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February 7, 2014


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Syed Raza, CFI was promoted to LP Director of Home Services at Sears Holding Corporation. 
In 1988, Syed began his career in Loss Prevention, and held store and district level positions till 2001. In 2001, he joined Ralph Lauren (Polo) and spent 5 years in the U.S. From 2005 to 2010, he served Ralph Lauren as their Senior Director, led a team in Europe and also supported Asian business. Syed joined Sears in 2010 as a Regional Loss Prevention Director for Southeast region. Congratulations Syed!

Redner’s Markets Deploys Retail 20/20 Exception Reporting Solution from Agilence  Agilence, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based exception reporting solutions, announced that Redner’s Markets has deployed Retail 20/20 to reduce shrink and improve in-store operations. The solution will also be utilized to provide visibility into daily store processes to increase efficiency and reduce fraud. Reading, PA based Redner’s Markets is an employee-owned, regional supermarket chain with 44 warehouse markets and 18 quick shoppes throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. 

HVAC vendor confirms possible link to Target breach
Fazio Mechanical Services Inc., a heating and refrigeration vendor based in Sharpsburg, Pa., has reportedly confirmed it was the victim of a cyber attack that may have allowed hackers to gain access to financial and personal data of millions of Target customers. "Like Target, we are a victim of a sophisticated cyber attack operation," Fazio president and owner Ross Fazio said in a statement. "We are fully cooperating with the Secret Service and Target to identify the possible cause of the breach and to help create proactive initiatives that will further enhance the security of client/vendor connections making them less vulnerable to future breaches." (Source

Building control systems can be pathway to Target-like attack
"Generally what happens is some new business service needs network access, so, if there's time pressure, it may be placed on an existing network, (without) thinking through all the security implications." Most building systems, such as HVAC, are Internet-enabled so maintenance companies can monitor them remotely. Use of the Shodan search engine for Internet-enabled devices can reveal thousands of systems ranging from building automation to crematoriums with weak login credentials, researchers have found. If the Web interface of such systems is on a corporate network, then some important security measures need to be taken. (Source

Self-checkout theft is big debate even in Europe as 35,400 were deployed globally in 2013 - A hot debate this week at Wincor World trade fair in Germany Self-checkout deployments are growing (to the chagrin of some consumers). And the global installed base of self-checkout terminals could reach 320,000 by 2018. Simply put — self-checkout solution providers could be in for a sales windfall. But even as manufacturers such as Wincor strive to perfect the self-checkout terminal, a seemingly endless swath of theft and customer experience concerns continue to plague the technology's reputation. During a Wincor World session hosted by Julian Niblett, director of the retail consulting firm Inside Ops, the inevitable self-checkout/theft debate took center stage during the session's Q&A. "Some retailers see it [self-checkout] as a loss issue," Niblett said. "The hard reality is that if you are going to steal something, you go to the corner and shove it up your jumper, you don't go and try to fool with a piece of technology to pretend to cash out with a camera above and attendants in the lane who are watching what's going on." "The broad use of self-checkout doubled in the last four years," he said. "If it really was a massive area of loss you wouldn't see its prevalence — and it's only going to get bigger." Although the grocery segment will continue to account for most deployments of self-checkout units, RBR research suggests the future will see a broader range of retailers implementing the technology. Many new projects will be in the general merchandise sector, notably in mass merchandisers and certain specialty retail sub segments. Antitheft measures will need to adapt to that broader range of retailers in order to keep security concerns at bay. (Source

RFID technology in retail – a competitive advantage?
The next most popular motivations for implanting the technology were for reducing out of stocks and increasing on-floor availability, but there are a plethora of other reasons for exploring the opportunities that RFID brings to business. Fashion retailers, department stores and FMCG companies are today leading the RFID adoption. We estimate that the RFID adoption on item level for apparel merchandise will grow with a compound annual growth rate of more than 20% over the next few years. (Source

Cold January for some retailers
Snowstorms and bitterly cold weather took a bite out of sales for some retailers in January. The Buckle reported a 6.6% drop. Zumiez reported a 7.6% decline. Stein Mart saw its same-store sales inch down 0.7%. But a couple of retailers managed to buck the trend. L Brands, formerly Limited Brands, said that its January same-store sales rose 9%. Costco Wholesale Club had a 5% increase, excluding gasoline. (Source

