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 February 22, 2016


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2016's GLPS's - Group LP Selfie's
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

Walmart Mexico and Central America (Walmex) Asset Protection, Security and Investigation Team at their Annual Year Beginning Meeting

"Improved loss metrics are the result of an
improved customer experience"

The total team is led by William Simon, Director of Operational AP in Mexico; Antonio Hernandez, Director of Investigations and Centralized Strategy Walmex; Reyner Zamora, Director of AP and Security for Central America and Jay Mealing, VP of AP, Security and Investigations for Walmex.


RILA and The Loss Prevention Foundation Team-Up to Support Asset Protection Community

Charitable event to raise funds to help the families
of fallen asset protection professionals

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) will once again partner with The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) to raise money for the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund. The fundraiser will culminate in a drawing for valuable prizes during RILA's upcoming Retail Asset Protection Conference, April 17-20, 2016 in Dallas, TX.

The Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund, originally formed in 2012 by the LPF under the name Loss Prevention Memorial Fund, provides financial assistance to the families of fallen asset protection professionals who lost their lives while performing the duties of their jobs. 100% of contributions go directly to the retail asset protection community. LPF's Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund Committee selected RILA's annual Retail Asset Protection Conference as the ideal venue to enhance visibility of the LP Benevolent Fund's mission within the retail industry.

"RILA is proud to be part of an industry that takes care of its people and we once again stand with LPF in their efforts to ease survivors' financial burdens, " said Lisa LaBruno, senior vice president, Retail Operations at RILA. "We're trending to have more executives in Dallas than in years' past which translates to more opportunities to raise funds for the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund."

"On behalf of the Loss Prevention community, The Loss Prevention Foundation and the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund Committee, I would like to express our profound gratitude to RILA and the solution provider community for continuing to support this meaningful initiative," said Chris Duke LPC, Chairman of the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund. "Fund-raising efforts like this, made possible through our partnership with RILA, allow us to continue to provide beneficial financial support to the families of fallen asset protection professionals who have lost their lives while engaged in the duties of their profession. Moving forward, as we transition to a 501c3 charitable organization, we will be able to help many more asset protection professionals as well".

Call to Action: LPF is seeking prize donations from retailers and solution providers (gift cards of any denomination, merchandise) that will entice conference attendees to purchase raffle tickets. To make a donation or learn more, please email Chris Duke.

Stanley Security Announces Stanley Guard - A Mobility Solution That Delivers Security and Response Management to Workplaces
STANLEY Security, a leading global manufacturer and integrator of comprehensive security solutions for a wide range of industries, announces STANLEY Guard, a smartphone and cloud-based personal safety and security response suite. The STANLEY Guard Personal Safety app allows users - whether they are students, employees, or executives - to send alerts, including video and their GPS location, directly to their security command center for immediate response. The STANLEY Guard Security Response app is designed to coordinate incident responses and provide a means of task management for facilities and institutions that manage their own security. Finally, the STANLEY Guard Command Center platform provides businesses, schools, and other facilities an effective means to verify and dispatch their security resources and manage mass notifications. stanleycss.com

American Dynamics VideoEdge Introduces Facial Biometrics For Quicker Investigations
Tyco Security Products introduces facial biometrics within VideoEdge video surveillance systems for immediate detection and verification of individuals. Facial biometrics can easily be added to a VideoEdge network video recorder (NVR). Users can quickly conduct a SmartSearch within VideoEdge to automatically find a matching face and view the associated corresponding video. This allows security operators to identify criminals, terminated employees, VIPs and other persons of interest, while also enrolling and saving known faces with video associated for faster future investigations. bsminfo.com

Boot Barn deploys video and intelligence solutions to enhance LP efforts
Irvine, California-based specialty Western and workwear retailer Boot Barn is laying down the law. The 200-plus-store chain is deploying video and situation intelligence solutions from Verint at various retail store locations to enhance operations and loss prevention efforts. This includes Verint EdgeVMS Vid-Center, which allows field and loss prevention associates to view live and recorded video from their desktops to make real-time decisions. Combined with the EdgeVMS Op-Center diagnostic and management application, Boot Barn is able to monitor system health, gain access to firmware updates and issue alerts about potential problems. When anomalies within the surveillance system are recognized, the loss prevention management team is immediately notified, enabling them to take a proactive approach to addressing issues. chainstoreage.com

