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 January 29, 2016


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Protection 1
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, and Les Paul Vernon, VP Enterprise Solutions

The NRF's Senior Leadership Supporting the LP Industry
Bob Moraca, VP of LP, NRF

The Unwritten Rules of Corporate America
Keith White, SVP of LP, Gap Inc.

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Boddie-Noell Loss Prevention Director charged with embezzlement
Nash County deputies arrested a Boddie-Noell Enterprises executive Thursday in connection with embezzling from the national company. Ted Polensky, 48, was charged with 15 counts of felony embezzlement. He was jailed in Nash County under a $15,000 secured bond.

Company representatives allegedly contacted the sheriff's office in November regarding suspicions of embezzlement and deputies investigated the allegations. Officials said Polensky, who reportedly was employed as the director of the loss prevention division, embezzled more than $1,000 from the company during a three-month period. When contacted, representatives of Boddie-Noell declined to comment on the incident.

Officials said the investigation began in November of 2015 and concluded Thursday morning in Nash County.

Headquartered in Rocky Mount, N.C., Boddie-Noell Enterprises Inc., employs close to 10,000 people operating 330 Hardee's restaurants throughout 4 Southeast states. rockymounttelegram.com wral.com

Home Depot rolls out Midwest Asset Protection Specialist initiative
- over 200 positions
The Asset Protection Specialist is primarily responsible for preventing financial loss caused by theft and fraud and supporting safety and environmental program compliance in their assigned store/multiple stores.

With over 200 postings on LinkedIn made this week it's obvious they're rolling out a major initiative to support the stores. Great LP Job growth! However one special note - has LinkedIn mistakenly listed positions more than once?  linkedin.com brassring.com

Retailers Alert: Civil Demand Under Attack in Maryland Again
Delegate Brooke Lierman's bill to repeal the statute allowing business owners to seek civil penalties from shoplifters or her pay stub transparency bill has been re-introduced this session.

The Civil Penalties for Shoplifting and Employee Theft - Repeal (HB190) is the same bill as last year. This bill seeks to repeal the entire statute that allows employees to seek civil penalties in cases of customer or employee theft. This takes away a critical tool for businesses in Maryland to seek remedies when they are victims of theft.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, February 3rd at 2pm in the House Judiciary Committee
Maryland Retailers Associaton Position: OPPOSE contact  www.mdra.org
More information will be provided as we will continue to cover this next week. Hoping for an article from the Maryland Retailers Association including instructions on how you can get involved and help defeat this bill.

Sears Delayed Reporting Peeping Tom's "Elaborate Spying"
Fitting Room Cameras, Cop Says
A police officer Thursday told a California jury considering claims that Sears was negligent in failing to detect a peeping tom employee that he was surprised the store waited nearly an entire day to call the cops after discovering a hidden camera system in a women's fitting room.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Ramiro Munoz took the stand during second day of the Los Angeles trial on claims by female Sears customers and employees that they suffered emotional distress because of store maintenance worker Alejandro Gamiz's elaborate spying. Gamiz's activities spanned three years and included placing hidden cameras in multiple women's changing rooms and drilling holes in the walls of stalls of women's restrooms in the store, court documents show. The plaintiffs say about 1,000 women were victimized.

Under examination by plaintiffs' attorney Michael Kelly of Kirtland & Packard LLP, Munoz testified that when he responded to the call from the management and loss prevention staff at the North Hollywood store in April 2012, he found that one of the hidden cameras had already been taken down, and that he was "surprised" the store staff had waited nearly 23 hours to call police after finding the devices.

Gamiz had drilled holes in women's dressing rooms and restrooms and set up live cameras and motion-activated cameras that spied on anyone who came into the rooms from 2009 until the system was found, according to filings. He was sentenced in 2012 to a year's imprisonment on misdemeanor counts of using a video camera in a changing room. law360.com

Study finds widespread benefit to lenient return policies
New research from The University of Texas at Dallas has found that lenient return policies have a positive effect on consumers' purchasing decisions in surprising ways.

