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Brutal stabbing in New Jersey Bed Bath & Beyond.  The victim, 29-year-old Kerri Dalton was pushing her baby in the stroller through the Middletown Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday afternoon when 19-year-old Tyrik Haynes randomly attacked her. He stabbed Dalton more than a dozen times, puncturing both her lungs, before taking off. He was found later that day and is being held on $1 million bail for attempted murder. (Source

Home Depot using credit card numbers to send emails. 
If you have ever bought anything off of Home Depot's website, and then used the same credit card in the store, the retailer can use the information to send you an email about the products you purchased. While you can opt-out of the emails, Home Depot has confirmed that it keeps track of all the info that it collects. (Source

Delhaize Group to close 33 Sweetbay stores in Florida.  Delhaize Group announced that it would close 33 under-performing Sweetbay stores in Florida by mid-February. Sweetbay will operate 72 stores after stores are closed. The closures comes on the heels of a senior management restructuring. Last week, Delhaize America cut 25% of its executive ranks and internally unveiled a new structure that includes about 50 officers. (Source

Luxury retailers are popping up in hotel lobbies for Washington DC Inauguration.  Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Montblanc and Bloomingdale's are among stores staging temporary boutiques in hotel lobbies. Neiman Marcus and Montblanc will be at the St. Regis, while Saks has a partnership with the Ritz. Bloomingdales also enjoys the partnership at the Ritz’s Georgetown location. (Source

Family Dollar celebrates 37 consecutive years of dividend increases. 
The annual payout now totals $1.04 following a decision by the Family Dollar board to elevate the quarterly dividend to 26 cents a share from 21 cents a share. In addition, the board authorized the repurchase of an additional $300 million in stock under an existing program that had only $94 million in authorization remaining. (Source

Walmart looks at Obamacare as an opportunity; wanting to open its own line of health care clinics and sell health insurance to small business. The company is considering a scheme to create a health insurance exchange, in which smaller companies could comparison-shop for employee health benefits. (Source

South African farmers strike over minimum wage affecting the supply chain of Walmart UK and Asda.  The farmer’s strike began back in November battling for an increase in the minimum wage to $17 per day, up over 50%. Three people have died in the violence and warehouses and fields have been torched. South Africa exports about $135 million worth of fruit a year. It accounts for about 11 percent of the world’s table grape and pear shipments. (Source

Wisconsin shoe manufacture Allen Edmonds hopes President Obama will go with ‘made in USA’ on Inauguration Day.  The CEO of Allen Edmonds is hoping President Obama changes his mind or his choice of shoes for the Inauguration, after all every President since George H.W. Bush has worn the U.S. made Allen Edmund shoes. President Obama back in 2009 wore Cole-Haan shoes, a foreign made brand. The CEO of Allen Edmonds believes it would be good for his 600 employees as well as good for the country. (Source

LensCrafter Employee pleads guilty to $14,000 theft in Pennsylvania. 
Angel Perez worked at the LenCrafters only a few months in the Lehigh Valley Mall in Bethlehem, PA, but made off with $14,000 worth of eyewear. A Loss Prevention investigation led to an admission from Perez who now plans to make restitution to the company. (Source

Thieves smash a stolen truck into a CVS in Atlanta.  Three suspects stole a truck then smashed it through the front of a CVS, but burglar bars stopped the truck. The suspects ran from the store, losing control of the truck smashing into other cars and mailboxes. The driver was caught after a short foot chase, now facing felony charges. Police are continuing to look for the additional two suspects. (Source

Second big hit for shoplifters at Victoria's Secret in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
The Victoria's Secret store was hit for nearly $1500 in merchandise back on January 4, on Wednesday the same store lost $1900 of merchandise. The employee told officers that the suspect walked into the store at 8:45 Wednesday night, snagged assorted hoodies and sweats off the rack and fled, without bothering to conceal the stolen goods. (Source

West Goshen, PA identify theft nets $30K in fraudulent purchases.  Police are investigating a case of identity theft in which a resident’s identity was allegedly used to make over $30,000 in fraudulent purchases last month. According to the West Goshen Police Department, the resident reported that his personal identity information was used on Dec. 19 to open instant credit accounts at multiple retail locations in Deptford, New Jersey. The alleged fraudster used the accounts to purchase over $30,000 worth of high-end electronics and jewelry. (Source

