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2020 GLPS - Group LP Selfies

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Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

The Louis Vuitton Americas Risk Management Team

Ax throwing at their recent team outing!

Thanks to Jon Shimp, VP, Risk Management at Louis Vuitton Americas, for submitting this photo.


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NY Times Article Blasts Amazon Ring

Industry Disrupter Under Fire by U.S. Congress

Led to 0 Arrests Nationwide

Your Amazon Ring Camera Spied on You - Now What?

Congress Demanding Answers About Data & Law Enforcement

'Gaping Security Holes' - Hijacked Cameras' - 'Hidden Code Sharing Data'

The internet-connected doorbell gadget, has gained a reputation as the webcam that spies on you and that has failed to protect your data.

The company fired four employees over the last four years for watching customers' videos. Last month, researchers found that Ring's apps contained hidden code, which had shared customer data with third-party marketers. And in December, hackers hijacked the Ring cameras of multiple families, using the devices' speakers to verbally assault some of them.

This week, Ring announced new protocols to strengthen the security of its products, such as mandating two-factor verification, which requires you to punch in a temporary code before logging into your account to see your footage.

Yet security experts said that Ring had been slow to react and that its solutions were weak Read more

Amazon lets police ask for Ring videos that are more than a month old

U.S. Senator: 'Lack of Privacy & Civil Rights Protections is Chilling' Read more

Senator Markey Investigation into Amazon Ring Doorbell Reveals Egregiously Lax Privacy Policies and Civil Rights Protections
Lawmaker found Ring has no evidentiary standards for law enforcement to request video footage, no compliance mechanisms to ensure footage of children isn't collected. Read more

Cute videos, but little evidence: Police say Amazon Ring isn't much of a crime fighter

Deafening Lack of Evidence it Makes City's Safer

Winter Park Police Department hasn't made a single arrest facilitated by footage obtained from Ring cameras since it partnered with the company in April 2018.

Ring promises to "make neighborhoods safer" by deterring and helping to solve crimes, citing its own research that says an installation of its doorbell cameras reduces burglaries by more than 50 percent. But an NBC News Investigation has found - after interviews with 40 law enforcement agencies in eight states that have partnered with Ring for at least three months - that there is little concrete evidence to support the claim Read more

Click here to see our complete coverage of the Amazon Ring controversy

The End of a 60-Year Era

Leslie Wexner to Step Down

Ties to the Disgraced Financier Jeffrey Epstein


Leslie Wexner to Step Down as Victoria's Secret Is Sold

'Mr. Wexner, who built L Brands into a retailing force, had come under scrutiny for his ties to the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.'

Leslie H. Wexner, 82, will step down as the chief executive and chairman of L Brands as the company announced Thursday that it would sell a majority stake of its crown jewel, the lingerie brand Victoria's Secret, to a private equity firm. The sale came after months of scrutiny of Mr. Wexner's close ties to the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein and questions about the company's internal culture.

L Brands said it would sell a 55 percent stake of the lingerie brand to Sycamore Partners, a firm that specializes in retailers, for $525 million. Mr. Wexner will become chairman emeritus of L Brands when the deal is finalized, which is expected this spring. Bath & Body Works, also owned by L Brands, will become a separate public company.

Over the years, he has been described as "one of the great merchant princes of the late 20th century," a "rag-trade revolutionary" and the "Merlin of the mall."

The Epstein Ties - "What a tragic ending to a really brilliant story." 

California's Security Bag Check Compensation Law Suit Finally Resolved

Here's the Supreme Courts Reasoning

California Supreme Court Rules Apple to Pay for Employee Bag Checks

Employees Can't "Freely Avoid" Inspections

This legal case has been going on for over eight years and has been ruled on in a number of states. With California having more class action cases then any other. In the final ruling it used one of Apple's marketing theme's, "you wouldn't think about leaving home without it," against Apple. As there was no plausible way to avoid the process.

This decision is notable because by rejecting a bright-line distinction between "avoidable" and "unavoidable" tasks, the Court calls into question a defense employers have raised in many similar security check cases.

Key Points: Apple employees spent waiting for and undergoing mandatory security inspections is compensable.

Editor's Note: In one of the Courts opinions, they actually used Apple's own marketing as rational proof against it.

