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February 27, 2014


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2 more retailers breached - "Verizon Investigating Two More Retail Breaches" - "very real link" to previous breach  Verizon Communications is investigating possible security breaches at two unnamed retailers that appear similar to intrusions late last year. The names of the retailers couldn't be learned Wednesday, and Bryan Sartin, director of the investigative team at Verizon's Enterprise Solutions unit, declined to disclose them. "We've been brought into other situations as the investigator," Mr. Sartin said in an interview. "The findings already substantiate a very real link between these later situations and something that recently happened." The comments signaled that the spate of breaches that hit U.S. retailers last year didn't end with the attacks on Target Corp. and Neiman Marcus Group. The retailers involved in the newly discovered breaches were contacted by law enforcement and then contacted Verizon's investigative team last week. The U.S. Secret Service, which has handled such breaches, declined to comment. (Source

FBI Director says near real-time investigative information - "Malware Investigator" coming soon to private sector  If your company has been hacked, you can send the malware to us, and, in most cases, receive a report within hours on how it works, what it might be targeting, and whether others have suffered a similar attack. Our goal is to make our new Binary Analysis Characterization and Storage System (BACSS) the nation’s repository for malware and viruses, in the same way the FBI maintains fingerprints, DNA, and criminal arrest records. We also want to provide a real-time electronic means for reporting intrusions. Through iGuardian, law enforcement and the private sector can quickly and easily pass information back and forth, both classified and unclassified. We can build on our collective knowledge and fight these attacks head-on. This is the model we are striving for—using intelligence gathered from our own authorities and our own partners to stop a threat before it becomes a problem. This is the only true incentive we need—to prevent as many attacks as possible. Before he left, Director Mueller told me that he believed cyber issues would come to dominate my tenure as counterterrorism had dominated his time as Director. And I believe he is right. (Source

TJX's 2007 data breach pales in comparison to Target's recent one
TJX's costs, which Litan estimated at about $275 million, pales in comparison to Target's. TJX's number included costs associated with lawsuit settlements and fixing its security systems, while the Target breach, one technology research firm estimates the cost at between $400 million and $450 million, including bills associated with fines from credit card companies and services for its customers like free credit report monitoring. Target faces more costs because there was more damage from the breach. In the case of TJX, about three-quarters of the cards compromised had either expired by the time of the theft or had masked data in the magnetic strip, meaning the information was stored as asterisks rather than numbers. "It took the criminals much longer to get them to the black market and then turned into counterfeit cards," Litan said of the TJX breach. "This time, the criminals moved with lightning speed to cash out." Target also may be hurt more because Americans are become more aware of security concerns since TJX's breach. (Source associated press)

Former employee sentenced for $1.3 Million theft from Bon-Ton Stores Foundation  A York County woman has been sentenced to five years in federal prison in connection to the theft of more than $1.3 million from a midstate nonprofit. Christine DeJuliis of Felton is a former employee at the Bon-Ton Stores Foundation. Over time, she devised a scheme to steal money from the Bon-Ton Stores Foundation by creating fake businesses and finding ways to award grants from the nonprofit to the phony companies. (Source

Sony to close two-thirds of US stores - 20 stores - leaving only 11 open

CarMax Hiring for More Than 1,200 Positions

Dots stores goes out of business – Gordon Brothers to liquidate
It’s a shame to see how this specialty retailer with over 300 stores crash so quickly after bringing on a new CEO a little over a year ago. Trying to change your customer in this retail environment is a lot harder to do. The real shame is all the lost jobs. Today is the last day for the Loss Prevention group, its Director and two remaining regionals. Good luck to all three of them.

