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February 5, 2014


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Jose Gonzalez was promoted to Vice President of Asset Protection & Security for Walmart Brasil Ltda. He was previously the Senior Director, Global Asset Protection & Security for Walmart International, and has held other loss prevention leadership roles such as Divisional Asset Protection Director for Florida & Puerto Rico for Walmart US, Store Operations Management for Walmart Puerto Rico, and Country Director for Asset Protection & Security for Walmart and Sam's Puerto Rico. Congratulations Jose!

Justin McManus
was named Senior Director of Asset Protection (Europe) for Ralph Lauren.  Justin was previously the Director of Security & Crisis Management for Gucci Group for about eight years. He has also held numerous other security and operation leadership positions such as Worldwide Security Manager for Boucheron & Gucci Group Watches, Corporate Operations Manager for Gucci Group in the UK, and Regional Security Manager (International) for Tiffany & Company. Congratulations Justin!
Chris DeSantis was promoted to Director of Central Investigations/ORC & Technology for Macy's.  Chris has been with Macy's since 2001 where he started in the Special Investigations Unit. He has held other security and loss prevention leadership roles inside the company such as Security Director, Regional Director of Investigations, and District Director of Loss Prevention. He was also the Corporate Investigator and Loss Prevention Manager for Stern's. Chris earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Long Island University. Congratulations Chris!

The Neiman Marcus time-line on notifying customers about the data breach - presented to Congress yesterday - It took 28 Days  Neiman Marcus executives on Tuesday defended their actions following a data breach at the luxury retailer that impacted 1.1 million of its customers. In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Michael R. Kingston, senior vice president and chief information officer at Neiman Marcus Group Ltd. LLC, said the company did not learn it had a “problem” with its computer system until Jan. 2, which was followed by a forensics investigation and disabling the malware. Kingston said Neiman’s merchant processor informed it on Dec. 13 that Visa had “an unknown number of fraudulently reported credit cards with a possible common point of purchase at a small number of Neiman Marcus stores.” While Neiman’s pressed for more information, the merchant processor did not respond until four days later, when it said 122 MasterCards were fraudulently used. Kingston said that because of the malware’s sophisticated antidetection devices, the retailer did not learn from its forensic investigators that it had an “actual problem” with malware in its system until Jan. 2. It notified customers eight days later. Kingston said current evidence in the ongoing forensic investigation has revealed that the potential customer payment card account information that was compromised by the malware came from transactions at 77 of its 85 stores between July and October. He said there is no indication that transactions on its Web sites or restaurants were compromised and that no PIN numbers were stolen because Neiman Marcus does not use PIN pads at its stores. (Source

Neiman Marcus - "Chip and Pin' will be in all stores by fourth quarter this year - $100M investment

Target - Chip and Pin will be in stores by early 2015 - the hack continued three days longer than earlier reported  In written testimony to Congress, Target CEO John Mulligan noted, "The malicious software that enabled hackers to steal information from credit and debit cards from Nov. 27 to Dec. 15 was later found on 25 additional checkout machines and continued to collect shoppers' information for three more days." (Source

To fight fraud, credit card companies push more secure technology  Target CFO apologized to Congress this week for the data breach and the credit card companies are pushing hard for the new smart cards. More than one billion credit cards are in circulation in the United States, but just a fraction are like the ones being made at the CPI Card Group in Colorado. They have a computer chip which stores user information. Unlike the magnetic strips on the back of most cards where personal information is permanently stored, the data on the chips is encrypted with codes that change whenever the card is scanned. "Therefore, if fraudsters get a hold of cardholder data, they're not able to duplicate that data authentication that is dynamic and changes for every transaction," the company's CEO, Steve Montross, said. MasterCard has teamed with Visa, Discover, American Express and others to try to make the technology standard in the United States. The major credit card companies have decided to force the issue. In October 2015, businesses that do not accept smart cards and banks that do not issue them will be responsible for any fraudulent charges. But this technology only protects in-store transactions, so criminals could shift their focus online. It happened in England. After they switched to smart cards, the percentage of fraud committed online climbed from 23 percent to 65 percent. (Source

