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An ORC Call to Action:

Join us in the Fight against Organized Retail Crime

Join the NRF's ORC Investigators Network of over 1,000 LP Professionals

The National Retail Federation (NRF) Organized Retail Crime (ORC) investigators network is made up of over 1,000 loss prevention professionals including federal, state and local law enforcement officers.

The NRF ORC investigators network is
Co-Chaired by Gabe Esposito of Verizon and Jon Shimp of Louis Vuitton North America, and is hosted by Bob Moraca of the NRF.

network serves as a force multiplier for loss prevention and law enforcement professionals in the fight against ORC, and provides a great forum through which information can be exchanged and losses mitigated" said Esposito.  

"Regardless if you have been in the security industry 30 days or 30 years,
we need everyone to sign up and join us in the fight against ORC, be a part of it and help make a difference", said Shimp.

To join and for more information please contact April O'Brien at programs@nrf.com, call 202-783-7971 or visit the NRF's website at www.nrf.com


Trump's Declaring War on the Counterfeit Black Market

WSJ: U.S. Signals Crackdown on Counterfeit Goods Sold Online

1st Time We've Seen Presidential Engagement in the Counterfeit Black Market

Trump administration targets e-commerce operators with broader enforcement in effort to compel companies help root out fakes

The Trump administration is moving to curb the sale of imported counterfeit goods over the internet,
warning electronic commerce platforms and warehouse operators of greater scrutiny and penalties if they don't help ferret out fakes.

The Department of Homeland Security is set to release a report Friday outlining its immediate actions and longer-term goals for enlisting e-commerce players to combat counterfeit products that officials say undermine U.S. technology and manufacturing, harm bricks-and-mortar retailers and endanger consumers.

The new initiative, led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the White House, comes the same month as an initial trade agreement with China that
requires Beijing to take steps against counterfeiters or risk enforcement actions that could trigger new tariffs.

The Trump administration is seeking to pressure e-commerce giants including Amazon.com Inc., which increasingly hosts lucrative third-party sales on its platform, as well as financial firms, logistics services and other companies that are positioned to help stem the rising tide of counterfeits and pirated goods.

The DHS report, which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, says
law enforcement will begin identifying cases immediately and "seek all available statutory authorities to pursue civil fines and other penalties against these entities."

It also calls for
new laws "to explicitly permit the government to seek injunctive relief against third-party marketplaces and other intermediaries dealing in counterfeit merchandise."


Wells Fargo's Millions of Fake-Accounts Scandal Update

Holding CEO's & the C-Level Accountable Trend Continues
With Combined Fines of Over $46M & $136 in Forfeited Pay

Chief Risk Officer & Chief Auditor Held Accountable & Fined Millions
Ex-CEO Gets Lifetime Ban & Fined $17M - Forfeits $70M in Pay

Regulator bars former CEO John Stumpf from banking industry; other execs charged too

The former Wells Fargo chief executive John Stumpf was also
fined him $17.5 million over the firm's fake-accounts scandal. A lifetime ban on a CEO of a big bank is unprecedented.

The firm's former chief administrative officer and
chief risk officer settled similar civil charges, and the chief auditor and four other former executives were also charged.

Wells Fargo's
reputation was left in tatters after it became public that an aggressive sales culture led employees to open millions of possibly fake accounts.

Mr. Stumpf, was hauled before Congress and
sparred with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who called for him to resign. He did shortly afterward. He also forfeited about $70 million in pay.

The OCC on Thursday also settled charges against Wells Fargo's former
chief administrative officer and former chief risk officer. They paid a combined $3.5 million. wsj.com

Sustainability is the top theme for 2020

And a Few Sr. LP Execs Now Run Their Retailers' Sustainability Programs

Is this a potential new horizon for LP Execs to shoot for?

In 2020, sustainability will be the most important theme discussed in corporate boardrooms worldwide, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

GlobalData's latest report, 'Sustainability - Thematic Research', states that
public anger at the lack of action on climate change, corruption, income inequality, tax avoidance, and other social ills makes it harder for chief executives to ignore sustainability.

