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Aug. 15-16

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Sept. 21

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Sept. 25-28

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NYPD Commissioner
James O'Neill addresses
the Retail Loss Prevention community

The D&D Daily's 2017 Leadership Award
Mark Stinde
VP of AP, 7-Eleven

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Sears lays off 130 employees at corporate today
Here's the email Sears' CEO just sent to the company announcing layoffs

Sears laid off 130 employees at its corporate offices on Thursday as the company struggles to stay afloat following a dismal holiday quarter. Sears CEO Eddie Lampert announced the layoffs in an email sent to corporate employees Thursday afternoon.  

Below is a portion of Lampert's email to employees via Business Insider
(click here to see full email):

California Retailers Call To Action
Correcting Prop 47 in California
"The California Grocers Association supports Assembly Bill 1326
Providing grocers & retailers with relief from theft"

The California Grocers Association announced their co-sponsorship and full-fledged support for Assembly Bill 1326, by Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove). The measure, co-authored by Assemblymembers Sabrina Cervantes (D-Corona) and Raul Bocanegra (D-Pacoima), will aggregate the dollar value of certain property crimes, such as shoplifting and check fraud, with a felony being charged if a suspect's total dollar value from such crimes surpasses $950 in a 12-month period.

This much-needed legislation will provide grocers and other retailers with relief from alarming increases in theft since 2014 when changes in state law more than doubled the felony threshold for many property crimes from $450 to $950. "California's grocers have seen a steady increase of criminals shoplifting higher amounts of goods at higher rates," said Ron Fong, President and CEO of the California Grocers Association, adding that shoplifters and organized crime rings now commit multiple thefts, day-after-day, but below the $950 felony threshold. "This is bad for grocers who suffer high losses, bad for employees who are put in harm's way due to the increased aggressive nature of these thefts, and bad for shoppers who ultimately pay the consequences at the register," he said. epretailnews.com

Your Manufacturers - Suppliers - Bankers
Who's Your Retailer Doing Business With?
Discover Which Corporations are the Biggest Regulatory Violators Throughout the United States

Violation Tracker is the first national search engine on corporate misconduct. Version 2.0 covers banking, consumer protection, false claims, environmental, health, safety, employment discrimination, price-fixing, bribery and other cases initiated by 39 federal regulatory agencies and the Justice Department since 2010; in all, 120,000 cases with total penalties of $320 billion. Other types of violations will be added later. Violation Tracker is produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First.

Good Jobs First is a national advocacy group that "promotes corporate and government accountability in economic development and smart growth for working families," according to its website. The organization's Corporate Research Project focusses on strategic research to help drive businesses to "behave in a socially responsible manner."

Violation Tracker is available at http://www.goodjobsfirst.org/violation-tracker.

Impacting ORC investigations long term?
Police Fear Trump Immigration Orders May Handcuff Effort to Fight Gangs

Police officials are wrestling with a conundrum facing police departments across the country: how to shut down a violent gang when the immigrants they will need as witnesses and tipsters may be afraid to come forward.

Part of the issue is that Mr. Trump wants local police officers to act as immigration agents, threatening to withhold federal funding from those departments that do not cooperate.

Last month, the International Association of Chiefs of Police issued a statement saying that it would "strongly oppose any initiative that would mandate that state and local law enforcement agencies play a role in the enforcement of federal immigration law."

The importance of immigrants' being able to report crimes without fear of discrimination and, now, deportation.

Editor's Note: This could impact ORC investigations and efforts as well down stream. As most gangs are involved in ORC across the country. Which means gathering evidence, witnesses, and supporting testimony may be difficult long term.

The article itself dealt with the problems in Suffolk County, N.Y. however obviously can be extended nationally. So don't expect snitches and confidential tips to help much in the future. Those will dry up quickly if not already have and it also explains NYPD Commissioner O'Neill's response below. nytimes.com

NYPD commissioner reminds cops to ignore President Trump's immigrant deportation orders
Police Commissioner James O'Neill had a defiant message for the President on Wednesday - saying his officers will not enforce administrative warrants issued by federal immigration officials as a result of the expansive deportation policies.  nydailynews.com

NYPD Details Presidential Security Cost
On days when Mr. Trump is not in the city, the department estimates that it costs $127,000 to $146,000 a day "to protect the first lady and her son while they reside in Trump Tower." On days when Mr. Trump is in New York City - he has not yet returned since his inauguration - the Police Department anticipates "an average daily rate of $308,000." nytimes.com

Sixth Person Admits To $8M MillerCoors Fraud
A vendor for MillerCoors LLC marketing events charged with defrauding the beer giant out of more than $8 million became the sixth person indicted in the scheme to plead guilty Tuesday.

James Rittenberg joined former MillerCoors Vice President David Colletti and four other people in admitting to the scam, which involved invoicing the company for marketing events that were either greatly exaggerated or never happened. Rittenberg pled guilty to one count of mail fraud after prosecutors said he billed the company for nearly $4 million in costs for events that never happened over a seven-year period.

