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February 11, 2014


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EMV & The Online Fraud Tsunami

Zellman Fraudnet powered by Kount - a Global Award Winning Solution
The Zellman Group Announces New Product

EMV is almost here — shifting the responsibility of fraud from the banks to the merchants. What does this mean for your company?

The good news: in-store credit card fraud will virtually disappear.

The bad news: fraudsters will be forced online, flooding your site with unauthorized charges.

This shift is happening at the same time that purchasing trends are continuing to move online and retailers are adopting the buy-online, pick-up-in-store models. With fraudsters forced to move online, a tsunami of fraudulent activity will funnel into your online store.

Fraudsters are no longer amateur hackers, they are sophisticated, global networks of thieves working overtime to steal from you. Technology must be leveraged to have tactical advantage against widespread cyber attacks. The Zellman Group has spent the last two years focused on this problem, securing the best-in-class solution and developing their existing core infrastructure.

Partnering with a leading innovator of eCommerce solutions, Zellman Fraudnet is designed to "Boost Sales and Beat Fraud" for business working in card-not-present environments. Zellman Fraudnet is powered by Kount, EMEA 2013 Payment Award winner for Anti-fraud/Security Solution of the Year Award.

Zellman Fraudnet provides a turnkey, comprehensive solution. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, Zellman Fraudnet is feature rich in technology. With advanced analytics, you have greater insight to detect, identify, and stop fraud before it starts. Removing the threat of online fraud allows retailers to focus on growing revenue through higher conversion rates and other initiatives, like adding new products or international expansion. Reporting tools make it easy to maximize sales opportunities of current customers and incrementally increase sales to new customers.

The Zellman Group excels in building a team of subject matter experts, and eCommerce Fraud Prevention was no different. In June of 2013 Lauren Bridgeo joined The Zellman Group. Previously the Director of Loss Prevention Operations at Bed Bath & Beyond, she helped design their eCommerce fraud effort. As The Zellman Group's Vice President of Systems & Field Services, Lauren has a unique understanding of your online fraud problem and the balance of your resources.. There's no substitute for subject matter expertise, especially when it's driven by a Global Award Winning Solution.

Whether you're looking for a solution to monitor your transactions or to outsource the entire process, Zellman Fraudnet is the best solution.


Zellman Fraudnet

Visit to learn more





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Season Two

Feb. 10, 11, 12:
NE ORC Session: Joe LaRocca, Senior Advisor at RetaiLPartners

Feb. 13, 14: Interview with Tatiana Sandino, Professor Harvard Business School

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Joe Bleyer
was promoted Director of Asset Protection for Polo Ralph Lauren.  Joe was previously the Associate Director of Asset Protection before landing this new promotion. He has also held a variety of loss prevention leadership roles both for Ralph Lauren and other retailers including District Manager of Asset Protection for Ralph Lauren, District Loss Prevention Manager for Gap Inc., Metro Loss Prevention Manager for Family Dollar, and Loss Prevention Supervisor for Best Buy. Joe earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology from The University of Memphis. Congratulations Joe!

Bitcoin Slump Shows the $8 Billion Cryptocurrency Lacks Mature Infrastructure  The technology underpinning Bitcoin has flaws that threaten to undermine the currency’s value. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has earned the backing or approval of major online retailers, tech investors, and regulators. But the rapid slump in the value of the currency over the weekend is a reminder that it is quickly outgrowing the technical infrastructure on which it operates. The crash began last Friday, when the largest exchange for swapping bitcoins for conventional currency, Mt Gox, abruptly ceased operations, freezing the bitcoin accounts of all its customers. Today it emerged that the Japan-based company did so after realizing that it had failed to properly account for a known flaw in the Bitcoin protocol. (Source

NYPD tests Google Glass as they mull becoming Robocops  The New York City Police Department is beta-testing the ultimate creepy stalker toy, according to news reports. One "ranking New York City law enforcement official" told Venture Beat that the NYPD is interested in seeing what use Glass might be in investigations, particularly when worn by police on patrol. (Source