The sustainability movement has momentum on its side. Citizens, governments, regulators, and the media are turning the spotlight on corporations and demanding action.
Social inequality, corruption, tax avoidance, and a lack of action on climate change are all issues that companies must now address head-on, with full transparency.

The reluctance of many CEOs to fully engage with sustainability can be attributed to the age-old view that it will hurt profits. However, the evidence in this report suggests the exact opposite. Companies that embrace all three pillars of sustainability will outperform their peers. CEOs that are too slow to improve their company's approach to sustainability will see an exodus of customers and a drop in profits far sooner than they ever imagined.

In this report, GlobalData sets out a comprehensive sustainability framework - based on
environmental, social, and governance issues - to help CEOs identify all potential sustainability risks and implement mitigating actions that can improve their company's ESG performance. globaldata.com

FMI Endorses ReposiTrak Solution For Fixing Out-of-Stocks
FMI-The Food Industry Association and ReposiTrak Inc. jointly announced today that
FMI is endorsing ReposiTrak's OOS Management Solution to address the grocery industry's long-term and growing problem of out-of-stocks. FMI brings together a wide range of members across the value chain - from retailers who sell to consumers, to producers who supply the food, as well as the wide-variety of companies providing critical services - to amplify the collective work of the industry. ReposiTrak is the industry leader in solutions for out-of-stock reduction, sourcing, food safety and risk management for the retail supply chain.

FMI, which also partners with ReposiTrak to help implement their
traceability compliance programs, is supporting the use of the ReposiTrak OOS Management Solution to help members reduce out-of-stocks by using proven technology and proprietary algorithms that identify out-of-stocks at the store, SKU and route level. businesswire.com

Super Bowl Security

Miami Prepares for One of the Biggest National Security Events of the Year

Miami, FL: Super Bowl Security A Top Priority With The Big Game 1 Week Away
With Super Bowl 54 coming to Hard Rock Stadium in less than a month, CBS4's Hank Tester got a look at the security measures being put in place. Security was definitely tight at last year's Super Bowl in Atlanta. But this year in Miami,
with the back drop of intense turmoil with Iran and proxy groups just short of war with the United States, security needs to be at its best.

"I can tell you that we are well prepared with security measure here in Miami-Dade County for the Super Bowl," said Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

Greg Terp, a former cop, played a big security role in the 2010 Super Bowl held in Miami. He's now part of the Super Bowl Host Committee.
"Since 2010, the threat levels are gonna be up, including cyber threats, drones, but all those things are being looked at," said Terp.

The crowd was told that local and state law enforcement is not going it alone. The feds will be all over South Florida Super Bowl week. "We have a lot of agencies working. Federal agencies from all over coming to Miami -
FBI, Secret Service, DEA," said Asst. Chief Ron Papier. "Everybody will be in town making sure Miami is the safest city in the world." cbslocal.com

As Super Bowls heads to Miami, feds on high alert for human traffickers
Just miles from where this year's Super Bowl is set to take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., the feds are already in town to train Miami International Airport officials on how to spot human trafficking victims.

Florida is a state with the third-highest rate of per-capita calls regarding human trafficking, so we thought it was important to teach our employees on the indicators of human trafficking," said Indira Pardillo, a public relations official at the airport.

More than 600 airport employees have spent days training on how to spot human traffickers and
human trafficking victims. The airport is expecting a record total of 90,000 passengers to travel out of the airport the day after the game.

Customs and Border Protection agents say that for national security events like the Super Bowl, it's also "game day" for human traffickers. "Any time you have an event that attracts, I would say, high-income participants, it might be prone to situations such as illicit crime, criminal activity and human trafficking," said Michael Silva, a Customs and Border Protection spokesman. foxnews.com

Drone Pilots Better Stay Away From Hard Rock Stadium
It's been so long since the last Super Bowl in South Florida that fast-evolving technology has forced a lot of changes in security preparations for Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium a week from Sunday. In 2010, when the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts and The Who performed at halftime, one of the big concerns from the sky was actually big, slow blimps. Now, it's much smaller, swifter drones. During last year's Super Bowl in Atlanta, for instance, six drones flying too close to the stadium throngs were reportedly confiscated in the days before the games.

