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 February 2, 2016


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Using Video Intelligence to Realize Positive Financial Impact in Retail
Chris Nichols, VP LP, National Stores
Tom Arigi, Sr. Dir. AP, Wal-Mart US

Leadership Lessons for Successful Teams
Tom Arigi, Sr. Dir. AP, Wal-Mart US

to 'Omni AP'

Kevin Colman, Group VP of AP, Macy's

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In Case You Missed It

January's Moving Ups

3VR named Michael Slevin Sales Director, with Focus on Retail Industry.
American Apparel promoted Antonio Gutierrez to Director of Asset Protection.
CVS Health promoted Raymond Sosa, CFI to Director of Loss Prevention.
David Yurman promoted Anthony Rodriguez to Director of Loss Prevention, Commerce.
dressbarn named Josh Machtinger Senior Manager of Safety and Security.
Equinox/ Related Real Estate Inc. named John Spirko Corporate Director of Loss Prevention.
Lowe's Home Improvement promoted Scott Draher, LPC to Vice President of Loss Prevention.
lululemon athletica named Greg Brumley, CPP Vice President of Asset Protection & Facilities.
GM Financial named Kelly Moye, CFI Corporate Investigations Manager.
MXD group named Jeremy Willis Corporate Safety and Security Manager.
Pier 1 Imports named James Stark Director of Loss Prevention
Rite Aid promoted Christopher Sant to Senior Manager of Investigations.

Sotheby's named Chuck Reno, CFE Vice President, Risk Management.
The Cellular Connection named Aaron Hancart, CFI Director of Asset Protection.

The Zellman Group and Agilence, Inc. named Stan Welch Vice President, Business Development.
VXI Global Solutions named Joseph Nay, CFI AP Director.

David Hargrove was promoted to Loss Prevention Operations Manager for Vans.

Before this promotion he was the Loss Prevention Coordinator and prior to that a Store Manager. He has been with the company for 8 years. Prior to joining Vans, David was a Store Manager at both American Eagle and Pacific Sunwear. Congratulations David!

Beth Guinn
was named Manager of Loss Prevention for Harding Retail.
Beth was previously a Loss Prevention Manager for American Girl before taking this new position. Prior to working in the retail industry, Beth had also been a Probation Officer for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and a Police Officer for the Cartersville Police Department. She earned her Masters degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration from Saint Leo University. Congratulations Beth!




2016's GLPS's - Group LP Selfie's
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

Sephora West Coast DLPM Group near the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

"The Beauty Authority"


Pictured from left to right:  Veronica Huitron, Jennifer Charon, and Delia Sellan-Valadez



Retailer Convicted - Gets Probation & Largest Fine in History
Lumber Liquidators sentenced for illegal sourcing - $13.2 million penalty to DOJ

A federal judge sentenced the company to $13.2 million in penalties and five years of probation on Monday in a federal court in Norfolk, Virginia. That's $7.8 million in criminal fines, $969,175 in criminal forfeiture, $3.15 million in civil forfeiture, and more than $1.23 million in community service payments.

Part of the organizational probation will entail independent audits and an environmental compliance plan. The retailer had already agreed in October to plead guilty to violations of a customs law and the Lacey Act, having been accused of illegally importing wood from protected forests in Russia.

The $13.2 million settlement is the largest Lacey Act penalty on record, according to a DOJ statement. This is also the first felony conviction related to the import or use of illegal timber.

Lumber Liquidators received a felony charge of importing goods through false statements and four misdemeanors for breaking timber laws in a foreign country and transporting the falsely labeled timber into the U.S.

