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 February 25, 2016


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Gus Downing

WG Security Products
Ed Wolfe, VP Business Development

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Scott Burdine was named Director of Security for R&L Carriers.
Scott was previously the District Director of Asset Protection for Macy's and had been on the Macy's team since 1998 when he started as a Loss Prevention Manager. Scott was also a Credit Manager for Heilig Meyer's. Congratulations Scott!

Jennifer Thomason, CFI was named Global DTC Loss Prevention Ops Manager for NIKE.  Jennifer's previous role was as the Director of Asset Protection, USFS and Exception Management for EZCORP. She had been at EZCORP since 2014, where she started as a Senior Manager and then a Director of Operational Risk - Central Division. Jennifer has also held loss prevention roles for Dollar General, where she was a Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Axcess Financial as a Divisional Loss Prevention Manager, and Protiviti as a Loss Prevention Consultant. She graduated from University of North Alabama with her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. Congratulations Jennifer!



Celebrating a 30-Year Business Anniversary!

February 23, 2016 -
For the past 30 years, InstaKey Security Systems has prided themselves on client-driven best practices to help meet the demand of a changing business landscape.

It began in 1986, when the business was formed from the search for a simpler alternative to rekeying a facility after hours. "There just had to be a better way. We knew the day the rekeyable lock technology was invented, that we had something powerful", recalls Scott Serani, President and Co-Founder.

Early in the 1990's, InstaKey Security Systems added additional product lines such as small format interchangeable cores (SFIC) and unique serialized keys to help meet the increased demand for simplicity and cost savings. Significant government contracts and client referrals helped raise awareness about this revolutionary program.

As the lock and key technology matured, InstaKey Security Systems didn't just stop with the hardware, as they felt there was a better way to manage the information. In 2003, their integrated KeyControl® Program was released. This new program would link together the four Key Control cornerstones, setting them apart as a solution provider. Through restricted serialized keys, rekeyable lock cylinders, patented key management software, and a devotion to program administration, a total Program was born.

In 2006, the cloud-based management software platform, SecurityRecords.com®, was patented, making "real-time" key tracking and decentralized program administration a reality.

Through accessing KeyControl® Program information from anywhere, security management became much simpler to utilize and communicate.

In 2014, a KeyControl® Dashboard was next released into the SecurityRecords.com® platform allowing clients transparency and visibility into all of their Program's requirements. Through a simplistic design on their homepage, visual charts identify exceptions leading to detailed reporting.

When asked what makes him most proud of his 30 year tenure, Scott Serani replied, "It's the relationships with our clients. They are not just clients, but our partners and friends. We know they rely upon us and that we share the same level of commitment and dedication to their security and safety."

Through developing and retaining talent, over 50% of current personnel are tenured with 10+ years. This combined industry knowledge and commitment to their clients provide the most simplistic and cost effective KeyControl® Program.

InstaKey Security Systems would like to take this opportunity to express its appreciation to all clients, distributors, vendors, and business partners for their continued support and commitment over the years. It's the collective efforts of these amazing people that has made simple Key Control possibilities, a reality.

What's next for InstaKey Security Systems? You'll just have to wait and see!


The Enemy Within - The #1 Tool - Background Screening
In a recent survey of 337 business professionals across all sectors of the economy commissioned by First Advantage, 60 percent said the most important security control they could put in place to protect their company's digital data was employee background screening; 53 percent said it was anti-malware, while 39 percent cited physical security and physical access controls.

Given how important it is to be able to trust people with access to sensitive data, this finding makes sense. Almost all (98 percent) respondents said it was important to initially screen new employees, but there is a gap between what the majority of respondents perceive as a threat and the policies their companies have in place to reduce that threat.

While 36 percent of respondents said it was either "extremely important" or "very important" to rescreen, 61 percent said their companies never rescreen current employees. Of companies that rescreen employees, just 13 percent do so annually and 10 percent do so every other year, according to survey respondents. nrf.com

Weakest Holiday Apparel Sales Since 2008
Cuts - Cuts - Cuts More Are Coming - Just look at the numbers below

The fourth quarter results listed below for apparel retailers in general are the worst numbers we've seen since 2008 holiday's, minus TJX and L Brands. Certainly not an academic review and merely our observation. But having been in this seat for three decades we've seen a number of slumps. But this one is as poor if not close to the holiday season of 2008 from a store standpoint. With online sales basically saving the entire retail industry.