Federal and local authorities say they have a plan to combat the new threat if it ever appears but, for security purposes, they aren't willing to share it with the public. But one federal employee familiar with defense and security systems being employed for the Super Bowl said
if a drone appears that is perceived in any way as a threat it will be taken care of through "drone mitigation technology." miamiherald.com

Zebra Technologies' RFID Tech Will Track Super Bowl LIV Action
RFID specialist Zebra Technologies Corp. (Nasdaq: ZBRA) will hold a press conference on Jan. 29 to showcase key data collected during the past NFL season, and set the stage for how Super Bowl LIV contestants Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers match up for the big game on Feb. 2.

As the Official On-Field Player-Tracking Provider for the NFL, Zebra will be represented by John Pollard, vice president of business development for Zebra Sports. He will take attendees inside the best-in-class player and ball tracking technology behind the NFL's Next Gen Stats. Matt Swenson, vice president of emerging products and technology for the NFL, will also speak about how the data benefits the league, teams, broadcasters and fans.

This past summer, Zebra inked a renewal of its partnership with the NFL, which extended the company's role through the 2021 season. To enable the data collection,
Zebra attaches RFID tags in player equipment and footballs, transmitting real-time location data to receivers positioned around the stadium that gather metrics such as player speed, distance traveled, orientation and acceleration.

For the 2019-2020 season, Zebra tagged 2,880 players plus all the officials during the pre-season, with nearly 1,700 players tagged during the regular season.

The press conference will be live streamed at Facebook.com/ZebraTechnologiesGlobal on Jan. 29, 3:30 to 4 p.m. ET. It will take place at Super Bowl LIV Media Center in the Miami Beach Convention Center. securitysales.com

2020 Super Bowl: Consumers to spend $17.2 billion
The latest consumer spending data from NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics' 2020 Super Bowl survey suggests this may be one of the strongest Super Bowls yet, with nearly 194 million adults saying they have plans for the big game. Those watching the event expect to spend an average $88.65 on food and beverages, merchandise and party supplies, for a total $17.2 billion nationwide.

As the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to face off, here's how consumers are getting ready. See the data in the
infographic below and explore NRF's Super Bowl Dashboard for historical data and trends: nrf.com

Super Bowl Shouldn't Be a Super Headache for Employers
In the days leading up to the big game, and in the days following it, you might see some impact on your workplace. There's no need for the Super Bowl to create a super headache, however. Following some simple suggestions and spending just a few minutes now to proactively prepare for these issues will ensure that you can kick back and enjoy the game without worrying about legal compliance issues.

Before the Game: Gambling in the Workplace - Days Leading Up to the Game: Productivity & Dress Code Concerns - The Week After the Game: Monday Morning Absences & Championship Parade shrm.org

Jewelers Mutual Ups Midwest Surveillance Because of Suspicious Activity
Jewelers Mutual has arranged additional surveillance for commercial lines policyholders in an unnamed state in the Midwest because of what it terms suspicious activity. This is the second time in the past few months that the company has had to do so. In October 2019, Jewelers Mutual provided extra security surveillance to policyholders in California during widespread power outages. The company has also urged jewelers to review its list of what to do during a jewelry store robbery. The advice includes not calling the police, pressing a hold-up alarm or panic button. Not making eye contact with robbers or pursuing them after they leave. Jewelers Mutual said it will continue to monitor developing criminal situations and deploy additional targeted loss prevention services to protect commercial lines policyholders and the jewelry industry when possible. idexonline.com

Rapid City, SD: Police responded to nearly 1,700 shoplifting cases
- Retailers taking Action

