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 February 16, 2016


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John Voytilla, VP Global LP & Safety, Office Depot

New Perspectives
on the National Retail
Security Survey

Dr. Richard Hollinger, criminology professor at Univ. of Florida, lead author of the NRSS

Keys to Collaboration:
Building Effective Public-Private Sector Partnerships

Joe LaRocca, RetaiLPartners; Eric Ives, Unit Chief International ORC Task Forces, FBI; Cpt. John Romero and Det. Joe Hopkins, LAPD Commercial Crimes Division

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The GAP Outsmarts Organized Retail Crime

An Interview with Nelson Harrah, Director of ORC, Gap Inc. (PART 2)

By Amber Bradley

Nelson Harrah, GAP, Inc.'s Director of Organized Retail Crime (ORC) for the past 11 years is very proud of his team! This Loss Prevention Professional and his team have routinely dealt with violent habitual offenders to sophisticated ORC organizations, but what he is most proud of is the ORC training that he and his team have been able to provide for law enforcement.

National ORC Impact
Harrah's mentor, Joe LaRocca, has been on Capitol Hill from day one to lobby for resources to counteract ORC. The National Association of Bunco Investigators (NABI) is a national/international group of law enforcement officers that deals with professional shoplifters, criminal gypsies, and scam artists. The mission of this organization is to slow down the impact of transitory criminals.

At GAP, we have signed up to attend all the regional ORC conferences, Harrah explains. Each one is unique and adds major value to the conversation. But a national ORC organization might be able to connect everyone in a more systemic way. Some fear that there will be too many cooks in the kitchen; others say regional organizations might be the answer to the connectivity issue. Harrah thinks the best case scenario would be to have one national association where all of the regional ORCA's would feed their intelligence.

New Trends in the ORC World
Criminals have become more sophisticated, Harrah says. They are smart and dress to fit in. They can get in and out of the mall in 5 minutes and use lots of counter surveillance, including vehicles circling the parking lots staking out law enforcement. Criminals seem to have unlimited travel budgets and are going to remote markets where LP resources are scarce. On the law enforcement side, they are now doing courthouse surveillances. Harrah reports they go to their offenders' court hearings in plain clothes and follow them from court to their fencing operations to uncover other perpetrators. Harrah reminds others, GAP is an open book from which the industry can learn to combat this ORC issue. Harrah's team provides comprehensive training to a diverse audience. If more retailers moved toward prosecution, Harrah believes there would be better results in curtailing ORC activity. For a variety of reasons, many retailers do not file police reports or prosecute ORC actors and the bad guys know this. They intentionally target these businesses

Harrah is still worried about the safety aspect of ORC. He explains, "When we're working, we're in plain clothes and we rarely make the arrests ourselves because it's just not safe. However, there is always the risk that the bad guys will see you before you see them." The majority of our operations include undercover law enforcement. Major mall operations have included local PD, USSS, FBI, Postal Inspectors and District Attorney Investigators.

If he could be granted one wish, Harrah would love to have more federal attention on the ORC problem. More federal laws would provide much more of a deterrence for the criminal activity. Harrah closed with a profound statement, "We're never going to 'catch' our way out of ORC."

The D&D Daily and the Calibration Group thanks Nelson Harrah for his dedication to take on ORC and his continued zeal to help other organizations do the same.

Read the full article here Part 1 was published in yesterday's Daily.



Apollo to Buy ADT for $6.9B - Combine with Protection 1
Run Under ADT Nameplate

The ADT Corporation, which provides home and business security systems for 6.5 million customers, is being acquired by the private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $6.9 billion in the largest leveraged buyout so far this year.

Apollo intends to merge ADT with Protection 1 and ASG Security, two other security companies that the firm concurrently agreed to purchase in May, although they will all operate under the ADT name. The combined company would create pro forma annual revenue surpassing $4.2 billion.

