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January 30, 2014


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Cybercrime is going to get worse - says U.S. Attorney General - It's one of the biggest challenges for Fed law enforcement  Thousands of newly minted credit cards with Targets numbers are appearing. "This nation needs to be afraid of where we could be after a cyberattack," he said. "When you see the proliferation of these cyber capabilities to criminal organizations, to nation states, our nation is at risk. Our infrastructure is at risk. And we as a nation have not, I think, adequately responded to it," Attorney General Holder told Congress yesterday. U.S. law enforcement authorities are also looking into reports that part of the computer code used to hack into Target was written in Russia, leading some to suspect that international organized crime networks played a part. (Source

NYC Mayor De Blasio Moves Closer to Settling Battle Over Stop-and-Frisk
The administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio signaled on Thursday morning that it had moved closer to a settlement in the long-fought legal battle over the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policies, which a federal judge found last summer to have violated the rights of minorities in the city. The Bloomberg administration had appealed that ruling, including the appointment of a federal monitor to oversee broad reforms in the department. But Mr. De Blasio’s Law Department asked the appeals court on Thursday to return the case to the lower court for 45 days “to permit the parties to explore a resolution,” a legal filing shows. The Mayor is holding a press conference today to announce an agreement. Editors Note: Obviously being the fuel that started the NYC racial profiling issues right before the holidays, it's time for this to end. (Source

Target hackers used credentials stolen from a vendor to get in the back door
The hackers breached the discounter's systems by using electronic credentials stolen from a vendor. The finding will help to start unraveling the riddle of how the software that carried out the attack got into Target's systems. It also underscores the risks companies face as they operate vast, interconnected business systems. We can confirm that the ongoing forensic investigation has indicated that the intruder stole a vendor's credentials which were used to access our system," Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Target clamped down on access to two such systems: a human resources website called eHR and a database for suppliers called Info Retriever shortly after learning of the attack. The company has "lots of different platforms" that various parties can access, Ms. Snyder said. (Source

Target hack similar to TJX hack - same techniques & Two million Target cards released for sale on black market on Jan 21st  In each of these cases - TJX & Target, an SQL Injection attack resulted in malware being placed on the network and credit card or personal information being exfiltrated from the network. Meanwhile, the cybercrook known as Rescator and his merry band of thieves who are selling cards stolen in the Target breach continue to push huge new batches of stolen cards onto the market. In an update on Jan. 21, Rescator’s network of card shops released for sale another batch of two million cards apparently stolen from Target, a collection of cards which these crooks have dubbed “Eagle Claw.” Editors Note: If we know this amount of info and actually see the Target cards being sold in the black market where are the authorities? We all know it's the eastern block countries and with the billions of dollars involved why haven't we declared war on these organized crime gangs. Early reports indicated that there's still three more retailers expected to release any time that they too have been hacked. So where is the Obama Administration and why haven't they done more? Yesterday's comments from the Attorney General were only fitting but with some experts able to find the information and cards in this article alone, you'd expect federal law enforcement to be way ahead of this learning curve. It's time to act and its time to shut these gangs down. The retail industry has been through enough over the last 5 years and we certainly don't need to lose $5B more over the next few years merely cleaning up this mess. Target alone will end up spending over a billion dollars on theirs. It's time for all of the retail CEO's and the Trade Associations to put pressure on the Administration and not just put together groups or demand the inevitable EMV roll-out. We need something done now! And you can't tell me they don't know exactly the gangs involved. (Source

The future of the IP video market in North America
In 2014 and beyond, three technological trends will be the vanguard of the IP video market, according to Oliver Philippou, market analyst, video surveillance & security services, at IHS Research. Panoramic cameras, audio network cameras and thermal cameras being channeled to the commercial market all are projected to drive strong, sustained IP camera growth across several major verticals in North America, Philippou said during a presentation on the network video market in North America tailored for the TechSec audience. “In 2013, over 70 percent of network cameras shipped had unidirectional or multidirectional audio capability,” he said. When asked how network camera manufacturers will account for the ever-expanding trove of video data that needs to be managed, Philippou said the market will lean on more technologically sophisticated and selective means of storage. These solutions will rely on the continued advancement of video analytics, he said, as well as on enhanced methods of video streaming and better compression technology. (Source

Best Buy beats Amazon in home delivery times during holidays
Turning 50 stores into mini-warehouses and starting their ship-from-store program in Q2 by Q4 they were actually beating Amazon's home delivery times. (Source

