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 February 20, 2015


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NYPD 'BLAST' unit flooding major retail corridors this week in Upper West Side to address uptick in shoplifting  From this Tuesday through Saturday, five plainclothes officers from the NYPD's Burglary, Larceny And Surveillance Team (BLAST) will be stationed along major commerical stretches in the 24th Precinct to try to catch shoplifters in the act, said Capt. Timothy Malin. In addition, about 15 other officers both from inside and outside the precinct are joining the operation, patrolling in uniform and in plainclothes at neighborhood stores, Malin said. The BLAST members are "really good at picking up recidivists. They dress like shoppers. They're really good at what they do," he explained. The operation comes after police busted a crew that stole merchandise from a Downtown store and then returned it to the shop's Upper West Side location for a $2,000 refund. The crew, made up of three men and two women, were arrested this month, but Malin could not provide further details because the sting is ongoing. Grand larcenies - or thefts of items above $1,000, including credit cards - more than doubled in the week from Feb. 2 to 8, compared to the same period last year, NYPD data shows. The precinct counted 11 grand larcenies during the weeklong period compared to five during the same stretch in 2014. However, grand larcenies are down during the 28-day period from Jan. 12 to Feb. 8 - with 38 occurring this year compared to 42 in 2014, data shows. Grand larcenies represented the top crime category in the 24th Precinct last year, accounting for 563 out of 1,020 major crimes, according to the NYPD. dnainfo.com

Supreme Court To Hear Case Of Muslim Woman Who Says Abercrombie & Fitch Denied Her Job Because Of Hijab  The Supreme Court on Wednesday (Feb. 25) will hear the case of a young Muslim woman who says the Abercrombie & Fitch clothing store illegally denied her a job because she wears a hijab in keeping with her faith. The store argues that company policy used to forbid floor "models" - the company's word for store employees who interact with customers - from wearing caps, and that it was up to Samantha Elauf, 17 at the time of her interview, to make it clear that she needed a religious accommodation. A federal district court agreed with Elauf and her lawyers in the case, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores Inc., which originated in Tulsa, Okla. But the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Abercrombie. Now the Supreme Court, which in recent years has generally sided with those who say that their religious rights have been trampled, will hear Elauf's appeal. huffingtonpost.com

Congress jumps on board of Obama's executive order about cyberthreat information sharing  "Now, more than ever, Congress must take aggressive action to remove legal barriers to improve private entities' ability to share information to combat these attacks." The House Homeland Security Committee isn't the only congressional panel to take up cyberthreat information sharing legislation. The Senate Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are expected to consider cyberthreat information sharing legislation. govinfosecurity.com

How the billion-dollar Carbanak bank heist could have been avoided
This month, the $1 billion (£650m) bank heist affecting up to 100 financial institutions has highlighted a growing gulf of miscommunication between chief executives of large organizations and their IT departments. Kaspersky Lab reports that, working with international law enforcement agencies Interpol and Europol, it discovered that the gang, dubbed Carbanak, used malware enabling it to see and record everything that happened on staff's screens. These and other recent high profile cyber attacks, such as that which recently saw 76 million customer accounts hacked at financial institution JPMorgan Chase, are forcing organizations to examine why cyber criminals see them as easy pickings. Some are rapidly reaching the conclusion that they need to plug any security holes not only in their own networks but also in those of their advisers and partner companies. The main reason that cyber criminals see large corporations and their senior advisers to be such easy targets is an alarming disconnect between company board members and their IT departments - a virtual 'Intelligence Gap'. As legislation in the US rapidly moves towards making the reporting of corporate data breaches compulsory, chief executives will find their neck is on the line if they are seen to have mindlessly delegated all cyber security matters to their staff. itportal.com

Experts Say: Malware Exists, Deal With It
Companies have to accept that governments and criminals will seek their data, and they should instead work on mitigating the risks from intrusions, experts told Risk & Compliance Journal. "Organizations need to change the assumption or the illusion that they are protected from data theft and instead accept that malware already resides on their networks," said Suni Munshani, the chief executive of Protegrity Corp., a Connecticut-based company that provides data-security software and services. "With that recognition, the defense should be focused on protecting the data at its core," he said, pointing to encryption as the only way to secure sensitive data and get ahead of attackers. "Now is the time for companies to stop living in the past," said Mr. Munshani. wsj.com

ISCON Imaging Introduces New Whole-Body and Handheld Imaging Products for Loss Prevention and Employee Safety Applications at RILA Retail Supply Chain Conference, Feb. 23-25, 2015  FocusScan is an IR-based handheld imaging technology, and SecureScan is a whole-body scanner. Both scanners enable screening of individuals to provide a detailed view of objects hidden under clothing. The systems deliver high-resolution images that allow users to enhance safety and reduce loss while minimizing privacy concerns and eliminating radiation exposure. virtual-strategy.com

