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 February 15, 2016


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John Voytilla, VP Global LP & Safety, Office Depot

New Perspectives
on the National Retail
Security Survey

Dr. Richard Hollinger, criminology professor at Univ. of Florida, lead author of the NRSS

Keys to Collaboration:
Building Effective Public-Private Sector Partnerships

Joe LaRocca, RetaiLPartners; Eric Ives, Unit Chief International ORC Task Forces, FBI; Cpt. John Romero and Det. Joe Hopkins, LAPD Commercial Crimes Division

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The GAP Outsmarts Organized Retail Crime

An Interview with Nelson Harrah, Director of ORC, Gap Inc. (PART 1)

By Amber Bradley

Nelson Harrah, GAP, Inc.'s Director of Organized Retail Crime (ORC) for the past 11 years is very proud of his team! This Loss Prevention Professional and his team have routinely dealt with violent habitual offenders to sophisticated ORC organizations, but what he is most proud of is the ORC training that he and his team have been able to provide for law enforcement.

Humble Beginnings
Harrah says he was the typical college student and didn't know what he wanted to do when he graduated. While in college he worked part time in the local juvenile hall. One day he ran into someone who was working undercover in Loss Prevention and this glimpse into the LP world fascinated Harrah. Although still a college student, he applied to one of the department stores in town and secured a job in security. Within a year he was promoted. Soon he began moving around to different department stores and discount retail outlets. Eventually his LP career took him to GAP.

ORC Meets Its Match
Harrah had been at GAP for several years when he heard some retailers were putting Organized Retail Crime (ORC) teams together. He spearheaded the effort at GAP and, in 2004, was promoted to ORC manager. Harrah started off as a team of one dealing with ORC-related activities, but today his team is fourteen members strong. These ORC professionals are strategically placed around the country and Canada, and the team's goal is to expand the ORC program into China, the UK, and Mexico in some form.

ORC's Global Reach
Harrah believes ORC is a global problem. He believes, of course, focus on the illegally imported products such as drugs and counterfeit merchandise is important. But equally important is being aware that many of the products stolen here in the U.S. are being illegally exported. The California highway patrol has a Foreign Export Asset Recovery team (FEAR) that scrutinizes the products leaving our country.

Harrah believes ORC activities are on the rise. International criminals who engage in illegal activities such as human trafficking (also on the rise) impact other sectors. These criminals are well-trained in their home countries. They learn the techniques of changing clothes, altering identities, hiding evidence, forging documents, and evading law enforcement. These learned behaviors also make them good at ORC. Keith White SVP leads a team of 700 loss prevention professionals at GAP. Harrah explains, "We believe having LP agents in our stores is a competitive advantage in any situation, from shoplifting to active shooter incidents."

Harrah commented on the evolution of the ORC highlighting, back in 2000, a person could count on one hand the retailers that focused on ORC. But now, everyone at least has a strategy for dealing with ORC whether that means operationally and/or a LP approach. Harrah's strategy concerning their return policy, for example, was both operational and hands-on. Although GAP has a friendly return policy, GAP no longer accepts personal checks or travelers checks (operational), but because the majority of people attempting illegal returns were violent and threatening, it was necessary to include LP professionals in the company strategy. These actions saved GAP nearly $77 million in one year. Unfortunately, the successful plan has caused these criminals to target other retailers.

Harrah's High-Level Team Training
Harrah's team is highly trained to deal with ORC criminals and activities. This training includes Peace Officer's Standards Training (POST). Many law enforcement officers receive very little training on retail theft tools and how retail criminals operate. Knowing law enforcement standard operating procedures allows Harrah's elite team to train police officers in areas such as evasion techniques used by ORC suspects or booster bag groups.

Harrah adds, "I am SUPER passionate about teaching these ORC principles to law enforcement! I get calls every week from law enforcement saying thank you for your training. If I had a professional "Wish List," standardized training for all levels of law enforcement would be at the top of it and having such a program accredited nationally would follow close behind."