Researchers analyzed 21 research papers that examined purchases, returns or both. They paid particular attention to how returns and purchases were affected by variations in five return policy elements: time, money, effort, scope and exchange. retailwire.com

European Retailers Continue U.S. Invasion
While our old trusted U.S. brands continue to fight for survival. Battling online retailers, Amazon, minimum wage increases, and over stored markets there's been a trend happening for a few years now. It's called the European invasion.

Similar to our 'Canadian Push', European retailers have been taking U.S. market share in virtually all the retail channels. From grocery to soft lines, they're driving value and lowering cost. Putting more pressure on margins and old American brands.

Now Primark and Lidi are at the door. Both driving prices down. With Zara, H&M, Ikea, Aldi, Primark, and now Lidi we've got more competition lowering prices. Just a thought.

American Dream Mall - Second biggest in U.S. - Opening next year
- Lots of LP Jobs Coming Soon
The American Dream mall will encompass three million square feet when it opens in northern New Jersey in 2017. When the massive complex opens in the spring of 2017 it will redefine retail and set the standard for what customer experience looks like moving forward.

With more than 450 retailers the mall will contain North America's largest fully-enclosed indoor DreamWorks Water Park, Amusement Park and a 16-story Big Snow Indoor Ski & Snow Park; a 1,500 seat live Performing Arts Theater; 285-ft. tall observation wheel; luxury movie theatres by Cinemex; 70,000-sq.-ft. Sea Life Aquarium & Lego Discovery Center; NHL-size Ice Rink; and an18-hole miniature golf course. An area of the mall called The Collections encompasses 460,000 sq. ft. of luxury and fashion retail and The Dining Terrace will contain 15 full-service restaurants showcased in one location. chainstoreage.com

"Modern-day Slavery" Labor Conditions Found in 4 Indian Garment Factories - Making apparel for C&A, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Inditex, PVH, and Gap
The ICN claimed in the paper that the conditions in the factories and hostels where many of the women live at times amount to "modern-day slavery." Allegations of deplorable working conditions were outlined and the paper "gives evidence of appalling living conditions and restricted freedom of movement of young migrant garment workers. An increasing number of young migrant women workers are staying in factory-owned hostels with poor living conditions while their movement is severely restricted. The wages of the workers do not add up to a decent living wage."

"Migrant women are often housed in hostels run by their companies and guarded by male security personnel at night," the paper noted. "Their movement is severely restricted and they are herded to the factory and back to the hostel as a daily routine. In addition, most workers are only allowed to leave the hostels for two hours a week and if they return late, they often face punishment and are made to wait outside the gate for hours until the warden lets them in, the paper said.

The ICN said the hostels are run by the garment factories and lack basic amenities ranging from beds and mattresses to furniture and cupboards. In addition, money is deducted from their salaries to pay for accommodation, according to the organization. "The migrant workers do not speak or understand the local language, which makes them more vulnerable for exploitation," the ICN said.

All of the multinational companies, with the exception of Gap, responded to the findings prior to their public release and said they would take "serious action," according to the ICN. wwd.com

Old Navy Gets OK For $3.5M Deal In Workers' Wage Suit
A California judge on Thursday preliminarily approved Old Navy's deal to pay $3.5 million to roughly 26,000 employees in its retail stores and outlets throughout the state to end a class action alleging a range of wage violations. law360.com

International Cargo Theft Ring Hitting Calif. Nut Growers For Millions
- Stolen Product at Port of Los Angeles Bound for Saudi Arabia
Since last fall, truckloads of pistachios, almonds and walnuts have been misdirected and stolen in Madera, Kern, Fresno and Tulare counties. "Tulare is at about $2 million now and other counties have significant losses too," Tulare County sheriff Mike Boudreaux said Jan. 28. "These are multimillion-dollar losses."

A truckload of pistachios, for example, is worth $500,000. It fetches the same price on the black market, he said, making it an attractive target. So far there have been four arrests made by Port of Los Angeles police, who located half a load from Tulare. The other half was already on a ship for Saudi Arabia that had left the port," Boudreaux said.