He and his business partner, Scott Darst, colluded with Colletti to submit invoices for events that didn't happen, and the three would split the proceeds when MillerCoors paid up.

Colletti recruited his longtime secretary at MillerCoors, Maryann Rozenberg, as well as Rittenberg, Darst and several other vendors to submit the false invoices and share the payout, prosecutors said.

The fraud went on for a decade, prosecutors said, with Colletti coaching the vendors on how to invoice the company and often signing off on the invoices when they were submitted. Then, he would collect his cut, sometimes in the form of cash, other times in vacations and collectible firearms, according to court documents.

All told, Colletti facilitated the submission of more than 200 false invoices from 15 vendor companies controlled by the co-defendants, costing MillerCoors $8,658,302.

Of the eight people named in the May 2015 indictment, all but two have pled guilty. law360.com

House GOP moves to undo Obama OSHA "extensive records of workplace records" rule
Republican lawmaker announced an effort Tuesday to head off an Obama administration effort to enhance an Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule that forces businesses to keep more extensive records of workplace injuries. The effort seeks to invalidate the rule through the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to strike down unconstitutional rulemakings.

Specifically, it would nullify an OSHA rule, finalized in December, that said that employers were liable for any failure to record any workplace injury or illness in the previous five years, not six months as was the previous standard.

The OSHA rulemaking was in response to a 2012 D.C. District Court ruling against the agency in a case called Volks. The court found that the agency did not have the authority to issue citations to employers for recordkeeping violations older than six months. The agency "clarified" the existing law to say that it could do that, which Byrne said went too far. washingtonexaminer.com
North America's #1 Retailer
TJX to launch 2nd home decor concept - declined to name it yet
HomeGoods could eventually span 1,000 stores

Herrman declined to name the concept or divulge many concrete details, but said TJX "will [strive] to differentiate these two U.S. home concepts to encourage customers to shop both stores" by offering merchandise not found at HomeGoods stores. To open 4 and to open 81 Home Goods stores this year. retaildive.com

NRF & Vistelar Kick Off Verbal Defense & Influence Workshop
at NRF Protect 2017

Emerging Leaders Workshop: Verbal Defense and Influence
Monday, June 26, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
When you react, the events control you. When you respond, you're in control. This half-day workshop will teach asset protection and loss prevention leaders at regional and local levels a new way to communicate effectively with difficult people under stressful situations, redirecting behavior with words. This interactive and informative workshop will arm attendees with tested, highly effective communication tactics that can help deescalate almost any situation in the retail environment.

Lunch is provided to workshop participants. Access to the EXPO Hall is included.

Open to Retailers only. Additional fee Required. Space is limited - Register NOW!

Director of Loss Prevention posted for Memphis Goodwill Inc. in Memphis, TN

Macy's Logistics: Regional Director, Asset Protection posted in Secaucus, NJ

Big fashion brands pull out of Bangladesh garment summit over worker rights concerns

Dollar General to open Montgomery County, N.Y. DC - 16th DC for them

Kings, a 19 Northwest store chain, to close all stores

GA Retail Solutions & Tiger Capital Group to Close All 68 MC Sports Stores Across Midwest

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Ace Hardware Q4 comp's up 4.4%, consolidate sales up 5.8%, full yr retail comp's up 1.2%, consolidated sales up 1.6%
Jack in the Box Q1 system comp's up 3.1%, Qdoba systems comp's down 1%
Popeyes full year comp's up 1.7%, sales up 7.4%,
CA's Loblaw Co's Q4 food retail comp's up 1.1%, Shoppers Drug comp's up 3.4%, revenue up 2.4%
The Cheesecake Factory Q4 comp's up 1.1%, sales up 14.5%
L Brands Q4 comp's flat, sales up 2.1, full yr. comp's up 2%, sales up 3%
  Victoria's Secret comp's down 4%, sales down 1%
  Bath & Body Works comp's up 11%
Spartan Nash Q4 Retail Segment comp's down 1.2%, consolidate sales up 3.4%
Kohl's Q4 comp's down 2.2%, sales down 2.8% , full yr comp's down 2.4%, sales down 2.7%

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More Reflections on Gary Manson, an LP Industry Icon
This past week, the Loss Prevention industry lost Gary Manson, a man who played a subtle and impactful role in the overall scheme of things and always led with his heart. Yesterday's Daily included tributes to Gary from so many in the industry who knew him, but more continue to come in - a testament to the positive impact Gary had on the industry.

Below are thoughts submitted by Robert Oberosler, Group Vice President, Asset Protection, Rite Aid
"Difficult loss for Joan (wonderful lady and leader), his family, friends and the LP family, my prayers are with you. The testimonials posted yesterday by so many industry leaders are truly witness to the incredible positive impact Gary had on our industry and all of us personally. Gary had that special gift of being able to connect personally with everyone he interacted with.

