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January 31, 2014


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Hudson's Bay Corp. Re-aligns Asset Protection

The Hudson's Bay Company consisting of Saks Fifth Avenue, SaksOff5th, Lord & Taylor, Hudson's Bay and Home Outfitters, announced today a major realignment within their Asset Protection division.

Rosamaria Sostilio, SVP HBC Asset Protection has released the following announcement effective today, January 30, 2014: 

"Going forward, our organization will officially be known as Asset Protection, and will be a multi-disciplined division encompassing loss prevention, inventory control, shortage control, investigations, physical security, safety and overall responsibility for mitigating all business integrity related risks.
Also effective today, we will be organized as a North American unit, with integrated operations across retail business units in each country. 

Tony Caccioppoli, VP of Asset Protection, and Donald Jobe, DVP of Asset Protection, will lead country-specific teams in the United States and Canada, respectively.  Both gentlemen bring close to 40 years each of retail loss prevention and security operations experience and have established themselves for developing and overseeing industry-leading programs.
I would also like to take this chance to recognize the full team of leaders who will be supporting me as SVP, Asset Protection for the Hudson’s Bay Company: 

Tony Caccioppoli, Asset Protection, US
Donald Jobe, Asset Protection, Canada
Terri Means, Omnichannel Shortage Control
Catherine Riccards, Investigations and Business Conduct

I have enjoyed leading this team through this integration process over the past several months to create one of most comprehensive and respected Asset Protection divisions within the retail industry today."

Rosamaria Sostilio
SVP, Asset Protection





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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products
Cybercrime moves up to third place on Lloyd's Risk Index of biggest threats to global business for the c-suite  Cyber risk has now emerged as a high-profile problem; so much so, it has been escalated to third on the Lloyd's Risk Index 2013, which surveys C-suite and board executives to find the biggest threats to global business. Given increasing volume of transactions and data available online, it is no surprise that valuable data is the target for increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Originating from organised crime, hacktivist groups and, sometimes, nation states, the objectives of these attackers are to make financial gain or to cause disruption. (Source

Spokane’s URM Stores close to concluding investigation of their credit card data breach last fall  And listed nearly 70 stores where transactions were exposed to card fraud. The company, a distributor that serves more than 300 grocery stores in the region, did not say whether it has identified the source of the network breach. The FBI and the Secret Service are also investigating but have made no comments about the cyber attack. (Source

Visa urges secure PIN-and-chip payments
Global credit and debit card issuer Visa Inc. has publicly called for adoption of secure payment technology in response to recent high-profile retailer data breaches. The recent series of data compromises are terribly unfortunate for everyone involved,” said Visa CEO Charlie Scharf. “However, the established and well understood rules that govern traditional networks coupled with the cooperation between merchants, financial institutions, and the networks have minimized the level of the monetary losses. But these incidents remind us of the need for all of us to continue to work together to secure payments from criminals." (Source

Post Security Breach, Target Does What Target Does Best, Sticks To The Plan

Amazon posts a 22% revenue gain in 2013

Wet Seal cuts multiple Regional Loss Prevention Manager positions

Foul Weather Hits U.S. Retailers - Store closures everywhere - Lost sales!
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said as the storm moved from west to east, more than 150 stores had to be closed in its path. The closings were due to power outages, government mandates, road closures and staffing issues. Macy’s Inc. said there were many stores closed in the Southeast. On Tuesday, 32 stores — 31 Macy’s units and one Bloomingdale’s — closed early in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. On Wednesday, 45 stores — 44 Macy’s and one Bloomingdale’s — were closed for all or part of the day in Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina. On Thursday, three stores in Alabama and Georgia had delayed openings, a Macy’s spokesman said. Belk Inc., based in Charlotte, N.C., said that 134 of its stores were impacted by the storm, causing store closings and delayed openings. Store closures for Nordstrom Inc. have been a moving target as the storm traveled. “We’ve had store closures and stores that opened later than they were scheduled to open,” said a Nordstrom spokesman. “In parts of the Deep South, only 2 to 3 inches of snow fell, but crippled the region’s transportation and business." Local retailers shut down early on Tuesday and remained closed on Wednesday, but most reopened Thursday. The Atlanta Apparel Mart, preparing for the Atlanta Apparel Market, which opened on Thursday, had a skeleton crew in place on Tuesday and Wednesday. (Source

