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Mastering the Change Process
Brian Bazer

Quick Take #21

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Check out LP's 1st 'Mannequin Challenge' Video

A Must Watch!  


Sephora's NYC Metro Region Loss Prevention Team

"Sephora LP: Making a + IMPACT on shrink reduction!"

At their Q4 LP Meeting last month, Sephora's NYC Metro Region Team took some time to "Get LP Social"! In addition to snapping a Group LP Selfie, the team also coordinated and filmed a well thought out 'Mannequin Challenge' video - the latest viral Internet video trend. The theme of Sephora's meeting was Ugly Holiday Sweater, and included a team-building event where they put together a gingerbread village for their staff-level team.

Thank you to Chip Chiappetta, Regional LP Manager, and the Sephora Team for sharing this fun and creative video with the LP community!

The NEW 'Mannequin Challenge'
Is your team up for a new challenge?
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Lise Lang, CFI named Corporate Investigations/US and Canada for Starbucks
Lise was previously the Loss Prevention Western United States/Corporate Security for Verizon Wireless before taking this new role. She was also a DLPM for Sears Holdings Corporation in 2000. Congratulations Lise!

Jamie Jones promoted to Corporate Security Analyst for Aldi

Jamie was previously in Corporate Buying for Aldi before taking this new role. She has also held other positions in retail such as Executive Team Lead, AP Team Lead and Target Protection Specialist for Target and Shift Lead for Blockbuster. Jamie earned her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice from Aurora University. Congratulations Jamie!


Activists Set for More Protests as Last of Airport Detainees Cleared
Activists across the United States are gearing up this week to continue a wave of protests that broke out over the weekend in response to President Donald Trump's executive order restricting travel and immigration from seven Muslim-majority counties.

The planned demonstrations come as a U.S. Department of Homeland Security official confirmed to ABC News on Monday that there are no more individuals being detained at U.S. airports under the president's executive order. The Homeland Security official said that as of Sunday evening there had been 735 encounters at U.S. ports of entry under the executive order. Nearly 400 -- 394 -- of the people caught up by enforcement of the order were legal permanent residents, and all but two of them entered the country.

Thousands of protesters turned out over the weekend to voice their dissent of Trump's executive order, which restricts entry into the U.S. for people from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. abcnews.com usatoday.com

Retail execs slam Trump's immigration ban, vow support for refugees
Many retail executives are denouncing the travel and immigration ban on people coming into the country from seven Muslim countries. In a letter to employees Sunday, Nike CEO / president Mark Parker condemned the ban as a threat to the company's values, media outlets reported, and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz pledged to hire 10,000 refugees over five years, with an initial focus on those who helped the U.S. military.

Amazon also condemned the policy, though CEO Jeff Bezos has stayed out of the fray. Beth Galetti, VP of human resources, told employees in a Sunday memo that the e-commerce giant is "committed to equal rights, tolerance and diversity - and we always will be," and advised affected employees to refrain from trying to enter the country while the ban is in place, CNBC reports.

In just a week in office, Trump's administration has managed to spook retailers with various comments and policies that have introduced uncertainty at best for their business. After the election, NRF CEO and President Matthew Shay congratulated Trump in a press release emailed to Retail Dive, pledging to work with the new president and the Republican-majority Congress on a "pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda." More recently, Shay described Trump as the first "retail president" since Harry Truman. But the NRF has changed its tune somewhat as Trump has seemed to endorse a Republican-favored border-adjustment tax that could hurt both retail sales and profits.

Under such a policy, retailers would no longer be able to deduct the cost of merchandise they import, hiking taxes three to five times higher for some merchants and driving up the price of imported goods, according to the NRF. Even retailers that don't import directly could experience higher costs as wholesalers pass on inflated costs, and it would be difficult for retailers to substitute American-made goods because so much of their merchandise is made overseas, the NRF says.

The tax and its effects run "very counter to the way consumers are feeling at the moment," David French, the NRF's senior vice president for government relations, said last week. retaildive.com

Restaurants: The next front or crack down? For the immigration debate?
1.3 Million Illegal Immigrants in Restaurant Industry

The national debate over immigration policy could be coming to a diner near you.

Dozens of restaurants are seeking "sanctuary" status, a designation owners hope will help protect employees in an immigrant-heavy industry and tone down fiery rhetoric sparked by the presidential campaign. Roughly 80 restaurants across the country have signed up, from down-home delis to upscale bistros.