The grave maker has a year of birth and a year of death, it's the dash between the two that defines a person's journey here on earth. Gary, your dash is remarkable, a dash of life-long caring, compassionate intelligent servant leadership, and class. Well done my friend! Thank you for being a friend and trusted colleague. May you be in eternal joyous peace with our Lord."

Read more testimonials in Gary's full In Memoriam column

STANLEY Security Invites You
to Attend a Free Webinar

How Fuel Stations Can Protect Customers from Card Skimming

March 2, 2017
10:00 AM CST


This webinar will focus on how fueling stations and convenience stores can help protect consumer data from the growing threat of a skimming attack. It is designed to provide attendees with an overview of the impact of skimming attacks, how they work, and how they can reduce the number of skimming attacks at their fueling stations & convenience stores.

We will be providing a brief Q&A session at the conclusion of the webinar.

Hey New York - ready for CyberSOX?
Financial Industry Cybersecurity Regulations March 1st
Is it the template for Retail Later?

Ready to sign-off on your organization's compliance with cybersecurity regulations?

The new regulation requires a certification signed by the chairperson of the board of directors or senior officer(s) to be submitted to the DFS to confirm compliance with the new regulation's requirements. The certification is due annually (with some exceptions) beginning in February 2018.

The regulation states that, "each Covered Entity shall maintain for examination by the Department all records, schedules and data supporting this certificate for a period of five years. To the extent a Covered Entity has identified areas, systems or processes that require material improvement, updating or redesign, the Covered Entity shall document the identification and the remedial efforts planned and underway to address such areas, systems or processes."

Some covered businesses will be challenged in recruiting and maintaining a competent information security officer. The new regulation requires the designation of a "qualified individual responsible for overseeing and implementing the Covered Entity's cybersecurity program and enforcing its cybersecurity policy." 

Editor's Note: Obviously there's a lot more to the new regulations however until we hear something about regulations for retailers we'll hold off reporting them. Leave it to say that it may be worth reading just to be aware of them. Especially with it being New York state as they tend to lead in such matters.

The most interesting point, in our opinion is that it requires the Board to actually execute a certification annually. Which keeps the subject top of mind at the Board level year long. csoonline.com

Cybersecurity: What does the board want?
It's an Enterprise Wide Risk - Not to be Siloed

Boards of Director are taking an increasingly active role in cybersecurity governance. The question is: what are they looking for and how should you manage your security program to meet their needs? 

This topic has been addressed in the "Cyber-Risk Oversight" handbook, published last month by the National Association of Corporate Directors. This is an update to the first NACD handbook, published in 2014. The handbook is just that, a set of recommended practices for directors. You can expect that your directors will be asking you these questions, now or in the near future. 

Five key principles are outlined and I will highlight the recommendations in those principles that seem to be novel or not commonly in practice. For more information, you can download the free content from the NACD website.

Principle 1: Approach cybersecurity as an enterprise-wide risk management issue, not just an IT issue

One good suggestion in the NACD handbook is to organize a cross functional cyber-risk team, led by an officer with well-established cross-functional responsibility. Examples are CFO, CRO or COO, but not CISO. This will amplify the CISO's expertise.

Principle 2: Understand the legal implications of cyber risks

Every security breach will result in legal action. This is pretty much a given today. In some cases, security breaches will affect the organization as a whole.

An interesting recommendation in the NACD handbook is to get board members involved with table top exercises around incident response. That way, they will be part of the breach reporting conversation.

Principle 3: Boards should have adequate access to cybersecurity expertise; cyber-risk management should be given adequate time on board agendas

Many boards of director are reviewing cyber-risks on a regular basis. Cisco reports that boards and the CEO are taking the lead role in cyber-risk management at 39% of the organizations they surveyed. However, the NACD reports that only 15% of boards are very satisfied with the information they are getting from management. So you need to carefully understand the strategic information they are looking for and refrain from operational statistics like percent systems patched, etc.

Principle 4: Directors should set expectations that management will establish an enterprise cyber-risk management framework

The handbook highlights the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) as a useful approach to risk management. Many people are already using this risk-based framework. Principle 4 also recommends doing a "forward-looking" risk assessment.

Principle 5: Boards need to discuss details of cyber risk management and risk treatment

These details include: risk mitigation, risk transfer, risk avoidance and risk acceptance. Today, no one can mitigate all risks across the enterprise. Boards and management need to understand where the crown jewels are, what attacks are most likely and then defend against those. Security risk management has always been about prioritization and still is. Also important is to understand your organization's risk appetite. You need to know what the maximum risk your organization is willing to accept in pursuit of strategic objectives and what risks will be outside the bounds of corporate values? These risks must be mitigated whatever their priority values. csoonline.com

Editor's Note: Knowing what the Board wants and needs is the key to helping lead and manage the effort. The last thing a top executive in IT Security and LP/AP wants is someone from outside your group or even a third party managing it on a day to day basis. Additionally if you have desires to reach the 'C' level this is the quickest way there to CSO and by 2020 virtually every public and most of the larger private retailers will have one.

