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 February 10, 2016


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2015 Group LP Selfie Awards - Pizza Party Drawing
Brian Broadus, VP of LP, Mattress Firm;
Tonya Prive, Dir. of Sales, NuTech National

Building Partnerships for a Safe Customer & Associate Experience
Mark Stinde, VP of AP, 7-Eleven

Workplace Violence:
How to Defuse and Protect

Gary Johnson, VP of Loss Prevention

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2016's GLPS's - Group LP Selfie's
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

GameStop Asset Protection team volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House

"GameStop is a family of specialty retail brands that makes the most popular technologies affordable and simple"

Front Row (Left to Right): Stephen Ortiz, LP Coordinator; Asia Crawford, OV Agent; Monica Trevino Sr. Mgr Asset Protection; Mary Pham, LP Coordinator; Michael Nguyen, Project Specialist

Middle Row (Left to Right): Deborah Beene, AP Administrator; Kim Frazier, LP Coordinator; Nadine Bruggeman, AP Manager; Brandy Barker, OV Agent; Kenya Graves, OV Agent; Cody Valadez, OV Agent; Robert Niemeyer, OV Supervisor

Back Row (Left to Right): Dusty Gunderson, Sr. Counsel; Mitchell Williams, LP Coordinator



Bloomingdales Restructures Loss Prevention
Eliminates Regional Loss Prevention Director & Reg. Investigator positions

Moving to a decentralized reporting structure with the field LP teams reporting to the general manager. The whole company restructured to a market or trade area structure.

More on Pilot Flying J Rebate Fraud Scheme that cost over $177M
Whistleblower - President's Administrative Assistant
Owner Haslam not indicted - Owns Cleveland Browns as well

The company's direct sales division was responsible for marketing the sale of diesel fuel to the interstate trucking industry. For the purpose of inducing the companies to purchase their diesel fuel from Pilot instead of competitors, the division employees offered per-gallon diesel fuel price discounts ("cost-plus discounts").

Between February 2008 and April 2013, Hazelwood (company president), Wombold, Freeman, Borden, Spiewak, Bibee, Jones and Mann "did knowingly and willfully conspire, combine, confederate and agree with each other and with others, known and unknown" to defraud interstate trucking companies," the indictment read.

To perpetuate the off-invoice and rebate fraud, lulling the trucking companies into believing that the company was "honestly and accurately" applying the agreed-upon cost-plus discount, they provided "false and fraudulent explanations, often by email and telephone."

On the charge of witness tampering, the indictment said that Hazelwood, the company president at the time "knowingly and willfully attempted to corruptly persuade" his former administrative assistant "to hinder, delay and prevent the communication" to special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) of information relating to the possible commission of wire fraud.

Ten other employees have pleaded guilty to a scheme to defraud customers over diesel fuel rebates since federal agents raided Pilot Flying J's headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., in April 2013.

Pilot Flying J agreed to pay $92 million in fines and accept responsibility for the criminal conduct of its employees while the government agreed not to prosecute the company. The agreement required Pilot Flying J to comply with several conditions, including cooperation in the investigation of people who may have been involved in the fraud. It did not protect any individual from prosecution.

Most of the lawsuits against Pilot Flying J were resolved by a class-action settlement, in which the company agreed to pay out nearly $85 million to 5,500 customers.

Pilot Flying J, the largest operator of travel centers and travel plazas in North America, has more than 650 retail locations under the Pilot and Flying J brands. Pilot is the nation's largest diesel retailer with $31.4 billion in revenue in 2014. cspnet.com

Lidl coming to U.S. - Will they hire an LP Director?
LidL grocery stores hiring UK based National Loss Prevention Manager to "develop LP department from ground up"

This German retailer that entered the UK retail market in 1994 may be just starting their LP department in the UK with the above posting in LinkedIn appearing just 5 days ago and stating this is "A unique opportunity to establish and develop a Loss Prevention department from the ground up!"

With over 600 stores in the UK market and 10,000 total stores throughout Europe this is a feared competitor in the low end grocery business and is much like Aldi here in the states. As Aldi is also a German retailer with the same consumer base.

