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 February 24, 2016


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NYPD says encrypted "warrant proof" iPhones routinely hinder criminal investigations
Police and prosecutors in New York City said Thursday that the top-notch encryption technology on Apple mobile phones is now routinely hindering criminal investigations. And they predicted the problem could grow worse as more criminals figure out how well the devices keep secrets. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said at a news conference that investigators cannot access 175 Apple devices sitting in his cybercrime lab because of encryption embedded in the company's latest operating systems. "They're warrant proof," he said, adding that the inability to peer inside the devices was especially problematic because so much evidence once stored in file cabinets, on paper, and in vaults, is now only on criminals' smartphones.

Vance didn't specify which cases were being hindered. But Police Commissioner William Bratton said a phone seized in the investigation of the shooting of two police officers in the Bronx last month is among those detectives can't crack. Bratton said criminals are increasingly aware of the protection offered by their devices. He said a prisoner in a city jail was recently recorded saying in a phone call that iPhone encryption was "another gift from God."

Vance said investigators have relied on phone data to investigate killings, child pornography, robbery and identity theft. He said that might include checking a suspect's contact list to get the names of witnesses or conspirators, or viewing incriminating videos and photographs. canadiansecuritymag.com

Apple Faces U.S. Demand to Unlock 9 More iPhones
The Justice Department is demanding Apple's help in unlocking at least nine iPhones nationwide in addition to the phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers. The disclosure appears to buttress the company's concerns that the dispute could pose a threat to encryption safeguards that goes well beyond the single California case. Apple is fighting the government's demands in at least seven of the other nine cases, Marc J. Zwillinger, a lawyer for the company, said in a letter unsealed in federal court on Tuesday. nytimes.com

Black Lives Matter protesters join Chicago Apple store rally
Rallies took place Tuesday evening at Apple stores in Chicago and in cities across the world to protest a court order forcing the tech giant to help the FBI hack into a locked iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino terrorists. But most of the protesters in Chicago were not there to support Apple but, instead, to call for Mayor Rahm Emanuel's resignation after the Laquan McDonald shooting. Shortly before 6 p.m., protesters scuffled with police who tried to keep them from blocking the entrance to the Apple store on Michigan Avenue. At least one person was arrested. abc7chicago.com

Apple Corps at Fashion Valley: 'First Your Phone, Then Your Home'
Chanting "First your phone, then your home" and "Thank you, Tim Cook," as many as 30 people rallied at Fashion Valley's Apple store Tuesday in support of Apple's decision to fight FBI efforts to unlock the iPhone's privacy code. The peaceful hourlong protest - part of a national series of rallies - began at 5:30 p.m. with a handful of people holding signs and speaking passionately about a slippery slope and government encroachment into citizens' privacy. timesofsandiego.com

Alabama Fast-Food Workers Rally To Defend City's Wage Hike
A coalition of fast-food workers, clergy and advocates rallied at the state capitol in Montgomery, Ala., Tuesday as a fight escalated in the state over a proposed minimum wage. Alabama has no minimum wage, and last year, the Birmingham City Council voted to approve an increase from $7.25 (the federal minimum wage that most employers go by) to $10.10 an hour in the future. But a bill filed in the Alabama Legislature on Feb. 11, if passed, would prevent the city from establishing its own minimum wage, which would block the proposed increase. npr.org

Ontario, CA: CarMax employee killed in crash during Test Drive; Driver charged
A CarMax employee was killed during a test drive after the driver crashed into a tree in Ontario, California on Tuesday. Authorities stated a red Chevrolet Corvette was traveling at a high rate of speed during a test drive when it hit a tree. Police said the CarMax employee, Warren Smale, 43, died from his injuries. The man test driving the car, Alex Demetro, 28, was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony driving under the influence of drugs. 6abc.com

