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February 6, 2014


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Three VPLP jobs - Three Corp. LP jobs - and a smaller number of field LP jobs eliminated so far in 14'  So far this year we haven't seen a large number of LP job eliminations. With losing the ones we've listed above and can't really name due to confidentiality, the job elimination season of January to March has started off rather well, with all due respect to those that have been eliminated. Obviously January is the slowest of the three month period, but so far the job market is holding up well. However, with a number of companies currently looking at re-organizing, the next two months should prove to be rather busy regretfully. Best Buy, Target, and Wet Seal have all cut jobs. And now with Loehmann's going out of business, Radio Shack closing 500 stores as reported yesterday, and a number of others currently looking at their organizational structures we'll probably see the job losses begin to mount over the next two months.

Target's Data Leak being a third party provider brings up a host of questions about remote access to networks for all parties  With everyone under the sun wanting access to your network inside the stores for a multitude of valid reasons we've got to be concerned and secure so to speak. Two-factor authentication appears to be the only PCI compliant way to grant such access and avoid liability. With more and more devices, systems, and software requiring interaction it may be time to revisit every access point and validate it's security.

PCI Council says government should stay out of payment card standards
Despite several high-profile security breaches at major retailers, the government should let the private sector continue to set the rules for protecting credit- and debit-card data, a standards body says. Bob Russo, general manager for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council, was scheduled to tell a congressional committee Wednesday that it's unlikely any government agency could duplicate "the expansive reach, expertise and decisiveness of PCI," referring to the standards set by the council. "High profile events such as the recent breaches are a legitimate area of inquiry for the Congress, but should not serve as a justification to impose new government regulations," Russo said in an advance copy of his prepared remarks. "Any government standard in this area would likely be significantly less effective in addressing current threats, and less nimble in protecting consumers from future threats, than the constantly evolving PCI standards." The attackers who stole card data from Target and Neiman Marcus used malware that snatched the data from the memory of cash registers, called point-of-sale (POS) systems, before the information was encrypted. The latest version of the council's standards for POS systems require retailers to perform a default reset every 24 hours to remove any malware that could reside in memory, Russo said. (Source

Sin taxes fueling organized crime rings - making millions - low risk high reward
High “sin taxes” like those on cigarettes are often seen as a double boon by policy makers—good for both public health and the government’s bottom line. But as states like Massachusetts and New York have raised their rates to historic highs, they’re creating a more and more lucrative market for smugglers who buy cigarettes in bulk in a low-tax state like New Hampshire or Pennsylvania, then sell them in a high-tax state, pocketing the difference. A research team, led by Kevin Davis, an economist with the independent research institute RTI International, found estimated trafficking rates to be similarly high in several other northeastern cities, including New York (about 48 percent), Providence (30 to 55 percent), and Washington, D.C. (30 to 60 percent). The origins of the out-of-state packs suggest the overwhelming majority of them are brought in by organized traffickers, rather than daytripping smokers. Amy Pitter, commissioner of the Department of Revenue for Mass., estimates that statewide, 8 to 27 percent of cigarettes are trafficked. (The state doesn’t have a separate estimate for Boston.) “Even at the lowest end, it looks like we’re losing $60 million a year in revenue, and at the high end it’s $250 million,” Pitter says. The costs of the booming illicit trade go beyond lost tax revenue. The larger the black market, the less control the state has over a closely regulated health hazard—and the more money ends up in the hands of criminals. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has tied cigarette smuggling operations to drug rings and organized crime. (Source

The Polar Vortex Jan. 5-7 showed a 9.6% decrease in nationwide retail sales over LY - January is killing retail  The cold weather and winter storms in the eastern half of the U.S. "added insult to injury" in a month that was lacking any new fashion catalysts but was full of holiday shopping fatigue and intense competition, said Ken Perkins of Retail Metrics. An analysis of retail sales during the polar vortex of Jan. 5-7 showed a 9.6% decrease in nationwide sales compared with the same weekdays last year, according to Applied Predictive Technologies, a retail analytics software company in Washington, D.C. The drop was driven by a decline in transactions, as fewer consumers braved the cold to go shopping. A number of retailers have reduced their earnings outlooks in recent days and suggested they haven't seen any relief in January following a disappointing holiday season. (Source

New Verizon 2014 report shows disturbing pattern of weakness at companies managing credit card payments  The company, in its 2014 report on compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard rules, said it often finds organizations that hire Verizon to conduct assessments of their payment system security will make changes following recommendations but eventually lapse back into bad habits. “The breaches we see are not caused by a failure of technology or compliance but by a failure of implementation to keep compliance ongoing.” The report says overall compliance with PCI standards rose in 2013 from 2012 but pointed to other weaknesses besides lapses following an assessment. Companies are failing to limit access to personal cardholder information and have ineffective log management policies. Businesses are struggling to achieve compliance in security monitoring and the ability to detect and respond when data is found to be breached, with 17% in compliance with that standard, the report said. Other problem areas: security testing, with 23.8% compliant, and protecting stored sensitive data, with 55.6% compliant. (Source

