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RILA Retail Supply Chain Conference 2017
Feb. 12-15

Jewelers' Security Alliance's 39th Annual Security Seminar and Expo
March 7-9

IAI Elite Training Day
April 4-5

ISC West
April 6-8

UTORCA Impact ORC Conference & Workshop 2017
May 23

NRF Protect 2017
June 26-28

Twin Cities ORC Association Annual Conference & Training
Aug. 15-16

Carolinas ORC Alliance 2nd Annual Conference
Sept. 21

ASIS International
63rd Annual Seminar

Sept. 25-28

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The Ultimate High-End Retail Loss Prevention
Scott Barefoot

Cybersecurity Act of 2015 - EMV Update
Tom Litchford & Bob Moraca

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2016 report coming in the Daily.


2016 Senior LP/AP Jobs Report

2016 Internet Postings Jobs Report

'D&D Daily's LP New Years Kick Off' was a great success!

Saks AP Team with
NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill
at the Daily's Annual NYC Dinner

Left to right: Tony Caccioppoli (VP of AP), Patrick McEvoy (Director of AP Systems & Technology), Anthony Mastros, Tom Kilgallon (Regional Director of AP), NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill, Bryan Granata, (Managing Director of AP) and James Schroeder


Ian Amato named National Loss Prevention Manager - Canada
for Maison Birks

Ian has worked in the loss prevention/asset protection and investigations industry since 2000. He started as a Loss Prevention Officer for Gap Inc. in the Toronto Old Navy Distribution Centre, and has worked his way up the ladder since. He's held such positions as Loss Prevention Investigator - Canadian Supply Chain for Gap Inc., Inventory/Loss Prevention Supervisor for Best Buy Canada, Loss Prevention/Investigations Lead - Canadian Supply Chain for Gap Inc., Assistant Safety and Loss Prevention Manager for IKEA, National Asset Protection Manager - Canada for lululemon athletica, and his most recent position as Regional Loss Prevention Specialist for Shoppers Drug Mart. Congratulations Ian!

ASIS International makes ESRM a strategic priority
After much consultation with the membership, the ASIS International board of directors recently announced its decision to immediately make Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) a global strategic priority for the society. ESRM is both a philosophy and a management system that recognizes that security issues should not be stove-piped. It is a risk-based approach to holistically managing the varied security risks in an organization through the application of globally established and accepted risk principles. ESRM embraces all aspects of security management: physical security, cyber-security, information security, loss prevention, asset management, threat management, resilience, workplace violence, fraud, brand protection, travel safety, etc. securitynewsdesk.com

Four Major Jobs Filled After Jan. 31st
Bonus Payouts Make an Impact
March is Almost Here - #1 Job Changing Month

With most retailers requiring executives to be employed on Jan. 31st to receive their bonus payouts, it's real obvious the date has an impact with four major jobs being filled in literally the first week of February and we haven't heard all of them yet. As a few others maybe right around the corner. CVS, Meijer's, Weis Markets (not announced yet), and Levi Strauss Global Security & Retail Loss Operations Manager.

A few require Feb. 28 and still a few others require March 31st as well. With March's date tied more to stock grants and maturity then bonuses. Which explains why March is the #1 month for job changing and announcements, as per our 2016 Senior LP/AP Jobs Report published last week.

No Ripple Effect From CVS or Meijer's Filling their Top AP Jobs
The ripple effect often times has a significant impact and creates openings down stream that can go on and on. However in these two cases there won't be any. CVS hired a consultant from Deloitte and one has to expect Wal-Mart, being the largest AP department in the world, has a succession plan and the largest talent base.

Now who gets Kroger, Weis Markets, Levi Strauss, Harbor Freight, Holt Renfrew, and Goodwill in Southern California will open up a few. Stay Tuned the busiest time of year is right in front of us.

Help Pass AB-392
New California ORC Legislation AB-392
Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) creates ORC Advisory Board

The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) created an ORC Advisory Board several months ago to work with Assemblyman Tom Lackey's office in California on preparing legislation to address Organized Retail Crime. As you know, cities within the state of California consistently rank in the top 10 cites for ORC in the U.S and with legislation such as AB109, Prop 47 & 57, it has been an uphill battle getting legislation introduced to addresses the ever growing problem of ORC. The CLEAR Advisory Board worked closely with Lackey's office providing feedback and suggestions. The bill allows for existing conspiracy laws to be applied to organized theft, allowing for felony charges to be brought against conspirators of theft from retail establishments. The board consisted of some of the top law enforcement agencies in California along with major retailers with large footprints in the state.

Link to the bill ( AB 392 ) ca.gov

Introduced by Assembly Member Lackey
(Principal coauthor: Senator Wilk)
February 09, 2017

An act to amend Section 182 of the Penal Code, relating to conspiracy.