US report: Retail cyberattacks not coordinated
A U.S. government task force looking into cyberattacks against retailers says it has not come across evidence suggesting the attacks are a coordinated campaign to adversely affect the country's economy. The National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force says the global implications of the attacks and the economic impact to private business and individual citizens cannot be overstated. The report is the combined effort of the FBI, Secret Service, intelligence agencies and the Department of Homeland Security. "Bringing all of the government's knowledge together to date, the report demonstrates there is no evidence of a coordinated effort whether by criminal groups or nation states to harm the US economy," said Steve Chabinsky, a cyber expert with cybersecurity technology firm CrowdStrike who spent 15 years with the FBI. (Source

Retail CFOs Forecast 5 Percent Sales Growth for 2014
Despite ongoing market uncertainty, retail chief financial officers are feeling more confident about the state of the consumer. According to a new BDO USA, LLP survey, retail CFOs forecast a 5.1 percent increase in total sales and a 4.8 percent increase in comparable store sales this year, marking a significant increase from the number expressing similar sentiments last year. A majority of CFOs (63 percent) indicate that they include online sales in their comparable sales projections, suggesting that some of this expected growth and optimism may be linked to the exploding popularity of e-commerce. (Source

Apple’s $14 Billion Buyback: What Would Steve Jobs Do?
In just two weeks after it reported quarterly financial results on Jan. 27, Apple bought back $14 billion of its own stock as part of a plan to return $100 billion of its corporate cash pile to investors by the end of 2015. CEO Tim Cook, who took over as chief executive shortly before Jobs' death in October 2011, was reportedly "surprised" at the recent 8 percent drop in Apple's share price — which came the day after the company reported those disappointing fourth-quarter results. Cook told The Wall Street Journal he saw an "opportunistic" moment to buy back shares. (Source

L’Oreal to Pay $8.2 Billion to Buy Back Stock From Nestle
L’Oreal SA (OR), the world’s largest cosmetics maker, agreed to buy back 8 percent of its stock from Nestle SA (NESN) for 6 billion euros ($8.2 billion), the first sale of shares by the Swiss company after four decades of ownership. L’Oreal will pay 3.4 billion euros in cash for 27.3 million shares and exchange its half of the Galderma skincare joint venture for a further 21.2 million shares, the Paris-based maker of Maybelline mascara said in a statement. (Source

New Wal-Mart commercial promotes 'Made in America'; touts manufacturing return and the ‘Working Man’  Punctuated by the high-energy rock riffs of Rush and massaged by the distinct baritone voice of advertising pitch man Mike Rowe, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has in recent days placed a high-profile advertising commitment on the company’s pledge to return manufacturing jobs to the U.S. (Source

Clerk unaware selling gas for 1 cent a gallon; line of cars out in the street for 2 hours  A Shell station in Woodstock, IL wound up mistakenly selling the nearly-free fuel for about two hours Sunday night. As word spread, cars lined up and jostled to fill-up. Woodstock Police Sgt. Dennis Leard says authorities had to use an emergency shut-off to stop the sales before the gas station closed in order to reset the pumps to regular prices. "The clerk didn't appear to be aware [of the price change]," "We made him aware of the situation and instructed him to shut off his pumps and fix the problem." But before that, cars were blocking traffic and lining up on the street to reach the cheap gas. Leard says the station clerk working at the time wasn't aware of the glitch. It wasn't clear how much gas was sold. (Source

McDonald’s U.S. Same-Store Sales Fall for Third Month

2014 FMI Asset Protection Conference
March 9-12, 2014 Jacksonville, FL

Participate in interactive workshops & roundtable discussions, get inspired by the industry’s leading experts, and gain tools and resources to protect your companies bottom-line. This annual event incorporates key learning's and education from FMI's Loss Prevention, Safety and Risk Management components.  Register here today!  Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here.

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New England ORC Symposium & Tradeshow - Joe LaRocca, Part 2

In this three part series, Joe LaRocca, Senior Advisor for RetaiLPartners, addresses what organized retail crime means today, how large it is becoming, how and who it is impacting, and the emerging technology that retailers are seeing more often because of this epidemic. He provides the audience with very interesting facts about ORC and how to combat it.

 The Live in NYC schedule has been released! View here!