Labor Secretary tells parties in Ports dispute to make a deal
Labor Secretary Tom Perez has told the shipping companies and dockworkers union that negotiations will be moved to Washington if the parties fail to come to an agreement in their labor negotiations by today. foxnews.com

West Coast Ports handling 44% of U.S. cargo operating at 50-60% capacity - 30 ships waiting

Bill to repeal state alcohol/grocery separation law passes Florida House committee 

Ann Taylor parent working with JPMorgan on sale

Survey: Retailers using mobile POS will grow 300% in two years

Retail sales to reach $4.9 trillion in 2015

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Nordstrom Q4 up 4% with sales up 7.8%


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As the market leader in network video, Axis Communications has been a driving force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance. Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager - North America, Axis Communications, tells us how the conversion from analog to IP video is going here in the States and what we expect to see entering the mainstream this year. Hear Hedgie's advice for the retail LP executive looking to evaluate and sell this technology to their management team, and the importance of having a cyber strategy when embarking on a migration plan.

LPNN Quick Take #5

MCs Joe and Amber talk about finding the right balance between work and life on social media in this fun, honest LPNN Quick Take. Amber puts Joe on the "hot seat," asking about his social media policy - Would Joe accept a Friend Request on Facebook from a work colleague? His answer may surprise you.

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Canadian Retailers should send a Thank You to Target Stores - Not because they're leaving but Because They Came  As many have written, retailing in Canada prior to the Canadian Push of American retailers was to some degree stalled and growing slowly along with the population, with no competitive pressure to invest in new stores, new outlet centers, the e-commerce channel, and a host of other things. So to a large degree this Canadian Push and then especially the Target 133 store blitz absolutely woke everyone up and got all of the retailers, young and old, in the game and changing. And if it had not been for the Target Blitz, the 133 stores at one time fear that it struck in every retailer in Canada, maybe Loblaws wouldn't have bought Shoppers, or Rona wouldn't have turned in the best numbers the company has ever seen, and there's plenty of other current great examples scattered across Canada. And there's a number of those that the Push has shuttered or has it been the normal retailing pressures. But at the end of the day maybe Canadian retailers should send a thank you to Target to merely say thanks for giving us a jolt and sorry you didn't make it but we're tougher than you think and we'll take care of our own. Just a thought - Gus Downing

RUDE SHOPPERS: Target workers ask for compassion, please - Like we said, upset the Canadian consumer and this is what you get  Employees are sharing stories about rude, angry customers hurtling invective, taunting staff and abandoning merchandise at the cash when they don't think the discounts go deep enough. Employees say the retailer's bull's eye symbol on their uniforms has become more than a just a logo. "We've taken to calling our 'guests' vultures now, because everyone only comes in to pick at our bones. It's awful. Show some compassion, please," one staffer pleaded on Reddit. thespec.com

Canadian consumers prioritize payment security above all else - 4 years into EMV chip and PIN  New study commissioned by Visa Canada showed Canadian consumers still prioritize payment security above all else. Surpassing convenience (14 per cent) and speed (10 per cent). Additionally, nearly half (48 per cent) of credit cardholders report they worry about fraud when shopping online. Fraud is now historically low with Visa data showing 6 cents for every $100 of global Visa transactions. Contactless NFC payments are the next step in this rapid evolution of commerce in Canada. cnn.com

B.C. man sues Lululemon after a display mannequin allegedly knocks him out
A Vancouver Island man shopping for yoga togs says he ended up instead with a concussion and neck injury after a mannequin in a Lululemon Athletica store toppled on to him, and he's suing the clothing giant. But the chain says the incident never happened as he claimed, and even if it did, he was responsible for knocking the mannequin over himself and was impaired, possibly by drugs or alcohol. theprovince.com

LCBO has indefinitely shelved plans to put express kiosks in Ontario grocery stores

The Outlet Collection at Niagara - Largest open-air mall in Canada - Trying to Capture Shoppers Going to the States

Bikini Village files bankruptcy protection - stores to remain open

Uniqlo plots move into Canada; the International clothing retailer will open stores in Toronto first, then Vancouver 

Battlefords RCMP investigating string of thefts by same male suspect hit four businesses with distraction theft

Langley RCPM investigating 2 suspects in the theft of over $1,000 worth of clothing from MD Charlton 

