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The Ultimate High-End Retail Loss Prevention
Scott Barefoot

LPNN Quick Take #17

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America's LP Teams

From the D&D Daily 2016 GLPS's

7-Eleven Asset Protection Teams from
Greater Los Angeles and South West Zones


Pictured from left to right:  Justin Demes (Asset Protection Specialist GLA), Steve Kellison (Asset Protection Manager GLA), Peter Uriarte (Asset Protection Specialist GLA), Sherry Liken (Asset Protection Specialist South West), Darrel Timan (Asset Protection Manager South West), Kevin New (Asset Protection Specialist GLA).

Starbucks, McDonald's among businesses left with smashed windows following Trump protests on Friday
Police fired tear gas on the streets of Washington, D.C., and arrested at least 200 people as protesters angry over the inauguration of President Donald Trump smashed windows of businesses, upended trash cans and scuffled with cops.

The business targeted in the capital's downtown included a McDonald's, branches of Bank of America and Wells Fargo, and a Starbucks, whose windows were all smashed.

Agitators among the hundreds of people protesting on streets also broke windows of parked cars ahead of the inauguration, threw bricks at police cars and set fires in trash cans. cnbc.com

 Anti-Trump protesters block security checkpoints at inauguration
Protesters demonstrating against President-elect Donald Trump blocked Inauguration Day security screening checkpoints in Washington, D.C., early Friday morning. Protesters chained themselves to each other and the fences surrounding the checkpoints near the National Mall as inauguration attendees waited to pass through security screening. thehill.com

Trump properties face global terror risk with presidency 
Businesses around the world bearing U.S. President Donald Trump's name face an increased risk now that he is in the White House, security experts warn, especially as several are in areas previously targeted by violence.

As Trump remains a brand overseas, criminal gangs or militants could target buildings bearing his name in gold, abduct workers associated with his enterprises for ransom or worse, they say. "They may kidnap a Trump worker and not even want to negotiate," aiming for publicity instead, said Colin P. Clarke, a political scientist with the RAND Corporation who studies terrorism and international criminal networks.

U.S. brands have been targeted in overseas violence before, but they never belonged to a president. That's the difference. Trump becoming America's 45th president presents a unique challenge given the range of his international business interests. cnbc.com

Women's March on Washington yields zero arrests; 500,000 in attendance
The peaceful protest, which had an estimated 500,000 in attendance, was so much larger than its expected size that the march route had to be altered and couldn't pass the White House as planned. D.C. Homeland Security Director Christopher Geldart told NBC news that despite the massive crowds, no arrests were made. People attended sister marches nationally and globally, including in Antarctica. Current estimates place the national turnout at 3 million. thehill.com

Religious groups and businesses offer food and shelter to Trump protesters in D.C.

The anti-Trump boycott of 70 retailers won't back down
- Here's how it could affect sales

Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or 'maybe more'

'Amazon is going to kill more American jobs than China did'
For the consumer, Amazon has brought lower prices and unimaginable convenience. But for retail workers, Amazon is a grave threat. Just ask the 10,100 workers who are losing their jobs at Macy's. Or the 4,000 at The Limited. Or the thousands of workers at Sears and Kmart, which just announced 150 stores will be closing. Or the 125,000 retail workers who've been laid off over the past two years.

About 12 million jobs in retail are facing increasing competition from Amazon, particularly the 6.2 million people who work in the kind of stores that are typically found at malls or shopping centers - furniture, appliance and electronics, clothing, sporting goods, bookstores, and general merchandise stores - what the statisticians call GAFO (General Merchandise, Apparel and Accessories, Furniture and Other Sales). marketwatch.com

Wal-Mart starting layoffs at home; retailer's cuts hit in Bentonville
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has started laying off employees at the corporate level, following up on previously revealed plans to eliminate positions to help control costs and improve efficiency. Multiple sources confirmed a round of cuts took place Friday at the company's home office in Bentonville. Wal-Mart did not confirm the exact number of layoffs or affected departments, but the company expects to eliminate about 1,000 corporate positions nationwide before the end of the retailer's fiscal year on Jan. 31. Not all of the eliminated positions will come from the home office in Bentonville.