Editor's Note: If your retailer isn't involved and you have stores in California you should get involved and support the AB 392 and possibly have your general counsel get involved with a letter of support. Thanks to Eric Bieghler, 7-Eleven - Profit Assurance Team Investigator for submitting this information.

Counterfeit Goods Are a $460 Billion Industry, and Most Are Bought and Sold Online
Footwear, electronics and eyeglasses top the knocked-off product list

According to the International Trademark Association, $460 billion worth of counterfeit goods were bought and sold last year. Not surprisingly, much of it happened online. "The internet makes it easy to hide," said INTA anti-counterfeiting coordinator Tiffany Pho.

Top 10 list of sites where counterfeit goods are most frequently bought and sold. Leading the list is Aliexpress, Chinese etailer Alibaba's marketplace aimed at international shoppers. In fact, six of the 10 sites on the list are headquartered in the Far East-China in particular. adweek.com

Is Facial Recognition in Retail Market Research the Next Big Thing? 
Another Technology LP Pioneered - After CCTV

From virtual reality and wearable devices to facial and emotional recognition technologies, these products and systems are changing the way we communicate, interact and conduct market research (MR) in several industries, most notably, retail. 

One of the hottest areas of technology development in retail research is facial and emotion recognition. Understanding emotions is powerful in areas of research such as ad testing, but difficult to achieve. Facial expressions are linked to emotions, and research organizations have used human observation of recorded videos in retail settings to try to assess emotional response for years. Human assessment has many limitations, and facial expression recognition technology offers an opportunity to overcome some of these limitations, delivering a much greater level of insight about personal sentiment and reactions.

The technology is already in use by a number of retailers, who have been able to refine their advertising campaigns according to respondents' reactions to test adverts. you will need to specifically ask respondents for permission to access their webcam and record their faces while they're watching your content.  Emotion detection software simply adds to the toolkit available to retailers who are looking to improve their customer experiences and create more effective advertising campaigns. chainstoreage.com  
Smile, you're on camera, and it knows who you are
One of the principal drivers of the tech is the security sector

facial recognition technology has evolved at breakneck speed, with consequences that could be benign or altogether more sinister, depending on your point of view. Applications of the tech are popping up all round the world.

In China, for example, fried chicken franchise KFC recently unveiled its first "smart restaurant" that uses facial recognition to predict what meal customers are likely to want, based on their age, gender and the time of day, while payments giant Alipay is experimenting with "smile to pay" tech.

In Israel, meanwhile, "facial profiling" firm Faception even claims its technology can tell if you're a terrorist, extrovert, paedophile, genius or professional poker player by analysing 15 details of your face that are invisible to the naked eye.

It then uses the information to determine your personality traits, with the firm claiming it has an 80% accuracy rate.

"Uses include security and surveillance of business, identity verification for business transactions, personalised treatment of regular customers, and analysing a customer's reaction to displays for marketing purposes."

Carl Gohringer, founder and director at Allevate, a facial recognition firm that works with law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies, says: "The amount of media - such as videos and photos - available to us as individuals, organisations and businesses, and to intelligence and law enforcement agencies, is staggering.

A report by Georgetown Law Center for Privacy and Technology estimates that about half of US adults - more than 117 million people - have their images logged in a facial recognition network of some kind - a trend civil liberties group the Electronic Frontier Foundation describes as "a real and immediate threat" to privacy.

Authorities seem keener than ever to use the tech, citing security and law enforcement as the main reasons. It was recently revealed that the city of New York plans to install facial recognition tech on its bridges and tunnels to scan and identify people driving in and out. bbc.com

Noncompetes vs. Everyone in Retail
The now-settled (but still very noteworthy) litigation between Nike and Adidas, which centered on three ex-Nike employees who jumped ship to join Adidas, allegedly stealing millions of dollars' worth of confidential information - how brands will handle the departure of their top talents is critical. As it seems that to date, no shortage of brands has relied heavily on non-compete agreements, more will likely opt to utilize them.

The use of noncompete provisions has been on the rise over the past decade, even among less highly paid and skilled employees, and given the faster cycle of fashion and Millennials' penchant for job-hopping, this is an ever-evolving area of law.

Courts around the country and on an international basis are split in terms of how to implement parties' noncompete agreements, which aim - at least in part - to ensure that employees do not take companies' confidential information, such as not-yet-revealed designs, marketing strategies, customer and supplier lists, and the like, with them to competing companies. California, for instance, generally deems noncompete agreements to be invalid contractual provisions due to the fact that they potentially stifle competition and prevent individuals from finding any work in the field in which they are most skilled for the time period that the clause applies. Most other states, however, observe the largely ambiguous rule that a "reasonable" noncompete is valid and enforceable.