Retail employment up year-over-year, could be higher
The National Retail Federation (NRF) calculated that retail employment was down 21,600 jobs in January 2014, yet up 230,000 jobs year-over-year. December retail employment figures were revised up to a gain of 57,000 jobs. (Source

Credit card 'swipe-and-sign' to end next year
Beginning in 2015, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that folks will stop signing credit card receipts and instead enter your credit card into a slot and input a PIN number. Credit card companies Visa and Mastercard have vowed to stick to an October 2015 deadline to move to the new cards, which are designed to be much more secure. The U.S. is the last major country in the world to use "swipe-and-sign" cards, believed to be a major reason why nearly half of all credit card fraud happens here, the WSJ says. (Source

California Bill Proposes Mandatory Kill-Switch on Phones and Tablets
Politicians and law enforcement officials in California will introduce a bill on Friday that requires all smartphones and tablet PCs sold in the state be equipped with a digital "kill-switch" that would make the devices useless if stolen. (Source

Arizona keeps busting Mexican men for ID theft they use to get retail jobs 
The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office arrested three identity theft suspects at two different retail businesses on Wednesday. The operations Wednesday at Red Robin and Thunder Pass Food and Spirits represent the 78th and 79th criminal employment operations conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Are your stores hiring some of these? (Source

"Customer empowerment" driving services such as click-and-collect and self-service - but with it comes new challenges  Retailers are automating customer services in a bid to cut costs and give consumers independence, but with mechanization come risks. While shoppers are increasingly being encouraged to scan their purchases and pay for them using automated checkouts, the system also presents a hotbed for opportunists looking to pinch a kilogram of eggplant or a bottle of liquid laundry detergent. Information kiosks and retail assistants could even be replaced with smart phones and tablet apps. Already in-store beacon technology, which detects customers in the shop, can automate customer service features such as welcoming shoppers, helping them find specific products in-store or alerting staff they need assistance. First Union retail secretary Maxine Gay says automation has led to fewer people employed in retail and is also altering established days and times of work. Fewer staff has also led to security issues. (Source

One-in-five US and UK consumers did all of their Christmas shopping online

Retailers rethinking hiring policies for former criminals

'Retail Details' help one Illinois Police Dept. dramatically reduce crime

Following CVS announcement, Walgreens now reviews tobacco sales

Supermarket roof collapses in France, two injured

January Same Store Sales Results

PriceSmart up 8.4%
Gap up 1%
American Apparel down 4%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Gap Q4 up 1% with sales flat
Kirkland's Q4 flat with net sales down 4.2%
Aaron's Q4 down 0.9% with revenues down 2%
bebe stores Q2 down 1.9% with net sales down 4.1%

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A father, a son, and two other men have been convicted for their roles in what Colorado Spring police described as one of the largest organized crime rings in the state, Colorado Springs police announced this week.

Clayton Schaner, his son Clinton Schaner, and three men were arrested in March after a 4-month investigation into the Just Computers store at 2506 E. Platte Ave.

According to police, the store was the center of an organized theft ring involving more than 200 "boosters" and millions of dollars in stolen merchandise.

Police told The Gazette last year that the theft ring had generated $1.3 million in online sales over four years.

According to authorities, after two that each lasted about seven weeks, the Schaners along with Caleb Butler and Tommie Bradley, who were all described by police as the organization's ringleaders, were convicted for a slew of charges, including money laundering, theft by receiving, computer crime and violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. Sentencing hearings for the men are scheduled in upcoming months.

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NE ORC Symposium and Tradeshow

Keynote Address
Part 4

In this four part series, Chief of Police, Raymond Schultz, of the Albuquerque's Police Dept and Karen Fischer, Albuquerque Strategic Support Division Manager, talk about their private-public partnerships programs they have developed since 2006, and how, with the help of these partnerships, they have been able to share information real time with retail and law enforcement officials, and help mitigate crime.