The cuts came three days after Wal-Mart touted plans to create 10,000 jobs this year through the previously announced opening of 59 stores, other store expansions and remodeling and new e-commerce services. arkansasonline.com

Supermarket operator Kroger to fill 10,000 permanent posts
U.S. supermarket operator Kroger Co said on Monday it would fill 10,000 permanent positions in its supermarket divisions. Kroger, which had about 431,000 full- and part-time employees as of Jan. 30, 2016, also said its total active workforce grew by more than 12,000 in 2016. reuters.com

JSA Presents Police and Loss Prevention Awards at Annual Luncheon
The Jewelers' Security Alliance on Jan. 14 held its annual luncheon at the Harmonie Club in New York for 170 supporters, law enforcement personnel and industry leaders.

John Kennedy, president of JSA, began the luncheon with a moment of silence for the six jewelers killed in the U.S. in 2016, and for Detective Steven McDonald, a New York Police Department hero who had passed away during the week. Kennedy also recognized and thanked three women who had announced their retirement from their positions as CEOs of industry trade organizations: Cecilia Gardner of JVC, Ruth Batson of AGS and Dione Kenyon of JBT. Kennedy described them as friends and advisers to many in the industry.

At the luncheon JSA presented the 12th Annual Industry Service Award to Bill Lane, divisional vice president for loss prevention and internal audit at Birks Group Inc. Kennedy said Lane was one of the most experienced and respected jewelry loss prevention executives in the U.S., and that he had worked closely with JSA for many years, providing valuable assistance.

JSA presented the 18th Annual James B. White Law Enforcement Awards to five veteran detectives with the New York Police Department who handled many of the most important jewelry cases in New York over several decades and also assisted other law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and around the world. Read more here.

Courage Tops List of Desired Director Traits
A survey of 369 supervisory directors from 12 countries by search and advisory firm Russell Reynolds Associates asked which behaviors they thought are most important to creating a board culture that drives effectiveness and company performance - and 13% said possessing the courage to do the right thing for the right reasons, with another 13% saying willing to constructively challenge management. Eleven percent cited sound business judgment, nearly 10% said asking the right questions and 8% said maintaining an independent perspective and avoiding "group think." wsj.com

Top 10 Workplace Trends:
#8 Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has published its fourth annual Top 10 Workplace Trends list. Several of the trends on this list signify great changes in the way workplaces function. It appears "change" will be a major trend itself in organizations this year.

#8. Growing Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

From recruitment to selection to experiences on the job, this year organizations will focus on diversity and inclusion and how they drive organizational outcomes. Specific issues include understanding how implicit/unconscious bias affects how you interact with others, an increased diversification in the workplace, the need to be more inclusive and issues arising from an increasingly global workforce. I-O psychologists develop training and programs that will help employees recognize their unconscious biases and understand how it shapes their behaviors. ehstoday.com

RLPSA to Hold One-Day Crime Workshop on Feb. 21
RLPSA CONNECT is a one-day power workshop for LP, Security & Safety teams focused on crime activity against Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), casual dining restaurants and other food service providers.

Register today by emailing your name, title, company, phone number, and email address to Executive Director, Amber Bradley, at amber.bradley@rlpsa.com. More information here.

Buyers, Lowe's Settle Flooring Formaldehyde Class Action
A putative class of consumers has settled claims accusing Lowe's Home Centers and Armstrong Flooring of selling laminate flooring with dangerous levels of formaldehyde, according to papers filed Friday. In a stipulation of dismissal filed in the Middle District of Florida, lead plaintiffs William Woodworth and Diane Pilkerton said they had settled their claims with Lowe's Home Centers LLC and Armstrong World Industries Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, all claims are dismissed with prejudice and each party will bear its own fees and costs. Additional details were unavailable. law360.com

Protesting factory workers in Bangladesh are jailed
Worker protests over low wages paid by factories that make clothes for companies including Gap, H&M and Zara has resulted in at least 14 individuals being sent to jail. The factories who employ these individuals have pressed charges against them for acts of vandalism while labor advocates claim innocent people are being jailed as a scare tactic by management and the government. retailwire.com