Uber's algorithms could spot crimes in progress
The news out of Kalamazoo, Mich., this past weekend was grim: Authorities say Jason Brian Dalton, an Uber driver, shot and killed at least six people in different locations in the space of a few hours. Chillingly, Dalton apparently took several fares in between his alleged attacks. The case raises difficult questions about Uber's responsibility toward passengers and the public. For example, could the company have prevented Dalton's crimes? And if so, how should Uber and regulators respond? More stringent background checks are one option, but they can be discriminatory. They also quickly lead to diminishing returns, since they measure past behavior, and it is incredibly difficult, even based on current behavior, to predict who will become a mass shooter. There is one thing Uber probably could do using its existing technology and the massive amounts of data it already collects about its drivers and passengers: The company could spot crimes in progress by their drivers as they take place. washingtonpost.com

ASIS Webinar Next Wednesday: 'Leveraging Technology to Align Security with Corporate Strategy'
The security function no longer operates around or alongside the core business - it is integral to it. To be a leader in the discipline requires systemic thinking, innovative problem solving, and a customer-centric drive to create value for every stakeholder. The single greatest opportunity to create that value is to leverage the emerging technology that is transforming business infrastructure. Join Security Management and Quantum Secure for a fast-paced conversation on how security is positioned to fulfill its role as a strategic partner and lead the way on organizational transformation. This webinar will be held on March 2nd at 2:00 ET. Learn more here.

Danville, CA Police Department to Hold Retail Safety Event for Local Businesses
Danville business owners are encouraged to get the facts on how to prevent retail theft at a class being put on by the Town of Danville and Danville Police Department. The free Retail Safety Seminar is scheduled for 6:30 p.m - 8:30 p.m. Thursday, February 25, 2016 at the Veterans Memorial Building, 400 Hartz Ave. Officers from the Danville Police Department will be on hand to provide information on loss prevention, detecting counterfeit currency, local crime trends and other issues. A Q&A panel will be held following the presentation. patch.com

The future of American shopping malls is looking increasingly bleak
American malls might be doomed. Anchor stores like Macy's, Sears, and JCPenney have been closing stores. When these huge stores close, it can kill traffic for the entire shopping mall and lead to the entire center's demise over time. For many retailers, the only option is to become discounting centers similar to TJ Maxx or Ross Stores.

"The outlet stores that most of the department stores are currently rushing to build will, in the future, become ubiquitous clearance centers for their mono brand tenants," retail expert Mark Cohen wrote on The Robin Report. "Necessarily, many of today's traditional department stores' doors will have to close."

Cohen predicts that many American shopping malls will eventually turn into bare-bones outlet centers. That scenario is already playing out at Macy's and Nordstrom. Macy's is putting discount stores in its full line stores, where apparel will be sold for up to 80% off. And that's just on top of the already dire state of American malls. In 2015, Fortune reported that around 300 malls could close in the following decade, citing Green Street Advisors. businessinsider.com

Wal-Mart Sued Over Parmesan Cheese With Wood Pulp Filler
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was accused in a lawsuit of defrauding customers by selling Parmesan cheese touted as pure that contained wood pulp as filler. The world's largest retailer stocked its New York stores' shelves with containers labeled "100% Grated Parmesan Cheese," but tests showed Wal-Mart's Great Value brand contained as much as 10 percent cellulose, a wood based anti-clumping agent, according to a complaint filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court. bloomberg.com

Aldi to open 45 stores in Southern California this year

Macy's closes books on 'challenging' 2015; will expand beauty, off-price chains

Back from the dead: 13 retailers get another shot

Meet the robot built to deliver your shopping

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
TJX Q4 comp's up 6% with net sales up 8%
Lowe's Q4 comp's up 5.2% with net sales up 5.6%
Ace Hardware Q4 comp's up 3% with total revenue up 0.2%
Target Q4 comp's up 1.9% with sales down 0.6%


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How Organized Crime Rings are amassing bot armies for Password-Cracking Attacks on personal accounts in retail
Account takeover attacks (ATO) are a very lucrative business for cybercriminals. They fuel the underground fraud-as-a-service economy with compromised accounts, which are sold or exchanged for a variety of downstream attacks involving retailers, financial services, reward programs, mobile games, and other consumer-facing services. Based on the number of data breaches that took place in 2015, it's likely that the stolen credentials will be used heavily toward ATO attacks in 2016.