By knowingly and illegally sourcing timber from vulnerable forests in Asia and other parts of the world, Lumber Liquidators made American consumers unwittingly complicit in the ongoing destruction of some of the world's last remaining intact forests," said Director Dan Ashe of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "Along with hastening the extinction of the highly endangered Siberian tiger and many other native species, illegal logging driven by the company's greed threatens the many people who depend on sustainable use of these forests for food, clean water, shelter and legitimate jobs. These unprecedented sanctions show how seriously we take illegal trade, and I am grateful to the Service special agents and wildlife inspectors, Homeland Security agents, and Justice Department attorneys who halted Lumber Liquidators' criminal acts and held the company accountable under the law."  chainstoreage.com

For those following The Making of a Murderer story - Reid's Response
Making a Murderer: the Reid Technique and Juvenile Interrogations

In the Netflix program, Making a Murderer, which examines the conviction of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey for the sexual assault and murder of Teresa Halbach, there is a reference made by Brendan Dassey's defense attorney, Mark Fremgen, that "the police are taught a technique by Reid in Chicago to elicit confessions, not get to the truth." Clearly Mr. Fremgen is misinformed or is intentionally misstating the facts. We state the following in our book, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions:

"This Investigator Tip was developed by John E. Reid and Associates Inc. 800-255-5747 / www.reid.com." Inquiries regarding Investigator Tips should be directed to Janet Finnerty jfinnerty@reid.com. reid.com

Pinkerton on Terror Risk & Retail: The Cost of Doing Nothing is Increasing
In the last 10 years alone, the number of terrorist attacks has doubled, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace. The number of casualties has also increased. And many attacks occur in public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, retail stores and hotels. What retailers can do to assess the risk of a terrorist attack.

International events are having a greater impact on business operations and continuity due to the increased connectivity of today's global economy. Threats are less isolated and the magnitude of potential losses and business disruptions are on the rise. The cost of doing nothing is increasing. Therefore it is good business to put a plan in place to help mitigate against potential threats. Certainly, all threats and risks cannot be avoided. But smart companies concerned about long-term growth and sustained profits will have a plan to lessen their potential impact.

A holistic approach to designing a security management plan that addresses four different risk areas: operations/physical; event and hazard; technology and information, and market and economic risk. To make a security management plan relevant, a company should assess which mission-critical objectives must not be impacted by these risks in order to achieve business results.

It is a good idea to revisit and update security strategies and plans because the threat landscape is ever-changing.

The threat of terrorism as evolving - and likely to increase. Motives and capabilities are changing with global technology advances and each success emboldens subsequent acts.  wwd.com

IAI Now Accepting Nominations for
2016 CFI Scholarships and CFI of the Year Award

The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is accepting nominations for both the 2016 Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) Scholarship and the "CFI of the Year" award.

IAI is offering three CFI Scholarships, to include the CFI Preparatory Online Program and the CFI Examination Voucher ($870 value). Scholarships will be awarded to the following individuals:
1. An individual working in the private sector, honoring Fred Wilson, CFI, and former Advisory Board member
2. An individual working in the public sector
3. An individual working internationally
Click here to learn more and apply

Evolving Role for Loss Prevention
New data capabilities expand the reach of Meijer's LP team

XBRi loss prevention and store analytics system from Oracle Retail. The core of the system is cloud-based, high-speed data collection and analysis. The system gathers running operational data from throughout the organization and builds a profile: This is what normality looks like. This is what - shift to shift, day to day, minute to minute - goes on at a POS station (or warehouse, distribution center, receiving dock, whatever it might be) when it's running properly. nrf.com

Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor Settle Humane Society Lawsuit
The Humane Society of the United States said on Monday that Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor had settled a civil contempt suit brought by the animal rights organization after its investigation revealed more than 40 fur advertising and labeling violations between December 2013 and November 2014. The HSUS' investigation uncovered evidence that Saks and Lord & Taylor violated the Fur Products Labeling Act and 2009 court orders prohibiting false advertising of animal fur garments.

Under the new settlements, Saks and Lord & Taylor certify that they will cease selling fur from raccoon dogs, which HSUS called "one of the most horribly mistreated and commonly misrepresented species in the fur trade." The retailers agree to pay The HSUS approximately $50,000 in investigation costs and legal fees and agree to pay additional damages if they breach the agreement in the future. wwd.com

Don't be Unprepared for an OSHA Inspection
Just ask Dollar General about being Unprepared

For the thousands of companies that have been through an OSHA inspection since OSHA's inception in 1971, the experience has ranged from scary and nerve wracking to polite and professional. Each inspector typically has pet peeves based on past experience. Some are sticklers for electrical issues. Some are hyper aware of power tools.