CDC: Elevated cancer risk in Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring
Certain types of laminate flooring made by Lumber Liquidators (LL) have a greater risk of causing cancer or other health problems than previously believed, U.S. health regulators said Monday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday that exposure to formaldehyde in the flooring was greater than it had calculated earlier this month, meaning people who purchased the flooring are about three times more likely to get cancer than previously estimated.

The determination shook up investors, who sent Lumber Liquidators stock down 20% to $11.31 in morning trading. They had been mildly encouraged by the CDC's Feb. 10 report suggesting that formaldehyde levels in select versions of the company's laminate flooring could cause two to nine cancer cases per 100,000 people. The actual figure is six to 30 cases per 100,000 people, the CDC said Monday.

The discrepancy stems from regulators using the wrong figure for ceiling height to determine exposure risk. In addition to cancer, people are also susceptible to increased risks of exacerbated respiratory issues such as asthma and eye, nose and throat irritation, the CDC said. usatoday.com

Lubbock, TX: Lowe's undergoes safety changes following last year's employee death
Lowe's Home Improvement no longer allows its employees to replace bases on cantilever racks following last year's death of a 23-year-old supervisor at a Lubbock store. Rodolfo "Rudy" Trevino, 23, died Jan. 2, 2015, at Lowe's in Lubbock, after about 800 pieces of lumber and a cantilever rack fell on him while replacing the rack's base. Trevino had been employed with Lowe's for one year and seven months at the time of his death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation includes 671 documents and more than 40 photos taken during its investigation. lubbockonline.com

NY Times Editorial: Getting Rid of Big Currency Notes Could Help Fight Crime
Few Europeans use the 500-euro note, and most Americans rarely encounter the $100 bill. Yet hundreds of millions of these notes are in circulation around the world, where they are often used by drug cartels, corrupt politicians, terrorists and tax cheats to evade law enforcement. That's why officials in Europe and elsewhere are proposing to end the printing of high-denomination bills.

Getting rid of big bills will make it harder for criminals to do business and make it easier for law enforcement to detect illicit activity. Consider this: a stack of 500-euro notes worth $1 million weighs just five pounds and can be carried in a small bag, whereas a pile of $20 bills worth the same amount would weigh 110 pounds and would be much more difficult to move around, according to a recent paper from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. nytimes.com

Apple Calls for Commission to Address Issues Over San Bernardino Gunman's Phone
Apple Inc. renewed its defense for why it has refused to help law enforcement unlock the phone of a shooter in the San Bernardino terror attack, and suggested the government form a commission to address the thorny problems posed by the growing use of encryption. In an email to employees from Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook and a series of questions and answers posted on its website, the company urged prosecutors to withdraw their demand that Apple help unlock the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook. Apple said it would "gladly participate" in a group of experts in intelligence, technology and civil liberties to discuss "the implications for law enforcement, national security, privacy and personal freedoms" of digital-security techniques. wsj.com

Federal government rules all hoverboards unsafe - might recall them from stores
Hoverboards "pose an unreasonable risk of fire" if they don't meet voluntary safety standards, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a letter Thursday to manufacturers, importers and retailers. No hoverboard currently on the market meets those standards, which cover everything from the boards' electrical systems to labeling. The CPSC also said it might seize or recall hoverboards that don't meet the standards. Hoverboards have transitioned from must-have toy to health hazard after reports of the boards catching fire or exploding started rolling in last December. In the past three months alone, the CPSC has received reports of 52 hoverboard fires resulting in over $2 million in property damage. cnet.com