What makes ATO attacks so dangerous is that they target accounts that are created by real users. Unlike mass-registered fake accounts, they contain valuable information such as financial data, and their activities are less likely to raise the suspicion of security solutions. According to a recent Trend Micro report, a single compromised account is worth upward of $3 each on the underground market. That's more than 17 times the price of a stolen credit card number, which is only 22 cents.

Organized crime rings are performing account takeover at scale by leveraging massive bot armies to attempt password-cracking attacks at various consumer-facing websites. Just how big are these armies? In a mass ATO attack the DataVisor team recently discovered at a large retailer website, bot armies made more than 300,000 login attempts from thousands of IP addresses in the course of a single day. Each IP address was used to attempt logins to approximately 100 distinct user accounts, with a different browser cookie used for every login, likely to skirt security solutions based on device tracking. darkreading.com

Phishing remains top attack vector for criminals, both novice and professional
A new report from PhishLabs shows that Phishing remains the easiest and the most productive attack vector used by criminals. This is the first time PhishLabs has released a report of this type, and while the data shows what some might already know (namely that humans are soft target), the report highlights some interesting trends that have emerged over the years. csoonline.com

Retailers making security simple with Point-to-Point encryption
In order to remain compliant with PCI standards, many Chip and PIN devices will need to be upgraded periodically by retailers, which can end up being a significant investment for any business owner. To meet these ends, retailers must look towards Point-to-Point encryption (P2Pe). P2Pe is a set of security domains that is quickly on its way to becoming an industry standard, and provides a significant reduction of retailers' scope of PCI compliance. It involves using encryption technology to encrypt payment card data at the moment it is inserted into a PIN entry device (PED), meaning the encryption is executed before the data is even sent to the payment service provider.

The most enticing argument in favour of P2Pe adoption has been its ability to greatly reduce the scope of PCI DSS requirements that retailers are responsible for following, as it transfers much of the responsibility to the payment solution or service provider. itproportal.com

Employee Background Screening ranked top security measure in protecting company's digital data
Research on executives looking to defend their companies against cyber criminals has revealed a vulnerability both known to business executives and, at the same time, frequently overlooked. In a recent survey of 337 business professionals across all sectors of the economy commissioned by First Advantage, 60 percent said the most important security control they could put in place to protect their company's digital data was employee background screening; 53 percent said it was anti-malware, while 39 percent cited physical security and physical access controls. nrf.com

'Retailers need to resolve chip card situation' - Only an estimated 37% of locations are able to accept new cards
According to a report on Business Wire, only an estimated 37 percent of U.S. merchant locations are currently able to accept the chip-enabled cards. We've noticed that many Yuma retail locations now have devices with the ability to accept the microchip cards, but not every business has the devices in use. Some in Yuma, such as Target, Michael's and Walmart, are good to go. However, we've noticed other businesses of varying sizes that have taped notes over the opening for the microchip reader, indicating to shoppers that the machines aren't quite ready for use. Business Wire reports that nationwide, there are a variety of reasons for this: "payment processor readiness, gateway readiness, and technical staff resource availability." We should also consider the time crunch of the situation. With so many businesses attempting to adopt new equipment at essentially the same time, there's bound to be some hang-ups and delays. yumasun.com



Offender, Shopper and Employee Feedback Study: Turtle

The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) conducted a series of in-person survey interviews in the Gainesville, FL. Big Box retailer StoreLab in order to understand the impact of the Turtle on associates, shoppers and shoplifters. This research focused on the Turtle's impact on protecting DEWALT Power Drills, one of the Big Box retailer's high-loss products.

