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January 20, 2014


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John Voytilla has been named Vice President of Global Loss Prevention & Safety for Office Depot, Inc.  Formed by the merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax, Office Depot Inc., operates over 2,200 retail stores with annual sales of $17 billion and employing 66,000 associates serving 59 countries with award-winning e-commerce sites and a dedicated business-to-business sales organization - all delivered through a global network of wholly owned operations, joint ventures, franchisees, licensees and alliance partners. The company's portfolio of leading brands includes Office Depot, OfficeMax, OfficeMax Grand & Toy, Viking, Ativa, TUL, Foray, and DiVOGA. John is also the Vice-Chair of the Loss Prevention Research Council -University of Florida, is a member of the NRF's LP Advisory Council, is a board member of the Tauber Institute for Global Operations and the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. John initially joined Office Max in 1996 where he rose to the position of VP, Global Loss Prevention up until the time of their merger with Office Depot, Inc. Prior to that he spent 6 years with TJX as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager. In this new position John will be leading the Loss Prevention and safety efforts worldwide and will help re-design and build a best in class LP operation. This merger makes Office Depot, Inc., the 24th largest retailer in the U.S.

2014 - The Year of the Hackers - The Mad Rush Before EMV hits the U.S.
We haven't seen anything yet! Lets hope we're wrong. But with EMV coming in Jan. 2015 the Eastern Block will be throwing everything it has at us, and this may just be the beginning. With six retailers being hit so far and over 135 million impacted - 1/3 of the total U.S. population has already been exposed. Here's some of the articles that have been popping up over the last few days and weekend.

17 yr-old Russian wrote and sold the malware used at Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches  Target Black Friday 2013: The malware that allowed Neiman Marcus and Target Black Friday data breaches came from a 17-year-old Russian national. According to MarketWatch, the creator of the malicious software was identified by California Internet security firm Intelcrawler. The name the creator of the malicious software has not yet been published. According to the blog on Intelcrawler, a St. Petersburg, Russia, teenager wrote the programming code that enabled the breach at Target and Neiman Marcus in late December. The Russian teenager allegedly sold the malware, which is called BlackPOS to cybercriminals in eastern Europe. The Target Black Friday cybercriminals have not been identified. Andrew Komarov, the CEO of Intelcrawler said the software let the cybercriminals remotely hack into Target and Neiman Marcus' electronic cash registers and steal shoppers' personal information. According to Komarov, the malware was downloaded about 60 times. Other retailers besides Target and Neiman Marcus were also hacked or might be at risk of being hacked in the future. (Source

Hackers took sneaky path into Target customers’ wallets but leave clue - one small word - "Rescator"  In early November, before the holiday-shopping season began, the hackers found what they had been looking for: a wide path into Target and beyond. Entering through a digital gateway, the criminals discovered that Target’s systems were astonishingly open, lacking the virtual walls and motion detectors found in secure networks like many banks’. Without those safeguards, the thieves moved swiftly into the company’s computer servers containing Target’s customer data and to the crown jewel: the in-store systems where consumers swipe their credit and debit cards and enter their PINs. For weeks, the invasion went undetected; the malware installed by hackers escaped whatever anti-virus protections Target had. But it appears the hackers left a few clues behind that may aid investigators. One was a small word embedded in the code: Rescator. It was the same name of the underground carding site,, where a bank official had first purchased a large number of cards before tipping off Krebs, he said. Krebs scoured the Web for clues to Rescator’s identity. In a deleted comment from August 2011, he noted Rescator introduced himself as “Hel,” one of the three founders of a defunct hacker forum called Krebs posted some of the information he learned about aliases that may be related to Rescator, tracing one of them to Odessa, Ukraine. But investigators have not publicly pinpointed the location of the criminals’ nerve center, suggesting instead that the hackers tend to move around, gather, disband and regroup. But they are monitoring the chat forums and other netherworlds where snippets of information about fake credit cards surfaces and is shared for sale on the black market. “We’re expecting this to be a major contributor, if not the primary driver of card fraud for the next 12 months,” said Alphonse Pascual, of Javelin Strategy & Research. “These cards will still be available for purchase a year from now.” (Source