A company's most costly thieves already have keys to the building
Employee theft costs Canadian businesses $1.4 billion per year

In the last 15 years, small business owner Mark Hatfield said he's had employees steal from him three times. Twice, he said workers stole more than $5,000 from his contracting company. The third time, he said an employee stole tools the business uses for landscaping and construction.

On average, employees steal about $2,500 in cash or goods from their employer before they're caught, according to the Retail Council of Canada. On average, customers steal about $175.

Most times, employees don't steal the $2,500 at one time. It's usually accumulated over a longer period through numerous small thefts, said Stephen O'Keefe, a retail advisor with the council and a consultant. Every year, employee theft costs Canadian businesses about $1.4 billion dollars, he said.

The retail council believes there are 566,000 employee thefts that go undetected each year across the country, but that's only an estimate.

Some thieves know how to outwit the security system, while others are just lucky. O'Keefe said having those security features in place is helpful, but the main way to prevent employee theft is by having an engaged workforce that cares about the company. cbc.ca

Survey Reveals Giant Denial Among Canadian Businesses Around Fraud
Half of Canadian businesses know or suspect they experienced fraud in the last year yet eight in ten say they are confident in their ability to prevent it.

Despite the fact that so many recognize it is occurring, an overwhelming majority (eight in ten) say they are confident in their ability to prevent it. Another almost ninety per cent feel at least somewhat equipped to deal with it. Survey respondents were twice as likely to identify fraud as a serious issue in the wider industry in which they work than in their own place of business.

Most businesses are operating with a false sense of security, warns Greg Draper, former RCMP investigator and current Vice President of Valuations, Forensics and Litigation Support at MNP.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre agrees. Last year the federal agency saw a forty per cent increase in the number of victims of wire fraud, which involves electronic communications like email scams, one of the most common types of fraud experienced by businesses. einews.com

Food fraud worries 63% of Canadians: study
"Widespread Practice" of Food Fraud

A new study suggests more than half (63%) of Canadians, especially those with health conditions, are worried the foods they're buying are not what labels claim -- and preventing falling victim to such scams can be difficult, experts say.

Food fraud is a financially motivated practice, Charlebois said, and is often done to increase the price an item will sell for or lower the cost of making it.

Seafood is the most vulnerable food group, he noted, because it's difficult to track where those products came from and hard to distinguish between fish species visually once it's a fillet on a store shelf.

The CFIA has studied the scope of the issue and determined concerns include short-weighting products, substituting ingredients, and making false and misleading claims about products. ctvnews.ca

Bench + Scotch & Soda Canadian Stores In Trouble, Freemark Apparel Files for Creditor Protection
Some of our favourite stores in Canada are in trouble as sources close to StyleDemocracy confirmed that BENCH Canada, Scotch & Soda, and ESPRIT stores could face closure or reconfiguration in the near future.

Freemark Apparel is the Canadian distributor for BENCH, Scotch & Soda, ESPRIT, Garcia and Silvian Heach.  On February 17, 2017, Freemark Apparel applied for a Notice of Intention to make a proposal which allows financially troubled companies the opportunity to restructure their affairs. sstyledemocracy.com

Theft of shoppers' PC Plus points prompts Loblaw warning

Most Canadian IT professionals report some security solutions "outdated and inadequate": study

Saks OFF 5TH Announces 5 Store Opening Dates for this Spring

Burger King and Tim Hortons owner to buy Popeyes for $1.8 billion

Ancaster Wal-Mart's 'test lab' a sign of digital times for bricks-and-mortar retailer

Canadian Retail Sales Drop 0.5% in December

$8 million fraud operation busted in Toronto
Gang accused of cashing in on hundreds of fake credit cards

A woman whose job is detecting financial fraud has been busted along with her husband for allegedly cashing in on phony credit cards, fake ID, and bogus cheques.

Toronto Police announced Friday last weekend's arrest of the Ajax couple when cops raided their home and seized hundreds of phony cards, cheques, and forged documents - as well as laptops, smartphones, and vehicles allegedly bought through a complex scam involving money laundering and identity theft.  Police have also arrested 12 others in the alleged fraud operation, which investigators say ripped off $8 million from various victims.

The investigation was launched in June after the suspects attempted to cash a single bogus certified cheque at a Scarborough cheque-cashing business. Car dealerships, banks, and various corporations and retailers were also hit by the suspects in the fraud investigation. torontosun.com

Vancouver, BC: Criminals using drug addicts to steal goods for Black Market
No matter if it's night or day, there is almost always someone selling something on the streets of Vancouver's troubled Downtown Eastside. From shoes to batteries to razors, nearly everything is up for grabs.