This is an organized criminal syndicate that's able to change bills of lading and manifests to intercept truckloads of nuts," he said. thepacker.com

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West Berkshire conman avoids jail after gold scam

The PayPal Global Asset Protection Investigations team assisted the United Kingdom's Thames Valley Police force with their investigation into the affairs and arrest of Nigel Goldman. Goldman using the alias Howard Del Monte, pocketed more than $15000 after advertising rare Sovereign gold coins online. He was arrested and charged with fraud after the buyers of the coins failed to receive their gold coins despite spending months hound Del Monte for the goods. Del Monte has previously been investigated by authorities on the Spanish Costa Del Sol for duping people out of millions in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Del Monte was found guilty of two counts of fraud after jurors deliberated for four hours and 25 minutes.

Read more here.

For further information on PayPal GAP Team, email inquiries to lawenforcement@paypal.com.



FTC: Identity theft skyrockets 47% up over '14
Retailers looking for validation that their data privacy efforts matter can look to disturbing new figures from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

According to data released by the FTC, it received more than 490,000 consumer complaints about identity theft in 2015. This is a 47% increase from the number of identity theft complaints in 2014. The Department of Justice estimates that in total, 17.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2014.

By no means are retail data breaches the only source of identity theft incidents, but they are a contributing factor. The FTC's data on identity theft, as well as the need for this expanded online resource, are reminders that retailers need to make the investments in time and money to secure their enterprises as much as possible. chainstoreage.com

"Big data is the newest privacy risk"
Privacy used to be a two-dimensional risk, but that's all changing," he said. Recognizing the importance of big data and privacy means having policies to handle the creation and capture of data from start to finish of a business model, the experts said.

They added that it also means knowing when to stop. Current technologies might exceed the amount of data that's appropriate to gather, they said.  "It poses I think very different questions for organizations around 'just because we can do something, should we'...and the answers around those questions are very grey," said Peter Cullen from PwC. " Jacky Wagner from PwC warned that she thinks " it's highly likely we will see some sort of enforcement action around unethical or unfair use [of data]," and only the industry leaders in data handling will be prepared for those enforcement actions. wsj.com

Who owns data security?
Report highlights business confusion amid rising cyber threats
Many UK businesses are confused about who should manage data security procedures leaving them at risk from escalating cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals are constantly exploiting businesses' vulnerabilities around storing data in multiple locations as more devices become connected to the internet. This has created a widening knowledge gap between IT professionals and employees as organisations struggle to keep pace with new and evolving threats. As a result, senior executives have become increasingly concerned as to who they should entrust with driving their security strategies.

In the report's survey of 300 UK IT decision makers, 49% stated the definitive authority for data security should reside outside of CIOs and the IT department. 75% surveyed said data owners should assume responsibility for data which belongs to a business. 71% argued security is a wider issue than just data and 56% believed it should fall under the remit of other departments, such as compliance.

In contrast, 41% felt that IT should keep hold of the reins due to having 'experience of dealing with security issues' and 10% were unsure whether security should sit within or outside IT.

Editors Note: We've heard the same issues here in the States. Even from within the IT Security world itself we're hearing a push to report outside of IT and to more of a global security executive. With a number even suggesting reporting to Loss Prevention. Elevating the LP executive to more of a CSO role. Yes, there's detractors to that who have very logical reasoning. However it does appear to be an opportunity that some could take advantage of if they're willing to put in the effort, educate themselves, and are willing to take the risk. With the word Risk being the key and the word Educate being the effort. Just a thought. retailfraud.com

27% of all malware variants in history were created in 2015
Last year was a record year for malware, according to a new report from Panda Security, with more than 84 million new malware samples collected over the course of the year. That averages out to around 230,000 new malware samples a day.

Trojans continued to account for the main bulk of malware, at 51.45 percent, followed by viruses at 22.79 percent, worms at 13.22 percent, potentially unwanted programs such as adware at 10.71 percent and cases of spyware at 1.83 percent. csoonline.com

PCI Security Standards Council Offers Free PCI Awareness E-Learning Course in Support Of International Data Privacy Day



Top 3 Reasons Why ORC may be Smaller Fish in the Shrink Sea

What is ORC?
The National Retail Federation (NRF) defines Organized Retail Crime (ORC) as, "theft/fraudulent activity conducted with the intent to convert illegally obtained merchandise, cargo, cash, or cash equivalent into financial gain (no personal use), typically through online or offline sales. Organized retail crime typically involves a criminal enterprise that organizes large-scale thefts from a number of retail stores and employs a fencing operation to sell the illegally-obtained goods for financial gain."

