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Apply Now for Vector Security, Inc.
2020 Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) Scholarships

Loss prevention professionals as well as those who aspire to work in loss prevention in the United States and Canada can apply for Vector Security’s annual Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) scholarship program now through March 31, 2020.

Applications can be submitted via the Vector Security website at www.vectorsecurity.com/lpfscholarship.

The scholarships provide financial support to loss prevention professionals – or those who have an interest in loss prevention – seeking to obtain LPQ and LPC certifications. Vector Security began awarding the scholarships in 2009 in support of career development and continuing education for professionals in this important and rapidly-growing industry.

More than 260 scholarships totaling $262,460 have been awarded since the program began. The scholarships cover all course and examination fees for retail loss prevention professionals who wish to obtain LPF’s Loss Prevention Qualified (LPQ) or Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) certifications.

Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight below.

The Loss Prevention Research Council Plans to Relocate Mock Store, Formerly Named Research Lab

New Engagement Lab & the NextRetail Research Center (NRC)

The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) has announced its plans to relocate its formerly named Research Lab by mid-March 2020. This mock store environment contains over one hundred technologies that aid in combating theft, fraud, and violence in the retail setting.

The Research Lab will be known as the Engagement Lab moving forward. This change accurately reflects how members will connect with the mock store. Retailers will be able to engage with the cutting-edge technology from LPRC’s solution partners and the interactive kiosks used to explore the research organization’s theories and methodologies.

The newly dubbed Engagement Lab will be moving across the street, into the
UF Innovation Hub, where the LPRC NextRetail Research Center (NRC) currently resides. As one of the main components of the NRC and the LPRC’s research process, the Engagement Lab will be physically connected to the other spaces that make up the NRC: the Ideation, Simulation, and Activation Lab. The proximity of the LPRC’s labs to one another will be key in increasing the speed and quality in which the LPRC team conducts its research. lpresearch.org

The LPRC’s 2020 Research Agenda

The LPRC is excited to release their 2020 Research Agenda! Explore the nearly 40 projects currently underway by filtering for keywords, zones of influence, and working groups. Stay updated on these projects through their Knowledge Center - any recent developments will be posted there for easy access. Remember to check back often to view additional projects that are started throughout the year.

Click here to view the Research Agenda.



Breaking Down Porch Piracy & Metal Theft ft. Dr. Ben Stickle

In this episode of LPRC’s CrimeScience, featured guest
Dr. Ben Stickle (MTSU) discusses porch piracy, metal theft, and more, with co-hosts Dr. Read Hayes (LPRC) and Tom Meehan (CONTROLTEK).

Click here to view episode.

Walmart’s First-Ever Super Bowl Ad

The 60-second “Famous Visitors” commercial will showcase Walmart’s pickup service. It will feature an assortment of iconic characters from TV shows and movies and their “creative” transportation methods, showing them touching down on Earth to pick up their goods curbside at Walmart.  The featured characters will range from Buzz Lightyear of "Toy Story" to Bill Preston of “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” 

Before the game, Walmart will tease the ad across a variety of media, including radio stations across the country, the TV walls in its stores and social media channels. chainstoreage.com


2020 - Biggest Year Ever for Workplace Absences
'Super Bowl Fever': 17.5 Million Employees Ditching Work Monday

1.5M - Plan to "Ghost" Their Employer - Just Not Show Up
11.1M - Pre-Approved Time Off
4.7M - Calling Out Sick

"Super Bowl fever" is expected to result in 17.5 million employees missing work on Monday, according to a survey by the Workforce Institute at Kronos Inc. It's the largest amount ever since the institute began tracking in 2005. 

But it's not just the Super Bowl, as
2020 is anticipated to be one of the biggest years for workplace absences. The survey found 48% of employees say they expect to miss work, call in late or even be distracted on the job due to major events and pop culture momentsusatoday.com

Coronavirus Update

7,700 Cases - Death Toll Stands at 170, According to Chinese Officials
The spread of China’s coronavirus, which closed a city of 11 million, leaped across continents and raised pandemic fears, may have started with something simple – a person buying food for dinner at an outdoor market. usatoday.com

CDC records coronavirus case that spread within US
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday confirmed the first case of the coronavirus spreading from one person to another within the United States.