Starting in February,
both Walmart stores that are currently open 24 hours a day in Rapid City will be closed from 1 am to 6 am. One local Walmart employee told KOTA Territory, one reason for the hour change: shoplifting. With theft costing one local Walmart store nearly $2.5 million dollars last year. Tara Aston, Walmart Senior Manager, reached out to KOTA Territory and said: "Based on a recent review of shopping patterns at our Rapid City stores, we adjusted hours and reallocated resources to better serve our customers during peak shopping hours," stated Aston. kotatv.com

UK Retailers Making the Same Moves As U.S. Retailers
Morrisons supermarket axes 3,000 managers in huge shake-up

Morrisons is axing 3,000 management roles as part of a huge restructuring to create more shop floor jobs. The firm says it is also creating 7,000 new hourly-paid roles at its 500 stores, meaning a net 4,000 new posts.

The new jobs will be in customer-facing roles, such as more butchers, bakers, fishmongers, the supermarket said. The company says those in managerial jobs who want to remain working at Morrisons can stay. However, their new offer will be at the shop floor level. Front-line store staff at Morrisons earn £9 an hour or $11.76 U.S. an hour. bbc.com
NYC Council Bans Cashless Retail
New York is set to join Philadelphia and San Francisco on the list of cities to ban cashless businesses. Massachusetts and New Jersey have statewide prohibitions on businesses refusing hard currency. Going cashless has been a popular option for fast-casual restaurant brands, which prefer to cycle through customers quickly during busy lunch hours.

Businesses who refuse to accept physical currency could face fines between $1,000 and $1,500 for each offense. The bill would allow businesses to house machines that convert cash into pre-paid cards, an option popular at laundries. The businesses would not be allowed to impose fees on the transactions. crainsnewyork.com

Job Re-Posted on Linkedin:
Director of Asset Protection & Risk Management - CKE Restaurants - Franklin, TN

Coresight: Week 4: 2020 YTD Closures - 1,211 / 2020 YTD Openings - 1,718

7-Eleven Tops 70,000 Stores in 17 Countries - 11,800 in North America

Coach Suddenly Folds Up Ginormous Manhattan Madison Ave Store

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Malicious files regularly bypass today's leading email security products
- Leaving your inbox vulnerable

Email security industry miss rates when encountering threats are higher than 20%

Email security miss rates are definitely a huge issue. Malicious files regularly bypass all of today's leading email security products, leaving enterprises vulnerable to email-based attacks including ransomware, phishing and data breaches, according to BitDam, which conducted an empirical study to measure leading email security products' ability to detect unknown threats at first encounter

According to the study's findings, for Office ATP, the miss rate over seven weeks in late 2019 was about 23% and the TTD average was about 48 hours. About 20% of missed unknown threats took four or more days to be detected. Office 365 ATP was 'blind' to selected unknown threats it did not detect at first encounter. For G Suite, the miss rate was 35.5% over four weeks in late 2019.

The Time To Detect (TTD) average was about 26 hours with about 10% of missed unknown threats taking three days or more to be detected.

Advanced technologies, behavioral biometrics and layering for strong authentication
The right approach, David Britton, VP of industry solutions of global fraud and identity at Experian told Biometric Update, is to have layers of device recognition, device intelligence, behavioral and traditional biometrics. Identity verification is a critical piece to the solution.

Behavioral biometrics is the perfect example of how powerful, advanced technologies can de leveraged to recognize consumers, he adds. A user can now be identified from the way they're using the mobile phone to navigate through an app. There are methods to capture and analyze the data to detect if it is a genuine user or a bot or a scripted attack. Based on the genuine user's interaction with the device, there would be specific characteristics of thumb pressure and finger gestures that a bot cannot replicate, for example.

What is important to remember, Britton insists, is that fraudsters are very intelligent, creative individuals that will likely not go down the same path twice. Because we're dealing with a dynamic market, it's critical for companies to roll out systems that will instantly adapt to new threats and vulnerabilities if they want to successfully stop fraudulent attacks.