PPolice say thousands of dollars in stolen goods are exchanged daily in the area, which is infamous for its prolonged drug-use epidemic. Most of those goods are shoplifted from local businesses. The problem is growing, police say, and is worth millions of dollars a year.

"The problem is enormous," Tony Hunt, London Drugs' general manager of loss prevention, told CTV Vancouver. "It costs about four billion dollars a year in Canada." ctvnews.ca

Hamilton, ON: Pawn shop robber stole over $25K worth of jewelry

Winnipeg, MB: Screwdriver-wielding robber holds up pharmacy, flees in stolen minivan

Montreal, QC: Suspect in east-end strip mall shooting arrested

Saskatoon, SK: Gun fired, woman nearly run over in convenience store robbery

Moncton, ON: Knife-wielding 12-year-old arrested after robbing convenience store

Chatham, ON: Thief stabs store employee, flees with cash

Nanaimo, BC: Jewel thieves make off with $1,800 bracelet from north end jewelry store

Robberies and Burglaries

Charlie's Variety Store - Chatham, ON - Armed Robbery
Handi's Convenience - Moncton, ON - Armed Robbery (12-year-old boy)

Mac's - Windsor, ON - Armed Robbery

Pawn Kings - Hamilton, ON - Robbery
Royal Oasis Pharmacy - Lakeshore, ON - Robbery
Undisclosed convenience store - Saskatoon, SK - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed pharmacy - Winnipeg, MB - Armed Robbery

'Live in NYC 2017'
at the NRF Big Show

Educating the LP Leaders
of Tomorrow

Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor of the D&D Daily and LPNN, introduces LP's Live Digital Fast-Break Conference, where we'll be speaking with a host of LP Leaders and Solution Providers about the hot topics, the ongoing issues, the programs and the solutions impacting the retail loss prevention industry.

Attending formal LP Conferences is critical to your long-term career development - but in today's digital age you don't have to wait! Watch the episodes that interest you most once they premiere on the Daily and lpnn.net - when it's convenient for you - on whatever device you are using.

These sessions are all about bringing the industry leaders to you live on-demand, so you can increase your knowledge, broaden your vision, and deliver better results.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us

Music, Movie Groups Score Win on Piracy Issue in U.K.
A deal between the British government and the two largest search engine operators, Google and Microsoft will bury material from known pirates in their search results. Such results will not show up on the first page, and Google and Microsoft may also make changes to their autocomplete features that discourage searches related to piracy.

The agreement, which will begin with a trial period monitored by the U.K.'s Intellectual Property Office, is the result of a years long push by the music and film industries to encourage the two technology giants to do more to take piracy seriously. If the results work, IPO might even recommend stricter action.  associationsnow.com

Richemont obtains injunction against online counterfeiters
Luxury goods group Richemont has obtained a permanent injunction against a number of online counterfeiters. Richemont obtained the injunction and final default judgment on Friday, February 17.

In November last year, Richemont filed a trademark infringement lawsuit at the US District Court for the Southern District of California against 21 defendants who operated more than 100 domains.

Richemont, which owns Cartier and Montblanc, claimed that the defendants had infringed its trademarks by selling counterfeit goods of a "substantially different" quality to Richemont's. The claim added that the counterfeiters had registered their respective domain names using marks that are nearly identical and/or confusingly similar to at least one of Richemont's marks. worldipreview.com

e-Commerce darling Wayfair sales soar - Q4 up 33.1%, full yr. total net revenue up 50.2%

Man charged with selling fake airbags on eBay

Omnichannel investments help Home Depot boost web sales 19% in 2016

New York, NY: Fat Joe Involved in Multiple Lawsuits Over $318,000 credit card fraud at Up NYC Sneaker Store
The grand opening of sneaker store Up NYC was a celebratory occasion by all accounts. On Nov. 5, 2016, eager shoppers were lined up the block to purchase the coveted shoes within. Throughout the day, rappers and athletes skipped the wait, heading straight inside to congratulate the store's co-founder, Bronx rapper Fat Joe, on his new business venture. The store's other co-founder, 19-year-old Scott Spina. Somewhere between then and now, things went sour between the business partners.

On Feb. 15, the payment processing company handling the store's credit card sales sued Spina and Fat Joe (birth name Joseph Cartagena) for $318,815 over allegations of credit card fraud. On Feb. 21, Spina sued Cartagena, claiming the rapper banned him from the store shortly after its opening and left him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in sneaker sales.