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Robbery Prevention – Good Customer Service

By Tony Gallo
Senior Director at Sapphire Protection, LLC

You read in the newspaper or see on television that a local store has just been robbed and your heart sinks. Could this happen in my company?

Robbery deterrence can encompass many proactive methods and tools. However, effective loss prevention in any business results from some critical practices and attention to detail. Good customer service, proper lighting, assertive signage, cleanliness and heightened awareness are proven effective measures that cost very little but provide the deterrence you need in protecting your business.

Keeping your customers and employees safe is not always easy. Years of experience and loss prevention studies have shown that the number one robbery prevention technique is simply good customer service, which comes as a surprise to many business owners and managers. The easiest way to ensure you are aware of your customers and that they know you are aware of them is by simply greeting them in a proactive, engaging manner. Experience has shown the quickest way to earn more money in any type of environment is by properly greeting your customers. What is less well known is that it's also the single most effective step you can take to reduce serious problems in your store.

To be effective, the “customer greeting” needs to be sincere, consistently delivered by all employees and rendered immediately upon the customer entering the store. The best greeting is one provided by a cheerful, appropriately dressed, sincere employee, who is on the floor and forces the customer to acknowledge the employee. The best way to ensure exceptional customer greetings and customer service is to have an underlying company philosophy that places customer care at the core of one's business practices, and to be certain employees understand it.

Some sample greetings are:

“Good morning/afternoon/evening. May I help you?” (This forces the customer to verbally respond.)

“Thank you for coming in today. I have a (shirt, blouse, slacks, etc.) just like what you are wearing. What may I show you today?" (This greeting lets the customer know you can identify them and forces them to verbally respond.)

There are hundreds of other effective greetings. Observe employee greetings at other business establishments that you respect and choose a greeting you like and would recommend to your employees. Practice it at home until its use becomes second nature. By using an effective greeting you and your employees make the undesirable person in your store aware that you can identify them. Robbers do not want recognition. Good customer service forces people to think twice before they decide to commit any kind of crime. A robber wants a situation that is fast, easy and low risk. Being on the floor and effectively greeting a would-be robber makes it harder, slower and increases the risk of their apprehension.

Your customers' and employees' safety should always be your number one priority, followed closely by protecting the store’s assets.

1) Be aware of your customers
2) Be aware of your surroundings
3) Be safe

Our thanks to Tony for submitting the article. You can contact him at



ORC offerings at the RILA’s Retail AP Conference 2014!

RILA’s Retail Asset Protection Conference 2014 is offering 3 dedicated ORC educational events at this year’s conference, each with top industry leading experts ready to share their knowledge and insight. These sessions are sure to aid you and your team in the battle to mitigate losses associated with ORC activity.

Registration is open and the conference is in less than 2 short months! Don’t miss out!

ORC Alliances & Associations: Leading Practices across the Board – (Breakout Session)  ORC continues to be a challenge for retail asset protection departments. Today, ORC associations and task forces help to fight this battle using different methods. Hear from top ORC associations and task forces on their leading practices regarding how to collaborate with law enforcement and prosecutors and how to benefit retailers while working together.

David Williams, Cook County Regional Organized Crime, Assistant State's Attorney, Cook County
Jason Adams, New England ORC Alliance, National Manager, ORC, Gap, Inc.
Rory Stallard, Georgia Retail Association ORC Alliance, Manager, Market Investigations, Toys R Us, Inc.

Organized Retail Crime Retail Collaboration – (Open Forum Session)
Retailers continue to see the total number of ORC cases and total loss amounts per case rise. Come to engage in open dialogue moderated by leading ORC professionals from various retail companies. Together we will collaborate as an industry, and continue efforts to mitigate risks associated with ORC.

Jerry Biggs, Director, ORC Division, Walgreen Co.
Deb Lussier, Senior Manager, Central Investigations, The Home Depot, Inc.
Kevin Morrison, Director, Fraud & ORC, Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Tony Sheppard, National Manager, ORC, CVS Caremark Corporation
David Williams, Assistant State's Attorney, Cook County Regional Organized Crime Center
Mark VanBeest, Director, Global Security & Investigations, JCPenney Company, Inc.