Combining ADT with Protection 1 will bring large cost synergies, Cetingok estimated there is "north of $500 million in corporate overhead [that could be cut] at ADT, not to mention the branch network. There is a ton of overlap in the branches. There are clearly cost synergies there as well."

The combined company is expected to generate $318 million in RMR and have more than $4.2 billion in annual revenues. Cetingok called the task of combining Protection 1 and ADT "a bigger lift than anyone has ever done before" but noted that Tim Whall "has proven time and time again his ability to do this. ... Creating operational efficiencies is Tim and Protection 1’s core competency. I wouldn’t bet against them." nytimes.com securitysystemsnews.com

The ADT Corporation Agrees To Be Acquired By Apollo Global Management, LLC
Protection 1 CEO Timothy Wall to run combined business

The ADT Corporation a leading provider of monitored security, interactive home and business automation and related monitoring services in the United States and Canada, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by an affiliate of certain funds managed by Apollo Global Management and co-investors and merged with a subsidiary of Prime Security Services Borrower, LLC (with its subsidiaries, "Protection 1"), a leading full-service business and home security company in the United States also owned by the Apollo Funds, for $42.00 per share in cash.

"The combined company will be a market leader with a powerful brand and scale resulting in an enhanced overall customer experience," said Timothy J. Whall, President and CEO of Protection 1, who will be the CEO of the combined business following the closing of the transaction. "In addition, Protection 1’s robust commercial presence will speed ADT’s expansion into the commercial sector supported by increasing commercial sales and technical skills across a well matched national footprint." See full press release below. adt.com

Regional grocer fights crime and poor service
Tops Markets, a 167-unit supermarket chain based in Williamsville, New York, is leveraging advanced analytics to transform both its loss prevention and customer service efforts.

Tops is utilizing the sales module from analytics provider Profitect to supplement legacy reporting approaches for improved sales, reduced costs and enhanced customer experience. Profitect integrated Tops' legacy POS data to identify shrink the retailer had previously missed. In addition, merchandisers were provided with category management analytics to identify product and store performance opportunities. chainstoreage.com

Federal Government Does Not Have Standards for Employers on Active Shooters
OSHA - "There are currently no specific standards for workplace violence."

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), employers are required to provide a workplace "free from recognizable hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious harm to employees." The rule means many bosses need a violence prevention plan if there had been a foreseeable threat at work. Two common examples of such a threat would be: a domestic violence situation that threatens to enter the office, or a disgruntled employee who has said something that raises concern.

The federal government does not lay out any specific examples of what to do in response to these threats. OSHA makes that explicit on its website: "There are currently no specific standards for workplace violence." oshatoday.com

Fewer Than Half of U.S. Employers Offer Support Following Workplace Trauma
Layoffs and workplace violence top list - most stressful events facing U.S. employees

U.S. companies spend billions each year to provide wellness initiatives, employee assistance programs and flexible working arrangements for their employees. But according to the results of a new national poll measuring the impact of traumatic workplace events, most employers fall short of providing emotional support for their employees when it's most needed most.

The poll found that 53 percent working Americans have experienced a traumatic event while on the job. But among those, less than half (46 percent) said their employer offered any type of support to help them grieve, cope or recover in the aftermath. At the same time, two-thirds of employees (67 percent) responded that counseling or emotional support from their employer following a traumatic or tragic workplace event is something they would consider a valuable benefit.

The poll asked respondents to rank the workplace events that caused the most trauma, stress and anxiety. The top four are as follows:

1. Employer announcing layoffs/job losses (28 percent)
2. Workplace violence/criminal activity in the community (25 percent)
3. Death of a colleague/co-worker (19 percent)
4. Natural disaster impacting the workplace (14 percent)

Women ranked workplace violence/criminal activity in the community in the top spot on this list (31 percent compared to 18 percent for men). Men ranked death of a colleague/co-worker second among these choices (24 percent compared to 15 percent for women). Millennials, defined here as employees age 18 to 29, reported that an employer announcing layoffs/job losses was far and away the most traumatic of these events - 51 percent ranked it in the top spot.