According to Cayan, 30 separate, unauthorized charges were processed at Up NYC between December, 2016, and January, 2017. The lawsuit says that the defendants refused to pay for the fishy charges, breaching a prior agreement. Cayan had a reserve account set up to pay for some of the unauthorized charges, but it says it's still owed "at least $318,815.45 in unpaid chargebacks." The payment company believes that either Spina or All the Way Up LLC still have those ill-gotten funds in their possession. solecollector.com

UPDATE: Queensbury, NY: Man faces felony in $140,000 Lowe's theft case
A Schenectady man who was arrested last month in connection with a string of major shoplifting cases in the Capital District was arrested this week in connection with a theft in Queensbury. Domiyon J. Taylor, 32, was charged with fourth-degree grand larceny in connection with a January theft of items worth more than $1,000 from a store in Queensbury, according to State Police. Police said Taylor and four others targeted Lowes Home Improvement stores across the region and western Massachusetts, stealing more than $140,000 worth of merchandise and returning it for cash or gift cards, leading to their arrests last month. It was unclear where the Queensbury case stemmed from a Lowes theft. Taylor was arraigned and returned to Saratoga County Jail, where he faces charges in connection with thefts in Clifton Park. poststar.com

Austin, TX: Dallas based Theft Ring members behind $8,000 Domain Louis Vuitton theft
Police say three people from a Dallas theft ring are responsible for the theft of nearly $8,000 in bags from a Domain Louis Vuitton store last month. Arrest affidavits charge Kevin Brookins, Ricky Taylor and Latadra Smith with felony theft in the Jan. 16 "grab and run." Police reviewed surveillance video, and say Taylor and Brookins entered the store on Century Oaks Terrace and started looking at purses. While the sales associate was occupied, police say Smith entered the store and was directed by Taylor. Smith picked up one purse and Taylor grabbed three purses before running out of the store. Smith grabbed a purse, but dropped it as she fled. The three purses were valued at a combined $7,970. APD said they identified the suspects by reviewing the DPS database and matching photos in their system to the surveillance video provided by Louis Vuitton.  kvue.com

Jersey City, NJ: 'Big Bloods gang member' caught shoplifting, threatens to shoot cops with AK-47
A self-described gang member assaulted a police officer and threatened two others after he was caught stealing more than $500 worth of merchandise from Macy's. A security guard stopped Davonta Barr, 19, on Sunday after the teenager ripped security tags and damaged the items he was attempting steal. Jersey City Police arrive and that when Barr started acting "verbally belligerent and disrespectful. The 19-year-old elbowed one of the police officers in the face and wrapped his arms around the cop's leg in an attempt to throw him to the ground, the complaint states. The officer was carrying a "back-up pistol" in a holster around his leg and Barr grabbed for the gun's handle. Police were able to handcuff Barr before he had full control of the gun. Barr told one of the other officers he was a "big Bloods gang member" and that if the cop came around Claremont Avenue he would "shoot him down" with an AK-47. nj.com

Winter Garden, FL: Police Officer breaks knee cap in struggle with Victoria's Secret theft suspect; $750 in merchandise
A Winter Garden Police officer is recovering after breaking his knee cap during a struggle with a man accused of stealing more than $750 worth of merchandise from a Victoria's Secret store. In a broken radio call just after 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, backup officers heard Officer Jose Rivera say he needed help at the lingerie store. Rivera was fighting with a man, who was trying to stop him from using his police radio. He asked for backup to "step it up." The other officers arrived to find Rivera on the ground trying to pin down the 300-pound, 5-foot-6-inch man, later identified as Algernon Jemau Baker, 23, of Orlando, it took three officers to finally subdue him. orlandosentinel.com

Portland, OR: Thieves are targeting drones and remote control cars in what appears to be a string of thefts at local hobby stores

Jacksonville, FL: Woman tries stealing more than 100 items from Walmart, blames husband

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Shootings & Deaths

Memphis, TN: Man charged with Murder in Golden Jewelers Armed Robbery /homicide
A man is behind bars, charged with killing a jewelry store employee during a robbery. Jesse Slade, 21, is charged with the murder at Golden Jewelers on February 16. Noah Ashene, 42, was protecting his 1-year-old son when he was killed, he was a father of three. Memphis Police say Ashene was stabbed and died from his injuries. wmcactionnews5.com

Houston, TX: Subway Teen Employee shot and killed, pushed his Mom out of the way of the bullet
Police say an 18-year-old sandwich shop employee was shot to death during an attempted robbery as he tried to protect his mother who also worked at the store. Police say the Javier Flores and his mother were the only people in the southeast Houston Subway restaurant near closing time Wednesday night when two assailants rushed in and pointed a gun at the woman. Detective David Crowder says Flores "attempted to push (her) out of the way as the suspect was firing, and he was hit and the mother was not." The high school junior was pronounced dead at a hospital. The robbers fled empty-handed. click2houston.com

Atlanta, GA: Police investigating a shooting near Atlanta's West End Mall; one man wounded
Police are responding after a person was confirmed shot near Atlanta's West End Mall Wednesday night. Officers responded to the 800 block of Oak Street around 8:30 p.m. after getting a person shot call. According to officials, the victim is currently en route to Grady Hospital. His condition was unknown. 11alive.com