Read Key Points & Courts reasons here

What HR Is Reading
What California's Latest Bag Check Case Means for You

Decision is Retroactive

Employers should also note that this case extends well beyond just bag checks. It provides a key for evaluation of compensable time under California law generally. Although many activities may remain unpaid under the guidance of this decision, employers in California should nonetheless identify and evaluate any and all unpaid activities of their employees that could have any arguable relationship to their work-whether it is on-site or not. shrm.org

Open-Hiring: Is There a Place for it in Retail?

'Inclusive Hiring - Fair-Chance Hiring'

The Body Shop's "Open Hiring': Just answer 3 yes-or-no questions

No Interviews, No Background Checks & No Drug Tests

The Body Shop hiring employees on a first-come, first-serve basis if they answer "yes" to three basic questions.

Three yes-or-no questions. If answers yes to all three, the job is theirs. The three questions used were: Are you authorized to work in the U.S.? Can you stand for up to eight hours? Can you lift more than 50 pounds? nj.com

What Is Open Hiring?
Some employers are embracing this as a way to open the doors to a whole group of often-overlooked individuals. For a lot of roles, experience actually isn't critical, so an employer can opt to not worry about experience and instead train on the tasks at hand. This model has been championed by the Greyston Bakery in New York-the company that makes brownie treats for companies like Ben & Jerry's. They're still a leader in this hiring model and have launched an Open Hiring Center to help other organizations implement their own version of the practice. This overall model is sometimes called inclusive hiring or fair-chance hiring.

Some of the aspects of open hiring are a bit tougher for some employers to embrace-such as not doing criminal background screening-but that doesn't mean the practice is without merit or that it can't be modified a bit, if needed, while still embracing the concept.

For employers interested in the idea, it's important to note that open hiring doesn't necessarily mean that no screening is done at all. Applicants are considered based on their ability to do the job. This means employers can still have the final say in exactly how the process might look at their organization, while still embracing the concept. This might mean less emphasis on work history and more emphasis on the applicant's abilities. It might mean more training for new hires. It might mean a probationary period.

Proponents of an open hiring model cite multiple other benefits. For example:

Improved retention - Improved diversity - The recruiting process is fast - The organization is seen as helping the community. What Is Open Hiring? - HR Daily Advisor

Associations Cancel Events, Shake Up Schedules in Response to Coronavirus
Numerous events big and small have had to change their schedules or even cancel in response to lingering concerns about the Wuhan coronavirus. The disease led to the recent cancellation of Mobile World Congress, among others. Events, including many run by associations, have faced major disruptions, delays, and even cancellations. And some of those affected aren't even taking place in Asia-showing how concerns about the disease stretch beyond Chinese borders. associationsnow.com

Report: Trucks remain prime target of cargo thieves worldwide
Cargo in transit by road remains the dominant risk; theft from trucks parked in unsecured lots average 8 per day globally.

International transport and logistics insurer TT Club and supply chain intelligence firm BSI released data for 2019 showing that 87% of cargo thefts targeted trucks in 2019, up from 84% in 2018, dwarfing theft from all other modalities, including warehouses and trains. What's more, 60% of truck incidents occurred while the vehicles were in transit, in rest areas, or at an unsecured parking location.

Regionally, South America ranks highest in the median value of cargo per incident from unsecured truck parking, at $100,000, followed closely by North America, at $80,000.

The top three commodities stolen in 2019 were food and beverages, electronics, and alcohol and tobacco. dcvelocity.com

NJ's Toys R Us Bill Signed into Law to Protect Workers From "Getting Screwed"
Legislation sponsored by LD20 Senator Joe Cryan and Senator Nellie Pou (LD35) to protect workers from "getting screwed" when their employers go into bankruptcy or close their doors was signed into law Thursday by Governor Phil Murphy. The law, S-3170, makes New Jersey the first state in the country to guarantee severance pay in the wake of mass layoffs.

The law increases the minimum number of days of notice from 60 to 90 that employers of 100 or more full time employees when there is a mass layoff, plant closing or transfer resulting in 50 or more employees losing their jobs. It will also require severance pay equal to one week for each year of service. The severance would be "earned in full" upon the termination of employment. tapinto.com

Is NJ's American Dream Mall Getting Ready for Huge Retail Launch?

Houston We May Have a Problem

About 17,000 people have been hired to-man the 450 restaurants, stores, and services in the 3 million-square-foot area. Problem is, the Retail Apocalypse is happening.