UK convenience store industry theft rose by 4% last year & costing an estimated $73M U.S.  The average burglary cost a retailer $4,306 U.S. It also shows that retailers made a $23M U.S. investment in crime prevention measures last year. ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Tackling crime in store is one of the biggest challenges faced by convenience retailers." The figures have been detailed in the Association of Convenience Stores Crime Report 2014 launched this week, which sets out the impact of crime on the convenience sector. (Source

Mt. Juliet, TN. program targets shoplifting with 37% spike last year
Police said so far this month they have responded to 16 shoplifting incidents and charged 11 people with shoplifting. With those numbers, police are now engaging in new strategies to help limit the growing trend. Police said efforts include educating retail staff on the crime, implementing a zero tolerance approach to shoplifters and launching a Retail Text Alert program. Thanks to the zero tolerance approach, shoplifters in Mt. Juliet now will not only find the offense inconvenient, but officers have also been instructed to take shoplifters to jail in lieu of issuing a simple misdemeanor citation to the offender. Previously, offenders would only be issued a citation for shoplifting if it was not a felony and would be able to walk away shortly after completing some paperwork. Police said the new concept would allow police to arrest and transport the shoplifter directly to jail, making the crime “much more inconvenient and less desirable. Police also said they are launching a Retail Text Alert program in order to ensure awareness of active shoplifters. Through the program a text message is sent to retail managers and loss prevention staff as soon as officers respond to an area store for a crime. Alerts would usually include the location of the crime, suspect description and what items were being targeted, police said. To register for the Retail Text Alert program, retail mangers and loss prevention staff can contact Community Policing Coordinator James Christensen at 615-773-6253 (Source

The world's most famous pawn shop - TV's hit show "Pawn Stars" melts down $40,000 of stolen coins and gets away with it  Using a loophole in the law this pawn shop, who reported the purchase of the coins to the legal database, melted them down before police could recover them. The thief, who stole them from her Uncle, sold the gold coins to the shop on multiple occasions. Metro PD says there is an exception in Nevada law. The only thing which pawn shops are not required to hold for 30 or more days is coins. Gold and Silver Pawn had the legal right to melt or sell the coins. It's within the parameters of the law." Watkins said. "Whether it's a loophole or not, is not up to me. It's how the law is written." A spokesperson for Gold and Silver Pawn, Laura Herlovich told the I-Team that the shop has been 100 percent compliant with all regulations and has assisted Metro in investigating criminal activity on identifiable items. She added, the owner, Rick Harrison, takes pride in honest and fair dealings. They further dispute the dates of the events. Police stopped short of saying the loophole that exempts coins from being held for 30 days might be something the legislature should consider. (Source

Loyal customers bid sad farewell to Loehmann’s
It was a day of spectaculars buys, and goodbyes to an institution that started in Brooklyn in 1921 by a woman named Frieda Loehmann. Loehmann’s, like Daffys and Filenes Basement before it, closed its doors for good on Wednesday. (Source

Arsenic and urine found in counterfeit beauty products  Mark Dawson, Homeland Security Investigations Deputy Special Agent in Charge, says there's a rise in counterfeit beauty products being sold at flea markets and although they come at a better price than if you buy the real thing from a reputable seller, they can cost the consumer their health. "Some cosmetics have aluminum or carcinogens such as arsenic in the ingredients themselves." That's right, he said arsenic, and it's being found in counterfeit cosmetics like blush and eyeshadows that come in the same packaging as the high end makeup sold at stores fooling consumers. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Zales Q2 up 1.9% with branded stores sales up 3.9% and People branded stores up 2.7%
L Brands Q4 up 1% with revenue down 1%
Best Buy Q4 down 1.2% with revenue down 3% - U.S. e-commerce up 26%
Kohl's Q4 down 2% with total sales down 3.8%
Chico's Q4 down 3.4% with net sales down 6.4%
Sears Holdings Q4 domestic down 6.4% with revenue down 14%

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Thought Challenge

How do we make ourselves better?

By Mark Neapolitan
Director of Loss Prevention
Sterling Jewelers, Inc.