Of special note is that they have posted a number of positions on LinkedIn to support their new effort here in the states and have one Information Security Officer position posted but no LP jobs. So it doesn't look like we'll see any LP job growth with this retailer. And on a side note Aldi, their German counterpart and well established U.S. retailer with over 1,400 stores in the U.S. and 10,000 total, doesn't really have an LP program either to speak of here in the states. Other than one executive that we're aware of. So this fast growth new retailer probably doesn't offer any LP job growth regretfully. linkedin.com

OSHA Issues New Whistleblower Guidance
May Drive More Whistleblower Complaints
OSHA recently released a new Whistleblower Investigations Manual, clarifying its relaxed investigative standard of reasonable cause rather than the more restrictive preponderance of the evidence standard.

For all whistleblower statutes enforced by OSHA, the investigative standard is whether there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation occurred. This standard applies to each element of a violation. Under the reasonable cause standard, OSHA must believe, after evaluating all of the evidence gathered in the investigation from the respondent, the complainant, and other witnesses or sources, that a reasonable judge could rule in favor of the complainant.

OSHA also provides new guidance on, among other things, information disclosure in order to help protect against potentially violent employees learning about previously undisclosed information during the investigation and then becoming inspired to commit violence against his or her employer.

The Workplace Safety Report (WSR) Take

Employers should brace themselves, as we believe the reasonable cause standard may result in OSHA finding that more cases should proceed on the merits beyond the investigative stage. This could result in increased legal costs for employers as fewer cases will be dismissed after the initial OSHA investigation. It could also increase the number of whistleblower complaints generally as employees may be more willing to make complaints to OSHA knowing that they need not establish trial-level proof of a violation for their complaint to move forward on the merits. oshatoday.com

Staples-Office Depot Merger Approved in Europe, With Concessions
Could this impact the FTC in the U.S.?

The European Commission said on Wednesday that it had signed off on a $6.3 billion merger of Staples and Office Depot after the companies agreed to sell some of Office Depot's operations in Europe to ease competition concerns. Mr. Sargent, Staples chairman and chief executive, noted the deal also had been approved in Australia, China and New Zealand. "We look forward to a full, impartial judicial review in the United States," he said.

In an administrative complaint filed in December, the F.T.C. said that Staples, based in Framingham, Mass., and Office Depot, based in Boca Raton, Fla., are each other's closest competition for office supplies and are often the top two bidders for the business of large companies. At the time, the companies said that the F.T.C.'s decision was based on a "flawed analysis" and a misunderstanding of the office supply market. nytimes.com

Burberry sues J.C. Penney for selling knockoff jackets, scarves
Burberry Group Plc, the British luxury fashion brand, sued J. C. Penney Co on Tuesday, accusing the U.S. retailer of trademark infringement for selling outerwear that featured exact copies of its famous "Burberry check" pattern. It said J.C. Penney kept selling its infringing products for two months after the Plano, Texas-based retailer learned of Burberry's objections. reuters.com

2 lawsuits accuse Dunkin' Donuts of making millions of dollars by overcharging customers
Two recent lawsuits accuse a dozen Dunkin' Donuts locations in New York and New Jersey of overcharging customers about 70% of the time in recent years. The class actions say Dunkin' Donuts charged a sales tax on items that should not have been affected, including bottled water and ground coffee in New Jersey and packaged coffee beans in New York, the New York Post reports. Lawyer Carl Mayer, who filed the suits, says Dunkin' Donuts locations made an estimated $10 million off New Yorkers and $4 million from New Jersey customers in the past three years. businessinsider.com

NRF forecasts retail sales to grow 3.1 percent in 2016
The National Retail Federation released its 2016 economic forecast today, projecting retail industry sales (which exclude automobiles, gas stations and restaurants) will grow 3.1 percent, higher than the 10-year average of 2.7 percent. NRF also announced today it expects non-store sales in 2016 to grow between 6 and 9 percent.  nrf.com

What Makes a "Superboss" Part 2
Being a teacher

In the end, this may well be the most crucial element in how great potential talents are transformed to stars in their own right. While the specific lessons vary among superbosses depending on their industries, what they all have in common is the development of something akin to an apprenticeship. Closely working together at various times, superbosses don't just give their subordinates a seat at the table, they engage in intense interaction centered on the business.