Toys 'R' Us Stops Selling Hoverboards Amid Safety Questions
Toys 'R' Us removed the Razor Hovertrax self-balancing board from its online store over the weekend, Mashable reports. A spokesperson for the retailer said that the move was made out of an "abundance of caution," as it works with the manufacturer on a set of tests to determine the safety of the device. consumerist.com

Macy's posts Regional Director Store's AP/LP Investigations position - based in NYC
As a Regional Director Store's Investigations, you will direct the internal investigation program in the regions with primary focus on the apprehension of dishonest employees and fraud. Drive sales and profit through the Stores Own Sales initiative. Macy's, the largest retail brand of Macy's, Inc., delivers fashion and affordable luxury to customers at approximately 730 locations in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam, as well as to customers in the U.S. and more than 100 international destinations through its leading online store at macys.com. macys.taleo.net

New York-based Fairway Market is on the brink of default

Target adding 600 jobs to Suffolk, VA distribution center

NRF: 50% of Americans will save their tax refunds this year

Majority of former CVS Health cigarette buyers applaud no-sell decision

Last week's #1 article --

Police blame Prop 47 for Rise in Violence: Shoplifters caught on camera assaulting JC Penney LP Agent in Fresno, CA
A couple of shoplifters were caught on camera assaulting a JC Penney LP who tried to stop them. Fresno police say this type of crime is on the rise and Prop 47 is making it tough to keep small time thieves off the street. Surveillance cameras captured a struggle inside the Fashion Fair Mall. Fists were flying, clothes were knocked off the racks and the violence, police say, turned a petty theft into a robbery. It started in the Sephora section of the JCP store. Two women appeared to be looking at make-up. The cameras followed one of them testing products, walking away and slipping them into her purse. Employees caught up with the women near the exit. One was punched from behind and bit, according to police-- all for roughly $200 worth of makeup.

Sgt. Hudson says it's one of three separate robberies from last week where employees were threatened-- even worse, he says, this type of crime is up 42 percent from last year and he blames Prop 47. "Now, with prop 47 being the law, we're not able to arrest people for burglary," Sgt. Hudson said. abc30.com

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Inside the Cybercrime Investigator's Notebook
Jeff Shaffer, a former Secret Service agent, has been investigating cybercrime for more than 25 years. Now a manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he deals with breach response, assessments and forensics, Shaffer says his years of law enforcement experience are paying off, helping him offer new insights into cybercrime trends he's watched unfold over his career.

In this exclusive interview with Information Security Media Group, Shaffer notes that conducting forensics investigations is becoming more challenging, because attackers are constantly improving their abilities to mask their intrusions and network movements. Still, he says, organizations can protect their assets better by knowing what data the attackers are after. careersinfosecurity.com

Texas Retailer Says Insurer Bailed On Data Hack Coverage
A Texas food and beverage chain that suffered two data breaches and was charged nearly $4 million by its credit and debit card processor for the incidents says its insurer left it hanging for litigation costs after the retailer took the card processor to court. According to a breach of contract lawsuit filed in Texas federal court on Friday, Spec's Family Partners alleges that Hanover Insurance Co. had agreed to cover defense costs after the retailer's card processing company, FirstData Merchant Services Corp., withheld $4.2 million in receipts to help cover nearly $10 million in losses stemming from Spec's data breaches in 2012 and 2014. Yet when Spec's took FirstData to court in Tennessee over the withheld receipts, Hanover refused to pay any defense costs, the retailer said Friday. law360.com

Card-Free ATMs: No More Skimming?
By spring, banks and credit unions across the U.S. are expected to start rolling out "card-free" ATMs, offering transactions that experts say will eliminate fraud losses linked to skimming, and at the same time open new doors for mobile payments. Three of the nation's largest banks, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, have announced plans to start deploying these new ATMs later this year, allowing their customers to conduct contactless tap-and-go transactions with their mobile smartphones, according to reports by the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press.