A training highlight for Harrah was in 2008, when his GAP teamed up with Limited Brands and Abercrombie and Fitch to meet with Simon properties and GGP (General Growth Properties). They created detailed ORC training, including videos, for their mall security teams. The follow-up process includes a report every two weeks that identifies the top 25 malls hit by ORC. This information goes to law enforcement and security directors who create action plans that include an undercover team to work the malls and catch the criminals.

Read the full article here Part 2 will be published in tomorrow's Daily.


Anthony Williams was recently promoted to Senior Director - Asset Protection for Walmart. 
Anthony was previously the Director of Asset Protection for Walmart, and has been with the retailer since 2009 when he started as a Market Asset Protection Manager. Anthony has also held other loss prevention managerial positions for such retailers as Sears Holdings Corporation as a District Loss Prevention Manager, Ross Stores as a District Loss Prevention Manager, Goody's Family Clothing as an area Loss Prevention Manager and at Saks Inc. as a Loss Prevention Manager. Anthony earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Agribusiness Management from Mississippi State University. Congratulations Anthony!


Corporate Espionage - Fuel Non-compete agreements
XPO suing competitor YRC over theft of trade secrets

XPO Logistics entered the less-than-truckload (LTL) market with its US$3 billion acquisition of Con-way trucking company in October last year. On Feb. 3, XPO filed a lawsuit against one of its biggest LTL competitors, YRC Worldwide, Inc., claiming theft of trade secrets.

The complaint alleges that YRC stole company information about XPO, which had been obtained by two former XPO executives, who came to XPO with the Con-way acquisition. The two men, Paul Lorensen and Chet Richardson, were hired by YRC as vice presidents just days after XPO closed on the Con-way transaction, according to the Wall Street Journal. XPO said in the lawsuit that Lorensen and Richardson were "highly compensated, given extensive training, and entrusted with XPO Freight's highest level of confidential information and trade secrets."

XPO is asking the court to order YRC to return any company information it had access to and to not employ any former XPO employees, including Lorensen and Richardson, for a full year. The lawsuit accuses YRC of encouraging the two men to "remain surreptitiously at XPO Freight for several weeks before ending their employment," falsifying offer letters and encouraging them to disclose confidential information.

Additionally, XPO said "YRC is offering each poached sales employee a special commission or bonus for each XPO freight customer they bring with them to YRC." Other employees named in the lawsuit were those in sales and operations hired by YRC that had confidentiality obligations to XPO.

The Commercial Carrier Journal reported that YRC called the allegations "meritless." aircargoworld.com

French Antifraud Authority Searches Carrefour Offices in Pricing Probe
Search of hypermarket chain's headquarters comes as retailers and suppliers hold annual price talks
France's antifraud authority searched the offices of Carrefour as part of a probe into whether the retailer unfairly squeezed its suppliers to lower prices.

The competition and antifraud office searched Carrefour's offices after several suppliers accused the hypermarket chain of demanding they effectively lower the price of their goods as a precondition to entering price negotiations. The office, known by its acronym DGCCRF, said imposing any preconditions to negotiations is against the law.

The search, which took place on Feb. 9 at Carrefour's France headquarters in Massy, south of Paris, comes as retailers and suppliers hold annual talks on the price of goods. The discussions are to conclude by the end of February.

The negotiations are taking place against a backdrop of repeated protests from farmers who are angry at the prices of dairy and meat products. wsj.com

Kohl's eliminates three senior exec positions
Several published reports are indicating that Kohl's has eliminated three senior level leadership positions. Kohl's has reportedly eliminated the positions of chief digital officer, senior vice president of store environment and development, and senior vice president of communications and public relations. Retailing Today was unable to independently confirm the jobs cuts or the identify of executives involved.