The restaurants agree to anti-discrimination policies, display signs that pronounce their sanctuary status and receive know-your-rights training - what to do if there's a workplace raid by immigration agents.

The National Restaurant Association, which represents roughly 500,000 businesses, is instead pushing for an immigration overhaul, including an updated verification system that confirms employees' eligibility to work in the country legally. Association Senior Vice President Steve Danon said the organization "is looking forward to working with the Trump administration" on ways to make verification "easier and more cost-efficient."

Roughly 12 million workers are in the restaurant industry and immigrants make up the majority, including up to 70 percent in big cities such as New York and Chicago. An estimated 1.3 million in the industry are immigrants living in the country without legal permission, according to Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, which launched the campaign and works to improve industry conditions. miamiherald.com

Starbucks will hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over next five years
- Starting in the U.S.

Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz said Sunday the company plans to hire 10,000 refugees in its stores worldwide over the next five years, starting in the U.S., where stores will focus on hiring those who served as interpreters and support personnel for U.S. troops overseas. In a message to Starbucks employees addressing several aspects of President Trump's recent policy moves, Schultz also said the company is helping employees affected by the executive order temporarily barring citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. seattletimes.com

Sunday's Quebec City mosque attack that killed 6 is terrorism

President Trump blames Delta power outage for nationwide detainments

Mexicans Launch Boycotts of Walmart, Starbucks and Other U.S. Companies

$2 Billion of Retail Fraud Could Be Ruining Nordstrom's Legendary Return Policy
Nordstrom, acknowledging its liberal return policy, maintains an "internal auditing" log that lets the store keep track of who's buying and returning what, when, and how frequently. That's why Nordstrom asks for an ID when you request a refund.

The company's return policy is evolving as consumers find new ways to abuse it. Special occasion dresses, for example, now have tags stating that if the tag is removed, the dress can't be returned. That's because customers were complaining that their special occasion dresses had already been worn when they purchased them, an observation that matched Nordstrom's own tracking, Nordstrom spokesperson Emily Sterken told Yahoo Style in an email.

And you used to be able to ask for cash refunds on returned purchases; now, a credit is applied to either the original form of payment or a Nordstrom gift card, a change that was made recently.

"Occasionally there have been situations where we have felt a customer wasn't being fair with us, like when their returns to Nordstrom were greater than their purchases with us or when we have no record of ever having sold the item being returned," Sterken said.

Nordstrom is finally cracking down on shoppers who take advantage of the company's leniency by banning them from making purchases online and in stores. Of serial returners, Sterken said: "In cases like this, or other types of situations where we suspect unfair or dishonest activity, we'll follow up with the customer directly and may ultimately make the decision to stop serving them in our stores and online."

The problem isn't exclusive to Nordstrom, but its return policy makes the company an easy target for scammers. The National Retail Federation (NRF), an industry trade group, found that every retailer surveyed said it was a victim of organized retail crime in the last year.

Return fraud is rampant in January, since customers try to return holiday gifts without any indication they were actually purchased at a given store. A separate NRF report found that 3.5 percent - over $2 billion - of holiday returns are fraudulent. (Nordstrom declined to comment on how many returns the company handles as a percentage of sales in January, but says it's a topic that will be discussed during the company's earnings call in February.)

As Nordstrom resists the trend dragging mall anchor stores into the abyss, cracking down on return fraud is one way the company can cut its losses. Here's to hoping that bad seed shoppers don't ruin Nordstrom's generous return policy for the rest of us.  yahoo.com

Obstacles Remain in Talks to Settle Wal-Mart Bribery Probe
One sticking point in the retailer's efforts to end the federal investigation into foreign bribes is its future eligibility to accept food stamps in the U.S.

Wal-Mart tried and failed to settle a foreign-bribery probe that has stretched for five years and cost the company more than $820 million, according to people familiar with the federal investigation.

In the final weeks of the Obama administration, the world's largest retailer and U.S. officials weren't able to agree on a deal before Trump's inauguration, these people said. "Wal-Mart and the government are very far apart in terms of a settlement,'' one of the people said Thursday.

The Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission have been investigating allegations that Wal-Mart violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by paying bribes to foreign government officials as it expanded around the world.

