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January 17, 2014


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Julie Giblin was
promoted to Vice President Loss Prevention for Family Dollar.  Previously, Julie was the Divisional Vice President, HR Store Operations for Family Dollar for a few months before earning this promotion. She has been on the Family Dollar team since 2004, taking on a variety of leadership roles in operations and loss prevention. Prior to joining the Family Dollar team, Julie was a Human Resources Manager for Filene's. She earned her Bachelor's of Arts degree in History from Saint Anselm College. Congratulations Julie!

2014 NRF BIG Show draws record-setting number of attendees  With more than 30,000 attendees, this year's Retail BIG Show was the biggest one yet for the National Retail Federation, a good indicator that confidence is finally coming back to the retail sector. The convention has become an annual destination where innovation solution providers, industry experts and retail trendsetters all get together for a four-day event that offers unparalleled education, networking and an endless showcase of new technologies and solutions. To see a full recap of the 2014 expo, including two on-demand keynote presentations, click here. (Source

Oversaturation of physical retail stores in the U.S. + plus explosion of Internet shopping = more store closings in 2014  At the start of 2014, news of store closings by the largest U.S. retail industry chains accelerated not because the U.S. retail industry as a whole is in crisis, but because certain retail chains in particular have found it difficult or impossible to compete in a fast-moving, ultra-competitive global retailing environment. Many experts believe that 2014 retail store closings are still due in large part to the overgrowth of the U.S. retail industry even before the U.S. Great Recession occurred. According to the 2007 Economic Census, there were 1,122,703 retail establishments in the United States and a total of 14.2 billion square feet of retail space. That means that there is approximately 46.6 square feet of retail space per capita in the U.S., compared to two square feet per capita in India, 1.5 square feet per capita in Mexico, 23 square feet per capita in the United Kingdom, 13 square feet per capita in Canada, and 6.5 square feet per capita in Australia. With the explosive growth of Internet and mobile shopping, the oversaturation of physical retail locations operated by the largest U.S. retail chains becomes even more obvious. Downsizing the size of physical retail stores and the number of retail stores is a significant trend in U.S. retailing and it is a trend that will undoubtedly continue throughout 2014 and beyond. (Source

U.S. Senate introduces a new bill; ‘Data Security Act of 2014’ requiring entities such as financial institutions, retailers and federal agencies to better safeguard sensitive information  A new bill has been introduced in the Senate that would better protect consumers from identity theft and account fraud and would establish clear and consistent rules for public and private institutions to follow to prevent and respond to data breaches. The bill, known as the Data Security Act of 2014, would replace current patchworks of state laws and establish one set of national standards, according to Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) who introduced the bill to help better protect consumers. These new requirements would apply to businesses that take credit or debit card information, data brokers that compile private information, and government agencies that possess nonpublic personal information. (Source

Target to testify to Congress on data breach
Target Corp has agreed to testify before Congress next month about the data breach that compromised credit and debit card and personal data of millions of its customers. Rep. Lee Terry, who chairs the commerce, manufacturing and trade subcommittee of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, said in a statement on Thursday that a hearing conducted by his panel would examine such data breaches and their effect on consumers. The subcommittee said it expects to take testimony from law enforcement officials and others, in addition to one or more representatives of Target, the third largest U.S. retailer. (Source

Retail store malware pinpointed in holiday hacking attacks  A private company revealed Thursday how, apparently, hackers were able to hit Target at the height of the holiday shopping season. Forty million credit and debit card accounts were compromised and as many as 70 million customers had their personal information stolen. The private security firm iSight Partners reports that computer hackers are using a type of malware, or malicious software called KAPTOXA to steal credit card information where customers swipe or enter their credit card information. While the report does not mention Target specifically, law enforcement sources say the theft at Target helped investigators track and identify the malware. But it’s not just Target. The report says multiple retailers are being attacked and calls this form of KAPTOXA among the most dangerous ever used. (Source

Neiman Marcus Updates Shoppers on Security Breach  Neiman Marcus says customers' Social Security numbers and birthdates to its knowledge were not stolen in a security breach that happened over the holiday season. The retailer is taking steps to figure out how its customers' credit card information was hacked. Shoppers that were affected were those who made in-store purchases and not those who shopped online. (Source