Robberies & Thefts

San Antonio, TX: C-Store determined to cut down on crime; increased Prevention and Awareness
In the last year, within a quarter of a mile of the Hayes Food Mart, there have been two homicides, 10 aggravated assaults with a deadly weapon, 23 burglaries, two thefts and one sexual assault. The last time an East Side convenience store had a trend like that, it had to be shut down. A manager at Hayes Food Mart said the store has stopped selling items related to possible drug use, such as pipes, is adding outside lighting, and routinely calls police for suspicious activity. The City Council office is working with Hayes Food Mart and other convenience stores in that area to calm the crime without shutting down more businesses. ksat.com

Milwaukee, WI: Group Petitions to Remove Liquor Store from Amani Neighborhood
People say as individuals they've complained to the city about loitering and gambling outside of the store is a major source of violence in the neighborhood. However, they hope together they'll be heard and change will happen. cbs58.com

Lorain, OH: Suspect allegedly threatens store employees with a syringe
The Lorain Police Department is looking for a suspect who they say threatened grocery store employees with a syringe. The suspect was approached by loss prevention officers at the Apples on Feb. 15. Police said he threatened the employees with a syringe and fled. cleveland19.com

St Louis, MO: Man found guilty of looting shoe store during Ferguson Riots
A Jennings man was convicted Wednesday of looting a Foot Locker during riots over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Jurors found Steven C. Martin guilty of second-degree burglary, a felony. He was accused of stealing shoes from the Foot Locker on Aug. 11, 2014. Police caught Martin after he ran from the store. He was among four men charged with breaking into the store. The other three pleaded guilty to burglary or theft charges. stltoday.com

UK: Bunbury, Australia: 9 Teens charged following $1.25M crime spree
Nine teenagers, ranging from 15-17 years, have been charged with a total of 171 offences in relation to $1 million worth of stolen goods and $250,000 worth of damages. In early October 2016 detectives commenced Operation Antiguo in relation to a series of burglary, stealing and other offences targeting jewellery and other retail stores in Bunbury, Busselton, Mandurah, Rockingham and Maddington. bunburymail.com.au

Bakersfield, CA: CVS Loss Prevention Associate assaulted during Theft turned Robbery

Kay Jewelers in the Viewmont Mall, Dickson City, PA reported a Distraction Theft on 2/21, item valued at $699

Kay Jewelers in the Riverchase Galleria, Hoover, AL reported a Distraction Theft on 2/22, items valued at $1,168

Piercing Pagoda in the Crossgates Mall, Albany, NY reported a Distraction Theft on 2/22, item valued at $179

A Jeweler in the Devonshire Mall, Windsor, ON, CN reported a Distraction Theft on 2/8, merchandise value is unknown


Three Plead Guilty to Conspiracy and Trafficking of Counterfeit Electronic Goods into the U.S.; $1.1M
According to the court documents, from July 2009 - Feb 2014, the defendants conspired to smuggle and traffic into the United States from China more than 40,000 electronic devices and accessories, including digital cameras, iPads, iPhones, and iPods, along with labels and packaging bearing counterfeit Apple and Sony trademarks. Defendants also wired or transferred more than 100 monetary instruments and funds totaling over $1.1 million in sales proceeds from U.S. accounts into accounts in China. satprnews.com


Colorado Springs, CO: Trailer explodes into flames in Home Depot fire
A driver says he lost $50,000 in tools after his trailer caught fire in a Home Depot parking lot Wednesday morning. "I pulled up here to get some supplies at Home Depot and was inside," Christopher Heinen said. "I saw some people come in the door by the tool rental area, and I said, 'What's going on out there?' and this guy said, 'There's a trailer on fire.' Well, my trailer was outside where I parked it. Came outside and I saw it was on fire." Firefighters were able to get the fire under control before it reached Home Depot. They are now working to determine a cause. kktv.com

Skimming Thefts

Fresno, CA: Man caught skimming ATM in Atwater

AmericInn - McAlester, TX - Armed Robbery
CVS - Gwinnett, GA - Armed Robbery
CVS - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery
CVS - Bakersfield, CA - Robbery
Dakin Farms - Addison County, VT - Burglary
Express C-Store - Valley Stream, NY - Burglary
E-Z Mart - Hartshorne, TX - Armed Robbery
Frate's - Darien, CT - Burglary/ 3rd time since Dec.
Howdy's - El Paso, TX - Robbery
Jake's Haggle Hut - Jeannette, PA - Burglary
Metro PCS - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery
Monro Muffler - Fairmont, WV - Armed Robbery
Paradise Liquor - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
Pet Safari - Conway, SC - Burglary
Prestige Gas - Quincy, MA - Armed Robbery
School Street Market - Lamont, CA - Armed Robbery/ Clerk pulled his gun
Subway - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery/ Shooting - Teen male employee killed
The Joint - Columbus, OH - Robbery
Verizon - Collierville, TN - Armed Robbery
Vermont Flannel Company - Addison County, VT - Burglary


Daily Totals:
14 robberies
5 burglaries
2 shootings
1 killed

Featured Job Spotlights

Director, Facilities and Loss Prevention
San Francisco, California

Reporting directly to the Sr. Director of Workplace Services and Facilities, this role will be responsible for managing all aspects of our facilities, safety, and security strategies. The ideal candidate will possess a blend of strategic vision and pragmatism, will be the unquestioned expert on all things relating to the location, function, quality, compliance, safety and cost of the places where our employees work, and will be able to translate who we are as a company and a brand into our workplace experience...

