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February 18, 2014


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Malcolm Beckwith
was named Director Loss Prevention Distribution Services for Ross Stores.  Malcolm has been with Ross Stores for six years, and before that he was the CEO/President for Beckwith & Associates Executive Search. Malcolm was also part of the loss prevention team for Sears as their Director of Loss Prevention, and for TJX Corporation as their AVP Loss Prevention. He earned his Bachelor's of Arts degree in Management and Human Resources from Trevecca Nazarene University. Congratulations Malcolm!

RFID technology in retail - reducing out-of-stocks
US-based fashion retailer American Apparel has reported a significant sales increase at its stores that have implemented RFID technology, according to RFID solutions provider Nordic ID. Their VP of Technology has suggested that the technology has reduced out-of-stocks and improve sales staff availability on the shop floor. Over the last two years, American Apparel has been rolling out the technology across its global network of stores, and it comes at a time when many industry analysts are expecting RFID to become a major area of investment for the wider retail industry. From the retailers point of view RFID brings many benefits such as reliable and more accurate inventory records. Reduced stock out meaning when a customer comes in to buy an item – you have it for sale! Click & collect that works – meaning that you don’t have to ship stock in to meet orders and you can identify them in your store and then pick their order instantly meaning no waiting for the customer who has turned up to collect their order. The benefits list goes on but all RFID benefits will have an efficiency saving which brings costs savings and also a better customer experience. (Source

The first thing a hacker does is look at who you do business with - the weakest link is your third party providers according to experts  Digital links with suppliers, contractors or consultants are essential to run a complex business Relevant Products/Services in the Internet age. Yet, even as companies spend millions to bolster the security of their networks, the access vendors are given doesn't get nearly enough attention, several information security professionals say. Given that the typical Fortune 1000 company likely has thousands of active suppliers, hackers have plenty of ways to infiltrate. Security pros consider the supply chain a critical security risk -- ranking with the classic employee insider attack Relevant Products/Services and the traditional hack, where an outsider ferrets a hole in a company's firewall. (Source

What retailers need to know about iBeacon
Released as part of Apples’ iOS 7 launch last year, iBeacon is a positioning system that takes advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters or beacons (also known as Bluetooth Smart) to enable an iOS device or other hardware to send notifications to iOS devices nearby. By implementing inexpensive beacons (currently selling at three for $99), retailers gain access to a low-maintenance option to provide information directly to a customer’s mobile device, assisting the shopping experience while driving them toward a purchase. iBeacon and technologies like it can help bridge the gap between a consumer’s mobile and real-world experiences. By leveraging iBeacon, retailers could combat the problem of “showrooming” where customers visit a store to view merchandise but make a purchase from a competitive online retailer — a frequent activity of mobile-equipped shoppers. Down the road, iBeacon could enable mobile payments at the point of sale (POS) where customers don’t need to remove their wallet or card to make a payment. It’s important to note that iBeacon is not the only technology solution that enables “proximity marketing.” Other companies like Estimote, Stick N’ Find, and Qualcomm’s Gimble are essentially all competing within the same space: to reach the mobile shopper. (Source

Law: Stores Must Install Surveillance, Give Law Enforcement Access in White Plains, N.Y.  According to a new local law, businesses in White Plains, N.Y., are now required to record quality video of patrons and provide that recording to police on demand. The law was passed last week unanimously by the Common Council, requiring certain merchants to install and maintain digital video camera systems to view and record quality video of everyone who enters. According to Public Safety Commissioner David Chong, the purpose of the ordinance is to improve public safety and security by deterring individuals from committing crimes, as well as to assist law enforcement in identifying violators. The ordinance affects pharmacies, any business licensed to sell alcohol, pawn shops, licensed secondhand dealers who buy and sell precious metals, check-cashing businesses, and businesses open between midnight and 4 a.m. Business owners who do not comply can be jailed for up to 15 days and fined a maximum of $250 per day until the cameras are up and running, USA Today reports. The ordinance is scheduled to take effect in February 2015. (Source