With that in mind its no surprise we're seeing the cuts, closures, and harsh announcements coming out of virtually all of the apparel retailers. Barring TJX and L Brands this season was terrible and more cuts are coming before the end of this calendar quarter ends. Just a thought.

Compliance Officers See Greater Value in Increased Law Enforcement Cooperation
Law enforcement agencies around the globe are increasing their cooperation in investigating and prosecuting corruption cases, and a panel of chief compliance officers said Tuesday that is a good thing for companies who want to play by the rules.

A key part of making compliance more accessible to a worldwide set of employees is to simplify the message and make it easy for people to digest. To that end, he said GE streamlined its code of conduct, cutting the 65-page document by two-thirds, and then also creating a two-page version. Both actions increased employee engagement with the code, and more buy-in from senior leadership. "Employees started to read it," he said.

Ms. Watson said by simplifying the compliance message, compliance officers can "hone in on the why and not the what" of the policies and procedures employees are being asked to adhere to. "To succeed globally you need employees to understand the why.

Ms Higgins said Bechtel works to instill its values and the idea of acting with integrity into its code and into all employee messaging and training. "Tying into our values is very important to us," she said. "We can't write rules to cover every situation but everyone can understand what the right thing to do is."

Creating a system for managers to report concerns, and this has increased the number of incidents being brought to the company's attention. Having engaged employees who are willing to report issues "is the best way to detect issues early. wsj.com

Awareness, Training, Oversight Keys to Mitigating Food Safety Risks
Companies need strong food safety policies that are enforced, extensive employee training and messaging and regular checking of their supply chains through audits, and product testing to help mitigate their risks, according to food safety experts. Monitoring of social media for early-warning signals of possible foodborne illness issues can be helpful and should be done but won't always help prevent or contain outbreaks, they said.

The stakes for companies that suffer such outbreaks can be high, as they can suffer lower sales, potential lawsuits, regulatory penalties and reputation damage that can take years to repair. "When an incident does happen it has a big effect on restaurants. A lot of it comes down to trust in the organization and the confidence of being safe," said William Weichelt, director of the National Restaurant Association's ServSafe food-safety training program.

Companies need to pay attention to the messages being left by customers on their toll-free numbers and email addresses, and need to monitor their social media pages and those of their franchisees to look for the early-warning signals of food-related illnesses, said Hal King, who served as director of food and product safety at Chick-fil-A and now is chief executive of consultancy Public Health Innovations. "If the same thing is happening in two states it's not a coincidence...it's a sign this is going to get worse.

Companies should have in place food safety management systems to minimize the threat from employees who mishandle food, said Mr. King. That means posting signs reminding employees to wash their hands, to wear gloves when handling food-and even checking to make sure there's plenty of hand sanitizer in dispensers.  wsj.com

InstaKey KeyControl Program for Fuel Dispensers
Individually serialized keys lower risk of theft, skimming

Based on the fundamental components of its KeyControl Program that's been used by clients for more than 28 years, InstaKey has now developed the same technology to secure fuel dispensers. The new comprehensive program gives gas station owners the ability to manage access to fuel dispenser locks, lowering the risk of fuel theft and credit card skimming. csnews.com

Weak Holidays Force Retailers to Shrink, Rethink Web
Declining shopper traffic also prompting retailers to close weaker locations

Dismal holiday results from retailers are forcing executives across the industry to shrink or adapt their stores, and rethink the cost of growing their online operations.

On Thursday, Kohl's Corp. said it would close 18 stores after reporting weak sales, while Sears Holdings Corp. is looking to sell $300 million in assets after reporting yet another loss. Best Buy Co. warned of weak demand for electronics, and shares of Restoration Hardware Inc. plunged as much as 29% Thursday after it blamed poor sales on a "pullback by the high-end consumer.

Declining shopper traffic is prompting companies such as Macy's Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to close weaker locations this year. The shift to online shopping is also vexing chains: Retailer Nordstrom Inc. said it would curtail technology spending after profits fell 17% last quarter, in part because of costs related to Web sales.

