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February 10, 2014


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Nate Shinsky
was promoted to Corporate Loss Prevention Director for Sherwin-Williams.  In this position, Nate will have the four Paints Stores Group LP Directors reporting to him, and have responsibility for the integration of the four division's LP teams into Corporate Loss Prevention. Nate will identify best practices, implement cost-effectdive efficiency improvements, and will be responsible for providing guidance and resource coordination necessary to minimize loss due to internal and external factors. Nate comes well prepared for this role. He most recently served as the Director of Loss Prevention for the Midwestern Division of Paint Stores Group, and previously held LP positions in Global Finishes Group and Global Supply Chain. Nate is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Forensic Interviewer, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business from Walsh University, and an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice Technology from the University of Akron. Congratulations Nate!

New Study: Rolling Back Prices and Raising Crime Rates? The Walmart Effect on Crime in the United States  Communities across the United States experienced an unprecedented decline in crime in the 1990s. But for counties where Wal-Mart built stores, the decline wasn’t nearly as dramatic. "The crime decline was stunted in counties where Wal-Mart expanded in the 1990s,” says Scott Wolfe, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of South Carolina and lead author of a new study. “If the corporation built a new store, there were 17 additional property crimes and 2 additional violent crimes for every 10,000 persons in a county.” The study, titled “Rolling back prices and raising crime rates? The Wal-Mart effect on crime in the United States,” released last month in the British Journal of Criminology, was co-authored with David Pyrooz, assistant professor of criminal justice and criminology at Sam Houston State University. The study was not intended to criticize Wal-Mart, he says. Instead, it attempted to answer the unexplored question of whether Wal-Mart could equate with either more or less crime. "There have been dozens of studies on the ‘Wal-Mart effect’ showing the company impacts numerous outcomes closely related to crime. Our objective was to determine if the Wal-Mart effect extended to understanding crime rates during arguably one of the most pivotal historical periods in the study of crime,” Wolfe says. Wolfe and Pyrooz based the study on 3,109 U.S. counties. They focused on Wal-Mart’s expansion in the 1990s, a time of dynamic growth for the company and falling crime rates nationally. During that decade Wal-Mart expanded in 767 of those counties. The researchers matched the counties where Wal-Mart expanded with counties similar in where Wal-Mart avoided. They tracked the crime rates in those counties over time. "There is something unique about the counties that Wal-Mart selects,” Wolfe says. “Wal-Mart tended to expand in counties with higher than average crime rates. These counties were more likely see Wal-Mart build even after accounting for crime-related predicators, such as poverty, unemployment, immigration, population structure and residential turnover." The researchers speculate that much of this relationship occurred because Wal-Mart finds better success building in communities that are less likely to protest the company’s arrival. Once Wal-Mart counties were matched with non-Wal-Mart counties based on crime rates and economic and demographic factors, the researchers found that the retailer’s growth stunted what otherwise could have been greater drops in crime. "More research is needed to uncover why the Wal-Mart effect extends to crime,” Wolfe says. “Does it reduce community social cohesion or simply increase opportunities for theft and other crimes in specific store locations that are great enough to influence county crime rates? These are questions that remain.” Wolfe says it is important to note that study stresses that Wal-Mart does not have a detrimental impact on all counties. In fact, Wal-Mart growth can be beneficial in some communities, particularly those in economic distress, he says. South Carolina professor Scott Wolfe's study on crime rates can be found on the British Journal of Criminology website. Editors Note: Stay tuned as the Daily announces an LPNN episode with the authors. (Source

Industry First - Data security & Cybercrime top list of concerns during mergers now  A long-awaited merger boom may be just around the corner, according to a recent report from Credit Suisse, but buyers and sellers face a more complicated deal landscape than ever before due to both increased government scrutiny and more cross-border deals than in past years. On top of those considerations come risks associated with cybercrime and data security–does the company being acquired have robust protections and can its data be transferred internationally, for example. The list of risks goes on, accounting for several pages in the Clifford Chance report. Buyers and sellers are taking new measures to help mergers come to completion and to limit the risks involved, including extra due diligence, audits and putting proceeds into escrow. (Source