Mapping Out Growth at Lord & Taylor, Hudson's Bay - up to now all we've heard about is Saks Fifth Ave - well here's their other two divisions starting to gear up Lord & Taylor merchant - EVP promoted to president of Hudson's Bay Co. and says their new agendas are stretching the boundaries of where and what both retailers can sell. For decades, both have lagged the competition in productivity, not to mention retail theater. Yet over the last several months, management has been stabilized with marketing, creative and administrative chiefs appointed, as well as elevating Rodbell, while strategies for growth and reviving some pizzazz have been unfolding fast. The $7.5 billion parent Hudson’s Bay Co. remains in a transformational period due to its recent Saks Fifth Avenue acquisition, which is separate from the department store group, and intensified efforts to renovate, develop shop formats and brand partnerships inside Hudson’s Bay and L&T and advance the underdeveloped online businesses at those two divisions. (Source

Radio Shack to close 500 stores as part of their reorganization

Hobby Lobby To Open 70 New Stores Across The U.S. In 2014

ShopRite grocery chain pilots shoppers in-aisle mobile scanning app

Group calls for action against security guards in last week's Northland mall death in Southfield, MI. - Police are investigating  A peaceful protest was held at the mall Monday with other civil rights activists searching for answers as to why McKenzie Cochran of Ferndale died after mall officials received reports he was acting suspicious outside the LA Diamonds store. Mall officials said Cochran and a companion were “acting suspiciously” while outside the LA Diamond store last week. Police said Cochran left after the business owner asked if the pair needed help. Cochran returned the next day alone and police have said when asked by the owner again if he needed help, Cochran allegedly replied, ‘I want to kill somebody.’ " That’s when police say the store owner contacted security and Cochran ultimately was restrained after a struggle. He then became unresponsive. After the struggle, Cochran was propped up on a pillar with his head slumped to the side and his eyes closed as guards surrounded him, Copeland said. When he asked why he wasn’t breathing, one of the guards asked him to leave, Copeland said. Brent Reetz, the general manager of the mall, read a statement to reporters that said officials would be open to meeting people concerned about the incident at a later time and then kindly asked the protesters to leave. He refused to say whether the security guards were still on duty. “We are going to continue to fight for justice for the Cochran family as well as those who had to witness this egregious crime,” Williams said. “This is absolutely horrible.” Copeland, who said he was interviewed the next day by Southfield police, said he wants justice for Cochran. “It’s a horrible memory.” (Source

Michigan Lawmakers call for State Review of Security Guard Training in aftermath of Northland Mall death  Two state lawmakers are calling for a state review of security guard training following a recent death involving a man after he was pepper-sprayed at Northland Mall in Southfield. McKenzie Cochrane, 25, of Ferndale died Jan. 28 following a scuffle with security guards outside a jewelry store where witnesses said he displayed unusual behavior, including telling a store employee he wanted to kill someone. In a joint press release Wednesday, Democratic State Reps. Thomas Stallworth III of Detroit and Rudy Hobbs of Southfield urged the Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to “take swift action to review state standards for training, licensing and compliance reviews of security guard forces." (Source

January Same Store Sales Results

Walgreens up 2.9%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Canada's Indigo Books & Music (Chapters & Indigo book stores) up 2,6% with revenue up 3%
Ralph Lauren Q3 retail stores up 2% with net revenue up 9.2%

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NE ORC Symposium and Tradeshow

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In this four part series, Chief of Police, Raymond Schultz, of the Albuquerque's Police Dept and Karen Fischer, Albuquerque Strategic Support Division Manager, talk about their private-public partnerships programs they have developed since 2006, and how, with the help of these partnerships, they have been able to share information real time with retail and law enforcement officials, and help mitigate crime.

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Dealing With the Insurance Insanity of 2014
All businesses need to be aware of the coming changes in workers compensation, as well as the new ways to control worker's compensation costs that could be affecting your companies. Experts have come to the conclusion that workers' compensation insurance is going to be insane this year as many states will continue to see a rise in how much insurance companies will charge, but some states will see a slight decrease. What the rate increases mean is that you will be writing a bigger check for compensation insurance, even if your business hasn't grown substantially. The reason for this increase is that the cost of employees injuries has increased dramatically. To help keep your costs under control, this article provides a number of steps your businesses can take. (Source



Dominick Blum was promoted to Vice President of Information Technology at InstaKey Security Systems

Dominick achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from University of Phoenix. He promptly applied this IT knowledge by working for Qwest Communications for 9 years as a Software Development Manager. There, he managed an international team of employees to develop and support applications across several different software platforms. He started with InstaKey Security Systems in 2009 as the Director of IT where he assumed supervisory responsibility for all aspects of Information Technology encompassing: Systems, Networks, Software Development, and Vendor Management. With this wide area of responsibility, he uses his experience to adapt to the changing world of technology while teaching his colleagues better practices. As a Vice President, he will be charted to enhance InstaKey Security Systems operational growth in Key Control program management. Congratulations, Dominick!



