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Drew Brennan was named Executive Director - Loss Prevention for David Yurman. Drew is well versed in all aspects of Luxury Retail/Supply Chain AP, including: NYC Retail, Corporate Security, Internal Manufacturing, Global Rough Diamond Sourcing/Polishing, and Retail Stores. Prior to joining David Yurman he was the Director of Security at Harry Wilson for the last three years. He also held a Regional Security Director position with Tiffany & Co. for just over 11 years. Drew started his LP career working in investigator positions at retailers including Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. Congrats Drew!

Lawyers battle it out in J.C. Penney vs. Macy's Martha Stewart deal - and Stewart needs both deals  A lawyer for Macy's Inc told a judge on Wednesday that rival J.C. Penney Co Inc schemed to steal Martha Stewart's fans with products similar to those Macy's offers under the home goods doyenne's brand. The stakes are high for Penney. The struggling retailer in December 2011 announced plans to open Martha Stewart boutiques in about 700 of its department stores in 2013. The shops are set to open in May and will anchor the overhaul of its home goods section that Penney Chief Executive Ron Johnson recently said was crucial to returning Penney to growth in 2013. Macy's contract allows Martha Stewart to open its own stores and sell the product categories that are exclusive to Macy's. But Macy's argues the boutiques at J.C. Penney do not qualify for that exception. Macy's has asked the court to stop the Martha Stewart boutiques at Penney from going forward. Talk about high stakes. All three need to win and Stewart's company needs the money as much as Penney does. (Source

33% of your seafood intentionally miss-labeled, seafood fraud sweeping the nation  Mislabeled fish is flooding the marketplace and Americans may be swallowing it hook, line and sinker, according to a new study by an environmental activist group. 33% of seafood sold at U.S. grocery stores, seafood markets, restaurants and sushi venues had been swapped for species that are cheaper, overfished, or risky to eat. Out of the 1,215 samples that were eventually tested, 401 were determined to be mislabeled by Oceana. (Source

Seal Beach police officer honored at LAAORCA for work leading to arrest of a broker of stolen merchandise  Seal Beach Police Corporal Dave Barr was honored as the Los Angeles Area Organized Retail Crime Association (LAAORCA) as the Law Enforcement Officer of the year yesterday at the LAAORCA Annual Convention, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The recognition stems from a case that Corporal Barr investigated while working as a detective. The case included the identification and arrest of a broker of stolen merchandise, who was notorious amongst the investigators who specialize in Organized Retail Crime (ORC). A neighboring police agency’s arrest led to an interview where Detective Barr learned of the connection between two (2) professional shoplifters and the fence. (Source

California Port Workers ratify contract terms; possible strike averted. 
The Harbor Employers Association negotiated on behalf of 16 companies which move a majority of the freight on the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The 800 Clerical workers, who walked off the job back in November, accepted the terms of the new contract on February 20th, the same terms they turned down on February 8th. The logistics industry employs 113,000 people in the two county area. (Source

JC Penney HQ in Texas cuts 300 jobs. 
Several news sources saw this coming, but maybe not this severe; JC Penney headquarters staff was cut by nearly 50% of that when CEO Ron Johnson took over in 2011. More cuts were to be made on today, followed by more possible cuts in the weeks to come. (Source

Microsoft’s “The Domain Awareness System” ties together 3000 Security Cameras together in New York City.  Something that you may have seen on television may now be the real thing. A 911 call within seconds triggers the computer to pinpoint the area on a map, ties in video camera feeds from the area and even has the ability to gauge radiation level threats. The project cost the NYPD $30-40 million to develop for its counterterrorism bureau, but if Microsoft is able to market this to other cities and venues, the NYPD gets 30% of the sale price. (Source

The Invisible Thief - 63% of organizations worldwide are infected with bots and 53% are infected with new malware at least once a day  As the Loss Prevention industry fights theft every day, the IT security world has them at the door every day as well and some are already inside. New research by Check Point shows "Our research uncovered many alarming vulnerabilities and security threats on networks that most organizations were not aware of," said Amnon Bar-Lev, president of Check Point. (Source

Fencing operation shut down in Itawamba County, Missi. 
Investigators believe the stolen items and narcotics are part of an upstart fencing operation in which drugs are exchanged for merchandise or cash or vice versa. Dickinson said this particular operation was approximately two weeks old and wasn’t yet in full swing. Investigators discovered a myriad of what they believed to be stolen items: televisions, car stereos, speakers, video game systems, power tools, DVD players, wireless routers, laptop computers, a set of tires with chrome rims and a tackle box full of Indian arrowheads. Two suspects were arrested and the investigation continues. (Source