When people need help and support the most, they remember if they get it, she explained, adding, "When they don't, well, they remember that, too." ehstoday.com

Abingdon, MD: Panera Reopens After Fatal Shooting Of 2 Deputies; Support of Local Law Enforcement
Panera restaurant where a deputy was shot and killed last week reopened Tuesday with the support of local law enforcement. Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler visited the Panera Tuesday morning to support the store and thank employees Monday, hundreds paid respect to Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey, who was shot inside the eatery after he approached 68-year-old David Evans, who was wanted in Harford County. After shooting Dailey, Evans fled and then fatally shot Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon before he, too, was shot and killed by other deputies. cbslocal.com

U.S. cargo thefts in 2015 drop 6% in volume and 21% in value compared to 2014: FreightWatch International
FreightWatch International (FWI) recorded 754 cargo thefts throughout the United States in 2015, representing a 6% drop in volume and a 21% decrease in value when compared to 2014. The average value of these thefts was US$184,101.

Although the total number of incidents fell, the threat of cargo theft continues to grow in the United States due to increased organization and innovation on the part of cargo thieves, as they broaden their geographical areas of operation and improve their methods to avoid detection and capture."

In 2015, 74% of all thefts in the U.S. occurred in the top five states - California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Georgia. California, logging 19% of total theft for the year, experienced a 5% drop in cargo theft volume over 2014, but reclaimed the top spot from Florida who last year claimed 21% of thefts and the top spot.

In terms of the most stolen products, for the sixth consecutive year, "food and drinks" was the product type most often stolen, accounting for 24% of all reported cargo theft. Electronics, currently in second place after recording 15% of total thefts, had been on the rise for several years, but logged a decrease of 6% compared to 2014. Maintaining third position was "home and garden," logging 12% of thefts last year.  canadianunderwriter.ca

January Tourist Spending in France Down 20.8%
French Attacks Curb Tourist Spending in Europe

Global tourism spending rose 3 percent, the weakest monthly increase since August 2014. Spending by Chinese tourists increased 11 percent in January - a slowdown versus December and also the weakest result since August 2014. Suggesting the terror attacks in Paris last November have had a sobering effect, Chinese spending in Europe declined 12.9 percent.

The impact of the Paris attacks seems to be intensifying, with November spending falling 2.6 percent in November, 8.3 percent in December and 20.8 percent in January, according to Global Blue, which now releases data by country.
"All other countries in the region have also seen a decrease in traffic since November 2015, which aligns with the comments made by tour operators and the brands stating that tourists have diverted travel away from Europe on the back of terror threats," the report said.

Tourism can account for as much as 70 percent of sales for European luxury firms such as Ferragamo, Richemont and Prada, Barclays noted.

Editors Note:  With NYC so dependent on tourism spending and especially the Chinese tourist, one has to wonder how it impacted January sales. Last Quarter Lundgren mentioned it in his quarterly sales call with Wall Street. If these numbers hold true in the U.S. we have a real problem brewing for the first quarter for the luxury retailers and the department stores. Which may even lead to more layoffs in April - May. wwd.com

Kroger eyes takeover of The Fresh Market chain for $1.4 Billion
Not counting acquisitions, Kroger has notched a stunning 12 straight years of growing sales at its nearly 2,800 stores. But now, thanks to its financial strength, the Cincinnati-based supermarket giant is growing increasingly by taking over rivals too. This week, Kroger was named as a potential suitor for struggling upscale grocer. The Fresh Market, a Greensboro, North Carolina-based company that has been shopping itself around for sale since fall. Besides a handful of private equity firms, Kroger is only industry player viable to make the deal, which could run about $1.4 billion. cincinnati.com

Big Chill May Have Benefited Retailers
Everybody Rushed Inside to Buy Winter Apparel
Gold, who visited the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania, noted that February isn't the highest-volume month of the year. Yet the center "was crowded to the point where it looked like Christmas. It was a great week to clear winter-related items. A bunch of apparel specialty stores had ample inventory of winter products."  wwd.com

