150,000 employees, the retailer is incentivizing staff to be vaccinated by providing a one-time payment equal to four hours of pay if they become vaccinated at a location outside of the worksite. shrm.org

Walmart Remains Vigilant Nationwide
Walmart temporary closings for deep cleaning are more common

in winter COVID-19 surge

Walmart isn't providing a lot of details behind the closings, but there have been several around the country, including one last week in Rockwall County's Royse City, east of Dallas.

The retailer is making local announcements in each market. In the past few days, Walmart stores have temporarily closed in Laredo, Gulfport, Miss.; Checotah, Okla.; Manassas, Va.; Fayetteville, Tenn.; and Paramount, Calif.

Walmart has stopped disclosing details of a store outbreak of COVID-19 when it announces these temporary closings. But it did say in an email Sunday that "everything we're doing is for the well-being of our associates and customers and in consideration of guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and health experts."

Walmart said it will continue to conduct COVID-19 employee health screenings and temperature checks. The retailer also said its emergency leave policy remains in effect for employees who are "unable or uncomfortable coming to work" due to COVID-19 issues.

Walmart continues to require that customers wear face masks in the store and has designated entrances and exits for social distancing and to monitor local capacity limits. dallasnews.com

L.A. wants to impose tougher enforcement for mask violators
Under Mayor Eric Garcetti's "Safer at Home" order, individuals who don't wear masks can face up to a $1,000 fine or six months in jail. But there's been little enforcement of the rule.

Now, the Los Angeles City Council wants to crack down on mask scofflaws. Following local demonstrations by anti-mask groups at shopping malls, grocery stores and homeless encampments, the council moved Wednesday to bolster restrictions and subject more violators to financial penalties.

The council unanimously voted to order city attorneys to draft a law that would impose fines and penalties on those who refuse to wear a mask at indoor businesses when requested to do so by management, and on individuals who refuse to wear a mask when "invading someone's personal space."

"Maskless protesters are going up to people, getting into people's faces and deliberately using the fact that they are not wearing a mask as an act of aggression," Bonin said. latimes.com

Prisons Abruptly Closing as Many Guards Fall Ill
Arrests Increasing & Jail Population Issues Returning

States Are Shutting Down Prisons as Guards are Crippled By Covid-19

Battered by a wave of coronavirus infections and deaths, local jails and state prison systems around the United States have resorted to a drastic strategy to keep the virus at bay:
Shutting down completely and transferring their inmates elsewhere. From California to Missouri to Pennsylvania, state and local officials say that so many guards have fallen ill with the virus and are unable to work that abruptly closing some correctional facilities is the only way to maintain community security and prisoner safety.

Experts say the
fallout is easy to predict: The jails and prisons that stay open will probably become even more crowded, unsanitary and disease-ridden, and the transfers are likely to help the virus proliferate both inside and outside the walls.

There have been more than
480,000 confirmed coronavirus infections and at least 2,100 deaths among inmates and guards in prisons, jails and detention centers across the nation, according to a New York Times database. Among those grim statistics are the nearly 100,000 correctional officers who have tested positive and 170 who have died.

Early in the pandemic, some states tried to ward off virus outbreaks by releasing some offenders early and detaining fewer people awaiting trial in order to reduce their populations, but those efforts often met with resistance from politicians and the public.

recently, as arrests in many areas have increased, jail populations have returned to pre-pandemic levels, according to data collected by the Vera Institute of Justice, a nonprofit research and policy group based in New York. nytimes.com

Sephora's & Apple's Racial Bias Program/Initiative
 Roll-Outs Hit News Outlets Nationwide

Experts Calling it Retail's Roadmap to Combat Racial Bias

Store Associates To Have No LP Responsibilities
& Use 'Fewer' 3rd Party Security Vendors

Update from yesterday's post: Sephora rolls out action plan to address racial bias

The beauty retailer is implementing changes across marketing and merchandising, stores, and employee training.

In conjunction with the release of a year-long research study on racial bias in retail, commissioned by Sephora, the beauty retailer on Wednesday announced an action plan for handling racial bias in its stores that spans marketing and merchandising, in-store experience and operations, and talent and inclusivity in the workplace.

According to the study, three in five retail shoppers have experienced discriminatory treatment, two in five have personally experienced unfair treatment on the basis of their race or skin color, and three in five retail employees have witnessed bias at work.

"When we think about racial bias and unfair treatment, it operates on multiple levels across the consumer journey," the academic author said in a briefing on the report "From the very start when people even think about things that they want to buy, to actually making a purchase, using a good - every step along the consumer journey, retail bias, racism is evident."

Sephora is also making changes to how it runs stores to try and eliminate racial bias, and making changes to how the beauty retailer handles loss prevention that involve employing fewer third-party security vendors and leaving loss prevention out of store associates' responsibilities.