All of this news comes in the wake of reports that ATM card-skimming attacks have skyrocketed. According to fraud analysts, the contactless, card-free ATM features will significantly reduce skimming risks posed by lingering magnetic-stripe cards. What's more, they say, transactions that are EMV compliant, such as those conducted through Apple Pay, will be even more secure. databreachtoday.com

6 Security Predictions for 2016
Security is always evolving just as attacks, hacks and vulnerabilities shift and as new technologies enter the landscape. Here are six predictions for 2016 that we believe will impact the security landscape and protocols.

1. Nothing will change... except thinking The applications that fuel businesses will increasingly become a target for hackers, with legacy apps being the main target. Security leaders will shift their attention to protecting applications.

2. Budget priorities will shift Money and budgets will move to protect the applications that hackers often target, such as in the financial, retail, and eCommerce industries. The retail sector will see a budget shift as the focus moves from brick-and-mortar security to application security due to the new EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) chip requirements.

3. Focus will move to run-time protection The focus will shift from identifying to fixing vulnerabilities at runtime.

4. New technology will eliminate the need of signatures

5. Enterprises will be smarter about what to fix

6. Massive consolidation will start in the fragmented security market ecosystem.

Dell to Customers: Report 'Service Tag' Scams
Computer maker Dell is asking for help in an ongoing probe into the source of customer information that appears to have somehow landed in the laps of fraudsters posing as Dell computer support technicians. KrebsOnSecurity readers continue to report being called by scammers posing as Dell support personnel who offer "proof" that they're with Dell by rattling off the unique Dell "service tag" code printed on each Dell customer's PC or laptop, as well as information from any previous (legitimate) service issues the customer may have had with Dell. krebsonsecurity.com

Dark Web Experiment Shows How Hackers Use Stolen Credentials
With a stolen Gmail username and password combo, hackers showed that they could access bank accounts and more. infosecurity-magazine.com







Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

America's Top Cop

'Founding Father' of Public Law Enforcement's ORC Efforts

NYPD Commissioner
William Bratton's speech
to the LP community

On Jan. 18th, New York Police Commissioner William Bratton spoke to retail loss prevention executives at the D&D Daily's "Live in NYC 2016 at the NRF Big Show" event. In his speech, Bratton talks about NYC's new ORC efforts, asking retailers to get involved and help in the fight against the growing threat of organized retail crime.

From his support and funding of the nation's largest ORC association and conference in Los Angeles, to his current efforts in authorizing the formation of New York City's first Metro ORC effort, learn about Commissioner Bratton's commitment to public-private crime-fighting partnerships nationwide.

Watch Bratton's speech here.


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Following the Sales - As e-commerce numbers grow,
counterfeiters are heading online
MarkMonitor, in conjunction with research firm Opinium, produces an annual survey of consumer online shopping habits. Its most recent survey found that nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of consumers have bought a product online that turned out to be fake.

"The prevalence of buying counterfeit items online looks set to increase in the coming years, as younger consumers are more likely to have bought counterfeit goods or said they would be willing to do so in the future," notes the MarkMonitor Report, "2015 MarkMonitor Online Barometer: Global Consumer Shopping Habits Survey."

Nearly 40 percent of survey respondents aged 18-34 had bought counterfeit items and 42 percent said they would purchase counterfeit items in the future.

The survey found that as consumers' online shopping increases during the holiday season - stepping up by about 15 percent - counterfeiters display "a high level of sophistication in developing websites" so "it can be very difficult to recognize a genuine site over one selling a counterfeit."

The result is that in the e-commerce channel, "which has again broken records" for holiday season selling, "we would expect the level of counterfeit sales online to have matched that," Abrahams says.

In addition to luxury-branded apparel and accessories - typically among the most counterfeited goods - NetNames found that IO Hawk hoverboards and Stars Wars merchandise such as an app-enabled BB-8 and the Jedi Master Lightsaber were among the most popular fakes during the holiday season.