Sears Canada to lay off 624 workers in second round of lay offs this month
Most of the reductions will be in middle management at Sears department stores, affecting an average of five employees per location, Sears Canada said in a release. The company also said it will rework its regional and head office structure to reflect the latest changes and to align it with the smaller business. Two weeks ago Sears Canada said about 1,600 positions would be affected as it moved ahead with plans to shutter its three Canadian call centers and reduce staff at its warehouses. (Source

Organizational Psychologists Announce the Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2014 - A must read for the True Leader  1 - Big data – Big data will continue to make its presence felt, but more emphasis will be placed on finding practical, meaningful results. 2 - Increasing efficiency – “Working faster and better with less” has become the mantra of many organizations. 3 - The talent question – How do organizations find rare or unique talent. 4. New ways to test – Testing on small-screen devices, such as smartphones and tablets, will become more common. 5. Gamification – Gamification of more HR processes and workplace experiences, such as selection, employee development and training, will continue to grow as organizations think about ways to engage their employees, assess skills and attract talent. 6. Integration of technology in the workplace – From scanning social media in selection to performance tracking and monitoring software, the use of technology in the management of human resources will continue to grow. 7. Work-life balance – Because of social media, smartphones and telework, the lines between personal and professional lives will continue to blur. 8. Social media – Organizations increasingly will use social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to screen employees and make other employment-related decisions. 9. Telework – Increasingly, work is becoming the “thing” you do and not a place you go – more people are working remotely from their homes or satellite locations. 10. Alternatives to full-time – SIOP members predict that organizations will continue to see more people working part-time or as consultants, temporary workers and contractors. (Source

Self-Check out: Technology makes UK a nation of thieves
The U.K. is being turned into a nation of thieves by the increasing number of self-service checkouts, a new survey indicates, with one in five Brits using the technology to steal from supermarkets. Some £1.6 billion ($2.65 billion) worth of shopping is being stolen from self-service checkouts each year according to a research by the VoucherCodesPro website – and that's just in Britain. There were 26,800 shipments of self-checkout terminals globally in 2012, according to consulting firm RBR, which forecasts this number to come in at 35,400 for 2013, and reach nearly 60,000 by 2018. But VoucherCodesPro's survey of 2,634 people found that almost 20 percent said they had stolen items via self-service checkouts in the past – and over half said they did so because they were less likely to be caught. Some 57 percent said they were driven to stealing an item because it would not scan. According to the poll, the average person who does steal thieves 15 pounds worth of products per month. (Source

Super Bowl Boulevard - 13 NYC blocks - open from noon to 10 pm everyday on Broadway - 450,000 to 1 million visitors expected  "New York and New Jersey are truly getting an opportunity to show why we're the biggest and best stage in the world." Talk about security - what a risk. Every LP executive in NYC is on high alert and every law enforcement agency is working over time. Good Luck to all of them and let's keep them safe out there. (Source

Walmart is giving the Bentonville Fire Department a grant worth $97,000 to fund active-shooter training

ADT Corporation Q1 Recurring revenue of $775 million, up 4.2%; up 4.4% in constant currency

January Same Store Sales Results

Rite Aid up 1.8%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

MarineMax Q1 up 9% with revenue up 11%
The Pantry Q1 up 3.5%
Tractor Supply Q4 up 3.5% with net sales up 10%
H&M Group Q4 up 3% with sales up 13%
Destination Maternity Q1 up 0.7% with net sales down 0.3%
hhgregg Q3 down 11.2% with net sales down 11.6%


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MO. Total
Jan 66 $18,930,910
Feb 52 $200,662,400
Mar 62 $4,961,800
Apr 70 $5,856,050
May 78 $4,034,114
Jun 75 $219,695,478
Jul 87 $3,853,854
Aug 98 $10,824,090
Sep 74 $5,305,376
Oct 89 $218,415,844
Nov 73


Dec 72


Total 823 $701,533,840






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Jan 30, 31:
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Apr 307 377 22.8%ñ
May 342 385 12.6%ñ
Jun 330 320 3.03%ò
Jul 355 306 13.8%ò
Aug 425 326 23.3%ò
Sep 375 304 18.9%ò
Oct 464 306 34.1%ò
Nov 337 246 27%ò
Dec 265 295 10.2%ñ
Total 4258 3854 9.5%ò

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Interview with Lisa LaBruno, Part 1