South Africa: Transnet National Ports Authority introduces state-of-the-art $53 Million Port Security System
In a statement, TNPA said the $53 Million systems would help safeguard customer cargo, port users, as well as Transnet's own port assets, staff and contractors. The newly-renovated control room, which is located at the Port of Durban, went live on February 12. The CCTV system is integrated between all port sites, as well as the head office, in order to give a bird's eye view of the port security environment. It comprises of 2,100 high definition cameras across the various sites, which is more than double the previous 864, as well as long range cameras to monitor all port channel entrances and outer anchorage's. sabc.co.za

Police blame Prop 47 for Rise in Violence: Shoplifters caught on camera assaulting JC Penney LP Agent in Fresno, CA
A couple of shoplifters were caught on camera assaulting a JC Penney LP who tried to stop them. Fresno police say this type of crime is on the rise and Prop 47 is making it tough to keep small time thieves off the street. Surveillance cameras captured a struggle inside the Fashion Fair Mall. Fists were flying, clothes were knocked off the racks and the violence, police say, turned a petty theft into a robbery. It started in the Sephora section of the JCP store. Two women appeared to be looking at make-up. The cameras followed one of them testing products, walking away and slipping them into her purse. Employees caught up with the women near the exit. One was punched from behind and bit, according to police-- all for roughly $200 worth of makeup.

Sgt. Hudson says it's one of three separate robberies from last week where employees were threatened-- even worse, he says, this type of crime is up 42 percent from last year and he blames Prop 47. "Now, with prop 47 being the law, we're not able to arrest people for burglary," Sgt. Hudson said. abc30.com

Jos. A. Bank down 31.9% in same-store sales Q4 - details due March 9

Burberry, Children's Place Sued Over Sham Outlet Prices

Uniqlo brings hijab line to the U.S.

Nation's favorite fashion retailers
3-H&M and Ross Dress for Less Tied

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
The Tile Shop Q4 comp's up 9.8% with net sales up 13.5%
Genuine Parts Company Q4 automotive group down 2% with sales down 4%
bebe stores Q2 comp's down 2.5% with net sales down 5%
Build-A-Bear Q4 comp's down 5.6%

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The Great EMV Fake-Out: No Chip For You!
Only One in Five Retailers Accept Chip Cards

Few retailers actually allow chip transactions: Most are still asking customers to swipe the stripe instead of dip the chip.

Many merchants are taking a wait-and-see approach on enabling chip card transactions. Some merchants - particularly the larger ones - want to turn the often painful experience of training customers how to use the chip cards and terminals into someone else's problem. "They see [chip cards] as just slowing down lines and chose to wait until consumers learned what to do - and do it quickly - at someone else's store," Weinberg wrote.

Many of the POS systems weren't ready and "Even if the software was ahead of the game, they faced long certification queues at many acquirers," Weinberg wrote. "I believe this is going to be a problem for a while."

Only 50% will be ready by years end. With smaller merchants who will put off as long as they can the expensive software and hardware upgrades for accepting chip transactions.

The process of merchants shifting to all-EMV transactions is still going to take several more years.

Plenty of smaller merchants could soon get hit with a wave of chargebacks from unscrupulous people abusing the liability shift at merchants that still don't offer the chip dip.

When this first wave of chargebacks starts hitting next month, things are really going to ramp up for EMV adoption by smaller merchants here in the U.S.  It just takes one chargeback for those [smaller merchants] to get religion on EMV."

"If anything, consumers are getting pissed off at how many more seconds it takes to do chip card transactions," which require the consumer to keep the card inserted into the card terminal until the transaction comes back as approved, Weinberg said. "We Americans care more about convenience than we do about security." krebsonsecurity.com

Mobile app, wallet security top of mind for retailers
When it comes to mobile app and mobile wallet payment solutions nearly three quarters of retailers are most concerned with security features. The research insight from ACI Worldwide showed payment security was cited by 72 percent of retailers polled, with integrated loyalty options coming in second place with 71 percent, and seamless ordering, 55 percent, as the third of the top three features wanted in mobile apps.