One in Three Victims of Target Card Breach Could Face Fraud
One in three data breach victims in 2013 later experienced fraud, according to a survey released Wednesday, a sharp increase that doesn't bode well for millions of Target shoppers. That's up from one in four in 2012, according to Javelin Research, which polled 5,634 U.S. adults over three weeks last October about financial fraud incidents. "The correlation between a fraud victim and a breach victim gets stronger every year," said Al Pascual, senior analyst for security risk and fraud, who co-authored the report. (Source

Counterfeit Mobile Phones a $6 Billion a Year Drain on Global Economy
Black-market sales of counterfeit and substandard cellphones are a US$6 billion a year problem, a new in-depth report into the global counterfeit phone problem has found. The MMF's report is the most comprehensive analysis of counterfeit and substandard cell phones in the world to date and involves months of analysis by the world's major cellphone brands. (Source

January Same Store Sales Results

L Brands up 9%
Costco up 4%
Stein Mart down 0.7%
Fred's down 1.8%
The Buckle down 6.6%
Cato down 8%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Dunkin Brands Q4 - Dunkin Donuts up 3.5% & Baskin-Robbins up 2.2% with revenue up 13%
Sally Beauty Q1 up 2.2% with net sales up 3.9%
Canada's Shoppers Drug Mart Q4 up 1.2% with sales up 0.9%
Advanced Auto Q4 up 0.1% with sales up 6%
Kohl's Q4 down 2%
Wet Seal Q4 down 16.5% with net sales down 22.8%

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NE ORC Symposium and Tradeshow

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Radio Shack stores targeted by smash-and-grab thieves in D.C. and Montgomery County  A national electronics chain has become the target of local smash and grab thieves. Burglars have broken into four Radio Shack stores -- one in Northeast D.C. and three in Montgomery County -- over the last seven weeks. Investigators believe two of the incidents, if not all four, are connected.  (Source

San Diego mother suing Walmart for Millions after son dies following altercation with store security  A San Diego woman is suing Walmart for millions of dollars after she says they killed her son. Only 10News has obtained police dash cam video that shows her son being held face-down on the pavement in the blazing heat in June 2012. As police rolled up on scene just outside a Walmart store in Covina, they came up on a Walmart security guard dressed in a blue polo shirt. Police later learned the security guard had been kneeling on top of a man face-down on 135-degree asphalt for eight and a half minutes. Upon arrival by the Police, the security guard got up and walked away, officers tried to communicate with 41-year-old Jose Marcos Picazo. What they did not realize is that he was already dead. (Source

Fugitive found in California 37 years after escape; original charge was larceny from a Detroit area store  Hayman, 60, was being held in a San Diego County jail awaiting extradition to Michigan, where she escaped from the Ypsilanti prison in 1977 while serving time for attempted larceny, Mayer said. He did not know if she had retained an attorney and no court date had been set. When she escaped, Hayman was about halfway through a minimum sentence of 1 1/2 years for attempting to steal clothes from a Detroit-area store. Corrections Department said Tuesday she must be returned to prison to finish the sentence, which has a maximum term of two years. The state parole board typically determines whether an inmate can be released after serving the minimum. (Source

Jared’s in Pembroke Pines, Florida hit by burglars for over $80,000; dropped in through the roof
Two individuals cut a hole in the roof and dropped onto the sales floor. Using a pick-axe, they proceeded to smash five showcases and steal 95 Movado’s and 13 ESQ Time Pieces valued at $80,626.00.

Pembroke Pines, FL Police Officer Accused of Stealing Pricey Watch after Jared’s Jewelry Store Heist  Security cameras at a Pembroke Pines jewelry store captured not one but two burglaries this week, the second one caught a police officer stealing a expensive watch during the investigation of the first burglary, according to police. During the investigation of a burglary at Jared’s the Galleria of Jewelry on Pines Boulevard, the Pembroke Pines Police Department learned that Officer Kevin Burgs, 36, took a watch valued at $795.00 from the store, according to a statement from the department. The reported theft was captured on the store’s surveillance video cameras. Burgs was arrested Thursday and charged with Grand Theft. (Source