Because most cases are generally settled out of court - this includes those involving noncompete provisions - it is difficult to determine exactly when one (and its specific terms) is appropriate. Given that an increasing number of fashion industry-related labor disputes are finding their way into court, we may soon get some answers. wwd.com
Retailers Say Puzder Would Put Businesses and Workers Ahead of 'Partisan Politics'
Urging Congress to Approve New Dept. of Labor Secretary - Retail CEO

The National Retail Federation today urged the Senate to approve CKE Restaurants CEO Andrew Puzder as labor secretary as the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee prepares for a confirmation hearing on Thursday.

"Mr. Puzder has a proven record as a job creator and a thorough understanding of the challenges facing businesses and the workforce alike," NRF Senior Vice President for Government Relations David French wrote in a letter. "As Secretary of Labor, the National Retail Federation is confident that Mr. Puzder will work with stakeholders on a pro-growth agenda that supports innovation, investments in the workforce, and American competitiveness."

CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Hardee's, Carl's Jr. and Green Burrito, is a member of NRF's National Council of Chain Restaurants division. Editor's Note: Maybe this is the time Loss Prevention could get recognized as a specific job group in Dept. of Labor. Once there, even more universities will recognize it and develop even more career specific degrees. The NRF and RILA should lead the charge on this.  nrf.com
Amazon - Wegman's - Publix Super Markets
Only Three Make Top Ten In Corporate Reputation
Another first place finish by Amazon

With a corporate reputation quotient (RQ) or rating of 86.27, Amazon had the highest RQ in the Harris poll's Corporate Reputation - 18 years of study. It was followed by Wegmans (85.41), and Publix Super Markets (82.78). The three companies were the only retailers to crack the top 10. chainstoreage.com

Retailers Making the Top 100

1 - Amazon
2 - Wegmans
3 - Publix Super Markets
14 - Costco
17 - LL Bean
19 - Lowe's
21 - Kroger
25 - Chick-fil-A
32 - Hobby Lobby
33 - Nike
34 - Whole Foods 
36 - Walgreens

38 - Aldi
39 - Kohl's
44 - Home Depot
45 - Nordstrom
46 - Best Buy
51 - Macy's
52 - CVS
55 - Starbucks
57 - JC Penney
58 - Target 
61 - Yum Brands

68 - Dollar General
69 - T-Mobile
70 - Burger King
71 - Verizon
74 - McDonald's
75 - AT&T
76 - Walmart
81 - Family Dollar
84 - Chipotle
85 - Sprint
94 - Sears   theharrispoll.com

ADT Insider Trader Must Pay Enhanced $2.8M Forfeiture
Convicted former MSD Capital LP investment analyst John Afriyie must pay an almost $2.8 million judgment over his insider trading, more than a jury had earmarked and much more than the $1.5 million he netted on ADT Corp.'s go-private deal, according to an order filed in New York federal court Friday. Afriyie was convicted in January on charges that he used his mother's brokerage account to turn a $1.5 million profit from inside knowledge of Apollo Global Management's $15 billion buyout of home security company ADT. law360.com
Luxury Market Worldwide Almost in Net Closings Era
"We are in a phase of portfolio rationalization: over the past three years we have gone from a situation where for every two new stores opened one was closed to a situation where we are almost one for one: for every 10 stores opened, nine are closed. In more mature markets we are looking at a situation of net closings."

Americas was the only region in 2016 to have store count growth greater than one percent - with a three percent increase in the number of stores year-over-year - the situation is not rosy: the "Store Wars" authors note that a downturn in tourist spending is expected to dampen luxury brands' retail expansion plans as well as sales growth this year. wwd.com

"Crime is at Record Lows" - That's What Senior Management is Hearing
Use www.d-ddaily.net - Your Proof - Retail Crime - Violence & Trends

With most of retail feeling slumping sales and senior management hearing crime is at record lows across the country from every political pundit out there, the www.d-ddaily.net was designed specifically to help you educate your management teams.

We know they don't have the time to read the Daily, but in five minutes they can see virtually everything you're dealing with and have access to all the studies, research, accumulative crime/orc data, and what's trending in our industry. It may come in handy when fighting for budget dollars, store coverage, and just keeping them informed.

Rolled out this past October - we've seen a steady growth in readers and are working hard to make sure it goes beyond and shows the big picture of what's happening in our industry. Check it out occasionally and see how we can help you develop your operators and senior management teams, because all they're hearing is crime is at all time lows and they may not be believing you. Just a thought. www.d-ddaily.net

Senior Manager of Loss Prevention posted, NAPA in Atlanta, GA
NAPA is hiring for a Senior Manager of Loss Prevention! Come join our team and manage and direct all loss prevention activities and results. We are looking for someone who can provide leadership and build business partnerships with vital corporate and field partners (which include our distribution centers and stores). Directly supervises the work of HQ Loss Prevention staff. Strong working knowledge of data mining/ad hock loss prevention exception software required.