"A business may spend a tremendous amount of money deploying a single solution that solves the problem today, but it may have a shelf life that doesn't solve the threat attack that comes tomorrow," Britton says.

"So one of the big things that we've realized, and it all goes back to the idea of layering, is if you can invest in a platform that has dynamic capabilities to take in more data, leveraging new capabilities as new technologies come about, and not have to rip and replace your systems every time, that's going to be a tremendous value for businesses in their fight against fraud and the challenges that come online." biometricupdate.com

Five cyber risks that will define 2020
2019 was a bad year for data security. By virtually every metric, it was the worst ever. According to the Ponemon Institute's 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a data breach reached $3.92 million, the highest amount on record. At the same time, the number of data breaches will reach an all-time high this year. The number of data breaches increased by 54% in the first half of 2019, with nearly 4,000 publicly disclosed breaches during that time. In total, more than 4.1 billion records have been exposed this year.

Increasingly, consumers and regulatory bodies are holding companies accountable for data breaches. An October 2019 survey found that 81% of consumers would stop engaging with a brand online after a data breach, which means the brand erosion and reputational damage that accompanies a breach is likely to add to the costs of a data security incident. Moreover, regulatory oversight like GDPR and CCPA are indicative of a growing regulatory trend that collectively raises the importance of data security in the year ahead.

For those charged with protecting company data, today's expansive threat landscape can feel overwhelming, leading to increased levels of exhaustion and burnout. However, not all threats are equally prescient, as some are more likely and ominous than others.

Here are five cyber risks that will endanger company data in 2020:

Insider threats - Phishing scams - Exposed databases - Fatigued IT admins - Wrong priorities

Did Apple drop end-to-end encrypted iCloud backups because of the FBI?

Data on the rise: 4 new challenges security must master


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Texting scam disguises itself as delivery notification from Amazon, FedEx
There's a new scam to watch out for. This time, it's a texting scam that disguises itself as a delivery notification from companies like Amazon and FedEx, according to How to Geek.

Within the text, there will be a link that takes you to a fake Amazon page that offers you to take a "free survey." Then, the survey will ask for your credit card information to pay for shipping, and it will automatically sign you up to received a product each month with a charge of $98.95.

Of course, one of the easy ways to detect this scam is to note what is said in the address bar of the web page. For example, if the web address has Amazon or FedEx in the name, it is likely okay. However, if it doesn't note the companies and displays a web page claiming to be one of those companies, it is likely a scam. fox61.com

Editor's Note: This writer received a phishing text message just like the one pictured above a few days ago. With "mate" in the text, one could assume this scam is originating from either England or Australia.

Canon wins lawsuit against eBay users selling counterfeits
Canon USA have recently won a lawsuit against two eBay users who were flogging counterfeit Cannon batteries on the marketplace. Canon raised the issue in October 2019 stating that the sellers were using its trademark and therefor misleading the public into buying dangerous counterfeits that they thought were authentic. On December 12, 2019 Canon announced the victory through a press release also detailing their aim to protect consumers from unsafe products. tamebay.com

UK: Online retail sees the largest jump in new businesses of all industries
The online retail sector saw the largest jump of all 237 UK business sectors in the number of new businesses created over the last five years, says Growthdeck, the private equity investment firm. The number of new online retail businesses opening per year tripled to 25,675 in 2018 from 7,720 in 2013. enterprisetalk.com

Powerbridge Technologies Announces Successful Launch of its Cross-Border eCommerce SaaS Service Platform

Miva, Signifyd join forces to prevent fraud for online merchants


Russian Brothers Get 12 Yrs. Fed. Prison - "Running Massive" Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud Factory from their Ft. Lauderdale Residence

Hit Target Stores for Over $100,000 in High-End Electronics

Igor Grushko, 33, and Denis Grushko, 29, Russian nationals who were residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida were sentenced yesterday to 145 months in prison, after having been previously convicted by a South Florida federal jury of aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to possess and use stolen credit cards, production of fraudulent credit cards, and production of counterfeit identification documents. 