There is no end to what can be counterfeited, says Marcella Ballard, a former prosecutor and intellectual property partner at the Venable law firm in New York. "Mouthwash, batteries, clothing, pharmaceuticals, brake pads," she says, "every consumer product imaginable is a target of counterfeiters." Aside from such incidents, Ballard agrees with Brodsky and Abrahams that e- and m-commerce is where counterfeiters' attention is focused today. "It's a growth industry," she says. "Chinese counterfeiters have huge global auction sites like Alibaba where they can get their products to consumers." nrf.com

What channel are digital buyers flocking to?
According to a new report from eMarketer, 95.1 million Americans ages 14 and older, or 51% of digital buyers, will make at least one purchase via a smartphone during 2017. This figure will rise to 55% by 2020.

2017 will be a watershed year for smartphone commerce in other ways, as well. A total of $75.51 billion, or 50% of all retail m-commerce sales, will be transacted on smartphones in 2017. As smartphones' share of m-commerce sales continues to rise, tablets' share will continue to fall. This year, tablets will capture 51% of m-commerce sales, with that figure falling to 49% in 2017. chainstoreage.com

After years in the slow lane, Canada's e-commerce ecosystem is booming
Forrester Research Inc. projects that 10% of all Canadian retail spending in 2019 will be conducted online, up from 6% in 2014 and almost equivalent to-on a percentage basis-the 11% forecasted for the U.S. market. To put these numbers in perspective, Canadian retail sales totalled $505 billion in 2014, as reported by Statistics Canada. canadianbusiness.com



Charleston, WV: Bill to disallow selling gift cards in Pawn Shops moving through West Virginia House of Delegates
A bill to prevent the selling of gift cards in pawn shops is moving through the House of Delegates. Police say that the sale of gift cards has become an issue because people steal from department stores such as Macy's, return the stolen items for a gift card, and then sell that gift card at a local pawn shop for 50 percent of the value. Pawn shops, in turn, receive 80 percent of the gift card's value. Opponents of the bill pointed out that the legislation would prevent legitimate transactions of people selling off gift cards. When challenged by Del. Shawn Fluharty (D-Ohio) that not all pawn shop gift card trade-ins are illegal, Barboursville Police Chief Mike Coffey responded "I would say most are." The bill could be taken up for further consideration in the House this week. wvmetronews.com

Arlington, WA: 'All-In' campaign shows reductions in crime; benefits of Organized Retail Crime Alliance
A year and a half after its official launch, Arlington's "All-In" crime prevention campaign has seen reductions in almost all major categories of property crimes. To combat shoplifting, Arlington has joined the Organized Retail Crime Alliance, which includes law enforcement agencies and retail establishments' asset protection and loss prevention personnel. "Not just anyone can be a member," Ventura said. "You have to be vetted, because we share a lot of sensitive intelligence between us. If someone walks into a Rite Aid to shoplift some things, and the security cameras get a good shot, we can share it instantly. It's a powerful tool." Not only does ORCA allow Arlington to network with the Marysville Police Department and stores such as Walmart, Safeway and Fred Meyer, but it also aids them in connecting local crimes to more geographically distant incidents. arlingtontimes.com

Thomasville, NC: Trucking Company Employee steals Fuel Cards; spends $53,000 at Convenience Stores
On Dec. 31, 2015, the Thomasville Police Department received a complaint from In Home Delivery Service, Inc., regarding fraudulent charges on their fuel cards. An investigation revealed that an ex-employee, later identified as Williams, used four of the company's fuel cards to make more than 250 transactions at a Thomasville convenience store. Police said more than $53,000 worth of goods and merchandise were purchased with the cards between Aug. 23 and Dec. 5. myfox8.com

Yorktown Hts, NY: Woman arrested for $1,253 theft from Sears in October
Tania Cordova-Aquilla, 26, is facing a felony charge of fourth-degree grand larceny for the alleged theft at the Jefferson Valley Mall. Two women allegedly shoplifted from the store on Oct. 12. Police said they identified Cordova-Aquilla as one of the suspects, but did not say if the second suspect had been identified. Cordova-Aquilla turned herself in to police on Feb. 16. lohud.com