All of the U.S. cases recorded so far had been from travelers returning to the U.S. from China, where the virus originated. "We understand this may be concerning but based on what we know now our assessment remains that the immediate risk to the American public is low," said CDC Director Robert Redfield. thehill.com

Published in Government Technology: Emergency Management
Coronavirus Not Likely to Become a Big Problem for U.S.
- Infectious Disease Expert Says

While a lot of attention and concern is being paid to a new virus spreading rapidly in China, the public health infrastructure in North America and Europe means it will probably not have the same impact here or there, an infectious disease expert at Augusta University said Monday.

Much is still unknown about the novel coronavirus that emerged in China at the end of the last year and now has spread to 15 other countries, including the United States.

"Right now, we have a handful of patients with this new virus here in the United States," said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC. "However, at this time in the U.S., this virus is not spreading in the community. For that reason, we continue to believe that the
immediate health risk from the new virus to the general American public is low at this time."

"I think here we're ready for it," he said. "Everything is in place. It has been in place since SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus) and then later on since Ebola. I don't think it will be that big of a deal here, I really don't. I'd hate for people to start freaking out and changing trips here. I think we are ready for a pre-emptive management," said Dr. Jose Vazquez, the chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Augusta University.

One big difference is that public health systems here and in Canada and Europe are much stronger than where the virus is currently spreading. Vazquez said.

"I don't foresee seeing a lot of cases in North America and in Europe," he said.

It is much more likely that seasonal flu will cause more infections and deaths than the new virus, Vazquez said. govtech.com

Coronavirus hits cruise lines: 'Every lost voyage' could cost $4 million in revenue

Coronavirus Updates From the CDC

House Approves Ban on Most Employment Credit Checks
U.S. House of Representatives on Jan. 29 passed legislation that
prohibits employers from using credit reports for employment decisions, except when required by law or for a national security clearance.

The bill also
prohibits hiring managers from asking questions about applicants' financial past during job interviews or including questions about credit history on job applications.

Employer groups such as the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) oppose the bill, arguing that the information in a credit report is an indicator of a person's judgment and potential risk to an organization, especially for certain positions involving finances and accounting.

Republicans opposed to the bill characterized it as an overreaching approach that could yield unintended consequences and put consumers at risk.

Several states and cities including
California, Illinois, New York City and Philadelphia have passed laws restricting the use of credit reports used by employers for employment purposes, with several more jurisdictions poised to join the trend, Devata said. shrm.org

Tight Budgets - Surging Incarceration Rates - Rising Prison Costs
Kentucky Gov. Urging Lawmakers to take up Criminal-Justice Reform

Familiar Song - Here We Go Again - Retailers Will Feel the Pain

A House committee chairman says Kentucky lawmakers will grapple with a
criminal justice system he says is “out of kilter." House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jason Petrie said Wednesday that bills to be considered will likely deal with the bail system, persistent felony offender status, felony thresholds for theft offenses, and probation. The upcoming discussions come amid surging incarceration rates in Kentucky. Gov. Andy Beshear points to rising prison costs as a growing burden on the state budget, sapping money for education and health care. He has urged lawmakers to take up criminal-justice reform. fox19.com

Security Industry Association Applauds the Signing of USMCA
The Security Industry Association (SIA) commends Congress and the administration on the signing of the much-anticipated United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

The trilateral trade agreement
will benefit the North American security industry immensely, open new opportunities to stimulate job growth and expand business operations into existing and emerging markets.

U.S. companies seeking to expand operations into Mexico or Canada can rely on robust intellectual property (IP) protections that curb IP theft and copyright infringements; removal of data localization requirements which forced U.S. companies to store collected data in the host country versus the United States; and efficient procurement policies that streamline and digitize communications, acquisition timelines and important transactional information.

“The signing of the
USMCA will bring significant benefits for the security industry and allow SIA’s members to invest in new opportunities internationally,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson.

In September 2019, SIA was proud to partner with the Latin American Security Association (ALAS) and the Canadian Security Association (CANASA) in publishing a joint statement supporting the ratification of USMCA. SIA, ALAS and CANASA – the leading representation of the security industry in North America – collectively represent more than 2,500 companies with business operations located in the United States, Mexico and Canada. securityindustry.org

Interior Department adopts restrictions aimed at Chinese drones
The new policy is the formal adoption of a no-fly rule for drones made in China or with Chinese parts, the WSJ reports. It follows the temporary grounding of the department’s drone fleet last year amid rising concerns that the devices could be used for espionage. Interior officials have acknowledged that all of the department’s roughly 800 drones are made in China or with Chinese parts.