Akron, OH., implements alarm verification policy
A new policy set to take effect here in March requires security alarms to verify criminal activity prior to police response. Like similar actions in other cities, the policy has its camps of proponents and detractors, and its reception puts into sharp relief some competing philosophies about how to manage false alarms and provide the most effective strategies for response. The policy in Akron, implemented by the city’s police department, was put in place to address a 98 percent false alarm rate. In the policy, the basic criteria for what qualifies as a verified alarm include confirmation of an intrusion or attempted intrusion by a security agency representative; visual account from a neighbor or owner of an intrusion occurring; live video depicting an intrusion; live reliable audio confirming an intrusion is occurring; and a perimeter alarm breach in conjunction with an internal motion detector breach. (Source

MONKEETECH Files U.S. Utility Patent for Its Point-of-Sale Security Swipe System  The Security Swipe System is designed to curtail credit and debit card fraud at point-of-sale checkout stations. The System incorporates SMS text technology and advanced digital camera functionality to alert cardholders of attempted use of their debit or credit card and signals an advanced digital camera to capture and time stamp clear photographic evidence of the attempted credit or debit card payment transaction at the retailer's checkout station. "The Security Swipe System is specifically designed to act as a deterrent to any would be perpetrator of credit or debit card fraud at point-of-sale by memorializing the entire fraudulent payment transaction, including clear photographic evidence of the would be perpetrator for use in future prosecution and future identification by in-house security." (Source

NYPD Begins Field-Testing Google Glass and LAPD has applied to test it
Police departments throughout the U.S. are considering whether to equip their officers with Google Glass. New York City Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton confirmed the department is already using the smart glasses during a news conference this month. "We're in the process of field-testing that technology in a variety of circumstances, seeing where -- if useful -- where it might be most useful, most beneficial," he said. The Los Angeles Police Department also applied to be Google Explorers, said police Sgt. Dan Gomez, who oversees the Tactical Technology Section for LAPD. "We are looking to see how it could work and that doesn't mean it will be used for patrol," he said. "It could be used for other purposes, but it's hard to say what we would do without having it," Gomez said. Eric Farris, a police sergeant with the Byron, Ga., police department has tested Glass and said he thinks it could serve as a tool to solve investigations. The San Francisco Police Department is in the process of outfitting its plainclothes officers with body cameras and won't rule out Glass just yet. (Source

Michigan lawmakers introduce bill to require training for security guards in wake of Northland Center death Jan 28th.

Half of $12 billion in annual credit-card fraud occurs in the U.S.

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"North America's Conversion to IP" - (1:49:33)
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Merchants feel let down by e-commerce tech - survey
Retailers keen to get on board the e-commerce express are finding their efforts being consistently held up by a range of products failing to provide the promised functionality improvements to their website. That's a key conclusion from a survey carried out by digital trends-watchers at Econsultancy. Companies that took part in a poll for the site said they were unhappy with "critical areas of functionality such as site search, product management, SEO and mobile-supported commerce". Fewer than one in five companies or their agents who participated in the survey rated their m-commerce solution as 'good', with nearly half (44 per cent) saying it was 'poor'. Davis's report noted: "There is significant under-performance across critical aspects of ecommerce technology, including product management and merchandising, mobile-supported commerce, SEO and order management." Meanwhile, both companies and their agents broadly agreed that a lack of technical knowledge was one of the main barriers to retailers taking full advantage of the migration towards browsing and buying from all types of connected devices. (Source

Canada to become a significant e-commerce market
Canadians maintain higher online engagement, visiting more pages on a monthly basis, than their US counterparts (101 vs 97), according to a recent study. The same source unveils that by 2018, online spending will account for 10% of the total retail spending. The report mentions thatthis number, combined with exponential adoption rates of mobile marketing and the increased comfort of security around newer payment processing platforms, e-commerce will definitely continue to demonstrate promising growth in Canada. According to Parry Rosenberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MONEXgroup, cited by online media outlet, currently it’s more important than ever for merchants to be one step ahead with technology to take advantage of a growing, engaged market. (Source