Breach at Neiman Marcus went undetected from July to December
The computer network at Neiman Marcus was penetrated by hackers as far back as July, and the breach was not fully contained until Sunday, according to people briefed on the investigation. (Source

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Total 4258 3854 9.5%ò


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Ice storm in Canada chilled retail sales - Canada's adoption of Black Friday also slowed December sales  Early indicators suggest the ice storm that gripped Eastern Canada before Christmas dealt a blow to several retailers in the all-important holiday quarter. Fourth-quarter consumer spending rose a tepid 1.95% compared with the same period in 2012, according to a report released Friday by credit and debit card processor Moneris Solutions. December saw the slowest growth in the period compared with a year earlier, at 1.66% — an indication of the brutal weather and a possible boost from the growing Canadian retail adoption of the U.S. shopping event Black Friday in November, Moneris said. (Source

Peel Police Department's Constable Erin Cooper interviews Stephen O'Keefe, Vice President of Operations at Retail Council of Canada on the topic of 'Internal Workplace Theft'.  Stephen has served with the RCC for the last two year, prior, he was the Vice President of Loss Prevention and Risk Management for Walmart Canada. (Source

Nordstrom to open store in Toronto Eaton Centre as Sears departs

Ottawa’s retail market to continue heating up in 2014

Vaughan man charged in Richmond Hill jewelry store robbery
On Nov. 1, a man went into a jewelry store at Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill, approached the counter and asked the sales representative to see a ring. When he was handed the ring, the man ran out of the store. The man’s image was captured by video surveillance and police believed he may be responsible for similar robberies that totaled more than $100,000 in losses of jewelry shops from Ottawa to Windsor. Tuesday, police from York, Waterloo and Peterborough arrested a man in Vaughan. The 25-year-old is charged with theft over $5,000 and breach of probation. (Source

Target of Burnaby shooting at a strip mall uninjured  Burnaby RCMP is investigating after a car was showered with bullets Tuesday evening on Canada Way. Multiple gunshots were reported to police at about 9:40 p.m. on Jan. 15 in the area of a strip mall at Canada Way and Sperling Avenue. Officers arrived to find an unoccupied 2007 BMW riddled with a "significant number of bullet holes," according to RCMP. The owner of the car, a man from the Lower Mainland, was found uninjured nearby. The car was unoccupied at the time of the shooting. "The investigation indicates that this was a targeted attempted murder which appears to be drug-related." (Source

Two days, two armed robberies at Hamilton convenience stores

OPP investigating armed robbery at Shoppers Drug Mart in Elora



'Information is our generation's next natural resource,' says IBM CEO in address at NRF BIG Show  With data management top of mind for retailers coming into 2014, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty’s address at Retail’s BIG Show was remarkably timely. “There are some great, great things happening — call it possibilities — at the intersection of our two industries,” she said. Three key technology trends are driving change - big data, the cloud and cognitive computing. While some might be tired of all the buzz around big data, Rometty said it’s under-hyped, not over-hyped. With 2.5 billion gigabytes created each day and the quantity growing, there’s no getting away from it. “Information will be your basis of competitive advantage,” she said, citing examples of how big data will change everything from how retailers engage customers, to how they manage supply chains or even hire workers. And companies that leverage multiple sources of data and analytics will be the ones who win. (Source

Cybercriminals are eyeing these 5 targets in 2014
Internet security firms Fortiguard Labs, Websense Security Labs, Symantec, Trend Micro and Sophos have all issued their predictions about whom cybercriminals and hackers will be targeting in 2014, and many of them follow similar themes. The top five predicted targets for this year include: smart appliances, social networks, the cloud, Android and Java. (Source

Big Data and Robots Might Challenge You for Your Job
Put together robots with big data analytics and you have a powerful mix that could challenge us for most of our jobs. Big data analytics allows us to leverage large amounts of structured and unstructured as well as fast-moving data such as real time conversations on text, email and social media, video images, photos, data from location sensors in our phones, etc. Put this ability into a robot and they will not just threaten to replace lower-skilled jobs such as assembly line workers or supermarket personnel but now they have their eyes on doctors, pilots and journalists too! (Source