A powerhouse in the auto parts industry with 5,800 stores, 60 distribution centers, and 15,000 NAPA AutoCare facilities across the country. genpt.com

Kenneth Cole eliminates LP - Shut down entire operation Jan 31st.
Goodwill - Dir. Of Security and LP, Los Angeles, CA was taken down - Website posting is inactive

NAPA Auto Parts - Division LP Manager, Denver CO was taken down - Removed from website

Gap Inc - Manager Business Continuity Planning, LP for San Francisco, CA - Removed from website

Bankrupt Wet Seal Seeks To Auction Off Name, Other IP
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Rent-A-Center Q4 Core U.S. comp's down 14.2%, sales down 17.6%, Consolidated sales down 13.8%, full yr comp's down 9% 

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Columbia Sportswear is investigating a cyber attack
CEO Tim Boyle told analysts on Columbia's fourth quarter 2016 earnings call that there was an unspecified cyber attack on its prAna brand's online store. "We immediately launched an investigation and engaged a leading third-party cyber security firm to assist us," Until the investigation is completed, it's difficult to characterize the scope or nature of the potential incident, but we are working vigilantly to address this issue." Boyle stressed that the attack was limited to prAna's site and did not affect Columbia's other online stores.  internetretailer.com

Verizon: Data breaches are more complex, pervasive and damaging
As data breaches become more complex, they leave a lingering, if not lasting imprint on an enterprise.
While there are many factors that play a significant role in data breaches and cybersecurity incidents, the human element remains the top source contributing to cybercrimes, according to the "2017 Data Breach Digest," from Verizon.

Now in its second edition, Verizon's Data Breach Digest details 16 common breach scenarios, inviting the reader to take a behind-the-scenes look at cyber investigations that tell the stories behind the company's annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).

This year's report points to five actions an organization should take in the aftermath of a breach:

• Preserve evidence; consider consequences of every action taken
• Be flexible; adapt to evolving situations
• Establish consistent methods for communication
• Know your limitations; collaborate with other key stakeholders
• Document actions and findings; be prepared to explain them.

"In working with victim organizations, we find that breaches touch every part of an organization up to and including its board of directors. Companies need to be prepared to handle data breaches before they actually happen in order to recover as quickly as possible. Otherwise, breaches can lead to enterprise-wide damage that can have devastating and long-lasting consequences such as a loss of customer confidence or a drop in stock price." chainstoreage.com verizon.com

Rise of the learning machines: How AI is becoming the newest weapon
in the fraud fight

While artificial intelligence is synonymous with customer interaction tools like chatbots and Amazon's Alexa, it also can wage battle against payment and transaction fraud, both in stores and online.

"The ability to quickly glean insights from massive amounts of data helps to reduce costs relative to leveraging human analysts, while also reducing the time to respond to threats," Al Pascual, senior vice president, research director and head of fraud and security at research firm Javelin Strategy & Marketing, told Retail Dive. Also, as a result of learning from each new situation and data set, such solutions may help lower potential losses from new fraud threats, Pascual added.

AI renaissance has occurred over the last couple of years, during which time machine learning capabilities have greatly improved their ability to analyze vast troves of data to render smarter decisions more quickly. Those improvements have been significant to developing market-ready tools, and payment companies have jumped aggressively at the opportunity to do just that.

Current decision-scoring products are focused primarily on risk assessment, working within predefined rules," Wiesman said. "Decision Intelligence takes a broader view in assessing, scoring and learning from each transaction. That score then enables the card issuer to apply the intelligence to the next transaction."

The new tools from Stripe and Mastercard likely only represent the beginning of an eventual industry-wide adoption of AI capabilities to fight fraud an improve overall security. Both companies said the goal with their machine learning-based tools is not to replace other payment security tools, but to work in concert with technologies, like tokenization, to provide multiple layers of protection to consumers.

Ultimately, AI capabilities won't just be used in anti-fraud applications, either. There already is some evidence that they can be used to improve detection of malicious security attacks, including cybersecurity hacks that sometimes go on for months unnoticed. retaildive.com

'Shock And Awe' Ransomware Attacks Multiply
Pay Up By ___ or We Delete - Panic Time

Ransomware attacks are starting to become more of a no-win for victims, as some attackers are also now stealing the data they encrypt for further monetization, destroying it altogether, and even waging subsequent attacks on a victim. The attackers are more sophisticated with their encryption methods, and more aggressive, instituting tighter payment deadlines and including organized-crime style threats that sound more like a physical hostage negotiation, he explains.

He describes their brazen demands and attacks as a "shock-and-awe" approach that's catching fire among cybercriminals hoping to more efficiently strong-arm their victims and potentially cash out more quickly.