Employee Feedback
● 100% of associates agreed that the Turtle is effective in deterring theft.
● 100% of associates strongly agree that the Turtle is not disruptive to their daily duties.

Offender Feedback
● 85% of the offenders said they would not steal the product if it was protected by the Turtle.
● Over 90% of shoplifters noticed the Turtle and all of them understood the purpose of the Turtle.

Shopper Feedback
● 90% of customers believe the Turtle is effective at preventing theft.
● 97% of customers stated that the presence of the Turtle did not have a negative impact on their shopping experience.

Click here to download the case study.

Click the video above to watch ILP's Turtle in action!



2016 NRF PROTECT Awards

You're Great at Identifying Criminals.
Can you Also Spot a Winner?

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 NRF PROTECT Awards, the most prestigious loss prevention and asset protection recognition in the retail industry. Help us celebrate our successes and recognize the hard work and talent within our ranks. Submit your nomination to acknowledge LP professionals and law enforcement officers who have made an impact on the community and retail industry.

Nominations are open until March 22, 2016. If you have any questions, contact us at NRFPROTECTAwards@nrf.com.

Nominate a winner!

Ring of Excellence Award
This award recognizes a loss prevention professional whose career achievements and outstanding leadership have shaped the retail industry throughout their years of service. The Ring of Excellence award winner receives one complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the United States to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.

LP Volunteers in Action
This recognition program acknowledges loss prevention teams making significant and measurable contributions to charitable organizations in their community. Learn how LP teams from 7-Eleven, Delhaize Group, Macy's and Old Navy, the 2015 recipients, made an impact. Or, see how the 2014 loss prevention teams from Barnes and Noble, Kroger and L Brands made a difference. Nominate today.

Loss Prevention Case of the Year
This award spotlights LP professionals whose work has made a significant impact on their company, community and the retail industry, and was successfully adjudicated. The honoree receives one complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the U.S. to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.

Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Award (LERPA)
This honor recognizes law enforcement professionals or agencies who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the retail industry. Up to two LERPA honorees will receive a complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the U.S. to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.




Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

America's Top Cop

'Founding Father' of Public Law Enforcement's ORC Efforts

NYPD Commissioner
William Bratton's speech
to the LP community

On Jan. 18th, New York Police Commissioner William Bratton spoke to retail loss prevention executives at the D&D Daily's "Live in NYC 2016 at the NRF Big Show" event. In his speech, Bratton talks about NYC's new ORC efforts, asking retailers to get involved and help in the fight against the growing threat of organized retail crime.

From his support and funding of the nation's largest ORC association and conference in Los Angeles, to his current efforts in authorizing the formation of New York City's first Metro ORC effort, learn about Commissioner Bratton's commitment to public-private crime-fighting partnerships nationwide.

Watch Bratton's speech here.


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Time's Getting Short to Prep for Post-EMV Online Fraud
The expected 100% growth in card not present (CNP) fraud by 2018 threatens small and medium businesses as well as enterprises, and companies need to shore up their data and customer analytics now to stem the tide.

That's a huge number, more than double the expected 2015 CNP fraud total, but history supports it. CNP fraud rates have gone up dramatically in every region that has already implemented EMV technology. Five-year rates for card-not-present fraud rose by 100% in the UK, 233% in Canada, and more than 360% in France after EMV adoption. How can US merchants guard against this incoming wave of CNP fraud?

Verify your transaction data
Work with a payment service provider that offers comprehensive tools for authentication of identity, address, and card data. As more criminals move into CNP, it's crucial that your business has access to the most up to date methods for spotting stolen card numbers and stolen identities.

Analyze your customers' behavior
Of course, skilled criminals can produce authentic-looking data to push a fraudulent transaction through. Behavioral analytics can combat that by evaluating customer behavior in real time.