Surveillance Ops - Counter Intelligence Surveillance Methodologies & Techniques
This seminar will provide the asset protection industry with counter intelligence surveillance methodologies used by intelligence agencies. Surveillance Ops has taken these proven techniques and integrated them with criminal investigations to establish a hybrid training seminar, providing the highest level of relevant surveillance training for ORC directors, investigators and AP community.

Ricky Ansbro, Chief Executive Officer, Surveillance Ops LLP (

**This is complimentary for all registered conference attendees and a unique, 4-hour training seminar on counter intelligence surveillance earning you valuable CEU credits towards LPC and CFI recertification**

For additional information, visit or contact Garth Gasse, director, asset protection, RILA.




Police investigate shooting in Gwinnett Co., Georgia Kroger  Police are investigating a reported shooting inside a Gwinnett County Kroger. Witnesses told Police they heard gunshots inside the store on Grayson Highway in Lawrenceville. Lawrenceville Police said two people have been transported to the hospital and one person has been taken into custody. A police spokesman said there may have been an altercation before the shooting. (Source

Montreal police investigate Wilderton mall shooting
Police are investigating after a 34-year-old man was shot in the parking lot of the Wilderton Shopping Centre on Monday morning. Police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant said that officers were called to the scene at the corner of Van Horne Avenue and Wilderton at 10:45 a.m. After being shot in the upper body, the man entered the shopping mall and called for help. Police said that he was conscious when transported to hospital. (Source

Suspect in custody after Dunbar Armored Car security guard robbed at bank in Baltimore  Dunbar security guard leaving a Parkville bank Monday morning was robbed by a man armed with a chemical irritant, Baltimore County police said. The security guard was attacked in the vestibule of the Bay Bank on Joppa Road around 9:30 a.m., when he and the suspect got into a physical struggle that continued outside. Police said the suspect grabbed a bag from the guard and ran. The guard then fired one shot at the suspect. Police took the suspect into custody but no charges have been filed. The robbery unit is investigating. (Source (Source

Off-duty Chicago cop interrupts Walgreens robbery in progress, fatally shoots suspect  A robbery in progress at a Walgreens in Chicago’s Jefferson Park last Monday ended abruptly when an off-duty cop happened to be at the store, according to a reporter. The officer, whose name has not been publicly released, pulled up to use the ATM outside of the store around 10:30 a.m. When he looked into the window, he saw the cashier frantically stuffing money into a bag and knew that something was wrong. (Source

7 men indicted in cell phone store armed robberies in suburban Chicago
Seven defendants were indicted on federal charges for their roles in a series of six cell phone store armed robberies last year that extended from suburban Chicago, including Addison and Woodridge, to Indiana and downstate Illinois. (Source

Vallejo, CA robbery suspects load up gift cards with $6000 at a 7-Eleven store  A clerk of a 7-Eleven at 2580 Springs Road has been robbed twice, on Feb. 2 and Saturday, police said. Both incidents occurred at about 4 a.m. Police said the robberies involved two men, who have allegedly been loading pre-paid gift cards in excess of $6,000. One man forced the clerk into a storage room and held her in there against her will, while the other suspect loaded the pre-paid gift cards, police said. The clerk was not injured in either incident. (Source

Four Ace Hardware Store employees Detains Man Wanted for Numerous Burglaries in Nebraska  Prosecutors say it took four employees at Ace Hardware to hold down the 40-year-old suspect. Travis Bubak was arrested Saturday. Monday, he went before a judge. He's charged with seven crimes related to burglary and theft, involving at least five different victims. It all came to light after officers say Bubak came in an employee entrance at the hardware store and began taking merchandise. (Source

San Antonio Police seeking two for felony theft of area TJ Maxx  The pair walked into a TJ Maxx on Friday, Jan. 24, according to the release. An employee recognized one man as someone who had previously stolen from the store and the other as his accomplice. The amount the pair took constitutes a felony. (Source

Police search for two suspects in Daytona Beach, FL jewelry store robbery Unknowingly, the owners of a jewelry store allowed two armed robbers to enter their store and the suspects struck one of the owners with a pellet gun before grabbing $3,000 worth of assorted jewelry. One of the thieves approached the front door of the shop and was buzzed in by co-owner. As soon as the door opened, the first man was immediately followed into the store by another individual. (Source