Five top social trends for 2014 - Some key points for retailers to keep in mind!
Research and analytics firm Blueocean Market Intelligence predict that social shopping and Pinterest's growing social media status are among the top trends that will impact the retail industry this year. Based on their analysis of sales data of the nation's top 100 retailers from September through December 2013, they predict the following: ● The traditional shopping experience is evolving as more consumers move online. While the holiday season still provides many opportunities for shiny marketing promotions and campaigns, digital advances have changed the game. Retailers have more flexibility on how and when they approach customers. ● Pinterest will emerge as a stronger alternative to Facebook and Twitter. ● Successful retailers will integrate omnichannel communications. Cementing an omnichannel strategy will continue to be crucial, and online-plus-mobile will equal strong sales. ● Content marketing will increasingly rely on social media to drive engagement. Brands will move away from a one-way content marketing push, instead leveraging social media to drive engagement, timely conversations and personalized customer interactions. ● Social shopping will become a reality. Social media engagement has traditionally focused on customers in the consideration phase of the purchase cycle. However, we can now expect companies to launch greater social shopping initiatives by leveraging virtual currencies such as Bitcoins. (Source



Find Your Why

By Amber Virgillo
Calibration, LLC

Can a man with no arms or legs...

Live in a 3-story town house
Shave with a double-edged straight razor
Summit Mount Kilimanjaro?

If you said no, you haven’t met Kyle Maynard. Kyle is one of the most recent additions to the Calibration Marketing Speakers Bureau and his story is unmatched. To call him inspirational is an absolute understatement. Kyle’s message is one of sheer will and determination to find his life’s purpose after being born with no arms or legs.

According to Kyle, failure is a gift. He asserts that without life’s struggle, achieving our end result wouldn’t be so valuable. In our everyday life we take our abilities and spiritual gifts for granted. As you sit and experience one of Kyle’s speeches, you’re in awe with what he’s accomplished. You’re immediately smacked in the face about all you take for granted on a minute by minute basis. Kyle gives some examples of some of his early lessons like learning how to eat after dropping a spoon 1,000+ times, putting on his socks and using his iPhone (he texts faster than an “able-bodied” person).

But Kyle doesn’t spend his time explaining how difficult life has been or how many tiny little things we all take for granted every day. He turns the mirror around and demands the question: What would we be capable of if we believed our dreams were possible?

Kyle credits his parents with allowing him to fail until he figured it out. Out of these trials and struggles, a young Kyle Maynard learned who he was and what he was made of – tenacity, courage and will. Because it’s the struggle that makes it worth it!

Kyle operates off the premise that everyone has a disability of some kind. Some are seen and others are not. But it’s what we choose to focus on that matters. It’s what we choose to accept in our lives that makes us who we are, that defines our disability. What can we control? What lies are we telling ourselves?

As individuals, we can’t buy into what people say. We will always have critics telling us it won’t work or we are not good enough. But the trick is, if we silence those critics...more emerge. That’s why it’s so important to live for you. Find your why, as Kyle likes to say. What is possible when you stop making excuses and start living your dreams?

It’s inevitable as Kyle speaks not to start internalizing these questions. What monologue am I listening to in my head? Is it written by me or my critics? Is it filled with doubt and excuses? And if so, how do I change it? Kyle is ready with some answers.

First, ask yourself these questions and start getting real:

What lies am I telling myself that get in the way of living my dreams?
What excuses am I making?
Who am I surrounding myself with? Are they positively affecting my life experience?
What if I changed?
What if I chose to make others’ lives better by living my dreams?

Do you really know what you’re capable of? When everything is quiet. Your room is dark and the cell phone has finally stopped buzzing. What monologue is playing? Excuses? Or dreams? Fulfilled or not?

Watch Kyle fight through life and accomplish more meaning in his life than those sitting on the sidelines throwing stones. Go ahead...if you dare. Change is coming. “Find your why,” Kyle Maynard.

Visit to learn how we inspire action.