The changes come as a direct result of some of the reports findings around the in-store experience for people of color. retaildive.com

Apple Launches Their Initiative to Combat Racial Discrimination

Washington Post: Sephora's plan to combat racial bias: Fewer security guards, more Black-owned brands and new protocols

Retail and crisis management experts say the initiative provides a comprehensive - and necessary - road map for the industry

"This has been a problem for many, many years because, let's face it, individuals bring their own biases to work," said Jerome Williams, a business professor at Rutgers University and co-author of "Race and Retail: Consumption Across the Color Line." "To make progress, there are two areas that are critical: employee training and a strong commitment by upper management to treat all customers fairly, without making assumptions."

Sephora is among a growing number of companies looking for ways to promote diversity and inclusion within their ranks. Apple on Wednesday kicked off a $100 million initiative to combat racial discrimination. The tech giant is pouring $25 million into the Propel Center, an education campus in Atlanta aimed at training business leaders from diverse backgrounds, and is creating a developer academy in Detroit, where it expects to train close to 1,000 students a year in software development for its mobile operating system.

"We are all accountable to the urgent work of building a more just, more equitable world - and these new projects send a clear signal of Apple's enduring commitment," chief executive Tim Cook said in a news release.

The efforts at Sephora come two years after Solána Imani Rowe, the rapper known as SZA, tweeted about an employee at a Sephora store in California who called security to make sure the performer wasn't stealing. Jones, a former cast member and writer on "Saturday Night Live," later tweeted about an incident in which she said her makeup artist had been mistreated by store employees. "NO MORE SEPHORA," she wrote.

Executives said those incidents reinforced the need for more inclusive protocols. They later closed U.S. stores to have employees undergo an hour-long training session on diversity and inclusion. The company took similar action last summer, following Floyd's killing, and said such efforts will be ongoing and regular. It also pledged to devote at least 15 percent of its shelf space to Black-owned brands, although executives did not say how soon they would do so. (The retailer currently carries eight Black-owned brands, which is less than 3 percent of its portfolio of about 290 brands.)  washingtonpost.com

Bloomberg: Fewer Guards, More Black Brands: Sephora's Plan to Win Back Shoppers
'All retailers, Sephora included, have a financial incentive to get this right,' beauty chain says

WWD: Sephora Releases 'Racial Bias in Retail' Study
The in-depth report aims to quantify the depths of bias in retail

Apple's Press Release:
Apple launches major new Racial Equity and Justice Initiative projects
to challenge systemic racism, advance racial equity nationwide

Commitments build on Apple's $100 million pledge and include a first-of-its-kind education hub for HBCUs and an Apple Developer Academy in Detroit

Cupertino, California - Apple today announced a set of major new projects as part of its $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) to help dismantle systemic barriers to opportunity and combat injustices faced by communities of color. These forward-looking and comprehensive efforts include the Propel Center, a first-of-its-kind global innovation and learning hub for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs); an Apple Developer Academy to support coding and tech education for students in Detroit; and venture capital funding for Black and Brown entrepreneurs. Together, Apple's REJI commitments aim to expand opportunities for communities of color across the country and to help build the next generation of diverse leaders. apple.com

Sephora Press Release: Sephora Implements New Action Plan Aimed at Mitigating Racially Biased Experiences in the U.S. Retail Environment

Facial Recognition: Industry Leader & Privacy Advocate
Details & Supports Ethical Privacy Standards

In the absence of federal regulations and with only a patchwork of state regulations, FaceFirst has been insistent from the onset on establishing and operating within industry-leading privacy standards that ensure safe and protected operations that not only respect the customers' privacy but is engrained into FaceFirst's core culture and everything they do.


Biometric Payments - Facial Recognition - Behavioral Biometrics & Digital ID's
Biometric payment card first highlights fast start to year of mass adoption

Biometric payment cards start 2021 with a bang after their progress was closely followed in the industry for all of last year, and biometric payments in general are gaining steam. Thales, Fingerprints Cards, Idex Biometrics and others are positioning themselves in that space, while vendors like buguroo and regulators work to enable the expanded use of facial recognition and behavioral biometrics to payments around the world. The drive to bring the pandemic to an end is bringing digital ID issues to a head, meanwhile.

The expected, but still impressive progress towards the commercialization of biometric payment cards, and the less-expected boost to contactless biometric modalities are revealed by a review of the biggest stories of 2020. The interrupted year also sets up prioritization of national and functional digital ID programs.

Non card-based biometric payments are getting a boost around the world as well, with regulatory changes in Russia, an approaching deadline for Mexican banks, and biometric ATMs in Pakistan and Argentina. In remote India, Aadhaar-enabled payments are gaining in use rapidly relative to ATMs, while buguroo sees behavioral biometrics benefiting banks all around the world.

The latest proposed biometric data privacy law in an increasingly fragmented U.S. legal landscape is a New York State statute. The law would apply only to private organizations, and would impose many of the usual informed consent rules, along with a right of private action.

The legal basis for REAL ID has been updated, which also paves the way for digital ID credentials to be accepted by states. The update was also signed into law without several changes that critics said would have reduced transparency. biometricupdate.com

HSI-led National IPR Center, International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition join forces to stop counterfeits goods around the world
The National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) announced a formal partnership with the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) to protect legitimate manufacturers, retailers and consumers, across every sector of the global economy, by preventing illegal counterfeit goods from entering the United States.