"We made several organizational changes yesterday at corporate headquarters to build in more speed and agility for our corporate offices," said the spokeswoman. Asked if other employees would be affected by Friday's developments, the spokeswoman said, "I think we're very focused on the reorganization and feel really good about what that's going to do for the company. The leaders are really committed to long-term success. We might we make some [other] shifts." wwd.com

Card Numbers On The Body Shop Receipts Risk Identity Theft, NY Suit Says
The Body Shop LLC is facing a proposed class action in New York federal court from a customer who said Friday the cosmetics retailer printed 10 digits of his credit card on a receipt, leaving him and other customers open to widespread identity theft.

Despite a congressional mandate under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, plaintiff Henry Lee said his receipt for his Dec. 7 purchase at a Body Shop location in New York City printed the first six and last four digits of his credit card. Retailers can print receipts with no more than the last five digits of a customer's debit or credit card, according to the complaint. law360.com

IKEA accused of dodging $1.1 billion in taxes
Ikea has been accused of dodging up to 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in taxes between 2009 and 2014, according to a report by the Green party in the European Parliament. The political group is accusing the retailer of "large scale tax avoidance." Its report, published over the weekend, said Ikea was deliberately shifting money from its stores around Europe through a subsidiary in the Netherlands. From there, they would end up untaxed in Lichtenstein or Luxembourg. The European Commission, the top E.U. regulator, said it would study the report. Ikea defended itself against the report. "We pay our taxes in full compliance with national and international tax rules and regulations," the company said in a statement. The report estimated that for 2014 alone, the tax avoidance led to $39 million of missing tax revenues in Germany, $26 million in France, and $13 million in the U.K. Countries like Sweden, Spain and Belgium are likely losing between $8.5 million to $11.2 million, the report claims. cnn.com

Adidas Wins Bid To Block Skechers 'Knockoffs' Sales
Adidas America Inc. won a bid to block Skechers USA Inc. from selling three lines of shoes when an Oregon federal judge ruled in the trademark dispute on Friday that Skechers had created a "knockoff" of an iconic Adidas design, and that the copycat could hurt the original's sales. U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez found that Skechers' Onix shoes are a near-exact copy of Adidas' famous Stan Smith sneakers, and that Adidas had shown a likelihood of prevailing on the merits of its case accusing Skechers of blatantly copying three of its shoe designs, according to an order filed on Friday.  law360.com

RadioShack Judge OKs $5.5M Deal With Pa. Store Managers
The liquidating trustee overseeing RadioShack's bankruptcy agreed to pay $5.5 million in unsecured claims to a class of store managers who did not receive overtime pay from the now-bankrupt electronics retail chain under a settlement a Delaware federal bankruptcy judge approved Wednesday. law360.com

Bank of China lets counterfeiters withdraw $2M in illegal proceeds after accounts were suppose to be frozen
Gucci America Inc. and other luxury designers told a New York federal court Thursday that state-run Bank of China did not substantially comply with subpoenas for information on account holders accused of selling counterfeit goods and let them run off with more than $2 million while their assets were supposed to be frozen. The luxury designers said preliminary analysis of the records they had so far received showed that Bank of China had allowed 45 restrained accounts to transfer out more than $2 million after the Second Circuit upheld the court's authority to freeze the account holders' assets.  law360.com

Impediments to Compliance Buy-In
A survey of chief compliance officers by executive-level events company Consero Group found 58% of respondents said the compliance function is not integrated sufficiently into corporate decision-making and strategy. Respondents said insufficient staffing (22%) and lack of management buy-in (16%) were the two main impediments to better integration of compliance.

"While Compliance Officers' influence on decision-making and strategy has grown over time, there remains a great deal of opportunity for compliance integration," said Paul Mandell, chief executive of Consero Group. "By working across the C-Suite and leveraging their teams, today's chief compliance officers can prove the worth of their function." wsj.com

Whole Foods considering in-store tattoo parlors to lure millennial shoppers
Whole Foods has a colorful idea on how to lure millennials into its 365 spinoff grocery chain. In an effort to make it a "hip, cool" place, it is proposing in-store tattoo parlors. Co-CEO Walter Robb told Bloomberg they're calling it "Friends of 365" where the supermarket chain would partner with third-party vendors that would set up in stores. Whole Foods has advertised that it's looking to find suppliers -- "from food and drinks to fashion, body care products, services, and more," the website says. foxnews.com

TYCO Visits the LPRC Innovation Lab

Last week, the TYCO team visited the Innovation lab here in Gainesville, Florida to discuss with the LPRC future Research and Direction initiatives. The LPRC team and TYCO were able to collaborate on up and coming science-backed research that will help shed light on various industry-related hot topics. Thank you to the TYCO team!