Alcohol shoplifting spree ends in arrest for Va. couple 
The pair went on a crime spree from January 23 to February 13 shoplifting from nine stores across Central Virginia stealing over $2,000 worth of liquor from ABS stores. "Our security system did exactly what it was set up to do," director of ABC’s bureau of law enforcement Shawn Walker said. “In addition to the enhanced safety and security provided for our customers and employees by the store camera and security systems, valuable footage has been used in the arrest and conviction of shoplifters.” (Source

Dick’s Sporting Goods robbery caught on tape in Daytona Beach.  The Store Manager was followed into the Cash Office and forced to remove the contents of the safe. The manager remained calm, was threatened but unharmed. The store was open at the time, while customers had no idea a robbery was taking place. (Source

Twenty recent Cell Phone store robberies in Houston has one owner spending more on security equipment and a gun.  The store owner of a Boost Mobile is applying for a weapons carry permit, but is also going to spend money on upgrading his security camera system and increasing the number of panic alarms in his store. Houston Police said they will form a Special Task Force to go after Cell Phones robbers and work with the FBI on the investigations. (Source

Man beaten and robbed inside a mall Jewelry Store in Mesquite, TX while waiting to buy an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day.  The customer was waiting in line at a Kay’s Jewelers, ready to put down $3500 on an engagement ring when he was hit from behind, and beaten by a suspect, breaking his jaw and smashing out several teeth. (Source

Connecticut Shoplifter arrested at the Police Station attempting to bail out her two friends.  When you are captured on video shoplifting and your two friends are caught, the last place you should show up is at the Police Station. The three shoplifters had stolen merchandise from Fragrance Outlet in the Clinton Crossing Outlet Center. When her two friends were apprehended, Lauri DeMichele went to find a bailsman and drove the Police Department. DeMichele was immediately identified from the surveillance video and arrested. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Nordstrom 4Q up 6.3% with revenue up 13%
Zales 2Q up 2.8% with revenue up 1.1%
Safeway 4Q up 0.8%% with revenue up 1%
Loblaw (Canada's largest supermarket) 4Q flat with sales up 0.9%

Senior LP executives - We'd like to hear from you
We are conducting an informal survey in regards to the traditional retail LP model to see how LP jobs have incorporated any components of the IT security. If you are a senior Loss Prevention executive in retail and have any IT security responsibilities we'd like to hear from you and find out exactly what they are. Involvement may include but not limited to: mobile and tablet roll-outs, privacy issues, and internal threat analysis. Email Gus confidentially at Thank you.


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Canadian December retail sales post biggest drop in two years - not a good time for a major roll-out  Sales fell 2.1 percent to C$38.6 billion ($37.9 billion), bringing the value of retailer receipts to the lowest since September 2011. Seven of 11 retail categories recorded declines, representing 58% of the total retail trade. Electronics and appliance store retailers reported a 12.1% drop in sales. Department stores, sporting goods retailers and home furnishing outlets also posted declines. For all of 2012, retail sales were up 2.5 percent from 2011, the slowest since the 2009 recession. Not good news for a major roll-out right around the corner. (Source

All Out Retail war predicted when Target invades Canada 
Target is still several weeks away from making its much-anticipated splash in the Canadian market, but after dipping its toe in last week, the ripples could turn into a tidal wave. John Winter, a Toronto-based retail analyst, said this shot across the bow will soon lead to a full-scale battle. "I think it's going to be WW2 when Target opens up in a few weeks. There will be about 13 million square feet of Target suddenly opening across Canada, and that's going to cause a great fight between Target and Walmart, the Bay and Sears. It's going to be all-out war," he said. (Source

Canada loses 3 senior Loss Prevention positions 
With one job elimination at Shoppers and two U.S. firms actually buying two Canadian retailers, who located the function in the U.S., Canada in effect lost three senior LP roles. However with the Target roll-out, LP jobs have seen some great growth over the last six months all in all.

Two ORC gangs reported this week in Canada - maybe Canada's journalists will start reporting on it now  We normally don't hear much about ORC in Canada although it obviously exists. In conversations with a few Canadian senior LP leaders most think it's merely not covered by the journalism community and still referred to as shoplifting gangs which doesn't draw a lot of attention and isn't fancy enough for them to write about. However with these two this week, and the massive store expansion they're experiencing, we predict we'll be hearing more and more about it in the future.