Louisville, KY: Thieves steal 4 cars and rob Best Buy
Police say they stole four cars from a Louisville car lot and preceded to rob a local Best Buy within a matter of hours. Monday, Brandice Wright, 38, and James Armstrong, 39, pleaded not guilty to charges of robbery and auto theft. Police say, on Feb. 18 the duo took keys belonging to Jamal Auto Sales, located on the Outer Loop, and took the cars with them. An arrest report says the pair robbed a Best Buy the very next day, armed with a handgun and were found shortly after in a nearby parking lot where the two were arrested. whas11.com

Huntingdon, TN: 40 people in a Flash Mob rob C- Store; linked to Memphis gang The incident occurred around 12:20 a.m. Sunday at the Hucks Convenience Store in Huntingdon and ultimately led to nine arrests involving Huntingdon police, Carroll County deputies, state troopers and Memphis police. wbbjtv.com

Victoria, Australia: Man found guilty of $50,000 internet scams,
160,000 entries of credit card information
Joash Boyton was involved in a number of computer scams using stolen credit card data from the time he was 17, until he was 20 years old. He was found guilty of 34 offences and sentenced to four years and nine months in jail. At his trial, the court was told his parents were members of a religious group and he had a "shackled upbringing" where movies and television were forbidden. But his parents did not understand the internet and Boyton exploited their ignorance to run a number of scams. One involved selling cheap airline tickets purchased with stolen credit cards on Gumtree. Another scam involved buying and selling goods on Ebay. He also recruited so-called "commission agents" to help him run the scam. The frauds continued until police raided his home in February 2012 and seized his computers. Police found a database containing 160,000 entries with credit card information, 10 images of stolen passports and 12 images of stolen personal financial information. The Supreme Court of Victoria ordered $50,000 in restitution. His sentenced was reduced to one year in prison with a three-year community correction order. abc.net.au

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Kalamazoo, MI: Four Killed, one child critically injured in shooting rampage at Cracker Barrel
Police are still working to determine a motive for what led Jason Dalton to allegedly shoot 8 people, killing 6, at three locations in Kalamazoo Saturday night. Here's what we know about Dalton: The father of two children, Dalton has been married since 1995. Neighbors said Dalton was an insurance adjuster. There is no known criminal history or mental illness. Dalton was an Uber driver, apparently taking fares between shootings. Authorities have identified the victims: Tyler Smith, 17, and his father, Rich Smith were killed at a Car Dealership lot as they looked at a vehicle. Mary Jo Nye, 60, Dorothy Brown, 74, Barbara Hawthorne, 68, and Mary Lou Nye, 62, were in the Cracker Barrel parking. A 14-year-old girl who was also shot there is clinging to life. The girl had been pronounced dead, and kept on life support for organ donation, before she squeezed her mother's hands, state police Lt. Dale Hinz said. Dalton was arrested without incident when police pulled him over as he left a bar parking lot. mlive.com thetrace.org

Mississauga, ON, CN: One person seriously injured in Dixie Outlet Mall stabbing One person has been taken to hospital with serious injuries after being stabbed at a mall in Mississauga Sunday afternoon. Peel Regional Police said the stabbing took place at Dixie Outlet Mall, in the Dixie Road and QEW area, at around 4 p.m. Tactical and K-9 officers responded to the mall and found one person with serious injuries. Another person was assaulted and sustained minor injuries. That person was checked by paramedics, but was not transported to hospital, police said. Police said they believe the stabbing was part of a robbery at one of the mall's vendors. cp24.com

Fairfield, AL: Two Shot outside Western Hills Mall
Fairfield Police Chief Leon Davis tells multiple news outlets that a 21-year-old man was shot in the leg and a bullet grazed the neck of a 5-year-old boy outside near the entrance at Western Hills Mall. Davis says their injuries were not life-threatening, and the child has already been released from the hospital after the shooting occurred Friday night. Davis says three other people suffered non-life-threatening injuries after being hit by flying debris. Davis says the suspect fled the scene but may have been hit by the victim's return fire. wkrg.com