Report: FTC wary of Walgreens-Rite Aid merger as deadline looms

Starbucks to expand parental leave

Last week's #1 article --

Nine Retailers That May Be Closing Illinois Stores In 2017

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The Ransom Ruse: A virtual kidnapping crime wave
Traveling to Mexico City recently, an executive of a Fortune 500 company had just checked into the hotel and was preparing to do a little exploring of the city before heading to the conference. As he was leaving the room, the hotel phone rang. Thinking it might be his wife, he picked up the phone. The call was from a stranger who warned him that his family back home in the US would be hurt if he didn't follow instructions. He was told to turn off his cell phone and move to a new hotel, He was to stay there until he was contacted. The stranger then called his wife and told her that her husband had been kidnapped. If she wanted to see him again, she was told to wire $600 to a bank account in Mexico within 2 hours - and, she was told not to try contacting her husband. Once the kidnappers received the money, they would let him go. There was no actual kidnapping. The Mexican gang was looking for a quick and easy way to make some money. As it turned out, the perpetrators were even in prison at the time of the kidnapping.

Virtual kidnappings don't just occur in Mexico or other at risk areas of the world. Virtual kidnappings are on the rise throughout the world as a quick and easy way to extort money. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has seen a recent increase in cases in New York, Nevada, Texas and California. xlcatlin.com

IRS to delay tax refunds as a security precaution
Phishing attacks targeting company payroll records on the rise

Refunds for more than 40 million low-income families could be delayed by the IRS this year, as the tax agency looks to leverage the extra time to combat identity theft and fraud. These delays will surely impact some of the families filing their taxes this week, which is the official start to this year's tax season. For many of them, their refund check is the largest payment they'll see all year.

The delay is there to help the IRS detect fraud, but the process isn't perfect. According to the AP report, 1.2 million legitimate refunds were delayed by at least 30-days on average last year.

During the first quarter of 2016, tens of thousands of taxpayers were targeted by criminals working the billion-dollar industry of tax fraud and identity theft. At least 41 organizations, but likely more than 70 when the year's public and private notifications are tallied, reported a wave of Phishing and social engineering attacks targeting payroll records. The criminals were especially interested in W-2 data. csoonline.com

ATM Malware Retooled to Strike More Machines
In early 2013, cybercriminals began deploying in Mexico what some security experts described as one of the most advanced pieces of malware that's ever been built to steal money from ATMs. Nicknamed Ploutus, it evolved to become the first ATM malware that could be controlled remotely by a mobile phone.

Ploutus, which appeared in Latin America and was built in a way that suggested that its developers spoke Spanish, could only target ATMs made by NCR, which is one of the industry's biggest manufacturers. It was coded to interact with an obscure kind of ATM management software from NCR called Aptra.

Four years later, that's changed. Ploutus has gone "multivendor" with a new version that's compatible with a type of middleware deployed by banks at ATMs around the world, according to a new report from FireEye. This development vastly expands cybercriminals' list of potential targets. databreachtoday.com

Jimmy Choo To Pay $2.5M To Settle Receipt Data Privacy Row
Luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo has agreed to fork over $2.5 million to settle a proposed class action accusing it of putting consumers at risk of identity theft by printing sensitive data on credit card receipts, according to documents filed in Florida federal court Friday. law360.com

SEC probing Yahoo over previously disclosed cyber breach
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a previously disclosed data breach at Yahoo Inc, the company said in a filing. The SEC is investigating whether two massive data breaches at Yahoo should have been reported sooner to investors, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, citing people familiar with the matter. reuters.com

How to keep branch offices as secure as corporate HQ

United Tech Glitch Sunday Night Caused a Dozen Cancellations and 250 Delays

Attention All LP Professionals!

This January, The Zellman Group is entering into its twentieth year of business. To celebrate this accomplishment, we wanted to give back to the LP community. Over the last twenty years the Zellman team has realized how important education is to the growth of an LP professional.

If you or someone you know is looking to grow in the LP field, starting January 1st we will be running a LPC Scholarship Essay Contest. We are giving away 20 LPC Scholarships for essays that best answer the question:

How will a LPC change your career path?