Des Moines SWAT Police Raid turns up empty; video of the raid on a suspected home of Credit Card fraud  A SWAT team was caught on camera in Des Moines raiding a home with weapons drawn — not on suspicion of a violent crime but of someone using stolen credit cards. Though the whole situation is proving a bit more complicated than that. Home surveillance cameras show Iowa police using a battering ram to enter this house, overturning furniture and eventually destroying one of the cameras outside. Ultimately, police found none of the items listed on their warrant. (Source

Walmart Shoplifter in Vineland, NJ left her 16 month old toddler in taxi
While transporting a shoplifting suspect to the police station, police learned the woman had left her 16-month-old child behind in a taxi outside Walmart. (Source

UK: Fraudsters who made $57,000 in coin machine con go on the run
A couple who exploited a glitch in a currency converter coin machine have gone on the run after ripping off more than $57,000 in small change. Hungarians Laszlo Berki, 32, and Renata Fejer, 26, put more than 350,000 Hungarian forints into Coinstar machines after discovering the automated converters mistake 10F Hungarian coins, worth 3 pence each, for 10p pieces. (Source

Skowhegan, Maine jewelry theft highlights questions about downtown cameras Town officials plan to discuss whether more cameras are needed, or whether cameras should be moved to different locations. Thieves smashed the glass door early Friday morning on the Commercial Street side of Russakoff Jewelers. Once inside the store, burglars smashed glass display cases and made off with as much as $10,000 in watches, rings and other jewelry. Activity was caught on two of the 14 downtown cameras, but did not catch the burglary itself. (Source

Serial shoplifter hits local Target in Tempe, AZ

Convicted murderer arrested for shooting teenager in convenience store in Memphis, TN

2 linked to robbery arrested after chase in Union, N.C.
One arrested, one sought in restaurant armed robbery in Dunkirk, N.Y.
Man arrested for Walmart robbery in Cherryville, N.C.
2 charged with Hempstead armed-robbery spree
C&C Handi Mart -Armed Robbery – Conway, SC – no injuries
Citgo – Armed Robbery – Chattanooga, TN – Police release surveillance photos
Dollar General – Attempted Armed Robbery – Hollywood, SC – suspect demanded staff let him in, they refused, suspect fled
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Boyce, LA – 2 arrested, additional arrests are pending
DOT Discount Cigarettes - Robbery- Rehoboth Beach, DE – Delaware State Police made arrest 90 minutes after incident
Exxon – Armed Robbery – Bryan, TX – no injuries
Gulf – Armed Robbery – Bristol, TN – gas station and store the target of 4 robberies in recent weeks
Radio Shack – Attempted Burglary- Lower Macungie, PA – Burglars cut hole in wall from a vacant store
Ray's Apple Market – Armed Robbery - Manhattan, KS – no one was hurt
Smokes-4 less- Armed Robbery - Poughkeepsie, NY – 2 suspects in custody
The Smoke Shop- Armed Robbery – Joplin, MO – Suspect arrested after ramming get-a-way car into a sheriff’s vehicle
Vintage Stock – Burglary – Tulsa, OK – Police are seeking 5 suspects in video game theft
Walgreens – Armed Robbery – Bristol, TN – Suspect under arrest, demanded drugs, no injuries
7-Eleven – Armed Robbery – Dallas, TX – 4 men arrested, robbing several 7-Eleven stores in the same night




Organized retail costs billions - Area task force leader says problem ‘epidemic,’ and affects stores, taxpayers - Kroger's Dir of ORC in the news  Organized retail crime cost stores an estimated $30 billion nationwide last year, an expensive trend that has businesses and law enforcement looking for ways to combat what one area task force leader called “an epidemic.” "This is not shoplifting,” said Dennis Dansak, head of Kroger’s organized retail crime division. Dansak, who was hired in 2009, has a law enforcement background that includes a counter-terrorism stint with the FBI. At Kroger, he’s concerned with catching thieves determined to steal items such as laundry detergent, baby formula, energy drinks and razors. Kroger uses anti-theft labels with store codes that are hard to remove. "What makes it so profitable is it’s a low-risk, high-reward business,” said Bob Bowman, who coordinates an area task force of law enforcement agencies known as Investigating Organized Retail Crime, or IROC. “The chance of getting caught is really about 1-in-150. They can make phenomenal profit when there’s no overhead.” The cost of retail crime to businesses is significant, but it also affects taxpayers. Bowman attended an ORC session last June in Columbus during which Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine tried to put the issue into perspective. “He said the state of Ohio lost $30 million in 2012 of uncollected sales tax revenue directly associated with organized retail crime,” Bowman said. (Source

Conroe, TX Police arrest a Pair for Organized Retail Theft for thousands in jewelry thefts at 2 Kohl’s stores  Conroe Police officers arrested two women and charged them with organized retail theft after they allegedly took almost $2,000 worth of jewelry from a Conroe-area Kohl’s store. Loss Prevention Agents recognized the women who fit a description from another Kohl’s store where they allegedly took just over $1,100. The officer watched both women allegedly take items from the jewelry area of the store and then attempt to leave. (Source