A company that pleads guilty to a federal crime can lose its right to win government contracts-a penalty that could block Wal-Mart from the $71 billion food-stamp program, which gives low-income Americans a monthly stipend to purchase food. The retailer, one of the largest sellers of groceries, is also one of the biggest beneficiaries of food-stamp spending.

Another sticking point in the talks was a government demand to assign an independent monitor to watch the retailer's behavior, a request typical in large settlements for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA. Wal-Mart has rejected the demand: Wal-Mart executives "won't take a monitor," one of the people said, because the retailer believes it has already toughened its compliance efforts.

The two sides could reach a compromise where the Wal-Mart board's audit committee reports potential settlement compliance issues to the government, the people said.

The loss of food-stamp shoppers would be a blow to Wal-Mart, which each year receives some 18% of the money spent through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. That represented about $13 billion in sales last year.

The Justice Department and SEC investigations were largely driven by a 2012 series of articles in the New York Times examining possible misconduct at Wal-Mart in Mexico. The investigation spread to other regions where Wal-Mart does business, including Brazil, India, and China. A final settlement is expected to cover multiple countries, the people said.  wsj.com

Ditching Cash Could Reduce Theft, Violent Crime
After his business was robbed for the fifth time in just over three months, the owner of Park Cafe & Coffee Bar in Baltimore decided to do something that would have seemed radical for a neighborhood business just a few years ago: He stopped taking cash. It was a desperation move, but what happened next surprised owner David Hart. His sales didn't go down.

A much larger experiment conducted by salad chain Sweetgreen, which has 66 locations on both coasts, yielded the same result. After a year-long trial, the company has decided to go completely cashless in 2017, says a spokeswoman. There were many factors in its decision, from increased transaction speed to the unhygienic nature of cash, but the first reason Sweetgreen's spokeswoman cites is the same as Mr. Hart's - keeping employees safe by reducing the chance of robbery.

There is little good research on the topic, but the one comprehensive study to tackle the problem of the relationship between cash and crime in the U.S. found that reducing the amount of cash in any given area significantly reduces not just theft but also violent crime.

Researchers reached this conclusion by studying the federally mandated shift in welfare benefit distribution. In the 1990s, states stopped giving recipients checks - easily converted to cash - and instead allocated money to debit cards. In Missouri, this shift happened in different counties over the course of a year. A team of economists and criminologists used historical data to attribute a 9.8% crime drop to the welfare system's adoption of electronics benefits transfer, in a 2014 National Bureau of Economic Research working paper.

Lead researcher Richard Wright, a criminologist at Georgia State University, says these results are likely to be broadly applicable to the global shift to a cashless society. By simply eliminating a scarce resource required by criminals, street crime, if not cybercrime, can be brought to heel. wsj.com

Thousands of security officers unionize in Silicon Valley
Thousands of security officers who work on hundreds of sites in Silicon Valley, including at Facebook, Cisco and Genentech, have unionized to push for higher wages and better benefits, SEIU United Service Workers West, a union that represents California workers, announced Saturday.

The 3,000 security officers are employed at
G4S, Allied Universal, Cypress Private Security and Securitas, firms that provide security services on a contract basis to other businesses. The officers earn an hourly wage in the $12 to $20 range, not enough to live comfortably in the Bay Area, union officials said. Roughly 600 are located at Facebook and work for Allied Universal; others work at Google, Adobe and Qualcomm, among others. sfchronicle.com

Sears Holdings Corporation laying off Kmart workers
Sears Holdings Corporation is laying off Kmart workers in an apparent move to cut costs as the company struggles to stay afloat. The layoffs, executed last week, targeted full-time workers, including assistant managers and department heads or "leads" as Kmart calls them across the country. benchmarkmonitor.com

NYC's Brick-and-Mortar "Won't Bounce Back"
Last week Crain's sympathetically looked at the stories of restaurateurs and small retailers whose businesses are imperiled by increases in the minimum wage, competition and especially rent. Soon reporters will be writing similar stories about the landlords. The economics of retail real estate are about to change dramatically.