If you are interested, email a 400-word essay response to marketing@zellmangroup.com by April 1st 2017. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

The only requirements to submit an essay are:

● You must have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.
● You must have three years of loss prevention experience.
     - Examples: Corporate Analyst, LPM, LP Operations, LP Associate, etc.
● Without LP experience you must pass the LPQ exam AND have 1 of the 3 below:
     - 3 years of business experience, Bachelor Degree, or Master's Degree.
● You must be free from pending felony charges or convictions (or military equivalent of court martial charges and/or convictions).
● You must be free from pending misdemeanor charges or convictions involving moral turpitude ("moral turpitude" means an offense that calls into question the integrity or judgment of the offender, such as fraud, bribery, corrruption, theft, embezzlement, solicitation, etc.).

Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

Partnerships Between Shopping Center Leaders and Retailers

Malachy Kavanagh, Sr. VP, Comm. & External Relations, ICSC

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is the global trade association of the shopping center industry, representing shopping center owners, developers, managers, investors, retailers, brokers, academics, and public officials. In this LPNN interview, Malachy Kavanagh, Sr. VP, Communications and External Relations for ICSC, chats with Joe LaRocca about the organization's long history of working with retailers and specifically loss prevention professionals to address issues such as terrorism and active shooter threats.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #18

Ed Wolfe from WG Security rejoins Amber Bradley for another LPNN Quick Take. Here, they discuss the challenges of going off the grid and sailing to the Caribbean.

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Alibaba's Ma: Olympics deal will help fight counterfeiting
Alibaba chief Jack Ma says he hopes a new accord with Olympics officials will help fight counterfeiting, as the e-commerce giant seeks to repair its image after being deemed a "notorious" market for fakes by the U.S. government.

The Chinese billionaire and International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach announced Thursday a partnership to run through 2028 in which Alibaba will support the $500 million Olympic Channel in China, among other things.

Ma said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that the partnership can help find out "exactly" who authorized vendors are. He said Alibaba has "the largest anti-counterfeit team in the world."

Bach said that having a centralized platform could help fight counterfeiting.

The U.S. Trade Representative last month said Alibaba's online marketplace Taobao sells many counterfeit goods. businessinsider.com

How will President Trump impact e-commerce?
A new president and federal administration inevitably brings change for businesses in the United States and for foreign firms that sell to U.S. consumers. With the inauguration of Donald Trump as president on Friday morning, e-commerce could change, though no one's quite sure how.

Because Trump is a Republican, it could mean more business-friendly policies that allow online retailers to grow, says Rachel Honoway, president of the board of directors at the Performance Marketing Association, a trade group that represents affiliate marketers.

"Republican politicians tend to be more business-friendly, developing fewer and sometimes even reducing regulations and taxes for businesses," she says. "Based on Mr. Trump's campaign promises, we believe we'll see him follow in that tradition. This can create positive new opportunities for online retailers to capitalize on. Lower taxes, for example, gives e-commerce advertisers and publishers more money to invest back into their businesses."

But some online retailers say they're not so sure that Trump will look out for their best interests.

In terms of policies, Honoway says she's keeping an eye on what, if anything, Trump might do about a national online sales tax. Right now, there is no such tax in place, however a number of states are moving to implement their own online sales tax rules.

"His administration is looking at forcing all e-commerce companies to pay state sales taxes based on where the delivery is not where this e-commerce business is based," says Phil Rooke, CEO of online custom apparel retailer Spreadshirt Inc., referring to legislation proposed by House Judiciary Chairman Robert Goodlatte, R-Va.

Another area which may affect e-retailers, is if Trump follows through on his stated goal to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports. internetretailer.com

Thousands of foreign brands enter China through e-commerce

Amazon's next frontier to conquer? Auto parts

Clifton Park, NY: Theft-and-return ring targeted Lowe's stores; $140,000 of merchandise
State police say five people participated in a crime ring that stole items from Lowe's home improvement stores in New York and Massachusetts then returned the items for cash at a local store in the nationwide chain. Troopers said the ring stole from stores as far away as Rome and Norwich, N.Y., as well as Springfield, Mass., using distraction techniques or waiting until cashiers were busy with customers to walk out with shopping carts filled with high-priced items to a vehicle waiting in the parking lot. They would then return the stolen merchandise to the Lowe's located in the town of Halfmoon in exchange for gift cards. Troopers estimate the group stole more than $140,000 worth of merchandise over several months. troyrecord.com