The department order doesn’t mention China by name but directs department officials to favor U.S-made drones out of concerns information collected by aerial drones could be “valuable to foreign entities, organizations and governments.” wsj.com

Be Aware:
LinkedIn Social Engineering Hack
Using Your Connections to Get You to Click

Hackers Gaining Control of Your Account?

In the last two days I've received two LinkedIn messages from two different senior LP executives trying to get me to click on a link. Both of which have been confirmed to be a hacker that's using connections and trying to get me to click on their malware. Merely want to call it out to everyone. Should you get an email from one of yours that seems out of left field. Just a helpful tip. Gus Downing

NRF Predicts 32% Increase in Valentine's Day Spending

UPS testing self-driving delivery vehicles

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Apply Now for Vector Security, Inc.
2020 Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) Scholarships

Scholarships support certification for loss prevention professionals
and those interested in a career in loss prevention.

PITTSBURGH, January 30, 2020 - Loss prevention professionals as well as those who aspire to work in loss prevention in the United States and Canada can apply for Vector Security’s annual Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) scholarship program now through March 31, 2020.

Applications can be submitted via the Vector Security website at www.vectorsecurity.com/lpfscholarship.

The scholarships provide financial support to loss prevention professionals – or those who have an interest in loss prevention – seeking to obtain LPQ and LPC certifications. Vector Security began awarding the scholarships in 2009 in support of career development and continuing education for professionals in this important and rapidly-growing industry.

More than 260 scholarships totaling $262,460 have been awarded since the program began. The scholarships cover all course and examination fees for retail loss prevention professionals who wish to obtain LPF’s Loss Prevention Qualified (LPQ) or Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) certifications.

A total of 10 LPQ and 10 LPC scholarships will be awarded to U.S.-based professionals, while another five LPC scholarships will be awarded to those based in Canada.

“We are proud to once again offer the Vector Security LPF scholarship program to LP professionals in the U.S. and Canada,” said Michael T. Grady, LPC, Executive Vice President, Vector Security Networks. “As the security needs of multi-site businesses continue to evolve, it’s important for LP professionals to stay current on industry trends and solutions. Continuing education and certification, such as LPQ and LPC, in this field will help LP professionals meet the challenges of their profession.”

Anyone who is currently in the loss prevention industry, or has an interest in a career in loss prevention, can apply for an LPQ scholarship. Those applying for the LPC scholarship must meet certain eligibility requirements. Details can be found at www.vectorsecurity.com/lpfscholarship.





A Security Nightmare
2020: A Year of Deepfakes & Deep Deception

Deepfake technology as a business threat in 2020

Supercharging BEC Attacks & No Defense

2020 will be the year we start to see
deepfakes become a real threat to the enterprise, one that cyber defense teams are not yet equipped to handle.

Deepfakes have the ability to
supercharge business email compromise (BEC) attacks. Imagine receiving an email from your company’s CEO asking you to engage with some financial action, then receiving a follow-up text message from your CEO’s mobile number, and finally a voicemail with their voice addressing you by name, referencing previous conversations you’ve had with them, and all in the CEO’s voice.

Eventually, when the deepfake technology advances even further, it’s easy to imagine a scenario where
you are on a video call with what you think is your CEO but is a deepfake video being created in real-time. Earlier this year a CEO was deceived by an AI-generated voice into transferring $243,000 to a bank account he believed to be of a company supplier.

Currently, the security industry has
no appliances, email filters, or any technology to defend against deepfakes. There is progress being made, however. For example, Facebook, Microsoft, and university researchers launched the Deepfake Detection Challenge as a rallying cry to jumpstart the development of open source deepfake detection tools.

The only remedy that currently exists is to educate users about these new types of attacks and to be on the alert for any behavior that seems out of the ordinary from the recipient, no matter how small. Trust is no longer a luxury we can afford. helpnetsecurity.com

Top 10 policy trends to watch for globally in 2020
The 10 top trends that will drive the most significant technological upheavals this year have been identified by Access Partnership.

“Shifts in tech policy will disrupt life for everyone. While some governments try to leverage the benefits of 5G, artificial intelligence, and IoT, others find reasons simply to confront Big Tech ranging from protectionism to climate urgency.