You know that if you look into history you will see that in every situation in which an entity came into power, they wanted to control the media, education, what could be read, what could be known. What’s the purpose you say? To keep the populous in the dark, uneducated and misinformed. To control what they would know, by whom they would know it, and when they should be allowed to know it.

Being in this industry for over 31 years and law enforcement prior to for 9 years I’ve noticed that both public and private sectors are sometimes involved in the same practice.

To enhance the qualities and the abilities of your in-house personnel, to create a productive team, to coerce ideas there is only one answer. “Develop your team”. Give them the expertise to perform, excel and think! Often times we ignore that factor for fear! I’m going to educate them and they will leave; I will have to pay them more; why should I know one did that for me;. This becomes the adage of “cutting your nose off to spite your face”.

It has happened to us all. Some of us have worked within organizations that couldn’t care nor develop the teams that they had. Mendicancy, compliancy and even ignorance played a role. End result dissatisfaction, stagnation and abandonment or the most dreaded, the legal ramifications of an uneducated employee.

In our venue it is not time to be unaware of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, The Fair Credit reporting Act the numerous changes implied by the EEOC, the further legal changes in criminal law for interrogation, interview, arrest and detainment, and the use of criminal histories.

How do we accomplish this? You must be committed to the improvement of your team “at all levels” from the store detective to the Vice President. As a martial artist for over 43 years, my Korean instructor said something my first class that stayed with me forever. “Pass on your knowledge because it is your legacy.”

We need to teach, take the time out of our schedules to facilitate our teams. We need to use what has become at our disposal. Periodicals, Industry magazines, W-Z, Reid, Loss Prevention Foundation, Loss Prevention Research Council, ASIS, McAfee Institute and the numerous on-line webinars. Several colleges now offer degrees in Loss Prevention. Certifications such as CFI, LPC, LPQ, CPP, IAFCI

We live in a climate where knowledge is truly power. The more that we know the better trained we are. We as administrators have a responsibility to develop our teams to their fullest potential. Individually, this demonstrates a belief in the abilities of those that are on the front lines. And what happens if these team players decide to move on? We’ve accomplished in making not only an individual better but an industry more advanced!

I think however that an organization that fosters learning and development that engages it’s members has a far higher retention rate than those that do not. What is it that Anthony Robbins espoused, “Dare To Be Great”. Motivate your team to be involved and encourage growth. This becomes a “Win Win situation”.



For J.C. Penney, e-commerce is no easy fix
First the good news for J.C. Penney Co Inc (JCP.N): online sales rose 26.3 percent during the holiday quarter. Now the bad: the surge mostly reflects how far the one-time e-commerce pioneer has fallen. The U.S. department store chain started offering e-commerce in 1995, long before most large retailers, the benefit of also operating a big catalog business until 2011. But after reaching $1.52 billion in 2011, online sales fell by about a third in 2012, while rising 41 percent at the likes of Kohl's Corp (KSS.N) and Macy's Inc (M.N). Penney lost its lead because of management missteps and inadequate investment in the website and other technology. Penney, which plans to close 33 of its 1,100 stores by May, must also improve its online business to makeup for a drop in store visits. The National Retail Federation estimates that overall U.S. e-commerce sales will grow by as much as 12 percent in 2014, three times faster than in-store sales. Penney is likely to provide an update on its e-commerce when it reports quarterly earnings on Wednesday afternoon. (Source

Home Depot keeps building on e-commerce
On its recent fourth quarter earnings call with Wall Street analysts, Home Depot CEO Frank Blake offered more detail on the company’s e-commerce strategy, including reasons for expanding its online fulfillment capability and why it acquired web-only window coverings merchant In addition to rounding out its e-commerce portfolio, the deal gives the chain store retailer more access to the online niche market of build-it-yourself window treatments. A big part of the retail chain’s plan for growing e-commerce is being able to ship online orders from more Internet fulfillment centers and Home Depot’s network of 2,000 stores. Earlier this month Home Depot opened an e-commerce warehouse in Locust Grove, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, the first of three such facilities in the company’s plans. The announcement follows the chain’s disclosure last year that it would focus more on mobile commerce, same-day shipping of web orders and enabling online consumers to have products delivered from stores—all part of a $300 million investment plan to boost e-retail, warehouse and supply chain capabilities. (Source