Bethesda, MD: Surveillance video shows $12K theft at True Religion store
Montgomery County police released video Friday showing a major theft at a True Religion store in Bethesda. Surveillance video shows five suspects stealing about $12,000 worth of merchandise from the store, which is located in the Westfield Montgomery Mall. Police say the video shows three men and two women going into the store on January 5 just after 7 pm. Once inside, police say the suspects filled trash bags with merchandise and then left the scene. Investigators also say a store employee was assaulted by one of the suspects as she fled. fox5dc.com

Passaic County, NJ: Sheriff's Investigators bust Home Depot shoplifting ring; $7,000 in merchandise
Two men have been arrested in connection with a criminal enterprise that targeted several Home Depots in Passaic County. The Passaic County Sheriff's Office, Criminal Investigation Division, were investigating a shoplifting ring that has operated since mid-December at Home Depot stores in Passaic, Clifton, Totowa and Paterson, said Sheriff Richard Berdnik. After taking Milwaukee and Makita drill sets and fleeing through a fire door at the stores, the suspects would enter an awaiting vehicle. During their investigation, detectives received video surveillance footage that identified the two men. The two were recorded shoplifting nearly $7,000 in tools. northjersey.com

Sandpoint, ID: Police arrest brazen Walmart thief; nearly $5,000 from same store over 2 weeks
A woman was arrested Thursday for a series of brazen merchandise thefts at Walmart in Ponderay. Trista Lee Paulk is charged with burglary, grand theft, possession of methamphetamine and introducing contraband into jail. Paulk is accused of stealing $1,320 worth of merchandise and attempting to steal another $3,840 worth of merchandise between Dec. 16-29, 2016. The thefts were committed through a variety of schemes that included simply wheeling carts of merchandise out of the store without paying and bogus merchandise returns. bonnercountydailybee.com

Memphis, TN: Two Family Dollar shoplifters steal nearly $2,000 of merchandise
Memphis Police Department is looking for a man and woman accused of stealing baskets of merchandise from Family Dollar. Police said the two entered the store on Winchester Road, loaded baskets with merchandise, and left through the back door. The value of the stolen goods is estimated at $1,500. Police said the two are also responsible for stealing $500 worth of goods at Family Dollar on Hickory Hill Road. wmcactionnews5.com

Millville, NJ: Social media tips lead police to $1,800 Lowe's shoplifter
State police say tips from social media users helped them catch an Atlantic County man who shoplifted $1,800 worth of power tools from Lowe's. Bruce Kienzle, 30, of Hamilton Township, loaded the merchandise into a shopping cart Jan. 2 and then left the Bluebird Lane store without paying. thedailyjournal.com

Rome, GA: Four Charged in $1,500 theft from Belk in the Mount Berry Square Mall
Four Chattanooga residents were arrested in Rome on Saturday after they allegedly stole merchandise from Belk at Mount Berry Square Mall then proceeded to flee from police in a car. Reports said that Antonio Dewayne Coonrod, 22; Derrick M. Clay, 30; Markalla Laashon Ford, 18; and Nicole Wilson, 38; stole Polo hats and Polo shirts, allude at more than $1,500 before leaving the store in a car driven by Ford. Police stated that Coonrod and Clay grabbed the items and fled the store and got into a car, which was driven by Ford, and occupied by Wilson. coosavalleynews.com

Poulsbo, WA: Operation "Not in Poulsbo" yields 10 shoplifting arrests
Law enforcement officers conducted a first-of-its-kind operation Thursday focused on curbing what they say is a rising trend of drug abusers shoplifting to support their habit. Twenty-one officers from the Poulsbo and Bremerton police departments, as well as the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, worked the nine-hour operation Thursday afternoon and evening. Officers made 10 arrests, none of which were for the drug-related shoplifting activity they were targeting. Throughout the operation, police kept in contact with security guards and other employees of the city's retail businesses, monitoring any suspicious activity in the stores. Participating stores included Wal-Mart, OfficeMax, Home Depot, GameStop, Rite Aid, CVS, Safeway, Sport Haus and Central Market. Poulsbo police led the effort, calling it a "proactive approach" to dealing with increases in shoplifting and retail thefts to fund drug abuse. kitsapsun.com

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Shootings & Death

San Antonio, TX: Second suspect arrested in deadly shooting at Rolling Oaks Mall
Police arrested a second suspect accused in taking part in a jewelry store robbery that turned deadly Sunday afternoon, one person was killed and six more were injured. The second suspect was captured following a car wreck in Converse. The accident happened about twenty minutes after two suspects tried to rob a jewelry store inside Rolling Oaks Mall. A shopper who tried to stop the robbery was killed by gunfire. Another bystander who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon shot and wounded one of the suspects. The second robber got away and is believed to be the same person who wrecked the stolen car.