The great thing about superbosses is not so much their personal stories and accomplishments - as interesting and dynamic as they may be - but the very real lessons they provide to anyone who is a boss to others. While Lauren has become a larger-than-life personality, what he did to identify, motivate, inspire and teach people to accomplish more than they ever thought possible can be replicated by others. In fact, the entire superboss playbook can be learned, and mastered. In the end the beautiful thing is if you want to become a superboss, all you need to do is try.  wwd.com

Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation's Division of Standards warns consumers about gas station skimmers

Macedonia, Ohio, Council considering ordinance to require security at 'big box' retailers

Kroger expanding click-and-collect services in Michigan

Meijer to roll-out click-and-collect at all 222 stores

Tractor Supply to open its 1,500th store Feb 13th. - Opening 115 to 120 this year

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Citi Trends Q4 comp's down 5% with total sales down 2.8%

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2016 NRF PROTECT Awards

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Nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 NRF PROTECT Awards, the most prestigious loss prevention and asset protection recognition in the retail industry. Help us celebrate our successes and recognize the hard work and talent within our ranks. Submit your nomination to acknowledge LP professionals and law enforcement officers who have made an impact on the community and retail industry.

Nominations are open until March 22, 2016. If you have any questions, contact us at NRFPROTECTAwards@nrf.com.

Nominate a winner!

Ring of Excellence Award

This award recognizes a loss prevention professional whose career achievements and outstanding leadership have shaped the retail industry throughout their years of service. The Ring of Excellence award winner receives one complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the United States to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.

LP Volunteers in Action

This recognition program acknowledges loss prevention teams making significant and measurable contributions to charitable organizations in their community. Learn how LP teams from 7-Eleven, Delhaize Group, Macy's and Old Navy, the 2015 recipients, made an impact. Or, see how the 2014 loss prevention teams from Barnes and Noble, Kroger and L Brands made a difference. Nominate today.

Loss Prevention Case of the Year

This award spotlights LP professionals whose work has made a significant impact on their company, community and the retail industry, and was successfully adjudicated. The honoree receives one complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the U.S. to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.

Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Award (LERPA)

This honor recognizes law enforcement professionals or agencies who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the retail industry. Up to two LERPA honorees will receive a complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the U.S. to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.



Missing Chip & Sig. Deadline - negligence lawsuit
Wendy's data breach probe draws Orlando lawsuit

The suit is also one of the first to target a retailer after an October deadline required them to switch over to a new technology that uses a chip scanner instead of a swiping technique. The lawsuit, filed in federal court Monday, alleges that someone used Wendy's customer Torres' credit card data to buy $577 in merchandise at Sports Authority and Best Buy, just after he visited a local Wendy's on Jan. 3. Wendy's declined to comment on the lawsuit allegations. Wendy's disclosed a data breach investigation on Jan. 27.
The lawsuit against Wendy's alleges that the chain is among those that have failed to keep up with industry standards and did not convert to chip & signature. "Despite the frequent public announcements of data breaches by retailers, Wendy's opted to maintain an insufficient and inadequate system to protect (the data)..." according to the lawsuit. orlandosentinel.com

Obama creating a CISO post for U.S. Gov't.
Related steps include the formation of a public-private Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, as well as a proposal to boost government cybersecurity spending next fiscal year by 35 percent to $19 billion. Editor's Note: This position will become an industry standard over the next few years throughout the retail industry.  govinfosecurity.com

Current account fraud doubles in one year
The rate of fraudulent current account applications has more than doubled over the last year, a credit checking company has warned. Figures from Experian - which cover thwarted fraud attempts - show that by December 2015, 156 current account applications in every 10,000 were fraudulent, up from 73 in every 10,000 in January 2015. A surge in fraudsters attempting to open current accounts using someone else's stolen personal details is behind the figures.

In January 2015, 45% of detected current account frauds involved identity theft - but by December nearly two in every three (63%) fraudulent current account applications being detected involved ID theft. Criminals see current accounts as a lucrative target as they can max out an overdraft as well as using the accounts as a "gateway" to commit other frauds, including making bogus loan and credit card applications.