Editor's Note: If you think we've seen change and disruption, we haven't seen anything yet, because it's just getting started. Just a thought. wsj.com

Sears CEO on Q4 results "We will continue to take strong, difficult but necessary actions to reduce losses.  We will have to think, work and move harder and faster."
Sears is no longer "viable as a retailer in its current form," the analysts wrote in a recent note. "Sears margins were worse than we thought as a tough retail climate accelerated margin decline. A liquidity event is a matter of when not if." It's a "dire" situation for Sears, according to Goodfellow. As older shoppers leave Sears, the company is failing to attract new, younger customers, she writes. businessinsider.com

Kohl's to open several new types of stores
Including seven smaller-format Kohl's stores in various regions around the country and two "Off-Aisle" pilot stores in Wisconsin this year. The Off-Aisle stores are stocked entirely with returned merchandise that has been deeply discounted. The retailer is also planning to get into the outlet business by opening 12 outlet stores featuring Kohl's Fila sportswear brand.  businessinsider.com

Senior Director Loss Prevention needed for Hilton Worldwide in McLean, VA
The Senior Director of Loss Prevention will assist with the ongoing development, implementation, and integration of loss prevention particularly within the Company's guest loyalty program, HHonors. The Team Member will lead a team which partners with business unit management to identify current and potential risk exposures, identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs), develop risk mitigation, continuous monitoring, and communication plans, and proactively balance the risks and rewards of the business.

Hilton Worldwide is the leading global hospitality company, spanning the lodging sector from luxurious full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and mid-priced hotels. For nearly a century, Hilton Worldwide has offered business and leisure travelers the finest in accommodations, service, amenities and value. Hilton Worldwide is dedicated to continuing its tradition of providing exceptional guest experiences across its thirteen global brands. hiltonworldwide.com

Macy's posts over 45 Asset Protection positions on LinkedIn this month
From Regional Director Store's AP positions to LPM positions Macy's is staffing the field team across the chain. With the vast majority being single unit LPM positions they're staffing the stores with teams to help drive results.  linkedin.com

Director of Loss Prevention position posted for T-Mobile Premium Retailer - Wireless Vision in Bloomfield Hills, MI
The Director of Loss Prevention thrives in a dynamic and high energy environment. The Director of Loss Prevention is successful execution of responsibilities and the team mission will result in the netting improved shareholder value.  The Director of Loss Prevention will be hands on, take charge individual who can build a loss prevention strategy for a multi-state retail organization.  

Wireless Vision is one of the largest T-Mobile exclusive retailers in the country. Headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Wireless Vision was established in 2004 and operates over 200 T-Mobile retail locations in 13 states. appone.com

Best Buy expects revenue declines in first half of '16 - flat domestic revenue full year

Kohl's closing 18 stores

You now have access to the same crime stats the NYPD uses

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Lowe's Canada Q4 comp's up 13.8%
Domino's Q4 domestic comp's up 10.7% with total sales up 25.2%
Steve Madden Q4 retail comp's up 6.1% with net sales up 0.5%
L Brands Q4 comp's up 6% with up 8%
Canada's Loblaw Q4 food retail comp's up 3.1%, Drug retail comp's up 5% with revenue up 2.3%
Carter's Retail comp's up 2.9%, Oshkosh Retail comp's up 5%, with sales down 0.3%
Papa John's Q4 North America comp's up 1.9% with global sales up 3.4%
Kohl's Q4 comp's up 0.4% with sales up 0.8%
Best Buy Q4 comp's down 1.7% with domestic revenue down 1.5%
Chico's Q4 comp's down 3.2% with net sales down 4.5%
SpartanNash Q4 Retail Segment comp's down 4.6%
SearsQ4 comp's down 7.8% with revenue down 9.8%

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Murder affidavit reveals new details in elderly man's death

The PayPal Global Asset Protection Investigations team assisted the Austin, TX Police Department with a highly sensitive investigation into an alleged murder. After an extensive investigation Police charged a man with murder following the death of 75-year-old victim. Investigators discovered checks, totaling $23,300 belonging to the victim were cashed by the suspect on days before and after the death. The checks were from two different accounts under victim's name. The Police conducted extensive forensics on the suspect's computer in order to trace his movements and understand the motive behind his crime.

