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OfficeMax, Office Depot in merger talks - it's been a long time coming 
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that OfficeMax Inc. and Office Depot Inc. are talking about combining their companies. Office Depot has 1,675 stores worldwide and OfficeMax has about 900 stores in the U.S. and Mexico. According to sources an announcement could come as soon as next week. This isn't the first time these talks have taken place. However in this economic climate the merger makes a lot of sense. It will mean consolidation of jobs with two Loss Prevention departments becoming one. (Source

7-Eleven Named Top 10 Most Innovative Company in Retail 
Technology magazine Fast Company named 7-Eleven Inc. as one of "The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies". Ranked third on the list, 7-Eleven was chosen for its ability to "localize and compartmentalize its stores. The brand's partnership with Amazon allows users to have small packages delivered to stores rather than their homes. In 2012, that partnership expanded to five areas globally: New York, Seattle, [Washington], D.C., Silicon Valley and London," wrote the magazine’s staff. (Source

Lowe’s Foundation awards money to schools for OSHA Career Safe Program. 
Lowe’s has awarded $60,000 in vouchers to 60 schools for students to complete OSHA safety class mastering the fundamentals of workplace safety. The Chairman of the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundations is hoping the project will assist in building a safer workplace environment for customers and employees. (Source

Future retail stores will focus on experiences before products 
“Stores will become more theatrical, more immersive, and more of a life experience rather than simply a place to get something. As much as they are selling products they will be selling a good time, a lifestyle. Inventory could conceivably not even exist in the ‘store’ environment at all, but be shipped directly to your home from a distribution center.” (Source

The Hidden Empire - Amazon - Long term bold vision = #1 Anything #2 Anywhere 3# Anytime  For the true retail executive here is the Amazon story in 84 easy to follow slides on slideshare. Easy to read, easy to follow, easy how they got there, and obviously easy for them to tell us how they're going to remain there if not exceed even more. And maybe according to some predictions, even overtake Wal-Mart. Guess that's why they don't sell the Kindle anymore. Great story if you have 15 minutes. Just amazing to see how easy they make it look. With all of the growth and their future, any LP job that comes up with them you should without question pursue it with all vigor. Just study this before you do. (Source

Burger King apologizes after Twitter hacking 
Somebody hacked Burger King's Twitter account on Monday, posting obscene messages and changing its profile picture to a McDonald's logo. The tweets stopped after a little more than an hour, and Burger King said it had reached out to Twitter to suspend the account. (Source

Job fulfillment, not pay, retains Generation Y talent, says iOpener Institute Report  With increasing recognition of the need to attract, foster and retain Millennial, or Generation Y, talent in the retail industry, it is important to understand what motivates the up-and-coming senior management class of the future. Analyzed responses from over 18,000 professionals, has shown the digital generation – Generation Y – values job fulfillment over financial reward. (Source

Amazon Marketplace under fire for selling counterfeit products.  James Lee of the Consumer Fraud Center in Santa Monica believes customers purchased between $110 and $140 million in counterfeit products this past holiday season. Amazon Martketplace has come under fire by the hair care product company InStyle who claims the Amazon Marketplace sold 20,000 counterfeit hair straightening irons labeled as their product. Uggs boots are the #1 knock off item in apparel. (Source

One of the "most prolific cyber-espionage groups" in the world - Unit 61398 of the People's Liberation Army of China - says U.S. security firm  Cyberattacks that stole massive amounts of information from military contractors, energy companies and other key industries in the U.S. and elsewhere have been traced to the doorstep of a Chinese military unit, a U.S. security firm alleged Tuesday. The unit "has systematically stolen hundreds of terabytes of data from at least 141 organizations," Mandiant wrote. By comparison, the U.S. Library of Congress 2006-2010 Twitter archive of about 170 billion tweets totals 133.2 terabytes. (Source