The D&D Daily’s Live in NYC Over 2,000 took the ustream ticket to NYC & Everyone had a Blast!
With over 2,000 remote attendees and over 120 live the event made history and brought over 11 informative and just plain fun sessions live all over North America. With Joe LaRocca and Amber Virgillio adding their insight – knowledge – and great personalities the live broadcast brought the LP leaders right to your office. Scheduled to be broadcast again in it’s entirety – if you
missed it the first time stay tuned and see for yourself what the buzz was all about. With each session also being scheduled to broadcast in the Daily this year you’ll be able to hear the great stories and information that all the LP leaders shared for your benefit.
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Customer shoots, kills gunman at Orrville, AL Dollar General  A tense ordeal inside a Dollar General store in Orrville ended with a gunman dead at the hands of a customer who decided to take action. The fatal shooting happened around 12:45 p.m. Thursday on Highway 22. Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman Jr. says the gunman walked into the store waving a gun in the air and forced a cashier and customer at gunpoint towards a break room area. At that point, the customer pulled out a concealed weapon and shot the suspect in the chest once. "He escorted a customer and a cashier toward a break room. The cashier went in first and the customer went in behind her and the individual had the gun on the customer and the customer had a pistol concealed in a holster and when the customer got to the door, he turned around and shot the individual," The gunman was pronounced dead at the scene. The entire incident played out in less than five minutes. (Source

Grocery store shooting in Elkhart, IN; State Police release names of two female victims  Just across the Michigan-Indiana state line, police in the community of Elkhart worked late Thursday night to uncover a motive after a man walked into a grocery store and gunned down two women. What happened, police say, is 22-year-old Shawn Bair walked into the store Wednesday at about 9:30 p.m. Surveillance video shows him making phone calls and texting people. “At approximately 10:05 p.m., things started to changed,” said Sgt. Trent Smith of the Indiana State Police. Police say Bair pulled out a .44 caliber semi-automatic handgun, and shot and killed a store employee, 20-year-old Krystal Dikes. After firing at another employee and missing, police say Bair shot and killed his second victim, 44-year-old Rachelle Godfread, who was there along with about 15 others shopping. Everyone ran for the doors, except for the manager, who came face-to-face with Bair. Bair held the manager store hostage. He asked him to go to his knees. His prayers were answered. Police arrived within 3 minutes of the first 911 call. Once inside, they confronted Bair. The manager escaped and Bair, after making threatening jesters toward the officers, was shot and killed. (Source

Tempe detectives trying to locate 120+ victims after credit card fraud bust; alert Officer stopping for coffee breaks the case  The Tempe officer stopped in the Quik Trip on his break, but took the time to notice a man purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards at 3am. The officer noticed the man walk over to his room at a near by hotel and took the time to ask the hotel mgr. about the guest. The hotel was being paid daily by the man using a gift car. Further investigation paid off, when busted at his hotel, 120 false id’s, a credit card machine and drugs were found. (Source

Philly man accused of yearlong credit card fraud in Lansdale waives hearing
Wicky Monvil, 23, appeared briefly inside Lansdale court, where he consulted with his attorney, and then waived all 180 criminal counts filed against him — including 40 counts each of forgery and theft, and 20 counts each of identity theft, access device fraud, receiving stolen property, criminal use of a communication facility and securing execution of documents by deception. Lansdale police said they responded to a Rite Aid store in the borough on Oct. 31 of this year for a report of two fraudulent credit card purchases by a man store employees knew as “Wicky.” (Source

4 men plead guilty in Atlanta Federal court for targeting Jewelry Couriers in Dallas and Atlanta; stole over $625,000 of merchandise  Officials said Thursday that the men were involved in a sophisticated and violent conspiracy that targeted jewelry couriers in Georgia and Texas. Prosecutors say 46-year-old Honorio Sanchez-Valencia, 38-year-old Jose Vicente Ramirez-Rodriguez, 37-year-old John Rodriguez and 25-year-old Alejandro Godoy-Maximo pleaded guilty to robbery in the Northern District of Georgia. Investigators say the men jumped a jewelry courier at a gas station Jan. 31, 2013 and robbed him of $125,000 in jewelry. Prosecutors say Sanchez-Valencia also admitted to being involved in the theft of more than $500,000 in jewelry from two couriers in Dallas in 2012. (Source