Read more here

For further information on PayPal GAP Team, email inquiries to lawenforcement@paypal.com.




The fastest-growing area of fraud is cybercrime &
The Rise of the 'Silver Fraudsters"
Job growth in security will be more cybercrime driven then stores driven

PwC says not enough companies are dealing with big threat of economic crime and problem of 'silver fraudsters.' In a report that singled out the UK as a hotbed of economic crime, PwC said the threat of cyber offences was now a "board-level issue", but warned that not enough companies were taking it seriously enough.

PwC also warned of a surge in the number of "silver fraudsters" - older staff who turn against their employer.

The fastest-growing area of fraud is cybercrime, which made up just 20% of Britain's economic crime in 2014 but has since jumped to 44%.

PwC said the increase in cybercrime was partly down to greater use of cloud-based systems to store information remotely. It also highlighted the "internet of things", where everyday objects are connected to the internet, potentially opening doors to hackers looking for a chink in a company's armour.

But while PwC's chief concern in the report was the rise of technology in fraud, it also called on companies to be aware of another potential menace - silver fraudsters. The report detailed a "strong shift towards more senior and experienced employees carrying out corporate fraud". It said half of the instances of company fraud were committed by staff aged over 40, while the proportion carried out by staff over 50 has tripled from 6% to 18% over the past two years.

Fraud by senior staff often has the greatest impact, PwC said, because they have access to more sensitive information and are subject to less oversight, meaning wrongdoing is harder to detect and prevent.  

Editor's Note: Reports and surveys coming out of the UK by such firms as PwC often reflect the trends here in North America as well. As our cultures are extremely similar and their population size allows them to be tested and surveyed more easily. Especially when considering the credibility of the organization actually conducting the survey. So these "silver fraudsters" and the cyber crime explosion findings are probably rather accurate here as well.

Also of special note is the fact that this explosion creates the need for reaction and resolution. Thereby meaning that future job growth in security will be more cybercrime driven then stores driven. Especially given the shrinking store counts and the increased omni channeling transformation we're seeing in retail. Obviously the more digital a retailer becomes the more digital the security issues. Just a thought  theguardian.com

Cybercrime Surging as Economic Crime Threat
The Global Economic Survey found that 54% of U.S. respondents reported experiencing cybercrime since 2014, a 10-point jump in two years, vaulting it into a virtual tie with the top U.S.-reported economic crime concern-asset misappropriation. Globally, the number jumped as well, but only 32% of those respondents reported an incident of cybercrime. About half of the survey's U.S. respondents expect to have a cyber breach in the next two years, but only 54% said they have an incident response plan, it found.

And there's an information gap between a company and its directors on cyber issues, the U.S. edition of the survey suggests: While 88% of chief executives are concerned about it, less than half of board members request information about their organization's cyber-readiness more than once a year, it found.

Despite the heightened awareness and the concern about cybercrime, only 48% of U.S. respondents said they have a first-responder team for handling a cyber incident, and those that do lean heavily on IT staff. The survey noted that other key players, such as a legal team, human resources or forensic investigators, are less cited.  wsj.com

Multiple organizations report Phishing attacks targeting employee data
The attacker spoofs the look of a legit company email (including email address, Outlook images, etc.) and impersonates someone in a position of power. The leverage is fear, because most employees don't want to deny a request form the CEO. Sometimes, a key email account is compromised directly and used to stage a BEC attack.

BEC attacks aren't rushed, and thanks to social media and basic website design, most attackers can get the profiling data needed just by casually browsing LinkedIn and the corporate website. csoonline.com

Are you prepared to respond to ransomware the right way?
A few months ago, the FBI suggested sometimes people should pay. What's the right approach?
It boils down to motivations. If we keep paying, the market keeps innovating ways to keep us paying. However, if nobody paid, criminals would have to find something else to make money. For me, the advice hasn't changed. What has changed is the acceptance of risk and cost to recover. We are choosing the easy way and for some it may be the only way if they didn't have a good business recovery plan (BCP) and tested it. This way you know what your real losses are and you choose the moral right over easy wrong.