Converse police officers took him into custody, recovered two weapons and called SAPD to inform them of the arrest. The 35-year-old suspect faces a charge of capital murder and two counts of aggravated assault. SAPD says the first suspect remains in critical condition at San Antonio Military Medical Center. The Good Samaritan killed in the robbery was later identified as Jonathan Murphy, described as a retired Marine and a manager at a car dealership. news4sanantonio.com

Las Vegas, NV: Employee accidentally shot, killed by security guard during attempted jewelry store robbery
The female employee who died after an attempted robbery at a Henderson jewelry store was shot by a security guard, not the robber, according to Henderson police. The robber entered the Jared The Galleria of Jewelry just before 9 p.m. Saturday. A security guard inside the store saw the man brandishing a gun and attempted to shoot him. The security guard missed the robber and struck a 57-year-old employee instead. Henderson police are searching for the robber, who fled the scene without taking any jewelry or cash. reviewjournal.com

Atlanta, GA: 3 dead in shooting outside Greenbriar Mall
Two men in their late 20s were shot dead early Sunday morning outside a Checkers Drive in restaurant near Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta. Ahmad Johnson, 27, of East Point, and 28-year-old Rickie Burke of Atlanta died on the scene, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office. David Worrell, 22, was in critical condition after being shot and later died at Grady Memorial Hospital. A witness said he heard as many as 30 shots fired. ajc.com

Biloxi, MS: Police say angry man returned to Winn Dixie with a gun;
1 employee shot and wounded

A man kicked out of the Winn-Dixie on Pass Road on Saturday evening returned two hours later to exact revenge. Kelvin Lewis, 23, confronted a store employee inside the entrance to the grocery store shortly after 9 p.m. Lewis fired an automatic handgun at the employee, who ran back inside but was struck by a bullet. The employee was recovering from an injury that was not life threatening. Few shoppers were in the grocery store when the shooting happened because it was almost closing time. The suspect was arrested within minutes. sunherald.com

West Valley City, UT: 14 year old girl shot outside Valley Fair Mall
Authorities say a 14-year-old girl remains hospitalized in critical condition after she was shot in a parking lot at a West Valley City mall. West Valley City police described the incident as a possible gang-related shooting. Police believe the girl got a call to meet someone at the Valley Fair Mall parking lot and went there with at least one other friend. The teen met with at least two other people in the parking lot near a shuttered department store. fox13now.com

Jackson, TN: Man shot outside JC Penney at the Old Hickory Mall
Jackson police have confirmed a man was shot at Old Hickory Mall Saturday near JC Penney. Officers responded to a report of shots fired around 4:30 p.m.at the mall and found a man outside the store with a gunshot wound to his left leg. The 25-year-old man was taken to a local hospital for treatment. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. jacksonsun.com

Robberies & Thefts

Chicago, IL: Armed Gunman holds up a Walmart customer in the Money Center
A cashier at the Walmart said a man wearing a red jacket and blue jeans entered the store and was in the line at the Money Center when he suddenly brandished a gun and apparently tried to rob another customer in the line. No injuries were reported. chicagotribune.com

Broward County, FL: Violent robbery crew targeting women in shopping center parking lots
Police in Broward County are searching for a violent crew that has ambushed women with beatings and pepper spray while stealing purses and electronics this week at shopping centers in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale and Dania Beach. In two cases, women were followed to their homes, where, police said, their cars were stolen. Three of the four incidents began in Publix parking lots. sun-sentinel.com