Brandon man arrested for theft, twice in same day at same store

Man charged in the theft of an ATM machine from a movie theater in Waterloo


Grocery store rolls out beacons to ping shoppers' smartphones
Niemann Foods Inc. piloted a beacon program in eight County Market grocery stores in Springfield, IL, in February 2014. It then made 20 changes to its app based on customer feedback and now is deploying beacons to all 45 of its County Market stores by Q3 2015, says Nathaniel Jones, electronic marketing manager at Niemann Foods. The stores use Birdzi Inc.'s beacons to offer customers in-store promotions tied to a shopper's loyalty card. When the myCountyMarket app offers a coupon, a consumer touches the activate button, and when the shopper checks out, the grocer automatically applies the savings. The offers will typically promote an item that a consumer is near, or a complementary item, such as jam when a consumer is in the bakery section. internetretailer.com

Tablets To Provide Secure Payments In US Restaurants
According to last year's Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores are most commonly affected by point of sale (POS) intrusions. Austen Mulinder, CEO of Ziosk, makers of a tabletop menu, ordering, entertainment and payment system, cites a figure of around "60 percent of all credit fraud in America starts in the hands of a server." Whatever the actual number, there's a high likelihood that if you use your credit card at a restaurant, particularly if you hand over your card to a server who leaves your sight, you may go on to experience some fraud associated with that card later. "No restaurant wants their guest to feel like their identity or card number was stolen while in their restaurant," Mulinder said. forbes.com

Survey: Retailers using mobile POS will grow 300% in two years



Fencing Operation: Norwood, OH., police bust 3 in suspected fencing operations at local businesses - Kroger's ORC Team & Wal-Mart's Global Investigations Team  Three people face criminal charges after police say they knowingly purchased thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods from people trying to get money to buy heroin. Investigators believe the owners of Sherman Market and McKiddy Automotive in Norwood were fencing items stolen from other retailers through their stores. The Norwood Drug Task Force worked alongside the Kroger Organized Crime and Global Investigators of Wal-Mart Corp. Inc. participated in a two-month investigation before police made the arrests Thursday. The investigation started after officers noticed they were arresting the same people again and again for shoplifting at the Norwood Kroger and a nearby Walmart.  Some of the goods recovered include high-priced electronics like cellphones, video games and DVDs. But they also went after everyday objects such as cigarettes, energy drinks and lighters. In one instance four smartphones stolen from the local Walmart have retail values of $700 each, Murphy said, but the shoplifters sold them for a total of just $100. McKiddy Automotive's reputation has earned it the nickname "the Heroin Pawn Shop," according to Murphy. wcpo.com

St Augustine Premium Outlets - a hotspot for ORC  Two women are being sought in connection with the theft of three belts from a St. Augustine Premium Outlets store on Wednesday evening. These are returning shoplifters and over the past few months more thieves are realizing that the St. Augustine outlets is a hotspot for the five-finger discount. The women looked like the suspects from another theft at the store in August. The three belts were valued at $600. A popular sunglasses shop at the outlets was also the target of a hefty burglary once in January. The thieves stole more than 400 pairs of Prada, Coach and Versace sunglasses. The merchandise was worth more than $50,000. Earlier this month thieves broke in through the roof of Rainbow Shades on State Road 312 in St. Augustine and stole $200,000 worth of sunglasses. This is basically known as organized retail theft. news4jax.com

Organized theft ring targets Countryside Mall
Clearwater Police detectives are asking for the public's help identifying multiple suspects who have pulled off recent organized retail thefts at Westfield Countryside Mall. Police say on Tuesday, the suspects entered Dillard's and Macy's and were immediately recognized by store security as suspects from past incidents at the mall. Sales associates were notified and the suspects left without incident. wtsp.com

Florida man arrested in cloned credit card scheme with $20k in gift cards in St. Charles, MO  A 74-year-old Florida man is in custody after he apparently bought a large number of gift cards with cloned credit cards. Enrique Felix Franco of Miami was charged Thursday with trafficking in stolen identities and identity theft. According to police, a security officer at the St. Charles Target store, saw Franco making multiple purchases of $200 gift cards Sunday and became suspicious. A check revealed that purchases were made with six different credit cards that appeared to be cloned. Franco fled the area before he could be stopped but was arrested later in Maryland Heights. In addition to the credit cards, police found $20,000 in gift cards in his possession as well as counterfeit drivers license from New York. stltoday.com

ORC male stealing Dyson's, TV's, and other easy re-sell merchandise busted hitting Kohl's - habitual offender in North Kingstown, R.I.  After loading his car with a Dyson vacuum, a 32-inch LG LED TV, a pair of sneakers and a Keurig K-Cup drawer on Feb. 8, Michael A. Slonksi allegedly walked right back into the Kohl's in North Kingstown with plans to steal another vacuum, two camcorders and a T-shirt. He was stopped after a loss prevention employee for the store called North Kingstown police and he was soon in police custody after admitting to taking the items and turning over a pair of clippers he said he was using to cut security tags off the merchandise.  patch.com