Credit cards: Fraudulent credit card applications have increased from 65 detected cases per 10,000 to 75 cases in 2015. After consumer loans, cards is the category that is most targeted (unauthorised credit or debit card charges). The number of identity thieves has increased from 81% to 85%.  bt.com livemint.com

Two-thirds of Business Resigned to Suffering a Security Breach
Just one in five (22%) business decision makers feel all of their company's data is secure. The survey of 1000 respondents revealed that two-thirds are resigned to suffering a security breach at some point in the future, with the cost of recovering from an attack reported to start from around $1 million.

Although more than half (54%) of those surveyed said information security forms a vital part of their business strategy and 18% agreed that a weak security infrastructure is a significant risk, three in ten felt that more is spent on HR than information security. However, the study did reveal that 13% of an organization's IT budget is now being put towards security, a slight improvement on the 10% reported in a similar survey conducted by NTT back in November 2014. infosecurity-magazine.com

Five trends that point to a new era for retail
Stores that double as classrooms, sensory-rich environments and a rental versus a buy retail model. These are three of the five trends that shopping center developer Westfield believes will shape the future of retailing.  

Rental Retail: With consumers already accustomed to the 'sharing economy' by tapping into Uber for rides, and Airbnb for places to stay, there is a growing appetite for "rental retail." The trend is particularly strong among millennials, with 35% of 25-34 years olds interested in renting.

Enhanced Reality Retail: The report predicts that virtual reality will become ubiquitous as shoppers increasingly want this technology to understand how products will work for them specifically.

Classroom Retail: Shoppers are increasingly seeing retail spaces not only as places to purchase goods, but as classrooms where they can learn new skills and build social networks. Thirty-two percent of shoppers are interested in attending a lifestyle lesson at their favorite store.

Sensory Retail: Shoppers want to overload their senses with extraordinary experiences that re-awaken all of their senses, all at once, according to the report, which is something that Westfield calls "inside-out retail."

Loyalty Programs that Recognize Good Choices: According to the report, there is a growing demand for loyalty programs that not only reward customers for transactions, but also for lifestyle choices. More than a fifth (21%) of U.S. shoppers said they would like to also be rewarded for good choices, including recycling (23%), exercising (23%), spending time with family (20%) eating healthier (16%), and even charity volunteering (11%).

The report is available to download here. chainstoreage.com




Protection 1 Names Jeff Smith District Manager for the DC Metro Area

Smith Brings 29 Years of Industry Experience with 20 Years
in Leadership Positions to his New Role

Chicago, IL - Protection 1, the premier full-service business and home security company in the U.S., today announced that it has promoted Jeff Smith to the position of District Manager for the DC Metro area reporting to Regional Vice President Rick Speidell.

"Jeff is a true business leader and has built successful teams in the security industry for the past 20 years. He is a proven sales leader with a good gauge on the pulse of the entire team," commented Speidell. "Jeff's employee engagement is needed to deliver top notch installation and service with the goal of providing the best-in-class customer service. I look forward to seeing the success Jeff will bring to the DC Metro branches."

Smith has over 29 years of industry experience including over 20 years in leadership positions. He joined Protection 1 three years ago during the Vintage acquisition and has experience managing both sales and operations teams in various roles. Prior to Protection 1, Smith developed the commercial division for Vintage Security and increased the customer base from 0 to over 2,000 customers. While at Protection 1, he has served as DC Metro's commercial sales manager significantly growing the commercial customer base.

Read more here.

Erik Beck Joins Protection 1 as its New General Manager for the Denver Market

Beck's Previous Experience Includes Owning and Operating his own Local Security Company

Chicago, IL - Protection 1, the premier full-service business and home security company in the U.S., today announced that it has hired Erik Beck to serve as its new General Manager for the Denver area. Beck will report to Regional Vice President Joe Longfield.

"Erik joins Protection 1 with the experience of successfully owning and managing a local security company in the Denver market," stated Longfield. "Erik has strong sales and operational leadership skills. He will help drive new residential and small business sales to complement the existing commercial business in Denver. I am excited to see what Erik and the Denver team accomplish this year!"