Report highlights: Top policy trends for 2020

● AI regulation taking shape in the EU and the U.S.
● EU-based Digital Services Act (DSA) as the newest power grab since the GDPR
● New wave of tech protectionism in Europe
China as a supply chain liability; other Asian nations filling in
● Spectrum sharing likely to become more mainstream with 5G
● 5G security to take an important position with shift to control functions
U.S. privacy laws taking bipartisan note from California’s CCPA
● Data sharing regs to heat up, as balance with innovation becomes more critical
● IoTs, SIMs and eSIMs: who’s responsible for setting regulation?
Rise of ‘green’ technology policy: another balancing act with industry emissions vs. the industry’s potential ability to solve climate change

“The report notes that while divisive impeachment proceedings in America create a blockage in new legislation pipelines, there is surprising bipartisan agreement on tech policy — Republicans are moving to protect companies from growth-killing regulation, and Democrats are seeking to pre-empt state-level measures. “We expect to see new regulatory models emerging in the U.S. and other nations in reaction to the EU’s push for digital sovereignty.” helpnetsecurity.com

New Social Engineering Event to Train Business Pros on Human Hacking
The DEF CON Social Engineering Capture the Flag contest inspired a new event aimed at teaching both security and non-security professionals on the fine art of hacking human behavior.

Chris Hadnagy, founder and chief human hacker for the firm that created the famed Social Engineering Capture the Flag contest at DEF CON, next month will kick off his first social engineering event geared for business, technology, security, and psychology professionals.

The event — February 20–22 in Orlando, Fla. — will feature various workshops led by experts in mental health, method acting, leadership skills, open-source intelligence, nueroscience, deception, trust, and body language and nonverbal communication. There's even a training session by Ian Rowland, aka "The Mind Man," on cold reading and how to apply some of its communications techniques to business and sales. darkreading.com

More authentication and identity tech needed with fraud expected to increase

As the Banks Move More to Biometrics, The Retailers Will Follow

The proliferation of real-time payments platforms, including person-to-person (P2P) transfers and mobile payment platforms across Asia Pacific, has increased fraud losses for the majority of banks.

FICO recently conducted a survey with banks in the region and found that 4 out of 5 (78 percent) have seen their fraud losses increase.

Further to this, almost a quarter (22 percent) say that fraud will rise significantly in the next 12 months, with an additional 58 percent saying they expect a moderate rise in fraud.

"Banks will need to move beyond passwords and OTPs and add biometrics, device telemetry and customer behavior analytics to keep up with the changing payments landscape." helpnetsecurity.com

Cool - Free - New Service
New web service can notify companies when their employees get phished

Abuse.ch launches new "I Got Phished" web portal

Starting today, companies across the world have a
new free web service at their disposal that will automatically send out email notifications if one of their employees gets phished.

service is named "I Got Phished" and is managed by Abuse.ch, a non-profit organization known for its malware and cyber-crime tracking operations.

Just like all other Abuse.ch services, I Got Phished will be free to use.

How I Got Phished works:
● Sign-up via the I Got Phished website
● Subscribing for email notifications is done on a domain name basis, and companies don't have to expose a list of their employee email addresses to a third-party service.
● Once a company's security staff has subscribed to the service, I Got Phished will check its internal database for email addresses for the company's email domain. This database contains logs from phishing operations, with emails for phished victims.
● If I Got Phished finds an email address for that domain, they'll notify the company's security staff. The email notification looks like the sample below.

To prevent unauthorized individuals from hijacking a company's phishing notifications, I Got Phished will only send out notifications to official emails like: abuse@company.com, security@company.com, noc@company.com, or postmaster@company.com. zdnet.com

Editor's Note: The Daily is not endorsing Abuse.ch nor have we used it. So you are on your own.

Putting the SHIELD Act and CCPA into perspective



Looking to 2020: Federal Cannabis Policy

With 2020 elections approaching, it's beginning to look like cannabis laws and legalization could be a hot-button issue. Last week, a hearing entitled “Cannabis Policies for the New Decade” was held by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. During this legislative hearing, both Republican and Democratic representatives and witnesses from the FDA and DEA discussed cannabis’ health benefits and potential changes to current federal policy.

Currently, cannabis is illegal in any form under federal law, but since enforcement is left primarily to the states and since state cannabis laws vary wildly, it is easy to become confused over what is legal and what is not. Cannabis laws are almost always in a state of flux and have become a major issue for many voters. But before the 2020 elections kick-off, it’s important to review federal cannabis laws that are being considered and how different candidate’s policies stack up.

This article takes a look at five acts under consideration:

● Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act
● SAFE Banking Act
● Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act
● Marijuana Justice Act

See what Democratic and Republican presidential front runners have to say on the topic.