$5,400 of Nicorette gum, razors, Zegerid and Prilosec the target of an ORC thief at Walmart in Birmingham, AL 

The Buckle in Carriage Crossing, Collierville, TN Smash and Grab burglary for over $13,000 in cash and merchandise

New York woman extradited to Connecticut on credit card fraud charges dating to 2009

Women steal over $1K of liquor from Walmart in Slidell, LA; lead police on car chase 

Alabama woman due in court, connected to 10 Southern California jewelry thefts totaling $47,600

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Two arrested in fatal shooting of San Jose security guard over a $20 box of cigars  San Jose police confirm they have arrested two men in connection with the fatal shooting of San Jose security guard Manny Zuniga Saturday night after a shoplifting incident in a c-store where the guard tried to help. yahoo.com
Target blow torch burglar arrested by San Antonio Police  Investigators from various law enforcement agencies have arrested a man they believe burglarized several Target stores here in San Antonio and across the country. The San Antonio Police says a 20-year-old man was caught using a blow torch to try to break into a back door of the Target store located at Loop 410 and Blanco at about 3:30a.m. Friday. Officers say the suspect tried to run when they closed in on him. Authorities say a blow torch was used in three other similar burglaries at Target stores here in San Antonio. foxsanantonio.com

Winn-Dixie in Brunswick, GA the victim of Armed Robberies twice in 2 weeks
The Winn-Dixie store on Altama Avenue was robbed by armed men Thursday morning, the second time the store has been robbed in two weeks. According to the Glynn County Police, three men burst into the store about 7:30 a.m. Two of the men had guns and demanded cash. Police said they left with money, and no one was injured. Police are trying to determine if this robbery was connected with a holdup at the same store by two gunmen earlier this month. news4jax.com

Casey's store manager charged with filing false robbery report pleads guilty to theft of $2,943 - Gets 2 years prison in Mt. Vernon, IL 

Louisville, KY Police looking for suspected Walmart shoplifter; stealing for over 6 months 

Detectives say hard-hitting Theft Ring has moved from Tacoma to Bellingham, WA 

$21,000 ring stolen from downtown Annapolis' La Belle Cezanne boutique 

Kay Jewelers in the Tanger Outlet, Lancaster, PA the victim of a Grab and Run, merchandise valued at $7,200

Ulta store employee's credit cards stolen from break room in Evansville, IN 

3 arrested in string of Pawn Shop Armed Robberies in Houston, TX

Man shopped with 11 counterfeit credit cards, Miramar police say

Torrance, CA Police seek ambitious robber at JC Penney

Sylvan's Jewelers in Columbia, SC the victim of a midday Armed Robbery

●  AT&T - Ventura, CA - Armed Robbery
Arsenal Street Audio - Watertown, NY - Burglary
●  B&B Grocery - Vineland, NJ - Armed Robbery
●  Boost Mobile - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
●  Chevron - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
●  Dollar General - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery
●  Dollar Tree - Elyria, OH - Armed Robbery
●  Family Dollar - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
●  Fas-Trip - Washington, MO - Armed Robbery
●  Five Towns Pharmacy - Hewlett, NY - Theft
●  Glen's Tire - West Valley City, UT - Burglary
●  Keeble & Shuchat - Palo Alto, CA - Burglary
●  Rite Aid - Gardiner, ME - Robbery
●  Stateline Market - Elizabethton, TN - Armed Robbery
●  Super Plus 2000 - Phoenix, AZ - Robbery
●  Wall Street Gold - Hicksville, NY - Armed Robbery



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How to Get Anything You Want By Asking Better Questions  According to Michael Roderick, Broadway producer and founder of ConnectorCon, you can get anything you want just by asking the right questions in the right way. Whether it's a job, a networking introduction or a reservation, no matter what you want, use these tips to help you ask the right question. Don't ask for favors

What Actually Makes People Trust You
For people to trust what you say it's important to understand how you're communicating. For people to trust what you say, it's critical to recognize that you communicate in three ways: what you say, what you do, and what you reward. Keep it authentic

4 Powerful Ways to Get More Appreciation at Work  Do you ever feel like your hard work isn't being recognized? According to this contributor to Forbes, we are 50% of every problem we face because how we perceive reality shapes our experiences. If you're questioning why you're not getting appreciation, there are steps to take that can help you shift your thinking. How long has this been going on?

5 Ways to Remind Yourself How Powerful You Really Are  We all go through disappointments in life and the struggles of realizing how special we are and how much we can achieve. The key to keeping your head up is to always remember that you have more power inside you than you think. Never lose sight of that. Journal

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