Beck has over 10 years of industry experience, working for Pinnacle and Sound Security. As a sales manager for Sound Security, he was responsible for recruiting and training a team of sales representatives and managing their daily activities and workflow. His sales team produced over 1,200 new accounts in a four month time frame, while maintaining a high quality standard. 

Read more here.



Axis Communications

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager for Axis Communications - North America, discusses the evolution of the camera and its application in retail loss prevention. As the market leader in network video, Axis offers network video solutions for professional installations featuring products and solutions based on innovative and open technical platforms. Hedgie tells us why migration strategy is so important for retailers, especially when upgrading from analog to digital IP video technology.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #3

In this LPNN Quick Take, MC's Joe and Amber discuss what they love hearing about from service providers at the show. They also talk about the importance of retailers and law enforcement collaborating. Lastly, they share their thoughts on the NRF conference and what is the most valuable takeaway for them.

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Why machine learning may help stop payment fraud
In 2017, the New Payments Platform (NPP) - infrastructure that offers real time payments between financial institutions and their customers' accounts - will come into effect. This essentially means that payments will be visible in a customer's account within around 10 seconds.

What this means is that banks' risk systems also need to work in real time and make a decision in around 5 to 6 seconds if a transaction should be authorised or not. Frankly, that's incredibly fast and internal processes will need to be slick. Banking systems have a set of complex fraud rules that are applied to transactions. These rules have been designed for a different scenario and with only a few seconds to decide, fraud algorithms must be concise. When the objective is to have fast, secure and reliable payments, 'design thinking' is required to overcome the existing paradigm.

The newer players such as Paypal use artificial intelligence (AI) technology with machine learning capabilities to help them identify fraud. These algorithms look for patterns from a user's past purchasing history and once a new pattern is found, a new rule is created to stop repeated scams. But how effective are these systems? Paypal has a 0.32 per cent of revenue fraud rate, which is significantly lower than the average of 1.32 per cent.

We are starting to see new companies that will help us to navigate the change brought about by real time payments. An example is IRIS Analytics, which was acquired by IBM last year. The objective of this solution is to detect fraud at scale and speed, using a 'machine learning' model, which acts to assist the bank as a 'virtual analyst'. cio.com

To Fight Diverse Fraud Sources, Think Multi-Dimensional
In addition to the increase in the sheer quantity of incidents, attacks are more complex, targeted, and often socially engineered where hackers impersonate managers to convince employees to make fraudulent wire transfers. Once hackers gain access to the permission management system they can create new users with the ability to initiate payments, and another to authorize payments and even a third user can be created to add new payees or suppliers. Since all the organizational rules are being followed, the transactions may be committed without any warning that fraudulent transfers have taken place.

The best way to uncover this type of activity is to look for anomalies in four areas: user behavior, physical location, security authorizations, and account activity. When all of this information is collected and correlated it's possible to detect this type of fraudulent activity sooner. paymentssource.com



NYC, NY: $62K of Furs Stolen from Manhattan Store Over 3 Months
A high-end Manhattan fur store rip-off team was caught on camera Friday stealing a $50,000 coat from a shop that had been hit before months earlier. The Fur Source of NY, which operates a pop-up store five months a year on 57th Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue, was robbed on Oct. 23, according to the NYPD. A chinchilla coat worth $12,000 was taken. But store owner Pauline Pollatos said Tuesday that two more thieves made away with a $50,000 black and white chinchilla coat just last Friday. dnainfo.com

Coweta County, GA: Deputy stops car full of stolen goods
Four Montgomery teenagers are in jail after being stopped in Coweta County with a car full of stolen merchandise. On Friday, Deputy Jack Hollis stopped a vehicle on exit 51 for not having a license plate. While talking to the driver of the car, Hollis detected the odor of marijuana, according to Lt. Col. James Yarbrough with the Coweta County Sheriff's Office. The driver, Justin O'Neil Penn, said the car was his vehicle but the insurance was canceled. During a search of the vehicle, Hollis discovered a backpack containing a Ruger 9mm handgun. A television, three PlayStation gaming systems, two laptops, several PlayStation games and a Gucci handbag were also found inside the car, according to Yarbrough. times-herald.com