You actually can learn a lot about cooperation and collaboration through the experience. Having said that, there's always a looming fear of discovery and paranoia surrounding an impending OSHA inspection - much like the fear and nervousness we face when we're dealing with an IRS audit. In both cases, your company should always be prepared for a surprise visit.

Given the news that OSHA fines are scheduled to increase by about 80 percent in August - the first penalty increase since 1990 - that fear and paranoia is liable to escalate, but there are preparatory steps that can be taken to minimize the fear of discovery. Having the right attitude, understanding and expectation about an OSHA inspection is important. ehstoday.com

Security Warning Issued by British International Freight Association (BFID)
3D Printers being used by Criminals to clone cargo seals

According to the British International Freight Association (BIFA), 3D printers have been used by criminals to clone seals. They can be made within 10 minutes and traceability is near impossible. Identification marks can also be easily applied to the seal cylinder, making detection even more difficult. mfame.guru

Advance America post Director of Loss Prevention position in Spartanburg, S.C.
The Director of Loss Prevention reports to the Chief Operations Officer with responsibility for developing and implementing the company's loss prevention program to aid in the elimination of theft. This position supports operations by establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for branch and CSS employees. linkedin.com

Since 1997, we've helped millions of Americans with flexible and personalized financial solutions. We've grown from just a few stores in the Southeast United States to become one of the nation's largest consumer lending companies, with more than 2,400 locations offering a variety of financial services.  advanceamerica.net

DirectView Selected to Provide Surveillance Systems for LBU Lighting's Nine Retail Locations in Florida
DirectView Holdings, Inc., a company focused on ownership and management of leading video and security technology companies, today announced that it has been selected by LBU Group ("LBU"), to provide complete surveillance systems for its nine retail locations throughout Florida. DirectView will install a full array of surveillance cameras and NVR recording equipment at each location as well as a remote monitoring center at LBU's headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The full installation contract is projected at in excess of $100,000. In addition, DirectView has received a ten year ongoing system maintenance agreement. sys-con.com

The Nightmare Continues: Banks Using New Payment Standards To Soak Retailers

Vitamin World sold to Center Lane - to operate as stand alone retail business

Publix announces push to Virginia

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Michael Kors Q3 comp's up 2% with revenues up 6.3%
Rent-A-Center Q4 U.S. comp's down 2.2% with CORE U.S. sales down 4.5%
American Apparel comp's down 14% with net sales down 19%

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LPRC Cyber Security Summit - Coming Early Spring 2016!

The University of Florida and the LPRC are teaming up once again this time to bring you a cyber security summit set to kick off in early spring 2016! The summit will analyze major issues and common security hot topics affecting retailers in our technological-world today. If you are interested in learning more about this, please follow this link to learn more: http://fics-institute.org/. If you are interested in attending the summit, please contact Brittany at brittany@lpresearch.org. Stay tuned!

Check out this link to access the Top Cyber-security trends for 2016!

Please email Brittany with answers to the following questions:
● Are you interested in attending?
● Would you bring an IT colleague if so?
● What are 2-4 of your biggest web, cloud, and in-store digital and cyber-security concerns?

How Tech Is Upgrading Retail Sales Clerks
Today's millennial shopper is driving the adoption of technology in retail with their "Uber-like" expectations that their needs can, and should, be met at the moment that they arise. This has pushed retailers to arm sales associates with a variety of technologies to serve and support today's demanding customers. CIO cites brands like Apple and Nordstrom as leading the way with handheld devices, inventory management technology, in-store operational analytics and mobile POS tools. But there are others that are finding innovative applications for new customer support technologies as well.  pymnts.com

Survey: Average successful hack nets less than $15,000
The majority of cyber attackers are motivated by money, but make less than $15,000 per successful attack, according to a survey of hackers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany released yesterday by the Ponemon Institute. The hackers, who were promised anonymity, netted, on average, less than $29,000 a year.

Hollywood may be promising them big payouts, he added, but the easy bucks just aren't there. "They're making a quarter of what a cybersecurity professional makes."