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Royal Canadian Mint conducts crypto-currency trial
The Royal Canadian Mint is currently running an employee trial of its MintChip crypto-currency. MintChip is linked to the Canadian dollar, and is designed for low-value online, mobile and physical payments. A Canadian government-owned crown corporation that produces Canada's coins and bank notes, the Mint has issued MintChip accounts to 200 employees at its Ottawa and Winnipeg offices. It has installed Ingenico's IWL220B contactless card readers in its cafeterias, enabling pilot participants to pay for purchases using MintChip via NFC-enabled BlackBerry 10 smartphones. And the Mint also is encouraging pilot participants to exchange MintChip value with one another, both face-to-face using NFC and remotely via email or SMS text messages. (Source

The growth of organized retail theft
Each year organized groups of professional shoplifters steal or fraudulently obtain billions of dollars in retail merchandise to resell back into the marketplace. This activity, known as organized retail theft, is a growing concern for retailers across Canada. In addition to the direct financial losses to retailers, those who engage in organized retail theft also pose a significant threat to the safety of employees and the community during the commission of their crimes. What’s more concerning, is the potential public health and safety concerns involved – for example, some products commonly stolen for resale include infant formula, over-the-counter medications and other health & beauty items; which may be expired, repackaged, or improperly stored or handled before reaching the consumer. Recognizing this and with employee and community safety top of mind – the Retail Council of Canada, Building Owners and Managers Association of Toronto (BOMA), Interac Association, FACECROOK and retailers like TJX Canada, Loblaw Companies, Sobeys, Mac’s Convenience Stores and Building Technologies have partnered with Toronto Crime Stoppers, Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers and the creative team at DDB Canada to develop a proactive campaign to bring awareness to the issue of Organized Retail Crime. The focus of the initiative is straightforward – create awareness in the community on the growing issue of retail theft, let the offenders know the retail industry is taking action and lastly, provide the community with a conduit to relay anonymous information of offenders to the police by calling Crime Stoppers. By working together with aggressive campaigns like this, Toronto Crime Stoppers and the Retail Industry will continue to make a difference in the prevention of crime at their locations. For more information on Organized Retail Crime visit (Source

Vancouver business owner duped in gift card scam  Madalena Corsi has owned a jewellery store in Vancouver for more than 20 years and she thought she’d seen every scam in the book until she fell for a gift card scam. Corsi was duped after trading around $100 cash for what she thought was $300 in grocery gift cards. He placed an order for $300 in gift cards saying it was for his mother’s birthday, but when it was time to pay he had no wallet, leaving and returning to say it was locked up in his car along with his keys. Corsi says the man phoned the tow company and carried out an elaborate conversation in front of her. “He said I’ll leave you my Safeway gift cards that I got here for my birthday and I’ll be back in a hour, and of course he never came. At the end of the day just to satisfy my curiosity I went down to Safeway and of course they were not activated with zero balances” says Corsi. Corsi is not alone, others are complaining to the Better Business Bureau about a similar scheme. (Source

Kelowna RCMP released surveillance photos of suspects in the armed robbery of a Mac's Convenience Store  Kelowna RCMP have released surveillance photos of two male suspects involved in an armed robbery at the Mac's Convenience Store early Saturday morning. The robbery took place shortly before 1 a.m., according to police both men entered the store with their faces covered. "One man threatened the clerk with a golf club while the other emptied various items from a store display case into a garbage bag," says Cst. Kris Clark. Clark says the clerk was unharmed and no cash was taken, but about $500 worth of product was stolen. (Source

Wal-Mart to invest $500 million in Canada, create 7,500 jobs

Home Depot Canada to hire 6,300 Associates for Spring Season - their Christmas season 

Loblaws Distribution Center security guard jailed for stealing from workers in Kitchener, ON 

Vancouver Rexall pharmacy robbed of strong methadone

Couple charged in Langley, BC store and spa robberies

Retail Fast Facts: January 2013

Total monthly retail sales changed by 3.9% over the comparable month last year.
Total sales excluding food, automotive and gasoline changed by 4.7% over the comparable month last year. Read more



Mobile Retail and Its Impact Today

By Courtney Mamuscia,
Global Communications Director, Verint Systems

It’s no secret that mobile technology has permanently changed our lives. We can now contact anyone and access the tiniest bit of information from nearly anywhere—using our increasingly sophisticated smartphones and tablets. These mobile capabilities are also beginning to transform how consumers shop and interact with retailers.