New Mexico bill would set felony cargo theft rule
The House Rules and Order of Business Committee could soon take up for consideration a bill that would authorize felony charges for offenders of up to nine years in prison and fines up to the value of the property stolen and the cost of recovering the property.

Texas and Georgia already have rules in place that make cargo theft a specific crime with stiff punishment for offenders. landlinemag.com

Power Outage Halts Retail Traffic at Grand Central Terminal
The trains were running, but retail ground to a halt on Monday morning as Grand Central Terminal experienced a power outage. The hallways housing retailers, including the Lexington Passage and Shuttle Passage, were pitch dark and cordoned off by ropes. New York city police officers, soldiers and members of the National Guard stood in front of the ropes, directing shoppers to an exit on 42nd Street.

The lower level of the massive transportation hub couldn't be used due to the loss of power that began after 9 a.m. A water main break was reportedly the cause of the outage. wwd.com

A'GACI women's specialty retailer re-post Director of Loss Prevention position in San Antonio
A'gaci LLC is currently looking for a Director of Loss Prevention with "big-box" retail experience. This leadership position will have both hands-on operational and high-level analytical reporting responsibilities. kronostm.com

Hudson's Bay eyeing acquisition of bankrupt Dutch department store chain V&D

GNC to sell 1,000 company owned stores to franchisees by 2020

Calvin Klein, Hilfiger Outlets Accused Of 'Phantom Markdowns'

Last week's #1 article --

Mario Kart Flash Mob Races Through Shopping Mall
A video of a real-life Mario Kart race through a local mall is now trending on YouTube. A group of friends dressed up as popular characters from Nintendo's Mario Kart video franchise and raced through a local shopping mall. The flash mob received some looks from shoppers but otherwise were left alone throughout their race. At one point in the video a banana was thrown like in the game in attempt to slow competitors. Somehow they avoided mall security, but were thwarted in the end. ksat.com

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The #1 IT Growth Job in U.S. = 1.Cybersecurity analysts: 85,200 total jobs, +4.8%
Retail, health, finance and manufacturing all saw IT employment gains, with cybersecurity being the #1 growth position of them all. cio.com

Deloitte: Cybersecurity Moves to the Offensive
Organizations with a sophisticated approach to cybersecurity are no longer satisfied with locking the doors after the robbery has been committed. There is instead a distinct shift toward offense.

A Deloitte & Touche report [PDF] notes a trend toward predictive models, which has meant that protection has become more about using advanced math and science to pursue anomalies and pinpoint threats, than it is about building bigger and better walls. "The market is now at a tipping point where cybersecurity operations are starting to transcend tactical 'monitoring' and become significantly more sophisticated. "Technology advances in multiple areas, including: high-speed access to abundant datasets (threat sharing, real-time network traffic, unstructured business data), innovative automation (analytics, machine learning, visualization), and evolving forensic and incident response tools, are driving this sophistication." infosecurity-magazine.com

UK hits 10 year Chip and PIN anniversary - Counterfeit card losses down 63%
Annual counterfeit card losses down from $187.7M U.S. in 2004 to $69.2 in 2014.Around three quarters of UK businesses now accept Chip and PIN although figures from Barclaycard show that entering a four digit number at the point-of-sale is becoming less common thanks to the rise of contactless payments, which saw spending soar 164% last year. finextra.com