2014 FMI Asset Protection Conference
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Leadership & Development Series:

Retail Industry Leaders Association

Interview with Lisa LaBruno, Part 2

In part two of this two-part episode, questions are answered from members of the RILA Horizons Committee. Brand Elverston, Director of Asset Protection Strategic Initiatives at Walmart, talks about how the Technology Priorities Document is a driving force to him as a retailer, and the progress he has seen since its launch. Orlaith Murphy, Senior Director of Loss Prevention Operations for Gap Inc., also describes what her vision is of the future of the TPD and its impact on the retail industry. Filmed January 2013.

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Consumer-watchdog program "Marketplace" draws controversy after teaching consumers how to negotiate retailers' return policies  Last week, the long-running Canadian TV show "Marketplace," which focuses on current affairs and protecting consumers, ran an episode titled "Point of No Returns" - which teaches Canadians the secrets of negotiation when it comes to successful returns in stores. "Retailers don't have to give your money back, or offer an exchange or a credit," the program's website states. "That means a successful return often comes down to a shopper's individual abilities." Critics say the episode goes too far in instructing consumers on how to work around restrictive return policies. It shows how to make a return without a receipt, after a 30-day deadline, or without its original packaging. "Marketplace" defended the program saying "As Canada’s consumer watchdog, we’ve heard from many viewers about difficulties at the returns desk over the past few years. Unlike the European Union or some American states, Canada does not have consumer protection laws that govern most returns." Watch the episode here. Do you think it goes too far? (Source

Crime Stoppers Join Truckers To Fight Cargo Crime in Canada - Their 2014 Focus: Fighting Cargo Theft  Canadian truckers and carriers now also have the support of Crime Stoppers, the public awareness and crime tip reporting program, in fighting cargo crime. The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) has been raising awareness to the $5 billion problem and this month, Crime Stoppers of York Region marked International Crime Stoppers month by announcing their 2014 focus: fighting cargo theft.  (Source

'The heat is on': Saks vs Nordstrom turf war set to play out across Canada
The battle for retail supremacy in Canada has pitted the most elite U.S. chains against each other in Toronto and it is now poised to make its way across the country. The first skirmish played out in the city’s core this week with the announcement that Saks Fifth Avenue will move into the block south of Toronto’s famed Eaton Centre, while Nordstrom announced it is taking over Sears Canada’s old space in the north end of the mall. (Source

Best Buy Canada slashes 950 jobs amid online sales push

Bass Pro Shops announces sixth Canadian Store in Metro Vancouver

Suspects steal a bass guitar from Music Centre Canada in Airdrie, Alberta



Four points to consider about data security
1. Beware of fraudsters engaging in post-breach fraud. After the Target breach, fraudsters sent out fake emails purporting to be from Target about the breach and trying to trick people into providing personal data. 2. Credit card fraud and identity theft are not the same. The news media often combines credit card fraud with identity theft. Credit card fraud involving the improper use of credit card data can be stopped when the card is cancelled and replaced. An identity theft differs because it involves the use of personal information such as Social Security number, birth date, and other data that cannot readily be changed. It is thus much harder to stop identity theft. 3. Data breaches cause harm. One problem is that recognizing harm can be a Hobson’s choice for courts. Recognize harm, even a tiny one, and there’s a floodgate of class action suits and damage awards that could total billions because of the enormous numbers of people whose data is affected in a breach. 4. Data security is hard. Now that I have a business providing data security awareness training, I have realized just how challenging maintaining data security can be. Data security requires an odd combination of controlling technology as well as controlling people. (Source