The massive project officially opened on Oct. 25 of last year. Thus far, according to NJ.com, just the three-story candy department store It'Sugar has joined the Nickelodeon Universe theme park, the indoor ice skating rink and Big Snow, an indoor ski and snowboard park, as the mall's tenants.

American Dream's top brass have said in the past that a majority of the retail outlets and dining places are set to debut in March. That said, however, a lot of the schedules start dates have been pushed back. Officials told the public recently that additional details are yet to come.

Macy's Chief Executive Officer Jeff Gennette, for example, said his company "certainly did consider it," but the department-store chain held off, given the property is "unproven."

Companies like Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo and retail chain Primark and Gap Inc.'s Old Navy and Banana Republic are opening. Victoria's Secret, Pink and Bath & Body Works, all owned by L Brands Inc., will have locations as will Kate Hudson's athleisure line Fabletics and Charlotte Russe Inc. which filed for bankruptcy about a year ago.

The latest group of retailers who are said to be part of the program includes:

Charlotte Russe
Ginger Sushi
Jarana Restaurant
Likkle More Jerk
Manchu Wok
SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker
Sunglass Hut
Thai Express

800 Store Lidl to Reach 1,000 Stores in UK By 2023

Belks Department Stores Cuts 80 Corporate Jobs

Macy's Dropped To Junk-Bond Status

HyVee Announces Reorg. - Possible Layoffs & No More Operating 24 Hours a Day

Forever 21 acquired by Authentic Brands, Simon and Brookfield

Quarterly Results
Domino's Q4 U.S. comp's up 3.4%, International comp's up 1.7%, net sales up 6.3%
Jack in the Box Q1 system comp's up 1.7%, company comp's up 2.9%
SpartanNash Q4 Retail comps up 0.5%, Food Dist. net sales up 1.5%, Military Dist. net sales up 0.5%, Q4 total net sales up 5.3%, Full Yr. total net sales up 5.8%


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The 2020 event will include the Fast-Track RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate training. During this advanced, one-day fast-track course attendees were given an overview on how to design, install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot an RFID system in the field. The training prepares participants for the RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate exam. Don't miss this opportunity!

The 2020 event will also have keynote speakers and other conference sessions that provide unique insights into some of the world's largest, most sophisticated and most innovative RFID deployments to date, and show how the technology is being used across major industries.

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New Guidance: PCI DSS for Large Organizations
PCI Security Standards Council has published a new Information Supplement: PCI DSS for Large Organizations. This document was produced by the 2019 Special Interest Group (SIG), whose members provided their expertise and shared experience of managing PCI DSS assessments in large organizations.

Often the larger an organization becomes, the more interconnected and complex its relationships with internal business units and third parties become. As a result of this complexity, large organizations may need to evolve their approaches for implementing and maintaining PCI DSS controls across the entire organization. The document provides guidance and suggestions that cover a range of business considerations, including:

Roles, responsibilities, and ownership of PCI DSS functions
Sustaining compliance
Mergers and acquisitions
Managing acquirers and payment channels
Education and awareness
Systems management to maintain PCI DSS compliance
Multiple audits and assessment
Laws, regulations, and standards

Read the information supplement here. pcisecuritystandards.org

44% of Security Threats Start in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services responsible for 94% of all Web attacks
originating from the public cloud

Cloud-enabled cyberattacks are ramping up, as indicated in a new Netskope study that found 44% of security threats use cloud services in various stages of the kill chain. Attackers are targeting popular cloud apps and services to exploit the growing trust in commonly used enterprise platforms.

Microsoft Office 365 for Business, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, and GitHub are the most-targeted cloud apps, researchers discovered in the February 2020 Netskope Cloud and Threat Report. Most (89%) enterprise users operate in the cloud, and 33% of them work remotely.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a hot target for cloud storage apps, Imperva researchers found in their Cyber Threat Index, also released today. Web attacks originating from the public cloud saw a 16% spike from November to December 2019. AWS was a top source for these attacks, responsible for 94% of all Web attacks starting in the public cloud. "This suggests that public cloud companies should be auditing malicious behavior on their platforms," researchers said. darkreading.com

2020 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors Report by Yubico & Ponemon Institute
According to the report,IT security practitioners and individuals are both engaging in risky password and authentication practices, yet expectation and reality are often misaligned when it comes to the implementation of usable and desirable security solutions. The tools and processes that organizations put in place are not widely adopted by employees or customers, making it abundantly clear that new technologies are needed for enterprises and individuals to reach a safer future together.