"We're seeing more and more inclusion of a timer" and a warning that the victim has X amount of time to pay the ransom or the attackers will begin to delete the files, or purge the data entirely, he says. "They're starting to move toward a more aggressive approach of 'hand over the money more quickly.'"

Reinfection is also becoming a trend, where attackers who have successfully forced a victim to pay up to get their data back later target the same victim multiple times. darkreading.com
Study: Connected devices present major cyber-security risk
As more companies support Internet of Things (IoT) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, they become bigger targets to savvy cyber-criminals. This threat grows more serious when 66% of IT security professionals aren't sure how many devices are even in their environment.

More than 90% of these IT security professionals reported that connected devices will be a major security issue this year, especially when many but don't have the necessary solutions to address new threats, including IoT malware, like Mirai. 

One in five survey respondents (20%) said their IoT devices were hit with ransomware attacks last year, and 16% of respondents said they experienced "Man-in-the-Middle" attacks through IoT devices. chainstoreage.com
Banks Look to Cellphones to Replace A.T.M. Cards
New financial technology brings new security holes

A thief got her online banking user name and password, installed Chase's mobile app on his or her phone, and used it to withdraw cash. Unlike most cardless systems, Chase's does not require customers to enter their four-digit PIN at the cash machine.

After security changes the bank's system still does not require PINs, but Chase is confident it can now detect and prevent similar attacks, he said. Other banks have fared better, and say their fraud rates on mobile A.T.M. transactions are significantly lower than those for traditional card-swipe withdrawals.

Most of the major banks are using a technology called near-field communications (known as N.F.C.), which enables devices to exchange information wirelessly over short distances. Modern smartphones usually contain an N.F.C. chip, which is used for many mobile payment systems, including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

At Bank of America, customers with compatible phones and a digital wallet app can tap their phone on the cash machine's wireless pad to authenticate their identity. From there, customers enter their personal identification numbers and carry out transactions in the usual way.

A simpler approach: one-time access codes. nytimes.com

Director, Information Security Engineering & Operations posted, GameStop in Grapevine, TX


Solutions to Reduce Risk and Enhance Profits

Verisk Retail - a leading source of information about risk - provides systems and services to help retailers prevent loss, manage risk, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Data Management and POS Analytics
Verisk offers data management and analytical services to help retailers manage and analyze their own data.


Exception-based reporting for retail loss prevention
Aspect Loss Prevention serves retailers with advanced analytical systems that can identify fraud, suspicious activity, employee compliance issues, and more. Aspect also offers web-based reporting, protection for credit card transactions, linking of transaction data with security camera footage, integration with case management systems, and more.

Data management and advanced analytics
The Asset Protection Information System (APIS) is a case and data management platform used by loss prevention and risk management divisions at many of the world's leading retailers.

Databases for Crime Prevention

Verisk offers two unique crime databases that collect, share, and analyze crime data to support law enforcement and reduce the economic effects of crime for retailers and their supply chains.


Combating organized retail crime

The Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Network (LERPnet) is a national database and secure information-sharing system for retail crime incidents. The system allows retailers to share and analyze retail crime data in a controlled and secure environment. LERPnet connects retailers with local, regional, and national law enforcement agencies.


The cargo theft prevention and recovery network
CargoNet is a national database and information-sharing system managed by crime analysts and subject matter experts. The system is designed to prevent cargo theft and improve recovery rates through secure and controlled information sharing among theft victims, their business partners, and law enforcement.

See more of what Verisk Retail has to offer here!


Thank you to our 2017 NYC sponsors!


NYPD Commissioner
James O'Neill addresses
the Retail Loss Prevention community


At the D&D Daily's "Live in NYC" dinner event on Jan. 16, 2017, keynote speaker NYPD Commissioner "Jimmy" O'Neill, took time for pictures with attending LP teams and vendors, then addressed the crowd in a speech focusing on current issues facing the retail community.

O'Neill was appointed the 43rd police commissioner of the City of New York by Mayor Bill de Blasio in September 2016. He had served previously as chief of department, the NYPD's highest uniformed rank. Widely experienced in both the patrol and the investigative sides of the department, Commissioner O'Neill is a hands-on police practitioner and a dedicated police reformer.

Having the opportunity to hear from the nation's top cop was a valuable experience for everyone in attendance, and the D&D Daily thanks him for taking the time to join us.

View our 2017 event recap here.

Full episode release schedule coming soon!

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Why payment fraud affects online stores more than you realise
Payment fraud is a major vulnerability for e-commerce platforms. While it's easy to physically deal with a dodgy customer, it's hard to keep bad customers at bay when they're hiding behind a screen. A report by analytics firm Payments states that 8.6 percent of sales globally were affected by fraud. That suggests that retailers in Q2 2016 could expect to lose $8 for every $100 to fraud, four times the value from 2015.