Why Amazon's Data Store Doesn't Scare People - But Facebook's Does
According to a new piece of consumer privacy research from McCann Truth Central, when it comes to data, it's not how much data companies have, it's what they do with it. If we explore consumer attitudes toward specific brands, the usual suspects of Facebook and Twitter still top the corporate charts of perceived privacy threats. But as scrutiny of Silicon Valley intensifies, there's a data giant that seems remarkably resilient in the privacy shakedown. Amazon, which has buckets of powerful purchasing information, is not only the most admired company in the privacy research, but the level of admiration leapt to 47% in 2013 from 34% in 2011. Indeed, only 7% of American consumers regard Amazon as a threat in privacy terms - while once revered Google earned an unsavory 32%. There is a simple distinction in the consumer mind when it comes to these companies: Facebook and Google are seen to "own" my data, while Amazon "uses" my data. (Source


Thought Challenge

Retail is a Team Sport

By Joe Biffar
Corporate Loss Prevention & Security Manager
Chico's FAS, Inc.

In just a few days, 80,000 fans will descend on the Meadowlands for Super Bowl XLVIII. With the big game approaching, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between football and our chosen profession. Much like the different units of a football team, we too are broken into functional groups working in tandem to support each other and the organization as a whole. Many valuable lessons from the gridiron translate well to the retail world.

Teamwork - Just as a running back would find success difficult without support from his Offensive line, a store detective won’t be as effective without the support of his sales floor colleagues acting as additional sentinels. Lasting success is not created in a vacuum; great players are a product of innate talent, dedication and a strong supporting cast. True leaders on the field may relish their success, but recognize it is their teammates who helped make it possible. We too, should recognize those that support us without whom, we would not be successful.

Sacrifice - Like a star running back pass protecting his QB, we too may be asked to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. Look for opportunities to offer support, not only to those in loss prevention, but cross functionally as well. This will make you valuable, not only as an LP player, but a holistic contributor to the organization.

Defense wins Championships - Even more than keeping points off the board, great defenses contribute through giving their offense more chances to score by forcing teams into 3 & outs. We also need to act as a good defense by reducing opportunities for shrink, thereby giving our operations partners a better chance to drive sales.

Special Teams - May only play two minutes total during a game but they can make or break you. A blocked punt or missed field goal returned for a touchdown can change the momentum, boost morale, and provide a spark to carry your team to victory. (Just ask any Auburn fan!) Similarly, you may get only a few minutes in the big game but your actions could be a game-changer. Your interview of a booster could lead to a large ORC bust; stopping an unauthorized vendor/visitor could prevent a data breach; or the training you presented to associates could better equip them to handle the next incident of workplace violence. Continue to give your best. You never know - this could be your moment to shine!

Preparation - Some say the Broncos and Seahawks are only in the Super Bowl due to luck. I agree insomuch as Roman philosopher Seneca said –“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” Teams don’t make it to the big game by sheer luck or talent alone; rather diligent study, training and perfect practice gives them the greatest chance for success when fortune (or luck) hangs in the balance. For Championship Teams, preparation begins long before the first snap. In the same fashion, take the necessary steps to prepare yourself for when the opportunity arises to make a big impact for your team, department, or organization.

Film Review - Coaches and players spend countless hours in film review, going over their previous games, learning from their mistakes, always looking to raise the bar. They also scout their opponents looking for an edge. Retail is no different. After incidents or cases occur, we objectively review what could have been done differently, always looking to improve our game. Our opponents scout us as well; Fraudsters, Boosters and dishonest associates are watching us too, looking for areas of opportunity to exploit. Routinely set aside time for objective self-appraisal, identifying opportunities and the skills you can leverage to develop your game.

Change - Players are traded, cut, retire or rewarded with lucrative contracts. Coaches, like your leadership team, may come and go, each arriving with a new playbook for the team to learn. The rules may even change from year to year. Change in Retail is unavoidable, expected, and fuels our progress. Embrace it; whether it’s new technology, leadership or personnel changes, the ability to adapt and grow with change drives personal and organizational success.