With regard to mobile wallet technology, 75 percent of respondents highlighted payment security as the most important feature, followed by integrated loyalty/rewards (55 percent) and mobile ordering (46 percent).  retailcustomerexperience.com

Survey Finds Lack of Consensus on Cybersecurity Accountability
Results from a new study by Palo Alto Networks have revealed there is still plenty of work to be done within organizations when it comes to working collaboratively and sharing responsibility to prevent data breaches.

According to the survey, nearly half (46%) of 765 business decision-makers believe that responsibility for protecting an organization from cyber-crime lies solely with the IT department. Interestingly, more than half (57%) of those working in IT agreed, stating they hold sole domain over a company's security. infosecurity-magazine.com



The ADT Corporation Agrees To Be Acquired By An Affiliate of Certain Funds Managed By Affiliates of Apollo Global Management, LLC For $42.00 Per Share In An All Cash Transaction

Transaction Delivers Significant Value to The ADT Corporation Stockholders and Provides Path for Future Growth of the Businesses Through the Combination of ADT and Protection 1

Acquisition Represents Premium of 56% Over Closing Stock Price

CHICAGO, NEW YORK and BOCA RATON, Fla. - Feb. 16, 2016 - The ADT Corporation (NYSE:ADT) ("ADT"), a leading provider of monitored security, interactive home and business automation and related monitoring services in the United States and Canada, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by an affiliate of certain funds (the "Apollo Funds") managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management, LLC (NYSE:APO) (together with its consolidated subsidiaries, "Apollo") and co-investors and merged with a subsidiary of Prime Security Services Borrower, LLC (with its subsidiaries, "Protection 1"), a leading full-service business and home security company in the United States also owned by the Apollo Funds, for $42.00 per share in cash. The purchase price represents a premium of approximately 56% over ADT's closing share price on February 12, 2016 and, when combined with Protection 1, represents an aggregate transaction value of approximately $15 billion. The headquarters of the combined company will remain in Boca Raton, FL, and the combined company will operate primarily under the ADT brand.

"This transaction represents a highly attractive premium for ADT's shareholders," said Naren Gursahaney, President and CEO of ADT. "We're proud to have strengthened the quality of our customer base, improved service and retention, and extended our leadership in innovative solutions such as our ADT Pulse platform and our new Security-as-a-Service offering, ADT Canopy. By combining Protection 1 with ADT, we will be better positioned to expand the breadth and depth of the services we offer to our customers throughout the United States and Canada."

"The combined company will be a market leader with a powerful brand and scale resulting in an enhanced overall customer experience," said Timothy J. Whall, President and CEO of Protection 1, who will be the CEO of the combined business following the closing of the transaction. "In addition, Protection 1's robust commercial presence will speed ADT's expansion into the commercial sector supported by increasing commercial sales and technical skills across a well matched national footprint."

"We are tremendously excited by this unique opportunity to combine two premier businesses," said Marc Becker, Senior Partner at Apollo. "This transaction provides the opportunity to dramatically enhance our position in the large, fragmented and growing residential and business interactive electronic monitoring industry. Pro forma for the transaction, the newly created company will generate a combined $318 million in recurring monthly revenue and total annual revenue in excess of $4.2 billion, placing the businesses in a strong position to drive innovation and to capitalize on growth opportunities in the future."

The Board of Directors of ADT unanimously approved the transaction. The acquisition of ADT is expected to be completed by June 2016. The transaction is subject to the conclusion of the applicable antitrust waiting periods in the United States and Canada, ADT stockholder approval and other customary closing conditions.

Read more here.