When USSS agents executed a search warrant at their home, law enforcement discovered rubber molds and plastic resin which the Grushkos used to manufacture their own credit card skimming devices; dozens of skimming devices, ATM overlays, pinhole cameras, and similar devices used to steal credit and debit card information; a credit card embosser, encoder, and magnetic stripe reader used to create counterfeit cards; sheets of Maryland state identification holograms and an identification card printer which was used to
create fake identification cards (ID's); hundreds of fraudulent credit cards and fake ID's; and thousands of unauthorized credit and debit card numbers on the Grushkos' computers

Law enforcement also
discovered several tutorials appearing to instruct the Grushko brothers how to commit identity theft and credit card fraud. For example, one document in their possession read, "What is carding? Well, carding is the art of credit card fraud.  The motive is usually tied to money. Handling a $9,000 plasma TV knowing that you didn't pay one cent for it is definitely a rush. But real carders seem to card for something more. The rush that the federalles could bust down your door at any minute? The defiance of knowing that every day that you are walking among the public is another day that you have gotten away with a federal crime?"

Vozniuk, 24, a Ukrainian national who was also residing in Fort Lauderdale, was sentenced to 27 months in prison as well. justice.gov

Alexandria, VA: Russian pleads guilty in Virginia to $20 Million credit card fraud
A Russian national pleaded guilty Thursday to running a website that helped people commit more than $20 million in credit-card fraud.
Aleksei Burkov, entered the plea to charges including fraud and money laundering. He was extradited to the U.S. from Israel in November over the objection of Russian officials. An indictment accused Burkov of running a website called Cardplanet that let people buy stolen credit-card numbers for anywhere from $3 to $60. People used the numbers to make more than $20 million in fraudulent purchases. Prosecutors say Burkov even offered a money-back guarantee if a stolen card number no longer worked. In court Thursday, Burkov admitted to running a second website on an invite-only basis that allowed cybercriminals to sell stolen data. Burkov faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years at his May 8 sentencing. whsv.com

Ventura County, CA: Man sentenced 8 years in Hard Drive Theft Scheme
A 42-year-old man was sentenced to 8 years in prison for participating in a complex theft scheme of computer hard drives, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday. Peter Cuong Chi Nhan, 42, pleaded guilty to 12 felony counts of organized retail theft, receiving stolen property and conspiracy to commit a crime, according to the Ventura County District Attorney's Office. In addition to the eight year prison sentence, Nhan will have to pay restitution to stores he victimized as well as forfeit all profits made from the scheme.

In June 2019, detectives with the
Simi Valley Police learned from a fraud investigator at Target that Nhan was purchasing new computer hard drives and then returning the computers after removing the hard drives and replacing them with older worthless drives, according to authorities. The system is known as "hard drive shucking" in the retail electronics industry, investigators said. Through further investigation, Simi Valley authorities tracked Nhan as he continued to shuck hard drives throughout California at various retailers, including Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Fry's Electronics.

Records obtained during the investigation showed Nhan earned over $580,000 selling hard drives through his shucking scheme. vcstar.com

Atlanta, GA: Shoplifters accused of taking advantage of Lenox Mall shooting chaos
Police say shoplifters allegedly used the panic of a shooting in a major mall parking garage to cover for their crimes as others were running for cover. According to a report, an officer working an extra job at Lenox Square Mall was flagged down by the owner of the Clay clothing store shortly after gunfire caused a stampede of people inside the mall with some businesses even closing their doors. A police report said that while the employee was finding cover, she saw four people come into the store and fill their arms with merchandise before escaping in the chaos. While it wasn't clear at the time what they had taken, a check of inventory found that
40 pairs of bell-bottom jeans, 20 pairs of Clay Denims, 15 pairs of Oreas Lucille rompers, 15 pairs of Oreas tees, two accessory bins, five pairs of Clay trenches and 30 Clay hair bows were missing. The suspects apparently also damaged two cash registers in an attempt to steal them. 11alive.com