Diamonds worth $50 Million stolen from plane in Brussels.  Eight masked gunmen made a hole in a security fence at Brussels' international airport, drove onto the tarmac and snatched some $50 million worth of diamonds from the hold of a Swiss-bound plane without firing a shot. An airport spokesman said the robbers made a hole in the perimeter fence and drove up to the Swiss passenger plane, which was ready to leave. The robbers, dressed like police, got out of the car, flashed machine guns at pilots and security transport workers before taking the loot from the hold, which was accessed from outside. (Source

With Museums getting hit all over Europe, they unite creating a website for information sharing  The idea builds upon the cultural network which was put in place in anticipation of the Olympics last year. With the help of a software company called Facewatch, the National Museum Security Group has developed a website where arts organizations can report crimes to the police, share photographs of suspects, upload CCTV and share intelligence. Reaching 800 institutions the website is the only one of its kind in the cultural sector and should help to unite them. Galleries and museums are on high alert after the recent vandalism of a painting by Mark Rothko in Tate Modern, as well as the heist of seven paintings, including works by Picasso, Monet and Matisse, taken from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam. (Source

Boost Mobile Store Associate killed during robbery in Houston.  The search is on for a robber who shot and killed an employee of a cell phone store in southeast Houston late Monday. Two armed suspects entered the store, one remained near the front of the store as a look-out, the other corralled employees to the rear of the store and took the owner over to the register. Hamid Waraich, 53 the store’s owner was shot in the back as he reached for the hold-up alarm. (Source

Rite Aid associate grabs the robber’s gun in Pittsburgh.  The Rite Aid Associate fearing for his life, struggled to grab the handgun from the armed robber and was actually able to point the weapon back at the suspect. The robber regained control of the weapon and ran out the Rite Aid store. No injuries were reported. (Source

Dollar General armed robbery suspect shot by Police in Columbia, SC; suspect has a 7 page rap sheet.  Columbia police say two officers have shot and wounded an armed robbery suspect. Police Chief Randy Scott said the suspect was shot after a short chase. Scott says the officers had ordered 46-year-old Gregory Johnston to stop several times. Scott said the officers fired after it appeared Johnston was drawing a gun from a pocket. Johnston was in good condition in a Columbia hospital. Scott said a man went into the Dollar General store and threatened customers and a clerk before leaving with an undisclosed amount of cash. No one in the store was hurt. (Source

Grocery Stores in Virginia reporting a rash of Price Gun thefts.  Martin’s Grocery chain in Virginia had two Motorola Pricing Guns stolen in the month of January, but according to Martin’s Loss Prevention the theft of these guns is wide-spread around the state. A search of eBay found the Motorola Pricing guns selling for over $1000. (Source

McDonalds and Staples robbery ends with high speed chase and accident in Waynesville, NC.  The Waynesville and Canton police departments, N.C. Highway Patrol and Haywood County Sheriff’s Office were involved in the high-speed pursuit. The first of multiple incidents started around noon Monday when police say the John Doe attempted to rob the McDonald’s in Waynesville. He displayed a gun and asked for money, but left after workers sought safety in the back of the store. Later, police received a report of a man and vehicle near Waynesville Plaza matching the attempted robbery suspect at McDonald’s. Responding officers learned someone had stolen electronics from the Staples at the plaza, less than a mile from McDonald’s. The high speed chase lasted for 25 miles, until the suspect was stopped because of an oncoming train. (Source

Senior LP executives - We'd like to hear from you
We are conducting an informal survey in regards to the traditional retail LP model to see how LP jobs have incorporated any components of the IT security. If you are a senior Loss Prevention executive in retail and have any IT security responsibilities we'd like to hear from you and find out exactly what they are. Involvement may include but not limited to: mobile and tablet roll-outs, privacy issues, and internal threat analysis. Email Gus confidentially at Thank you.


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The meeting will be presented by: Scott Sanford Director of Investigations & Training for Barnes & Noble, Inc., a New York City based retailer engaged in sales of books, music, electronics, toys and games. Scott oversees investigations for the company’s 689 stores. During his employment at Barnes & Noble, Scott developed a highly effective eCommerce and ORC investigative strategy, playing a pivotal role in year-over-year shrink reduction. Scott is one of the founders of ORC Solutions, and helped to design the ORC Workbench; a software application that aids retail and law enforcement in developing eFencing cases. Throughout the past 25-years, Scott has held loss prevention positions in various retail settings to include home improvement, sporting goods, pharmacy, soft-lines and general merchandise.