Hide all transaction data
Now is the time to review your company's overall data security practices, especially transaction data transmissions. The easiest way to ensure ongoing PCI-DSS compliance is to partner with your payment service provider, who should be able to give you the tools and advice needed to validate compliance. Other strong data-protection tools are tokenization and encryption-and merchants can't just assume they're automatically provided by their payment gateway.

Adapt as the landscape evolves
Two-factor authentication was supposed to be a widely adopted tool for data security, but it creates friction that leads some customers to abandon their carts or pay by methods that don't require the extra authentication step, and many cardholders never opt in. Now 3D Secure, the authentication protocol that underpins Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and Amex SafeKey, is moving toward risk-based authentication based on real-time analysis of transaction data.  paymentssource.com

Mobile App, Wallet Security Top of Mind for Retailers
When it comes to mobile app and mobile wallet payment solutions nearly three quarters of retailers are most concerned with security features, reveals a new survey. Payment security was cited by 72 percent of retailers polled, with integrated loyalty options coming in second place with 71 percent, and seamless ordering, 55 percent, as the third of the top three features wanted in mobile apps. With regard to mobile wallet technology, 75 percent of respondents highlighted payment security as the most important feature, followed by integrated loyalty/rewards (55 percent) and mobile ordering (46 percent). "Regardless of the channel, our survey results demonstrate that payment security is a core area of concern, particularly around tokenization and point-to-point encryption." newsfactor.com

PayPal embraces NFC

Mobile sales double for Macy's in fiscal 2015

Barnes & Noble draws up a digital prototype store to integrate offline and online elements

Target's e-commerce growth outpaces Wal-Mart and Amazon

Amazon, Toys 'R' Us and Target all stop selling hoverboards after government cracks down on the popular toy due to fire risks



Evanston, IL: Former OfficeMax employee charged with $7,400 forgery
A 39-year-old former OfficeMax employee who reportedly stole $7,400 from the store over a three-month period was charged with forgery Monday, police said. The loss prevention manager of the store, 2255 Howard St., reported the thefts to police Dec. 15, Evanston Police Department said. The employee was initially questioned at the time, but the Cook County State's Attorney's Office requested additional supporting documentation which it obtained more recently. dailynorthwestern.com

Boynton Beach, FL: Macy's employee stole $5,000 from store to buy girlfriend gifts
A Macy's cashier stole about $5,000 from the store to try and buy an engagement ring and baby clothes for his pregnant girlfriend, according to a Boynton Beach Police arrest report. Daniel Exalus, 30, of Boynton Beach, faces fraud and grand theft charges. Police arrested him Monday. Earlier that day, a security officer called police after using the store's monitoring system to find money was missing from registers after Exalus had logged into them. He first made seven fake payments to his account ranging from $100 to $2,000. In other occasions, he would take cash from a customer but pocket the money once the customer left, according to the report. sun-sentinel.com

Seguin, TX: Three charged with Organized Retail Theft from Walmart, Hastings and The Home Depot
Police continue to investigate an early morning theft Feb. 17 at the Walmart store on S.H. 123 in Seguin, which resulted in these suspects being arrested and transported to the Guadalupe County Jail: Sabra Hale, 26, Daniel Allen Lewis, 37, and Bradley Brietzke, 22, all charged with Organized Retail Theft. According to Seguin Police Department, officers responded to Walmart just after 2 a.m. on Feb 17 for a report that a man and woman left with unpaid merchandise. Officers caught up with the suspects a short time later and discovered $2,337.63 in stolen items from Walmart, approximately $600 in goods from Hastings in San Marcos, and $698 in stolen property from Home Depot in Seguin. wilsoncountynews.com