Read more at sapphirerisk.com

Vaping Crisis Implications for Cannabis Industry Regulation and Risk Management
The vaping industry is under fire after an increasing number of injuries and deaths have been linked to the use of vaping products. The growing crisis has major implications for the cannabis industry from both a regulatory and risk management perspective.

Product Liability in the Cannabis Industry
Product liability lawsuits are following the vaping crisis. This is a wake-up call for cannabis companies to review their product liability risk exposure and secure the proper insurance coverage for their protection. Cannabis business owners should analyze their liability exposure, the potential associated health hazards of their products for long-term use, and review if existing policies exclude coverage for any type of specified ingredients that they may be using. Many health hazard exclusions will not cover health impacts from long-term use of a product. Additionally, insurance carriers are now looking to add more exclusions for vape products where the vitamin E acetate is present. Product recall coverage is also likely to be impacted – whether it’s implicated or excluded for vitamin E acetate.

Risk Management Protocols
The vaping crisis also should spur cannabis business owners to implement risk management protocols to protect them from other exposures that are unique to the industry. For example, risk exposure related to the use of paper currency is a significant concern. Federal banking regulations have limited these businesses to dealing mostly in cash, which makes them prime targets for crime and fraud.

There are several risk insurance policies in which cannabis companies should consider investing: general liability, product liability, property insurance, crop and finished stock, workers’ compensation, crime/employee theft, directors and officers, cyber liability and employment practices liability. Depending on the type of cannabis operation, all or some of these should be included as part of a complete commercial insurance program. cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

POS Vendor for Cannabis Dispensaries Exposed Data: Report
A point-of-sale system vendor that serves U.S. medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries left an unprotected database containing sensitive information about three clients and 30,000 of their customers exposed to the internet, researchers say. Security firm vpnMentor says its research team recently discovered that Seattle, Washington-based THSuite left the database exposed.

"Our team identified an unsecured Amazon S3 bucket owned by THSuite that exposed sensitive data from multiple marijuana dispensaries around the U.S. and their customers," the research report states. The leaked data included more than 85,000 files, including scanned government and employee IDs, exposing personally identifiable information for over 30,000 individuals, the report says. govinfosecurity.com

10 Best Practices for Securing Your Cannabis Business in 2020
The risk of a data breach is ever present and can prove disastrous especially for cash-based businesses like cannabis. It’s vital to guard against cyber-attacks, but also to establish solid plans to ensure you react to any breach in the right way. These best practices will help you reduce the risk of a data breach occurring in the first place, but also reduce the impact and damage if the worst does happen.

1. Establish a risk baseline
2. Capture a complete picture of your network
3. Build a user awareness program
4. Assess and patch vulnerabilities
5. Do root cause analysis
6. Implement real-time automated protection
7. Craft an incident response plan
8. Fully utilize your existing security technology
9. Bake security into everything
10. Employ third-party risk management

Worries over weed at work
Employees using products containing hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) are sometimes finding themselves in trouble at work, reports USA Today. The U.S. legalized hemp, which contains low levels of the psychoactive component of cannabis known as THC, at the start of 2019. Still, the THC found in CBD products could lead to positive drug tests. Dozens of federal law enforcement employees have faced disciplinary actions after using CBD products. Experts say there is no way for drug tests to differentiate between hemp and marijuana THC. linkedin.com

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control Declares Vaping Crisis Emergency and Reguires All Licensed Retailers to Display Quick Response (QR) Code Certificate to Confirm Legal Licensure

USA CBD Expo Set Heading to Las Vegas on Feb. 13-15

Alberta has 56% of all pot shops in Canada




Amazon Delivery Vans

One Day They're There & The Next They're Gone

As we've mentioned before, a few weeks before Christmas about 70 Amazon delivery vans just appeared parked behind the closed Sears store at Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, Ohio. Used as a staging area with vans appearing everywhere making deliveries.

And then yesterday, they all just disappeared. It's like they were never there.

It was surreal. All the closed stores inside the mall now relegated to delivery vans. And now they're even gone, with the holiday rush over. The new reality. - Gus Downing

Urban last-mile deliveries will increase 78% by 2030
In one to three years, cities will be "severely challenged" by e-commerce-driven delivery traffic, but existing technology and policy fixes can help quell the resulting carbon emissions and congestion if implemented quickly, according to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) with input from DHL, Llamasoft, McKinsey, Uber Freight, Unilever, UPS and Walmart among others, released Jan. 10.