"For years, achieving a balance between high security and ease of use was near impossible, but new authentication technologies are finally bridging the gap. With the availability of passwordless login and security keys, it's time for businesses to step up their security options. Organizations can do far better than passwords; in fact, users are demanding it."

Other findings from the research include:

Individuals report better security practices in some instances compared to IT professionals.

Fifty-one percent of IT security respondents say their organizations have experienced a phishing attack, with another 12% of respondents stating that their organizations experienced credential theft, and 8% say it was a man-in-the-middle attack. Yet, only 53% of IT security respondents say their organizations have changed how passwords or protected corporate accounts were managed. Interestingly enough, individuals reuse passwords across an average of 16 workplace accounts and IT security respondents say they reuse passwords across an average of 12 workplace accounts.

Click here for the full infographic securitymagazine.com  yubico.com

The Ecosystem of Phishing: From Minnows to Marlins
The Digital Shadows' Photon Research Team analysis entitled From Minnows to Marlins, the Ecosystem of Phishing analyzed many of the popular marketplaces and forums frequented by cybercriminals. It found that phishing page templates and clones impersonating some of the biggest brands in the world, are being priced and sold from just $1.88. These templates aim to masquerade as legitimate companies and trick recipients into handing over sensitive information, like credentials, password resets or notifications of suspicious activity, says the report.

The analysis details from start to finish how criminals create, distribute, steal data, and monetize phishing emails and pages. Many criminals begin by using phishing email templates, often indistinguishable from the real thing which use the same exact assets (e.g. images, fonts, and wording). Criminals can then combine these with 'clone' websites, the cost of which start under $2.00. After purchasing a cheap domain and email contact lists (with 10m email contacts being advertised for just $12.99) spammers can launch a campaign for under $20 with little technical knowledge required, notes the study.

Phishing emails are the most exploited "vulnerabilities" in the modern age of cyber criminality. Phishes have evolved over time, taking on new forms and adding advanced functionality at every stage of their development and delivery scheme. Simple social engineering emails with misspellings and grammatical errors have evolved into nearly undetectable impersonations of the brands that people see coming through their email inboxes every day. securitymagazine.com

Read the full report:
The Ecosystem of Phishing: From Minnows to Marlins
Phishing key findings and statistics

Register for NRF Dinner @ RSA 2020
Waterbar San Francisco California
February 26, 2020 6:00pm to 9:00pm Pacific

The NRF Dinner at RSA 2020 will take place during the RSA Conference on February 26, 2020, at the highly rated, Waterbar Restaurant in San Francisco, California.

This dinner offers an intimate roundtable setting, in which retail cybersecurity experts can discuss industry trends and engage in insightful dialogue on cyber risks and business challenges.

Please join us for an evening of dinner, networking, and inspiration in a quaint environment.

For any additional questions, please email programs@nrf.com.

At the Waterbar at 399 The Embarcadero in San Francisco: 6:00 PM nrf.com



'Top secret' security measures at pot dispensaries
The costly side of Illinois' new marijuana trade that can't be revealed

There is a high stakes reality for Illinois' new marijuana entrepreneurs. It's costing each of them a small fortune but it is something they can't talk about it. How a dispensary secures its facility is so top secret, marijuana execs told the I-Team state regulators restrict companies from sharing the details.

The reason is a mix of marijuana and money. A lot of both, in the recreational use facilities that opened just last month under a new state law. Nearly $40 million worth of weed was sold during the first month it was legal. That is a lot of cash to keep track of.

"The cannabis industry is dealing with a lot of cash. A duffle bag full of product could be $60,000, $70,000," said Dan O'Sullivan, senior security consultant with Clear Loss Prevention. "It creates a target."

"It's something we don't provide because we don't want anyone to have that access because, you know, it's proprietary to how we operate our business," said Brendan Blume, vice president of store development for Green Thumb Industries which owns and operates nearly 100 dispensaries nationwide, including Rise in Joliet. abc7chicago.com

Oregon Police Investigating Cannabis-Focused Burglary Ring
Police in Oregon are investigating a burglary ring that targeted cannabis businesses, the Oregonian reports. As part of the investigation, Portland and Salem police seized $33,000 in cash, 30 pounds of cannabis, six pounds of hash oil, 16 firearms, and burglary tools, along with clothing and other evidence from the victimized businesses, the report says.