Also on Friday, cybersecurity firm IntelCrawler said it has found at least six more ongoing attacks at U.S. retailers.  “The massive data breach at Target during the 2013 holiday shopping season used an inexpensive ‘off the shelf’ malware known as BlackPOS,” IntelCrawler said. “The same malware may have also been involved in the Neiman Marcus attack.” Security researchers from IntelCrawler said the author of the malware is about 17 years old and a well-known programmer of malicious code in the underground. “Several other breaches may be revealed soon,” the company said. (Source

Retailers may face major hacking threat
The retail industry may be facing a major threat by hackers targeting sensitive consumer data held by numerous chains. According to Bloomberg, a report from security company iSight Partners says multiple groups of hackers have been targeting retailers since June 2013 using a piece of software known as Kaptoxa. (Source

Target Sets Up Cybersecurity Group
Target Corp. on Friday said it has invested $5 million in a cybersecurity coalition and will be working with three organizations — the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance, National Cyber Security Alliance and Better Business Bureaus — to advance public education around cybersecurity. The group will launch a campaign to accelerate the dialogue around cybersecurity threats and the dangers of consumer phishing scams. (Source

In wake of breaches, NRF calls for adoption of PIN-and-chip cards
The National Retail Federation is calling for the use of chip-and-PIN technology in credit and debit cards that. Experts say the technology, standard around the world, is more secure than the magnetic stripe cards that are still widely used throughout the United States. The technology has not been widely adopted in the United States, partly due to its higher cost. (Source

Target Faces Nearly 70 Lawsuits Over Breach - Could be the largest lawsuit in history  Alongside the reputational harm, retailers like Target face the risk of a slew of legal actions when hackers steal consumer data. Customers and small banks have filed 68 class action suits, in 21 states and Washington, D.C., alleging Target didn’t take proper steps to protect consumer data, according to Tina Wolfson, an attorney at Ahdoot & Wolfson P.C., who is bringing one of the cases. Ms. Wolfson provided a document tracking the cases, which was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal. “This could be the biggest case I’ve seen in number of people affected,” said Ms. Wolfson, who alleges in a complaint that Target’s “[failure] to maintain reasonable security procedures,” and delays in notifying customers, will put her clients at risk for identity theft for years. This firm also has filed on Neiman Marcus. (Source

Homeland Security Warns Retailers of ‘Sophisticated Malware’
The sophisticated malware currently affecting retailers primarily infects point-of-sale (POS) devices. Hackers obtain names, addresses and email addresses for customers, which they can generally sell for great financial gain at a later date. Once a POS is infected with malware, it monitors data processed on the device, transmits that data to outside the retailer, and then quickly deletes these records so investigators cannot determine the source of the hack. (Source

Don't Be a Cyber Target: A Primer for Boards and Senior Management
To help start the year right, here is a D&O primer for managing a major cyber incident: Retain outside counsel experienced in managing cybersecurity incidents and ensure the forensic investigation is conducted through counsel as attorney work product. Hire a trusted advisor to provide independent advice to D&Os. Notify your insurance broker. Hire a crisis communications expert. Establish a situation room and schedule daily (perhaps more initially) meetings with leads from the executive team, legal, forensic, internal IT and security teams, communications, relevant corporate units, and the trusted advisor. Notify law enforcement and seek their assistance. Communicate with regulators, customers, and investors. Communicate with state attorneys general, consumer protection agencies, and credit bureaus. Communicate with employees. Develop a remediation plan. Do not try to divert attention by focusing on unrelated problems. Share information with others who could benefit. (Source

Announcement from Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association
Conference and Hotel registration are now open for the 35th RLPSA Annual Conference and Exhibits, August 3-6, at the Caribe Royale Hotel, in Orlando. Network with the restaurant industry's leading LP and Security executives. Visit for complete details.