LPNN - Loss Prevention News Network

NuTech National
New Episode - Your External Business Partners Series

Greg DeTardo, President of NuTech National, talks about the history of his company and how it has grown into one of the largest alarm service networks in North America. With the primary goal of delivering complete customer satisfaction, NuTech National has embraced technological change over the years, adapting to the evolving needs of the retail industry. Greg reveals why NuTech's model has been so successful. Watch the interview here.

Greg DeTardo, President, NuTech National
Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor, The D&D Daily and LPNN

Filmed January 13, 2014 in NYC.

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Security guard on duty at CVS shot and killed in parking lot in Detroit  A 24-year-old security guard was fatally shot Wednesday night as he chased two suspects believed to have robbed a woman Wednesday night in a west side pharmacy parking lot, Detroit Police said. Police said a 32-year-old robbery victim ran into a CVS in a strip mall in the 16800 block of Schaefer at 8:50 p.m. Wednesday, where she told the security guard she had been robbed in the parking lot, according to Detroit police officer Adam Madera. The security guard ran into the parking lot, where he was shot in the neck, police said. Police did not release details of the shooting. Two suspects in a burgundy Taurus were in custody Wednesday night, said Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson. (Source (Source

NYC's Romanian skimming gang appears in New Jersey court - largest ever uncovered by law enforcement  The identity theft ring targeted ATM machines in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Two of the defendants pleaded guilty to reduced charges, one was sentenced to 57 months in prison, and one was arraigned. (Source

"Terrifying" daytime warehouse raid of 20 armed robbers overtake employees and spend 90 minutes stealing 5,000 containers of milk in UK  Warehouse workers today spoke of a “terrifying” daylight raid by armed robbers who tied, gagged and assaulted them before making off with thousands of kilos of baby milk powder. Twenty Chinese, Asian and eastern European robbers wielding crowbars raided the warehouse in Barking, east London, before loading vans with up to 100,000 pounds of the food. Owner Jim Ma believes the gang targeted them because of the soaring value of baby milk in China. They came with two vans full of people at about 10.30am and the staff were thinking maybe it was customers. But then they opened the doors and all of a sudden 20 people jumped out and they were shouting ‘get down on the floor’. "Then they started taping me up, my legs, hands, mouth and eyes. I was thinking ‘am I going to die?’, because my mouth was taped and I thought they were going to tape my nose too so I couldn’t breathe. They taped everyone like that. They were armed with metal bars and some were saying ‘go and get the gun’." "They came for the baby milk because there is huge demand for it in China and they know how much they can sell it for. They know how valuable it is.” The gang, wearing dark hoodies, gloves and jeans with their faces left uncovered, reportedly took 90 minutes loading more than 5,000 containers of the Cow & Gate, Aptamil and SMA milk powder into two Mercedes sprinter vans. They also stripped workers of their mobile phones and wallets, Mr Ma said. (Source

Smash-And-Grab Suspect Wanted In Connection With As Many As 25 Burglaries
Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Devon Powell, a smash-and-grab suspect wanted in connection with as many as 25 burglaries of restaurants and pharmacies in South Philly, Center City and Southwest Philadelphia over a six-month period, starting in September. (Source (Source

Shoplifting suspect flees with LP's handcuffs
Tampa police are trying to track down two people and a missing set of handcuffs. Loss prevention officers stopped a woman suspected of shoplifting three purses outside the Macy's at Westshore Mall, as she was leaving. While they were trying to handcuff her and take her into custody, a dark car rolled up. She jumped in the car with the handcuff attached to one wrist. They say a man jumped out of the car, grabbed a hammer and started threatening the officers. They took off and haven't been seen since. (Source

Armed Robber fleas after Rite Aid clerk denies him money in Battle Creek, MI.