Worcester pair busted in $2,000 theft at Macy's in Natick
Police arrested Linda Eunice Kwakye, 35, and Gertrude Takyi, 28, after store security caught them stealing the jewelry and clothing, according to a Natick Police report. Store security told police they watched the two women grab numerous pieces of jewelry from a display case and bring them to the clothing aisle. The two women took several items of clothing into the dressing room and left empty-handed a few minutes later. Store security stopped the women outside of the store and brought them back. They found the women stole 17 pieces of jewelry, including rings, ear rings, bracelets and necklaces. They also stole eight dresses and five shirts, according to the report. The women had shoved all of the stolen items into their purses and pockets, police wrote. metrowestdailynews.com

Flagstaff, AZ: Police investigating attempted theft of $1,000 of Ammo from Sportsman's Warehouse
According to the police report, the suspect placed several items in a cart at Sportsman's Warehouse, located at 2231 E. Route 66, at about 8 p.m. last Thursday. The suspect went to a register and started placing the items on the counter as if he was going to pay. While the cashier was ringing them up, the suspect grabbed six cans of .223 Remington rifle ammunition out of the cart and ran out the door. A loss prevention employee chased the suspect, who then threw the ammunition on the ground and continued to run. He got into the passenger side of a light-colored Ford F-150 that was waiting near the front of the store. azdailysun.com

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Baltimore, MD: Suspect charged in White Marsh Mall shooting
Baltimore County Police have charged 16-year-old Tayquan Rashawn King in connection with a shooting outside of a Red Robin in White Marsh early Sunday morning. King has been charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder. Police responded to the Red Robin restaurant's parking lot for a shots fired call just after midnight Sunday. Upon arrival, they found a man that had been shot once in the lower body. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment and is expected to survive, police say. abc2news.com

Dallas, TX: Gunman Fires Shots In Walmart, Shoppers Duck For Cover
It was a scary scene overnight for shoppers at the Walmart Super Center on Samuel Boulevard. Customers were ducking and running for cover after a would-be robber started shooting inside the store. The shooting happened just before 10 p.m. Tuesday. According to police, the would-be robber went into Walmrt and tried to hold up a cashier. The suspect reportedly fired three shots into the ground and then, while heading out the front door, fired his gun a few more times. This morning officials revealed that an officer with the Dallas Police was nearby, heard the shots and went to the store. The officer arrived as the suspect was running out the front door and actually saw the man, now identified as Marcus Booker, fire a weapon into the air. Police say Booker hesitated and then dropped what they believed was a handgun. Booker also began taking off his shirt. As the officer approached, a Walmart shopper and an off-duty sheriff's officer came up behind Booker and helped take him into custody. The sheriff's officer was actually working at the store in an off-duty capacity. cbslocal.com

Lakeland, FL: Man steals from Walmart, dies hours later
The Polk County Medical Examiner is trying to figure out what caused the death of a 64-year-old shoplifting suspect after a chase outside of the Lakeland Walmart early Sunday morning. Lakeland Police Department officers responded to a report of a shoplifter at the Walmart at 3:05 a.m. on Feb. 7. While on their way to the store, officers received a second call from dispatchers saying the suspect was in custody, but was not breathing and CPR was being performed on him. Investigators say Kenneth E. Wisham, 64, had put $380.74 worth of DVDs into a shopping cart and tried to leave the store with the shopping cart, but was confronted by employees. Wisham ran away and was chased by Walmart employees. At some point, Wisham fell to the ground and was detained by employees. At this time, employees discovered Wisham had stopped breathing and they began life-saving measures and called EMS. wfla.com

2 Walmarts are county's top spots for crime in Beaufort County, S.C. - Hilton Head
In 2014, more crime was reported at the Walmart in the city of Beaufort than any other single address in Beaufort County. Not far behind, the Walmart on Hilton Head Island ranked as the county address with the second-most crime reports that year. The problem is likely to grow. Three more Walmart locations are scheduled this year for Beaufort County. islandpacket.com