Secret video and audio recordings a legal minefield for employers
With Google Glass and other wearables woven discretely into clothing coming out soon, anyone can become a super spy like James Bond (or maybe someone with less noble intentions). There's no question secret video and audio recordings will explode in the workplace. (They already do out on the public streets of Boston.) This trend spells disaster for companies, especially those that encourage the use of personal mobile devices at work under formal BYOD policies. Imagine the fallout -- legal and otherwise -- of a workforce secretly recording the comings and goings of corporate life. Employees can prove managers treated them unfairly in performance reviews, swipe audio in a confidential conference call, record obnoxious behavior, and become a whistle blower for illegal or immoral activity. It's already happening; we're in a record-first culture. A quick scan of the news or a search on will turn up all sorts of videos showcasing bad behavior. Sadly, most people will record a street mugging rather than try to prevent it. In the workplace, a boss berating an employee seems to be especially good fodder. While companies can try to prevent secret recordings by either citing the law or drafting strict employee policies, there are no guarantees. Simply put, it's a legal quagmire for both employer and employee. For starters, audio-only and video-with-audio recordings fall under eavesdropping laws, while video-without-audio recordings fall under invasion of privacy laws. Each state also differs on how it handles secret audio recordings. In Illinois, for instance, both parties must consent; it's a felony to surreptitiously record someone else. (Source

Incidents Put Mall Security Into Spotlight
“There’s not a significant amount that can be done to predict or intercept something before [the perpetrator] gets to the site of the mall,” said David Levenberg, president of Center Security Services, which works with shopping centers. “Most developers are involved in drills and practices and adding security — off-duty or on-duty police officers. Most incidents from start-to-finish don’t last more than two or three minutes. Most police departments have protocol where they’re not allowed to enter a building until they have backup. By the time the police get the call and enter, the situation is done.” Nonetheless, there are steps malls and stores can take in the event of a shooting. Among these are:

● Larger malls that can afford to are hiring police and opening substations on their properties, Levenberg said. “Now people are armed in the shopping center who can respond more quickly. Shooters, once confronted by someone who is armed, typically stop shooting. Malls understand that the component of armed police officers is important in mitigating dangerous situations.”

● Video analytics, a system that’s programmed to intelligently pick out unusual behavior. “There’s the potential to use technology more to make mall management aware of some suspicious activity,” said Levenberg.

● Training. Many malls are joining efforts and training with local police departments. Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., is the largest shopping center in the U.S. With 5 million square feet of space, it has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to security. With a 150-person security department, a Risk Assessment and Mitigation unit and a K-9 unit, the giant mall takes the well-being of its customers seriously. “You can look at the Mall of America as a big neighborhood with over 40 million people visiting per year,” said Doug Jenkins, director of security. “There are things that are normal and things that aren’t. When something seems out of place, we ask why it doesn’t make sense.”

● Using simple common sense. “Once an event occurs, what you can do to mitigate and reduce the amount of injury is lower the gates of a store and get all the people in the store to a locked back room,” said Levenberg. This is what happened at several stores during the Columbia shooting. (Source

Shift to EMV cards expected to increase online fraud
Next year's scheduled changeover to chip-and-pin debit and credit cards is expected to reduce in-store fraud, while significantly increasing fraudulent purchases online, experts say. While in-store fraud with bogus cards is expected to decline, the reverse is predicted for online retailers, which won't experience any significant improvement in security with the switch to EMV cards, experts say. Instead of using stolen credit-card numbers at stores, criminals will intensify such activity online. While websites could require the PIN before completing a transaction, hackers could just as easily steal that data along with the card number. "EMV cards do not currently offer much in the way of protection from CNP (card-not-present) fraud," Pascual said. "(But) there is talk of leveraging the NFC capabilities of mobile devices and contactless EMV cards to authenticate e-commerce and m-commerce transactions." Pascual predicts some form of NFC authentication will become popular between 2015 and 2016. (Source

Bangladesh factory fire that killed 111 workers Nov. 24, 2012 leads to indictments of 13 people for homicide - Owners surrender to police  Delwar Hossain and his wife, Mahmuda Akter, who was chairwoman of the company, were among five people who went missing after the charges were made and arrest warrants were issued by the court on Dec. 31. and Sunday they turned themselves into authorities and no bail was granted. Workers have been demanding the arrest and death penalty for the couple since the fire broke out. Their anger against the employers and management of the company has been fueled by the fact that the exit gate was allegedly locked by company personnel, preventing an exit for the workers who were scrambling to escape the fire. Workers were forced to jump from the windows of the building, resulting in additional deaths and serious injuries. (Source

Massive data breach now has Target worried about another punishing risk: a pile-on of angry banks  A growing number of small banks are suing Target Corp. for their losses after hackers stole 40 million customer card numbers from the retailer. So far, seven financial institutions have filed class action suits against Target alleging the retailer didn’t adequately protect consumer data. (Source