New York City jewelry store heists on the rise
From the high end jeweler Cartier to smaller businesses, jewelry store owners in New York City are under siege. There have been five robberies already this year, and many owners fear there will be more. Kennedy says there were 15 major jewelry store heists in the city last year, compared to 5 in 2012. But already in the first month of this year, there have been 5 major hits against city jewelry stores. "The increase I would attribute to the presence of gangs who commit this type of crime. It only takes one or two gangs to commit all of those crimes," said Kennedy. (Source

Sun City, AZ Police working together on a string of Jewelry Store robberies in the Northwest Valley  Police are investigating a string of robberies in the northwest Valley, and while they are reluctant to call it a ring, they said some may be connected. (Source

Robber gangs terrorize Colorado pot shops
One thief, posing as a delivery man, pulled a can of bear mace on employees and ransacked their marijuana shop, fleeing in a defensive cloud of "ultra-pepper" spray. Another opened the wall of a dispensary with an ax and attacked the store's safe with a circular saw. Still another stuck to the basics. He kicked in the front door and pointed his gun at the counterman. An accomplice kicked in the back door and filled a duffel bag with more than $10,000 worth of high-quality cannabis. For weeks now, the Mile High state has allowed the sale of recreational pot to adults, and so far the Rockies still stand. But crimes like the ones above, all of which occurred in Colorado in the last six months, have produced an acid-drip of anxiety in the industry, highlighting the dangers faced by those hoping to drag America's most popular illegal drug into the light. "Everyone in the industry is having nightmares," says Michael Elliot, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, a powerful young lobby in Colorado. "You hit a 7-Eleven, you'll get 20 bucks. You hit a dispensary, you'll get $300,000 on a good day," adds Mitch Morrissey, District Attorney for Denver. "It's only a matter of time before someone gets shot." (Source

Four Arrested in Douglasville, GA Smash-and-Grab Burglary
Three adults and one juvenile taken into custody after breaking into the Atlanta West Jewelers on Douglas Boulevard on Monday. A Douglasville officer spotted a suspicious car in Arbor Station moments after the burglary and attempted to stop it. Three of the suspects ran on foot and one was taken into custody. The three who ran were caught a short time latter by a Douglas Sheriff's Deputy. Investigators are attempting to locate a possible fifth suspect." (Source

Orrville, MS town leaders examine security options after Dollar General Armed Robbery/ Shooting  During Monday’s council meeting, council members discussed plans to provide security in Orrville to monitor the area. Orrville Mayor Louivenia Lumpkin said the motion was in response to the shooting incident at Dollar General, where Dallas County resident Kevin Mclaughlin entered the store reportedly waving a pistol in the air and was later shot by Marlo Ellis, who law enforcement hailed as a hero. (Source

Zurich: Armed robbers stage luxury jewel heist at Chopard store in Zurich
Two armed robbers raided a jewelry store on Zurich's posh Bahnhofstrasse in broad daylight on Tuesday, making off with jewelry and watches worth more than $110,000. Brandishing a handgun, the men rushed into the shop of prestigious Swiss jeweler Chopard, smashing display cases and snatching up wrist watches, rings and earrings, Zurich police said in a statement. (Source

Dad accused of dropping gun, shooting son in an Advance Auto Parts store in Milwaukee, WI  A 50-year-old Milwaukee man, who has a prior felony conviction, is accused of accidentally shooting his 7-year-old son in the leg. Isom Brumfield Jr. is charged with injury by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon. Brumfield was with his son at Advance Auto Parts on Jan. 25 when he reached into his pocket to pay for an item and removed a handgun, placing it on the counter. The employee asked him to put the gun away, and as Brumfield tried to do so, he dropped it on the floor and caused it to fire, wounding his son in the leg. (Source

Three men busted with 22 fake credit cards in Raleigh, N.C.

Giant Eagle cashier-employee and two others fake robbery in Cranberry, PA.