Hackers may also resort to malicious redirection. Ecommerce hosting platform Prestashop once found malicious code embedded into an active theme file, which redirected users to a fake checkout page. Another redirection method uses Domain Name System (DNS) spoofing. Because the DNS is integral to converting domain names to an IP address, an attacker feeding the DNS with false information could lead to a redirect. So while visitors believe that they're going to their favorite shopping site, they may be diverted to a fake site where they're vulnerable to attack.

Once the information is obtained, hackers can commit synthetic identity theft, in which the attacker impersonates someone using their personal information. Malicious attackers often target customers, but could also pose a threat to ecommerce merchants. If a fraudulent order is accepted, the merchant could stand to lose not only merchandise but also be slapped with a chargeback fee, which occurs when a purchase is forfeited.

While it's useful to understand the forms fraud could take, one of the biggest struggles ecommerce players face is the detection of such fraud. In a Kount report, nearly four out of every 10 merchants said the biggest challenge to managing fraud risk on mobile is figuring out if they even have a mobile fraud problem in the first place. techinasia.com

The True Cost of Cybercrime in Ecommerce
Cybercrimes are not something to joke about in today's retail industry. The average cost for each record breach in retail is $172. Total cost of a breach is up 29% since 2013 and the average total cost of a breach is $4,000,000.

This infographic by BigCommerce and Symantec provides a detailed look at cybercrime and what it means for the retail industry. multichannelmerchant.com

ComScore: Digital spending rises 18% in Q4 - $109B

Cross-Border E-commerce Adds 10-15% to Merchants' Online Sales

Worldpay Study Reveals 95% Increase in Post-Valentine's Day Returns

Twin Cities ORC Association Annual Conference & Training Set for August 15-16 

Registration is open for the third annual Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association (TCORCA) Training & Conference to be held at the in Brooklyn Center, MN August 15th and August 16th.

Learn how to combat organized crime affecting the retail, financial, and public sectors from federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, as well as dynamic leaders across the retail and financial services spectrum. The conference includes advanced training on numerous topics from subject matter experts across the country.

What are you waiting for? Register now!


Baton Rouge, LA: Retired Baton Rouge officer credited with spotting theft operation by group from Florida: 54 purchases/ nearly $16,000
Baton Rouge Police Department, Jayson Carter, 36, and Mardashia Harris, 17, were spotted by a retired police officer inside the Lowe's at Cortana. That retired officer noticed their suspicious behavior. "The retired officer observed the two repeatedly swiping several access cards for the purchase of numerous gift cards," states Sgt. Don Coppola. " When officers arrived, the alleged suspects were in a vehicle and were trying to leave the area. An officer attempted a traffic stop, but Harris, Carter and 2 other suspects took off running. Officer quickly apprehended Carter and Harris. In the vehicle, officers found "numerous gift cards, newly purchased cell phones, and credit/debit cards, which many contained the same name." During questioning, officers learned that the group of four drove from Tampa, FL to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. There they are accused of using the credit cards to buy 53 gift cards valued at $9,320 and seven cell phones with accessories valued at $5,512.51. They also allegedly had 43 credit cards that had been altered. wafb.com

Austin, TX: Wal-Mart employee busted, loading Visa gift cards for nearly $17,000
An employee of a South Austin Wal-Mart was arrested for stealing $16,663 from the store. Jasmine Alexander, 19, is accused of loading Visa gift cards with money at the register she was working. Police say Alexander loaded multiple gift cards with amounts ranging from $1,009 to $2,524 at a time. Alexander performed these transactions multiple times during August, September and October. statesman.com

Neosho, MO: Walmart shoplifter arrested; had multi-state warrants and skipped on $300,000 bond
Two felony counts and a misdemeanor are requested against a Miami. Okla. man wanted on hundreds of thousands of dollars in warrants after his arrest by Neosho police in Walmart Sunday. Counts of felony resisting arrest and assault on a law enforcement officer, and a count of stealing against Jesse Bowden, 38, are pending review. Bowden had been stopped by four Walmart loss prevention personnel for investigation of shoplifting, he was taken to a small room to await the arrival of police. "Once he gets identification of the suspect the suspect then takes off running through the store," Chief Kennedy related. "Officers got to him, got him subdued, got him handcuffed." Kennedy explained Bowden' resistance to being arrested, as he has outstanding warrants with bonds totaling "$300,000, also has Oklahoma warrants for drugs, two bench warrants, and a warrant for bail jumping. neoshodailynews.com

Eastlake, OH: Police arrested a Cleveland woman stealing $2,000 of baby formula from Walmart
According to police, 35-year-old Dusti Mays allegedly stole the baby formula during three "shopping sprees" in one week at the city's Walmart. Police said during one visit she was confronted by loss prevention but managed to flee the store before she was apprehended. Mays also has two active warrants from other jurisdictions for theft-related offenses. news-herald.com