Global hunt for mastermind of card fraud site
Investigators are examining evidence that the mastermind of a huge market for stolen credit and debit cards is a Romanian based in Russia. Information passed to the National Crime Agency and the FBI by The Times suggests that the individual behind Bestvalid.cc, the illegal card-trading website exposed by this newspaper on Saturday, has accidentally posted identifying details online. List over one million stolen credit and debit cards from 400,000 Americans. thetimes.co.uk

Study: IT Professionals Overconfident in Cyber Attack Detection
The majority of the respondents displayed high levels of confidence in their ability to detect a data breach even though they were unsure how long it would take automated tools to discover key indicators of compromise. For example, when asked how long it would take automated tools to detect unauthorized configuration changes to an endpoint on their organizations' networks, 67 percent only had a general idea, were unsure or did not use automated tools. However, when asked how long it would take to detect a configuration change to an endpoint on their organizations' networks, 71 percent believed it would happen within minutes or hours. Configuration changes are a hallmark of malicious covert activity. businesswire.com



S-TRON's Military Leadership - "Failure Is Not an Option"

At S-TRON, military leadership has been found to not only bring success but also create an atmosphere of true partnership with customers across the country.

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK - S-TRON, one of the nation's leading full-service security providers to national retailers, has intentionally based its business model on military leadership qualities since the beginning. This leadership starts at the top with CEO Steven Dunn (right), who while serving in the Navy received the Expeditionary Force Award for being part of a multinational peacekeeping force in the Beirut Lebanon war zone.

Pete Mattschull (left), S-TRON's President, decorated with the Navy Expedition Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and the Navy Achievement Medal has been a driving force at S-TRON since 2003.

Through rough seas and smooth sailing alike, Dunn and Mattschull have assembled an ever growing team of military veterans and highly skilled civilians that is second to none in the security industry. And because of this operational military environment, S-TRON customers enjoy Respect, Reliability and a high-level of Communication.

"No customer left behind" is not just the S-TRON mantra, Pete Mattschull says "it's our way of life".

S-TRON is an electronic security integrator for national and regional retailers with thousands of installation locations and headquarters in Plainview, New York. S-TRON provides outstanding customer service for national retail, grocery stores, restaurants and C-stores.

Solutions include:

Video Surveillance - Video beyond surveillance, S-TRON can implement a redundant video surveillance solution across all of your retail storefronts to aid in reducing shrink.

Access Control - Custom, scalable systems to control entrance, egress and critical areas.

Intrusion Detection - Active deterrence systems that provide the highest levels of security.

Business Intelligence - Go beyond just security! Improve efficiencies, increase marketing intelligence and provide operations with invaluable customer and staffing data all at the store level.

For more information, visit the company's website at: www.S-TRON.com.



Developing Future Leaders for Tomorrow's Challenges
History and Goals of the IOBSE

Keith White & Michael Nelson

Keith White, SVP Loss Prevention for Gap Inc., and Michael Nelson, Regional Dir. of LP for Kohl's, talk about the history and goals of the International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE). As the leading organization for minority security professionals, IOBSE is driven toward inspiring and encouraging young executives and college students to success in the security industry. Hear Keith talk about some of the IOBSE's success stories from over the years, while Michael tells us about the group's annual conference.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #12

Listen in on Amber Bradley and Hedgie Bartol's, LPQ, Business Development Manager, Retail, Axis Communications lighthearted discussion in this LPNN Quick Take. From sports talk to Amber and Joe's go to karaoke songs, this segment will have you laughing.

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The Future of Payments Security: 3 Predictions for Dramatic Change in 2016
Here are some top predictions for payments security, as well as the challenges and opportunities businesses will face this year as these predictions become reality.

EMV standards won't de-value PCI data for criminals.
Some believe that stolen PCI data will diminish in its black market value as EMV becomes widespread across U.S. retailers. Not so. EMV is purely designed to authenticate the payment card at the time of acceptance, but does not protect the sensitive PCI data as it is transmitted to the payment authorization network. EMV has a positive effect on payment fraud prevention, but does not address data security. Payment accepting businesses should strive to protect all sensitive data at the moment of acceptance.