Leading the way with higher education - Northern Michigan University

Dan Faketty & Professor Bob Hanson

Dan Faketty, VP of Asset Protection for Bi-Lo Holdings, and Bob Hanson, Professor and LP Coordinator for Northern Michigan University, discuss the importance of education in Loss Prevention and the development of executives throughout their careers. Dan talks about the objectives and initiatives of the NRF's Education Committee, for which he is acting chairman. While Professor Hanson tells us about the highly successful LP program he's led at NMU over the years and how it has added value to the industry.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #13

In this LPNN Quick Take, hear from Joe LaRocca and Co-MC Ed Wolfe, VP Business Development Manager for WG Security Products. Listen in as Co-MC Ed Wolfe, who has many years in the retail industry, speaks about working with service providers and WG. He discusses what makes WG different. Ed also gives his take on the future and what WG will be working on. Lastly, Ed offers his advice to someone considering going into a different line of work in retail.

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Take the 2016 Mobile Payments and Fraud Survey -
You could win one of five Apple Watch Sports
The 2015 Mobile Payments and Fraud Report brought to light the fact that more than 43% of merchants think mobile is far riskier or somewhat risker than conventional eCommerce[2]. With the substantial growth in mobile commerce, the evolving mobile wallet space, and the notable increase in fraud attempts, merchants will find themselves focusing on mobile payments and their risk tolerance more than ever before. But what tactics are your colleagues in the industry using to detect mobile fraud?

Join thousands of merchants and business insiders who will play a leading role in expanding industry knowledge about mobile commerce. Take the 2016 Mobile Payments and Fraud Survey now to receive an advance copy of the results and contribute to numerous key insights including:

● How the mobile channel adds value
● Greatest concerns with mobile commerce
● Fraud risk in the mobile channel
● Recent changes in mobile wallets
● Obstacles to adoption of mobile commerce

E-commerce trends dictate whether retailers will sink or swim
This is the year that key digital trends could separate the men from the boys. Apparel and accessories is the second-fastest-growing category for online shopping.

According to the ChannelAdvisor 2015 Online Retail Survey, more than 70 percent of U.S. retailers said Amazon generates the greatest sales volume for their products. By as early as 2017, sales from Amazon's clothing segment are expected to propel the company to the top apparel seller in the U.S. wwd.com

PayPal makes digital purchases even easier
The new PayPal Commerce service, currently running in closed beta, allows retailers to embed buy buttons into any digital format they choose. This includes blogs, emails, online ads, apps, and social shares. PayPal Commerce is based on a set of open application program interfaces (APIs) and also offers a software developer kit (SDK), making it platform-agnostic and fully embeddable. PayPal is attempting to reach consumers for impulse buys at the initial point of engagement - promotional communications and/or mobile app experiences. chainstoreage.com

Incentivizing the tipping point of mobile payment adoption
Smartphones are already in-hand during the shopping experience. Ninety-six percent of Americans use their mobile device to find better retail bargains (according to Shopular), and 560 million people redeemed mobile coupons in 2014, according to research house Juniper. To drive behavioral change from long held norms, people often have to be incentivized. That means building better merchant relationships - not just for payment acceptance, but also offers, loyalty program integration, beacon push and pull data, and the other aspects of what makes for great customer experiences. It means leveraging spending data - collected in large part by those loyalty programs and coupons - to serve up valuable offers and content. The tipping point for mobile payment adoption is when we begin to focus on "What's in it For Them?" mobilepaymentstoday



Denver, CO: Store owner: Couple stole $20,000 in clothes from 2 shops in just over an hour
The owner of MAX Clothing Stores says a couple stole more than $20,000 worth of clothing from two different shops in just over an hour. The man and woman hit the store in Boulder on Saturday and then hit the store in Cherry Creek North about an hour later, according to owner Scott Seale. Security cameras captured images of the man shoving items under his puffy coat in the Cherry Creek North location. The owner said the couple stole all "high-ticket items." "The suspects are sophisticated, shuffling merchandise between and within clothing racks, queuing each other, distracting salespeople, blocking views, etc.," Seale said. thedenverchannel.com

