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Lessons learned along the Way

By Kevin Larson
Sr. Manager of LP Operations
The Kroger Company

Throughout our careers we run into various people in leadership, through networking, projects, meetings, seminars, conferences and of our past and present bosses. Through these interactions, although sometimes brief, we can learn a lot by what these people say and through their actions.

Steven Covey once said “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Over my years in Loss Prevention as I have transitioned through various companies, roles and levels of leadership, I have picked up on a few things. I have been fortunate to learn from such leaders as Keith White, John Talamo and now Karl Langhorst. Today, I would like to share a few of things with you...

√ When you run into a member of leadership in the hallway or work café and they say “Hey ____ what’s going on?” ...Always have something to say. Talk about a new project you’re working on or a store or district that you just visited. The standard “not much”...will get you that exact same thing in your career growth.

√  Be vocal and engaging...when attending a meeting with executives and the dialogue turns to areas that are not your expertise. Don’t be afraid to speak up and engage with the team. Even if it is just to say that you agree with someone’s stance or recommendation.

√  Look for new ways to add value back to the company. What can you’re Regional, District or even store agents do to assist in identifying shrink, markdowns or checking on the latest promotions or floor sets. Remember, it’s Loss Prevention, not Loss Reaction.

√  If it’s lonely at top, you not doing something right...Building strategic partnerships are the key navigating the waters of the company. Meet as many people as you can from departments like, marketing, finance, product development and Information Technology. These relationships or even quick interactions will come back ten-fold when you are looking to roll-out a new program, strategy or just for those times when you need someone else in your corner.

√  Know your able to speak to your latest shrink results, dishonest associate cases, apprehensions, ORC recoveries, audit results and other key metrics.

√  One of the hardest people to lead will always be you. Hold yourself accountable, otherwise it will diminish your leadership qualities. Develop your self- awareness.

√  Always ask will make you better, more consistent and probably prevent you from making mistakes. It has been told to me that you only get answers to questions that you ask.

√  Keep Learning to help yourself keep leading...take the time to invest in personal development. If you stop promoting development, than your team will stop growing.

√  Always ask for an evaluation from others...having someone else critique your strengths and developmental needs is better than sitting down with your review and completing yourself assessment. Once you find your strength, focus on it to become more successful.

I hope my past learning’s and coaching’s have left you will something to think about. I hope that along your journey you too have stopped to listen and reflect on some of the advice that people have given you, if not...slow down, take a deep breath, open your eyes, close your mouth and begin to learn.

"Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out."  — Ronald Reagan

Kevin can be reached at

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FBI Busts 18 in $200M Fraud, Identity Theft Ring 
Nearly two dozen people face federal charges in connection with a vast fraud and identity theft ring that caused more than $200 million in losses to the financial and credit card industry. Teams of FBI and U.S. Secret Service agents as well as U.S. Postal Inspectors began making arrests early Tuesday in New Jersey and several other states in connection with the takedown, law enforcement officials said. The 18 people were the ringleaders of a massive credit card fraud scheme that lasted nearly 10 years, according to a criminal complaint. "The arrests today are the result of an investigation into a sophisticated, organized group that operated internationally and in the United States," said an FBI spokeswoman in New Jersey. (Source (Source

JC Penney sues to block bondholders from declaring default 
J.C. Penney Co Inc filed a lawsuit on Monday asking a Delaware judge to declare that it is not in a default of its bond agreements, protecting nearly $3 billion of debt from being due in the coming months. (Source

Hannaford Supermarkets cuts executive ranks 25% 
Six executive vice presidents at the Maine headquarters of the Hannaford Supermarkets chain have lost their jobs as part of a restructuring plan by Hannaford's parent company. A Hannaford spokesman said Monday that last month's cuts in Scarborough were among 15 executives who were let go nationally as part of Delhaize America's plan to cut its executive ranks by 25 percent. (Source

Wet Seal cuts jobs and costs, COO resigns 
The Wet Seal Inc. said Friday and its chief operating officer is stepping down as the struggling retailer implements a broad restructuring program. Wet Seal said the job reductions and elimination of the chief operating position will save it an estimated $3.8 million annually beginning in its 2013 fiscal year. (Source