Security of the data itself needs to be of equal, or greater, priority than EMV.
It is important to note the difference between data security and fraud prevention. EMV is designed to prevent fraud - fraudulent cards or fraudulent users of cards - from entering the system. Data security is the safe transmittal of accurate, valid payment information through the payment process. Despite the growth of EMV across the payment ecosystems of the world, data security projects need to be weighted at an equal or higher priority than EMV adoption, because financial and reputational impacts of data breaches are much more significant than that of individual fraud instances.

More businesses will want to know how the P2PE Validation Standard affects them.
It is anticipated that the businesses most interested in having solutions validated against this standard are those that offer merchant services to retailers, such as payment processors/acquirers and gateways. These businesses need a simple way to demonstrate that their P2PE solution(s) adhere to the PCI P2PE standard, which makes it easier to sell their services to retailers. Retailers can be confident that choosing a validated P2PE solution will remove sensitive PCI data from their payment acceptance environments, and help simplify the compliance process. paymentweek.com

Mobile banking is under scrutiny after UK bank customer loses his life savings in 'smishing' attack
UK banks and their customers have warned to be vigilant to a form of phishing known as 'smishing', which utilises SMS. According to figures from CMO Council almost two-thirds of adults utilise text messaging, and over 90% of all text messages are opened with 15 minutes of being received. Data thieves have already drained thousands of pounds from current accounts using the 'smishing' method by hijacking text message threads claiming to be from banks. It hit the news that one banking customer lost 22,700 pounds when frausters claiming to be from Santander sent a text alerting him to suspicious activity on his account. He called the number and spoke to fraudsters who asked him for a 'one-time password' and wiped out his account. With this specific wave of smishing attacks, hackers fool customers into downloading their malware by posing as a legitimate, unrelated app. The malware then takes over a legitimate SMS communication between the customer and their bank to socially engineer the customer into giving away their PII information and access their account. information-age.com



Alton, IL: Three Plead Guilty in Federal Court to Theft Ring;
Profits going to Ringleader in Mexico
Three men have pleaded guilty in connection with a major theft ring based in Madison County. The suspects were charged in federal court and admitted to their roles in using stolen credit card information from individuals and businesses to purchase merchandise, sell it below cost, and send the money to the ringleader in Mexico. Pleading guilty to participating in a stolen property ring are 58-year-old James Litchfield, owner of Big Jim's Autorama in Madison, his brother 37-year-old Ryan Litchfield of O'Fallon, Missouri, and 55-year-old Benedict Pellerito of Troy, Missouri. All three will be sentenced in June. Federal authorities allege the men worked with another suspect in the case, 42 year old Jason Parmeley of O'Fallon, Missouri, to use the stolen credit account information to purchase items from places like Lowe's, Home Depot, Menard's and rental stores. The items would then be sold for less, some through retail outlets and other items were sold on line. Authorities say some of the profits were then wired electronically to Parmeley who was in Mexico at the time. He has since been extradited to the U.S. and is in federal custody in Alabama on unrelated charges. Trial for the remaining defendants in the case is schedule for April 18. altondailynews.com

Police warn about organized retail crime
Police are warning New Hampshire retailers about the new ways criminals are targeting stores and customers. Investigators said criminals are using credit card skimmers and other technology in what police call organized retail crime. "It's essentially shoplifting," Tilton Police Chief Robert Cormier said. "And it's essentially crossing into identity theft cases and other sorts of compromises on credit card information phone scams. It's all starting to interconnect now." Police held a seminar Friday on how retailers can protect themselves from being victims. "What we're trying to do is create awareness that it's out there, where we're seeing it and also keep the public informed, and educate the public, as well, to be a little bit diligent," Cormier said. wmur.com