Centerville, MD: Four Women charged in $7,000 Queenstown Outlet
shoplifting spree
Four local women have been charged in connection to a series of shoplifting incidents in December at Queenstown Premium Outlets. Maryland State Police, Centreville, became aware of a group of females shoplifting from the Outlets Dec. 14. During the course of a month-long investigation, police found the suspects were shoplifting from numerous stores and would later return the stolen items in exchange for merchandise gift cards, which were then pawned at local pawn shops. The stores identified in the theft investigation included Under Armour, Adidas, Reebok, PacSun, Aeropostle, Guess and Bath and Body Works. With the assistance of loss prevention units and store managers, police determined the value of the stolen property was more than $7,000. myeasternshoremd.com

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Lord & Taylor Distribution Center employee
faces theft charges
An employee at the Lord & Taylor distribution center used credit card information of customers to make unauthorized purchases, police said Monday. The worker also reduced prices on merchandise without permission, the total value of the theft was $1,244. The employee will be charged after the investigation is completion. citizensvoice.com

Tilton, NH: New Hampshire Retail Assoc. and Local Police focused on ORC
Next time you let a sales receipt blow away in a store parking lot, you might unwittingly be helping an organized retail crime ring fund its drug operations. Those rings, often from other states, collect those discarded receipts, go into that store, gather items on the receipt and then take them to the return counter to get handed cash, according to Tilton police detective Nathan Buffington. unionleader.com

Broken Arrow, OK: Couple arrested for stealing $400 breast pump from Target; attempted return

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Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!

Jackson, MS: Cashier Shoots and Kills man inside Rite Aid
A 29-year-old cashier is accused of fatally shooting a man inside a Rite Aid in Jackson, police said. Surveillance video of the shooting, which was reported about 8 p.m. Sunday at the store, led to a murder charge against Eleysia Perkins. She is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. Perkins is accused of getting a gun from the back of the store and then shooting the man, who has not been identified, as he was leaving the store, police said. The man was shot several times in the face, according to investigators. Police said there is evidence of an earlier fight between Perkins and the man. wapt.com

Guam: Home Depot Employee Arrested for Bomb Threat Made to Store
Home Depot employee has been charged with Terroristic Conduct for allegedly leaving bomb threats in the store's restroom. Guam Police Department officers were called over the weekend to pick up 32-year-old Gregory Vincent Acosta, who the store's Loss Prevention Division said, was responsible for a written bomb threat made on January 31st. A written confession was obtained by police for the January 31st bomb scare, but Acosta didn't admit to the other bomb threats made to Home Depot. According to a Loss Prevention employee, Acosta was the first one to report both bomb threats. However, Acosta said he was "coaxed" into writing the confession. pacificnewscenter.com

Ochelata, OK: Walmart Trucks Shot at On Highway 75 In Tulsa County
Washington County Sheriff's deputies received more reports of Walmart trucks hit by bullets late Monday on Highway 75. Undersheriff Steve Johnson says several trucks arrived at the Walmart distribution center near Ochelata early Tuesday with bullet holes. He says they are working with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, but it appears the trucks were struck by bullets as they headed north on Highway 75 between 106th Street North and Highway 20 in Tulsa County. In addition, a Bartlesville Police also took a report of a truck struck by bullets after a driver made it to the Bartlesville Walmart store. The driver got to the store and when he checked his trailer, he found three bullet holes. A police report indicated all of the shots appeared to have come from the west side of Highway 75. newson6.com

Orange Park, FL: Donations stolen from hospice charity's thrift store
Donations that benefit a nonprofit hospice organization are being stolen right off the charity's doorstep. The Community Hospice Thrift Shop is located on a busy stretch of Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park, with surveillance cameras clearly in sight. Those cameras recently caught two women walking up to the thrift store and apparently taking what they wanted from a pile of donations that had been dropped off. A thrift store employee said the donated items are sold to fund the hospice organization, and that wasn't the first time items were taken. news4jax.com