ORC: The Smaller Fish in the Shrink Sea?
Shrink rates can be lowered by either decreasing the amount of inventory shortage or by increasing sales, The Calibration Group's whitepaper, "SOH: The Retail Problem That's 7 Times Greater than ORC" reveals. Accordingly, ORC may no longer be considered the biggest threat to retailers' bottom lines from a Loss Prevention perspective. The Top 3 reasons to consider when pondering this comparison:

1. ORC costs North American retailers a staggering $34.67 billion a year, but the $252.9 billion stock-on-hand (SOH) issue overshadows ORC by more than 7:1.
2. If North American retailers eliminated ORC entirely, profit earned from the $34.67 billion in merchandise now available for sale would be $1.04 billion.*
3. If North American retailers resolved their SOH issues and recouped the lost sales, the profit earned from the $252.9 billion would be nearly $7.6 billion.*

* Calculations based on 3% net profit margins

The Four-Letter Solution
An inventory visibility system (IVS) with RFID technology offers retailers clear insight into their inventory at any given point in time. RFID, along with a comprehensive, yet simple software application, has now become the solution that can easily be embedded into any retail framework. An IVS system with RFID provides store personnel with key inventory management data, such as how many items are in back stock and on the sales floor, which in turn allows the staff to manage inventory more "real-time" by making necessary adjustments.

This technology also provides the ability to take a full inventory of the store within minutes as opposed to hours. Loss Prevention professionals can now enhance profitability more effectively by increasing sales while simultaneously lowering the shrink rate.



The Canadian Push is Slowing Down

Sears Canada races to close more stores amid cost-cutting efforts
Sears Canada Inc. is stepping up its efforts to close another round of stores, raising more questions about its fate and putting pressure on landlords who already have a lot of empty retail space.  "Everything and anything" is on the table as Sears races to cut costs and revive its core full-line department-store business amid tumbling sales.

Sears, which sold off some of its best stores over the past few years to raise money, is concentrating now on scaling back its underperforming real estate at a time when landlords grapple with a glut of vacant retail space after chains such as Target Corp. and Future Shop Ltd. closed their stores.

Amid the rash of retailers such as Target that have closed stores, landlords no longer have compelling new retailers to fill so much space. "Between the closures of Future Shop and downsizings and Staples and the like, this is not a great thing." theglobeandmail.com

Will retail shutdowns in U.S. affect Canadian malls?
South of the border, shopping centres are being torn down and deserted.
Is Canada next?
In the U.S., a new round of retail shutdowns has sparked concerns that malls with anchor tenants are dinosaurs threatened with extinction. People are shopping off the malls. U.S. department stores are too big and located in "inefficient and dumpy malls."

That's not the case in Canada, says Don Gregor, vice-president at Aurora Realty Consultants, a retail real estate brokerage. Most major malls in Canada that are larger than a million square feet (93,000 square metres) - including CF Toronto Eaton Centre and Square One - have undergone major renovations in the past two to five years, he points out. "Landlords in Canada do not sit back on their laurels. They are constantly trying to reinvent the wheel. Our malls are healthy," says Gregor.

But with Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Ave., and Simons all opening new stores landlords have been fortunate and in some cases been able to raise rents. Canadian landlords are being innovative in their approach to filling malls, seeking out restaurants and pop-up shops to add freshness to the retail mix.

Editor's Note: So far it looks like a draw insofar as impact on leasing spaces after Target's and Sears closures. But with a draw one does see the line that could be crossed if closures continue to mount up. Canada was lucky with Target's losses and most have been filled with the Canadian Push's impact. But that doesn't mean Canada is out of the woods yet. As there is a tide. thestar.com

Nova Scotia: Woman alleges Racial Profiling after being accused
of Shoplifting at Sobeys
A Nova Scotia woman is alleging racial profiling after she was accused of shoplifting at a Halifax grocery store. She says she was followed and no one can tell her why. Now she's filing a human rights complaint, and wants people to know it's important to speak up. The experience was a week ago, but Jeneen Williams says she's not letting it go. "I was just doing my regular grocery shopping," she explains, "when I noticed that a man was following me through the store." It happened at the Sobeys in the Clayton Park area of Halifax. The man she alleges was involved wasn't a Sobeys employee, rather a security officer from an outside company. Williams says he was relentless, and followed her right to the checkout.