Shoplifting surge pushes retail crime losses to $839 million in UK
Last year also saw a "dramatic increase" in fraud and online crime, with 80% of retailers reporting a rise, including increased threats from cyber-attacks, the survey found. Losses were 166% higher than five years ago, the BRC said, despite retailers spending an average of $3.28m each on crime prevention measures. Among 30 retailers, who represent 51% of the retail sector by turnover, there were 631,391 incidents of customer theft in 2012-13, the highest level recorded in the survey for nine years. (Source

Explosion in cost of retail crime as ORC spikes in the UK
A survey by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) shows customer theft responsible for 82% of all retail crime, the greatest proportion recorded in nine years. The BRC survey also reveals a spike in organized crime as thieves “steal to order”, with the average value of theft increasing by 62% to £177 or $290.67 per incident. It showed that while burglaries fell by 49%, robberies were up 48% with people likely to travel from outside of the region to target North East stores. Not only do the figures paint a picture of retailers more at risk of violence, the financial pressure is intensifying with the cost of each incident 166% higher than before the recession in 2007. The average cost per incident of criminal damage has also jumped from $1,579.89 to $3,387.04 a rise of 114% from the previous year. However, what we have also seen is that there is a lot more serious organized crime. Although the value of the items stolen is higher, there is a more organized approach. This is what we believe is contributing to most of the increase. People are stealing to order.” (Source

Target to open first 20,000-square-foot TargetExpress store in Minneapolis

Albertsons to close doors at 26 locations

Consumers redeem 66 million digital coupons in 2013 - up 141% from 12'

E-commerce and higher operational costs put pressure on retail chains to change - An NRF Big Show session  “Freight costs and free shipping are the Achilles heel of e-commerce.” Retail chains in 2014 to exploit a key advantage of stores: the ability to offer site-to-store shipping on their e-commerce sites. That’s because shipping carriers charge less to ship to commercial addresses than they do to residential addresses, and by shipping to stores retail chains can save on fulfillment costs while also drawing consumers into their stores. With minimum wage rising the need to cut operational costs will increase and mobile may be the answer to assist a customer in finding the information she needs without consulting a store associate. Editors note: Payrolls will continue to suffer long term while everything mobile will become the key for the consumer and the associate, and a consequence will be the potential for increased theft both externally and internally - with fewer associates and management on the sales floor. (Source

Rochester police chief warns of increase in retail thefts - It's "an epidemic"
As investigators work with federal officials, Police Chief Michael Allen believes retail thefts — from shoplifting to the use of fraudulent credit cards to obtain gift cards — are “an epidemic.” While Allen believes police have only seen the “tip of the iceberg” in the matter of organized retail theft, which is a new phenomenon to the area, he’s especially concerned with the rise in shoplifting in the past year. “The organized piece is a whole other ballgame,” Allen said, adding he expects to see more cases in the area in future. On Jan. 9, police arrested two men who allegedly had a van full of stolen goods, phony credit cards and fake driver’s licenses. (Source

Google Hires Private Security Guards for Employees Riding Buses
Google has reportedly hired private security guards to protect their employees while waiting for their ride at bus stops in San Francisco. In the past couple of days, after Google buses were bashed by protesters, two men dressed in jeans and black hoods were seen keenly eyeing passengers boarding the Gbus at one of its stops in San Francisco's Mission District. Reuters observed these two guys. Though they do not really stick out from the rest of the waiting passengers, the curly earpiece they were wearing was catchy. They were also seen writing something on a yellow stick-it pad. They also seemed alerted when the Google bus arrived and in one instance, they were seen waving to the driver. The gesture strengthened suspicions that they may be working for Google. (Source

December Same Stores Sales Results

Best Buy down .8%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Ahold U.S. excluding fuel down 2% with sales down 2.1%

Last week's most popular news article --

Here’s the List of the 33 Stores J.C. Penney Is Closing 
J.C. Penney Co. said late Wednesday that it will close 33 underperforming stores in 20 states and eliminate about 2,000 jobs. The closures will help it focus resources on its “highest potential growth opportunities” as it looks to boost sales. None of the closures is in Texas. The largest target was Wisconsin, which is losing five stores in smaller markets. (Source