Fowlerville, MI: C-Store Employee steals $120K in lottery tickets, deletes camera footage

Oak Brook, IL: 3 men steal up to $10,000 in iPhones from Apple Store in Oak Brook Mall

Naugatuck, Three suspects stole $10,000 of merchandise from T-Mobile

San Rafael, CA: Police arrest Northgate Mall Victoria's Secret thief with $5,700 of stolen merchandise

Athens, AL: Pharmacy employee charged with Percocet and Oxycodone theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Tucson, AZ: PCSD responding to reported shooting west of Tucson Mall
Pima County Sheriff's Department responded to a reported shooting on Thursday night. Upon arrival at approximately 9:11 p.m., deputies located one victim who was then transported to the hospital. kvoa.com

Davenport, IA: Multiple people in custody after shooting outside NorthPark Mall
Several people were taken into custody after a shooting Thursday morning outside NorthPark Mall in Davenport. Police said no injuries or damage were reported. Officers canvassed the Dillard's parking lot, where at least eight fired shell casings were recovered. gconline.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Palos Verdes Estates, CA: Liquor Store Owner's Attackers Ordered to Pay Nearly $800,000
A former Palos Verdes Estates liquor store owner who said he was ambushed in his store by two men wearing costumes and wielding baseball bats on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 was awarded nearly $800,000 Thursday. A Los Angeles Superior Court jury deliberated about a day before finding in favor of Shuja Oberoi. The 66-year-old Muslim Pakistani immigrant testified that he wondered if he would survive the 2015 attack. nbclosangeles.com

Orange Beach, AL: Police arrest man wanted in Publix Pharmacy Robbery
The Orange Beach Police Department arrested a man Thursday morning after a brief chase. The man was wanted for a robbery at the Publix Pharmacy that took place around 10:00 a.m. Police say the suspect was unarmed but used force against the pharmacy clerk. He then fled the store on foot where investigators and patrol units chased him and took him into custody. wkrg.com

Greenville County, SC: Dollar General employee accused of filing false report about knifepoint robbery in Greer
Jessica Audra Lance, 18, was working at Dollar General and called dispatch saying that four men had robbed the store and put a knife to her throat. On Thursday afternoon, Lance called investigators and said that she made up the story. Investigators found out that Lance had invited the men to the store so she could buy beer for them. When the individuals came to the store, they reportedly took several cases of beer and left the store. "Claiming she was fearful of retaliation from her job, Lance made up the report, stating she had been robbed." wspa.com

Torrance, CA: 3 Charged in Violent 7-Eleven Robbery That Left Clerk in a Coma
Three people have been charged in a 7-Eleven robbery that left the Torrance store's clerk in a coma after one of the thieves beat him, prosecutors said Thursday. The victim, identified as father of four Syed Ali, has remained in a coma since the Jan. 11 incident, authorities said. ktla.com

Seaford, DE: GameStop robbed by two people armed with a machete

New York, NY: Cops bust 'burglary crew' in Queens, believe they are part of elaborate robbery operation out of Chile

Allen Park, MI: Shoplifting incident at Dunham Sports becomes Robbery after suspect threatens to shoot employee

Lufkin, TX: Two of three suspects in Sprint, Target burglaries arrested


Butte, MN: Man who embezzled $41,124 from Rent-A-Center gets deferred sentence
A Butte man apologized in court Thursday for stealing more than $41,000 in Google and Microsoft gift cards from the Rent-A-Center in Butte where he worked. "I'm ready to face the consequences of my actions," Chancelor Dean Cobban, 25, told District Judge Kurt Krueger. The consequences imposed by Krueger were a six-year deferred sentence, numerous probation restrictions and an order to pay $41,124 in restitution. Cobban had previously pleaded guilty to felony theft by embezzlement, which carries a maximum 10-year prison term. fairfieldsuntimes.com

North Carolina: Members of $11 Million International Telemarketing Scheme Sentenced to Prison