Arizona Walmart shooting death reported yesterday was self-defense
A man who shot and killed another man inside a suburban Phoenix Walmart opened fire in self-defense, Chandler police said Monday. (Source associated press)

Thieves steal $250K in jewelry from Paramus store with stolen truck, backhoe - using the snow storm clean up to blend in - maybe connected to other heists  It was no coincidence that they struck as the cleanup of a major snowstorm was under way — the perfect cover for the crime. The suspects crashed a stolen pickup truck through the glass storefront of The Jewelry Center, attached a cable to the safe and dragged it into the parking lot. Then they used a stolen backhoe to load the safe into a getaway car. "That’s why they did it in the snow because they could blend in and look like a snow plow,” Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg said. “There’s no doubt they took advantage of the fact that there was a snow storm.” The jewelry store has 44 independent professional jewelers and more than 1 million pieces of jewelry on display. As police investigate the “unusual and brazen” crime, they are also looking into similar burglaries in Essex and Union counties – with one even having occurred during a snowstorm, Ehrenberg said. (Source

Smash and grab burglars target discount warehouse Costco in Alpharetta, Ga. and could be connected to another Costco hit  Alpharetta police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch two daring burglars who smashed a jewelry case at a Costco on Windward Parkway. The video shows the two men, their faces covered with hoodies, standing by the jewelry case and suddenly smashing it with a hammer. Both men grabbed several thousands of dollars worth of high end jewelry before they ran from the store. It happened in less than ten seconds according to police. (Source

Louisville, Ky. PD charges three males - multiple convenience store robberies in last week - walking in with rifles demanding cash

Newport, R.I. PD looking for arson suspect in Walmart store fire last night at 6 p.m.

Heavy NYPD Presence At Kings Plaza Mall, Rumors Of Another Teen Flash Mob NYPD hearing from tipsters at Kings Plaza (5100 Kings Plaza) that there’s heavy police presence at the mall in response to another flash mob, with some on social media saying that stores may again be shut down. One Twitter user counted as many as 14 NYPD vehicles near the entrances. (Source

Burglars nab merchandise from two Verizon retail stores in Atlantic County, NJ  The first incident happened around 5:00 a.m. Tuesday at the Verizon Wireless store on the 200 block of Tilton Road in Northfield. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found one of the front glass doors smashed in and merchandise was taken from the back of the store. No suspect information has been given, but authorities say they are looking for a pickup truck that may have been involved in the burglary. Police have also confirmed a second burglary, this one in Hamilton Township at the Verizon Wireless store in the Consumer Square shopping center. (Source

Lodi, NJ Police arrest two women on felony theft charges from Walmart; tried to flee in a stolen car  Lodi Police arrested two women on Saturday after they were accused of stealing $1,500 worth of Walmart merchandise and driving away from the store in a stolen car. Police said Christina Benton, 27, and Lora Kirsten, 36, pushed a loaded cart out of Walmart at about 10 p.m. Saturday. They loaded the stolen items into a Toyota Corolla that had been reported stolen earlier on Saturday. (Source

$20,000 of iPads, Apple products stolen from Computer Hardware store in Grand Island, NE  It took less than two minutes for three people to steal iPads and other Apple products worth at least $20,000 from Computer Hardware early Monday morning. Surveillance video from the store shows one of the large glass windows at the front of the store being broken out and three people climbing into the store. They trio quickly moved to different areas of the store and immediately begin to steal items from a wall display and a glass case. (Source

Indiana man wanted in armed robbery of a Boost Mobile store surrenders after standoff  A Waterford man wanted for the armed robbery of a local cell phone store surrendered Monday morning at an Indiana motel, and his stepfather who police say was helping him flee killed himself in a nearly four-hour standoff. Richard Morris, 44, of Waterford Township reportedly shot himself after a standoff with Indiana State police at a Red Roof Inn in a southern Indiana county. (Source

Lakeland, FL Police Department Attempt to Identify Larceny Retail Theft Suspects  On Tuesday, February 2, 2014, at approximately 4:25 p.m., two females entered the Beall’s Outlet, 1421 Highway 98 N, selected merchandise and ran out of the store carrying an armful of merchandise. (Source