But it doesn't always work that cleanly. Some customers get attacked and vital company information is compromised. They don't have a solid BCP in place. With no way to recover the information, I can't honestly tell them not to pay.

In most cases, it is a business risk transaction on a ROI cost equation. Compare the cost of the ransom to recover data versus the loss of time (which might include new business), actual business loss, reputational damage, and the like.

There is an upside: payment changes the legal dynamic. It starts a money trail which helps authorities prosecute, eventually. There are a lot of skilled investigators who know how to follow the money either virtually or physically.  csoonline.com


Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference Kickoff

LPNN Quick Take #1

Live from New York, it's the D&D Daily! LPNN's dynamic duo, MCs Joe LaRocca (VP & Senior Advisor, Loss Prevention, RetaiLPartners) and Amber Bradley (Owner & Brand Strategist, Calibration, LLC) help kick off LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference. With 27 information-packed episodes filmed over 8 straight hours - featuring a who's who list of LP leaders, retailers, and solutions providers - "Live in NYC 2016 at the NRF Big Show" is our biggest broadcast yet.

Stay tuned to the Daily over the coming weeks, as we re-broadcast each episode in order, covering a variety of hot topics - including ORC, cybersecurity, LP's role in technology, mastering the change process, research & development, critical incident management, and so much more! While Amber and Joe (and a few surprise guests) provide plenty of fun and excitement in our "LPNN Quick Takes" along the way!


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Think Tank: What's Holding Retailers Back From Meeting Customer Expectations
Online Fraud Playing a Major Role in Same & Next Day Delivery

While consumers have more options for purchasing products digitally than ever, most retailers aren't able to match demand for same or next-day shipping. While the high costs of offering same-day delivery have (rightly) been widely cited as the barrier to entry for many retailers, there is a less visible reason lurking beneath the surface that is causing serious debate at the highest levels of retail operations: the growing risk of online fraud.

Fraud losses as a percentage of retail revenue grew to 1.3 percent, nearly doubling from 2014. Plus, the October upgrade to EMV [Europay, MasterCard and Visa] payment terminals in stores is beginning to result in the migration of more fraud online as criminals move to exploit the next weakest target, as it did in countries like the U.K., Canada and Australia.

As a result, retailers exercise extreme caution when processing online orders, and shockingly, many rely on the outdated practice of manually reviewing online orders to mitigate potential losses. This human-driven process - which often entails employees literally searching on Google Earth to evaluate whether an address seems legitimate - necessarily results in human error and people's unintended biases factoring into decisions.

Many retail executives tell us in private is that the practice of manually reviewing transactions in an effort to prevent online fraud is the primary blocker for same-day shipping and delivery. Manual reviews directly affect the customer experience, and are now a business-level problem - it's time for them to come to an end. wwd.com

MasterCard to use the power of selfies to protect your online shopping
MasterCard wants to use your face to help fend off fraudsters. Using a new system called MasterCard Identity Check -- or, colloquially, "selfie pay" -- the credit card company will use biometric methods like face recognition and fingerprint scans to better secure online shopping.

Right now, Mastercard offers a feature that financial institutions can enable that lets customers set up a password for online payments to help prevent fraud. The new system will use the same principle, but instead of relying on a password that could be forgotten or stolen, it uses your face or fingerprint.

When taking the "selfie," the user will have to blink to prove that it's a live person and not just an old photo being used to spoof the system. washingtonpost.com

How Walmart Pay could help the mass merchant compete against Amazon

Digital, off-price lift Hudson's Bay Company - digital sales increased 23.2%

Lack of Bitcoin Adoption Holds Back Digital Currency Movement

Consumers increasingly embracing digital payments and biometrics



Temple, TX: Felony ORC suspect leads Police on 50 mile chase
Revion Long, 24 had an outstanding warrant for Organized Retail Theft (over $30,000 but less then $150,000) as well as a list of other felony warrants. A high-speed chase that started in Temple early Wednesday morning covered almost 50 miles before ending in Valley Mills with his arrest. Temple Police officers were investigating a suspicious person call at about 1 a.m. at the Holiday Inn. When Long saw the Police, he jumped in a car and fled. Temple officers chased the car at speeds reaching 120 mph until about 2 a.m., Long stopped because he ran out of gas. tdtnews.com

