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Wal-Mart tightens supplier policy; "zero tolerance policy" for violations of its global sourcing standards.  The new policy replace the ‘three strike’ rule that was place prior to the fire that killed more than 100 people in Bangladesh last year. Wal-Mart Stores Inc plans to cut ties immediately with suppliers who subcontract work to factories without the retailer's knowledge. (Source

Barneys New York to close Chelsea Co-op, and looking for a new Flagship location in Manhattan.  Barneys enjoyed record sales at the Chelsea Co-op, but the lease on the building has expired and the landlord wants to redevelop the location. Barneys also announced that they are currently seeking a site for an additional Manhattan flagship location. (Source

Blockbuster’s parent company Dish Network announces 300 additional store closures, costing 3000 US jobs.  Dish Network purchased Blockbuster back in 2011 for $320 million and closed 500 stores last year. In 2012, the Colorado Economic Development Commission granted Dish up to $2.5 million in Job Growth Incentive Tax Credits for the relocation of Blockbuster's headquarters from Texas to Douglas County. The move was expected to create 150 management jobs in the metro area over five years with an average annual wage of $93,257. (Source

UK’s Blockbuster to close 129 stores. 
The announcement comes on the heels of information last week that 31 stores would be closing. The closure will result in the loss of 760 jobs; Blockbuster currently has 4190 employees. Administrators from Deloitte say that they will continue to look at the company’s bottom line and may see further cuts in the next few weeks. (Source

Amazon to open a new fulfillment center in Tracy, California. 
The city of Tracy is looking forward to an expected 1,000 jobs at the new 1 million square foot Amazon facility. Besides the expected economic boost of more jobs, Tracy will receive sales tax revenue from goods shipped from the center. Amazon plans are to have the center opened by the 2013 Christmas holiday season. (Source

Over 80% of Americans are willing to pay more for Made-in-USA products. 
Over 90% of people surveyed said they are willing to pay extra to keep jobs in the United States. US manufacturers are just hoping the push for ‘made in USA’ is not just a passing fad. The Federal Trade Commission is tasked with the duty of investigating fraudulent claims of products that are labeled ‘made in USA’. (Source

PayPal to overhaul payment processing systems due to customer complaints. 
PayPal customers have complained for years about frozen accounts, unable to move or withdraw funds because of PayPal’s filters to catch fraud. PayPal had built into its system a 21 day freeze if it believes there was fraudulent practices going on with an account, they could extend the freeze for up to 180 days if they wanted to. Anuj Nayar of PayPal indicated this week that PayPal was looking at making aggressive changes to the system beginning in a few months. PayPal can't afford to be complacent much longer. The field that it once monopolized is now full of competition: WePay, Square, Stripe and smartphone-based systems like Google Wallet are only a few of the up-and-coming rivals. (Source

Two Best Buy Associates arrested for $20,000 in theft in Visalia, California.  Two Best Buy employees in Visalia were arrested Saturday on suspicion of stealing $20,000 worth of merchandise from their employer. The men, both 23, were allegedly stealing electronics such as a computer screen, a laptop and camera lenses, over the last three weeks. Best Buy reported the thefts to police, who recovered the stolen items at four different locations in the city of Corcoran. The men were arrested and booked into the Tulare County Jail on suspicion of burglary, grand theft, embezzlement, conspiracy and possession of stolen property. (Source

Bank inside Walmart robbed in Houston.  There were some scary moments Monday for customers and employees of a northeast Harris County Walmart. A robber held up the Wood Forest Bank inside the store in the 13000 block of I-10 East. The suspect got away with about $5,000, but deputies arrested him nearby. Investigators believe he may be responsible for at least one other bank robbery. No one was hurt. (Source

Two suspects in Queens tied to 15 robberies.  
Grocery stores, gas stations and cell phone stores have all been victims of two suspects in the Queens area over the last 30 days. The two have hit more frequently in the last week hitting two locations on the same day on the 18th and 20th. The suspects are armed and so far no one has been injured. (Source

Back-up surveillance equipment key in identifying three suspects at T-Mobile in Coral Springs, Florida.  The suspects not only left with stolen cell phones, the also took the store surveillance equipment. T-Mobile was prepared for such an event and was able to retrieve video of the suspects from a back-up system. The armed suspects were able to get away with $12,500 worth of inventory and cash, no one was injured. (Source

Burglars tear down a wall to steal $90,000 of Human Hair in Houston.  It may have taken a little time, but burglars entered a vacant store then dismantled a wall to access Tiffany’s Chanel Luxury Hair to steal $90,000 of human hair. The thieves never actually entered the Tiffany’s store, removing all of the merchandise from the adjoining wall, the security cameras caught nothing. (Source

Burglar smashes through the roof of a Houston Stereo Store. 
The suspect was captured on video as he smashed through the roof then hauled off stereo, navigation and cell phone equipment from the store on Southwest Highway. (Source