Governor of North Carolina gets a store employee fired for poor customer service  An employee at a Myers Park gourmet food store was fired after Gov. Pat McCrory’s security detail complained Sunday about a comment the worker made to the governor. On Sunday afternoon, McCrory was shopping at Reid’s Fine Foods when Drew Swope, a 45-year-old cook, said he asked if he could help McCrory. After realizing he was speaking with the governor, whom he disagrees with politically, Swope said he told McCrory, “Thanks for nothing,” and walked away. Swope said the governor was upset at his comment and began “yelling” at him. He said McCrory said he was a customer and shouldn’t be treated that way. He said the governor and his security team complained to the food store owner, who then fired him. (Source

Masked men rob Interlachen BBQ restaurant in Jacksonville, Fla.
Boost Mobile – Robbery – Rockville, CT - no weapon displayed, suspect stole cash, no injuries
Circle K – Armed Robbery – Bullhead City, AZ – suspect arrested at motel across the street
Country Farms – Armed Robbery – Wilmington, DE – Del. State Police investigating, no injuries
Craig's Guns and Tactical – Burglary –Athens, AL – suspects arrested by ATF for the theft of firearms
CVS – Armed Robbery – Bloomington, IL – 2 suspects stole cash and cigarettes, no injuries
CVS – Armed Robbery – Santa Rosa, FL – 2 employees grabbed suspect’s crowbar, he fled, no injuries
George and Ed's – Armed Robbery – Rochester, NH – schools locked down while finding suspect
Jembro – Robbery – Nassau County, NY -3 masked suspects fled w/ goods, punched clerk, stole phone
Lake Martin Pharmacy- Armed Robbery – Dadeville, AL – Husband and wife arrested, no injuries
Michael's Reno Powersports – Burglary - Reno, NV – 2 suspects arrested, stole ATV’s
Neighborhood Conv. Mart – Armed Robbery – Everett, MA – clerk was shot in abdomen
Smile Mart - Armed Robbery – Greensboro, SC – suspect demanded cash, no injuries
Subway – Burglary - Lancaster, NY – suspect arrested
Valero – Burglary – Houston, TX – thief smashed out front glass to steal beer
Walgreens – Robbery – Boone, NC - no weapon displayed, suspect demanded drugs, no injuries




Gus Downing, Publisher & Editor of the D&D Daily, Announced as Keynote Speaker at Upcoming LAAORCA Conference

Revised Edition

The Los Angeles Area Organized Retail Crimes Association (LAAORCA), the biggest retail LP/police partnership organization of its kind in the United States, will host its 5th annual conference in Pasadena, California, on Thursday, March 6, 2014 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Pasadena Convention Center. The event's theme this year is "Walking in the Shoes of our Partners" and will feature a slew of exciting, informative topics for both law enforcement and retail Loss Prevention professionals alike.

The keynote speaker headlining LAAORCA's premier conference this year will be Gus Downing - President, Publisher and Editor of Downing & Downing and the D&D Daily. His speech will focus on how three groups are impacting Organized Retail Crime, as he discusses where the industry is going and what you need to do to help lead the way. As North America's leading Loss Prevention Headhunter for the last 30 years and now the publisher & editor of the LP industry's #1 Daily digital news source, Gus will show you the numbers behind the growing problem of ORC, the historical partnerships that it's created, who's played the biggest roles in impacting the current national models, and how ORC is impacting both the retail industry and the public law-enforcement community. With ORC increasing, identity theft exploding, everybody buying anything they can online, mobile payments at the door, buy online in-store pickups expanding, the role of the Loss Prevention executive is changing as fast as the retail space and so is ORC. This timely discussion will cover all of the above and more - as the LP Executive of tomorrow will look totally different than the one today.