The IPR Center's partnership with IACC provides a framework to enhance investigative efforts into intellectual property crime through joint events, law enforcement training, community outreach and information sharing.

The IPR Center, working collaboratively with its public and private sector partners, stands at the forefront of the U.S. government's response to combating global intellectual property theft and enforcing intellectual properties rights violations.

The IACC (www.iacc.org) is a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit organization representing the interests of companies concerned with trademark counterfeiting and intellectual property theft. The IACC membership include many of the world's best-known brands across all product sectors. The IACC has played a leading role in the development of cross-industry voluntary agreements, to address the illicit trafficking of counterfeit and pirated goods online, including its IACC MarketSafe® and RogueBlock® initiatives. ice.gov

A Must Read & Watch For Every LP/AP Executive:
Here's a First - The Forensics of Mobsters' Business Practices

'Leadership Freak' Uses Mafia, Hell's Angels, and Gang Bangers
as Leadership Lessons Examples

Would your organization thrive if governments spent billions trying to destroy it?

Criminal organizations overcome all the challenges and obstacles of legal organizations plus the opposition of law enforcement. And they still thrive.

Organizations that last a long time, "Hold on to a credo." Daniel Forrester

1. Attract the right people. Passionate believers deliver great results.

2. Embrace values: customer focus, freedom, loyalty, resourcefulness, speed, and immorality. (The inclusion of immorality is not an endorsement but an acknowledgement of criminal values.)

Organizations that outlast the competition, cling tenaciously to values and attract the 'right' people.

3 things that are remarkable about criminal organizations:  
Continue Reading About Those You Look to Stop

Walmart's CEO this week on: Five Pandemic Priorities & Dealing with Biases
Walmart's CEO McMillon Keynote at CES 2021:
The run rate of the company going forward will be faster forever'

Topics: Greater workplace equality and diversity, the fight against climate change, and employee skills training, and the role of leadership in times of challenge.

If there was an over-arching technology angle, it was that techniques of machine learning and Big Data are necessary to handle a pace of change for the company that to McMillan looks like a permanent change in the way Walmart does business.

"The run rate of the company going forward will be faster forever as a result of what's happened," said McMillan.  

Walmart, said McMillan, has been "modernizing our tech stack," which has "resulted in a lot of speed and innovation." The company is focused on things such as "what the future of AI will mean, or how robotics will change our business, and how 5G will change how people want to live and shop," he said. 

The Walmart Plus initiative: That effort includes things such as the "scan and go" option at stores, so customers can "check out without checking out."

Dealing with the Pandemic - Walmart's Five Priorities & Dealing with Biases
Continue Reading About McMillion's Keynote This Week

U.S. Convenience Store Count Stands at 150,274 - Down 1.6% Over 2019

Kroger Testing Smart Shopping Cart

Christopher & Banks files for bankruptcy, could close all stores

Dallas Love Field Hudson News to pilot Amazon-powered 'cashierless' newsstand

Polar Vortex Storm: 6-10 in. of snow to Twin Cities, blizzard conditions to western Minn.

Quarterly Results
Big Lots Q4 comp's up 7.5%, digital up 135%,

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Tony D'Onofrio Named CEO and Managing Director of Prosegur Security's Global Retail Business Unit

HERNDON, Va. (January 14, 2021) - Prosegur Security, a global leader in security technology, has appointed Tony D'Onofrio as new CEO and managing director of its Global Retail Business Unit. D'Onofrio is a recognized global top 100 global retail influencer and his future-looking articles on retail, security, leadership and emerging technologies are widely shared on multiple platforms in the U.S. and internationally.

"Tony will be instrumental in leading our efforts to expand the reach of our retail solutions on the global stage," said Matt Sack, executive chairman of Prosegur Security USA. "His strong reputation among global retailers and his dedication to always pushing innovation, combined with our technological expertise, makes this a perfect relationship. Tony brings strategic insight, transformative leadership and over 30 years of retail experience to the Prosegur family. We are excited for him to begin this journey with us and we look forward to his leadership."

"Covid-19 has become a highly impactful accelerator of digital transformation trends that were already underway," said D'Onofrio. "The world that the virus leaves behind will include increased implementation of new technologies and services, both of which will accelerate the importance of the loss prevention function. Prosegur is uniquely positioned to strategically partner with global retailers with innovative solutions and people to deliver a more prosperous future of retail."

Prior to joining Prosegur, D'Onofrio served as CEO of TD Insights, a retail and security consultancy firm. He also served as chief customer officer at Tyco Retail Solutions (now Sensormatic), where he managed global customer relationships, marketing, source tagging, and transitioning key security solutions into "as a service" models. His career has spanned both security and information technology companies.