Patterson, N.J. man busted hitting Paramus shopping malls for Michael Kors watches  A quick-moving thief swiped $3,410 worth of watches in a month-long spree targeting Paramus shopping malls, police said Tuesday. Ishmell Sumter, 46, of Paterson, committed the thefts in less than 60 seconds each time, netting 15 Michael Kors watches in five grabs, authorities said. Paramus Detective Michael Cebulski and Officer Sal Cosentino arrested Sumter Friday without incident as he left his home. Cebulski identified Sumter using security camera footage and witness accounts, police said. The fast-moving thief enlisted “random acquaintances” to drive him to the malls before he snatched the pricey watches, according to police. Sumter was ordered held at the Bergen County Jail on $5,000 bail ahead of a court appearance Wednesday. (Source

Two brothers to serve time for hitting Walmarts in multiple states stealing scientific calculators - $163,974.94 restitution ordered  Authorities said Jacob Nelson, 31, of Wichita, Kansas, stole scientific calculators from the stores and then shipped them to New York City. Nelson admitted to agreeing with others to transport over $5,000 in stolen scientific calculators. Nelson
further admitted that on August 13, 2013, he and another person drove from Wisconsin into Iowa in possession of over 200 stolen scientific calculators valued at more than $26,000. Nelson also admitted that on August 13, 2013, he and another person stole 14 scientific calculators valued at $1,295 from the Wal-Mart in Maquoketa. Nelson was arrested driving away from the Walmart. Police found hundreds of stolen calculators and two loaded handguns in Nelson's car. Nelson also ordered to make $163,974.96 in restitution to Walmart as part of his sentence. Nelson's brother, Caleb, was also charged and pleaded guilty in connection with the case. (Source

Two arrested in connection with a $1700 theft at Sears in Monroe, LA  Monroe police received several calls and Crime Stopper tips after local media circulated information pertaining to the case. Police believe that the two were using the stolen merchandise, which has yet to be recovered, to obtain drugs. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Axis Upgrades Top-of-the-Line Pan/Tilt/Zoom AXIS Q60 Series with Launch of Nine New Cameras

Indoor, outdoor-ready and active cooling PTZ domes feature improvements to image quality, optical zoom, light sensitivity, multi-stream and intelligent video; Includes cameras with shock detection, image stabilization and automatic defog

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – February 5, 2014 – Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, has upgraded its entire top-of-the-line AXIS Q60 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series for improved image quality, light sensitivity and enhanced capacity for intelligent video.

AXIS Q60 Series – which includes indoor, outdoor ready (-E) and active cooling enclosure (-C) models – now features nine new robust, high-speed pan/tilt/zoom cameras for wide area surveillance in indoor, outdoor and desert-like environments:

AXIS Q6042/-E/-C with Extended D1 resolution and 36x optical zoom;
AXIS Q6044/-E/-C with HDTV 720p and 30x optical zoom;
and AXIS Q6045/-E/-C with HDTV 1080p and 20x optical zoom.

These PTZ dome IP cameras are ideal for city and perimeter surveillance, airports, train stations and harbors, along pipelines, construction and manufacturing sites, as well as sports stadiums.

“At Axis, we always strive to make our cameras even better and the improvements we have made to the AXIS Q60s are particularly evident with the HDTV models, especially in low-light situations,” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ director of product management. “Customers will appreciate that we have maintained the successful form factor and mechanics that make AXIS Q60 cameras reliable and easy to install.”

AXIS Q6044/-E/-C PTZ domes have 30x optical zoom, compared with 18x in previous 720p models, and their light sensitivity is nearly three times better than the industry norm for HDTV cameras. They also support electronic image stabilization to reduce effects of camera vibrations – i.e. from wind or traffic – to provide clearer, more useful video. In addition, they support automatic defog to detect fog in the scene and digitally filter it out of view for clearer video.

AXIS Q6045/-E/-C PTZ domes also have better light sensitivity than its AXIS Q6035/-E/-C predecessors. Furthermore, they have additional built-in video analytics including highlight compensation to mask bright lights for ease of viewing, object removed, fence detector, object counter and enter/exit detection.

An added feature in all new AXIS Q60 cameras is shock detection, which mechanically detects and triggers an alarm if the camera has been hit. The new AXIS Q60 cameras are equipped with a powerful CPU (central processing unit) and co-processor. They enable better image quality and usability, with lower noise, higher light sensitivity for sharper images and more efficient video compression with H.264 Main Profile.

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