Below is a full list of speakers scheduled for the event:

Keynote Speaker: Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor of the D&D Daily, President of Downing & Downing
Mark McClish- Statement Analysis - Advanced Interviewing Concepts.
Deputy City Attorney Travis Austin, LA City Attorney's Office-Civil Litigation.
Deputy City Attorney Kevin Gilligan, LA City Attorney's Office- Counterfeit Abatement Prosecution.
Mr. Grant Moore- Investigations Utilizing Smart Devices.
Eric Shen, U.S. Postal Inspector- Identity Theft.
Sgt. Ostojic, Polk County Florida Sheriff's Department, Organized Retail Crime Alliance.
Sgt. Seifert, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department RAPP Team- Organized Retail Crime Partnership.
Rick Serrato, Serrato & Associates- Gang Impact on Organized Retail Crimes.
Mike Swett- Organized Retail Crime Investigations & Search Warrant Preparation.

Register for LAAORCA's Conference here.

See a full agenda of the event here.

For more information contact Detective III Kent Oda, 2014 LAAORCA Co-Conference Coordinator at:
(626) 372-9091,

ORC charged on male-female duo in Cranberry TWP, PA., after hitting Lowe's
Jared Adam Pakler, 25, of Pittsburgh, and Jena Leigh Nowry, 28, of Ambridge, are facing multiple charges related to two incidents at the Lowe's store. Police allege the duo entered the store on Oct. 6 and Oct. 14, and in both instances filled a shopping cart with items that they then tried to return for a refund without a receipt. On Oct. 6, the pair reportedly returned $290 worth of goods and got a gift card valued at more than $290 before leaving the store. Nowry is alleged to have used a Pennsylvania driver’s license with her former name on it to obtain the gift card. On Oct. 13, the pair returned to the store and allegedly used the same method to return more than $252 in goods in a cart, once again getting a gift card. Pakler allegedly displayed the driver’s license of another man, according to court papers. (Source

Four busted hitting Kohl's in Linden, N.J., with burglary tools to cut security tags
A Linden woman, Elizabeth man and Rahway man have been arrested in connection with allegedly shoplifting from the Kohl’s department store and using a 15-year-old Elizabeth boy in the commission of the crime. Store loss prevention personnel told police that a woman wearing a blonde wig walked out of the store pushing a shopping cart with $492 worth of clothing while her three accomplices pushed another shopping cart in the checkout line as a diversion. All four, including a 15-year-old Elizabeth boy, then fled in a rented Taurus. Police said the clothes were recovered in the car, along with a blonde wig and a pair of scissors, apparently used to cut security tags off the clothing. (Source

“Protection 1 is proud to be sponsoring the D&D Daily ORC column to ensure the LP industry gets the information, education and critical data they need to fight this national epidemic.”
Rex Gillette, VP Retail Sales, Protection 1.

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow

Vendor Spotlight

Checkpoint Systems Announces Worldwide Deployment of RFID-based EAS With Global Apparel Retailer

Millions of Products RFID Source Tagged to Improve Merchandise Availability
and Boost Loss Prevention Efforts

THOROFARE, N.J. – Feb. 18, 2014 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced that it is partnering with a major European apparel and leisure goods retailer to roll-out Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions in hundreds of stores around the world.

The news closely follows Checkpoint’s announcement of Kohl’s Department Stores’ RFID deployment.

EVOLVE Exclusive E10
The leading European global category leader is simultaneously rolling out Checkpoint’s dual-mode EVOLVE Exclusive E10 Radio Frequency (RF)- and RFID-based systems across 18 countries and carrying out an extensive RFID source-tagging program, as well as implementing Alpha high-theft solutions to protect high-risk merchandise.

The key challenge for the retailer was to improve its inventory visibility while enhancing its loss prevention capabilities in store. The retailer tested Checkpoint’s unique Wirama Radar technology and found that it delivered a superior performance. By identifying the location and direction of movement of a tagged item in-store, Wirama Radar can distinguish whether an item is simply merchandised near the exit or potentially being stolen. As a result, the retailer is able to increase its selling area by utilizing the valuable space close to the store exit without causing false alarms that can affect the consumer shopping experience.