In this two part series, Lisa LaBruno, Senior Vice President Retail Operations at RILA, talks with LPNN about the Horizons Committee and their recent creation, the Technology Priorities Document, designed to help drive innovation and address emerging trends in technology in the retail sector. Lisa discusses how the Horizons Committee started, who is involved, and where they plan on going with their submissions, webinars, and the TPD in the near future. In part two, questions are answered from members of the Horizons Committee. Brand Elverston, Director of Asset Protection Strategic Initiatives at Walmart, talks about how the TPD is a driving force to him as a retailer, and the progress he has seen since its launch. Orlaith Murphy, Senior Director of Loss Prevention Operations for Gap Inc., also describes what her vision is of the future of the TPD and its impact on the retail industry. Filmed January 2013.

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Man dies after struggle with security at Northland mall  A 24-year-old man is dead after he was pepper sprayed in an encounter with security at the Northland Center mall in Southfield, Mich. Southfield Police say that the man had been observed outside a store a couple of days ago and had revisited the store Tuesday evening. The owner felt uncomfortable and called for the mall security. Northland Center Mall General Manager Brent Reetz says the man had been loitering outside the LA Jewelry store and personnel were concerned. The security guards tried to talk with the man who they felt was not being cooperative. There was a struggle and pepper spray was used to bring the situation under control. The man went unconscious and the security guards called for back up and paramedics. By the time the Southfield police arrived, the man had a pulse, but was not responsive. The man had no obvious signs of blunt force trauma. An actual cause of death is still to be determined by the Oakland County Medical Examiner. The investigation into the incident is continuing. (Source

$20M and counting: Feds tackle counterfeit goods ahead of Super Bowl
The feds have already set a Super Bowl record — by seizing some $20 million worth of phony gear smuggled in from all over the world as Sunday’s game approaches. (Source

Police in Berlin, Germany arrest smash and grab 'Apple store' gang  Berlin police arrested seven men in Dresden on Tuesday night who they believe are behind a string of smash and grab raids on electronics shops, including the Apple store. They were caught breaking into a shop in Dresden. Police arrested seven men in their 20s in Dresden, Saxony, on Tuesday night, shortly after the gang had driven a stolen car through the glass doors of a shopping centre at 2.20am. (Source

Kmart - 4 burglary suspects found rappelling through roof in Spokane

2 bodies found in Murfreesboro Walmart parking lot

Three men charged with shoplifting baby formula in Watchung, N.J.

Kay Jewelers in the Clackamas Mall, Portland, OR hit by Distraction Team for 33 pairs of gold earrings and a jewelry display spinner

Kay Jewelers in Phoenix, Arizona hit with a Grab and Run of a $7500 1.5 ct princess cut certified solitaire ring

Missouri executes man for a Jewelry Store Owner's death during a 1991 robbery  A Missouri man who killed a jeweler during a 1991 robbery was executed for the crime late Wednesday, marking the state's third lethal injection in as many months. Herbert Smulls, 56, was executed by a lethal injection of pentobarbital at the state prison in Bonne Terre. He was convicted of killing Stephen Honickman and badly injuring his wife, Florence, during a robbery at their jewelry shop in suburban St. Louis on July 27, 1991. He was pronounced dead at 10:20 p.m., nine minutes after the process began. (Source

Escambia County, FL Deputies Seek Suspects In Burglary of Target Store  The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is looking for two suspects in the burglary of Target on Nine Mile Road. The suspects were caught on video using a brick to destroy the glass front doors of the business during the early morning hours of January 26. (Source

Reno woman accused of forgery among hundreds of yearly Reno fraud cases Investigators believe the woman arrested on suspicion of 27 fraud charges this month might have several more coming her way because so many instances went unreported, a characteristic of a type of crime that authorities say is committed hundreds of times annually in Reno. (Source

Boca Raton, FL Police Charge NY Man With Massive Credit Card Fraud
Mouhamed Fall, 25, of Queens to have an extended stay in Palm Beach County. Boca Raton Police took Fall into custody early this morning and charged him with a laundry list of offenses related to credit card fraud. Fall faces five counts of fraudulent and illegal use of a credit card, six counts of credit card forgery, one count of creating a fake ID and one count of resisting arrest. (Source

Detroit Police catch 2 serial Armed Robbery suspects with aid of helicopter, tracking dog  Police were watching an AutoZone store on W. Eight Mile on Tuesday, following 14 robberies of AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Family Dollar stores in Detroit, Warren and Ferndale. The robberies happened during the past few weeks. (Source