Springfield, MO man sentenced to 18 years for burglary; connected to dozens of retail break-ins 

Ohio Grand Jury indicts CVS robbery suspect who attacked with a hammer

Circle K in St Clair County, IL bust theft suspect who was stealing cigarettes for 27 months 

Woman Sought in Advance Auto Parts Store Robberies in Maryland Arrested After a Year's Search  A woman sought by police since fall 2012 on charges of armed robbery and first-degree assault in three Montgomery County robberies was arrested Thursday, Jan. 9, police reported. Wanda D. Battle, 45, of was arrested in connection with three "violent armed robberies" at Advance Auto Parts stores in Montgomery County in 2011 and 2012, police said. A warrant was issued for Battle's arrest, police said, after two other suspects were arrested and convicted. On Jan. 9, police arrested Battles outside a residence in Suitland. She was charged with three counts of armed robbery and three counts of first-degree assault, and was released on bond. (Source

Stolen phone leads deputies to north Houston electronics store's robbery suspects  Four men accused of robbing a north Harris County electronics store on Thursday are now behind bars According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the four suspects entered the store armed with handguns, and one of them fired his weapon at the ceiling. The suspects then demanded money and phones. However, detectives were able to track one of the stolen phones back to an apartment complex and that's where they found all four suspects. No one was injured in the robbery. (Source

Amateur filmmakers cause scare with robbery scene in Lowell, MA  Police north of Boston surrounded a convenience store Tuesday night believing there was an armed robbery happening inside. Instead, they found three amateur filmmakers who were shooting a robbery scene for a short video they planned to put on YouTube. Aamer Nazami, Pat Farrell and Josh McGlouflin were in the process of filming a scene in which a clerk who is new on the job can’t open the register when a robber demands money. In the video, Farrell is dressed in all black, wearing a mask and pointing a gun at Nazami. The three friends reportedly noticed a police cruiser outside so Nazami decided to go out and let them know what the trio was up to. “As soon as I walked out I was greeted with the sight of what looked like 20 police officers screaming at me,” he told the station. The officers, with their guns drawn, entered the store and ordered Farrell to the ground as they surrounded him, reports the station. (Source

Woman robbing a Dunkin Donuts in Wiles Barre, PA busted; she failed to plan for her escape  Police were alerted when a robbery suspect of a Dunkin Donuts was attempting to get a ride by jumping into 4 different occupied cars asking for a ride. Diana Hardy was quickly apprehended by police. (Source

Albertsons – Armed Robbery – Spokane, WA – 2 suspects demanded drugs, no weapon displayed
Carvel’s – Robbery – Long Island, NY – 2 suspects arrested in connection to 13 robberies of varies stores
Cato – Armed Robbery – Lebanon, MO – female suspect w/ rifle, no injuries
Check Into Cash – Armed Robbery – Green Bay, WI – 2 female suspects, no injuries
Kum & Go – Armed Robbery – Omaha, NE – 2 suspects apprehended by police, no injuries
Family Dollar – Burglary – Wallingford, VT – shattered front door, 1 suspect being sought
Froyo Bliss – Armed Robbery – Burbank, CA - second robbery in last two weeks
Polish American Pharmacy – Armed Robbery – Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY –suspect demanded drugs, no injuries
Sherwin Williams – Robbery – Portsmouth, OH – suspect arrested in connection w/ 2 robberies
Tortilleria y Carcineria – Armed Robbery- Durham, NC – shots fired at witness as high speed chase ensued
7- Eleven – Robbery – Salem, MA – 3 suspects arrested on unarmed robbery and destruction of property




Albuquerque, Mew Mexico store hub of $100K shoplifting ring
Police detectives said they busted the hub of a large-scale shoplifting ring Thursday in southeast Albuquerque. Albuquerque police served a warrant at the Mexico Lindo store Thursday afternoon, following a four-month investigation. Police said the store is the center of a shoplifting ring and $100,000 in stolen merchandise was recovered. Authorities stated that shoplifting suspects allegedly sold items to the store. Fabian Moreno, 37, was arrested at the scene. Police said they're working with the district attorney's office on the charges. (Source