Vacancy rates are up in every Manhattan retail corridor. We have reached a tipping point as so much shopping has become digital that the fundamentals of all retailers have changed. Brick-and-mortar retailers will shrink dramatically during the next few years, so supply of retail space will outweigh demand for it. crainsnewyork.com

Sr. Director of Global Risk Management posted for Hard Rock International in Orlando, Fla.
This position is responsible for overseeing and directing Hard Rock International's Enterprise Risk Management function, Corporate Insurance Programs, Internal Safety Audits, Cyber Risk and Operational Compliance Programs globally. The Sr. Director of Global Risk Management develops policies and procedures relating to enterprise risk management for our entire hospitality portfolio, including restaurants, hotels and casinos. icims.com

Walgreens, Rite Aid cut merger price, will divest more stores - up to 1,200

Tractor Supply Hits Milestone 1,600th Store

Forever 21 Accusing Multiple Retailers of Co-Opting Its Designs

London: M&S, Guess, Chanel, Karen Millen and Nike to present at Intelligent Loss Prevention & Inventory Management for Retail event

Last week's #1 article --

The anti-Trump boycott of 70 retailers won't back down
- Here's how it could affect sales


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Report: Trump to Call for Cybersecurity Review
President Trump is reportedly preparing to issue an executive order calling for a review of the nation's cybersecurity capabilities and vulnerabilities.

The Washington Post on Jan. 26 reported that it had obtained a copy of a "pending" Trump executive order titled "Strengthening U.S. Cybersecurity and Capabilities."

The pending order calls for "a review of the most critical U.S. cyber vulnerabilities" to commence immediately and be conducted within 60 days of the signing of the order. The review is to include recommendations by the Department of Defense for national security systems as well as recommendations by the Department of Homeland Security for "the enhanced protection of the most critical civilian, federal government, public and private sector infrastructure."

Plus, the order calls for preparing a report within 100 days on options "to incentivize private sector adoption of effective cybersecurity measures." govinfosecurity.com

The LinkedIn Risk
Fake LinkedIn Profiles
That online job candidate may be carrying a virus

January is the month when employees are most likely to think about changing jobs, according to a survey by Glassdoor. Almost one in five jobseekers cited January as the most popular month to make a move, which means that resumes, cover letters and reference contacts are eagerly shared through social media, email and company websites.

Cyber thieves are eager to take advantage of the busy hiring season, too, and they've come up with several ways to infiltrate corporate systems. Security pros offer their tips on what to watch out for, and how to stop them.

Cyber criminals use LinkedIn and other social media sites to bypass company defenses

LinkedIn and other social networks are becoming targets for threat actors since they know it's a great way to bypass company's defenses, according to cybersecurity firm Cylance. LinkedIn is typically a site that is not blocked by network filters to allow HR departments the freedom to communicate with prospective job candidates.

Some 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn when vetting candidates during the hiring process.

These attacks are becoming more common because it's easy and inexpensive," says Chris Stephen, channel engineer at Cylance. "Companies have placed a lot of money in their perimeter security and purchased products to find sites with poor reputations scores. LinkedIn circumvents both of these layers."

Cyber thieves posing as legitimate LinkedIn users can also be hard to spot. They're often able to infiltrate a company by striking up conversations with recruiters or employees in social engineering plots or to share malware attachments. If the fake user's account has a lot of shared connections, then the employee is less likely to be concerned.

Fake LinkedIn users pose a higher threat for executives. "We're seeing a lot more risk to the brand around fake users impersonating a trusted business partner and reaching out to an executive leader in the company," he says. Using a post or communication dialog over LinkedIn or social network, the fake user will include a malware link in the form of a shortened link. Clicking on the link will install software on the executive's computer.

When asked about the vulnerability, LinkedIn issued a written response: "Growing your network is a crucial step in finding new business opportunities. The most important thing LinkedIn members can do to protect themselves is to only accept requests from people they know or recommended contacts from a trusted connection. We encourage our members to flag any profiles, messages or postings they believe are suspicious. We have many helpful articles in our Help Center to stay educated.... We also have... dedicated​ teams that work quickly to remove any instance of fraudulent activity and prevent future reoccurrences."  csoonline.com

ATM 'Shimmers' Target Chip-Based Cards
Several readers have called attention to warnings coming out of Canada about a supposedly new form of card skimming called "shimming" that targets chip-based credit and debit cards. Shimming attacks are not new, but they are likely to become more common as a greater number of banks in the United States shift to issuing chip-based cards. Here's a brief primer on shimming attacks, and why they succeed.