As John Donne wrote, No Man is an Island. The same could be said for football and retail. The changing dynamic of technology, players, and rules, amidst an uncertain economic climate manifests the need to expand our network, strengthen our partnerships, step up our game, and work as a team now more than ever. Retail is a team sport, are your teams prepared to take the field?



UK: "ChewBacca" POS hackers shut down by RSA
RSA researchers have shut down a payment-card data theft ring that was using a new trojan dubbed "ChewBacca". The researchers uncovered the infrastructure at the centre of the global point-of-sale malware ring, saying it was behind thefts at several dozen retailers, mostly in the US but also in Russia, Canada and Australia. The discovery follows a series of massive payment card thefts from US retailers including Target. The attacks started on 25 October, and managed to grab data from 24 million transactions, according to Reuters. Retailers have been notified, as have the US authorities, which appear to have taken down the servers - the login page for which features the Star Wars character. (Source

Hammer-wielding thieves smash display cases at Cartier in NYC’s Midtown to steal $700,000 in watches  Five thieves hit the posh Cartier jewelry store in Midtown on Thursday, using a hammer to shatter a glass display case before making off with more than $700,000 worth of watches. Startled workers and customers could only stare as the brazen crooks committed a low-end smash-and-grab at the landmark Fifth Ave. store near 52nd St. The thieves — two wearing masks — used a ballpeen hammer to crack the half-inch-thick glass atop the 4-foot-by-5-foot display case just inside the door. They scooped up 16 timepieces from the three beige cushioned trays inside the shard-littered case and high-tailed it out of the jewelry store before cops arrived. (Source

Armed raiders make off with $823,000 of watches from UK - Oxford Street jewellers  Gunmen held up a jewellery store in Oxford Street and escaped with more than 500,000 pounds- $823,000 U.S. worth of luxury watches in front of terrified shoppers at the height of the rush hour. Witnesses said unarmed officers confronted the armed raiders at the scene but were forced to withdraw when they were threatened with guns. (Source

Caught on camera: Wigged Walmart robber terrorizes employees  An armed suspect stormed a Spring-area Walmart and terrorized employees late Tuesday in Harris County, TX. The robber came in dressed like a Walmart worker with some extra accessories. "According to witnesses, he was wearing a wig, sunglasses in the middle of the night and he had some type of lip balm or gloss," said Sgt. M. Alvarado with the Harris County Robbery division. Surveillance video shows him walking around the store. Investigators believe the robber may be a current or former employee because he had inside information that only workers would know. He used an intercom to announce a special code, signaling a worker to go to the front of the store and collect the cash. Seconds later, the suspect approached the employee who had just finished collecting money from the registers and placed it in the money cart. He ran outside where a getaway driver was waiting. (Source

Check theft ring investigation tops $100,000 rounds up two more suspects in Harlingen, TX  According to investigators, the now twenty people are accused of stealing over $100,000 in the check theft ring. Jose Torres Jr. and Christina Arambul are the latest to be charged with theft in an investigation that started last year. (Source

Houston ring leader pleads not guilty in $4 million armored car heist - led a crew who hit numerous armored trucks last year 

Fly Nation gang who terrorized customers and employees in 11 armed robberies this past summer to be prosecuted federally in Richmond, VA. 

Kohl’s Loss Prevention Manager assaulted making an apprehension in Brick, NJ

Weis Market employee accused of $11,000 theft from the store

Suspects use TASER to rob Md. Home Depot

Shoplifter at Walmart in Norwalk, OH faces second degree felony robbery and assault charges attempting to flee

JC Penney Loss Prevention agents in Dickson City, PA threatened with pepper spray, two suspects escape