While getting his name tag on his First day Dunkin’ Donuts employee steals $2100.  The 26 year old Morristown, New Jersey man was employed for 7 minutes, got his name tag in the office, and then stole $2136 from the store’s deposit in the office. The associate then went to rear of the store, hung up his coat and began training. Minutes later told the manager he would continue his training on-line and went home. (Source

Connecticut woman jailed in Florida on a 22 year old warrant for stealing cigarettes in 1991.  The 22 year old crime followed the Connecticut native to Port Canaveral, Florida Thursday where she, her husband and two kids were wrapping up a vacation. The family had been aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship and Brevard County police officers were waiting for her as she left the boat. Police said Hall failed to pay the $85 in court costs when she was 18 and when they checked the ship’s passenger list for terrorists, they found a warrant for Hall. (Source


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RILA Launches Safety Data Sheet Initiative

Retailers streamline process for safely handling chemical products

Arlington, VA – The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) announced the roll-out of an initiative designed to streamline the safety data sheet (SDS) process required by law under which chemical information is provided by suppliers to retailers.

Retailers require detailed information to safely handle chemical products in accordance with various regulations promulgated by federal agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In an effort to enhance efficiency in the requests made by retailers, RILA created an SDS template, which aligns with the sixteen-section format prescribed by OSHA’s Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard which became effective May, 2012.

“The recent changes to the HazCom Standard provide an opportunity for the retail industry to upgrade requests for chemical information since chemical manufacturers must rewrite their SDS’s based on the global harmonization criteria,” said Lisa LaBruno, senior vice president of retail operations for RILA. “Consistent retailer requests will enhance supply chain efficiency and communication regarding chemical information, as well as assist retailers in properly handling chemical products for the benefit of customers, workers, communities and the environment.”

Leading retailers and providers of product safety compliance and information services helped drive the SDS initiative forward.

"As a founding sponsor of RILA's SDS Working Group, we applaud RILA's efforts to help retailers and manufacturers more efficiently exchange chemical and product information,” said Jeffrey Starr, vice president of marketing at 3E Company. "We believe RILA's SDS template will be extremely valuable to retailers and manufacturers alike, as they strive to achieve conformance, mitigate risk and enhance workplace safety. We are proud to have provided our expertise during our collaboration with RILA and look forward to continuing to support this important association and its members in the future."

For more details about RILA’s SDS initiative, visit:



Toronto Police need help identifying the owners of $150,000 in merchandise recovered.  The Toronto Police displayed over $150,000 of merchandise they recovered from two suspects arrested. The two suspects are believed to have stolen over $400,000 in merchandise since last November. (Source


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Serial Shoplifter busted at Walmart in Bryan, Texas; active warrant and 7 prior theft convictions.  Thirty-five year old Lawanda Toliver was apprehended by police when she was found hiding under a truck in the Walmart parking lot. Toliver had stolen $700 of merchandise from the store, including a DVR surveillance system; she is now being held on a $27,000 bond. (Source

Guilty plea reached in theft of thousands of DVD’s from Walmart’s in the Midwest.  Two women who were arrested in Mankato, Minnesota pled guilty to the theft of 200 DVD’s. While one suspect caused a disturbance during a purchase in the Electronics area, the second suspect loaded a suitcase with DVD’s. The two went out the door together; the suspect who made a purchase stopped when the sensor alarm triggered and claimed it was her fault. The two had pulled the same scam in Walmarts across the Midwest possibly totaling $13,000. Following time served in Minnesota, the two will face trial in South Dakota. The suspects would Fed-Ex the stolen merchandise back to their home state of California. (Source

Three suspects arrested in a stolen car with JC Penney loot in Scotts Valley, California.  Three suspects riding in a stolen Kia minivan were stopped by Scotts Valley Police. A search of the van revealed stolen merchandise with security tags. The three admitted to police that they had stolen the merchandise from JC Penney earlier in the day. All three were arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle, conspiracy, burglary and possession of stolen property. (Source

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By Kevin Larson
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as published on August 6, 2012

New Year’s resolutions, better work-life balance, lose some weight, personal and professional development...what do these things have all in common? They are things we commit to doing each year, maybe a couple times a year, but we never find time to work on them.

Each year, we sit down with our boss and leaders and we discuss our development opportunities (strengths and weaknesses) and we have a conversation about what we can do to help ourselves grow professionally and build our expertise to grow within the company. A one hour conversation and several months later....they continue to sit on that paper, taking up space.

Have you looked at your review lately? Have you looked at what your discussions were about developing yourself in 2012? I am a firm believer that your development is 75% owned by you and 25% owned by your leader. At 75%, you have all the power and leverage! There are 150 days left in still have time. Time to read a book, attend a seminar, obtain a certification or just even network.

As a LP professional, you owe it to yourself to develop your abilities. Nobody is going to do it for you. Take ownership in your own development. If you just sit back and wait for your next role or promotion to occur, you will be waiting a long time.

150 days....what are you doing with it?


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