The average attacker conducts eight attacks per year, only 42 of which are successful. In addition, only 59 percent of the successful attacks result in any financial payout.  csoonline.com

Cybercrime for sale - U.S. Secret Service Criminal Investigative Division of Cyber Operations
CaaS involved in 90% of all data breaches

Now, cybercrime is just like in other more established arenas of crime, it's not just the sophisticated, knowledgeable and well-financed hackers and cybercriminal organizations that law enforcers like Noonan's team need to worry about, it's also the plethora of small-time or wannabe hackers or online fraudsters who are being supplied and supported by the more savvy perpetrators of internet threats.

By all accounts, cybercrime-as-a-service has become very prevalent and quite lucrative for the individuals and groups that offer their (mal)wares, thereby extending their black-hat hacking to a much broader arena. Through the dark web or other underground circles, cybercriminals (including nation-states), Eastern European crime rings and long-time hackers are selling everything necessary to perpetrate a cyberattack or broad-based fraud.

While there is virtually no data on how much cybercrime is done using such service providers, industry observers like Ryan Kalember, senior vice president of cybersecurity strategy for Proofpoint, believe cybercrime-as-a-service could easily be playing a role in "north of 90 percent of the online breaches that are out there." "Cybercrime services are enabling these [criminals] to reach a scale that is hard to reach on their own," he adds. "It's like being an individual retailer versus being eBay."  scmgazine.com

Protecting Your Business Beyond EMV, Chip and Pin
Shifting Fraud Liability to the Payment Processor

In addition to EMV, cloud-based security solutions help businesses guarantee that all bases are covered by adding an extra layer of protection for cardholders. Most of these solutions ensure that the cardholder's information never touches the merchant's servers, placing the responsibility of data security on the payments processor rather than the merchant. Combined with EMV, these features will help protect your business from fraud. pointofsale.com

Hundreds of Landry's, Golden Nugget Locations Hit by Data Breach
Fans of restaurants like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Saltgrass Steak and McCormick & Schmick's should check their credit information. Landry's payment card data breaches at its venues, during three periods between May 2014 and last December.

The exposed information includes cardholder names, card numbers, expiration dates and internal verification codes. Findings from the investigation show that criminal attackers were able to install malware on payment card processing devices that lifted the data from the magnetic swipe stripe of payment cards.

Locations were affected at different times during one or both of the following periods: from May 4, 2014 through March 15, 2015 and from May 5, 2015 through December 3, 2015. In addition, the at-risk timeframe for a small percentage of locations includes the period from March 16, 2015 through May 4, 2015. infosecurity-magazine.com

Negligence, accidents put insider threat protection at risk
Malicious employees are usually the focus of insider threat protection efforts, but accidents and negligence are often overlooked data security threats. Recent ISF research found that negligence and accidents put insider threat protection at risk and contribute to a growing number of corporate data security incidents. The malicious insider is the one that, perhaps for financial gain or ideological reasons, is intent on either stealing from or disrupting an organization. But there are two other categories that are if not as concerning, then probably more, and [they are] the negligent insider and the accidental insider. You have to have corporate data security policies, processes and procedures in place that people can refer to, and you need to be enforcing them at all levels of the organization. techtarget.com



Metro One LPSG Partners with the National Retail Federation and the Javits Center

Staten Island, NY, January 29, 2016:  Metro One Loss Prevention Services Group, a full-service security provider, has announced partnerships with two valued institutions: the National Retail Federation (NRF) and the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center of New York.

Metro One LPSG recently provided security at the Javits Center for NRF's Annual Convention & EXPO 2016. Also known as Retail's BIG Show, this event is one of the five largest shows the Javits Center hosts during the course of a year. Metro One deployed more than 193 officers and over 7,000 man hours over the course of ten days at multiple locations throughout the city, including Chelsea Piers.

Successive levels of service were provided from uniformed officers, fire and safety teams, bomb dogs, and executive protection at the NRF Foundation Gala and the Downing & Downing "Live in NYC" Broadcast and Dinner Party. While this was Metro One's first assignment for a convention of this magnitude, their experience from such large events as David Beckham at Super Bowl Boulevard and Lady Gaga in Times Square guaranteed a job well done. Metro One's retail customer service approach wowed visitors, exhibitors, and both Javits Center and NRF management teams. Overall, it was a huge success for Team Metro One, "Where Success Is the Only Option."