Toys R Us Murder suspect Bernard Grucza pleads Not Guilty to Federal weapons charges in Buffalo

Suspected shoe-store burglar hospitalized after owner's son hits him with chair in Haywood, CA

Westmont Man Arrested for Armed Robbery of Aldi Grocery Store in Lisle, IL

Girl Scouts robbed in front of a Winn Dixie store in Fort Lauderdale

Marks & Morgan Jewelers in the West Shore Plaza Mall, Tampa, Florida, hit by 2 female Distraction thieves for 2 gold chains total value of over $1600

Man banned from Walmart accused of stealing car batteries in Madison County, IL

BP Fueland – Armed Robbery – W. Kittanning, PA – suspect did not display a weapon, no injuries
CVS – Armed Robbery- Springfield, MA – suspect demanded drugs at gunpoint, no injuries
CVS –Robbery - Elkhart, IN – suspect fled, no injuries, surveillance photos released
Dollar General – Armed Robbery – Sanford, FL – suspect fired a shot into the air, no injuries
Dollar General – Robbery- Wichita, KS – suspect arrested, no injuries
Game Exchange – Robbery – Fort Hood, TX – US Army solider arrested in connection to aggravated robbery
Rogers – Armed Robbery – Richmond Hills, Ont, CN – 5 people forced into a storage closet, no injuries
Masonville Food Center- Armed Robbery – Utica, KY - Police are searching for 2 suspects, no injuries
Mehlville Dairy- Armed Robbery – Jersey Co., MO – suspect threw 61 yr old woman to ground, suspect arrested
Mount Orab Pharmacy – Armed Robbery/ Assaault on Police – Cincinnati, OH – suspect demanded drug, led police on high speed chase
Mix Mart – Armed Robbery - Rocky Mount, NC – Owner shot one of the three suspects in an exchange of gunfire
Quik Trip – Armed Robbery – Wichita, KS – suspect arrested in connection to 5 Quik Trip robberies
Rite Aid – Robbery – Eugene, OR – suspect demanding drugs, no injuries
7-Eleven – Robbery/ Assault- Exton, PA – 2 females arrested, 2 still at large
7 Stars – Armed Robbery – Waterloo, CN – store robbed twice in 14 hours




Woman gets prison for Lehigh (Pa) County's largest-ever retail theft case
A woman who stole ink cartridges and electronics from multiple Target stores in Pa., including one in Stroud Township , has been sentenced to 16 years in prison and ordered to pay nearly $30,000 in restitution. Torral Philearia Scott, 40, of Forest Hills, N.Y., was sentenced in December after she was convicted of organized retail theft, a felony. According to the Lehigh County District Attorney's office, Scott and two co-defendants stole $28,307 from Target stores over a period of three and a half months in 2012. Prosecutors said Scott and two other suspects stole from Eastern Pa. Target stores 11 times between June 27 and Oct. 13, 2012. The stores were located in Monroe, Northampton, Lehigh, Berks, Dauphin and York counties. Prosecutors said it was the first use of the state's organized retail theft statue, which is aimed at prosecuting groups who conspire to steal on a large scale. (Source

French Police arrest gang accused of stealing $1.36 Million of wine from top chateaux to order  About 300 gendarmes, mobilized across four regions of south-west France and Paris, arrested 20 suspects on Monday after a series of raids. Detectives believe the gang, which they described as "very organized and professional", carried out a series of thefts between June 2013 and last week and were stealing the wines to order. (Source

Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police investigate a theft ring targeting customers of Whole Foods and Panera Bread  On the search warrant, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer B.C. Kipp says the local investigation has identified several groups of men and women – up to 14 members in all – who have victimized residents in Charlotte, and states including Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Kentucky and Colorado. Members of a South American ring quickly spend thousands of dollars with the stolen credit cards. The thieves often buy gift cards, which are difficult to trace and have become popular currency in hiding thefts of this type. CMPD has been investigating the thefts since September. (Source