Hickory, N.C. police arrest 3 for two armed robberies of pawn shop & jewelry store
Cheektowaga, N.Y. arrest two men who may have done 21 armed robberies
Man robs Lexington fast food restaurant at gunpoint
Fleet-footed employee foils attempted armed robbery of pizzeria in Fort Wayne, In.
AT &T – Burglary – Fort Wayne, IN – nearly $8000 of merchandise stolen
AT&T – Armed Robbery – Houston, TX – Last of 4 defendants plead guilty to Aug. robbery, facing 30 years in prison
Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore – Armed Robbery – Cincinnati, OH – 3rd recent retail robbery in area
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Dearborn, MI – cross dressing suspect in custody
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Marshall, County, MS – Police release video, multiple robberies in  area
Family Dollar – Robbery – Priceville, AL – suspect apprehended w/ help of Police K-9
Mercato Grocery – Armed Robbery – Sioux Falls, SD – suspect w/ knife stole liquor, 2nd robbery in area Midas Jewelers – Burglary – Lakeland, FL - thieves deactivated alarm, cut through wall, & cut open safe
Mother's Foods – Armed Robbery – Milwaukee, WI – 3 suspects opened fire, clerk shot in leg, caught on video
Paradise Deli-Mart – Armed Robbery - Roanoke, VI - suspect shot by store owner, suspect arrested
Shell – Armed Robbery – Texarkana, TX – Masked suspect in black, demanded cash and cigars
Valero – Armed Robbery - Henderson, TX no injuries, suspect escaped on a bicycle




Florida-based Felony Lane Gang believed to be now operating in Arkansas  Little Rock police say a Florida-based identity theft gang has surfaced in Arkansas. It targets women who leave their purses in their cars. Across the country, there's been dozens of arrests and hundreds of victims. There's been arrest after arrest. It's a large organized crime ring with no signs of slowing down. "Most of them obviously happen in the middle of the night," said Little Rock Police auto theft detective Paige Cline. Many of the crimes have been caught on camera. It's a group of several men and women who police say break into vehicles, stealing checks, driver's licenses, credit cards, and debit cards. (Source

New Indiana Law Targets Selling Goods at Pawn Shops  A new state law that aims to catch burglars in the act of selling off their ill-gotten goods will cost local coin shop owners both time and money. Owner’s must now pay an annual fee of $150 – $100 goes to the state and $50 goes to the local police department – and also better document every purchase he makes. When someone comes into his store wanting to sell jewelry, the Owner must photograph each of the items as well as the seller’s driver’s license or personal ID card. (Source


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Regional LP Manager Dollar General Elizabethtown, PA Dollar General
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Regional Director, LP Rite Aid Seattle, WA Rite Aid
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6 Ways to Empower Your Employees With Transformational Leadership  What is the key to getting your employees to let their creativity free and stop being so reliant on you, their boss? You have to be a transformational leader. If you're not already, try using these six ways to empower your employees and make them feel confident enough they can make their own decisions. (Stop babysitting)

Leaders Need to Look to the Stars
It's important, as a leader of people, that you understand these people, as everyone is not the same. We all come from different backgrounds and have different skill sets that sets us apart from one another. This test pilot can attest to the importance of building relationships with others at work, so learn from his story. (You must adapt as well)

What Companies Can Learn from Super Bowl Winners  Being part of a company is sort of like being in the Super Bowl. You have to know the ins and outs of the other team, you have to have the right coaches who will lead you to victory, and you definitely have to have a winning team. Without these, you don't really stand a chance against the competition. Use these tips to keep ahead. (Don't fumble)

3 Ways to Spark Employee Passion
The key to discovering and letting out the passion of your employees is through fulfilling their needs. If their needs are being met, then they are performing at their best ability for your organization. In order to meet these needs, you must always remember that they are people, not just workers. Once you have done that, you can identify their six basic needs. (Emotional and Intellectual)

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Being in a slump is an absolutely scary place where your brain does more damage than your actions or lack thereof. More mental than anything else, a slump happens to all of us, and getting out of it can look like the longest darkest tunnel you've ever experienced. But remember there's always light at the end of every tunnel and getting focused on that light is the key. And turning it always begins with getting back to basics. Forcing yourself to find that focus and using the basics to get out of the slump is the only way out. Lean on your basics and trust you know them well enough that the old performance will start showing itself, because once they do, you'll find yourself having fun and out of that slump.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

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