Source Tagging and Check-Net
Building on its experience with RF EAS source tagging, the retailer has moved one step forward by implementing an RFID source tagging program to ensure items arrive in stores shelf-ready, freeing employees from manually checking deliveries or applying labels to merchandise before they reach the shop floor. RFID also means that the chain can maintain perpetual inventory accuracy more efficiently than with manual inventory counts. Source tagging, which involves EAS or RFID labels being applied to products during the manufacturing process, is helping retailers boost profitability through improved efficiency.

By using Check-Net, Checkpoint’s web-based platform, which is fully integrated within the retailer’s IT system and the strategically located print shops, the retailer’s vendors can easily order and receive fully integrated tickets at the point of manufacturing. The service, which complies with the retailer’s request for high-speed printing and high standards for corporate and environmental social responsibility, ensures the consistency of the brand and the quality of the labels delivered to the vendors.

Per Levin, president and chief sales officer for Merchandise Availability Solutions for Checkpoint Systems, said, “This particular category leader needed a company with a global footprint that could deliver within an ambitious timeline in all its countries. We believe apparel retailers will increasingly prefer to deal with one partner able to match their overall RFID software, services, hardware and labels needs. As more and more retailers are moving forward with RFID deployments to enhance their competitive edge, Checkpoint is providing the deep expertise and robust solutions that come from a sole focus on RFID for retail."

George Cohen
GCC, Inc.



Job Opening




Regional LP Manager Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing



Today's Daily Job Postings from the Net - Appearing Today Only
View our Internet Jobs Archives here

Job Opening




LP Manager Kmart Rochester, NY Sears Holdings Corp
Multi Unit LP Manager Kmart Erie, PA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Management Internship Sears Phoenix, AZ Sears Holdings Corp
Multi Unit LP Manager Kmart St Joseph, MO Sears Holdings Corp
Multi Unit LP Manager Sears Minnetonka, MN Sears Holdings Corp
LP Management Internship Kmart New York, NY Sears Holdings Corp
Store AP Manager Home Depot San Ramon, CA Home Depot
Store AP Manager Home Depot Charlotte, NC Home Depot
LP Manager Macy's Yonkers, NY Macy's
Operations Manager Neiman Marcus Short Hills, NJ Neiman Marcus
AP Manager BJs Wholesale Club Brooklyn, NY BJs Wholesale Club
LP Specialist TJ Maxx Pennsylvania, US TJX Companies
Director of Security/LP Price Chopper Schenectady, NY Price Chopper



Malcolm Beckwith was named Director Loss Prevention Distribution Services for Ross Stores.
Mark Garcia
was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Chico's FAS, Inc.
Alan Kehrer was named Banner Loss Prevention Manager for Supervalu.

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Timeless Leadership Lessons from a Young George Washington  We sometimes forget that great leaders didn't always start out so great and certainly not flawlessly. Young George Washington made many bad calls and missteps before he became one of our country's greatest leaders.  You can follow these qualities of this famous President to become a great leader today. (Learn from mistakes)

The Lost Leadership Art of Tough Love
Are you one of those leaders who are still practicing the old school way of using tough love to motivate employees? The key to making this leadership practice effective is to balance both parts.  When your relationship is built on trust, people are more likely to be ok with tough love. (Don't cross the line)


Abraham Lincoln's Brilliant Method for Handling Setbacks  How did Abraham Lincoln deal with people? We know that our founding Presidents did great things, but what we don't know is how did they deal with the people they led or worked with? This business journalist analyzed Lincoln's life for his people skills and uncovered he had an incredible knack for empathy and consideration. (Think before you speak)

16 Ways to Lose the Respect of Your Employees  Respect is a must have when you're a leader. If you don't have respect from employees every decision you make will be scrutinized and also be looking for a way out. Avoid these behaviors at all costs to keep, and earn, the respect of your employees. (If you want it, you have to earn it)

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Sometimes you've just got to draw the line on what advice to follow and who you ask. Certainly getting advice is important on any issue or decision. But at the end of the day you've got to own your own decision and listen to the bird on your shoulder. We all have one and oftentimes it's muted by our friends and family members. At 5 am staring into that mirror is usually when the bird whispers the clearest. The only problem then is if you don't hear it because you're not listening.

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Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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