Most skimming devices made to steal credit card data do so by recording the data stored in plain text on the magnetic stripe on the backs of cards. A shimmer, on the other hand, is so named because it acts a shim that sits between the chip on the card and the chip reader in the ATM or point-of-sale device - recording the data on the chip as it is read by the underlying machine. krebsonsecurity.com

Hackers Hold Entire Hotel for Ransom, Trap Guests in Rooms
A luxury hotel in Austria found itself in a bizarre hostage situation recently when hackers managed to access its electronic key system and lock all the hotel guests in their rooms or out of their rooms until the hotel agreed to pay a ransom to get its systems back. thedailymeal.com

San Francisco Cafe X - robot makes your coffee

Heartbleed Bugs Lingers: Nearly 180,000 Servers Still Vulnerable


Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

Cybersecurity Act of 2015 -
Cyber Information Sharing -
EMV Update

Tom Litchford, VP Retail Technologies, & Bob Moraca, VP Loss Prevention, NRF

The National Retail Federation has helped lead the way in the cybercrime fight, lobbying tirelessly in Washington on behalf of retailers and helping to steer the EMV efforts nationwide. With the October 2015 liability shift come and gone, Tom Litchford, VP Retail Technologies, and Bob Moraca, VP Loss Prevention, of the NRF tell us about the many challenges merchants still face. With fraud shifting online, chargebacks spiking through the roof, and customers confused about the whole thing, learn what retailers are doing to respond.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #22

Brian Bazer, VP, Asset Protection and Safety, ascena retail group dressbarn, provides fashion tips and a little gift to help jazz up Amber's wardrobe in this LPNN Quick Take.

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Visa Finds Counterfeit Fraud Is Down 52 Percent
Since First Full Year Of Chip Cards

The start of 2017 marked the first full year since the U.S. started moving to EMV chip cards, and Visa found that, since then, counterfeit fraud has dropped by 52 percent.

In a blog post Thursday (Jan. 26), Visa said the 52 percent decline is at merchants that are using chip-enabled cards. Across all merchants, counterfeit fraud is down 14 percent since the cards started being used. According to Visa, during 2016, the number of Visa chip cards issued in the U.S. reached 408.1 million, an increase of 92 percent. The number of merchants who rolled out chip-enabled terminals totaled 1.81 million at the end of 2016, more than doubling. Currently, 39 percent of all merchant locations have the terminals, handling 49 percent of the payment volume. Visa noted that 82 percent of the merchants that rolled out chip card terminals are small and medium-sized businesses.

During 2016, Visa also introduced Quick Chip technology to speed up chip transactions at checkout and to help merchants adopt the new technology. Visa said thousands of merchants, including New Leaf Community Markets and Brookstone, have implemented Quick Chip. "U.S. chip transactions have proven more secure for merchants, issuers and consumers, and we expect to see fraud continue to decline as more merchants install chip-enabled terminals and issuers deliver more chip cards to consumers," Visa said in the blog post. pymnts.com

Are Amazon, PayPal Eyeing A Payments Pair-Up?
It looks like Amazon and PayPal have been discussing a possible future where Amazon shoppers can pay with PayPal on the U.S.' most popular eCommerce site.

"We have been in conversations with Amazon," PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said Thursday in an interview with Bloomberg. "We're closing in on 200 million users on our platform right now. At that scale, it's hard for any retailer to think about not accepting PayPal."

Schulman told Bloomberg there are no details to announce as of yet, "because the conversations' focus are still on how to use one another's assets to the mutual benefit of our customers."

The deal is now made a possibility because PayPal is no longer a sub-unit of eBay, a rival online marketplace. PayPal these days, however, is working to build out its reputation as the premier digital financial services provider on the planet and is thus no longer a direct competitor to Amazon (which is losing its big payments patent for one-click buying this year anyway). pymnts.com

France Could See Online Sales For Retailers Jump 11 Percent This Year

Sonoma County, CA: 2 Sacramento men steal $6,000 in alcohol
from Safeway stores

Deputies recovered over 80 bottles of alcohol stolen by two Sacramento men from Safeway stores throughout the North Bay. Deputies were alerted about the theft when a Safeway loss prevention officer followed the suspects from Novato to the City of Sonoma and called 911. According to the Sonoma Sheriff's Department, the bottles are valued at $6,000. The loss prevention officer followed the two men until deputies were able to locate the suspects' car. abc10.com