Homeless man faces 230 years for string of armed robberies in Wheaton, Md.
Police Warn Northwest Chicago Side Retailers of Armed Robberies This Week
Tilford, PA., restaurant armed robbery Wednesday afternoon
Wichita liquor store robberies connected
Reward bumped to $15,000 for information on over a dozen hotel, restaurant robberies in Orlando
CVS – Armed Robbery – Orlando, FL – 2 suspects being sought by police, no injuries
CVS – Armed Robbery – N. Stafford, VA- 2 suspects vaulted pharmacy counter, takes bottle of Percoset
Dollar General – Armed Robbery -Ferguson MO – clerk thought attempted robbery a joke, suspect fled
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Cambridge, OH – female suspect apprehended by Police
Goodwill – Theft - Helena, MT – thieves stole “The Last Supper” painting valued at $2000
Jamaican Junction – Robbery – Monroe, NY– no weapon displayed, suspect fled w/ nothing, no injuries
Kangaroo – Armed Robbery – Chattanooga, TN – police release surveillance photo
Kwik Stop – Armed Robbery – Topeka, KS – Police release surveillance photo
Paradise Deli – Armed Robbery - Roanoke, VA – Store owner shot the armed suspect in self defense
Verizon Wireless – Burglary – Laurel, MD - two burglaries in a week, loss of nearly $6000
Stop- N-Go – Robbery- Employee Arrested – Fargo, ND – 2 suspects robbed the store, no injuries.
The Smoke Shop – Burglary – Fairbanks, AK – 2 thieves stole over $1000 of chewing tobacco and snuff from the store
7- Eleven – Armed Robbery – Towson, MD – 3 arrested in December robbery/ shot the store clerk one time, minor injuries
7-Eleven/ Shell – Armed Robbery – Charlotte, NC – 2 suspects arrested, robbed customers and store




California Trio busted near Washington Square Mall in Beaverton, Ore. with 100 counterfeit credit cards, $20,000 in merchandise, $10k in gift cards  Beaverton police arrested three people who they said used counterfeit credit cards to steal thousands of dollars in clothes and electronics from stores along the Interstate 5 corridor on Sunday. Montral Matthews, 27, Melissa Vongphakdy, 22, and Linda Vongphakdy, 24, were arrested on Monday near the Washington Square mall. Police said the three are from California. According to police spokesman Mike Rowe, investigators recovered an estimated $20,000 in property from a hotel room where the three were staying. The property included high-end clothes, iPads, iPhones and iPad minis. Police also recovered between $5,000 and $10,000 in gift cards. The suspects had more than 100 counterfeit credit cards on them, Rowe said. Investigators learned the suspects hit stores in Springfield, Salem, Tualatin, Tigard and Beaverton earlier Sunday before they were arrested. Nordstrom notified police about a theft on Sunday and gave them a description of the suspects' vehicle. (Source

Louisville Woman & 4 others busted for ORC - stealing merchandise - returning for gift cards - selling for cash - hitting Home Depot & Staples  According to an arrest report, Danielle Mauk was stopped by Home Depot loss prevention Thursday. When they searched her purse they found $265.65 of merchandise. Louisville Metro police said Mauk and four other people were involved in a scheme where they would steal merchandise, return the items to the store in exchange for gift cards, and then sell the cards for cash. The five individuals have apparently sold over 100 cards and the value of those cards far exceeds $15,000. Mauk admitted to using two other identities to make the fraudulent returns as well as to sell the gift cards. Mauk also had a Staples gift card with her which she admitted to getting earlier that day. (Source

Ireland: ‘Sophisticated’ shoplifting gang only in county due to getting lost  A “sophisticated” gang of Romanian shoplifters has been jailed after being caught with almost 3,000 pounds ($4950 USD) worth of stolen cosmetics, jewelry and fragrances. Defense solicitor Emer Cox told Fermanagh Court the four men and a woman had never intended to come to Northern Ireland but got lost and ended up on the Fermanagh side of the Border. (Source

Police in Frackville, PA seek a Levi thief from Sears in the Schuylkill Mall
Police are looking for a Hazleton man, most recently wanted in connection with a theft of clothing at the Schuylkill Mall near Frackville, who also has warrants out of Luzerne County and New Jersey. State police at Frackville said James E. Davis Jr., 21, is accused of stealing eight pairs of Levis 569 blue jeans from a clothes rack at Sears in the mall at about 3 p.m. Monday. After stealing the merchandise, troopers said Davis went into the parking lot and got into a black Chevrolet Avalanche. (Source