The study analyzed 24 last-mile technologies including drones, robots and unmanned deliveries, drop boxes, locker systems and other ways of consolidating orders, along with non-tech changes including increased double-parking enforcement, delivery time shifts, traffic light interventions and road lane changes.

The best scenario, according to WEF, is one that takes into account the carriers' interest in fewer disruptions and faster deliveries alongside cities' desire for lower emissions and less congestion. This combined scenario would include electric vehicles, night deliveries, multi-brand parcel lockers, dynamic re-routing and load pooling. These interventions could reduce emissions by 35%, unit costs by 15% and congestion by 25%, according to the report. retaildive.com

Consumer sector and e-commerce to drive warehouse space demand in 2020
Consumer shopping habits are continuing to drive the industrial real estate market, as warehouse leasing demand in 2020 will be driven by both traditional and online retailers and by third-party logistics providers (3PLs) making efforts to meet demand for e-commerce fulfillment, according to the Chicago-based realty firm Cushman and Wakefield.

In its "North American Industrial Forecast Report," the firm said that some of the hottest facility types in the industrial world this year will include: cold-storage facilities, in-fill/last-mile facilities, and multistory warehouses. dcvelocity.com





Shreveport, LA: Third hotel employee arrested in Holiday Inn theft, 4 more wanted
Shreveport woman is behind bars, accused of helping her coworkers steal thousands of dollars from a hotel where they worked, and deputies are searching for four more suspects.
The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office has been investigating the theft of at least $280,000 from the Holiday Inn Express since an internal audit raised red flags and prompted the hotel to contact law enforcement. A total of six employees, including a clerk and a manager, were accused of hiding money transactions involving guest stays so they could pocket the money paid by guests. They are also accused of defrauding the hotel by giving away free rooms. arklatexhomepage.com

Charleston, WV: Police looking for group accused of stealing $13,000 worth of cell phones from Sam’s Club
Sgt. Mark Kinder with the Charleston Police Department says he and his team are still reviewing footage of a theft at the South Ridge Sam's Club. The surveillance video shows more than a dozen cell phones being stolen out of a locked case near the exit. Thousands of dollars worth of cell phones were stolen from Sam's Club in Kanawha County. He says the theft happened around 9 p.m. Saturday and involved three women and a man. One woman and the man are seen with a cart going past the register when they split. The woman goes past the greeter and stops near the exit. When the woman is near the exit, the man and two other women show up. They proceed to the case on the other side. That is when Charleston Police say they broke the lock and stole more than a dozen phones. When an employee comes over and realizes what is going on, the four run out of the store. wsaz.com

Burnaby, BC, Canada: Shoplifters in Burnaby's biggest mall targeted in RCMP blitzes
More shoplifters targeting stores at the Metropolis at Metrotown mall could find themselves in cuffs thanks to a new Burnaby RCMP initiative. Since October, local Mounties have made eight arrests and recovered nearly $3,000 in merchandise in three targeted enforcement blitzes at the shopping centre on Oct. 22, Nov. 14 and Dec. 6. For each so-called “boost and bust” enforcement, officers team up with mall security, loss-prevention officers and, in some cases, Transit Police. burnabynow.com

Wheeling, WV: Man faces felony charges after repeatedly stealing booze from a CVS store over a 3-day period

Fayetteville, GA: 72 arrested during Fayetteville Christmas crime sweep; 58 at Walmart

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Shootings & Deaths

Palmdale, CA: Man killed after gunfire erupts at Carl’s Jr. parking lot
A man was gunned down in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Palmdale Tuesday night. The shooting occurred around 8:30 p.m. at the Carl’s Jr. located near the Antelope Valley Mall. Arriving deputies discovered a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was rushed to a local hospital where he died, the sheriff’s office said. His identity has not been released. foxla.com

Chico, CA: Man arrested after seven-hour-long standoff at 7-Eleven
A man was arrested Wednesday morning after a seven-hour long standoff at the 7-Eleven. Dennis Bryant, 52, was placed under arrest after he allegedly barricaded himself in the business’s small bathroom at roughly 1:30 a.m. with what police were calling an “edged weapon.” He was arrested on suspicion of burglary, assault on a police K9, obstruction, trespassing, exhibiting a deadly weapon, vandalism, unlawful use of 911 and arson. chicoer.com

New York, NY: 2 injured in shooting in East New York
Wednesday night, Police say the shooting happened inside a barbershop on the corner of Montauk and Pitkin avenues. The area around the barbershop and corner store has been secured as police comb through evidence. Bullet holes could be seen in the glass where police say a man and a woman were both shot. Police say the shots rang at around 8:40 p.m. news12.com