The Growing Mobile Trend
A growing number of consumers are using their mobile devices to not only shop but also do product research. Shoppers can look up online reviews while browsing in a store, or they can simply shop on their device. While the majority of holiday shopping revenue is still generated by brick-and-mortar locations, many of these stores are slowly losing the battle against online retailers. That’s why traditional retailers must differentiate themselves from online shops while also embracing consumers’ growing use of mobile technology.

Catering to Mobile Shoppers
Today’s brick-and-mortar retailers can actually make mobile work for them, rather than against. Advanced retail analytics technology can help by leveraging a company’s existing surveillance technology to gather and make sense of data from across the enterprise, including the store, the web, contact centers and more. They then provide actionable information to employees in marketing, merchandising, store planning and loss prevention.

Read more here.



Teen poses as Walmart manager, steals $30K from 3 stores and hugs the management team when he leaves - what an act  The teenager went to a Walmart in Moore, Okla. and acted like he was a general manager from another store. He allegedly wore a company name tag and told the manager he was doing an inventory of the store before general managers came to inspect them after the holidays. Surveillance cameras reportedly captured the teenager alone in the cash office where he allegedly took bundles of cash and stuffed them into his pockets and clothes. The suspect then allegedly hugged the manager and left. “He’s obviously confident in what he’s doing and has a good story,” Sgt. Lewis said. Police said the teenager recently worked at a Walmart in Oklahoma City until he was fired for stealing money. He then showed up in his uniform at a store in Edmond where he was put to work at a register and stole $3,000. (Source

Winn-Dixie rooftop burglars steal thousands in St. Augustine, Fla. hitting multiple stores  They go in through the roof, steal money from the ATM, and leave before police arrive. Winn-Dixie stores in several nearby counties have been burglarized the same way. The Winn-Dixie in St. Augustine was hit by a repeat criminal who broke in through the roof, went straight to the ATM and got away with more than $18,000. There are similar Winn-Dixie burglary cases in Flagler and Duval counties. "It can be frustrating for an agency or the multiple agencies that have something like this going on. It's difficult when you have multiple jurisdictions getting involved because of communication issues but we're working through that," said Sgt. Brian Frasca with the St. Augustine Police Department. "We're unaware whether it's more than one. One person is going into the building, but we don't know if there are others outside," said Frasca. (Source

Security Guard stabbed at the Sunrise Mall in Corpus Christi, TX
It started at the Sears store at Sunrise Mall after police say the 31-year-old Ismael Torres stole cologne from the store. KRIS 6 News is told that a security guard chased him out of the store. The two ended up near the Walgreens, where police say Torres stabbed the security guard. Luckily, his injuries are not life-threatening. The suspect was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. (Source

Pasco County, FL Sheriff's unveiled Thursday the largest mail theft they say they can remember; tied to credit card theft cases  The theft allegedly hit 900 people across four counties in the Tampa Bay-area. Deputies say Brian Chipman opened mailboxes and took whatever he could: nearly 3,000 pieces of mail. Raul Desmaris of New Port Richey, who lives near Rte. 19, where Chipman was taken into custody, couldn't believe the specifics. Detectives spent five days cataloguing victims' names, and are cross-checking that list with any complaints law enforcement has gotten across the area for credit card fraud, identity theft or stolen gift cards. (Source

USA Baby Owner in Louisville, KY charged with 4 counts of felony theft
The owner of a popular Louisville baby store was indicted Thursday. She's accused of stealing customers money after she closed her business without warning, or refunds. USA BABY was once one of the most trendy baby stores in the area. The business abruptly closed in October, leaving parents who paid for furniture up front, out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. (Source