Rona Job Cuts: 200 to be laid off as company mulls closing stores 
CEO turnover, fighting off Lowe's, underperforming sales, and just waiting for the Target onslaught, Rona is taking action. The downsizing, which represents 15 per cent of its administrative positions, is part of the company's plan to focus on its core businesses and reduce other holdings. Although Lowe's has said it wants to expand its presence in Canada, Dley said he's not sure the U.S. company will want to buy Rona's underperforming stores. (Source

Don’t refuse our pennies, Canadians tell retailers 
Nearly three-quarters of Canadians want retailers to keep accepting the coin even though it’s being phased out, says a new survey. Eliminating the penny will be done in a “customer friendly way” and the coins will go out of circulation as businesses take them to the bank. (Source

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Ringleader and 21 others waive hearings in ORC case involving 110 suspects in West York, Pa.   West York retail theft ringleader James Giuffrida and 21 others waived their preliminary hearings Thursday afternoon, sending the charges to county court. Giuffrida, who was already charged with organized retail theft, conspiracy to commit organized retail theft, retail theft and receiving stolen property, had two additional charges laid against him. Police filed two new charges against Giuffrida - corrupt organizations and dealing in proceeds of illegal activity, which he waived for court. All told, 110 people were arrested for their alleged involvement in the ring. The fact that all 22 waived their hearings Thursday shows that police have built a solid case against them, York County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Lishani said. (Source

Police bust New Sudbury, Ontario 6 member ORC ring  
Three men and three women, ranging in age from 20 to 44 have been arrested when officers stopped two vehicles. The ring was busted by the police service’s Break, Enter and Robbery (B.E.A.R.) Unit. The arrests were made Wednesday evening, after officers stopped two vehicles. Officers identified this criminal network who had shoplifted in stores in the New Sudbury area,” police said. No other info was available. (Source

ORC ring member and drug dealer makes Fugitive of the Week in New Hampshire  David Wayne Bagley Sr., 57, is wanted by Concord police on three counts of sale of cocaine and organized retail crime enterprise/conspiracy/theft. Lt. Timothy O'Malley said Bagley is wanted for the organized theft of about $3,000 worth of merchandise from Walmart, Sears, Home Depot and Atlantic Traders in Chichester. (Source

Interstate Crime Ring hits outside of Milwaukee; suspects believed to be from Detroit.  The Rogers and Holland's jewelry store was hit for one diamond ring valued at $36,000 last week and police believe it is tied to a group residing in Detroit. The connection to the grab and run robberies is the ability to access the interstate quickly. The same day thieves hit a store in the Gurnee Mills Mall just hours away from the Brookfield Roger’s and Holland store. So far the states that have been affected include Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi and Wisconsin. (Source

Organized Retail Crime:
Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State

The Food Marketing Institute has released a report containing Organized Retail Crime: Estimated Lost Sales Tax Revenue by State. Over the next several days the Daily will publish these figures. Stay tuned to see your state estimate! Click here to see what's been published so far.

State Annual Sales - Retail Trade and Food Services (2009) State % of Annual Retail Sales Est. Amount of Stolen Merchandise Attributed to ORC (by State) State Sales Tax Rates Est. Lost Sales Tax Revenue Attributed to ORC (by State)
South Carolina $60,305,185,816 1.40% $418,696,774 6.00% $25,121,806
South Dakota $13,759,492,431 0.32% $95,531,670 4.00% $3,821,267
Tennessee $89,523,674,250 2.07% $621,559,706 7.00% $43,509,179
Texas $336,509,063,793 7.79% $2,336,370,537 6.25% $146,023,159
Utah $40,796,456,289 0.94% $283,248,354 4.70% $13,312,673

*Note: States with no state sales tax were omitted (AK, DE, MT, NH, and OR)

For more information on organized retail crime, visit FMI's issue page.

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Vendor Spotlight

Checkpoint Systems Introduces Enhanced Performance EAS Food Label for Supermarkets That Is
Certified Microwave Safe

4010 EP Food Label Features Enhanced Detection, Deactivation;
Enables High-Speed Source Tagging

THOROFARE, N.J — Feb. 19, 2013 - Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of shrink management solutions, today announced a new enhanced performance (EP) anti-theft EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) food label for supermarkets that is certified to be microwave safe.

The 4010 EP Food Label was designed specifically to protect fresh and frozen supermarket food. It has been certified as microwave safe and non-flammable by TUV Rheinland, an international service group that provides manufacturers with assessment and certification services to ensure product safety.

Extensive TUV testing revealed EAS labels from other manufacturers sometimes showed browning around the edges and in some cases even caught fire when placed in a microwave oven, making the food potentially unsafe for consumers. Checkpoint’s 4010 EP Food Label passed all TUV tests without incident.

Protecting supermarket food items from theft, especially fresh and frozen meat, poultry and seafood, is more important than ever. According to the last Global Retail Theft Barometer, shrink rates for high-risk food such as fresh meat reached 3.6% in North America versus the global retail shrink average of 1.45%.