Portland Police Assistant Chief Andrew Sherer said on Twitter that one arrest had been made in the case and there were "more to follow." Officials have not released any other information, citing the ongoing investigation. ganjapreneur.com

9 Pot Shop Robbery Suspects Sought in 2 Yakima Store Hits

Cannabis Around the World, Part I: Before the Common Era

By Tony Gallo, Managing Partner & Katharine Baxter, Lead Technical Writer for Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

While widespread cannabis use may seem like a relatively new idea, cannabis use has been around in the world longer than most modern countries. Methods of application and consumption vary, but cannabis has long been used recreationally, medicinally, and religiously throughout the ancient world and up through the present.

Written records of cannabis use are rather limited, but researchers believe that ancient cannabis was consumed orally or by burning and inhaling the dried plants for medicinal or religious purposes. While scientists disagree on when cannabis use truly began, most believe that people began to use the plant sometime between 2000 to 500 B.C.E. - but exact dates and locations are widely debated.

Many scientists believe that evidence found in central Eurasia indicate the region may have seen the plant's earliest introduction into civilization around 500 B.C.E. Cannabis is indigenous to the cool, wet, mountainous regions of modern-day China, but it remains unknown when people began to cultivate the plant to increase THC levels. Recent discoveries of cannabis remnants in burial sites in northwest China imply medicinal or ritualistic use, but more research would be necessary to truly understand cannabis' role in these ancient societies.  Read more

Environmental Health and Safety Compliance in The Cannabis Industry:
Starting at Ground Zero (Part 3)
In Part 2 we discussed envisioning the scope of your environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance program so you can determine whether you want to pursue a "good enough" program or set yourself apart by pursuing a program that goes above and beyond to protect its employees and the environment. Here we will be discussing how to implement the program you have envisioned with respect to health and safety as well as the most common trouble areas for compliance for the cannabis industry.

Health and Safety
Plenty of 'off the shelf' content can easily be found with a few mouse clicks. Written program documents should follow the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) guidelines, and International Standards Organization (ISO)-45001. Following a 'good enough' approach, however, may be as likely to produce a shelf full of binders no one looks at, as it is to produce a vibrant program.

A more progressive approach is to engage your greatest asset - your team. They are the ones, after all, that the programs should be designed to support and protect. Your team may not know the regulations, but they know your operation, they can identify the risks involved, and they are best suited to provide the input which will design an effective Health and Safety program.

In our experience, the environmental regulations most applicable to the cannabis industry include those relating to air emissions permitting, hazardous materials storage and management, wastewater and stormwater.

Air Emissions - Hazardous Materials - Wastewater cannabisbusinessexecutive.com

Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here




Amazon's 1st ever employee says it "scares" him and should be broken up
Amazon's first ever employee Shel Kaphan whose work "allowed them to come into existence" said he believes the company should be broken up.

Kaphan, who joined the retailer when it was founded in 1994 as its chief technology officer, said that the online behemoth he helped to build now "scares" him.

Speaking to reporters during a PBS Frontline special called Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos earlier this week, Kaphan went on to say he felt the retailer's massive influence over small businesses ability to thrive online mean it should be broken up by US antitrust enforcers.

"I think the characterization of Amazon as a ruthless competitor is true. Under the flag of customer obsession they can do a lot of things which might not be good for people who aren't their customers."

Amazon's chief executive of consumer business Jeff Wilke was also interviewed during the programme, arguing that although any big company deserves scrutiny Amazon has "intense competition" in each of the markets it operates. chargedretail.co.uk

US ecommerce sales grow 14.9% in 2019
Online spending represented 16.0% of total retail sales for the year. Amazon accounted for more than a third of all ecommerce in U.S.