DeWitt, NY: Police trying to ID suspects in $4,600 JC Penney theft
DeWitt Police are trying to identify two suspects who they believe worked with others to steal $4,661 in merchandise from the JC Penney store at ShoppingTown Mall. Police say four males - including two who were caught on camera - entered the store on Feb. 1 around 4:19 p.m. According to police, one suspect who was wearing a Superman sweatshirt on camera went into a fitting room. A three other men reportedly grabbed merchandise and handed it to the suspect in the fitting room. All four were then reportedly seen running out of the store with large, white bags full of merchandise. localsyr.com

Hialeah, FL: Cell Phone/ electronics Thieves seen on surveillance video at 3 stores
Four men were caught on camera carrying out three smash-and-grab robberies across Hialeah over the weekend, hauling away thousands of dollars worth of cellphones and other electronic equipment from three stores. A sledgehammer appears to be the destructive weapon in each case. sun-sentinel.com

Riverhead, NY: Two Women hit J. Crew in Tanger Outlets for $1,200 in merchandise
Two women removed $1,221 worth of women's clothing from the J. Crew store at Tanger Outlets about noon last Thursday and fled the area, police said. A store manager told police that she first noticed the items were missing about 1:30 p.m. and then reviewed the surveillance camera footage and saw the women stealing 17 pink shirts, 10 blue shirts and 10 pink and white shirts, according to police. timesreview.com

Lake Havasu, AZ: Woman, 24, arrested on Felony shoplifting charges, 7th offence in 2 years
Alina B. Click, 24, was arrested Friday in reference to a shoplifting incident that occurred nearly a week ago. Click allegedly attempted to abscond with items from Kmart without paying for them, and was located on Friday. Click was arrested without incident. Charges were upgraded to felony shoplifting when a criminal history report revealed that Click has been arrested in seven different shoplifting incidents, organized retail theft and identity theft within the past two years. havasunews.com

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Clarksdale, MS: Officer Shot Point-Blank in the Face after Grocery Store Robbery On Saturday night, a Mississippi police officer got shot point-blank in the face after grocery store robbery. Reportedly, Cpl. Derrick Couch of the Clarksdale Police Department was confronting one of the suspects when he was shot in the head. As of Monday morning, his condition remained critical. Doctors noted that the officer was shot in the eye and the bullet managed to reach the brain. The police said that CCTV cameras showed that there were two masked suspects. Both of them were recently arrested. One of the two was turned over to the police by his own father. All suspects and the wounded police officer are African-American. The police declined to identify the suspects. councilchronicle.com

Pine Bluff, AR: Officer shoots fleeing murder suspect outside Pines Mall
Arkansas State Police have taken over the investigation into the officer-involved shooting of a wanted murder suspect outside of a Pine Bluff mall Saturday night. Arkansas State Police said they've been asked to investigate the incident after Pine Bluff officers shot Markevious White outside of the mall around 7 p.m. Saturday, February 13. White was wanted out of Jefferson County for the 2013 murder of 24 year-old Terrance Brooks. When officers tried to arrest him Saturday night, White allegedly tried to strike at least one of the officers with his vehicle. thv11.com

Hollywood, FL: $500,000 in merchandise nabbed in Jewelry store heist
Police are searching for the man who, they said, robbed a jewelry store in Hollywood in broad daylight, taking off with about half a million dollars in merchandise, Sunday morning. According to Hollywood Police, the brazen Valentine's Day heist took place at O.F. Jewelers, just after 9 a.m., about an hour before the store was supposed to open for the holiday. Investigators said the suspect walked into the family-owned business wearing a ski mask. Police said he pistol-whipped one of the employees, then locked that person and another employee in the bathroom. wsvn.com

Bradley Co, TN: Texas Man Wanted In Connection To $10,000 Piggly Wiggly Burglary Police in Bradley County are looking for a man who they say... is connected to a break-in at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store back in January. Christopher Chambers of Mabank, Texas is wanted on charges of burglary and theft over $10,000 dollars. Police say when they got to the store last month, the found a large hole in the roof and a safe weighing several thousand pounds, gone. They later located the safe in the back of a stolen pickup but the contents inside were removed. It was later determined Chambers could be connected to a string of crimes stretching from Texas to Tennessee. newschannel9.com