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ORC Bill in Nevada introduced focuses on Habitual Offenders and major Retail Crimes.  One piece of legislation that cracks down on organized retail theft and another aimed at refining the filing of habitual offender status in criminal cases are now before the Assembly Committee on the Judiciary. Democratic Las Vegas Assemblyman Richard Carrillo presented AB102, the organized retail theft bill, to the committee Monday. Democratic Las Vegas Assemblyman Paul Aizley followed suit with AB97 on when prosecutors file for habitual offender status. The ORC legislation presented Monday, AB102, seeks to change the definition of organized retail theft. Organized retail theft is currently defined as an operation by three or more people who steal at least $3,500 worth of merchandise in a 90-day period. This bill seeks to change that statue to cover individuals who steal merchandise with the intent to sell the items, and it aims to lower the threshold to $2,500. (Source (Source

ORC trio busted hitting a Walmart store in Ark. 
Dyersburg Police investigators have charged three suspects from Arkansas in connection with the theft of computer equipment from the Walmart Supercenter in Dyersburg. Thefts occurred on three different occasions from the same location. Investigators obtained the store's video surveillance that captured three individuals leaving the store, and provided the video to local and Memphis media outlets. DPD Sgt. Jim Joyner received a tip from an individual that recognized the three suspects from a television newscast from Memphis and reported that the trio was from Osceola, Ark. (Source

Organized Retail Crime:
Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

The Food Marketing Institute has released a report containing Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State. Over the next several days the Daily will publish these figures. Stay tuned to see your state estimate!

State Annual Sales - Retail Trade and Food Services (2009) State % of Annual Retail Sales Est. Amount of Stolen Merchandise Attributed to ORC (by State) State Sales Tax Rates Est. Lost Sales Tax Revenue Attributed to ORC (by State)
Michigan $128,858,685,148 2.98% $894,661,297 6.00% $53,679,678
Minnesota $76,968,685,292 1.78% $534,390,862 6.88% $36,739,372
Mississippi $37,955,730,168 0.88% $263,525,293 7.00% $18,446,771
Missouri $86,050,744,105 1.99% $597,447,275 4.23% $25,242,147
Nebraska $26,964,339,736 0.62% $187,212,458 5.50% $10,296,685

*Note: States with no state sales tax were omitted (AK, DE, MT, NH, and OR)

For more information on organized retail crime, visit FMI's issue page.

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Vendor Spotlight

The Future of Exception Based Reporting

Exception based reporting. It’s a simple, effective way for retailers to find fraud. Finding patterns in the point of sale data seems like a great way to find issues, but is it really? Exception based reporting was ground breaking when it was created...decades ago. Today exception based reporting still does what it was designed to do, but times have changed. There is now much more data to filter through, making the reports slow and outdated before you even look at them. Focusing on select areas will make the reports faster, but you could be closing your eyes to massive areas of loss. Shouldn’t your reporting be as agile as you are?

The answer to exception based reporting’s issues, Intelligence Based Reporting (IBR). This evolutional step takes the best of exception based reporting and adds to it the technologies present in today’s retail world. This means IBR collects more than just point of sale data. It also collects EAS and RFID data, alarm and access control data, video, and much more. All of this data together gives you a much better look into what’s causing shrink in your stores.

One major issue of current reporting is speed. Reports can take days or weeks to generate, and more data just means longer wait times. This raises the question, how long does it take IBR to generate reports? The answer may surprise you, because it’s immediately. This is because intelligence based reporting collects and analyzes all of the data in real-time, and notifies you when thresholds are crossed and exceptions are triggered.

The most powerful element of IBR is video. Seeing the numbers is one thing, being able to actually see the numbers in action is another. When you notice an anomaly in the data there is no more need to infer what happened. Simply watch the video and see what caused it. This feature allows you to react faster than ever before. No more long investigations, no more interrogating interviews, no more speculating. See it with your own eyes.