Banks won't do business with Pot Stores - Where to keep the cash?
Marijuana for medicinal or recreational uses is now legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia but it is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government. Banks, which are overseen by federal regulators, risk losing their charters if they do business with marijuana sellers -- even if those sellers are licensed by the state. The legal limbo is forcing pot dispensaries, growers and store owners to run cash-only businesses and locking them out of legitimate bank accounts and loans. Bloomberg's Trish Regan takes a look at this growing problem. (Source

Sears launches In-Vehicle Pickup service for online purchases at any Sears store within 5 minutes  "The In-Vehicle Pickup option takes our 'Free Store Pickup - Ready in 5' guarantee even further and out to the parking lot," said Leena Munjal, SVP, member experience and integrated retail, Sears Holdings. "In-Vehicle Pickup on this scale is an industry first." Editors Note: The risks factors are obvious and the security model has to be executed. Is the retail LP industry ready for this? (Source

Does chip-and-PIN actually solve the problem?

Does Staples deal jeopardize security of US mail? 80 Staples store now offer US Mail service  Leaders from the U.S. Postal Service union are rallying today against the office supply store Staples because they don't feel Staples employees should be able to handle your mail. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe signed off on the deal in November 2013 to create postal counters in 80 Staples stores nationwide. The Retail Partner Expansion Program provides limited USPS services at the same rates as the post office. However the pilot program is being staffed by Staples employees, and not unionized postal workers. Several members of the American Postal Workers Union in Central Florida are protesting what they see as stripping jobs from postal workers and heading down a road to the privatization of the post office. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Dick's Sporting Goods Q4 up 7%
Jones Group Q4 domestic retail sales down 7.6% with net sales down 8.5%

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San Diego mother suing Walmart for Millions after son dies following altercation with store security  A San Diego woman is suing Walmart for millions of dollars after she says they killed her son. Only 10News has obtained police dash cam video that shows her son being held face-down on the pavement in the blazing heat in June 2012. As police rolled up on scene just outside a Walmart store in Covina, they came up on a Walmart security guard dressed in a blue polo shirt. Police later learned the security guard had been kneeling on top of a man face-down on 135-degree asphalt for eight and a half minutes. Upon arrival by the Police, the security guard got up and walked away, officers tried to communicate with 41-year-old Jose Marcos Picazo. What they did not realize is that he was already dead. (Source

2014 FMI Asset Protection Conference
March 9-12, 2014 Jacksonville, FL

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Redner’s Markets Deploys Retail 20/20 Exception
Reporting Solution from Agilence

Redner’s Markets utilizes Retail 20/20 to attain maximum visibility into store operations

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, February 10, 2014 – Agilence, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based exception reporting solutions, today announced that Redner’s Markets has deployed Retail 20/20 to reduce shrink and improve in-store operations. The solution will also be utilized to provide visibility into daily store processes to increase efficiency and reduce fraud. Reading, PA based Redner’s Markets is an employee-owned, regional supermarket chain with 44 warehouse markets and 18 quick shoppes throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

“We needed an application that could provide Redner’s the ability to see our data across the entire organization and yet drill down easily to transaction details,” said Cory Deily Director of Security and Loss Prevention, Redner’s Markets. “Retail 20/20 from Agilence stood out from the rest with the user friendly interface and powerful information engine.”

“Retail 20/20 will provide benefits for Redner’s far beyond the scope of a standard reporting application,” said Russ Hawkins, CEO, Agilence, Inc. “We are pleased that Redner’s Markets sees the potential in our solution.”

About Agilence
Agilence ( is the industry leader in next-generation exception-based reporting solutions for retail loss prevention and operations. Agilence develops Retail 20/20, a highly flexible and powerful, cloud-based reporting solution that provides visibility into daily store operations to reduce fraud and operational inefficiencies. Retail 20/20 provides users with a complete view of their business, empowering them to make informed decisions faster, to increase efficiency and improve profit margins across the enterprise. Founded in 2006, Agilence, Inc. is headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ. To learn more about Agilence, please email or call 856-366-1200.

Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy




Safety Professionals Need to Examine How They Manage OHS Incident Reports
If a worker is injured slipping from a ladder while accessing an electrical panel, does this incident warrant more training on the employee’s part on how to properly use a ladder or does it call into question larger organizational issues that should be addressed? In an article in the February issue of Professional Safety, authors Michael Behm and Demetria Powell reviewed 249 valid investigation reports from seven organizations and found that a majority of occupational health and safety professionals and their companies focus solely on the incident without taking into consideration the factors like why a ladder is need to reach a panel in the report. (Source

Can Companies Screen Employees to Prevent Workplace Injuries?
What happens when increasing staff costs meet tighter skilled labor markets? Productivity becomes an issue, with more companies looking to minimized staff downtime and ensure that workflow proceeds as smoothly as possible. In Singapore, however, companies are instead making sure their employees are fit enough to accomplish the physical work that needs to be done. The physical fitness level assessment of an employee to do his or her job is known as a functional capacity evaluation, and measures the ability of an employee to perform the tasks that their jobs require. (Source



Store clerk shot and killed in a Jackson, MS Grocery Store Shooting
Just before 3:00 Sunday morning, someone walked into the P and N Grocery Store on Road, shot-and-killed the clerk, and then ran away. Police have released video footage of the suspect and hoping the public can help. (Source

Man Shot in the Face inside a Rite Aid in South Gate, CA
One person was injured after being shot inside a Rite Aid in South Gate on Sunday. According to South Gate police, the shooting happened around 8:51 p.m. Police said the victim appeared to be targeted, and the shooting is possibly gang-related. No employees or innocent customers were hit. (Source

Romanian Mastermind caught in $5M bank ATM skimming scheme in Englewood, N.J.  A native of Romania who was arrested in Sweden was due in federal court in Newark this afternoon to face charges that he orchestrated an ATM skimming scheme that cost banks $5 million in Englewood, Essex and Passaic counties, and New York, Connecticut and Florida. Marius Vintila, 31 – also known as “Dan Girneata” – fled the country in July, as federal agents were rounding up members of the crew, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman said. He was caught on Sept. 24. Fishman said Vintila was the ringleader of an extensive ATM skimming scheme that defrauded Wells Fargo, Citibank, TD Bank and multiple other financial institutions by installing skimmers and pinhole cameras at bank ATMs in order to steal thousands of customer bank account numbers and PIN codes in 2012 and early 2013. Vintila and 30-year-old Bogdan Radu “created and constructed” the homemade skimming devices and taught others how to install them on bank ATMs, the U.S. Attorney said. Crew members then “used hats, jackets, scarves and sunglasses to disguise themselves while installing the devices and while using the cards to withdraw money,” he said. (Source

Armed robbery crew responsible for string of armed robberies busted by L.A. County Sherriff's Dept  A woman and two men were arrested in connection with string of armed robberies that occurred in Antelope Valley in 2011 and 2012. In the robberies, which occurred in Lancaster and Palmdale, armed masked suspects entered businesses and obtained money, sometimes forcing employees into back rooms and forcing them to open safes. The three were charged with 72 criminal counts. (Source

Two arrested in Armed Robbery of $27,000 of handbags from Neiman Marcus in the Natick Mall, Natick, MA  The Natick Police Department is reporting that two people from Philadelphia, PA, have been arrested after an attempted robbery at the Neiman Marcus at the Natick Mall. At about 4 p.m. on Feb. 9, police reported on Twitter that officers along with fire and rescue teams were responding for a reported assault at the store. Later, the feed reported that the incident had been classified as an armed robbery. Two people were taken into custody and charged with larceny, for allegedly using pepper spray while attempting to steal $27,000 worth of purses, according to the Twitter posts. Two others, loss prevention employees at the store, were taken to MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham, with unknown injuries. (Source

Sonic Drive-Ins make security changes after robbery  Sonic Drive-Ins in Victoria and Hallettsville are making security changes in the wake of an armed robbery in January. In the next couple of weeks, business hours at the stores will change. In addition to security cameras already in place at the location, the Operations Manager said changes will be made to outside lighting, including adding night vision cameras and upgrading the outside lighting. (Source

Shoplifter reportedly assaults a Walmart Store Detective in Cookeville, TN
A female suspect has been charged with theft of property, assault and introduction of contraband into a penal facility in the case. The two suspect were observed taking merchandise into the fitting room for 20 minutes. The suspects placed stolen merchandise into Walmart bags and exited the store. Upon being detained, the store detective was punched in the face and kicked repeatedly. (Source

Man arrested at FedEx in Salem, NH for felony theft
A Bronx man faces several charges after police said he picked up two iPads ordered under someone else’s name. Police arrested Kofi Baning, 34, Thursday afternoon at the FedEx office. Police were contacted by an apparent fraud victim after that person received a call about an overnight FedEx delivery that was awaiting pickup. But that person hadn’t ordered anything. The package contained two iPads, valued at more than $1,800. Police went to FedEx and took Baning into custody when he showed up to collect the package. Baning provided a false Massachusetts driver’s license, that identified him as the victim. (Source