Abilene, TX woman arrested with 32 identities, bail set at $786,750.  
Police are just beginning to investigate the multiple identities and how they may have been used, but recovered the 32 identities during a traffic stop. The evidence is believed to be related to crimes committed by at least five people in Taylor, Jones, Nolan, Runnells, Coleman and Callahan counties. (Source

Santa Clarita woman wanted in $20,000 identity theft case.  The suspect is believed to have stolen wallets from victims in grocery stores, specifically targeting for victims that looked like her, making it easier to use the stolen ID’s. The suspect has already made several purchases of jewelry at locale malls, when she attempted to make a purchase for $20,000 the jewelry store hesitated just long enough for the suspect to flee. (Source

Jewelry wholesaler stops for dinner and loses $400,000 in diamonds in Florida.  
A diamond wholesaler visiting Florida reported the theft of $400,000 worth of loose gems in what could amount to a well-orchestrated crime or the case of an ordinary burglar who got incredibly lucky. Jain Rajesh, 47, of New Jersey told police he left the diamonds in a red bag in his Orlando rental car for 13 minutes on Monday evening outside a buffet restaurant and the bag and diamonds were gone when he returned. (Source

Mississippi man steals soda from one Dollar General, and then runs his car into another Dollar General 13 miles away.  The man stole six cartons of Pepsi product from a Dollar General in Biloxi and led police on a chase to Gulfport where he lost control and smashed into the side of another Dollar General Store. Police arrested the 54 year old man on charges of felony eluding and misdemeanor shoplifting. (Source

Target shoplifter in Louisville had a dead man’s identification. 
Gary Burns was trying to return a $95 item he had just stolen from the sales floor. When Target asked him for an ID, he produced an ID belonging to Michael Simmons. Burns said the picture did not match him because he shaved. Police found out Simmons was actually deceased. Burns is now charged with theft by unlawful taking and identity theft. (Source



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Canada lags behind the US in December retail sales. 
While the US saw a growth of 2.4% in December, a disappointment for retailers, Canada's retail sales only grew by 1.6%, far below the 4.3% growth that retailers saw last year. (Source

Despite demise of HMV in Britain, the retailer is still strong in Canada. 
The two companies parted ways over a year ago, so while the British retailer is trying to salvage any viable part of the business, the Canadian retailer says it is far from the financial strife. In some cases, the Canadian stores are even growing. (Source

Two suspects arrested in connection to December Jewelry theft in Cochrane. 
Last week RCMP released video of two suspects from the jewelry theft of a $16,000 diamond ring from Goldtown Jewelers. Shortly after the release of the video, the male suspect was identified; the female suspect turned herself in. The ring was not recovered.


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Two suspects arrested in New Braunfels, Texas Kohl’s may be connected to vacuum thefts last year.  Two men entered the Kohl’s store and staged two expensive blenders near a fire exit and disabled the emergency door causing an additional $600 in damages. Police believe the same men may be responsible for high end vacuum cleaner thefts from the same store last year. (Source

Atlanta burglary suspect caught by owner, recognized him from trying to sell stolen items.  The owner of Pamper World in Atlanta was only a few stores away when his burglar alarm sounded around 2:00am. The burglar was caught in the act trying to steal baby food and other merchandise. The owner kept the burglar in the store until police arrived. The owner told police he recognized the man as someone who had attempted to sell him items he believed to have been stolen. (Source


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Vendor Spotlight

What Exactly is Retail Big Data?

Big Data is a term that has been thrown around a lot as of late. It seems like the more we hear about it the more confused we get because everyone has their own answers to what big data is. It’s about time someone cleared the air and explained what big data is, and what it has to do with the retail industry. To get us started, let’s take a look at the proposed definition of Retail Big Data by our very own Derek Rodner:

Retail Big Data (n.) – The collection of large amounts of (structured and unstructured) data from multiple, disparate, and often unrelated systems into a single repository to enable retailers to more efficiently and effectively understand their business and their customers in a timely manner.