D'Onofrio is a board member and advisor of multiple private equity portfolio companies that focus on advanced technologies, and regularly mentors Silicon Valley, European and Indian start-ups. He also serves as an advisor and boards of retail industry groups such as the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) and ReThink Retail. He holds an MBA degree from Cleveland State University, and a B.A. degree from Case Western Reserve University.

About Prosegur Security USA
Prosegur makes our world safer by taking care of people and businesses while remaining at the forefront of innovation. The company is a global security leader operating in 26 countries, with over 165,000 employees and 26 command centers spread around the globe. In the U.S., the company offers a range of security services, including surveillance video systems, EAS and RFID tags and systems, guarding services, remote monitoring and cybersecurity services. The company prides itself on helping organizations large and small solve their security challenges through technology, teamwork, innovation and relentless customer focus.






Omni LP/AP?
Operating in Silos Leads to Vulnerabilities - Especially in a Culture of 'Coming Together'
True Omni Retail Connects All Things & It Starts With the People - the Teams

US Capitol Attack a Wake-up Call for the Integration of Physical & IT Security

How two traditionally disparate security disciplines can be united

One of the harrowing images to come out of Wednesday's attack on the US Capitol was a photo posted by a rioter of an open laptop on a desk in US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office. The screen was visible and apparently unlocked, with a warning in a black box that read, "Capitol: Internet Security Threat: Police Activity."

While it remains unclear whether the laptop allegedly stolen from Pelosi's office during the attack on the Capitol is the same one that was photographed in an unlocked state, it underscores how physical security and IT security can go hand in hand.

Along with laptops and physical mail that were stolen, the rioters had the opportunity to infiltrate congressional computer systems and networks. Without proper logging of network and system access, a tech-savvy rioter could have done significant harm to congressional computers and systems, points out Dan Tentler, executive founder of security testing company Phobos Group. 

Traditionally, disparate physical security and IT security operations are integrating awkwardly. As technology rapidly changes and organizations increasingly emphasize IT security, they run the risk of ignoring physical security concerns - and how they can impact on computer devices, systems, and networks.

Equally prioritizing physical and IT security can dramatically improve the overall security posture of an organization, say experts, but too few organizations address both in an integrated manner.

What happened on Capitol Hill should be a lesson not only to government officials but also to private businesses, Tentler says. darkreading.com

Security Operations Struggle to Defend Value, Keep Workers

Companies continue to value security operations centers but the economics are increasingly challenging, with high analyst turnover & questions raised over ROI.

AdvertisementA growing majority of companies consider their security operations center (SOC) to be essential or important to their ability to secure their business and data, but the challenges in maintaining SOCs have expanded in the past year, the Ponemon Institute states in its second annual "Economics of Security Operations Centers" report, published on Jan. 12.

Questions regarding the return on investment of security operations and the increasing cost of retaining security analysts are among the most significant challenges uncovered by the study. More than half of respondents - 51% - consider SOCs to be less valuable, despite the number of breaches increasing, according to the Ponemon Institute. Exacerbating the issues, the average cost of a managed security service provider (MSSP) has increased to $5.3 million, up from $4.4 million in 2019, according to the report.

Along with the coronavirus pandemic, security teams have had to deal with the perennial problems of high stress, information overload, and a lack of network visibility, resulting in SOCs failing to live up to their potential in the minds of security leaders, according to the report. To combat negative security trends, automation, analyst training, and the adoption of more efficient technology can help, says Chris Triolo, chief customer officer at Respond Software, which sponsored the Ponemon survey.

Companies need to "scale security operations past manual capabilities to deal with increasing threats and to reduce SOC workloads, while better enabling analysts to manage critical incidents," he says. darkreading.com

3 Ways Recovery and Continuity are Essential
to Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Business continuity not only protects against downtime and security threats but also enhances and even speeds up overall digital transformation efforts.

One hour of downtime is estimated to cost an organization over $300,000. For most organizations, this comes in the form of productivity loss, legal complications, or even higher-risk stakes, such as having a negative impact on lives and livelihoods in healthcare and financial industries.

But while the case for IT uptime is fairly clear, backup, disaster recovery (DR), and business continuity aren't always viewed as strategic priorities. Instead, efforts often focus on simply checking off a box.

What is the business case for continuity, and why should it be a cornerstone for any organization pursuing ongoing digital transformation?

A Need That Keeps Growing

Business continuity is a wide field encompassing the people, workplaces, and tools required for organizations to run smoothly. Digital transformation is changing the balance of this equation on a constant basis. For example, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have had to implement ways to deliver services remotely.

How digital transformation improves continuity:

1) Leveraging continuity toolsets for hybrid migrations
2) Transforming security for the new perimeter
3) Taking the transformative next step

Best CES 2021 laptops: Top notebooks, 2-in-1s, and ultraportables




Securing Cannabis Facilities
Access Points - Cash Handling Areas for Employees - Facility Safety
Keeping cannabis facilities safe and secure starts with using door control technology as the first line of defense, Sanderford noted.