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Jewelers Security Alliance Awards Recognize Excellence

LP Leaders at Signet Jewelers Ltd. and Sterling Jewelers Inc. Honored for Contributions in Safety and Security for the Jewelry Industry

On Saturday, January 11, 2014, the Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) held its annual luncheon at the Harmonie Club. During the event, the board of directors of the JSA presented the Industry Service Award to Kevin Valentine, the vice president of internal audit and enterprise risk management of Signet Jewelers Ltd., and Mark Neapolitan, the director of loss prevention at Sterling Jewelers Inc., the U.S. division of Signet. The James B. White Award was presented to Frank Aimaro, FBI special agent, and detective Carol Mosher of the Los Angeles Police Department, both assigned to the FBI/LAPD interstate theft task force.

These prestigious awards are given to individuals who have demonstrated commitment to improving crime prevention and in recognition and appreciation of the extraordinary contributions to the safety and security of the jewelry industry.

“The Jewelers’ Security Alliance recognizes Kevin and Mark for their leadership in loss prevention, which has been a model for the entire industry for many years,” said John Kennedy (pictured center), the president of JSA. “JSA deeply appreciates their many successful efforts in which for decades they have conducted training on jewelry identification and investigation for law enforcement personnel, and worked to have the jewelry industry cooperate more closely with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies.”

Valentine (pictured on right side of photograph) is responsible for internal audit, enterprise risk management and loss prevention for Signet’s U.S. and U.K. operations. Valentine has over 30 years experience in those specialty areas of which 27 of those years have been with Signet.

Neapolitan (pictured on left side of photograph) is responsible for the administration of all loss prevention functions, issues and investigations relative to Sterling throughout the U.S. Neapolitan has a combined experience of 43 years between law enforcement and loss prevention and more than 25 of those years have been with Sterling. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

Valentine said, “Mark and I have had the pleasure of working with the JSA for about a quarter-of-a-century. In the ongoing pursuit of making the jewelry industry safer, the work of JSA is critically important. Through its loss prevention efforts, the safety of the entire jewelry industry has continuously improved.”

Read more here.


LPNN - Loss Prevention News Network

New England ORC Symposium and Trade Show - Kevin Plante

Kevin Plante, Director, Loss Prevention financial reporting and analysis for CVS Caremark and Chair Master of Ceremonies for the NEORC Symposium and Trade Show, starts the conference by asking the attendees to get to know the people here, and vendors, because you never know what information or connections could help you or someone else combat shrink and ORC.

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Man and woman arrested with Target credit cards crossing the border from Mexico in McAllen, TX.  On Sunday, Polie arrested 27-year-old Mary Carmen Garcia and 28-year-old Daniel Guardiola Dominguez both from Monterrey as they tried to cross into the U.S. from Reynosa, said Police Chief Victor Rodriguez. “We received information about their activities and obtained arrest warrants for them,” Rodriguez said. “We were able to serve those warrants when they tried coming back from Mexico. During the arrest we found out that they had another stash of fraudulent credit cards on them.” Investigators believe that the credit cards that the couple was using came from the December credit card breach at Target where hackers got into the company’s computer system and took the names, credit card information and phone numbers of close to 100 million customers. (Source

2 women jailed after taking children along for shoplifting spree at Sunrise Mall in Brownsville, TX.  Investigators learned the two women had stolen more than $990 dollar worth of items from Sears. Dillard's, Bealls and Burlington Coat Factory. (Source

Gamestop robber called ahead to 'pre-order' loot  Surveillance video showed the man arrive last Wednesday morning about 10 a.m. to a Gamestop store in Madison in a Nissan Versa. The car circled the parking lot for more than an hour before the driver eventually worked his way close. Then, police said, he did something odd. He called the store and told the clerk he needed games and a system for a gift but was on his way to work, so would need the order ready to pick up when he arrived. Once the crook walks inside, he is seen on security video pulling a black semi-automatic handgun on the clerk before grabbing a bag full of his pre-ordered goodies, including an Xbox 1 and $200 worth of kid-friendly games to go with it, plus about $600 from the cash register. The suspect then forced the clerk onto the ground before running out. (Source