Man arrested strolling Pickering Mall Saturday with a gun strapped to his leg in Pickering, Canada

Columbus PD looking for suspect who slashed security guard's neck in robbery

SC Bi-Lo shoplifter bit security officer, kicked officers

Two employees of North Bergen Walmart caught under-ringing: police

Worker's quick action saves Walmart during arson fire in Knoxville, Iowa

Police arrest suspect in string of robberies in Toledo, OH; suspect hit Family Dollar, Dollar General and the Wireless Brothers twice in January

Syracuse man gets 1 to 3 years in prison for stealing four chainsaws from Lowe’s in Sennett, NY

Kay Jewelers in the West Valley Mall, Modesto, CA hit with a $2599 Grab and run of a 10kt Gold Men’s bracelet

UK woman accepts a challenge; rides a horse into a Tesco Grocery store

Pittsburgh woman jailed in 7 store armed robberies
Two Men Arrested in Armed Robbery Spree in Suffolk County, N.Y.
San Jose Police Release Surveillance Video of robbery crew in String Of Armed Robberies
Auburn, Maine man pleads guilty in robbery spree
Police nab four suspects in ‘smash and grab’ burglary at Atlanta West Jewelry
Acros Market – Armed Robbery – Milford, MA – 3 suspects arrested
Central Market- Armed Robbery – Milford, MA – Both Acros and Central hit at same time, 3 arrested
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – LaFollette, TN – 2 Juveniles in custody
Family Dollar – Armed Robbery – Dayton, OH – no injuries
Glen Ellyn Pharmacy Armed Robbery – Chicago, IL –Suspect demanded cash and drugs, No injuries
Lawrence Foods – Armed Robbery – South Cheatham, TN – suspect now in custody
Radio Shack- Burglary - Montgomery Co., MD – no report on loss
Shop Rite –Theft/ Fraud – Little Falls, NJ – suspect charged with 2 purse snatchings, credit card theft
Speedway – Armed Robbery – Nicholasville, KY – no injuries
Walgreens – Armed Robbery – Tulsa, OK – suspect demanding drugs, no injuries
7-Eleven - Armed Robbery- Salem, OR – suspect caught after bragging about the robbery in a bar
7-Eleven – Armed Robbery – Woodbury, MA – 15, 19, 22 year old suspects in custody, used fake handguns in 2 robberies




Last 5 men sentenced in $20M stolen cigarette smuggling operation based in the Carolinas  Six other ring members were already sentenced to prison terms and one other faces sentencing next week. The men were convicted last year of conspiring to sell 486,000 cartons of stolen cigarettes at retail outlets across North Carolina and South Carolina. (Source

Three Amazon Fulfillment Center employees arrested for theft ring selling iPod's and iPhones in Lexington County, SC  Lexington County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested three men who formerly worked Amazon's Fulfillment Center on charges that while they worked at the distribution center the three men were involved in a theft ring whose members stole iPod portable media player devices and iPhone cellular telephones from the distribution center. Dixiana Resident Deputy Shannon Dykes conducted the investigation in cooperation with the company that operates the distribution center where the thefts occurred, Metts said. (Source

Alabama Zale's Jewelry store employee charged with $12,000 theft - selling loot at pawn shops

Ten weird things thieves steal
24/7 Wall St consulted the National Retail Federation and the National Insurance Crime Bureau to identify a variety of commonly stolen objects. We also reviewed various news sources to identify 10 of the strangest things thieves steal. 1. Laundry detergent, 2. Allergy medicine, 3. Pregnancy tests, 4. Catalytic converters, 5. Manhole covers...(Source

Richmond County Police seek brazen Kroger shoplifters in Augusta, GA  Police are searching for a gang of meat and beer thieves who have been preying on the Wrightsboro Road Kroger. Deputies were called to the store Monday where they were informed by a loss prevention employee that four males have taken items from the store on at least four occasions in the past month. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Axis Communications Announces U.S. Expansion Plan to Strengthen Local Resources for its Partners and Customers

Expansion Plan enables Axis to get even closer to partners and joint customers via Business Area offices with unique Axis Experience Centers opening across the U.S.

Plan builds upon the 30-year-old company’s long-term growth strategy while promoting from within and attracting local talent throughout North America.

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – February 4, 2014 – Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, announces its U.S. Expansion Plan designed to bring Axis even closer to its partner network and end-customers while intensifying local resources to meet demand in the fast growing physical security market. The Expansion Plan, which went into effect January 1, enables Axis to remain nimble while scaling to meet partner needs during this growth period.

Six Business Areas, One Goal: Closer to the customer

Axis has designated six U.S. Business Areas: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, South Central and West. Operations that thrive on regional knowledge and face-to-face interaction will move to each Business Area – including sales, field sales engineering, local event marketing and Axis Communications’ Academy training – to provide partners with maximum local support and business resources.