OfficeMax looking at a smaller footprint and relocating underperforming stores.  CEO Ravi Saligram says the new smaller store; urban format will be between 5,000 to 15,000 square feet, opening in the Midwest in April. Saligram’s plans also include the relocation of underperforming stores into markets heavily concentrated with small business owners. Saligram became the CEO of OfficeMax in 2010. (Source

More and more specialty retailers are opening with single coverage for the first two or three hours  In the last few weeks we're hearing of a significant increase in the number of specialty retailers opening their stores with single coverage for the first few hours in malls and strip centers. Increasing the potential security threat in this environment is a dangerous thing and hopefully we won't have any incidents. So the real issue is; are they trained well enough on how to react and respond? Just a thought.

Investigative Reporter in Panama City, Florida catches Target, JC Penney and Walmart failing to comply with credit card policy.  The reporter quotes policy from Visa, MasterCard and American Express; if a credit card is unsigned the merchant must make an effort to identify the card to the customer. The reporter attempted to purchase $200 of merchandise from four retailers, only Kohl’s asked the reporter for identification and refused the purchase. JC Penney and Walmart refused to comment, but Target stated; they treat their customers as guests, they don’t compare signatures or check identification. When was the last time a cashier asked you for an id when you swiped your card? (Source

New PCI Guidelines for E-Commerce - Addressing Risks for Merchants, Payments Providers   A new set of card data security guidelines for merchants and payments providers aims to address increasing risks unique to e-commerce environments. On Jan. 31, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council issued its PCI DSS E-commerce Guidelines Information Supplement, a set of guidelines for e-commerce security. The guidelines relate to online infrastructures and how merchants work with third-party providers. (Source

Credit card fraud numbers soaring at record rate in Canada 
According to statistics released by the Canadian Bankers Association, credit card fraud hit $436.6 million in 2011, the latest year for which statistics are available. Of that, “card-not-present” fraud, where a crook uses a stolen card number to make purchases over the Internet or by phone, was the biggest and fastest growing type of credit card fraud in Canada. It’s expected to get much worse. (Source

JELL-O is giving away truckloads of free pudding to San Francisco fans.  A consolation prize to losing the Super Bowl, today JELL-O will be giving away pudding at five drop sites around the city of San Francisco. Drop sites are posted on the Jell-O Pudding Drop’s website. “Nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of Jell-O,” a spokesman says in a YouTube video posted Sunday night. (Source

Wholesaler who sold to retailers pleads guilty to selling counterfeit razors to retailer  Florida man pleaded guilty Monday, Feb. 4, to conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit merchandise: Gillette razor blades, imported from China, sold to a regional retail store in Grand Rapids and other places. (Source

"The Printer" counterfeit currency ring leader and gang busted for $1.1M in funny money  A six man counterfeit ring in Georgia has been busted after allegedly distributing more than $1.1 million in fake $50 bills throughout the South. They passed half of all the counterfeit money in Georgia and they seized over $3M when they busted the gang. (Source

Monroe Woman Accused of Shoplifting $10K in Merchandise in Marlboro Township, N.J., Kohl's  According to the county indictment, Mccully allegedly shoplifted a total of over $10,000 worth of merchandise on several occasions and used a juvenile to help. (Source

Jeweler without insurance gets hit for hundreds of thousands during Sunday night break-in  Sunday night a thief broke into a jewelry store in Montvale, N.J., and literally cleaned the owner out of everything but the cheap stuff. They have a short video clip of the thief who ripped down the surveillance equipment right after he broke in. The jeweler couldn't afford insurance and now is out of business. (Source

Two stores robbed in Dearborn Heights. Mi., after closing time 
Hitting a Cash Advance store and the Golden Dollar store right after closing time. (Source

Zales at Pentagon City Mall in Arlington loses $128,000 of jewelry in smash and grab.  Arlington, Virginia police say men with hammers smashed a display case in a Pentagon City jewelry store, making off with $128,000 in rings. Officers say four masked men walked into the Zales Jewelers at the Fashion Centre about 11 a.m. Monday. Two of them shattered a display case with hammers. All four men then grabbed jewelry. Police say the four ran out of the store, which was near a parking garage exist. A fifth person was waiting for the men in a sedan, which crashed through the exit arm of the garage as it fled. No one in the store was hurt. (Source