Since 1984, the Metro One LPSG brand has been recognized for consistency in delivering professional security services. With our management team's 150 years of combined loss prevention experience, we tailor our service to fully integrate into the client's security program and play a key role in obtaining their objectives, while providing a clear return on investment. Through recruiting, training and program development, we serve as full partners in designing cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Metro One LPSG offers successive levels of service in several divisions of expertise. All of our divisions work together, in the background and whenever duty calls, to ensure immediate response and optimal security for our clients. This is the standard that distinguishes us from other security providers.

Our clients run the gamut from retail organizations to commercial, industrial, healthcare and hospitality accounts, and have benefitted from our experience and services, including:

● Uniformed Officers ● Logistics
● Armed Officers ● Investigations
● Special Events ● Store Detectives
● Executive Protection ● Mystery Shoppers
● Luxury Accounts ● Organized Retail Crime

For more information, visit our website at metroonelpsg.com, or contact Metro One LPSG Business Development at 1-844-638-5774 (MetLPSG).



LPNN Quick Take

In this LPNN Quick Take, MCs Amber Bradley, Brand Strategist, Calibration, LLC and Joe LaRocca, VP & Senior Advisor, Loss Prevention, RetaiLPartners welcome us to the "Live in Ft. Lauderdale" event. They provide some history of the event and discuss the day's agenda.

NuTech National

Greg DeTardo, President and
Tony Mancino, National Acct. Mgr.

Greg DeTardo, President, NuTech National, and Tony Mancino, National Account Manager, give us an update on where NuTech is, what the organization's primary focus is on and how they continue to drive value for their clients. Embracing technological change, Greg and Tony discuss NuTech's "Retail Interactive" business, including NuTech Live Connect - a complete software solution that brings retailers a data connection for all components of alarm data.

Episode Sponsored By:


Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

Daily LP interviews from the NRF Big Show 2016

A Yahoo Employee-Ranking System Favored by Marissa Mayer Is Challenged in Court
One of Marissa Mayer's signature policies as chief executive of Yahoo has been the quarterly performance review, in which every employee at the company is ranked on a scale of 1 to 5. The ratings have been used to fire hundreds of employees since Ms. Mayer joined the company in mid-2012. One former manager who lost his job is challenging the entire system as discriminatory and a violation of federal and California laws governing mass layoffs.

Mr. Anderson said the cuts, including what his boss said was the firing of about 600 other low-performing Yahoo employees at the time of his termination, amounted to illegal mass layoffs. Under California law, the layoff of more than 50 employees within 30 days at a single location like Yahoo's Sunnyvale headquarters requires an employer to give workers 60 days of advance notice. A similar federal law, known as the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, requires advance notice for a layoff of 500 or more employees. nytimes.com

4 Reasons You May Get Slammed By Record Holiday Chargebacks
Fraud is the number one cause of chargebacks. In fact, fraud will account for nearly 2 out of 3 chargebacks incurred during the holiday season. Unfortunately, four key trends are likely to push fraud (and chargebacks) for the 2015 holiday season to their highest levels ever:

1. Virtual gift cards and eGifting-popular during the holidays-have the highest attempted fraud rate. The liquidity of virtual gift cards and eGifts make them highly attractive to fraudsters who can easily resell them or quickly convert them into cash.

2. Fraud rates for "buy online, pick up in store" transactions-offered by more brick-and-mortar retailers than ever this past holiday season-were predicted to jump by 28%. With EMV-also called Chip-and-PIN-making it much more difficult to commit card-present fraud due to enhanced POS verification, fraudsters had to switch tactics. One way they were able to avoid the higher fraud prevention barriers posed by EMV was by buying via a fraudulent card-not-present or mobile transaction, then strolling into the store to pick up the ill-gotten merchandise.

3. Mobile transactions-which surged 47% during the holidays-were twice as likely to involve fraud as conventional eCommerce. Even before the holidays, merchants conducting mobile commerce lost 1.36% of revenue to fraud, double the 0.68% of revenue lost to fraud by all other eCommerce transactions.