Deer Park, IL: Three suspects arrested attempting to make $3,000 of fraudulent purchase at Apple store
Three people have been arrested and charged in an identity theft scheme at an Apple Store in the northern suburbs. Lake County Sheriff's deputies say they were called to the store in deer park three times because someone was trying to get access to other people's AT&T accounts. Friday night, police said three suspects tried to purchase more than $3,000 worth of apple merchandise to be billed to the unauthorized accounts while at the Apple store. abc7chicago.com

Fairfield, NJ: Target Victim of Shoplifting and Fraud; 2 arrested in $1,300 case
On Jan. 21, Target's asset protection personnel reported suspicious activity to the police in which two individuals were attempting to purchase a variety of merchandise totaling more than $1300. According to police, they were attempting to do so with a Target red card line of credit that they had just obtained and the transaction was not going through. Officer Jeffrey Dead and personnel approached the two individuals to investigate further and discovered that Harris had a fraudulent New Jersey driver's license and a Discover credit card in the name of another in his possession. Police said the credit card was used as the basis to obtain the Target line of credit. tapinto.net

UPDATE - Newburyport, MA: Teen sentenced to 6 months;
part of crew who hit Polo Outlet for $13,000 of merchandise

A Providence, Rhode Island, teen accused of being part of a crew that stole more than $13,000 worth of merchandise from two Polo outlet stores last fall was sentenced to six months in jail Thursday in Newburyport District Court. According to the state police, on Oct. 26, when the Newbury barracks received word from Seabrook police to look for a suspicious U-Haul truck. The truck was seen leaving the Kittery Polo outlet store with five men inside. They were suspected of stealing seven or eight jackets valued at $499, 10 to 12 button-down collar shirts, two or three blue vests and up to 15 Polo shirts. Seabrook police, acting on a similar call from Maine police, followed the truck until it entered a West Newbury driveway. Local police aided state troopers and Seabrook police in the arrests. Investigators later learned that the same crew had robbed another Polo outlet store around the same time, this one in Merrimack, New Hampshire. eagletribune.com

Polk County, FL: Third gun store burglarized in Lakeland since Sept. 2016; Sheriff has words for Store Owner
At least 46 handguns were stolen during a burglary on Sunday morning, making it the third gun store theft since September 2016 in Lakeland. The Polk County Sheriff's says around 4:00 a.m. Sunday, they responded to a burglar alarm regarding shattered glass at Guns Galore. Deputies arrived on scene within in three minutes and discovered the front door lock was broken and the glass gun cases were shattered. Guns Galore was burglarized on December 24th-- 12 firearms were stolen. Guns galore failed to install security footage since the December 2016 incident. Grady Judd spoke on the issue. "They broke in with relative ease, as they did again this weekend. Is it too much to ask, Guns Galore, to harden your store and make it a little more difficult for your firearms to be stolen and transferred to the criminal marketplace?" wtsp.com

Woodbridge, NJ: Woman attempted to steal $600 in merchandise from Boscov's
A woman was arrested at the Boscov's for trying to walk out of the store with $607 worth of women's clothing, jewelry and perfume. Joelle Minniti, 31, was seen by a store security officer putting all the items in a Boscov's shopping bag and trying to walk out of the store without paying for them. patch.com

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Visit the ORC Resource Center

Shootings & Death

Brea, CA: Suspect Arrested For Fatal Shooting Inside Underground Parking Lot
At Target Store

Police in Brea have announced the arrest of a suspect in the fatal shooting of a man in an underground parking lot at a Target in Brea. The shooting occurred at approximately 9:30 a.m. Saturday in the 800 block of East Birch Street. According to Brea Police, a man parked his car, got out and started walking into the Target when the suspect approached and fired multiple rounds at the victim. Alex Lin, 44, died at the scene. He was shot multiple times, police said. cbslocal.com

Caledonia Township, MI: Two shot dead outside of Wal-Mart store; two suspects from Grand Rapids in custody
Authorities say a deal to sell marijuana that was arranged online via Craigslist led to the shooting deaths of two men found in a car outside of a mid-Michigan Wal-Mart store. Michigan State Police said that two suspects were arrested over the weekend. Police say the slayings of the 31-year-old Joseph Carson and 39-year-old Anthony Hammond came during a robbery. fox17online.com

Hayden, ID: Toddler shoots, kills mom inside Walmart
A mother was shot and killed Tuesday by her 2-year-old son when he reached into her purse and caused her gun to accidentally go off. At about 10:20 a.m., the 29-year-old and several of her children were in the electronics section of the store when the young boy, who was sitting in the shopping cart, reportedly grabbed a gun that was in his mother's purse and fired it. The woman died at the scene. kxly.com