San Saba, TX: Man sentenced to 15 years for Organized Retail Theft;
$1,600 of Walmart Jewelry
On February 1, 2016, a Burnet County jury convicted Matthew Wayne Manning of Organized Retail Theft and assessed his punishment at 15 years in prison with a $10,000 fine. Judge J. Allan Garrett sentenced Manning in accordance with the jury's verdict. Manning was charged for stealing multiple necklaces from a glass case display at Walmart. Altogether, the necklaces were valued at $1,662.00. sansabanews.com

Polk Co, FL: Lowe's takes down 4 suspects in ORC Ring; teamwork with Polk County Sheriff's Office
Four suspects accused of working together to steal hundreds of dollars in merchandise from Lowe's stores across Polk County have been identified. Two of the suspects have been arrested and two are being sought, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said. A fifth person identified as a person of interest may be with one of the suspects. One suspect was observed switching barcode stickers by undercover deputies and Lowe's loss prevention officers. Hendrix was seen purchasing the items with a second suspect. On Feb. 4, the same suspect switched barcodes on a breaker box priced at $29.98 and placing it on another breaker priced at $220. They again hit for merchandise in the same manner in Lowe's locations in Winter Haven, Bartow, Haines City and two Lakeland stores, the two men are charged with stealing products worth a total of about $877. Thank you, Jason Meikrantz for this submission. theledger.com

Alcoa, TN: Lowe's Shoplifter steals $700 chain saws, uses bolt cutters
from shelf to make escape
The man proceeded to the chain saw aisle and disappeared momentarily while retrieving a door mat from another shelf. He then loaded two chain saws, valued at $700 total, into a shopping cart before covering them with the door mat, the report said. The video showed the subject pushing the cart out through the garden center area, which is fenced in, and using the bolt cutters he got from inside to cut through the fence. While he initially leaves everything behind, the man returns in a pickup truck and reaches through the hole to retrieve both chain saws. thedailytimes.com

Glendale, CA: Police recover 50 counterfeit credit cards, $10K in fraudulent purchases
Police recovered $10,000 worth of fraudulent purchases and 50 counterfeit credit cards after a Florida woman used one of them to try to spend $2,079 at Victoria's Secret in the Glendale Galleria. Officers responded and followed Raquell Jackson, 25, to her car, where they reportedly found the re-encoded credit cards and illegally purchased items, which included clothing, two PlayStation consoles and two iPhones. latimes.com

Jackson, TN: Macy's busts 3 suspects in $844 theft

Southington, CT: Man arrested for allegedly taking part in shoplifting refund ruse at Wal-Mart

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Hanover, MD: Arundel Mills Mall Shoplifting Suspect Chased to his Death; Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Anne Arundel County Police said Tavon Talley, 26, went into a storm water pond outside the mall after fleeing from security officers on July 7, 2014. The lawsuit names Valor Security Services and Mydatt Services, Inc. as defendants along with the manager of Zumiez clothing store, Bethany Brafa, who is also accused of chasing Talley out of the mall after contacting security officers around 4:30 p.m. that day. The chase for Talley, according to the lawsuit, continued through the parking lot and into a wooded area toward the pond "and eventually into the water collection pond." "At least one of them entered the pond in pursuit of Tavon," the lawsuit stated. "The effect of the five of them surrounding the pond was to block Tavon's exit from the pond." According to the lawsuit, Brafa and the officers remained at the pond until Talley "sank out of sight. foxbaltimore.com