Franklin, TN: Credit card stolen at restaurant used minutes later
for $3,000 in purchases
Franklin Police and Crime Stoppers are offering a cash reward for information leading to the identification and arrest of two women, wanted for using stolen credit cards at the Cool Springs Target. On Feb. 11, the victim's wallet was stolen from her purse while visiting an area restaurant. Immediately following the theft, the suspects used her stolen credit cards to fraudulently purchase nearly $3,000 in merchandise. franklinhomepage.com

Williamsburg, VA: Woman accused of stealing over $500 of merchandise
from Sunglass Hut and Michael Kors
Sandra Christina Bardaro is charged with larceny and shoplifting after police say a video shows her stealing two pairs of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut valued at $404. When police talked to Bardaro, she admitted to stealing $135 of merchandise from Michael Kors as well and items from other stores. vagazette.com

Early Co, GA: Four caught on multiple counts of Credit Card Fraud
Four suspects from the Atlanta area were charged with multiple counts of credit card fraud in South Georgia. Deputies found them at a house on Liberty Street. Officials said Kenneth Carthan, Michael Britt, Taylor Hamm and Melissa Jones were traveling in an overdue rented GMC Denali. Officers seized two guns, one with an altered serial number. Investigators think the four likely committed crimes in other areas. walb.com

Delaware woman arrested for shoplifting game controllers
On Feb. 18, Easton Police said officers responded to Walmart for a report of a theft in progress. Police said officers searched Amy Lynn Lane and found four Xbox One controllers and three Wii controllers, needles, spoons and a package containing suspected heroin residue. stardem.com

Tampa, FL: Police Investigating $500 Tool Theft from Sears at University Mall

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Kendall, FL: No Injuries in Police-Involved Shooting at Dadeland Mall
An investigation is ongoing after Miami-Dade Police opened fire at a man who was attempting to escape police following an altercation with his wife at Dadeland Mall Tuesday night. Police say 36-year-old Michael Guzman was at dinner with his wife and relatives around 9:40 p.m. when he and his wife got into a verbal argument. Guzman started pulling the victim by her arms to remove her from the table. A family member who was on their way out exited their vehicle to assist her. Guzman then pushed his wife into that vehicle and drove away. The woman opened the passenger door and jumped out of the moving vehicle. Police immediately responded to the scene. Guzman ignored Officers commands to stop and drove directly towards Detectives, prompting one of the detectives to open fire. nbcmiami.com

Milpitas, CA: Gun Burglary Suspect Surrenders After Standoff
in Milpitas Gun Store, Three Suspects Arrested
A gun store burglary suspect surrendered peacefully inside a Milpitas gun store early Wednesday morning after a nearly four-hour police standoff, while three other suspects had previously been taken into custody. The fourth suspect was taken into custody shortly before 6 a.m., police said. He had been holed up inside Targetmasters Gun Shop on Minnis Circle since 1:50 a.m., and had apparently dropped his gun inside, police reported, but had initially refused to come out. The shop also goes by the Milpitas Shooting Range. By 5:30 a.m., police said the suspect was "contained." Police said the suspect had displayed a gun and refused to drop it, and had just stood there. nbcbayarea.com

Crosby, TX: Smash and Grab destroys Sally Beauty store front; thieves focused on Hair Extensions and cash
Officials believe two crooks were after hair extensions and money in a smash-and-grab at a Sally Beauty Supply store in Crosby. It happened around 2:30 a.m. on Crosby Lynchburg Road. Two men backed a vehicle into the front of the store, causing a big mess and lots of damage. The men went into the story and took the safe as well as possibly some hair extensions. A store employee said an inventory would have to be done before they could determine what else was taken. The suspects got away. Security cameras on the shopping center will be reviewed. khou.com

Dallas, TX: Police arrest 2 in Men's Warehouse Smash & Grab;
possible ties to other crimes
The burglary happened around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Men's Warehouse store on North Central Expressway. The suspects and the clothes were gone before officers arrived, but a homeless man was able to provide police with a good description of them and their vehicle. Officers later stopped their truck on Interstate 45 south of Downtown. Police found stolen merchandise was in the back and arrested the pair. Police also plan to interview them to see if they are connected to any other crimes. fox4news.com