Elk Grove, CA: Armed man breaks into cash room, robs Elk Grove Walmart
Elk Grove police are searching for an armed man who robbed the cash room at an Elk Grove Walmart store early Tuesday morning. The man walked into the Walmart just after 2 a.m. and knew right where to go -- into the store's cash room, Elk Grove police said. The cash room is where large sums of money are kept on hand to supply the store's registers. One of the employees was held at gunpoint as the man took an undisclosed, but reportedly large amount of cash. The robber then left the store, but it is unknown if he ran from the area or left in a vehicle. kcra.com

Durham, NC: Victim of flare-gun attack at Panera describes incident
Police in Durham are still investigating after a man was shot in the face with a flare gun earlier Tuesday. Detectives said two men got into an argument in the restroom of a Panera restaurant, and that's when the shooting happened The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Late Tuesday evening, reporters spoke to the victim, Kenneth Bartlett. He was attacked with a flare gun that was fired directly on his face. The man who pulled the trigger was no stranger, Bartlett said. abc11.com

Costa Mesa, CA: 4 arrested after attempted robbery at Nordstrom Rack leads to chase
One man and three women were arrested Tuesday evening after a commercial robbery at Nordstrom Rack at Metro Pointe led to a short police pursuit. Costa Mesa police received reports of a robbery at the store at about 6:51 p.m. Employees were trying to stop the suspects, identified as two women and one man, when the man brandished a knife and attempted to cut a loss prevention agent, said police. The trio fled in a black SUV, but the loss prevention agent was able to get a partial license plate number. An officer spotted the SUV getting on the freeway and pursued the SUV to Harbor Blvd., where they reached traffic gridlock. The female driver put the car into park and the man fled, but was later arrested. latimes.com

Twin Falls, ID: Man Charged with Pre-Christmas Burglary at Target
A man police were looking for in connection to a December theft at the Twin Falls Target was arraigned Monday on drug and burglary charges. On Jan. 12, Twin Falls police released surveillance video from December of a man and woman stealing a flat screen TV and a sound bar. Three days after the footage was released, a woman went to the police station and admitted to stealing the electronics. She told police the man in the video was Christopher Lawrence Ramos, 34, of Jerome. He was arraigned Monday in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on felony counts of burglary and possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia. magicvalley.com

Huntington, WV: ID theft defendant will cooperate to avoid deportation
The prosecution of an alleged multistate identity theft ring moved forward Tuesday as a second defendant agreed to cooperate with authorities, avoiding a felony charge and deportation. After a week of deliberation involving a translator, Tianli Yang, 26, of Brooklyn, New York, who does not speak English, agreed to sit down with authorities to discuss the case. He is expected to plead guilty to attempt to commit a misdemeanor, saving him from being deported to Asia. Xionfu Yang, 31, also of Brooklyn, already had pleaded guilty to misdemeanor conspiracy in October after admitting to using a Putnam County woman's credit card to buy $421.19 in items at GameStop in Barboursville. Assistant prosecutor Joe Fincham said the deal with Tianli Yang would be similar to his co-defendant's. herald-dispatch.com

Cargo Theft: Man sentenced to 8 years in Gander Mountain theft of weapons
A Memphis man was sentenced Tuesday to nearly eight years in federal prison for his involvement in the burglary of a tractor-trailer and the theft of 107 guns being transported to retail stores in Houston. Asst. U.S. Attorney Mazzanti said, some of the 107 guns stolen on the night of Jan. 11, 2015 from the parked rig, and distributed throughout the Memphis area, were equipped with high-capacity magazines. The truck, transporting goods from a Gander Mountain distribution center in Indiana to retail stores in Texas, was parked overnight at a truck stop off Interstate 55 in Mississippi County. Authorities said it was one of about 80 big rigs burglarized from late December 2014 through early February 2015 in Crittenden, Mississippi and St. Francis counties. arkansasonline.com

Jackson, MS: Investigator with Attorney General Office honored for ID Theft work
Doug Tyrone, a long time investigator for the Office of the Attorney General, has been named Investigator of the Year by Discover Financial Services, Inc., for his dedication to stopping identity theft and other financial crimes. Tyrone is an investigator in Attorney General Hood's Consumer Protection Division. Tyrone was presented the award Tuesday by Jerry Brown of Discover's Enterprise Threat and Intelligence Management division. wdam.com