"And even after I had presented him with the receipt," she explains, "he still insisted that I had taken something from the store and he checked my bags." Williams says she asked several times why she had been stopped, but no answer was provided. "I felt that I was being stereotyped simply because I was a black person," she adds. Williams says from start to finish the experience lasted two and a half hours, and even when it was determined she hadn't stolen anything, she called the police herself. ctvnews.ca

Retail Fast Facts: January 2016 
● Total monthly retail sales changed by 2.1 per cent over the comparable month last year. 
● Total sales excluding food, automotive and gasoline changed by 3.1 per cent over the comparable month last year.  Read more  


Halifax: Accused in Mall shooting plot one step closer to trial
The case involving two people accused of plotting mass murder at the Halifax Shopping Centre on Valentine's Day last year has moved one small step closer to trial. Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, 23, and Randall Steven Shepherd, 21, made a brief appearance in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax Thursday morning. Lawyers for the pair agreed to meet with a judge and the Crown next month to discuss the case. They'll return to court on Feb. 25 to set dates for a trial. This is at least the third time lawyers have attempted to set dates to move the case forward. cbc.ca

Ottawa: OPP investigate theft from Peoples Jewellers in Pembroke Mall
The Upper Ottawa Valley Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is investigating a theft that occurred just before 2 p.m. on Jan. 25 at Peoples Jewellers in the Pembroke Mall. The lone male suspect stole a diamond ring that was shown to him by a store employee. He then exited the mall and fled the mall parking lot in a black, four-door vehicle, possibly a Volkswagen. The suspect is described as an English speaking white male in his mid to late 20s. The OPP's Forensic Identification Services Unit (FISU) is assisting with the investigation. thedailyobserver.ca

Toronto: Man charged with over $5,000 in theft at Toronto Money Marts; Police seize fake ID lab 
A 45-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a lengthy, multiple fraud investigation. The accused, who is from Toronto, was apprehended Friday, Jan. 15 at 1:35 p.m. Two days earlier, on Wednesday, Jan. 13, officers became aware of and commenced an investigation into frauds allegedly committed at Money Mart locations across Toronto. Investigators report a man was using stolen mail to gather the identities of people. He then allegedly created fake identification, false bank statements, and other government documentation using the information from the stolen mail. The accused, who had a Jan. 16 court appearance, has been charged with fraud over $5,000, 13 counts of identity theft, 11 counts of personation, 11 counts of uttering forged documents, possession of counterfeit mark, possession of an identity document, and possession of instruments used to commit fraud. Police also executed a search warrant at his home where they located a so-called fraud lab and seized the equipment used to create the fake identities. Investigators believe there may be more victims.

Kamloops: RCMP Searching for Subway Robbery suspect

Morinville: RCMP investigating knifepoint Robbery at Mac's



Keys to Collaboration:

Building Effective Public-Private Sector Partnerships

With ORC losses estimated at $30+ billion per year, retailers and law enforcement agencies have been increasingly working together through public-private partnerships to collaborate, share intelligence and enhance investigative results. In this LPNN interview moderated by Joe LaRocca, RetaiLPartners, hear from three distinguished law enforcement partners who are involved in these efforts: Eric Ives, Unit Chief, International Organized Crime Task Forces, FBI; and Cpt. John Romero and Det. Joe Hopkins of the LAPD Commercial Crimes Division. Learn how the LAPD is addressing cybercrime, how LAAORCA has helped retailers solve major cases, and how to best engage law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels.

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LPNN Quick Take #17

Amber Bradley, Calibration, LLC and Gus Downing and Mike Crissman of the D&D Daily, sign off from "Live in Long Beach" at NRF Protect 2015. Thanks to all the sponsors who helped make the event possible and all the LP leaders who participated in interviews throughout the day. We hope these sessions have helped add value to you and your career (click here to watch any episodes you missed).