Dallas, TX: Police search for man who shot an Armed Security Guard outside South Dallas C-Store
Police released surveillance video from Saturday night's shooting. The victim survived, despite being shot multiple times, including in the head. The shooting was planned, police said, and nothing was taken, not even an attempt to rob the security guard who was shot. “This is a pre-planned attack,” Dallas homicide Detective Michael Yeric said. Police said security guard Max King was standing outside Little World convenience store, just before 11 p.m. on Jan. 25. He was looking at his phone, when police said the shooter parked his bike behind a nearby vehicle. Video then shows the shooter walk up to King, before shooting him, then walking away. fox4news.com

Lauderdale Lakes, FL: Man Shot While Trying to Stop Liquor Store Robbery
Authorities are searching for a suspect who shot a man who tried to stop an armed robbery at a Lauderdale Lakes liquor store earlier this month in an incident that was caught on camera. The robbery happened just before 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 12. After grabbing the register and jumping back over the counter, the suspect was approached by the victim, who hit him in the back of the head. A fight ensued, and the suspect shot the victim in the stomach, knocking the victim to the floor. nbcmiami.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Honolulu, HI: Recurring Robberies at Ala Moana Center prompt Shoppers to take precautions
Visitors to Hawaii’s premier shopping center are beginning to take precautions after a series of violent purse snatchings and other crimes. Even tourists say they are hearing about the risk, some before they ever reach Hawaii. Over the past five months, Ala Moana Center has been the scene of a deadly shooting along with multiple robberies. The most recent happened within the past few days. hawaiinewsnow.com

Danville, KY: Notre Dame Football Commit Charged In Connection With Gun Store Burglary
Landen Zane Bartleson, 18, of Harrodsburg, was booked at Boyle County Detention Center on Friday, Jan. 24, according to the jail website. According to a press release from the Danville Police Department, officers were dispatched at 8:18 a.m. that morning to investigates an overnight burglary at On Target Firearms And Ammunition on Westridge Drive in Danville. Investigators determined the burglars entered the store by smashing through a window. Once inside, they stole nine weapons. The officers identified three suspects: Bartleson and two unnamed juveniles from Danville, both age 16. Police were also able to recover all nine stolen weapons. harrodsburgherald.com

Osceola County, FL: Man poses as McDonald’s employee to steal cash from restaurant
Surveillance footage shows a man dressed in an employee uniform walk behind the counter at the chain restaurant on 3191 S. John Young Parkway in Kissimmee. The subject appears to start working as a cashier when the second suspect approaches the register, appears to order and then takes off after the cash register opens. The suspect doubling as an employee takes money out of the register and runs out of the restaurant. clickorlando.com

Winter Springs, FL: Mom drives getaway car for 15-year-old son in Circle K Armed Robbery

Dillon, CO: Police honor City Market Asset Protection Specialist with Medal of Appreciation


ICE HSI, CBP operation seizes record-breaking $123M of fake sports merchandise
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announced Thursday the seizure of more than 176,000 counterfeit sports-related items, worth an estimated $123 million manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), through a collaborative enforcement operation targeting international shipments of counterfeit merchandise into the United States.

The seizures were part of Operation Team Player, an ongoing effort developed by the HSI-led Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Center to target the illegal importation and distribution of counterfeit sports merchandise, and were revealed in Miami, Florida, at a joint press conference with the National Football League (NFL), HSI, CBP and the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD).

Special agents from HSI teamed with industry, CBP, Miami-Dade police officers and other partner agencies to identify flea markets, retail outlets and street vendors selling counterfeit goods during the week leading up to Super Bowl LIV (54). ice.gov



Court Sentences North Carolina Bloods Gang Members for Racketeering Conspiracy Involving Murder
Four North Carolina members of the United Blood Nation (UBN or Bloods) street gang were sentenced in Charlotte, North Carolina, after pleading guilty to federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) conspiracy charges. Each sentenced by Chief U.S. District Court Judge Frank D. Whitney to serve 35 years in prison followed by 3 years of supervised release. Each of these defendants pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy charges involving murder. According to court documents and evidence presented at May 2018 and October 2019 trials of co-defendants, the UBN is a violent criminal street gang operating throughout the east coast of the United States since it was founded as a prison gang in 1993. justice.gov

BAD AXE, MI: Advance America Cash Advance cashier sentenced to 270 Months for Embezzlement and Stages a Robbery