Niagara Falls, NY: Off-duty sheriff's deputy helps thwart theft of TVs
at Sam's Club

An off-duty Erie County Sheriff's deputy helped foil an attempted theft at Sam's Club in Niagara Falls Sunday afternoon. The thief stole a television from the store the day before, the store manager told police. At about 2:30 p.m. Sunday, the deputy noticed a man pushing a shopping cart containing two televisions toward the back door of the store. The man seemed to be in a hurry and kept looking over his shoulder. The deputy followed him and the man pushed the door open, which sounded an alarm. The deputy identified himself and shouted at the man to stop, but the man began to run. Store personnel arrived and the thief was taken to the store manager's office to await police. buffalonews.com

Glens Falls, NY: Police arrest suspect in $1,000 theft from Walmart
A Queensbury man was jailed Saturday in connection with allegations he stole more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from a local Wal-Mart, police records show. Zachary A. Mitchell, 24, was charged with fourth-degree grand larceny, a felony, after an investigation by State Police into a theft of more than $1,000 worth of video games, police said. The incident occurred on Jan. 27, and State Police got an arrest warrant for Mitchell. He was located by Glens Falls Police on Saturday. poststar.com

Cheyenne, WY: Cheyenne Teen Facing Prison for Stealing $1,235 in Cash, Pop & Candy from King Sooper
A 19-year-old Cheyenne woman is facing up to ten years in prison after allegedly stealing $1,235.43 worth of cash and food items from her employer over a three-week period. A loss prevention employee told police that he had been investigating employee Allissa Arellano for a series of thefts. He said when he confronted Arellano about stealing $200 and some food items, she eventually pulled the cash out of her T-shirt. When the loss prevention employee asked Arellano about $570.01 that was stolen on November 21 and $461.34 that was stolen on Thanksgiving, Arellano said she used the money to pay her rent. kgab.com

Suisun City, CA: Man arrested for allegedly stealing $1,500 of DVD, Blu-Ray movies from Wal-Mart


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Shootings & Death

New Orleans, LA: Update: No charges expected in fatal shooting of suspected armed robber at T-Mobile store
A New Orleans Police Department spokesman said that detectives do not expect to arrest the customer who fatally shot a suspected armed robber on Friday. "From all accounts, it appears there will not be any charges brought forward for this incident. However, it is still being investigated," said police.

Authorities have not identified the shooter in the incident. The Orleans Parish Coroner's Office said Monday that the suspected armed robber was Jordan Espadron, 28. Police said that Espadron entered a T-Mobile store with a gun and demanded money from the store's safe. Espadron herded employees and customers into a back room. Officials said in a police log that he was reaching into the safe for cash when the armed customer shot and killed him. The customer remained on the scene. theadvocate.com

Robberies & Thefts

Lower Paxton Township, PA: Man accused of robbing same Rite Aid store 3 times in 2 months
Police are looking for a man who they believe robbed the same Rite Aid store in Dauphin County three times in the past two months. The most recent robbery-happened early Tuesday morning. Officers responded to store located along the 4200 block of Union Deposit Road in Lower Paxton Township just after 2:30 a.m. for a reported robbery. Police say the man walked behind the sales counter and ordered the employee to open the cash register. He got away with an undisclosed amount of money and two cartons of Newport Cigarettes. fox43.com

Short Pump, VA: Armed Robber of Zumiez in the Short Pump Town Center arrested
Wyatt Glen Collins was accused of armed robbery at Zumiez, a clothing store at the mall. He was arrested Sunday night following Thursday's robbery and charged with two counts of robbery and one count of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. The robber was not wearing a mask during the 6 p.m. robbery at the mall. wtvr.com

UK: Wimmera, AU: Second Jewelry store Smash and Grab Robbery in a Week
A St. Arnaud jewelry shop has been robbed, making it the second Wimmera jewelers targeted within a week. Gold N Silver Mine was robbed in the early hours of Valentine's Day, with the offenders using sledge hammers to break into the store. stawelltimes.com.au

UK: Ancoats: Music shop faces closure after burglars smash their way in and steal 25 guitars
The Monkey House Music Shop could be forced to shut after the instruments - the majority of which belonged to customers and musicians - were stolen on Friday and Saturday night. It is thought the haul was worth at least $20,000. manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Flagler County, FL: Man Responsible for McDonald's Armed Robbery suspected in CVS hold-up

Skimming Thefts

Amarillo, TX: Cloned & Fake Credit Cards & Skimming Devices Found Within A Matter of Five Days 