Medford, OR: Off-duty Police Officer found Justified in Fatal Shooting of a Shoplifter with a Knife at Sportsman's Warehouse
The Grand Jury ruled Wednesday that Sgt. Darrell Graham was justified in the January death of 27-year-old Timothy Joseph Alex Caruthers. Caruthers was apprehended by Loss Prevention for shoplifting a hat and gloves at Sportsman's Warehouse. Officer Graham, who was shopping in the store, identified himself as a police officer twice and asked Caruthers to cooperate. Inside the store's loss prevention office, Caruthers refused to be searched for weapons, but pulled a folding knife out of his pocket and placed it on a bench next to him. When store staff said they were calling police, he grabbed the knife, opened the 3-inch serrated blade with his teeth and made a swiping motion toward employees. Graham was still at the customer service counter when Caruthers ran near him. Graham drew his duty pistol and told him to drop the knife. Caruthers ran toward the front door. Graham pursued him, Caruthers ran across Highway 62. Caruthers turned toward him holding the knife. Graham testified he believed Caruthers would stab him and shot him two times, first in the chest, then in the head. Caruthers fell to the ground and died at the scene. mailtribune.com

Gaston Co, NC: Eastridge Mall Shooting; Mother Thanks Police
for not shooting, killing teen son
The mother of a man who fired shots at Eastridge Mall Monday said jail might be the best place for him. Jamoral Hill, 19, will be transferred from a hospital room to the Gaston County jail Tuesday. Hill's mother, Melissa Glass, wanted to thank police for not shooting back at her son. Glass said Hill could have been shot by police at Eastridge Mall in a frightening foot chase that led to gunfire. Police said Hill fired shots at the officer, but the officer didn't fire back. wsoctv.com

Columbus, GA: police investigate gunshot at Peachtree Mall
Columbus police are investigating after an apparent gunshot was fired into the floor at a kiosk at Peachtree Mall Wednesday afternoon. Police said no one was injured in the 7 p.m. shooting. Police were only able to find a rip in the carpet but no casing or bullet was located. Someone was standing at the kiosk when the incident occurred. No one is in custody in connection with the incident as the investigation continues. ledger-enquirer.com

Palmdale, CA: Man shot at Antelope Valley Mall, Suspect Arrested
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said the shooting happened shortly before 6 p.m.. Multiple witnesses told investigators that they saw two men arguing, and one of the men pulled out a gun, fired at least two rounds at the victim and fled. abc7.com

Update: St Landry Parish, LA: ACLU sides with Gang Members 'Redneck Thug' Police Captain was taunting
To the surprise of few, the Louisiana Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union came to the defense of gang members wanted for murder, theft and other drug-related crimes. The surprise was found in the ridiculousness of their argument. In response to Sheriff Captain Clay Higgins producing a video taunting members of a street gang called the Gremlin Street Gang, who have allegedly been terrorizing the community, the local ACLU chapter released a statement calling his actions "wrong,". The tough-talking Captain called the gang members "animals" and referred to one as an "uneducated 125 lb. punk." He appealed to the community to "come forward with information about these heathens." "[Higgins] refers to those he seeks to arrest as 'heathens,'" the ACLU Louisiana chapter said in a statement. "'Heathen' is a religious term, and unless Mr. Higgins has specific information about the religious beliefs of those individuals, it is both inappropriate and incorrect." bizpacreview.com

Harrisburg, PA: New York man gets Life for shooting Pennsylvania jeweler
A New York man will spend life in prison for shooting a central Pennsylvania jewelry store owner during a 2012 robbery. Forty-one-year-old Jesse Brewer, of Queens, New York, was sentenced Wednesday by a federal judge in Harrisburg. He had previously pleaded guilty to robbery and firearms charges in the July 2012 heist at White Jewelers in the St. Charles Way Center in York Township. Brewer and two others stole 53 Rolex watches worth more than $500,000. Brewer shot 57-year-old store owner in the abdomen, chest and left arm, but he survived. Forty-two-year-old Jamell Smallwood, of Allentown, was wounded by one of his fellow robbers and is serving 17 years in federal prison for his role. wtrf.com

Salina, KS: Man pleads no contest in Robbery, Kidnapping and Sex Assault at Wal-Mart and C-Store
A Delphos man has pleaded no contest to five felony counts in connection to the robbery and sexual assault of a convenience store employee and the kidnapping of a female customer at a Salina Wal-Mart. Jerrid W. Logan entered his plea Tuesday. He was charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, robbery, attempted rape and aggravated criminal sodomy. Logan was accused of approaching a woman in July and leading her into a Wal-Mart at knifepoint. Authorities say she pulled away and Logan punched the woman before fleeing. Later that day, prosecutors say Logan entered a convenience store and took a female clerk, robbed her at knifepoint then sexually assaulted her in the back room of the store. salina.com