Buffalo, NY area woman pleads guilty in staged drugstore robbery at a CVS store  Kayla M. Hotaling, 23 admitted Friday in court that she robbed herself at the store in 2009, set up the incident to make it look as if she had been pistol-whipped by an intruder who made off with $3,784 from the pharmacy. (Source

Menards worker dragged 5 blocks by shoplifting suspect

Seven Defendants Indicted in Six Armed Robberies of Cell Phone Stores in Chicago Suburbs, Indiana and Downstate Illinois

Grab & Run Theft at Jared’s at Morse Crossing in Columbus, Ohio; suspect fled with a pair of $3200 signature diamond earrings

KFC cashier shot during armed robbery in Augusta, GA
Subway armed robbery in Mansfield, OH
Man caught in middle of armed robbery spree in Manchester, N.H.
Ace Hardware –Burglary - Mt. Juliet, TN - former City of Mt. Juliet employee arrested
Circle K – Armed Robbery – Youngstown, OH – Police release surveillance video
CVS – Armed Robbery – Orlando, FL – suspect demanding cash, no injuries
CVS – Armed Robbery – Miami Gardens, FL – suspect arrested in connection to Dec robbery in same area
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Dallas, TX – female suspect arrested in Oak Hill robbery, crashed get-a-way car
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Martinez, FL – suspect quickly arrested, no injuries
Dominos Pizza – Armed Robbery - Cape Girardeau, MO – store employee robbed at gunpoint
Hugo – Armed Robbery - Paris, TX – Police release video surveillance =, suspect used shotgun, no injuries
Kangaroo – Armed Robbery – Jackson, MS – suspect is now in custody, no injuries
Kwik Shop – Armed Robbery – Lincoln, NB – no injuries
Medicap Pharmacy – Armed Robbery – Olyphant, PA –female suspect w/ knife demanded pills, struggled w/employees
Park's Place – Armed Robbery – Gainesville, FL – suspect arrested for Jan 25 robbery
Quick Mart- Armed Robbery – LeHillier, MN – suspect was arrested, wanted in connection to multiple crimes
Shoppers Drug Mart- Armed Robbery – Bedford, Nova Scotia, CN – female suspect was demanding drugs
Walgreens – Armed Robbery – Rock Hill, SC –no weapon was witnessed, suspect demanded drugs, no injuries
We Buy Gold – Armed Robbery – Palm Beach, FL –no one was hurt
7- Eleven – Armed Robbery- Falls TWP, PA – couple arrested, left child in car during robbery attempt




NCPD Arrest 4 Men for Credit Card Fraud hitting Target stores in Westbury, N.Y.
According to detectives, Shaquille Vickers, 20, and Igmar G. Depusoir, 19, entered the Target and were purchasing iPods using different credit cards. They were recognized by an employee as having made purchases in the past using fraudulent credit cards. The car was stopped in the lot and the suspects were found to be in possession of several thousand dollars worth of merchandise from the Westbury Target along with merchandise purchased earlier in the day from the Target Valley Stream and numerous fraudulent cards. The men were placed under arrest without incident. (Source

"Professional Shoplifters" hit Lockport, N.Y., Walmart store for $1K in a couple minutes  One of them pushed his cart straight out the front door without paying for any of the $1,117.91 worth of products, including two laptop computers, some clothing and other goods. All three then met up outside and drove off together, deputies said. Of the three – each of whom was recognized by the loss manager as having been involved in previous thefts at local WalMarts – one is wanted by Amherst police, another has an upcoming appearance in Lancaster Town Court, and the third one has active warrants from the Lancaster, Amherst and New York City police departments, as well as the Niagara County sheriff’s. Deputies said that new warrants have been sought for all three on charges including grand larceny, conspiracy and attempted petit larceny. Investigators are trying to track down the three suspects. (Source

Serial shoplifter wanted in Santa Fe for $2,000 jewelry store hit
Santa Fe police said Friday they have identified a suspect in the theft of $2,000 worth of jewelry from a downtown store, which was captured on surveillance footage. Carlos Lovato, 61, who has a history of shoplifting arrests, was identified as the man seen in a Jan. 28 video taking necklaces, rings and bracelets from displays. Police also said Lovato has had multiple run-ins with Santa Fe police that go back a decade. (Source