'Diamond Diva' allegedly went through extensive 'training' before robbery spree
The "Diamond Diva" allegedly had extensive training before stealing over $4 million worth of jewels in a five-state series of armed robberies. Abigail Lee Kemp, 24, was arrested mid-January and is accused of carrying out six raids on jewelers across Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee since April 2015. But prior to starting her stint in crime, Kemp reportedly received extensive "training" in handling a handgun, the art of zip-tie restraint, code words and which items to steal. chron.com

Lubbock, TX: Big Credit Card Scheme Leads to Arrest
Four arrest warrants for one man were made public last week - all related to credit card fraud. Those warrants revealed 23 credit card victims, and one victim of witness tampering. Esvagui Rodriguez, 52, was arrested on January 26. In one of the four arrest warrants, a Lubbock police investigator wrote, "[The suspect] does not appear to be working alone and it is my belief that [the suspect] is part of a larger well-organized criminal operation." The investigator also wrote, "This belief is based on the quality and quantity of the forged cards, as well as the state-wide skimming of the victims' information." everythinglubbock.com

Portland, OR: Thieves brazenly take jewelry from store
The search is on for a brazen thief who stole hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry from a Southeast Portland small business. Security cameras inside Cactus, caught the thief's every move. Hatkin Seely said she noticed a few rings were missing from a tray last Friday. When she inspected the tray, she noticed the security strings used to prevent theft were snapped. The video shows the pair bought some small items. While the cashier was boxing the items, the woman browsed other items in the store. When she came across the rings, she broke the string with her bare hands and pocketed five rings. Hatkin Seely says the robbery happened just feet from the cashier. katu.com

Zales in the Opry Mills, Nashville, TN was the victim of a Grab & Run, merchandise valued at $12,965

Piercing Pagoda in the University Mall, South Burlington, VT was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/12, merchandise valued at $859

New Orleans, LA: Armed Robber points gun at Security Guard before fleeing Stein Mart in Uptown

New Orleans, LA: Five armed robberies reported in New Orleans in 12 hours over weekend, police say

Newark, NJ: 3 arrested, 1 remains at large in string of Atlantic City Armed Robberies

Calgary, AB, CN: Front-end loader used in Smash and Grab at a bank

UK: 10 Man team pulls a Burglary/ Smash & Grab at a Jeweler in Blackburn, England

UK: Oxford, England: Donations pour in for homeless woman after she foils robbery

Cape Town, South Africa: Shots fired in Mall during Jewelry Store Robbery; same shop hit 5 months ago

CVS - Mechanicsburg, PA - Armed Robbery
CVS - Hampden Twp, PA - Robbery
CVS - Valparaiso, IN - Robbery
CVS - Ventura, CA - Armed Robbery / 2 employees assaulted
Cactus - Portland, OR - Robbery
Dollar General - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Orlando, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Albany, GA - Armed Robbery / clerk shot
Family Pharmacy - Rocky Mount, VA - Robbery
General Store - Rabbit Hash, KY - Arson
O.F.Jewelers - Hollywood, FL - Armed Robbery
Stein Mart - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
Verizon - Douglas Co, GA - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Bradenton, FL - Robbery
Walgreens - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Dallas, TX - Shooting



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Anthony Williams
was recently promoted to Senior Director of Asset Protection for Walmart.

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When anyone goes for an interview you've got to play to win. You should not allow: any outside variable, any future promotion thoughts or promises, your guilt feelings towards your current employer or boss, your preconceived opinions of the possible future employer, or any miss-step in the process on the part of the future employer disrupt or impact your performance.

All interviews have long range implications on your career. The executives interviewing you are part of a community and you'll run into them again at another company. So if you do get involved and go for an interview, commit yourself all the way and play to win. It doesn't mean you've got to take the job. It just means you have to perform at 100%.

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Gus Downing

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