Two men arrested for stealing more than $21,000 worth of items from multiple cell phone stores in Center City, Philadelphia  Two brothers are in custody and another suspect is on the loose after police say they stole over $20,000 in merchandise during a string of robberies in the city. Police say the suspects struck the Verizon Store back on January 10. Surveillance video shows the three men cutting high-priced cell phones and tablets from their fixed displays before fleeing the store. Police say the trio also robbed the T-Mobile store back on February 4. During that robbery, the suspects, who were armed with box cutters, allegedly shoved a store employee who was 4-months pregnant. (Source

Three Queens, N.Y. residents arrested in Jackson, NJ with $4500 in stolen merchandise  Three residents of Queens, N.Y., were arrested here Friday after police found $4,500 in stolen merchandise in the vehicle they were riding in. Officers stopped a minivan with North Carolina license plates Friday afternoon, after security personnel from the Jackson Premium Outlets reported that its occupants had been involved in a previous shoplifting incident. A search of the vehicle subsequently turned up $3,000 worth of merchandise stolen from the Nike, Loft and Ann Taylor stores in the Jackson Premium Outlets, police said. In addition, $1,500 worth of merchandise stolen from Burlington Coat Factory in Freehold Township. (Source

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Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

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LP Manager Kmart Ft Myers, FL Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Texas City, TX Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Rego Park, NY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Rochester, NY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Colonial Heights, VA Sears Holdings Corp
AP Manager in Training Walmart Lockport, NY Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Marshall, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Addison, IL Walmart
DC LP & Safety Mgr Michael's Fort Worth, TX Michael's
AP Manager BJs Wholesale Club Miami, FL BJs Wholesale Club
Area LP Manager HEB Corpus Christi, TX HEB
Area LP Manager in Training Ross Stores Phoenix, AZ Ross Stores



Joe Bleyer was promoted Director of Asset Protection for Polo Ralph Lauren.
John Morris was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for CVS Caremark Corporation.

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Jay Leno's 6 Lessons For Leaving A Job You Love  Jay is no longer the host of The Tonight Show, and while he is sad to be leaving the job he has had for 22 years now, his departure offers some lessons for anyone getting ready to do the same thing, and how to do so gracefully. (No trash-talking)

Why Letting Go of What You Hate is Essential to Building a Career You Love  Having a satisfying and rewarding career in which you have skills and are passionate about brings fulfillment to your life, so what do you do if you find some things don't make you as happy as you would like? Instead of quitting, try using these steps to try to find new opportunities to do what you enjoy in your current role! (Create new opportunities)

How to Navigate the Tricky Waters of a Career Change  Knowing that you're not in the right job is step number one; the hard part is figuring out how to make the switch to a new career! Use these questions to figure out if you're in the wrong career in the first place, and then use these steps if your answer is yes! (Do a self-analysis)

Secrets of Making the Most of Job Search Websites  There are a vast array of job search websites, where job seekers spend so much time looking through the listings and trying this search filter and that search filter, only to wind up frustrated and still at square one! Make the job search sites only a small part of your quest in finding a career! Make the most of your seeking with these tips and utilizing your network of connections. (Use email to your advantage)

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Let Mikey do it!

What a profound statement and hopefully you know exactly the commercial I'm referring to. Where two little boys coax Mikey to eat a new cereal they're scared to try and say "Let Mikey do it." Well the metaphor is incredible. As it relates to virtually all of us in so many situations. Especially those at work where we have so much to learn and mountains of new technology burying us in a world changing every day. And while the commercial was just downright funny, it's also a sad commentary when applied to the adult professional world.

For those of us who do play it safe, it may seem like it's the best bet when in reality, it's absolutely the most risky position to put yourself in. Certainly that motto applies in some situations but for the most part the best role in the world is to be that Mikey.

The new age of retail requires that we all learn as much as possible about so many things outside of our comfort zone and outside of our defined job responsibilities. No longer do we have the luxury of looking at a job description and saying that's what we do, instead we must look at them and say "That's where we begin."

Do yourself a favor - next time someone slips a new cereal in front of you - be the Mikey in the commercial and be proud if they look at you and say - That's Our Mikey!

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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