"A two-door vestibule would be recommended for customer entry, with the exterior door normally unlocked and the interior door locked and controlled remotely by store personnel," he explained. "These doors should be interlocked to allow only one door to be open at a time with CCTV [closed-circuit television] cameras recording all activity. These doors should allow free egress from the public sales area."

Regarding employee entry/exit areas, Sanderford recommended going through a non-public access point. "This doorway may also have interlocking door control with both entry and exit requiring card access," he said. "Or there may be a delayed egress application which by code allows a delay of the unauthorized or emergency egress for up to 30 seconds. This allows employees an opportunity to respond. CCTV cameras should also be incorporated to provide a history of activity."

Door control technology has proven to be an effective and essential tool in securing cannabis facilities, according to Sanderford. "Although installations have been effective and are necessary, they add another layer of security which can be restrictive at times depending on volume and flow-through of customers," he said.

Video is king for systems integrators

For integrators, video storage is probably the most important requirement for cannabis locations. "You can't just have one camera to watch the whole room," Ladd noted. "You might put one camera in for your standard security levels, where you might put in six cameras for a cannabis facility." securitysystemsnews.com

More Security at Cannabis Stores?
Denver Police: Thieves Targeting Marijuana Customers Outside Stores
The Denver Police Department is warning local marijuana business owners of a rise in customer thefts reported outside of dispensaries. According to an advisory sent to Denver marijuana business owners on January 8, the DPD has recently received reports of dispensary customers "being targeted by thieves as they are leaving marijuana store locations," noting that the suspect or suspects have approached customers and snatched purchased items from their hands before fleeing the area.

The advisory included suggestions for how dispensaries can further protect customers, including visible security measures and routinely monitoring parking lots, storefronts and other areas surrounding the businesses.

"It may be advisable for customers to conceal their purchases by placing them into a pocket, purse, or other means available when possible. Visible deterrence such as security personnel, cameras, and adequately lit egress paths and parking areas also serve as prevention and safety measures," it reads.

Dispensaries, which frequently operate with only cash because of marijuana's federal prohibition, require an ID check for customers before entry. As a result, security guards are a common sight at pot shops - but they're not mandatory, and a large number of dispensaries don't currently employ private security. westword.com

How Will Evolving Marijuana Laws Impact the Workplace in 2021?
President-elect Joe Biden supports marijuana decriminalization, but efforts to legalize cannabis consumption are likely to continue at the state level for now. In 2021, employers will need to review their policies and ensure that they comply with evolving laws, particularly those covering medical marijuana patients.

Uncertainty at the Federal Level
Robert DiPisa, an attorney with Cole Schotz in Hackensack, N.J., noted that the Black Lives Matter movement has emphasized the social justice aspects of decriminalizing cannabis and the effect that its Schedule I status has on certain ethnic groups and impoverished areas. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have pledged to decriminalize marijuana.

Focus on State Laws
"State legalization efforts will continue," Passarelli said. In the last election, voters in five states approved marijuana laws. In Arizona, Montana and New Jersey-where medicinal use is already permitted-voters approved recreational use. Mississippi voters decided to legalize medical marijuana in the state, and South Dakota voters agreed to legalize both recreational and medical use. shrm.org

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Biden, once a warrior in the 'war on drugs,' may slowly retreat

Four Predictions for the Cannabis Industry in 2021




Everybody's Probing Amazon for Anti This or Anti That
Conn. AG probes Amazon's digital books business for anti-competitive behavior

The probe is one of many into the e-commerce platform's business practices. Amazon is also under investigation by the attorneys general in New York, California and Washington state and the Federal Trade Commission.

The probe comes as technology platforms face a backlash in the United States and across the world, fueled by concerns among regulators, lawmakers and consumer groups that firms have too much power and are harming users and business rivals.

A scathing antitrust report in October from the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee's antitrust panel published details of what it said was Amazon's anti-competitive behavior and suggested barring the company from operating its online marketplace, in which it also competes. Amazon had pushed back against the report before it was released, saying that market interventions "would kill off independent retailers and punish consumers by forcing small businesses out of popular online stores, raising prices and reducing consumer choice."

Amazon's online marketplace has come under increasing scrutiny over how it treats sellers, gathers data from such sellers and launches competing products. Both here in the states and around the EU with France leading the probes. reuters.com

Editor's Note: Couple that with the unions worldwide complaining about employee treatment and unsafe working conditions and even robotics. It now appears that Walmart is no longer the guy with the biggest target on their backs. Just my opinion, Gus Downing

Digital is now every retailer's new flagship store
7 key takeaways from massive online traffic this 2020 holiday season

At Queue-it, we tracked over 1.57 billion visitors across 95 retailers worldwide from Nov 1 to Dec 21, 2020 to help understand what the data can teach us about the 2020 holiday season.

1. Ecommerce traffic grew 207% over 2019
2. Electronics drove most demand, followed by Health & Beauty. Mass merchants/Department stores were third most popular. Interesting to note is apparel's distant fourth place finish.