4. The October deadline for EMV-just in time for the holidays-was projected to drive fraud away from card-present transactions and towards card-not-present (CNP) orders. Double digit increases in CNP fraud have been common wherever EMV has been instituted. Case in point: in the five years after Canada adopted EMV, CNP fraud skyrocketed 133% as fraudsters abandoned more difficult card-present fraud. kount.com

How PayPal fights fraud with predictive data analysis
Scam artists continually find new ways to defraud unsuspecting people, and PayPal is fighting back with predictive data analysis. Constant attacks from fraudsters make life difficult for Hui Wang, PayPal's senior director of global risk sciences. She is tasked with stopping fraudulent transactions before they are processed. There's a lot at stake here for PayPal. When the service is used for fraud it erodes the public's trust in the payment platform and damages the brand. Over time this could threaten to diminish the user base.

To stop fraud and scams, Wang and her team have turned to predictive data analysis to identify potentially fraudulent transactions. To identify potential cases of fraud, Wang's team analyzes historic payment data to identify features that may indicate an attempted scam. Things like what type of device the requester is using, what country the request originates from and details from the users' PayPal profile all can be correlated with fraud. The team uses this data to build machine learning algorithms that assess each transaction for potential signs of fraud. Over time the algorithm learns and sharpens its predictions. techtarget.com

Mobile accounts for 23% of Under Armour's online sales

Apple Pay On Its Way To ATMs



Educating, Communicating & Documenting the ORC Efforts

A Thank You From the Daily's Team to the ORC Teams & Associations Across North America

We at the D&D Daily would like to thank all of you who've allowed us to share your news, your stories and your histories with the entire retail LP industry. We're honored that you've included us in your efforts and look forward to continuing to do so well into the future.

With ORC now being recognized as the leading cause of theft in the retail industry, it's more important now than ever to communicate and document as much as we can publically in order to hopefully persuade the remaining 20 states to pass ORC legislation. With retail, state, and city budgets being as tight as they are, it's also imperative that we continue to share your news in a public forum that enables any and all retailers, states and cities to quickly see the reality of the matter and the facts that support their continuing investment in the efforts.

As everyone knows, educating, communicating and documenting a problem is the only way to gain the visibility needed to secure the funding necessary to solve or fight it. We at the Daily are committed to doing just that. But we need your help, your stories, your cases and anything else you feel can add value to this fight. We recently launched our new ORC Resource Center (orcinfo.com) with these goals in mind, providing valuable investigative resources and information, while also highlighting the ORC leaders, teams and efforts that are making a difference.

ORC is never going away, and now that we're seeing the cybercrime nexus it's more critical than ever that we educate the general public and secure the funding for all of you. The Daily is here for all of you and we're ready to help. All we need is your input. Share your stories, your news, and your association's history & events, even your Group LP Selfies, and let's see how it makes a difference.

Just a Thank You and a Thought.

Share Your ORC Stories - History - Cases

Help Us Help You Increase Your Company's ORC Budget

The new group taking aim at Organized Retail Crime in the Carolinas
A new coalition is forming to curb organized retail crime in the Carolinas. Carolinas Organized Retail Crime Alliance (CORCA) is being formed by the N.C. Retail Merchants Association, retail members and North Carolina law enforcement agencies. CORCA leaders will introduce the organization during a news conference Thursday at NCRMA's headquarters in Raleigh. The group identifies organized retail crime as a $30 billion problem for retailers across the country. geosnews.com

Three being deported to Romania after pleading guilty to the theft of $8,500 of baby formula
Three people pleaded guilty Monday to stealing more than 400 cans of baby formula from numerous stores in Utah and Idaho, including several in Cache Valley. Selford Velcu, 49, Iolanda Velcu, 47, and Elisabeta Zatreanu, 22, will be deported to Romania after they each pleaded guilty to third-degree felony theft by receiving stolen property in 1st District Court. "You will be deported from the United States of America," Judge Thomas Willmore said. "I don't control that, but you need to know that is the consequence." Their arrest not only cleared a rash of thefts from several Logan stores, but also a number of stores between Rexburg, Idaho and Heber City. According to Logan Police Lt. Rod Peterson, police found 466 cans of formula, valued at $8,430.34. hjnews.com