C-Store – McKees Rocks, PA – Robbery
C-Store – Apache Junction, AZ - Armed Robbery
C-Store – Evangeline Parish, LA – Burglary
C-Store - Evangeline Parish, LA - Burglary
C-Store – Stillwater, OK – Robbery
C-Store – Lafayette, IN – Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Chardon, OH – Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree – Greenville, SC – Armed Robbery
Gas Station – Parkman, OH – Armed Robbery
Gas Station – Lake County, IN – Robbery
Grocery – Jacksonville, FL – Armed Robbery
Guns - Henrico County , VA - Burglary (2nd in 10 days)
Guns – Danville, KY – Burglary
● Jewelry – National City, CA – Burglary
Liquor – Trenton, NJ – Armed Robbery
Liquor - Lauderdale Lakes, FL – Armed Robbery
Liquor – Akron, OH – Armed Robbery
Marijuana – Union Gap, WA - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy – Yuba City, CA – Robbery (2nd in 2 weeks)
Pharmacy - Sylacauga, AL – Burglary
Restaurant – Mesquite, TX – Armed Robbery (Sonic)
Sam’s Club – Danville, KY – Burglary
Walgreens – Rockwall, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven – Chico, CA – Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 16 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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None to report.


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Field Loss Prevention Manager
Oklahoma City, OK
As a Retail Loss Prevention Manager for Staples, you will manage and coordinate Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations...
Risk Management and Asset Protection Manager
Kansas City, MO
This role is responsible for risk management, physical security, and loss prevention in Hallmark Gold Crown retail stores and will monitor internal and external theft, consumer and retailer fraud, and employee and consumer injuries...
Assets Protection Business Partner - Food & Beverage
Minneapolis, MN
In this role you will lead a team of DC AP Managers responsible for providing safe and secure environments for our team members and guests in Food & Beverage Distribution Centers. AP teams will do this by leading a physical security culture and responding to crisis events to protect our team, investigating and resolving theft, and creating awareness and educating team members on operational shortage priorities...
Assets Protection Business Partner - Global Supply Chain & Logistics
Multiple Field Locations, Nationwide
In this role you will lead a team of DC AP Managers responsible for providing safe and secure environments for our team members and guests in Distribution Centers across Central and Pac-Northwest US regions. AP teams will do this by leading a physical security culture and responding to crisis events to protect our team, investigating and resolving theft, and creating awareness and educating team members on operational shortage priorities...
Investigative Analyst
Palo Alto, CA
The Investigative Analyst conducts various analysis and investigative services for a specific client in their Investigations Center. The Analyst will complete all-source research, gather pertinent data, review intelligence gaps, prepare case files and complete associated investigations and reporting requirements...
Regional Loss Prevention Manager
San Francisco or Los Angeles, CA
Primary Purpose: To protect the company assets, associates and customers in the stores located on the West Coast (majority of stores in California) and administer the established Loss Prevention programs that have been established at the stores of our three brands: Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman...

Research Director
Gainesville, FL
The Research Director leads, develops, and manages the research and innovation team and its outputs by coordinating research and innovation strategy, projects, working group engagements, lab enhancement, IMPACT and other event preparation...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago, IL

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager (RLPM) oversees the daily activities of loss prevention efforts within the assigned area to ensure an effective and proactive approach to the reduction of shrink and protection of company assets...

Manager of Loss Prevention & Security
Wawa, PA
The Manager of Loss Prevention and Security serves as the subject matter expert in the area of Loss Prevention and Physical Security for the Company with focus on developing and driving solutions that will create an optimum associate and customer experience in a safe and secure environment...
Payments Security Program Manager
San Jose, CA

The Payments Security Program Manager will oversee the strategy, identification, coordination, implementation, execution and completion of the Security Initiatives across eBay's Payments, Risk, and Billing systems and partnering organizations...

Region Asset Protection Manager
Jacksonville, FL
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...

Asset Protection Investigator
Scarsdale, NY
The Asset Protection Investigator (API) shall consistently identify internal and external theft opportunities, prepare AP case reports and testifies in criminal court proceedings when necessary. The API will also develop internal case leads and actively participate with the investigation...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Seattle, WA

The Regional Manager of Asset Protection drives Asset Protection programs and supports Luxottica Brands to safeguard the assets of merchandise, money, property and the welfare of customers and associates. Responds and investigates situations of known or suspected internal/external dishonesty...

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