South Korea credit card data theft highlights lapses
A massive theft of customer data from the three major credit card firms in the country has shown security lapses in the financial industry. Financial Services Commission Chairman Shin Je-yoon said Monday the credit card companies had failed to ensure adequate security. A massive theft of customer data from three major credit card firms in South Korea has shown security lapses in the financial industry. First revealed by prosecutors, the theft of information linked to 80 million credit cards such as salaries, monthly card usage, credit rating and card numbers has sparked widespread public concern. Cardholders are flocking to bank branches and overloading call centers and service websites to find out if their information was stolen. (Source

Canadian man gets 10 years in a U.S. Federal prison for role in US credit card scam  A Canadian man has been ordered to spend a decade in U.S. federal prison for his role in a credit card scam. Prosecutors say 57-year-old Paul Price of Toronto defrauded more than $10 million from tens of thousands of U.S. consumers. He was sentenced last week in U.S. District Court in East St. Louis. (Source

Flash Mob in Brazil forces high-end shopping mall to close
Social media have also boosted the number and noise of participants – in one case to 6,000 people. The social context is also significant. Tens of millions of Brazilians have risen out of poverty and can buy more consumer goods, but many still find their expectations frustrated by inequality and economic exclusion. Fearing a repeat of the chaotic scenes that followed earlier rolezinhos, the owners of the malls tried and failed to win a legal injunction blocking the protest. (Source

UK: Shoplifting rockets to 10-year high: Spike in thieves stealing luxury items but just one in ten crimes is reported 

Two employees of JC Penney at Southern Park Mall charged with thefts

Shoplifter Attacks Security at Menifee, CA Kohl's; suspect now facing robbery charges

Two arrested after Kroger store robbery in Augusta, Georgia

ATF investigating a Smash and Grab at a D’Iberville, MS gun shop; suspects used a truck to smash into the building

Pennsylvania Teen gets 15 years in prison for convenience store armed robbery; sentenced with Hobb’s Act

Father beat his son unconscious for shoplifting in a Burlington Coat in Upper Darby, PA 

Police Involved Shooting At Pembroke Pines Strip Mall early morning, no apparent injuries

Beachwood Place Mall near Cleveland, Ohio sees at least six theft incidents in one week

Atlanta smash and grab thieves stole $42,000 in purses
5 Males wielding sledgehammers, guns rob Memphis Reeds jewelry store Saturday night
Cops Seek Suspect In Pair Of Armed Robberies In Flatbush, Crown Heights, N.Y.
Austin, TX. - two armed robberies of retailers Saturday night connected
Armed robber may be responsible for 4 Cook Out restaurant robberies in Salisbury, NC
Suspect linked to two CVS Pharmacy robberies in Portland, MN
Suspects took cash from 2 Poughkeepsie, NY Rite Aid stores in 24 hours at knifepoint
Aldi – Burglary – Columbus, OH – roof top used to access the store overnight
BP – Armed Robbery – Norwood, OH – no injuries
CVS – Armed Robbery – Macon, GA – cash and cigarettes, no injuries
CVS – Armed Robbery – Forest Acres, SC – cash, no injuries
CVS – Armed Robbery – Orlando, FL – no injuries
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Fort Wayne, IN – no injuries
Family Dollar – Armed Robbery - Huntsville, AL – no injuries
Gardens of Paradise – Burlglary - Munster Township, PA –cash and office equipment
Hoffman’s – Robbery – Westminster, MD – 2 suspects arrested by Maryland State Police
RobTronics -Burglary/ Smash and Grab - Wichita, KS – smashed front door glass
Sam's Tobacco and Food Mart- Armed Robbery - Bensenville, IL – 36 yr old Clerk was shot and killed
Snak Attack – Armed Robbery – Joplin, MO - no injuries
Stop N Go – Armed Robbery – Janesville, WI – cash and cigarettes, no injuries
Subway – Armed Robbery – Lincoln, NE – employee approached as he opened the store
Super 95 One Stop – Armed Robbery – Clinton, ME – former employee arrested
Title Cash – Burglary - Huntsville, AL – cash stolen
Tom Thumb – Armed Robbery – Panama City, FL - suspect arrested, no injuries
7- Eleven - Armed Robbery – Baldwin, NY – 2 suspects arrested by police, no injuries
7- Eleven – Armed Robbery - Fox Point, DE - Delaware State Police investigating, no injuries