Sulphur Springs, TX: Suspects in Sulphur Springs ATV thefts linked to thefts in several states; $234,000 in merchandise recovered
Sulphur Springs Police Department is searching for three suspects in connection to ATV thefts from Nortex Tractor in Sulphur Springs. Police are searching for Christopher Lee Chambers, 29, of Mabank, Dustin Kyle Garcia, 33, of Scurry and Christopher Brandon Garcia, 34, of Seagoville. Leads in early January led to the arrests of seven people connected to the thefts, in addition to the recovery of 12 Polaris Razors and two Rangers. The 14 recovered units were valued at about $234,000. Six of those units recovered from the November theft are valued at about $74,000 total. The units were recovered in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. Police say the suspects involved in the ATV thefts could be part of a larger organized crime ring and have been linked to recent burglaries in Lindale, Tyler, and numerous other jurisdictions in Texas, as well as other states as far east as Tennessee. Police say the theft ring could also be connected to this attempted burglary at a Lowe's hardware store in Lindale. newswest9.com

Lincoln Park, MI: Sears Loss Prevention agent assaulted during $2,000 tool theft
The Lincoln Park Police are still trying to identify a man who stole nearly $2,000 worth of tools and attacked an employee at Sears last month. The man was shopping in the store, 2100 Southfield Road, when he exited the store with more than $1,800 worth of various tools and other unpaid merchandise. thenewsherald.com

San Jose, CA: Police release video of Eastridge Mall robbery suspects
The robbery was reported around 7 p.m. Sept. 12 in the Sephora section of J.C. Penney. San Jose police said a woman entered the cosmetics store and placed several items in her purse. She was confronted outside the store by a security officer who led her back inside. Police said that while the woman resisted the officer's efforts to take her into custody, a man ran up, yelled "let go of my sister" and pummeled the officer with his hands and feet. Police said both suspects escaped with the stolen merchandise. mercurynews.com

Redding, CA: Six arrested in alleged drugs-theft scheme
Police said stolen property was being funneled through the Redding Inn to a destination at a home. Suspects with stolen property would meet at the Redding Inn with residents from the Willis Street home and trade stolen property for drugs, police said. Numerous items were recovered during a search at the Willis Street home, including drugs, syringes, drug paraphernalia, scales, 20 credit cards, a passport, three California identification cards and numerous stolen checks and mail, police said. redding.com

Egg Harbor, NJ: Serial shoplifter arrested at the Jersey shore; 4 recent thefts

Kokomo, IN: Man charged with 7 thefts in past month; hit Target, Kroger and Mac's Market

Chicago, IL: Three charged with $500 retail theft in Lake View

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which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!

Santa Fe, NM: Walmart Armed Robbery suspect killed in Police Shoot-out at Motel 6
The State Police on Monday identified Herman Flores, 31, as the robbery suspect who died in an exchange of gunfire with Santa Fe police officers at a Motel 6 on Wednesday night. In a news release, the State Police also disclosed that, in an armed robbery at a nearby Walmart store that preceded the officer-involved shooting, a gunman got away with several thousand dollars and that a large amount of cash also was found later with Flores' belongings after he was shot. abqjournal.com

Durham, NC: Shoppers upset, cautious after Northgate Mall shooting
Shoppers are upset about what they're calling senseless violence as Durham Police search for a gunman who shot a woman in the arm Saturday night outside Northgate Mall. Police said a 25-year-old woman was shot in the arm in the parking lot Saturday following an argument inside the mall. There were several cars hit by bullets. abc11.com

San Bernardino, CA: Small clue helps catch store clerk's murderers
Three days after 36-year-old Mitesh Patel was gunned down inside the Bossey Drive-in Dairy, two men, 23-year-old Robert Green and 25-year-old Desmond Stevenson, were arrested. San Bernardino police said they cracked the case by an attentive detective who recognized a distinguishing feature on the rims of the suspected vehicle from a case he worked more than a year ago. abc7.com