Police Warn Of ID Theft Ring Operating In Boulder, Denver Metro Area, Smash & Grab Suspects May Be Men Wearing Wigs  Police in Boulder are warning people to lock their vehicle doors and remove all valuables items like purses and wallets when leaving those vehicles because they could be a target for an ID theft ring. The theft ring is believed to be involved in three cases in Boulder and more than 50 cases in other jurisdictions around the Denver metro area. So far the thieves are responsible for approximately $100,000 in thefts. (Source

Nashville man arrested for double murder in Murfreesboro Walmart parking lot shootings

Walmart Disaster Response Team official tells news arson fire at the Knoxville, Iowa store caused more then $1 million in damage

Three accused of credit card 'skimming' in McLean County, ILL. Steak 'n Shake

Augusta, GA convenience store hit with 4 stray bullets; no employee or customers injured

UK: Teenager arrested on suspicion of robbery after convenience store clerk is shot in the face in East Street, Epsom

UK: Armed robbers make off with cash after dawn raid on Loomis Security guards

Kay Jewelers in the Central Mall in Port Arthur, Texas hit with a Grab and run for 2 rings total value of over $15,000

Teen confessed to multiple armed robberies in Austin, TX
Lexington pizza restaurant robbed at gunpoint
Man sought in Coral Springs Subway restaurant robbery
Cashier pistol-whipped in restaurant robbery in Jacksonville, Fla.
Sheriff's deputies investigating armed robbery of KFC on Johns Island, SC
Buy & Save – Burglary – Nashville, TN – suspect used a hammer to smash out door glass
CVS – Armed Robbery - Pensacola, FL – suspect in custody, no injuries
CVS – Armed Robbery - Roanoke, VA – suspect arrested in connection to multiple robberies in the area
Daisy Street Grocery – Armed Robbery – Natchez, MS – Police are seeking for a 19 yr. old suspect
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Columbia County, OH – suspect arrested after a short foot chase
Family Dollar – Armed Robbery - El Paso, TX – Several mask suspects, no injuries
Family Dollar – Burglary - Shreveport, LA – Suspect arrested by K-9, suffered dog bites
Family Dollar –Burglary – Jacksonville, FL – Police released video , suspect being sought
Good Spirits – Armed Robbery – Burlington, NJ – no injuries reported
Ingles – Robbery – Spartanburg, NC – suspect jumped over the counter to access register
Shopko – Armed Robbery – Spokane Valley, WA – 2 suspects arrested after short pursuit
The Coinery – Burglary - Lincoln, NE – thieves used a torch to cut the front door glass to access store
Uni-Mart – Armed Robbery – Hughesville, PA - knife wielding suspect in custody, no injuries
7-Eleven – Armed Robbery – Nassau, NY – suspect arrested in connection to two 7-Eleven robberies
7- Eleven – Armed Robbery- Madison Hts., MI – suspects also wanted in Detroit Donut robbery




Woman hits Walmart store for $27,000 in cell phones in Opelika, AL.  Police today released security-camera images of a woman suspected of stealing cell phones worth nearly $27,000 from an Opelika Walmart Supercenter. Between 11:23 and 11:35 p.m. CST Tuesday, she went to the electronics section of the 2900 Pepperell Parkway store, pried open a cabinet in which cell phones were stored, and put 39 in a gray duffel bag, police said. (Source

Smyrna police on look out for serial shoplifters hitting Targets  On Jan. 31, two black females and a black male are believed to have stolen more than $1,000 in merchandise from the Target Superstore in Smyrna. Then on Feb. 5, the same subjects are believed to have perpetrated another felony shoplifting at the Target Superstore in Murfreesboro. "Through our investigation we have identified the suspects in this case as Brittany Shenna Blackwell, Ashley Monique Robinson and Lebron St. Clair Partridge,” Arnold said, adding all three suspects live in the Chattanooga area. (Source