Skimming devices found at Gas stations in Omaha, Neb.  Skimming devices were discovered planted inside pumps at three gas stations in Omaha, Nebraska. Secret Service Agent in charge of the Omaha office John Gutsmiedl said it is likely hackers passing through the area using universal keys to open pumps and install the small devices in minutes. Investigators believe the devices had been on pumps from September through the first week in January. (Source

31 iPhones, cash stolen from Radio Shack in Royal Oak Township, Mi. 
Two thieves made off with more than 30 iPhones during a robbery Sunday of a Radio Shack in Royal Oak Township, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. The two men entered the Radio Shack in the 8800 block of West 8 Mile at 2:59 p.m. Sunday wearing masks, the clerk told investigators. One of the men pointed a semiautomatic handgun at her, ordered her out from behind the counter and they forced her to open a safe in a back room that contained 31 iPhones. (Source

Hooters employees forced into a freezer during a robbery in Tacoma, Washington.  Masked gunmen robbed a Tacoma Hooters at gunpoint and locked two employees in the freezer on Monday morning. The janitor finished his shift at 6 a.m. but returned to the restaurant finish a task, leaving the door unlocked when he re-entered the store. Two masked men with semi-automatic handguns entered the store and forced the janitor into the freezer at gunpoint. Once the manager arrived, the men robbed the business and took the manager's keys, cell phone, and wallet. The manager and janitor were locked in the freezer, which was secured with a pen. The victims eventually forced the door open. The Tacoma Police Department said the janitor may have spent 40 minutes in the freezer. (Source

‘Bait’ Operation conducted at Coastland Center Mall: merchandise left on a table in the Food Court.  Naples Police left an iPhone, a PacSun shopping bag with a Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses case inside, alongside a Subway receipt on a table in the middle of the food court. Forty five minutes later, Ronnie Lee Williams came along and picked up the merchandise. Mall security and police watched as Williams placed the iPhone into his pants pocket in the mall hallway near the mall security office. Williams later discarded the Pac-Sun bag into a mall trash can. Police say Williams had ample opportunities to turn the phone in to mall security. Williams now faces grand theft charges. (Source

Teen Girls start a brawl at the Augusta Mall.  For 39 seconds, a group of female teens were engaged in a brawl outside the Forever 21 store in the Augusta Mall on Saturday night. A customer broke up the fight between the girls; mall security was not in the immediate area. Richmond County Sheriff’s office later responded to the ordeal, but by the time they arrived the crowd had dispersed and no one wanted to press charges. Now the YouTube video is being used as possible evidence. In 2011, 6 female fighters were charged and caused $3000 in damages in the Augusta Mall Food Court. (Source

UK Shoplifter begged Judge for more time in jail; maybe his approach was inappropriate.  A man in Blackburn, England admitted to stealing a bottle of whiskey from a Mark and Spencer store, this was his fourth offence. The Judge sentenced him to 28 days, but Nigel Wilde, the accused, wanted 30 days. When the Judge denied his wish, Wilde became unruly; calling the Judge some inappropriate words hoping it would provoke the Judge into extending his sentence. His plan failed. (Source

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Spartanburg, SC sees 46% rise in shoplifting because of ORC  In 2010 police responded to 614, 2011 639, and in 2012 897 incidents. A 46% increase. "The shoplifting is on the increase because people were using it as a business," said Capt. Art Littlejohn. "They may have a list from customers to say 'these are things that I want' and they go and shoplift those things, then sell them back to those customers, or their customers, at a discounted price." (Source

ORC trio steals 600 pairs of underwear, drags Town Center female officer 30 feet with car  NORTH CHARLESTON, SC, Three Florida women accused of stealing more than 600 pairs of underwear and leading police on a chase will have their shoplifting charges combined with more serious charges when their cases go to trial. Investigators say when the women were confronted by an officer at Towne Centre, one of them hit the gas and ran into the female officer, dragging her about 30 feet. (Source