Shreveport, LA: Shreveport police have issued a warrant for a man they believe stole items from a home-improvement store
Police say on November 1, 2015, 52-year-old Martin Durrett stole 2 pieces of lawn equipment from the Lowe's in the 7300 block of Youree Drive. Durrett is accused of driving up to the front of the store in a white pick-up truck and stealing the equipment. ksla.com

Milpitas, CA: Six Involved In Armed Robbery, Theft from Safeway
Several people were arrested last month in connection with an armed robbery of a grocery store, according to Milpitas police. Police said at 6:41 a.m. on Jan. 24, officers responded to a Safeway on reports of several suspects shoplifting and one suspect brandishing a knife. According to police, the six suspects exited the store with beer, hard alcohol and sandwiches they allegedly hadn't paid for. Police said when an employee asked the group if they were going to pay for their items, one of the suspects brandished a knife, before fleeing. patch.com

Soho, NY: Robbed Soho stores are waiting to call cops so they don't have to close
Thefts are up along Soho's "Rodeo Drive," and many victimized store owners are waiting until the end of the business day to call cops to keep their boutiques from becoming shuttered crime scenes, sources told The NY Post. Grand larcenies are up nearly 34 percent, from 74 to 99, in the First Precinct so far this year, compared with the same period in 2015. Police gripe that some stores are not taking proper security measures, such as hiring guards and installing cameras, to combat the problem on trendy streets such as Greene, Mercer and Spring. Officers recently became so frustrated over repeated thefts at some shops that they tried to pressure management by closing the stores down in the middle of the day. nypost.com

Concord, NH: Bill would up punishment for stealing guns during a burglary
Two New Hampshire lawmakers are co-sponsoring a bill that makes the theft of a gun during a burglary a more serious crime with more jail time. The bill from Republican Al Baldasaro of Londonderry and Democrat Katherine Rogers of Concord would add "theft of a gun" to a list of crimes considered the worst of burglaries. washingtontimes.com

Riverdale, NJ: Men with fake credit cards at Target caught following brief Police chase

New York, NY: Skimmer used at Green Gourmet Deli, Upper East Side steals $9,000 from 8 victims

Indianapolis, IN: 7 Central Indiana Police Departments working Credit Card Skimmer case

Aspen, CO: Man pleads guilty to two felonies for his up-skirt photos, Hyman Avenue Mall incident

Albany, GA: Police Officer in uniform tossed from college classroom by 'uncomfortable' teacher

Shaw's in the Towson Town Center, Towson, MD was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/1 at 8pm, merchandise valued at $3,400

Advance Auto - Miami-Dade, FL - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Kettering, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Barnhart, MO - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Jackson, TN - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Milan, TN - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Neosho, MO - Robbery
Exxon - San Marcos, TX - Armed Robbery
Mapco - Corinth, MS - Armed Robbery / Clerk killed
Marathon - Dandridge, TN - Burglary/ ATM
Moraine Auto Parts - Harrison Twp, OH - Armed Robbery
O'Reilly - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Woodinville, WA - Armed Robbery
Sam's Wireless - Bossier City, LA - Burglary
Slightly Dipp'd - Wichita Falls, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Dover, DE - Robbery



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David Hargrove was promoted to Loss Prevention Operations Manager for Vans.

Beth Guinn was named Manager of Loss Prevention for Harding Retail.

Ethan Stephens was named Loss Prevention Manager for Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois.

Kevin Hazel was named Security Analyst for ALDI, Inc.

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Competition is a good thing because it's what has made America so strong. Whether it's competition between companies or between executives, it has a tendency to bring out the best in most people and in most organizations. It leads to innovation, invention, growth and it instills a sense of competition in everything we do that tends to motivate and challenge people to reach beyond their own self-definitions of what they can do or can't do. Without it, progress, which is slow to begin with, would be stifled but, with it, you have inspiration and purpose. The whole key is how you compete in the open market, whether as a company or as an executive, reflecting professional standards and a code of ethics is critical even when your competition isn't. The #1 rule should always be never speak ill of the competition because in actuality it's more of a reflection of who you are and not who they are.

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