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Daily LP interviews from the NRF Big Show 2016

Mobile Payment Predictions: NFC Grows, Focus On Security,
Omni-Channel Gets Real
Mobile point of sale will become more pervasive. Jeremy Gumbley, chief technology officer of Creditcall, expects more mobile point of sale activity mostly because of the move to payments by credit cards with chips in them. Rob Cameron, chief product officer of Moneris Solutions, expects iPads for payments allowing storeowners in small and medium size businesses to pick up and move with the customer for payments on-the-fly.

The NFC, contactless payment ecosystem will grow. Norm Merritt, CEO of ShopKeep, expects more merchants to adopt NFC payments this year, especially in quick service restaurants.

The omni-channel strategy will become a reality. He sees merchants as focused on solutions that allow them to stay connected to consumers throughout the entire buyer's journey, including in-store, online and mobile. This is another one some retailers have been working on for what seems like forever.

Payment security will be a big focus. If nothing else, security is commonly at the top of the consumer's list of mobile payment issues in most payment studies. And for good reason.

Merchants will explore value-added services. Richard Giannini, vice president of Ingenico Group, expects that in two years and beyond business owners will look to value-added services and combining payments with other third-party business apps. Without value-added services, mobile payments are likely to remains on their glacier-growth pace.

More retailers will adopt unattended payment solutions. This strikes me as one of the most interesting. Greg Burch, vice president of strategic initiatives at Ingenico Group, sees vending machines and kiosks driving acceptance of mobile wallets, as these types of payment devices grow within retail environments. He predicts retailers will add more kiosks inside their stores to help streamline the checkout experience for products that don't need a lot of consultation. mediapost.com

Amazon Sales Soared 22% in Holiday Quarter
Revenue for the fourth quarter jumped to $35.7 billion, up 22 percent from $29.3 billion. Amazon's head count grew 50 percent in the last year, to 230,000 full-time workers. Amazon had $71.8 billion in e-commerce sales over the last 12 months, an increase of 5.6 percent from the previous 12 months. Walmart, by contrast, had revenue of $13.5 billion online during the period. nytimes.com

Diesel Wins Cybersquatting Suit, Awarded $2M in Damages
A New York federal court has granted Diesel a motion for a judgment against 83 Web sites that were cybersquatting and selling counterfeit products appearing to bear the Diesel label, and awarded the company $2 million in damages. wwd.com

Prada Closes Counterfeit Web Site

JD.com Tests Drones for Rural China Package Delivery



Florida man admits stealing $1.5M worth of cigarettes
from Leitchfield warehouse
U.S. Attorney John E. Kuhn, Jr. today announced the guilty plea, from a Miami resident to federal conspiracy and theft charges stemming from his participation in a warehouse burglary in Leitchfield in March 2011. In pleading guilty to the two count federal indictment, Ivan Romero, a/k/a El Negro, 42, admitted he and others stole more than $1.5 million in cigarettes from the Coremark Cigarette Warehouse in Leitchfield, and that he and others received the stolen cigarettes with the intent to convert the property to their own use. wbko.com

Glassboro, NJ: Nine Rowan University students charged with theft
of $35,000 in 'Boro Bucks'
Investigators say Kwadwo Brefo-Boateng, 21, used his employment at 7-Eleven to enrich himself and other students. University officials first warned police of suspicious activity at a 7-Eleven location on Rowan Boulevard late last month. The unusual returns involved the university's "Boro Bucks" debit system that enables students to use a Rowan card to shop at participating local businesses. Investigators traced the alleged scheme to Kwadwo Brefo-Boateng, a Rowan student and employee of the 7-Eleven in question. Police claim the 21-year-old Lindenwold man was illegally crediting the accounts of friends through fraudulent merchandise returns. phillyvoice.com

Edmond, OK: Two arrested in $23,000 Gift Card Cloning scheme
Two suspects were arrested on Jan. 21 outside the Sam's Club after Loss Prevention officer noticed they were purchasing a large number of $100 gift cards. The two tried five different cards to make the purchase, each of those cards being denied. The sixth card they pulled out of a wallet cleared and the transaction went through, police said. Officers searched the men in the parking lot and found more than $23,000 worth of gift cards on them and in their vehicle. Those cards had been purchased with at least 19 counterfeit/cloned credit cards, Edmond police said. newsok.com