This is an excellent starting point, and if broken down part by part it starts to make sense.

The Size of Retail Big Data

Retail big data is a collection of large amounts of data. This may seem obvious, it is called BIG data after all. But this is actually the least important factor of retail big data. If this comes as a surprise to you consider this: it can be argued that every retailer, no matter how big or small, collects large amounts of data. This is where most of the confusion comes in, everyone says that big data is big and no one says why it’s big. If you ask me, big data has nothing to do with the size of the data collected and everything to do with the type of data collected.

The Sources of Retail Big Data

In Derek’s definition he says that the data comes “from multiple, disparate, and often unrelated systems” and must go into a “single repository.” This is what makes retail big data important. It’s all about the type of data you collect, and where it goes. Most retailers already collect data from all possible inputs, but few send it to the same place. It may seem cumbersome at first to collect marketing data and inventory data in the same place, but think of the possibilities. Collecting all of your data in one place will allow you to see trends you would have never thought possible. Collecting all of this information in one place also gives you a much better view of how your stores are performing as a whole.

To show just how important collecting all of your data in one place is, here’s an example: I was watching a show last week that described how UPS is able to get a package overnight from their Louisville, Kentucky hub to a home in New Jersey. They collect data on all of their trucks, all of their planes, road conditions, and routes with the most right turns among other things. If this data were collected and analyzed in a standard siloed fashion it would take a few lifetimes to produce the shortest route. In other words the data would be useless. Their solution? Collect all of that data in a single place where the data can be analyzed simultaneously to produce the shortest route in seconds, not lifetimes.

Imagine all the time you would have on your hands if you were able to generate reports in mere seconds instead of weeks. This brings me to the final part of the retail big data definition.

The Speed of Retail Big Data

The definition of Retail Big Data says that in order for all of your data to be useful, it must be collected in a “timely manner.” This may not be a defining feature of big data, but it is needed for the data to work (just look at the UPS example above). It’s not enough to collect all of your data in one place, the software must be powerful enough to give feedback in seconds. Being able to catch an issue as it’s developing means you can fix it before it affects your bottom line. That gives your store a competitive advantage that most others can’t touch.

The Big Picture for Retail Big Data

Big Data isn’t about the size of the data you collect, it’s about the type of data you collect. Now knowing what retail big data is and how it can affect you, you may be thinking a solution is too good to be true. Well, it’s not. Here at Agilence we developed a solution that collects all of your data in one spot and is powerful enough to provide feedback and trends in seconds. Retail 20/20 gives you unparalleled insight into your stores. It’s time to stop working for the data, and have the data work for you.


Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500



Axonify. Read how Pep Boys reduced their shrink by 55% by overhauling their LP awareness program. Download.
Thought Challenge

Thought Challenge Review

By Lauren Maes-Forbey
Area Loss Prevention Coordinator
Stein Mart

as published on August 2, 2012

Most mid-level and senior-level Loss Prevention executives pride themselves on running a tight ship. They spend countless hours on educating themselves, their teams, and making outstanding hiring choices. They want to hire the best; they want their team to BE the best!

But here's my thought: as a parent, you spend countless hours teaching your children responsibility, how to make proper choices and decisions. You then send them off into adulthood, safe in the knowledge that you know you helped shape a responsible human being. Why not extend that same trust and courtesy to your LP team?

When hiring the best, trust your team to make their own decisions. Those of us who have been in this industry a while are quite aware that we make million-dollar decisions every day. We make our decisions and do not take that responsibility lightly. In the past, I've worked for LP Managers who wanted me to verbally or otherwise account for every little decision I made throughout my day. Rather than worrying about how to do something right, I began to worry that I was doing something wrong-- that I would somehow forget to include some tiny detail that would earn me a lecture. I pride myself on being dedicated to my career and being flawless in my cases, yet in the past I never felt like I was trusted to do the right thing by my LP Manager or DLPM.

My point is this: If you hire the best, TRUST them to be the best! If you make a worthwhile employee feel like a failure, they will begin to doubt themselves, which is never a good thing. Unconfident people don't make cases. We want to look good, and we want our teams to look good, too! So trust us, will you? :)


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