Oviedo, FL: Seminole County schools director arrested for shoplifting at Kohl's Erica Pooler, Director of the Seminole Co. Public Schools Office of School Safety and Alternative Placement, faces a charge of retail theft. Pooler and her niece, 20-year-old JaBrittany Jackson, are accused of trying to steal merchandise worth $863.44 from a Kohl's. Pooler is responsible for programs aimed at students with difficult home lives, social and emotional issues, or misconduct problems. orlandosentinel.com

UK: Manchester: Police sting on Cheetham Hill Road to recover counterfeit goods
Manchester that has been nicknamed 'counterfeit street' has been raided by police. Moulton Street, which is close to the Cheetham Hill area, was raided by Greater Manchester Police alongside trading standards officials yesterday. The raid was part of 'Operation Handcraft' and police were aiming to recover and search for counterfeit tobacco, drugs, and other goods. Multiple arrests have reportedly been made. Traders in the area reportedly sell fake designer clothes and fragrances that imitate brands including Louis Vuitton and Nike. salfordonline.com

Albuquerque, NM: Four teens detained after Coronado Mall shooting Tuesday night

Hartford, CT: New York Man Gets 14 Years In Prison For Robbing 5 Stores

Industry, CA: Man brandishes gun while stealing work boots from Sears at Puente Hills Mall

Kansas City, MO: Church's Chicken employees unamused with teens who targeted store with BB guns

UK: Security guard assaulted by man at Morrisons Superstore

Peoples Jewellers in the Cornwall Square, Cornwall, ON, CN was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/24, merchandise valued at $1,150

Boost Mobile - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery (facing life)
Circle K - Orlando, FL - Armed Robbery
Citgo - Glastonbury, CT - Armed Robbery
Eddies Tire & Check Cashing - Bellmead , TX - Armed Robbery
Flash Foods - Fort Valley, GA - Armed Robbery
George's Market - Bridgeport, CT - Armed Robbery
Kangaroo Express - Orlando, FL - Armed Robbery
La Jolla Swim and Sport - San Diego, CA - Burglary
PDQ - Stoughton, WI - Armed Robbery
Starbucks - Savannah, GA - Burglary (3 locations)
Subway - Bridgeport, CT - Armed Robbery
Valero - Williamsburg, VA - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Holden Beach, NC - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Santa Cruz, CA - Armed Robbery



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Scott Burdine was named Director of Security for R&L Carriers.

Jennifer Thomason, CFI
was named Global DTC Loss Prevention Ops Manager for NIKE.

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5 Hidden Signs that You're Cut Out for Leadership  There's no clear path to leadership, and sometimes you may have even questioned whether or not you're really cut out for a leadership role. You're not the only one, but here are some signs to look for that will prove you're where you need to be. First one in and last one out

The 7-Step Leadership Formula Top Firefighters Use  In both the corporate world and the world of fighting fires, the stakes are high, difficult challenges can cause career shifts and a certain tenacity and focus is needed to get the job done. The same way that firefighters use to take down incredible blazes can also apply to the business world. Step 1: Training

6 Questions that Will Help You Master the Art of Leadership  It's in our nature to want to be the best of the best. There are great ways to get ahead in this world, one of which is knowing how to sell yourself and create a lasting impression. Here's how to master the art of making the difficult look effortless. Timing

The Best Managers Motivate
It's that simple. If you're not motivating your employees, you're missing out on a huge role in leadership. The best managers understand the power that comes from taking the time to know your employees one-on-one, and understanding what drives them. Here are some examples of the power of motivation. Make it personal

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The drive home can be the longest drive of the day when looking into the rear-view mirror and seeing nothing but the day's events. It is a great time for reflection and evaluation of all that transpired over the last 12 hours, often times allowing you to realize that the briefest interaction with someone may have been the most important event of the day. Those one line snip-its often times are where the true feelings and intentions are expressed. Piecing them together can mean the difference between success and failure of a project, a program, and even an executive. It is only in reflection that we see the truth and give ourselves the ability to react to it the right way the next day. Take the time and look in the rear-view mirror. You may see something you had not seen.

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