Amsterdam: Seven arrested in $80 Million diamond theft
Five men and two women have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a $80 million diamond heist in 2005 at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, police in the Netherlands say. The seven Dutch nationals were arrested in Amsterdam and Valencia in Spain, the BBC reports. Some of the diamonds were recovered from a getaway car but stones worth an estimated $50 million are still missing. The diamonds and other jewelry were stolen in a high security area of the airport after the thieves forced their way into a KLM armored car. The seven were detained in raids on Friday and Saturday on suspicion of robbery and money laundering. thefinancialexpress-bd.com

Manhattan, NY: Two Sephora employees sprayed with pepper spray during apprehension; Police investigation continues

Washoe County, NV: Reno man gets life in prison for shooting 7-Eleven owner during robbery attempt

Kay Jewelers in the Prime Outlets at Jeffersonville, Jeffersonville, OH reported a Grab & Run on 1/22, items valued at $8,547

Zales Outlet in the Shenendoah Mall, Shenendoah TX reported a Credit Fraud on 1/8, multiple transaction totaling over $180,000

Piercing Pagoda in the Cumberland Mall, Atlanta, GA reported an Attempted Burglary on 1/20, no items were stolen

Totally Pagoda in the Westfield Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, MD reported a Burglary on 1/20, no merchandise was stolen

Piercing Pagoda in the Gateway Mall, Lincoln, NE reported a Burglary on 1/21 estimated value $32,000

Jared Vault in the Concord Mills, Concord, NC reported a Glass Lift on 1/19, item valued at $899

Piercing Pagoda in the Charleston Town Center, Charleston, WV reported a Grab & Run on 1/19, items valued at $1,699

Skimming Theft

Gunbarrel, CO: Romanian linked to Well Fargo ATM skimmer found guilty on 22 of 23 counts; 33 victims

Boost Mobile - Grand Rapids, MI - Armed Robbery
BP - Fitchburg, MA - Robbery
C-Store - Chicago, IL - Shooting- 4 men wounded
Cabin Store - Wiggins, MS - Robbery
Cell Phone Store - Bellflower, CA - Armed Robbery
Chevron - Shepherd, TX - Armed Robbery
Check into Cash - Springfield, TN - Armed Robbery
Citgo - Newtown, CT - Armed Robbery
Cumberland Farms - Hartford, CT - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Jackson County, MS - Armed Robbery / shot fired
Domino's Pizza - Lakeland, FL - Armed Robbery
Exotic Diamonds - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Vineland, NJ - Armed Robbery
Graham Mart - Bluefield, VA- Armed Robbery
Harry's Market - Norwich, CT - Armed Robbery
KFC - Russellville, AL - Shooting - 3 wounded
KFC - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
King's Market - Lincoln, DE - Armed Robbery
Lee & Moss - Amherst, VA - Armed Robbery
Lil Cricket - Enoree, SC - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - Grand Rapids, MI - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - Yuma, AZ - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - Brookhaven, DE - Armed Robbery
MLK Liquor - Portland, OR - Armed Robbery
Northside Mart - Winchester, VA - Armed Robbery
Oasis Food Mart - Vancouver, WA - Robbery/ Arson/ Homicide - Victim found by Fire Dept.
One Tech Electronics - Shreveport, LA - Robbery
Penguin Market - Belmont, NH - Armed Robbery
Red Rooster - Newtown, CT - Armed Robbery/ Arson/ Attempted Murder
Rite Aid - Skowhegan, ME - Robbery
Rock Bottom Music - Richmond County, GA - Burglary
Sam's Food - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery
Short Stop - Burlington, NC - Robbery/ Assault
SNS Quick Stop - Ogden, UT - Shooting - 1 man killed in parking lot
Stripes - Victoria, TX - Armed Robbery
Subway - Armstrong County, PA - Armed Robbery
Truckee's Mountain Hardware - Truckee, CA - Burglary
Valero - Bay, AR - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Lakewood, OH - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Aurora, CO - Shooting - 1 man shot and wounded in parking lot
Walmart - Idaho Falls, ID - Burglary
Wilder Smart Shop- Hartford, CT - Armed Robbery
Winn Dixie - Biloxi, MS - Shooting - 1 employee shot and wounded
Yum Yum Pizza - Erie, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Ormond Beach, FL - Armed Robbery
20/20 Mart - Fayetteville, NC - Burglary


Daily Totals:
40 robberies
4 burglaries
6 shootings
2 killed

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Vice President Asset Protection
Grand Rapids, MI

The Vice President of Asset Protection is responsible for strategic oversight and direction of Meijer's Asset Protection programs for the Stores, Distribution, Manufacturing and Corporate functions at Meijer. This executive position is accountable for the development and implementation of Asset Protection programs including Shrink Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Safety and Security Plans, Training, Investigations and Analytics to drive overall operating efficiencies while supporting the Company's strategic focus of a "Customer First" experience...