6th Alleged Co-Conspirator Charged in the $76,000 Cell Phone Theft Ring from Bensalem, PA Walmart  A sixth Philadelphia resident has been charged in connection with an alleged cell phone theft ring which authorities said cheated the Bensalem Walmart store out of $76,000 in lost reimbursements. Bensalem Police allege that Harvin, who reportedly used the alias of Khalil Brown, conspired with Walmart employee Isaiah Butler to receive five Galaxy S4 cell phones worth $2,805 as part of a larger cell phone theft ring, which police said involved the resale of 131 iPhones on the street for profit. (Source

Woman caught stealing $11,000 worth of purses, other items from an Omaha, NE Dillard's  Police said a therapist stole $11,000 worth of merchandise from an Omaha Dillard's. Last Wednesday afternoon, a store employee at Oak View Mall witnessed a woman grabbing 14 designer purses, then putting them into Dillard's shopping bags she took from the register. Officers found additional stolen Dillard's items in Dugger's parked SUV, including wallets, 27 pairs of jeans and 29 other pieces of various clothing. (Source

California nut farmers band together to fight theft
The soaring value of California’s nut crops is attracting a new breed of thieves who have been making off with the pricey commodities by the truckload, recalling images of cattle rustlers of bygone days. This harvest season in the Central Valley, thieves cut through a fence and hauled off $400,000 in walnuts. An additional $100,000 in almonds was stolen by a driver with a fake license. And $100,000 in pistachios was taken by a big rig driver who left a farm without filling out any paperwork. Investigators suspect low-level organized crime may have a hand in cases, while some pilfered nuts are ending up in Los Angeles for resale at farmers markets or disappear into the black market. (Source

Dunwoody, GA Police Post YouTube Video of Von Maur Shoplifting Suspect

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LP Manager Belk Montgomery, AL Belk



John Voytilla has been named Vice President of Global Loss Prevention & Safety for Office Depot, Inc.
Andrew Casteel was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Ross Stores, Inc.

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Why Exercise is the Key to Work-Life Balance  Getting enough exercise isn't just great for your body and health, it could prove to be an asset to your work-life. Assistant professor, Russell Clayton found that there was a relationship between physical activity and balancing work life and home life. Exercising helps relieve stress, and that means you'll find your office or home more enjoyable. (Boost your confidence too)

3 Ways to Spark Employee Creativity
It can be difficult to come up with new ideas every day or week; the more help we can get the better! Running low on new and innovative ideas? Maybe it's time to take a new look at things. Try using some of these ideas from three companies that have come up with clever ways to get those creative juices flowing. (Make it a competition)

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Fire 'Em Up! 5 Simple Steps to Inspire Your Employees  Inspiration and engagement does so much more for your business than making it happier. If your employees are really inspired they will get more done for your business and in turn for you! If your employees are uninspired, it could mean bad business for you. Nobody's exempt from their workers falling into the disengaged category, but use these tips to get them feeling inspired again. (Plant a vision)

10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy  We know that if you are happier, you will probably get more done! Sometimes it's just so hard to be happy at work if you've had a bad morning, or didn't get enough sleep but try using these ten science-backed ways to improve your mood! They don't take much! (Aging won't make you grumpy)

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The thought has always been if your boss gets promoted, then you might as well -- as long as you are the one helping them get ahead.

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