“The new 4010 EP Label is designed specifically for food and offers optimized protection without risk,” said Farrokh Abadi, President & COO, Shrink Management Solutions Checkpoint. “By offering maximum protection and enhanced deactivation at the point of sale, food retailers can improve merchandise availability and enhance their consumers’ shopping experience while increasing sales.”

The 4010 EP Food Label can be applied through high-speed source tagging at the point of manufacture, or through in-store tagging. The new EAS label maintains its enhanced performance throughout the supply chain, including after being stored in a freezer.

A one-minute video titled “Is your food catching on fire?” is available for viewing at

The 4010 EP Food Label is available immediately.


George Cohen (for Checkpoint)
GCC, Inc.


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Thought Challenge 

Thought Challenge Review

Traits of Great Leaders and Mentors

By Sandy Chandler, CPP, LPC
Regional Director, Asset Protection
Rite Aid Corporation

as published on November 27, 2012

With the holidays fast approaching (Q-4 sales and shrink potential) I think now is the best time to reflect and give thanks.

When I look at my career progression and what I have learned throughout the years, my hope is that I have taken on some of the traits of my great mentors and leaders.

Below are a few traits that come to mind when thinking about who has really contributed to my personal growth and development over the years.

Great Leaders and Mentors:
Ask the right questions. Mentors show you how to get results by asking the right questions and gaining insight on the current challenges.
Listen. Great mentors do more listening vs. talking. They have conversations with everyone they come in contact with. One of my best mentors will talk out loud about a situation, offering solutions and steps for follow-up. He also asks others for input so other team members can learn, and we provide the best solutions possible.
Care. Great mentors want to know all about you. Expressing general interest in your well-being.
Are humble. Great mentors do not have to celebrate their successes; they have earned the respect and recognition over the years through doing the right thing.
Have un-ending energy and passion. Great mentors have energy and a passion for their job. They love what they do, and their passion inspires others to do the same.
Are industry experts. Great leaders and mentors contribute to the well-being of the industry.
Admit their mistakes and let others make some as well. Great leaders admit their mistakes which in turn builds our trust, which helps others learn.
Recognize others. Great leaders recognize others through positive reinforcement, and do it often.
Lead by example. Leaders love to learn and share their knowledge with others.
Are great communicators. Great leaders communicate their clear focus and vision regularly, so there is never one doubt about where we are, where we need to be, where we are going, and what we want to accomplish.
Embrace change. Great leaders embrace new initiatives and execute.
Mentor others. Great leaders inspire their team members to be the best, and challenge us to learn and improve.

This thought challenge is dedicated to all of those great leaders and mentors out there (you know who you are) who continue to help us on our career paths.

I choose to take on these traits, because I see the positive results and how we can all make a difference in the lives of others. I challenge myself to be better.

Who inspires you? Have you thanked them lately for all that they do for you?

Just a thought



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ETL Assets Protection Target Northeast Indiana Target
Loss Prevention Mgr Century 21 Dept Store New York, NY Century 21 Dept Store
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Franklin, WI Lowe's
District LP Leader JC Penney Saginaw, MI JC Penney
LP Supply Chain Mgr JC Penney Plano, TX JC Penney
Regional LP Mgr Bob's Discount Furniture Secaucus, NJ Bob's Discount Furniture
LP Shrinkage Specialist Nordstrom Naples, FL Nordstrom


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Drew Brennan was named Executive Director - Loss Prevention for David Yurman.
Jennifer Walker
was promoted to Sr Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Charming Shoppes.
Javion Hutchinson
was promoted to Asset Protection Manager, Physical Security Operations for Walgreens and Duane Reade.

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11 Easy Ways to Make Work Fun  How often when you leave your home for the office do you think "I'm going to have fun today." If your employees aren't having fun, they're probably not performing at their highest level. So ease up already and try one of these tactics. (#7 is easy)

Motivational Strategies  How do you re-inspire exhausted team members? Erin Keown Ganju, Cofounder and CEO of Room to Read, answers this business question in this 30 second video. You can also click through and find how other top leaders answered the same question. (Tough question)

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It's always the basics, the simple things.

The simplest things can always have the biggest impacts. From having a firm hand shake, turning off your cell, not chewing gum, shining your shoes, cleaning your briefcase, having multiple copies of your resumes, getting business cards from everyone you interview with, taking the water they offer, stopping by the facilities merely to clear your head, making direct eye contact, and making sure you wear a smile and you're upbeat with everyone you meet. These are the basics of every successful interview. And it seems that many great executives lose opportunities because they don't practice the basics.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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