Director of Security and Loss Prevention
Los Angeles, CA

Directs, oversees and develops a Security and Loss Prevention team whose responsibility is to protect our employees, guests and physical assets and a Loss Prevention team whose responsibility is to prevent, detect, investigate, resolve and document internal and external losses and policy violations...

Sr. Mgr., Investigative Strategy and Risk
Seattle, WA

The Sr. Mgr., Investigative Strategy & Risk, will lead our global investigative strategy and workplace incident management program supporting Worldwide Operations and Customer Service. This position will provide strategic framework globally for investigations and workplace incident management as well as assist field loss prevention partners as a subject matter expert... 

Director of Investigations
New York, NY

The Director of Investigations is responsible for developing multi-level and multi-tiered strategy for investigations company-wide. These areas include investigations, investigative analysis, and investigative training. To create this multi-tiered strategy, The Director of Investigations must influence and impact members of Legal, Human Resources, Store Operations, and Customer Service to ensure that the collective decisions and policies incorporate Loss Prevention's goals of reducing business integrity-related risks...

Head of Financial Crime, Loss Prevention & Safety
Malvern, PA

The Head of Financial Crime, Loss Prevention and Safety 1NA is responsible for developing strategies to identify and remedy vulnerabilities that lead, or could lead, to financial loss throughout the NA operation, both in the field and office locations...


Director, Loss Prevention Initiatives Job
Dublin, CA

The Director of LP Initiatives & Compliance is responsible for directing cross-functional initiatives for both Ross and dd's Stores. The Director will direct and lead rollouts of new/updated processes, policies and procedures by working directly with LP Field Management and Stores for feedback. The Director will also direct LP compliance and merchandise protection programs... 


Director, Supply Chain Loss Prevention and Safety
Perris, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for achieving the shortage and safety goals set for the Supply Chain. This is done by supervising and promoting Loss Prevention initiatives and programs, and by developing and maintaining a strong collaborative partnership with Operations and Human Resource business partners...

Director, Loss Prevention
New York, NY

Maintain inventory levels and reduce loss. Responsible for developing and maintaining the strategy for reducing shrink and increasing profitability within the Fashion division. Building programs to sustain a high level of Loss Prevention awareness in our boutiques, and support our MBR partners and corporate partners...


Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager
San Francisco, CA

The Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager will be responsible for the strategic planning and execution of projects/programs. You will ensure that projects are completed on schedule and to the scope established and agreed upon with key stakeholders...

Sr. Manager Loss Prevention
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Asset Protection Manager will oversee the asset protection efforts in all Retail and Outlet stores in Canada and in the states of: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio which will include the following:
• Conduct investigations as it relates to theft, fraud and policy violations and furnish those results the VP of Asset Protection as well as Human Resources.
• Reviewing an analyzing incident reports generated from the stores...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Antioch,  CA

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager works under the direction of the Regional Director of Loss Prevention. Implements company programs relating to shortage control, theft resolution, and safety. Oversees and works with investigations staff to identify and resolve internal and external theft cases. Serves as a role model for all store and district personnel. Works as a liaison between National Stores Inc. and the criminal justice community...


Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago, IL

The Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for monitoring the performance and minimizing the losses experienced in the bowling centers operated by AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. The Loss Prevention Manager will investigate incidents of fraud, theft, policy violations, allegations of wrongdoing or any other activities that have or potentially could adversely affect the bowling centers... 


Loss Prevention Business Analyst
New York, NY

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives... 

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Aaron Ping named Asset Protection Manager for JC Penney.

Corey Lyons
promoted to District Loss Prevention Manager for TJX Companies.

Carlos Cordovi
named Pharmacy Loss Prevention & Safety Manager for ShopRite Supermarkets.

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