Fairview Park, OH: Giant Eagle LP busts 2 in $5,000 Gift Card Scheme
Fraudulent purchases of gift cards were reported at Giant Eagle. The manager said the suspects had been arrested in Brook Park for the same crime and were involved in the fraudulent purchase of more than $5,000 in gift cards at the Fairview Park store the previous day. Surveillance video of the fraudulent transactions was obtained and two men will be charged. cleveland.com

Wheelersburg, OH: Food bank volunteer steals 8 Truckloads of food from Kroger
A Scioto County food bank volunteer has been indicted on a theft charge related to the discovery of eight truckloads of Kroger merchandise at his home. Ricky D. McCoy, 57, was arrested Wednesday without incident. A loss prevention officer at Kroger contacted the sheriff's office with information that a man picking up food for local food banks had been taking items from the store that he was not approved to take. Detectives received information that a suspect was going into the store and damaging items so he could take them to other people. Authorities also received information that a number of other people had been going to the suspect's home and picking up items taken from the store. herald-dispatch.com

Buffalo, NY: Woman pleads guilty to role in massive Credit Card Fraud; 79 victims
Yaily Santurio Milian, 32, a Cuban national now living in Buffalo, pleaded guilty Thursday before U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara to conspiracy to commit bank fraud for her role in a massive credit card fraud that involved the use of information fraudulently obtained from the bank credit and debit cards of at least 79 persons. Milian and her associates used the card information to purchase merchandise at numerous local retail stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. Five other Cuban nationals have been convicted and are awaiting sentencing. buffalonews.com

West Springfield, MA: $1,300 of loot seized from trio of 'professional' shoplifters included 110 pairs of ladies underwear
Stolen merchandise recovered from what police describe as a trio of professional shoplifters, arrested Thursday after they fled Kohl's on Riverdale Street, included 110 pairs of women's underwear valued at over $1,300. They are professionals," Police Capt. Michael J. Banas of the three suspects, all from Queens, N.Y. "These are guys who knew what they were doing." The underwear and a number of other recovered items had been stolen from the Macy's store at the Holyoke Mall which the suspects visited shortly before they made their ill-fated visit to Kohl's. masslive.com

Des Peres, MO: Mom uses 8-year-old to help steal $800
in children's clothing from Macy's
Broughton said 25-year-old Brianna Cherise Boykins of St. Louis was using her son to shuttle shopping bags full of stolen children's merchandise from a Macy's fitting room to his mother's car. The boy walked alone to the garage and placed the bags in his mother's car trunk. Authorities said the boy stole nearly $800 worth of jeans, sweatpants, and t-shirts. The mother was flagged by loss prevention officers when they noticed she unsuccessfully tried to return stolen items. fox2now.com

Westport CT: 2 Bronx men face identity theft charges at Verizon
Westport officers chased down two suspects involved in an attempt to open cell phone accounts using fraudulent documentation. wtnh.com

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El Cerro Mission, NM: New Mexico State Police involved shooting at C-store; Suspect and Officer in hospital
New Mexico State Police were involved in a shooting in El Cerro Mission in Valencia County Thursday. Police said it happened at the El Mana Mini Mart Thursday around 4:30 p.m. when police tried to arrest Augustine Ortiz. State Police said Ortiz is a Mexican national with an extensive criminal history. Ortiz struggled with officers and got away with one handcuff. Thursday, officers had information Ortiz was at the Mana Mart, and went to arrest him on a warrant for last year's escape and stolen car. That's when things took a turn. Ortiz put that vehicle in reverse and gunned it right toward one of the State Police Officers. That officer was pinned in between his vehicle and another one, firing 3 shots at Ortiz. Ortiz managed to drive away, but was quickly apprehended in the parking lot of Dollar General, suffering from at lease one gunshot wound. krqe.com

Toledo, OH: Dollar General store the victim of a Smash & Grab; 2nd hit this month
The Toledo Police Department said they responded to a burglary alarm at the Dollar General around 5 a.m. Thursday to find the front doors smashed in. Police say surveillance footage revealed a stolen red Dodge Durango was used to smash the doors before three suspects exited the vehicle and entered the store. All three suspects were wearing black sweatsuits and one was wearing a white mask. The Durango was found shortly after the robbery. TPD continues to search for the female they say robbed the exact same store on Jan. 8. nbc24.com