Airport Variety - Sanford, ME - Armed Robbery
Bloomfield Pharmacy - New Bloomfield, MO - Robbery
C-Store - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery/ Shooting - Clerk shot and wounded Suspect
Citgo - Waukegan, IL - Armed Robbery
CVS - Waukegan, IL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Tulsa, OK - Robbery
Dollar General - Ellendale, DE - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Lee County, AL - Armed Robbery
Exxon - Laurel, MD - Robbery/ ATM
Family Fare/BP - Durham, NC - Shooting- Clerk killed and 1 other victim wounded
Goldstream General - Fairbanks, AK - Robbery/ ATM
Interstate Foodland - Washington County, PA - Armed Robbery
• Kohl's - Woodbridge, VA - Robbery/ Jewelry Department (2 are Kohl's Stores)
Milk & Things - Shelden, NY - Armed Robbery
Pier One - Knoxville, TN - Shooting/ no injuries
Pizza Hut - Shirley, NY - Armed Robbery
QuickChek - Lake Grove, NY - Armed Robbery
Ravenna Jewelry Boutique - Seattle, WA - Burglary
Rite Aid - Lower Paxton Township, PA - Robbery
Sam's Mini Mart - Burlington, NC - Armed Robbery
Super 8 Motel - North Little Rock, AR - Shooting/ 1 person killed
7-Eleven - Colorado Springs, CO - Armed Robbery (N. Nevada Ave)
7-Eleven - Colorado Springs, CO - Armed Robbery (S. Carefree Circle)
7-Eleven - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery/ Shots fired


Daily Totals:
20 robberies
1 burglaries
4 shootings
2 killed

Featured Job Spotlights


Director, National Asset Protection
Toronto, Canada

At Holt Renfrew, our mission is to present exceptional experiences together with the finest luxury products for life's every day and extraordinary moments. The Director, National Asset Protection defines the luxury lifestyle shopping experience through building lasting relationships with our people, customers and partners by pro-actively developing, recommending, implementing and monitoring asset protection strategies...

Director Of Loss Prevention
Greater Los Angeles Area, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for setting and leading the Loss Prevention strategy for the enterprise, including retail stores, distribution centers, corporate offices and quality assurance labs. The Director of Loss Prevention will lead a diverse team of remote field and office based staff in the development and implementation of strategies to reduce shrink and controllable losses including reducing both internal and external theft and ensuring the safety and physical security of all stores, distribution centers and offices across the enterprise...

Director of Loss Prevention
Berlin, NJ

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for the management, administration and operation of the Loss Prevention Team. Ensures adherence to company policies and procedures, as well as state and federal laws and regulations. Monitors and analyzes economic conditions affecting the risk management department and recommends appropriate action. Develops and executes corporate Audit Risk Plans...

Sr. Mgr., Investigative Strategy and Risk
Seattle, WA

The Sr. Mgr., Investigative Strategy & Risk, will lead our global investigative strategy and workplace incident management program supporting Worldwide Operations and Customer Service. This position will provide strategic framework globally for investigations and workplace incident management as well as assist field loss prevention partners as a subject matter expert... 

Director of Investigations
New York, NY

The Director of Investigations is responsible for developing multi-level and multi-tiered strategy for investigations company-wide. These areas include investigations, investigative analysis, and investigative training. To create this multi-tiered strategy, The Director of Investigations must influence and impact members of Legal, Human Resources, Store Operations, and Customer Service to ensure that the collective decisions and policies incorporate Loss Prevention's goals of reducing business integrity-related risks...

Head of Financial Crime, Loss Prevention & Safety
Malvern, PA

The Head of Financial Crime, Loss Prevention and Safety 1NA is responsible for developing strategies to identify and remedy vulnerabilities that lead, or could lead, to financial loss throughout the NA operation, both in the field and office locations...


Director, Loss Prevention Initiatives Job
Dublin, CA

The Director of LP Initiatives & Compliance is responsible for directing cross-functional initiatives for both Ross and dd's Stores. The Director will direct and lead rollouts of new/updated processes, policies and procedures by working directly with LP Field Management and Stores for feedback. The Director will also direct LP compliance and merchandise protection programs... 


Director, Supply Chain Loss Prevention and Safety
Perris, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for achieving the shortage and safety goals set for the Supply Chain. This is done by supervising and promoting Loss Prevention initiatives and programs, and by developing and maintaining a strong collaborative partnership with Operations and Human Resource business partners...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Antioch,  CA

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager works under the direction of the Regional Director of Loss Prevention. Implements company programs relating to shortage control, theft resolution, and safety. Oversees and works with investigations staff to identify and resolve internal and external theft cases. Serves as a role model for all store and district personnel. Works as a liaison between National Stores Inc. and the criminal justice community...


Loss Prevention Manager
Chicago, IL

The Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for monitoring the performance and minimizing the losses experienced in the bowling centers operated by AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. The Loss Prevention Manager will investigate incidents of fraud, theft, policy violations, allegations of wrongdoing or any other activities that have or potentially could adversely affect the bowling centers... 


Loss Prevention Business Analyst
New York, NY

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives... 

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