Shoplifting Ring Ends with Arrest in Franklin, N.J. - Have You seen them in your stores? Police want to know  On Friday January 31, 2104 management from the Shop Rite of Franklin New Jersey reported an alleged shoplifting incident. This same incident occurred in Byram and Newton Shop Rite with a monetary loss closer to $1,400. Management indicated in the Franklin store that video surveillance showed the suspect walk to a section of the store where baby formula is displayed for sale, place several bottles of baby formula into a cart, and ultimately leave the store without first purchasing nearly $1,000 of the product. Management from the Byram Shop Rite found that a male fitting the same description as the male who entered the Shop Rite in Franklin had entered a vehicle with Pennsylvania license plates after leaving the store and failing to first purchase not only baby formula but Crest White Strips. Investigation revealed both individuals involved in these incidents was Kyle Morris, 24, of Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania and Joshua Lindfors, 25, of Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania. Subsequent to the investigation, Franklin Police Detective along with Byram Police Detective ultimately made contact with both suspects in Franklin late on February 4, 2014. After contact was made both individuals were arrested without incident. Any other municipalities who have recently suffered a loss of baby formula or other type of products should contact either the Franklin or Byram Police Detective Bureaus to determine whether these actors were involved. The investigation revealed that these individuals have been committing similar offenses throughout the tri-state area. More arrests could follow as additional reports and information of this shoplifting ring continue. (Source

James City, VA Police get warrants for 4 people accused of shoplifting $5,000 worth of clothing hitting Belk and Polo Ralph Lauren  Police have obtained multiple felony warrants for four people wanted in connection with several shoplifting incidents at Belk and Polo Ralph Lauren. The thefts occurred in November and December. More than $5,000 in clothing were taken. The suspects are believed to be part of a regional shoplifting ring and are wanted in other jurisdictions ranging from Richmond to Virginia Beach. (Source

Caught On Camera: Thief Pushes Employee to Ground in $1,000 Marshall Department Store Theft in Torrance, CA  Torrance Police are looking for four people who entered a Marshalls store in Torrance and stole more than $1,000 in merchandise in January by using reusable Marshalls’ bags. Surveillance cameras captured footage of the suspects, one of whom violently shoved an employee to the ground when she was asked to have her purse checked. That suspect had set off the store alarm while attempting to exit. (Source

Shoplifters At Oklahoma City, OK Target Caught On Camera; suspects still at large

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Retail Net-Alert

Delivering real-time situational awareness to combat Organized Retail Crime

Retail Net-Alert is a custom business-to-business smart device application and database. The system was designed to increase retail theft awareness and employee safety. The Retail Net-Alert system is securely and privately downloaded to your team’s smart devices.  At the core of the Retail Net-Alert system is the mobile application that runs on all modern smartphone platforms. The application features an easy to use interface for fast and accurate communication between teams and individuals, and integrates voice broadcasts and facial recognition capabilities to quickly react to criminal activities as they occur.

Our private system makes it easy to distribute the software within your organization. Our subscribers receive redemption codes for each user. You can control who gets the app by providing these codes to users via email or an internal website. Retail Net-Alert quickly delivers business critical information to the people who need it most. This notification system gives your employees the information they need to stay safe and productive.

An employee’s ability to receive quick notification of what has recently been stolen or to receive a warning of what merchandise was targeted but not successfully stolen within the vicinity is vital to addressing the ORC problem.

Some of the system's features include:

Smart device compatibility
Fast and detailed incident reporting
Fast access to BOLO and incident reports
Facial Recognition and identification match notifications
Voice Broadcasting notifications
Geographical reporting
Collaboration with fellow retailers
Searchable database and statistical reporting
Corporate alerts and safety notifications

Retail Net-Alert is a tool that makes ORC incident notifications and collaboration easy for retailers. The staff has made, and will continue to make, a significant investment in their technology. They have a dedicated application development team to provide continuous development, maintenance, and support to their clients. The system is customizable to meet client needs, whatever information you want to capture or disseminate; their developers can incorporate it into your system.

The Retail Net-Alert systems features and benefits will drastically enhance your team's loss prevention efforts, mainly driving awareness and mitigating ORC losses.

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Shaun Gilfoy, CFI was named Director Regional Security North & South America for Levi Strauss & Company.
Syed Raza, CFI was promoted to LP Director of Home Services at Sears Holding Corporation.

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Leading as a Servant
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6 Painless Ways to Become a Better Boss  You can never stop learning, especially if you're learning more management skills or how to become a better leader to get the most out of your organization. There is always room for improvement, so try these six tricks to keep you and your employees going in the right direction. (Do something fun)

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