Additionally, each Business Area will have a dedicated customer-facing office complete with its own unique Axis Experience Center to provide an interactive environment that best showcases the full range of Axis’ network video products integrated with partner solutions and how they apply to the surveillance business. The individual Axis Experience Centers will also feature facilities designed for Axis Communications’ Academy courses and partner trainings as well as boardroom-style meeting rooms to be used by Axis partners.

Three new offices are planned to open in 2014, including the Northeast office located within Axis’ Boston-area North American Headquarters open today, the Midwest office opening in Chicago planned for Q2, and the West office opening in the Los Angeles-area during the second half of 2014.

“Partners and customers are key to Axis’ long-term success and the Expansion Plan enables us to get much closer to them,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “We’ve seen the direct impact opening offices in Canada and Mexico has had on our regional success, as well as how valuable customer-facing facilities like our Boston-area Axis Experience Center can be. This plan replicates our closer-to-the-customer success across the U.S.”

The six Business Areas will each be run by a Business Area Manager who is responsible for all local operations and will report directly to North American Director of Sales Larry Newman. Reporting directly to the Business Area Managers will be an Area Sales Manager for each Business Area responsible for managing the sales teams in the 24 newly defined sales regions.

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Job Opening




Vice President LP Confidential United States Downing & Downing
Director Field AP Ralph Lauren Los Angeles, CA Ralph Lauren
Regional Director Operations Pearle Vision Dallas, TX Luxottica
Regional LP Manager Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing
LP Analyst Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing



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AP Manager in Training Walmart New Ulm, MN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Plattsburgh, NY Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Fairfield, CA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart West Jordan, UT Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Scottsbluff, NE Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart La Plata, MD Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Harrisburg, PA Walmart
AP Manager Walmart Washington Court House, OH Walmart
Store AP Manager Home Depot Copiague, NY Home Depot
LP Manager in Training Sears Fort Worth, TX Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager in Training Sears Dallas, TX Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Aurora, CO Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Paramus, NJ Sears Holdings Corp
ETL Assets Protection Target Alexandria, VA Target
LP Mgr: Omni Channel Fraud Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh, PA Dick's Sporting Goods
AP Manager Advance Auto Parts Birmingham, AL Advance Auto Parts
AP Manager Advance Auto Parts Mobile, AL Advance Auto Parts
Regional LP Manager Savers Springfield, IL Savers
AP Manager BJs Wholesale Club Middletown, RI BJs Wholesale Club
Security & LP Mgr American Eagle Hazleton, PA American Eagle



Jose Gonzalez was promoted Vice President of Asset Protection & Security for Walmart Brasil Ltda.
Justin McManus
was named Senior Director of Asset Protection (Europe) for Ralph Lauren.
Chris DeSantis was promoted to Director of Central Investigations/ORC & Technology for Macy's.
Arnold Milliken was promoted to Regional Director Asset Protection for Lord & Taylor.
Matt Grant was promoted to Senior District Loss Prevention Manager for Gordmans.

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How to Make Those 'Silly Little Jobs' On Your Resume Shine  We all have those silly jobs that we did while putting ourselves through college, or the first job we had at a fast food restaurant while in high school, but don't dismiss them entirely from your resume! Make those 'silly little jobs' work for you, and show the interviewer that what you learned from them was lasting. (Connect the dots)

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Oops! It happened again.

Seems like everyday there's an opportunity to make a mistake. To do something that later makes you ask yourself 'why did I do that?' And no matter how young or old you are, the natural response of hiding from them clicks in and avoidance becomes your mantra to get through the day. All the while it waits for you and sometimes even attacks. Demanding a response and sometimes becoming a bigger issue than what it was initially. Awe, to have that one back our inner voice screams and our rationalizations roar with blinded acceptance. Just to be pulled back to the consequences of our actions and face the mistake we made.

The one difference between the young and old is that when you're older you tend to see the mistake almost in real time and if you're smart you attack it, stand up to it, and bring it to light with those it impacted. Yes it shows your weakness but it also shows your willingness to accept the consequences and deal with it. Because the funny thing about mistakes is most of them never go away. They just sit out there for someone to use, talk about, and make fun of. Maybe they're the lucky ones who never make mistakes themselves. But I've never met one yet who doesn't. The real issue is, mistakes really don't matter because it's really just about you standing up, dealing with it, and putting it behind you. Because that is the only way you can put it behind you the right way. And with tomorrow coming, you've got to clear the air for the next mistake you're inevitably going to make.

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