3. The Black Friday push started a week early
4. Black Friday has become Black Week
5. Black Friday remains the most popular day
6. Early deals didn't seem to depress later visits
7. What does this all mean for online retailers?

Digital is now every retailer's new flagship store. 207% growth in ecommerce traffic over 2019 demonstrates the sort of supercharged push towards ecommerce we've seen across the board this year.

As industry surveys had predicted, shoppers flocked to retail sites early in 2020, driving enormous traffic to retail websites in the seven days leading up to Black Friday. Retailers will have to handle online shopping traffic that peaks earlier and lasts longer.

Shoppers clamored for Electronics and Health & Beauty products in 2020.

Black Friday reigned supreme with 2020's price sensitive consumers, in line with consumer survey results. Compressed surges in traffic threatened to overload retailers who didn't have mitigation measures in place. retaildive.com

From Russia With Love
Gang Selling Non-Existent High-Cost Goods On Auction Sites

Romanian & Bulgarian Online Auction Fraud Gang & Bitcoin Launderer in Large Scale Scheme Get U.S. Prison

Romanian Bitcoin Launderer Gets 121 Months for $7M Scheme Defrauding American victims

Rossen G. Iossifov, 53, formerly of Bulgaria, owned and managed RG Coins, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. According to the evidence at trial, Iossifov knowingly and intentionally engaged in business practices designed to both assist fraudsters in laundering the proceeds of their fraud and to shield himself from criminal liability. At least five of Iossifov's principal clients in Bulgaria were Romanian scammers, who belonged to a criminal enterprise known in court records as the Alexandria (Romania) Online Auction Fraud (AOAF) Network.

Iossifov and his co-conspirators participated in a criminal conspiracy that engaged in a large-scale scheme of online auction fraud that victimized at least 900 Americans. Romania-based members of the conspiracy posted false advertisements to popular online auction and sales websites - such as craigslist and eBay - for high-cost goods (typically vehicles) that did not actually exist. Once victims were convinced to send payment, the conspiracy engaged in a complicated money laundering scheme wherein domestic associates would accept victim funds, convert these funds to cryptocurrency, and transfer proceeds in the form of cryptocurrency to foreign-based money launderers. Iossifov was one such foreign-based money launderer who facilitated this final step in the scheme.

Iossifov laundered nearly $5 million in cryptocurrency for four of these five scammers in a period of less than three years. This represented over $7 million in funds defrauded from American victims. In return, Iossifov made over $184,000 in proceeds from these transactions.

Thus far, 17 members of the AOAF Network have been convicted for their role in this scheme, including Iossifov. Seven others have been sentenced, including Livui-Sorin Nedelcu to 82 months in prison, Marius Dorin Cernat to 50 months in prison, Stefan Alexandru Paiusi to 31 months in prison, Eugen Alin Badea to 40 months in prison, Florin Arvat to 30 months in prison, Alin Ionut Dobric to 37 months in prison, and Austin Edward Nedved to 96 months in prison. Three members are fugitives. justice.gov

Adobe Analytics, average daily online revenue $3.1B+ during holiday season - Nov./Dec., up from $2.3B in 2019 - Up 35%
Holiday season - record-breaking $188.2B in US online purchases, represents 32% growth from '19







Santa Ana, CA: Employee, AutoZone are victims of Extortion Scam
An employee at a Santa Ana auto parts store was the victim of an extortion scam on Monday evening, in what police first reported to be a robbery and kidnapping, authorities said Tuesday, Jan. 12. Officers initially said a suspect entered the AutoZone on South Bristol Street and McFadden Avenue, took cash and then abducted an employee. But on Tuesday, Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said the saga actually began when someone called the business and talked to the manager. "The manager got a call from someone who claimed that if he did not take money to them they'd send people with guns to the store," Bertagna said. After the manager complied, he left the spot where he wired the money and flagged down a police car. Detectives eventually untangled the events and determined from the suspect's phone number that they were probably in Mexico. Shortly after police found the store manager, someone called another AutoZone store and made the same demands to an employee. This time, the employee called police first, averting another transaction, Bertagna said. No injuries were reported during the incident. No suspects have been located. Authorities said it may be difficult to trace them because often original phone numbers used in such crimes are deactivated. mercurynews.com

Nampa, ID: Three accused of spending counterfeit cash at Boise, Nampa businesses found with over $45K
Three people accused of spending counterfeit cash at Boise and Nampa businesses were found with over $45,400, according to the police. The Nampa Police Department made three arrests on Monday after a loss prevention team at a business in Nampa reported counterfeit $50 bills to the Boise Police Organized Retail Crime Unit. Police say Erika Fuller, Grae Fuller and Jocyln Mitchell were found with $7,400 in $50 counterfeit bills during a traffic stop following the report. Boise Police officers found another $38,000 in counterfeit cash during a search of their hotel room in Boise. BPD officers also found receipts that indicate the suspects were a "traveling group out of California." idahonews.com

Newark, DE: Delaware State Police release photo of suspect
in Armed attack on Home Depot employee