Murrieta, CA: Traffic Stop results in seizure of Credit Card imprinter
A traffic stop in the city of Murrieta resulted in two subjects being arrested for numerous felony charges after they were found with narcotics, stolen property and items used to create fake credit cards using stolen information. One of the two who were arrested also had a felony warrant for his arrest. myvalleynews.com

Chicago, IL: U.S. Customs Agents seize Super Bowl Counterfeits at O'Hare Airport Mail Facility
According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a large number of fake NFL jerseys and other gear has been seized by trained officers since Sunday. Officials said most of the counterfeit items seized at the mail facility near O'Hare International Airport were headed to customers who ordered them online. The counterfeits include jerseys, winter hats and Super Bowl rings. nbcchicago.com

Indianapolis, IN: Arson reported at Family Dollar: $500,000 loss
Investigators say that a Family Dollar was set on fire intentionally Thursday night. According to the Indianapolis Fire Department, after the store was set on fire, two employees and four customers had to be evacuated. One of the employees tried to put out the fire with two fire extinguishers but it soon got out of control. The damage is estimated at $500,000. wishtv.com

CARGO THEFT: Howard Co, MD: Truck theft ring organizer sentenced to 15 years in prison
Howard Co. Circuit Court Judge William V. Tucker sentenced a Brooklyn, Md. man to 15 years in prison Thursday afternoon for his involvement in a tractor-trailer theft ring that operated in Howard and surrounding counties. In August 2015, Adam W. Gensler, Sr., 33, was convicted on one count of theft over $100,000, conspiracy to commit theft, conspiracy in the unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, and the theft of a motor vehicle. Police found out Gensler told Joe Gopshes to steal a tractor trailer loaded with potatoes from the parking lot of the Capital Produce Company in Jessup. Gopshes then drove the tractor trailer to an industrial lot in South Baltimore, where Gensler and others planned to strip down the rig for its tires, parts and scrap metal. Kirwan said the tractor trailer was valued at $100,000. baltimoresun.com

CARGO THEFT: Marshfield, WI: Police recover $90,000 of Stolen Parmesan Cheese; $70,000 of Cheddar recovered last week
For the second time in a week, police in Wisconsin have recovered a stolen load of cheese worth tens of thousands of dollars. Marshfield Police Lt. Darren Larson says 41,000 pounds of parmesan cheese worth $90,000 was stolen from a Marshfield distributor Jan. 15. A semi picked up the cheese that day, but it never reached its intended destination in Illinois. Larson says investigators received a tip Thursday that the cheese was likely in Grand Chute. Police in Grand Chute found the entire shipment intact. It had already been unloaded into a warehouse. On Monday, police in Germantown said $70,000 worth of cheddar and other cheeses stolen from a distribution center there last week had been recovered in Milwaukee on Friday. fresnobee.com

CARGO THEFT: Wichita, KS: Police investigating a String of Trailer Thefts
It was taken near Harry and West on Wednesday. It happened in the same area where several other trailers have been stolen in the past month, all within a few miles of each other. Dale Enyart and his girlfriend Trish had their trailer stolen from a driveway near 30th and Bennett while they were away from home. Police have posted photos of the stolen semi trailer hoping that someone will come forward with information. kwch.com

Union Gap, WA: Police want to identify suspect in Kohl's Robbery

Cypress, CA: Police arrest suspect for two C-Store Armed Robberies

Hesperia, CA: Police investigating Brazen Jean Theft

AM/PM - Chandler, AZ - Armed Robbery
Bob's Sporting Goods - Hazelton, PA - Burglary
Citgo - Clinton, MA - Shooting
Cumberland Express - Cumberland, IN - Armed Robbery
CVS - Lubbock, TX - Robbery
CVS - Portland, ME - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Toledo, OH - Burglary / 2nd this month
E-Z 7 Mart - Houston, TX - Burglary ATM
Kwik Shop - Hutchinson, KS - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Portsmouth, VA - Armed Robbery
Naifeh's Convenience - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Shell - Garrard Co, KY - Burglary
7-Eleven - Vernon, CT - Armed Robbery



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