Australia: Police seize meth-filled bras in $712 Million Drug Bust
Australian police discovered millions of dollars worth of methamphetamine hidden inside a shipment of bras, part of what they said Monday was the country's biggest ever drugs bust. Officers found more than $712 million (Aus $1 billion) of the lethally-addictive drug, also known as ice, in a series of raids. More than a quarter of the stash was hidden in gel inserts used as padding for women's underwear. Australian Federal Police Commander Chris Sheehan said the sting began in December 2015 when the Australian Border Force examined a shipping container in Sydney. "That shipping container was found to contain gel bra inserts and hidden inside those gel bra inserts was 50 gallons of liquid methamphetamine," he said. The seizure was referred to the Australian Federal Police who began an investigation that found a further 530 litres of the drug in storage units being used for art supplies. Three Hong Kongers and a Chinese national were arrested during the joint operation with China, which Justice Minister Michael Keenan described as the largest seizure of liquid methamphetamine in Australian history. businessinsider.com

Salinas, CA: Man sought for assaulting Loss Prevention at CVS

Distinctively dressed robber wields shotgun, hits stores in 3 cities

Cleveland, OH: SWAT Team called in for shots fired at Warehouse District clothing store

Albuquerque, NM: Bomb on Rental Car Disarmed at Albuquerque Airport

Kansas City, MO: Ten Armed Robberies at Subway stores in the last 30 days

Sunbury, PA: Valero Store Manager has waited 2 years for resolution in $8,000 Employee Theft case

Laredo, TX: Walmart Employee busted for $4,400 cash theft

San Diego, CA: Female Customer Unhappy With Haircut 'Goes Back To Shoot Barber', gun jams

Boost Mobile - Houston, TX - Robbery
Boost Mobile - Shreveport, LA - Armed Robbery
BP - Virginia Beach, VA - Armed Robbery
Cash America - Atlanta, GA - Robbery
Citgo - Virginia Beach, VA - Armed Robbery
Cricket - Houston, TX - Robbery
CVS - Salinas, CA - Robbery/ Assault
D-Mart - Salisbury, NC - Robbery
Dollar General - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Great Clips - Chillicothe, OH - Burglary
Greenwood Pharmacy - Waterloo, IA - Armed Robbery
J&R Auto - Laredo, TX - Employee Theft
South End - Springfield, MA - Armed Robbery
Subway - Kansas City, MO - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Lincoln, NE - Robbery
Walgreens - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Kissimmee, FL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Virginia Beach, VA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Simi Valley, CA - Armed Robbery / Kidnapping



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How to Boost Your Constructive Criticism Skills  Giving feedback requires a delicate balance between being firm yet positive.  You want your message to be heard, and acted upon, so use these tips to deliver quality and honest feedback to your team. Watch word choice

How to Relay Tough Feedback
When asked for advice, leaders sometimes encounter the fact that the feedback they have to provide is maybe not what the person wants to hear. How can you give constructive criticism without jeopardizing a relationship with that individual? Listen first, respond after

Tips for Managers on Giving Feedback to Employees  Giving employees feedback can be a difficult task. There's a lot of questions that come into play including what kind of feedback to give, and when to give it, but using these tips can help make the task less stressful. Think it out

How to Get Better at Receiving Feedback  Someone can give feedback effectively, but if the receiver isn't willing to listen, or can't handle it, it does no good for either party. If your first instinct is to fight back when we hear negative feedback, here are some tips to help you hear it out. Take it one comment at a time

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The "rumor mill" is a very treacherous and unforgiving world of fact and fiction that at times is filled with innuendos, accusations, untruths, and whatever gets added to the information being talked about regarding companies and people. Participating in it is human nature and we all know third-party information leaves a lot to be desired. So the rule of thumb should be to be cautious about believing, try not to form an opinion until you've heard both sides, understand the agendas that everyone has, and most importantly be careful about what you say.

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Gus Downing

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