Columbia, SC: No one hurt after guns fired in air at Columbiana Centre Mall
No one was injured Saturday night as police said a fistfight turned into a shooting at a Columbia mall Saturday. Dozens of police officers searched stores, letting scared shoppers know it was safe to leave, Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said. The incident began as a fight between two people about 7 p.m. in front of the Kay's Jewelers near the food court. The men "pulled guns and fired in the air," Holbrook said. The two men ran out of the mall and have not been found. goupstate.com

Orlando, FL: Robber shoots 4 inside convenience store
Four people were shot Saturday night as a Parramore grocery store was robbed, the Orlando Police Department said. Roy Stephens, 34, shot four people shortly before 9 p.m. as he robbed Tip Top Groceries on South Parramore Avenue. Police worked quickly and placed the suspect under arrest. One person was critically wounded, and the three others are in stable condition. wftv.com

Tampa, FL: Liquor Store Clerk shoots and kills Robbery suspect
According to the Tampa Police, two men wearing ski masks and hoodies walked into Cut Rate Liquors just before 11 p.m. and pointed guns at the clerk while demanding cash. The clerk pulled out a gun and at least one of the suspects fired at him. The clerk fired back, striking one of the men and killing him. patch.com

Columbus, OH: Mall Brawl at Easton Town Center; at least a dozen people involved
Video showing more than a dozen people fighting inside the Easton Town Center has been shared more than 8,500 times on Facebook. Luke Katterhenrich shared the video on Facebook Saturday evening. Katterhenrich tells NBC4 he was entering the station building around 4:30 pm Saturday when he saw several people running from the mall, looking behind them. When he entered he saw a few of the people shoving one another. He grabbed his phone and filmed the melee, trying to stay out of the way. After about a minute, security enters and takes at least two of the fighters into custody. nbc4i.com

Dover, DE: C-Store Clerk Arrested; shot fired in the air
because Customer spilled Coffee
A downtown Dover store clerk has been arrested after he allegedly fired a gun outside the store. The shooting took place at about 8:55 a.m. Saturday, at the Fulton Deli. The clerk, Mahyoub Ali, got into an argument with a 39-year-old customer over some spilled coffee, after which the customer left the store. Ali followed the man outside and fired one shot from a handgun into the air near the customer. Ali, 58, is charged with reckless endangering, aggravated menacing and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony. doverpost.com

Wilmington, DE: Two Target employees assaulted during attempted apprehension, suspect pulled a utility knife
Delaware State Police said a male suspect was trying to steal merchandise at a Target store Friday when he was confronted by store security. Authorities say the suspect assaulted two store employees and tried to stab a security officer with a utility knife before fleeing the store. fox29.com

Philadelphia, PA: Police search for suspects in Jewelers Row burglary
Police say they are on the hunt for two men shown on surveillance video stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. The burglary happened in the early morning hours of 2/12 on Jewelers Row. Now the store owner has some serious security concerns along the iconic stretch of jewelry stores. Barsky Diamonds has been a fixture on Jewelers Row for more than a century. Longtime jeweler Jeffrey Barsky has seen the surveillance video of the alleged thieves burglarizing his Sansom Street store and it sickens him. fox29.com

Moline, IL: Shopper says he was shot at by three men with BB guns outside Walmart
Three male suspects had a verbal altercation with a man inside the Walmart store. The victim says he left the store to get away from the men, but they followed him to his car. "As he was getting into his car, he heard a bunch of pops, things hitting his car, so he ran back into the Walmart, he thought he was being shot at", said Williams. The shots fired were from a BB gun, and there were several dents to his car, and a window at Walmart was shattered. wqad.com

Ottawa, CN: Anti-Contraband Enforcement Unit Important Step
in Fighting Organized Crime
The National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco (NCACT) welcomed the confirmation of the setup of New Brunswick's new Contraband Tobacco Enforcement Unit. It was confirmed this week that the new, 9-member team will be in place by the spring and have the same authority as police. "Experience in Quebec has shown that dedicated enforcement is an effective tool to reducing contraband. In that province, tough anti-contraband measures introduced in 2009 have led to a 50% decrease in contraband," said Gary Grant, a 39-year veteran of the Toronto Police Service and spokesperson for NCACT. Contraband tobacco is a growing problem in New Brunswick. The RCMP has indicated that smugglers have shifted to smaller shipments to avoid large busts, like that in late November where more than 1.5 million cigarettes were seized near Val-Doucet, along with guns and illicit alcohol. This makes it harder for law enforcement to keep up. newswire.ca