Consumers spent $601.75 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2019, up 14.9% from $523.64 billion the prior year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce quarterly ecommerce figures released Wednesday. Higher growth rate than 2018, when online sales rose 13.6% year over year.

comparing growth: US ecommerce vs total retail sales graph insert

Ecommerce also accounted for more than half-56.9%-of all gains in the retail market last year. That's the largest share of growth for online spending since 2008, when ecommerce represented 63.8% of all sales growth. Plus, this is only the third time in the history of U.S. retail that the year-over-year dollar gains for online purchases exceeded the gains for in-store spending in a given year. digitalcommerce360.com


Online retailers face challenges in how they handle online returns
Finding the ROI in Online Returns - registration required

Canada a Possible eCommerce Strategy in light of US-China Tariffs






East Brunswick, NJ: Kohl's Smash-and-grab shoplifters sought in $157k jewelry theft
Arrest warrants have been issued for two Brooklyn men, and police are still trying to identify a woman and driver who are all being sought in connection to an alleged smash-and-grab theft of about $157,000 worth of jewelry from a Route 18 store. Warrants have been issued for Andrew Joyner, 35, and Garry Dunbar, 23, who are both charged with shoplifting, conspiracy to commit shoplifting, and criminal mischief. About 2:15 p.m. Feb. 11 police responded to the Kohl's store, 333 Route 18 for a report of shoplifting and criminal mischief after suspects allegedly used hammers to smash out the jewelry display cases and remove jewelry, police said. Carrying tote bags, the three suspects walked up to the display cases where the men used hammers to break the glass and remove the jewelry inside. The woman took items in the area of the display cases, police said. mycentraljersey.com

Fredericksburg, VA: Thieves use stolen cards to make thousands in fraudulent purchases
Fredericksburg police are seeking the public's help in identifying a group of people who used stolen debit and credit cards Saturday to pile up about $15,000 in fraudulent purchases. City police spokeswoman Sarah Kirkpatrick said one victim was at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse at 1861 Carl D. Silver Parkway on Saturday about 5:30 p.m. when she realized her cards were missing. She immediately called her bank and found out that thousands of dollars worth of purchases had recently been made with her cards. The woman told police that she had her purse with her the entire time, but does recall being bumped by someone at the bar. A second victim was at the Cracker Barrel in the same general area when her cards were stolen. fredericksburg.com

Fairview Heights, IL: 4 women who stole from Macy's, pepper-sprayed store workers
Police are looking for four women who they said stole from a Macy's and pepper-sprayed employees as they ran out of the store. The theft happened Tuesday night just before closing at St. Clair Square. Macy's employees said four women walked in and each grabbed armfuls of clothing. They then walked to the door. Two loss prevention officers tried to stop them as they left. They said three of the women made it outside while the fourth turned around and sprayed mace into the faces of the loss prevention officers, police said. Police said the loss prevention officers declined medical treatment, and didn't suffer any other injuries. kmov.com

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Share it with the industry

Submit your ORC Association News

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Shootings & Deaths

Mobile, AL: Shootout inside Walmart store in Alabama leaves 2 dead
Two men shot each other and died after an argument inside an Alabama Walmart store, police said Thursday. A statement from the Mobile Police Department said the two were arguing in a Walmart Neighborhood Market on Wednesday night and both pulled out guns Witnesses described people running for cover as multiple shots were fired. Both men were taken to a hospital where they died. Police identified the victims as Jaquess Thompson, 21, and Seantatis Kirksey, 44. No one else was injured, police said.  oanow.com

Greenville, TN: Armed Corrections officer fatally shot by Police in Lowe's parking lot
A corrections officer accused of targeting a woman he had been dating in a store parking lot was shot and killed by a police officer in Tennessee. Travis Mullins, 29, was pronounced dead Monday evening outside a Lowe's Home Improvement store in Greeneville. Greeneville police were called to the scene for a reported hit-and-run, said Leslie Earhart, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Mullins had left but returned to the scene armed with a gun. Officers disarmed Mullins and attempted to arrest him. He was somehow able to get another gun from his vehicle and point it at officers. A Greeneville officer then shot and killed Mullins. abcnews.go.com

Cincinnati, OH: Man arrested in triple shooting involving teen at Roselawn strip mall
According to the Cincinnati Police Department, the shooting happened in the 7600 block of Reading Road just before 8 p.m. Surveillance video from the scene captured Tony Tate, 53, shooting one victim as they laid on the ground, court documents said. He then fired shots at the victim's friend, striking him in the chest. Tate then shot a 13-year-old girl in the back as she ran back toward her dance class. Police said the two adults and 13-year-old were transported to area hospitals for treatment. Their injuries are believed to not be life-threatening, and all three people are in stable condition. Tate was arrested on three counts of felonious assault and three counts of having weapons under disability. wlwt.com