Police this week released new photos of a man accused of stabbing a Home Depot employee and pepper-spraying three others as he stole two chainsaws from the hardware store in Peoples Plaza. The incident happened just before 5:30 p.m. Nov. 25, according to Cpl. Jason Hatchell, a spokesman for Delaware State Police. The employees confronted the thief as he attempted to leave the store with the chainsaws. "The suspect, who was armed with pepper spray, dropped one of the chainsaws and sprayed three employees in the face," Hatchell said. A fourth employee chased the thief into the parking lot. He was able to get the second chainsaw back, but the thief stabbed him in his arm. The stabbing victim, a 53-year-old man from North East, Md., was treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The employees who were pepper-sprayed were treated at the scene by EMTs. newarkpostonline.com

Man, woman accused of pawning $7,000 of stolen kitchen appliances
A man and woman were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of pawning stolen kitchen appliances worth more than $7,000, Colorado Springs police said. Dequan Ward and Shantique Soto face charges of felony theft, according to police. After investigating a series of thefts over several months from King Soopers supermarkets, Colorado Springs police and El Paso County sheriff's deputies on Wednesday searched a room at the Park Row Lodge in Manitou Springs, police said. Officers found evidence that much of the stolen merchandise had been sold to area pawnshops, police said. They also found suspected drugs during the search. gazette.com

Shasta County, CA: On Tuesday, employees at Redding Sports Ltd sprang into action after a suspect tried to steal over $500 worth of clothes and other items
Manager Curtis Stevenson says this isn't their first run-in with shoplifters. Security images captured the moments before the suspect attempted his getaway. Employees say the man had in his possession several items that included a winter jacket and a backpack. Jessica Bagshaw one of the employees at the register says things felt weird from the start. Employees say they were able to recover all of their items and also snag a picture of his out-of-state license plate that was later provided to police. krctv.com

Harvey, IL: Police recover 300 tires from alleged serial thief
Harvey police arrested a man suspected of stealing hundreds of tires in the south suburbs. Officers recovered more than 300 tires while executing a search warrant, according to Harvey Police. The tires, new and used, belonged to semitrailers, police said. Officers also allegedly recovered three rifles, an air compressor and a bolt remover. Leroy Burton was arrested and charged with felony counts of possession of stolen merchandise. suntimes.com

Santa Clarita, CA: Deputies arrest 3 women for felony theft
and Organized Retail Theft charges

Deputies responded to a shoplifting call regarding three women who stole some items from a store on Orchard Village Road. "During a search of the suspects' vehicle, parked within the vicinity, deputies recovered several bags of merchandise believed to be stolen from various businesses," Deputy Natalie Arriaga noted. The suspects were arrested on suspicion of a pair of felony charges: organized retail theft and grand theft during a state of emergency. signalscv.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Tacoma, WA: Murder charges filed against man accused in stabbing outside store
A man has been charged in connection with a stabbing death during a fight outside a Tacoma store. Jonathan Miller, 43, is charged with second-degree murder for Monday's homicide in the 1900 block of South Union Avenue. He pleaded not guilty at arraignment, bail set at $1 million. Miller went inside the store with a woman and bought an energy drink. Video surveillance showed him say something to the victim, and then the two men bumped chests outside the entrance and argued. Several witnesses said Miller was the aggressor, taunting the victim until the victim finally put Miller in a "bear hug" and pressed him against a window. The victim held Miller briefly before letting him go and walking into the parking lot. Miller followed.

Witnesses said they heard the victim tell Miller to leave him alone, and Miller threaten to stab him in the face. Miller slapped or punched the victim, starting a fight in the rainy parking lot. A security guard said he saw the victim punching Miller when he arrived and separated the two. The victim staggered to his vehicle and bent over the hood, which is where he was when police arrived. Shortly afterward, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy showed he had been stabbed twice in the chest, three times in the side and three times in the head. Miller told officers it was self-defense and he stabbed the victim after the victim punched him. He also told police the victim pointed a handgun at him. A gun and holster was found on the front seat of the victim's car, but security guards said the victim never went into his car after the fight.

The argument seemed to stem from Miller pretending to be a security guard and asking customers for their receipts. Miller "said that three people who passed him thought it was funny, but the victim did not," prosecutors wrote in charging papers. msn.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Holly Springs, MS: 2 Suspects Arrested in connection
to 3 Mississippi Walmart Robberies

Two suspects believed to have robbed three North Mississippi Walmart stores are in custody following a chase Tuesday morning that ended in Holly Springs. Randy Readus and Julius Black, both who are from Memphis, were arrested after the pair reportedly robbed the Walmart in New Albany in union county Tuesday morning. Sheriff Kenny Dickerson told the South Reporter Newspaper, federal agents had been tracking the suspects and the vehicle used in the robbery of the Holly Springs Walmart on January 6th.