Director Loss Prevention
Calabasas, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for setting and leading the Loss Prevention strategy for the enterprise, including retail stores, distribution centers, corporate offices and quality assurance labs. The Director of Loss Prevention will lead a diverse team of remote field and office based staff in the development and implementation of strategies to reduce shrink and controllable losses including reducing both internal and external theft and ensuring the safety and physical security of all stores, distribution centers and offices across the enterprise...

Director, AP Operations
Jacksonville, FL

Oversees the AP field team and is responsible for the protection of company assets. This leader will develop, execute and monitor retail programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers' compensation and general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses... 

Director Corporate Security
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Reporting directly to the Senior Vice President, Loss Prevention & Risk Management, the Director of Corporate Security will work in a dynamic fast paced environment and will be responsible for leading all "corporate" security functions which include but are not limited to: corporate internal investigations of both a criminal and code of conduct nature; physical security of all Regional support centers and the Home Office located in Brampton, ON; manage third party security providers... 

Director, National Asset Protection
Toronto, Canada

At Holt Renfrew, our mission is to present exceptional experiences together with the finest luxury products for life's every day and extraordinary moments. The Director, National Asset Protection defines the luxury lifestyle shopping experience through building lasting relationships with our people, customers and partners by pro-actively developing, recommending, implementing and monitoring asset protection strategies...

Director of Loss Prevention
Berlin, NJ

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for the management, administration and operation of the Loss Prevention Team. Ensures adherence to company policies and procedures, as well as state and federal laws and regulations. Monitors and analyzes economic conditions affecting the risk management department and recommends appropriate action. Develops and executes corporate Audit Risk Plans...

Senior Manager of Loss Prevention
Atlanta, GA

NAPA is hiring for a Senior Manager of Loss Prevention! Come join our team and manage and direct all loss prevention activities and results. We are looking for someone who can provide leadership and build business partnerships with vital corporate and field partners (which include our distribution centers and stores)...

Sr. LP Program Manager, Amazon Books & Amazon Go
Seattle, WA

The Loss Prevention Team is seeking an experienced Program Manager to support its Amazon Books and Amazon Go retail programs. This position manages the entire retail program, inclusive of building security and loss prevention design and site visits, investigations, crisis management. In this position, you will develop tools and policies to support Loss Prevention initiatives, reporting to the Director, Loss Prevention and Security for the Americas Region...

Sr. Mgr., Investigative Strategy and Risk
Seattle, WA

The Sr. Mgr., Investigative Strategy & Risk, will lead our global investigative strategy and workplace incident management program supporting Worldwide Operations and Customer Service. This position will provide strategic framework globally for investigations and workplace incident management as well as assist field loss prevention partners as a subject matter expert... 

Director of Investigations
New York, NY

The Director of Investigations is responsible for developing multi-level and multi-tiered strategy for investigations company-wide. These areas include investigations, investigative analysis, and investigative training. To create this multi-tiered strategy, The Director of Investigations must influence and impact members of Legal, Human Resources, Store Operations, and Customer Service to ensure that the collective decisions and policies incorporate Loss Prevention's goals of reducing business integrity-related risks...

Head of Financial Crime, Loss Prevention & Safety
Malvern, PA

The Head of Financial Crime, Loss Prevention and Safety 1NA is responsible for developing strategies to identify and remedy vulnerabilities that lead, or could lead, to financial loss throughout the NA operation, both in the field and office locations...


Director, Loss Prevention Initiatives Job
Dublin, CA

The Director of LP Initiatives & Compliance is responsible for directing cross-functional initiatives for both Ross and dd's Stores. The Director will direct and lead rollouts of new/updated processes, policies and procedures by working directly with LP Field Management and Stores for feedback. The Director will also direct LP compliance and merchandise protection programs... 


Director, Supply Chain Loss Prevention and Safety
Perris, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention is responsible for achieving the shortage and safety goals set for the Supply Chain. This is done by supervising and promoting Loss Prevention initiatives and programs, and by developing and maintaining a strong collaborative partnership with Operations and Human Resource business partners...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Antioch,  CA

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager works under the direction of the Regional Director of Loss Prevention. Implements company programs relating to shortage control, theft resolution, and safety. Oversees and works with investigations staff to identify and resolve internal and external theft cases. Serves as a role model for all store and district personnel. Works as a liaison between National Stores Inc. and the criminal justice community...

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