Duluth woman pleads not guilty to $800,000 jewelry theft charge
Ashley Marie Wiskow, 29, faces charges that she stole up to $800,000 worth of goods from Security Jewelers, where she worked. Ashley Wiskow was charged Nov. 15 with a single felony theft count. The criminal complaint alleges that Wiskow stole and pawned off jewelry from the store over a two-year period. The complaint places the total value of the merchandise at nearly $800,000, but store owner Jack Seiler believes the amount to be closer to $100,000. (Source

California Highway Patrol Helicopter helps police nab Livermore theft suspects: over $6000 of merchandise recovered  A California Highway Patrol helicopter circled over Stockton for more than an hour Tuesday night while officers on the ground searched for three people who committed grand theft earlier in the evening in Livermore. Livermore police officers responded to the scene and impounded a car. Inside, they found more than $6,000 worth of stolen merchandise. (Source

3 charged with $80K burglary of a Boost Mobile store in Louisville, KY  Donavan Cantrell, 19, and two juveniles were arrested January 28 for the burglary which happened two days earlier. An arrest report states that Cantrell and the two juveniles broke into Boost Mobile around 11:45 p.m. January 26 and stole all the merchandise in the store. (Source

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The ECL-230X-TDB includes a photo-luminescent sign available in more than 10 color/language combinations, 100 decibel alarm and 3 locking points per door.

Top Deadbolt – approximately 1” wide by ½” thick deadbolt, the top bolt provides additional stability to the top corner of the door.
Side Deadbolt – 2 ¼” tall by ½” thick deadbolt with a 1” throw allows for ¾” penetration into strike (Detex recommends Flush installation for maximum security). With 1.6875 square inches of bolt engagement, the side deadbolt provides superior defense against pulling and prying on the side of the door.
Bottom bolt – 5/8” HEX bolt with ¾” throw, engages the floor with 5/8” penetration provides better attack resistance and superior defense against the “peeling up” of the bottom of the door.

Together, the 3 bolts withstand 16,000 lbs. of pull force.

Add suffix DX3 (ECL-230X-TDB-DX3) for 6 locking points for even stronger security. Single- and double-bolt and weatherized models are also available. Optional accessories include hinge side locking bolts and inside pull handle.

Combining the ECL-230X-TDB with Detex’s DX Bolts provides an additional line of defense against break-ins via additional locking points. Even if the exterior door hinges are compromised the DX bolts keep the door locked and secure. These passive deadbolts are easy to install and offer another layer of attack resistance.

Other 230X models include ECL-230X (Dead Bolt Only), ECL-230X-W (Weatherized Dead Bolt), ECL-230X-TB (Top and Bottom Bolt), ECL-230X-W-TB (Weatherized Top and Bottom Bolt), ECL-230X-TD (Top and Dead Bolt), ECL-230X-W-TD (Weatherized Top and Dead Bolt), and ECL-230X-W-TDB (Weatherized Top Bolt, Dead Bolt and Bottom Bolt).

Almost all hardware and accessories can be customized with different finishes, colors, sizes, and more. Ask us how this new generation of life safety and security hardware can make a powerful difference at your back door.

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LP Manager Sears Indianapolis, IN Sears Holdings Corp
LP Supply Chain Mgr JC Penney Lenexa, KS JC Penney
AP Manager PCI Cabela's Richfield, WI Cabela's
DC LP Specialist Marshalls Woburn, MA TJX Companies
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8 Strategies to Improve Your Memory
As we age, we become more forgetful, but we have more control over this than we think. We all have struggles with our memory from time to time; we probably go into a room and forget why we are there in the first place, or we misplace our keys. Improve your memory with these tips. (Look, snap and connect)

Just Tell Me! 5 Strategies for Giving Difficult Feedback  Your boss tells you that the two of you need to have a little chat. What do you immediately think? Feedback is a key part of our working lives. As an employee how well you receive positive or corrective feedback? As a leader, how well do you give feedback? Don't be afraid to say anything negative, use these tips. (Play music)

8 Ways Negative Feedback Can Lead to Greater Success at Work  Instead of dreading or feeling like it's the end of the world when you get some critical or negative feedback, use it to your biggest advantage! If you're getting feedback at all, it means your manager or colleague cares about the growth and path of your career. (Turn the negative into a positive with these tips)

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