Sallisaw, OK: Police Undercover Drug Operation leads to shooting
in Walmart parking lot

The Sallisaw Police Department and the Sequoyah County Sheriff's department are working an incident which began in the Sallisaw Walmart Sunday afternoon when an undercover narcotics investigation went bad. Sallisaw Police said the investigation began before 7:30 p.m. "During the investigation one Officer was struck by the suspects vehicle, at which time the officer fired at the suspect, striking the vehicle," Franklin said. "The suspect vehicle then led officers on a short vehicle pursuit. Officers were able to stop the vehicle east of Walmart and take three suspects into custody. None of the suspects were struck by gunfire. sequoyahcountytimes.com

Robberies & Thefts

Winston-Salem, NC: Police look for two men who robbed 10 convenience stores since Dec. 20

San Jose, CA: Armed Robbery Suspect Stopped After Struggle With Customers at Taco Bell-KFC

Austin, TX: Man arrested for bathroom pictures of minor at HEB

UK: Chelsea: Gang on motorcycles Smash & Grab raid Michael Kors and iSmash shop

UK: Nottinghamshire: Tesco employee attacked with crowbar in Armed Robbery

Granite City, IL: Early morning Burglary at Hudson Jewelers; thousands in merchandise stolen

Update - Tampa, FL: Police release new security photo of suspect in $250,000 robbery at Gold N Diamonds

Piercing Pagoda in the Parkway Plaza Mall, El Cajon, CA reported a Grab & Run, item valued at $149

Zales in the Coral Square Mall, Coral Springs, FL reported a Diamond Switch on 1/28, item valued at $21,989

Zale in the Chapel Hill Mall, Akron, OH reported a Distraction Theft on 1/26, item valued at $1,449

Kay in the Solano Mall, Fairfield, CA reported a Grab & Run on 1/26, item valued at $3,599

Kay Jewelers in the Springfield Town Center, Springfield, VA reported a Distraction Theft on 1/22, items valued at $800

Skimming Thefts

Skimmers Proliferate at Iowa Retailers; Law Enforcement Academy Responds
Thieves are installing more and more illegal card-readers known as skimmers on gas pumps and ATM's. The Academy director hopes to add a unit to the curriculum this spring on ID theft which would cover skimmers. "Right now Iowa law enforcement is a little bit behind from the rest of the country in knowing from first responders what to do with a skimmer,"  iowapublicradio.org

Skimming Gang busted in Western NY - Trio from Southern Florida

Kendall, NY: Three Florida men arrested by NY State Troopers, installing skimmers in western NY

San Antonio, TX: Police seeking 2 installing skimmers; police have great pictures

Admiral Gas - Alma, MI - Armed Robbery
Allsup's - Espanola, NM - Shooting
Boost Mobile - Warrenton, VA - Robbery/ Owner shoots at suspect
Breakneck Market - Connellsville, PA - Armed Robbery
Bremer Street Food - Manchester, NH - Armed Robbery
Brookside Convenience - Westford, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Springfield, MA - Armed Robbery
Casual Male XL - Osage Beach, MO - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Bloomington, IN - Armed Robbery
Conoco - Tyler, TX - Armed Robbery/ clerk shot and killed
Corner Deli - West Haven, CT - Armed Robbery
CVS - Buffalo Grove, IL - Armed Robbery
CVS - Jackson, MS - Armed Robbery
CVS - Manteo, NC - Armed Robbery
CVS - Terre Haute, IN - Robbery
Dollar General - Davenport, IA - Armed Robbery
Dollar Plus - Sparks, NV - Robbery
Eagle's Corner - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery/ Owner shot 1 of 2 suspects
Family Dollar - Sparks, NV - Armed Robbery
Far East Chinese Restaurant - Binghamton, NY - Armed Robbery
Fast Stop - Castaic, CA - Armed Robbery
Fred's - Anderson, SC - Armed Robbery
Friendship convenience - Perkins Township, OH - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Hudson Jewelers - Granite, City, IL - Burglary
Midway Market - Modesto, CA - Shooting, man killed in parking lot
Mobile - Buffalo Grove, IL - Armed Robbery
O'Reilly Auto - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery
Petro - Laconia, NH - Armed Robbery
Phone Geeks - Arnold, MO - Burglary
Presto - Wichita, KS - Robbery
Rite Aid - Vandalia, OH - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Silver Springs, MD - Armed Robbery
Subway - Bibb County, GA - Armed Robbery
Taco Bell/ KFC - San Jose, CA - Armed Robbery
TNT - Meigs County, OH - Armed Robbery
Uni-Mart - Jersey Shore, PA - Armed Robbery
Village Pantry - Bloomington, IN - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Caledonia Township, MI - Shooting/ 2 killed in parking lot
Walmart - Hayden, ID - Accidental Shooting/ child kills mother with gun from her purse
7-Eleven - Richland, WA - Robbery
7-Eleven - East Patchogue, NY - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
36 robberies
2 burglaries
7 shootings
5 killed