Teen boys charged in thefts of $11,725 in merchandise from Victoria's Secret at Sawgrass; News video breaks the case  Two male teenagers accused of stealing thongs and other garments from the Victoria's Secret store at Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise were charged with felony grand theft. Daniel Espinosa, 18, of Carol City, and a 17-year-old boy from Hialeah Gardens were arrested Wednesday after Sunrise Police say 850 garments worth $11,725 were stolen from the store during three incidents in 2012. On Tuesday, Sunrise Police released two surveillance videos from the store, the teenagers were turned in to authorities after a viewer saw them on television news reports. (Source

Pismo Beach, CA Police arrest couple on burglary, fraud, conspiracy, drug charges; 50 fake credit cards  A Southern California couple were arrested this week in Pismo Beach on suspicion of credit card fraud, drug possession and other crimes after they allegedly tried to use counterfeit credit cards at several businesses. Nathan Frank Smith and Sara Ashley Petrill were arrested Tuesday, Jan. 14. Officers went to Pismo Beach Premium Outlets about 4:45 p.m. to investigate a report of two people attempting to use counterfeit credit cards at numerous businesses. Police quickly tracked down Smith and Petrill, who were arrested on multiple charges. Investigators allegedly found the couple was in possession of about 50 credit and gift cards, card readers, devices for making credit cards, flash drives, other memory devices, computer equipment and small tools. Police also seized merchandise apparently purchased with counterfeit credit cards. (Source

Texas Woman indicted for alleged money laundering and Theft
A Montgomery County grand jury indicted a Conroe woman Tuesday on charges of money laundering. According to an offense report with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Nianna Nashell Payne, 35, is alleged to have possessed stolen property belonging to residents of an area assisted-living facility and profited from the sale of the allegedly stolen items. Payne was an employee of an assisted-living facility before allegedly being fired last summer after residents reported numerous instances of having personal items stolen. An investigator with the Conroe Police Department searched the defendant’s name online and allegedly discovered 181 pieces of jewelry sold by Payne to pawn shops and a gold buyer in Montgomery County, where Payne was paid $12,693. The detective secured the information by traveling to each pawn shop and gold buyer where the defendant allegedly sold the jewelry. (Source

Vineland, NJ Police arrest a man stealing baby formula from ShopRite  According to police, James Carter was in the Landis Avenue ShopRite around 10 p.m., placed numerous cans of baby formula in his shopping cart and attempted to leave the store without paying. Authorities estimate the value of the baby formula at $373.98. (Source

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Number of deceased Americans whose identities were used — 2,500,000
Fraud victims who later avoid smaller merchants — 15%
Average time to correct identity theft — 600 hours
25% of all data breaches were in retail or restaurants
Network intrusions using exploited credentials — 76%

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Julie Giblin was promoted to Vice President Loss Prevention for Family Dollar.
Smail Maouche was promoted to Asset Protection Investigator for Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co.
Jeff Mangold, CFI was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for GameStop.

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Leadership Skills: Helping Others Find Meaning  Everyone wants to know and understand that their job is just one part of the bigger picture. Understanding how their job is helping, shaping, and affecting other people's lives is key to employees feeling engaged and fulfilled at work. As leaders, your main task is to help your employees find that meaning where it may not be so obvious. (Find that purpose)

Here's How Reverse Mentoring Works for Me  Employees or aspiring leaders should of course find a mentor, someone who has been there, done that, and can help them make and get the most out of their careers. But what about those that are already leaders, who do they look to for advice or inspiration? Reverse mentoring just may be the answer! (Millennial mentors)

Why Respect is Crucial to Management Success  There are many things that can affect your employee's engagement at work. Respect is probably one of the biggest reasons. What happens when your employees just don't feel like they're being respected? If your employees are feeling like they aren't being shown the kind of respect they deserve, they may grow resentful, and that means productivity drops. (Take care of your people)

Downton Abbey: Lord Grantham's 5 Worst Management Mistakes  Don't follow these mistakes from the hit period drama's master of the estate. His bad instincts and lack of managerial knowledge serve as a lesson to us even in today's society. Make sure you're not making these five mistakes, or if you have, don't repeat them! (Talent comes from unexpected places)

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