St. Petersburg, FL: $25K Dale Chihuly sculpture stolen from Gallery returned Detectives are now tasked with reviewing more than 24 hours of surveillance video from the 28 security cameras rolling at the gallery to track down the brazen art thief, who faces felony grand theft charges. wfla.com

UK: Wales: Convicted man went on course designed to stop him committing crimes - but then joined shoplifting gang
A convicted man who went on a 'thinking skills' course, designed to stop him committing crimes, decided to join a shoplifting gang, a court heard. "Obviously there is a question mark over how much of it had sunk in," barrister Kevin Seal told Cardiff Crown Court as his client pleaded guilty to breaching his suspended sentence by committing two "high value" thefts from a shopping centre. On January 6, Julian Ali and two men got away with a cart of electrical goods which included a $750 photocopier and a DVD player. Then two days later, they returned to the Sainsbury's outlet store in Bridgend to help themselves to a second cart-full - including this time, electric toothbrushes, telephones, a television and 23 bottles of spirits. walesonline.co.uk

Skimmers found on two gas station pumps in Bloomington, IN. - could be more

Walla-Walla, WA: Woman pleads insanity to theft, robbery and assault of Police Officer at Farmers Co-op

Goldworks, Half Moon Bay, CA was the victim of an Armed Robbery on 2/8;  two suspects fled with an undetermined amount of merchandise, no injuries reported

Kay Jewelers in the Eastland Center, Harper Woods, MI was the victim of an Armed Robbery on 2/9 - no associates were injured, Merchandise valued at $14,000

Kay Jewelers in the Ohio Valley Mall, St. Clairsville, OH was the victim of an Attempted Glass Lift Theft on 2/9 at 4:30pm; no merchandise was stolen

Fred Meyer Jewelers in the Smith's Marketplace, Lehi, UT was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/9, possibly the same suspect that hit another Fred Meyer on 2/4; merchandise valued at $9,200

AT&T - Omaha, NE - Armed Robbery
Best Market - Manchester, NH - Robbery
Chevron - Macon, GA - Shooting
CVS - White Plains, MD - Armed Robbery
CVS - La Plata, MD - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Lexington, KY - Robbery
Dollar General - Knoxville, TN - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Orlando, FL - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Centarlia, IL - Armed Robbery
Family Pharmacy - Rocky Mount, VA - Armed Robbery
Fiesta Foods - Pasco, WA - Armed Robbery
Melanie Inn - Rome, GA - Armed Robbery
Subway - Huntsville, TX - Armed Robbery/ Murder
T-Mobile - Columbus, OH - Burglary
Wildlife Food Mart - Rome, GA - Armed Robbery



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3 Ways to Escape the Productivity Trap
We often believe that the solution to our busyness is time management. According to business psychologist, Tony Crabbe, we're wrong on three counts and it could be affecting our careers. Here are some strategies to use instead of chasing productivity. Stop working sometimes

9 Realistic Ways to Stop Procrastinating And Stress Less  Experts say that people procrastinate for different reasons, maybe it's being overwhelmed by the task at hand, or finding the task they have to do as boring. Whatever the reason is, procrastination just leaves us feeling stressed out. Here are some ways to buckle down. Short bursts

8 of the Smartest Things You Can Do to Be Insanely Productive  We all look for ways to improve our performance, but some of the most effective, and simple, steps we can take are right under our noses. For example, being able to say "no" gracefully is extremely important. Here are some other tips. Go outside your field

Why It Is So Important to Finish What You Start  The job of professionals is to finish tasks. Whether it's following through with an idea or completing a project, it's extremely important to finish what is being started. While there is going to be the occasional roadblock that gets in the way, these strategies can help you complete and deliver your tasks. Ready or Prepared?

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Having a strategy or a plan about everything you do is important if you expect to win long term. Daily victories are nothing without a long-term plan. They fade quickly and leave the audience expecting more, which only a plan and strategy will satisfy. So after your next victory, ask yourself what am I going to do next?

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