Featured Job Spotlights

Vice President Asset Protection
Grand Rapids, MI

The Vice President of Asset Protection is responsible for strategic oversight and direction of Meijer's Asset Protection programs for the Stores, Distribution, Manufacturing and Corporate functions at Meijer. This executive position is accountable for the development and implementation of Asset Protection programs including Shrink Reduction, Risk Mitigation, Safety and Security Plans, Training, Investigations and Analytics to drive overall operating efficiencies while supporting the Company's strategic focus of a "Customer First" experience...

Director of Loss Prevention
Berlin, NJ

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for the management, administration and operation of the Loss Prevention Team. Ensures adherence to company policies and procedures, as well as state and federal laws and regulations. Monitors and analyzes economic conditions affecting the risk management department and recommends appropriate action. Develops and executes corporate Audit Risk Plans...

Director of Security and Loss Prevention
Los Angeles, CA

Directs, oversees and develops a Security and Loss Prevention team whose responsibility is to protect our employees, guests and physical assets and a Loss Prevention team whose responsibility is to prevent, detect, investigate, resolve and document internal and external losses and policy violations...

Sr. Mgr., Investigative Strategy and Risk
Seattle, WA

The Sr. Mgr., Investigative Strategy & Risk, will lead our global investigative strategy and workplace incident management program supporting Worldwide Operations and Customer Service. This position will provide strategic framework globally for investigations and workplace incident management as well as assist field loss prevention partners as a subject matter expert... 

Director of Investigations
New York, NY

The Director of Investigations is responsible for developing multi-level and multi-tiered strategy for investigations company-wide. These areas include investigations, investigative analysis, and investigative training. To create this multi-tiered strategy, The Director of Investigations must influence and impact members of Legal, Human Resources, Store Operations, and Customer Service to ensure that the collective decisions and policies incorporate Loss Prevention's goals of reducing business integrity-related risks...

Head of Financial Crime, Loss Prevention & Safety
Malvern, PA

The Head of Financial Crime, Loss Prevention and Safety 1NA is responsible for developing strategies to identify and remedy vulnerabilities that lead, or could lead, to financial loss throughout the NA operation, both in the field and office locations...


Director, Loss Prevention Initiatives Job
Dublin, CA

The Director of LP Initiatives & Compliance is responsible for directing cross-functional initiatives for both Ross and dd's Stores. The Director will direct and lead rollouts of new/updated processes, policies and procedures by working directly with LP Field Management and Stores for feedback. The Director will also direct LP compliance and merchandise protection programs... 


Director, Supply Chain Loss Prevention and Safety
Perris, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for achieving the shortage and safety goals set for the Supply Chain. This is done by supervising and promoting Loss Prevention initiatives and programs, and by developing and maintaining a strong collaborative partnership with Operations and Human Resource business partners...


Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager
San Francisco, CA

The Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager will be responsible for the strategic planning and execution of projects/programs. You will ensure that projects are completed on schedule and to the scope established and agreed upon with key stakeholders...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Antioch,  CA

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager works under the direction of the Regional Director of Loss Prevention. Implements company programs relating to shortage control, theft resolution, and safety. Oversees and works with investigations staff to identify and resolve internal and external theft cases. Serves as a role model for all store and district personnel. Works as a liaison between National Stores Inc. and the criminal justice community...


Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago, IL

The Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for monitoring the performance and minimizing the losses experienced in the bowling centers operated by AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. The Loss Prevention Manager will investigate incidents of fraud, theft, policy violations, allegations of wrongdoing or any other activities that have or potentially could adversely affect the bowling centers... 


Loss Prevention Business Analyst
New York, NY

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives... 

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