IBR is the next step in preventing fraud. It collects all of your data in real-time allowing you to prevent fraud faster, and the video shows you what happened without any guess work. There is one IBR solution already on the market, Retail 20/20. Retail 20/20 is a real-time IBR solution with integrated, synchronized video giving you more visibility into your stores. It’s more than exception based reporting and video, its intelligence based reporting.


Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500


Axonify. Read how Pep Boys reduced their shrink by 55% by overhauling their LP awareness program. Download.
Thought Challenge 

Thought Challenge Review

Diana C. Verdin
Loss Prevention Operations Coordinator
BCBG Max Azria

as published on November 8, 2012

"Never underestimate your ability to make someone else’s life better –Even if you never know it." –Greg Louganis.

In my short six years of being a Loss Prevention (LP) professional I have encountered many LP personalities the arrogant, the ignorant, and the one that underestimates the ability to make someone else’s life better. I won’t write about the first two because terms such as non-productive detainment, lawsuits, and physical danger are part of both.

Loss Prevention professionals underestimate the fact that what we do as LP professionals not only reduces shrink or eliminates shoplifting. I was working for a company as a field agent for over three years.

I encountered a group of 6 young men that made a bad decision on July 4, 2010; I saw the young men enter the store, even though they thought they were "young pros" they were completely obvious and unaware that I was watching them. I followed policy and procedure and continued with my 5 steps prior to making the apprehension. I proceeded with my apprehension and apprehended 3 of the 6 men. I was neither arrogant nor ignorant and treated the young men with respect, even though they had made a mistake. One asked me "we are going to jail, aren't we?" the other replied "we are. They are going to see three young black men and they will take us to jail."

Even though I have been reminded that we have to have zero sympathy for shoplifters, it was different with them. I told them everything would be ok, and decided to speak to each of them; I asked them about their goals in life and gave them scenarios of things that would happen if they kept friendships with the wrong people. All three were intelligent young men, they just needed someone to believe and show them moral support. I decided to ask the police officer to just cite them and let them go; the officer complied.

Court day came for one of the boys; he was dressed in a long sleeve and a nice tie. With him were his parents. We took the same elevator up and when we took the exit to the 3rd floor the young boy stopped me and said "thank you." Even though he only said two words to me, I underestimated what I had done for that young boy. Now I know that I helped him change, and it only took respect and words of wisdom from a LP professional to make a change.

I underestimated my ability to make someone else’s life better, and I didn't even know it...


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Director, DC & Corp Security Sports Authority Englewood, CO Sports Authority
Manager, Shrink Operations Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp.
Sr Ops Business Analyst - AP Home Depot Atlanta, GA Home Depot
Corp Safety Manager Confidential Mid-Atlantic Downing & Downing
Director 2, LP Specialty Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Sr Dir Corp Investigations Wal-Mart Bentonville, AR Wal-Mart
Director of Safety & Security Columbus Zoo Columbus, OH Columbus Zoo
Director Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Director of Loss Prevention Goodwill Industries Washington, DC Goodwill Industries

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Central Midwest

Downing & Downing

National Acct Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

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Loss Prevention Mgr Sears El Paso, TX Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Willow Grove, PA Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Richmond, VA Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Ellenton, FL Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Danville, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Sr Business Partner, Corp Security Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Oklahoma City, OK Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's West Carrollton, OH Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Richmond, VA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Greeneville, TN Lowe's
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret New York, NY Limited Brands
Regional LP Manager Bath & Body Works Southern California Limited Brands
Regional LP Manager Bath & Body Works Dallas, TX Limited Brands
Loss Prevention Mgr Lord & Taylor Boca Raton, FL Lord & Taylor
Regional LP Mgr Goodwill Industries Racine, WI Goodwill Industries
District LP Mgr - Europe Abercrombie & Fitch Madrid, Spain or Paris, France Abercrombie & Fitch
Regional LP Manager RadioShack Orlando, FL RadioShack
Regional LP Manager RadioShack Nashville, TN RadioShack


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Scott Bruns was named District Loss Prevention Manger for Sport Chalet.

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