Tuesday morning, according to Sheriff Dickerson, agents had the vehicle and the pair under surveillance then New Albany Walmart was robbed. The suspect vehicle was spotted on I-22. According to Dickerson agents rammed the SUV, and law enforcement officers took the two into custody. Dickerson told the South Reporter Readus and Black were thought to be responsible for in three Walmart robberies in North Mississippi in the first few days of January. A pistol and cash were recovered Tuesday. Sheriff Kenny Dickerson says the pair will also face federal charges. wreg.com

Vero Beach, FL: Family Dollar employee hit by fleeing shoplifter,
suspect charged with Attempted Murder

Investigators say a woman from Orlando ran over a store employee who tried to stop her during a shoplifting attempt at a Family Dollar store in Vero Beach. A suspected shoplifter is facing charges of attempted murder after investigators say she hit an employee who tried to stop her with her car. The Indian River County Sheriff's Office arrested Alexandra Phillipe, 22, on a charge of attempted murder and others. An accomplice, Rodrick Robinson, 27, faces charges of shoplifting and resisting a merchant.

Deputies said it all began when Robinson tried to sneak out of the Family Dollar store on Tuesday with a large tub filled with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. An employee confronted Robinson near the fire exit. The two struggled over the tub as Robinson hopped into a car with Phillipe at the wheel. A second employee tried to get the suspects to stop. The sheriff's office said as Phillipe drove away she hit an employee. The impact sent him onto the hood of her car.

The employee held on as she swerved through the parking lot before letting go. He suffered injuries to his face, hands, and leg when he hit the ground. Investigators said Philippe made it all the way to I-95 where deputies took her and Robinson into custody. cbs12.com

Tucson, AZ: Police investigating Robbery/ Shooting at Burger King
Tucson police are investigating a shooting that took place at the Burger King restaurant on Tucson Boulevard and Valencia Road, Tuesday. The Tucson Police Department says a gun was fired inside the restaurant during a robbery, but the gun was not shot at anyone. TPD says the suspect fled the scene and has not been found since. This investigation is ongoing while officers gather more evidence, and there are currently no suspects in custody. kold.com

Providence, RI: Shootings, homicides spiked in Providence during 'atypical' 2020

Macon, GA: Pawn shop owner says they're an asset to law enforcement




Auto - Columbia, SC - Armed Robbery
Auto - Austin, TX - Armed Robbery
CVS - Forest Park, IL - Burglary
Discount - Elyria, OH - Burglary
Family Dollar - Vero Beach, Fl - Robbery (emp hit by car)
Home Depot - Newark, DE - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Edison, NJ - Robbery
Jewelry - Danbury, CT - Robbery
Jewelry - Allentown, PA - Robbery
Jewelry - Loveland, CO - Robbery
Jewelry - Westminster, CO - Robbery
Jewelry - Greeley, CO - Robbery
Jewelry - Strongsville, OH - Robbery
Restaurant - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery (Burger King)
Restaurant - Hopkinsville, TN - Armed Robbery (Driver shot/wounded)
Restaurant - Hopkinsville, TN - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Allentown, PA - Robbery (Subway)
Rite Aid - Allentown, PA - Robbery
Sporting Goods - Shasta County, CA - Robbery
Walgreens - Kettering, OH - Armed Robbery
Walmart - New Albany, MS - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Sterling, VA - Armed Robbery (2nd x in 2 months)
7-Eleven - Chula Vista, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Chula Vista, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 22 robberies
• 2 burglaries
• 0 shooting
• 0 killed

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Carissa Brinkmann, CFI named Supply Chain Investigator, eCommerce Division for The TJX Companies

Ana Horton named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for
The TJX Companies

Geoffrey Styles named Manager of Loss Prevention for The Walt Disney Company

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Loss Prevention Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst
Raleigh, NC - posted Dec. 14
As a Loss Prevention Auditor and Fraud Detection Analyst for Staples, you will conduct LP operational field audits remote, virtual and in person, within a base of 60 retail stores to ensure compliance to operational standards to drive operational excellence and preserve profitability...

Leader, Asset & Profit Protection
San Fran/Chicago/NY/West Palm Beach - posted Dec. 14
As the leader of the Data/Analytics & Investigations strategy, you should have strong analytical/investigation skills, the drive to innovate, and the ability to build strong partnerships to lead through the influence of others. They will be personable, open to learning, collaborating with others...

District Asset Protection Manager
Seattle, WA - posted Dec. 11
As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture

Regional Manager LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance
IL, WI, MN, IA, ND, SD, NE, OK, MO & KS - posted Dec. 9
The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigate and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets

Customer Success Specialists
Multiple Locations - posted Oct. 9
The role of the Customer Success Specialist is to engage, empower, and excite our community. As a Customer Success Specialist, your primary responsibility is to ensure both retailers and law enforcement, who make up our community, have great experiences and achieve real crime reduction outcomes from using our platform.
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Sales Representatives
NuTech National - posted Oct. 13
NuTech National, an established and rapidly growing 40+ year electronic security company is expanding our National Sales Team. Seeking motivated, driven and successful sales reps to expand our national retail and governmental vertical markets. Top pay, benefits and signing bonus available. Please apply to melissa@nutechnational.com

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