Couple Sought in Theft Case at Walgreens in Concord, NH Concord
Police allege that a woman stole electric razor heads and a man then tried to return them for cash. On Jan. 19, around lunchtime, police allege that a woman entered the pharmacy on Loudon Road, stole two Philips Norelco Electric razor heads, and then left the store. Outside the store, the woman was captured on video surveillance meeting a man on the sidewalk on Loudon Road outside of the store. The woman reportedly handed the bag with the stolen merchandise to the man. The man then later entered the store and allegedly attempted to return the razor heads for cash, according to police. “A store employee denied the return." (Source

Two nabbed in Walmart refund scam in Ocala, FL

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Vendor Spotlight

Vector Security Now Accepting Applications for
2014 LPF Scholarships

Company continues commitment to furthering loss prevention education

PITTSBURGH, January 31, 2014 – Vector Security, Inc., the provider of intelligent security solutions
tailored to the needs of customers, is accepting applications for its 2014 Loss Prevention Foundation
(LPF) scholarship program from now through March 31, 2014. Applications can be downloaded via the
Vector Security website at

The scholarships provide financial support to loss prevention professionals – or those who have an
interest in loss prevention – seeking to obtain LPQ and LPC certifications. Vector Security began
awarding the scholarships in 2009 in support of career development and continuing education for
professionals in this important and rapidly-growing industry.

The scholarships cover all course and examination fees for retail loss prevention professionals who
wish to obtain LPF’s Loss Prevention Qualified (LPQ) or Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) certifications.

In 2012, the program was expanded into Canada and will continue this year as well. A total of 10 LPQ
and 10 LPC scholarships will be awarded to U.S.-based professionals, while another five LPC
scholarships will be awarded to Canadian-based professionals.

“We value the contributions loss prevention professionals make to this industry and are extremely
pleased to offer the LPF scholarship program once again,” said Michael Grady, Executive Vice
President, Vector Security. “Our commitment to this profession remains strong. Over the years, LPQ
and LPC certifications have become immensely popular and well-respected. We’re honored to assist
worthy individuals who otherwise may be hindered by the costs associated with obtaining this

Anyone currently in the loss prevention industry, or has an interest in the industry, may apply for an
LPQ scholarship. Those applying for the LPC scholarship must meet certain eligibility requirements.
Detailed information can be found at

Vector Security has awarded 109 scholarships totaling almost $105,000 since the program began in

For more than 40 years, Vector Security, Inc. ( has been a premier
provider of intelligent security solutions tailored to the needs of the customer. Headquartered in
Pittsburgh, the company offers a full suite of electronic security services for residential, business
and national account customers across North America and the Caribbean through a network of
branches and authorized dealers. Vector Security is a sister company of the Philadelphia
Contributionship, a mutual insurance company founded in 1752, and currently provides cost-effective,
technology-based security solutions to more than 270,000 homes and businesses.

Debbie Fisher
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724-741-2200 x2513



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AP Manager in Training Walmart Mansfield, PA Walmart
Regional AP Sr Manager Sam's Club Southlake, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Camilla, GA Walmart
LP Manager Sears Merrillville, IN Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Aurora, CO Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Metairie, LA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Shreveport, LA Lowe's
LP Manager Macy's El Paso, TX Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Newark, DE Macy's
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret New York, NY Limited Brands
Regional LP Manager Dollar General De Moines, IA Dollar General
Safety & Security Team Lead IKEA Long Island, NY IKEA



Nate Shinsky was promoted to Corporate Loss Prevention Director for Sherwin-Williams.
Anthony Aloisio
was named Senior Manager of Asset Protection for Walmart.
Nadine Eller was named Regional Loss Prevention and Safety Manager for PetSmart.
Joe Coll was promoted Regional Director Store's Investigations for Macy's.

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What Not to Do: Lessons from 'The Wolf of Wall Street'  Avoid being a wolf in the clothes of a leader by following these tips from this recent movie about a scam-artist stockbroker who took a lot of people down while trying to build up his entrepreneur empire. Stay on the good and ethical side of leadership. (Dream big)

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While some may believe LP may be wearing too many hats, take a look at your counterpart in operations and ask them the same question – are they? Retail has changed and everyone in it has expanded their responsibilities. But expanding one's responsibilities is in actuality a good thing, because it forces growth and gets people out of their comfort zones and sometimes it's the only way people will grow. The path of least resistance always leads to the least amount of effort and in these times there are no paths of least resistance. So next time someone asks are we wearing too many hats, the answer should be Yes and thank God we have one to wear!

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