Clifton Forge, VA: So... a Deer walks into a Liquor store
A deer wandered into a VA State ABC store and headed right for the bourbon aisle. The doe reportedly pushed open the store's front door and was quickly escorted out the back door by store employees. The deer was unharmed and zero store damage according to the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. kiro7.com

CARGO THEFT: Cargo theft reaches 5 year high in Europe, Middle East
and Africa
According to the Transported Asset Protection Association's (TAPA) incident information service. The association says that 1,515 freight thefts were reported during the year, representing a 37.4 percent increase over 2014's figures. arabiansupplychain.com

CARGO THEFT: Would digital keys offer opportunity or risk for trucking?

Riverhead, NY: Toys R Us burglarized, second time in 2 months

Indianapolis, IN: Teen leaves behind homework while ransacking store

Tulsa, OK: Fastenal store broken into Twice in one week; Power tools stolen

Kay Jewelers in the Easley Town Center, Easley, SC was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/20, a number of items were stolen totaling $ 15,998

Kay Jewelers in the Fleming Island Mall, Orange Park, FL was the victim of a Diamond Switch on 2/17, the 1 carat diamond ring was valued at $4,299

Zales in the Oak Court Mall, Memphis, TN, was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/19, merchandise stolen is valued at $1,895

Kay Jewelers in the Stonestown Mall, San Francisco, CA was the victim of a Distraction Theft on 2/18, merchandise was valued at $1308

St Catharines, ON, CN - Snakes, spider and lizard taken in Pet Store burglary; missing Tarantula and Bearded Dragon

Nova Scotia, CN: Glace Bay Variety robbed after thief apparently drops in from ceiling

Nigeria: Security Guard leads Gang in $8,000 Distribution Center Theft

Burger King - Omaha, NE - Armed Robbery
Cut Rate Liquors - Tampa, FL - Armed Robbery / Suspect shot and killed
CVS - Terre Haute, IN - Armed Robbery
CVS - Green Bay, WI - Armed Robbery
Donut Connection - West Hazleton, PA - Robbery
Family Dollar - Hoke Co, NC - Armed Robbery
Fastenal - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Keva Juice - Albuquerque, NM - Armed Robbery
Kmart - St Joseph, MO - Burglary
Papa John's - Naperville, IL - Armed Robbery
Phillip 66 - Indianapolis, IN - Burglary
Reginelli's Pizzeria - Bellaire, TX - Armed Robbery/ Teen Employee Killed
Speedway - Gates, NY - Armed Robbery
Star Lumber - Enid, OK - Burglary
Sunoco - Massieville, OH - Armed Robbery
Toys R Us - Riverhead, NY - Burglary / 2nd x in 2 months
WBY Outfitters - Roy, UT - Burglary



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Jacob Krippel, CFI was named Multi Asset Protection Manager for The Home Depot.

Darryl Rabel, CFI was named Regional Asset Protection Manager-Northeast for Dollar Tree.

Amber Adams was promoted to Area Asset Protection Manager for Louis Vuitton, based out of the Midwest.

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The Biggest Leadership Skill You're Not Using Enough  This one skill can't be used enough in the workplace. We're so often pushed to think and then to listen, but just by really listening to people, it's amazing what you hear and how you can make an impact. By taking a moment to listen, you become more valuable to the people around you. Find value in listening

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Having a strategy or a plan about everything you do is important if you expect to win long term. Daily victories are nothing without a long-term plan. They fade quickly and leave the audience expecting more, which only a plan and strategy will satisfy. So after your next victory, ask yourself what am I going to do next?

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