Aurora, CO: Man who shot C-Store Clerk during Armed Robbery sentenced to 50 years; linked to 3 armed robberies in 2018 and was on probation at the time of the crimes

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Europol: Illegal Cigarette Factory Uncovered In Underground Bunker in Spain

Human Slavery Workers - Locked Up Underground in Toxic Bunker

20 individuals were arrested for cigarette counterfeiting
& drug trafficking

On 13 and 14 February 2020, the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) dismantled an organised crime group involved in illegal cigarette manufacturing and drug trafficking. Europol supported the operation

Tobacco, Beds and Pillows
The operation uncovered a full range of production facilities operated by the criminal group.

Hidden in a bunker four metres underground. In the facility, believed to have been operating since 2019, workers made and packed the counterfeit cigarettes; a complete production line under one roof. Beds and living quarters for the workers were also found underground. This is the first underground factory to be discovered in the EU. Workers there were forced to work in extremely dangerous and toxic conditions. Locked up four metres underground, they were not allowed to leave the facility on their own, and no emergency security was in place.

Blindfolded the workers when taking them to and from the factory. Although paid for their work in the facility, workers are usually not allowed to leave or make contact with others while working. Criminals often even seal the premises to enforce this. These illegal activities are estimated to bring in about $675,000 U.S. per week in criminal profits.  europol.europa.eu

LaPlace, LA: Man arrested after dragging Officer with vehicle in parking lot of Walmart
On Feb. 15, officers working a security detail were notified of a man, later identified as Hollingsworth, stealing items in the store. Store personnel reported that in another incident the same suspect had previously stolen items valued at about $1,500 from the store. Officers located the suspect and detained him, however, he did not have identification and gave a false name to officers. Shortly after being detained, Hollingsworth fled from the office and exited the store. Police say Hollingsworth was able to manipulated the handcuffs to the front of his body and also refused verbal commands to stop. Officers made contact with Hollingsworth as he was entering a vehicle. As an officer dove on top of Hollingsworth to stop him from fleeing, Hollingsworth started his vehicle and drove off, dragging the officer across the parking lot before crashing into a basket corral. The officer was able to place the vehicle in park then apprehend the suspect. Hollingsworth and the officer were treated for minor injuries. fox8live.com

Riverdale, Home Depot files counterclaim against woman who sued after getting stuck with $125,000 in stolen gift card
A woman who was scammed of at least $125,000 in a gift card fraud now faces a civil court counterclaim filed by retail giant Home Depot. Kaitlyn Peterson sued Home Depot after the company in May 2018 deactivated about $165,000 in cards that it discovered had been stolen by an employee, since fired. She had responded to a ksl.com classified ad offering discounted Home Depot electronic gift cards. After she bought and successfully redeemed one card, the man, Daniel Martinez, offered to sell her more. He told her he had earned the cards by winning international online games. She was building a house in Weber County, so she bought numerous cards and redeemed thousands of dollars' worth without a problem.

But after Home Depot detected the scam, Martinez was fired and he was charged and convicted of communications fraud. A judge ordered him to pay Home Depot more than $161,000 in restitution. Ogden police determined Martinez had stolen $330,000 in cards. According to court records, between Oct. 7, 2017 and May 16, 2018, Peterson made a total of 12 purchases from Martinez for a total of $198,225. Peterson was stuck with $125,000 in cards she could not redeem. Peterson's lawsuit argues that Home Depot should have had better employee and gift card security. Instead, the company "did nothing and allowed Martinez to operate with impunity selling fraudulent egift cards to plaintiff for eight months," the suit said.

In documents filed Friday in U.S. District Court, Home Depot said it owes Peterson nothing because she never held legal title to any of the gift cards. standard.net

Man to serve six years for fake C-Store kidnapping, robbery

Henrico County, VA: Gun store burglarized 3 times since December wants 'justice'



Seattle, WA: Businesses hoping state lawmakers crack down on rise in shoplifters

Tennessee Supreme Court Concludes Burglary Statute Applies To Banned Walmart Shoplifter




Daily Totals:
• 36 robberies
• 2 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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