Houston man steals $660 of pants from JC Penney, nearly $10,000 in refunds.  Billy Putney, 62 years old, is believed to have returned between $8000 to $10,000 worth of merchandise to JC Penney. Putney was apprehended by police after the Loss Prevention staff supplied photos and video of an incident at the JC Penney store in Baybrook Mall stealing 11 pair of pants valued at $660. (Source

Three men arrested for stealing $700 worth of food from Safeway in Monterey, California.  Three men were arrested on suspicion of burglary, conspiracy and probation violation in the parking lot of the Safeway supermarket in Monterey County, early Saturday morning. Deputies stopped the car shortly before 3:30 a.m. and perishable items valued at $700 which were reported stolen from another Safeway store in Salinas, were found in the vehicle. Two of the men had active arrest warrants pending for theft and burglary. (Source

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Thought Challenge 

Thought Challenge Review

By Martin Renkis
Founder & CEO
Smartvue Corporation

as published on October 2, 2012

We live in an amazing era of computing in which almost anyone can view images and videos from around the world on their computer, all with just a few clicks. This appears simple to do, but what is really happening in the background is the power of a global cloud of thousands of computers working together using the Internet.

This cloud brings everyday benefits to us like email, online banking and storing our family photos. The cloud continues to grow in our personal and business lives as we move our important data and services from our local laptops and computers and out to the online cloud. Some retailers have begun to utilize cloud technologies to power their surveillance for more efficient security as well as more efficient business.

There are many reasons that retail loss prevention is considering the cloud. The benefits of cloud-powered surveillance include live remote monitoring and recorded video searching from a single website, online video storage, collaborative sharing of video clips as well as centralized management and maintenance of cameras and servers. The benefits of the cloud network also propel surveillance from a tool for loss prevention and human resources into an engine for enterprise business management.

"We use our cloud-powered video surveillance solution to not only reduce shrink, theft, and improve security at our stores, but also to watch customer behavior, which helps us improve store layouts and merchandising," said Scott Hughes, of Tasti D-Lite. "In addition, we use the cloud to observe and train our employees to deliver better customer service and higher conversion rates."

Using the surveillance cloud to help with employee training and store layout can also drive revenue. A billion dollar retailer uses cloud-powered surveillance to help design better store layouts and merchandise placement. Management remotely watches customers interact with their products in real time. They also have the capability to search recorded video, collaboratively share video clips online, and download HD video to analyze trends.

Once retail stores are connected with cloud-powered surveillance, the value of this new network is multiplied. The surveillance cloud creates opportunities to monitor up to thousands of retail stores all from a single web interface. A surveillance system running on a high-speed global cloud like Microsoft (Skype cloud) or Google (YouTube cloud) can support instant access to live and recorded video from any camera or server, at almost any location worldwide.

An investment in cloud surveillance will no longer be based only on benefits from loss prevention and liability management, it will naturally expand to include visual business intelligence such as customer and employee management, merchandising, store layout and financial performance. Are you ready to get onto the cloud?


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Oops! It happened again.

Seems like everyday there's an opportunity to make a mistake. To do something that later makes you ask yourself 'why did I do that?' And no matter how young or old you are, the natural response of hiding from them clicks in and avoidance becomes your mantra to get through the day. All the while it waits for you and sometimes even attacks. Demanding a response and sometimes becoming a bigger issue than what it was initially. Awe, to have that one back our inner voice screams and our rationalizations roar with blinded acceptance. Just to be pulled back to the consequences of our actions and face the mistake we made.

The one difference between the young and old is that when you're older you tend to see the mistake almost in real time and if you're smart you attack it, stand up to it, and bring it to light with those it impacted. Yes it shows your weakness but it also shows your willingness to accept the consequences and deal with it. Because the funny thing about mistakes is most of them never go away. They just sit out there for someone to use, talk about, and make fun of. Maybe they're the lucky ones who never make mistakes themselves. But I've never met one yet who doesn't. The real issue is, mistakes really don't matter because it's really just about you standing up, dealing with it, and putting it behind you. Because that is the only way you can put it behind you the right way. And with tomorrow coming, you've got to clear the air for the next mistake you're inevitably going to make.

I've made my share - Just a Thought,

Gus Downing

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