Shoplifter hogtied with duck tape by convenience store clerk until police arrive - wrong clerk to mess with

Arlington, TX Police Release Surveillance Video from Red Wing Shoe Store Shooting  Police are looking for an armed man wearing a hooded sweatshirt seen on security video during the slaying of a shoe store manager in Arlington Tuesday afternoon. The shoe company is working with police on offering a reward for information in the case. (Source

Greenville, SC Police I.D. Attempted Murder Suspect; shoplifter hit a Loss Prevention Agent with her car  Greenville Police have identified a woman they say shoplifted from Haywood Mall and ran over a security officer. Investigators are trying to find Rosa Anjela Aguilera, 32, for a charge of armed robbery and attempted murder. GPD investigators released a previous photo of Aguilera from 2010 on the department Facebook page. Police say Aguilera stole around $1,000 worth of dresses over this past weekend from Dillard's. She hit a store loss prevention employee at the store with her car as she drove away. Investigators were able to identify Aguilera because employees at the Dillard's in Spartanburg saw the original story on the news and claim she is the same person who has been shoplifting at their location. (Source

O'Reilly Auto Parts Store in North Park, CA robbed for a 2nd time in a week
Police say a man walked into the store on the 3100 block of El Cajon Boulevard just before 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, simulated a handgun and demanded cash. The same store was robbed last Friday, February 21 by a man with a similar description. (Source




Pawn Shop "Gold Exchange" Fencing Operation busted in Aurora, CO for $425K  A jewelry dealer is one of two men accused in a theft ring worth more than $400,000. Investigators said the stolen merchandise was then sold at the Gold Exchange n Aurora. “We’re talking about Rolex watches, jewelry, necklaces and even a ring valued at $50,000,” said Deputy Attorney General Durkin. Karen Gasparyan, 30, and Mohinder Grover, 63, have been indicted in the so-called “Pawn Star” investigation. The indictments come after a year-long investigation involving the Aurora Police Department, FBI and Cherry Hills Village Police. Durkin said Gasparyan used bad checks to buy $425,000 of merchandise from local jewelry dealers. Then he would allegedly disappear after fencing the items through Grover’s Gold Exchange store. (Source

Identity theft ringleader gets 7 years prison for $375,000 credit card losses at large retail stores  Peabody, Mass., man has been sentenced to seven years prison for heading an identity theft ring that used the identities of a Florida company’s employees to cause $375,000 in credit card losses at large retail stores. When Dodge was in Florida, he met the benefits administrator for a Florida-based company and obtained from her lists of coworkers’ identity information, such as their names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers. Dodge traveled to Boston where he and at least five co-conspirators obtained false identity cards bearing Dodge’s or the co-conspirators’ pictures and the Florida company employees’ personal information. The false identity cards looked like Massachusetts drivers’ licenses and allowed the co-conspirators to pose as the employees from the Florida company. With the false identity cards, Dodge and the co-conspirators posed as the Florida company’s employees at large chain retail stores. When it came time to pay for the merchandise, Dodge and his co-conspirators lacked a working credit card number. So, they pretended to have left their store credit card at home and asked the store to remind them of the number. The stores, taken in by the false identity cards, often complied. If the identity victim had no credit account at the store, Dodge and his co-conspirators applied for a new credit account in the identity victim’s name. Again, the stores, taken in by the false identity cards, often complied. Upon obtaining a new or existing credit card number, Dodge and his co-conspirators used the account to purchase gift cards and other merchandise, such as electronics, that they could resell. The stores lost money, because Dodge and the co-conspirators did not pay the credit bills. As the group’s ringleader, Dodge directed his co-conspirators’ actions and took about 50 percent of their profits. The conspiracy netted over $375,000 in merchandise and services, with Dodge personally responsible by posing as an identity theft victim for over $212,000 of the losses. (Source