Houston, TX: Police searching for 2 CVS Armed Robbers; possible ties
to other Retail Armed Robberies
Police are searching for a pair of suspects in connection to an overnight armed robbery of a west Houston pharmacy. According to the Houston Police Department, it happened at 11:15 p.m. Tuesday at the CVS Pharmacy located on Washington Avenue and TC Jester. At that time, a male and a female walked into the store and held the clerk at knife point, demanding the money from the cash register. The suspects took a little more than $500 in cash and fled. Police believe these same two suspects may be responsible for other robberies in the area. khou.com

Bradenton, FL: Armed man Abandons Robbery after finding 7-Eleven
Store Unoccupied
Police in Bradenton received reports of an attempted robbery on Tuesday morning when a masked man entered a 7-Eleven at 5:44 a.m. The store clerk witnessed the masked men enter the store wielding a handgun but told police he left the store after he looked around and saw that no one was in the store. Police arrived on the scene shortly afterward but the clerk informed him that nothing was stolen and no one was injured in the would-be robbery. informationng.com

Scott Co, IN: Drunken Man charged after telling Police
he was trying to blow up Walgreens
Michael Adair was arraigned Tuesday on charges of arson, wanton endangerment, shoplifting and public intoxication. The Scott County sheriff said Adair is accused of starting a fire outside the Georgetown Walgreens Sunday night. The sheriff said surveillance video shows Adair outside the pharmacy, before lighting toilet paper on fire and trying to leave it burning on top of the propane tank display. Authorities said Adair told deputies he was obsessed with serial killers and fire. wlky.com

Philadelphia, PA: Police arrest mother who shoplifted at Macy's and left daughter behind

Conway, SC: Police seeking Credit Card Fraud suspect; hit Lowe's for over $500

Clearfield, PA: Police make arrests in 2 Walmart thefts cases that dated back to Nov 2015

Walpole, MA: Skimming device found at Cumberland Farms

Kent, WA: Disorderly Conduct arrest for Drinking inside Fred Meyer, threatens store staff with fire extinguisher

Zale's Outlet in The Plaza at Rockwall, Rockwall, TX was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/23, merchandise was valued at nearly $34,000

Kay Jewelers in the, Sherman Town Center, Sherman, TX was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/22, merchandise valued at $11,988

Marbella, Spain: Robbers enter through a hole in the roof in La Cañada Shopping Centre

AM/PM - Union Gap, WA - Armed Robbery
Appliance and Mattress Center - Columbus, OH - Burglary
Corner Stop - Beaumont, TX - Burglary/ ATM
CVS - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - San Antonio, TX - Armed
Dollar General - Indianapolis, IN - Armed Robbery
Goodwill - Duluth, MN - Burglary
Men's Warehouse - Dallas, TX - Burglary
Pet Life - Salem, MA - Armed Robbery
Quick Chek - Somerset Co, NJ - Robbery
Rosina's Pizza - Orange Park, FL - Burglary/ safe stolen
Sally Beauty - Crosby, TX - Burglary
Sally Beauty - Salem, MA - Armed Robbery
Tan Pro - Toledo, OH - Burglary
Trek Bicycles - San Jose, CA - Robbery
Treasure Thrift - Carson, NV - Burglary
7-Eleven - Bradenton, FL - Armed Robbery



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65 Top Tips to Sharpen Your Time Management Skills  One of the most important keys to professional success is in how you spend your time. By properly using the 24 hours you're given, not only can you boost your success but you can also build better personal skills. Use these tips to become a time management pro. Action Plan

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All interviews have long range implications on your career. The executives interviewing you are part of a community and you'll run into them again at another company, so if you do get involved and go for an interview, commit yourself all the way and play to win. It doesn't mean you've got to take the job, it just means you have to perform at 100%.

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