AT&T - Ventura County, CA - Burglary
AT&T - Ventura County, CA - Burglary (2 of2)
Apple - Oak Brook, IL - Robbery
Auto - Great Falls, MO - Burglary
C- Store - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - White Oak, MD - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Littleton, CO - Burglary
C-Store - Duluth, GA - Burglary
C-Store - Allentown, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Delmar, MD - Armed Robbery
Cellphone - Allentown, PA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Willoughby, OH - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Seaford, DE - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Ascension Parish, LA - Robbery
Hardware - Kokomo, IN - Burglary
JC Penney - Concord, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Portland, OR - Robbery
Pawn Shop - Palm Desert, CA - Robbery/ Assault
Pharmacy - Orange Beach, AL - Robbery/ Assault
Pharmacy - O'Fallon, MO - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Bloomington, MN - Robbery / Assault (IHOP)
Restaurant - Nassau County, NY - Armed Robbery (Dunkin)
Restaurant - Nassau County, NY - Armed Robbery (Dunkin) 2 of 2
Sporting Goods - Allen Park, MI - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Naugatuck, CT - Robbery
Walgreens - North College Hill, OH - Armed Robbery
Verizon - Hall County, GA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Reno, NV - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 22 robberies
• 6 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


Weekly Totals:
• 102 robberies
• 23 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed

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Assets Protection Business Partner - Food & Beverage
Minneapolis, MN
In this role you will lead a team of DC AP Managers responsible for providing safe and secure environments for our team members and guests in Food & Beverage Distribution Centers. AP teams will do this by leading a physical security culture and responding to crisis events to protect our team, investigating and resolving theft, and creating awareness and educating team members on operational shortage priorities...
Assets Protection Business Partner - Global Supply Chain & Logistics
Multiple Field Locations, Nationwide
In this role you will lead a team of DC AP Managers responsible for providing safe and secure environments for our team members and guests in Distribution Centers across Central and Pac-Northwest US regions. AP teams will do this by leading a physical security culture and responding to crisis events to protect our team, investigating and resolving theft, and creating awareness and educating team members on operational shortage priorities...
Investigative Analyst
Palo Alto, CA
The Investigative Analyst conducts various analysis and investigative services for a specific client in their Investigations Center. The Analyst will complete all-source research, gather pertinent data, review intelligence gaps, prepare case files and complete associated investigations and reporting requirements...
Regional Loss Prevention Manager
San Francisco or Los Angeles, CA
Primary Purpose: To protect the company assets, associates and customers in the stores located on the West Coast (majority of stores in California) and administer the established Loss Prevention programs that have been established at the stores of our three brands: Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman...

Research Director
Gainesville, FL
The Research Director leads, develops, and manages the research and innovation team and its outputs by coordinating research and innovation strategy, projects, working group engagements, lab enhancement, IMPACT and other event preparation...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago, IL

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager (RLPM) oversees the daily activities of loss prevention efforts within the assigned area to ensure an effective and proactive approach to the reduction of shrink and protection of company assets...

Manager of Loss Prevention & Security
Wawa, PA
The Manager of Loss Prevention and Security serves as the subject matter expert in the area of Loss Prevention and Physical Security for the Company with focus on developing and driving solutions that will create an optimum associate and customer experience in a safe and secure environment...
Payments Security Program Manager
San Jose, CA

The Payments Security Program Manager will oversee the strategy, identification, coordination, implementation, execution and completion of the Security Initiatives across eBay's Payments, Risk, and Billing systems and partnering organizations...

Region Asset Protection Manager
Jacksonville, FL
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Asset Protection Investigator
Scarsdale, NY
The Asset Protection Investigator (API) shall consistently identify internal and external theft opportunities, prepare AP case reports and testifies in criminal court proceedings when necessary. The API will also develop internal case leads and actively participate with the investigation...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Seattle, WA

The Regional Manager of Asset Protection drives Asset Protection programs and supports Luxottica Brands to safeguard the assets of merchandise, money, property and the welfare of customers and associates. Responds and investigates situations of known or suspected internal/external dishonesty...

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