4 Arrested in Portage Co., WI. Retail Theft Ring  Chad Wampole, 41, Leah Luedtke, 34, and Shawnya Goetz, 34, have all been charged with retail theft and drug charges. Another man, Jahn Tinglum, 21, will be charged next month. According to court documents, the four were arrested Feb. 5 after their vehicle description matched that of a suspect vehicle from a theft complaint at Wal-Mart in Plover. An employee said he saw a man and woman push a car full items out the store, and recognized them as suspects in other theft cases. Officers were able to obtain surveillance video and recognized the two at Jahn Tinglum and Shawnya Goetz. According to the criminal complaint, the two were suspects in a Dec. 6 theft case. During an interview with police one of the suspects said they would steal items in exchange for drugs, specifically heroin and meth. (Source

Police crack down on growing trend of grab-and-run heists with their ORC initiative started by Overland Park PD  Grab and runs are becoming increasingly popular for thieves, and they are not your ordinary shoplifters. "These thieves are professional. It's something they do, and it may be their job." Recent surveillance pictures show two suspects from a grab and run at Macy's at Oak Park Mall. Investigators say the same men hit the store twice exactly a week apart. They got away with close to $3,000 in stolen goods. Each time, the thieves were inside less than 20 seconds. The organized retail crime initiative started by Overland Park police allows law enforcement from both sides of the state line to work closely together to share information on suspects. They also work with loss prevention. Investigators are now closely monitoring online activity, as well as going undercover, to catch the crooks and put them out of business. What is more disturbing, police say, is as these groups get more organized, they also get more violent. "We have seen behaviors escalate in the last year. They don't want to be caught," Pierce said. (Source

Tucson's newly established larceny detail along with Target LP bust female ORC suspect for six shoplifting incidents and robbery over 1 year  Brandy Ambrose, 31, was arrested two weeks ago by detectives of a newly established larceny detail as she was leaving Target. Ambrose was booked into the Pima County jail for three counts of felony shoplifting, and one count each of robbery, aggravated assault and organized retail theft. Ambrose is facing additional charges, said Widmer, adding that detectives would not elaborate on the types of items she is suspected of stealing and then reselling. Ambrose is connected to a robbery and six shoplifting incidents over a period of about one year. Detectives worked with Target loss prevention officers. (Source

Thieves make 19 purchases with stolen credit cards
Louisville Metro Police say thieves who broke into several cars in January and stole credit cards have made 19 different purchases. Clayton Chapman, 32, and a co-defendant are accused of using six stolen credit cards to make purchases at various locations in Jefferson County. According to his arrest report, Chapman and his co-defendant purchased gift cards at several places and later used to make purchases. (Source


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Vendor Spotlight

Intelligent Loss Prevention to Debut J-Plug Display Security at GlobalShop

J-Plug’s Unique Audio Lock Secures Any Electronic Device With An Audio Jack

Feb. 24, 2014 - ROCKFORD, Ill. – Intelligent Loss Prevention will premiere J-Plug, a new line of display security solutions, at the GlobalShop show in Las Vegas from March 18-20, 2014.

J-Plug utilizes the common feature of all consumer electronics – the 3.5mm audio jack. J-Plug line security features a unique pin that locks into an audio socket. This audio lock allows for universal and future-proof security for any electronic device with an audio socket such as tablets, smartphones, speakers, PCs, laptops, MP3 players and more. In addition to the mechanical audio lock, J-Plug offers charging and alarming versions.

Clean, clutter-free design ensures that shoppers can fully interact with display products secured by J-Plug. J-Plug’s unique audio lock replaces the need for claw-style or bulky security devices that can detract visually or experientially. Slim design and 360-degree rotation ensure unhindered product interaction.

J-Plug solutions feature robust, aircraft-grade steel cables. Testing determined that retractable and coiled tethers deteriorate at a much higher rate than J-Plug’s wound steel cable. Alarming J-Plug solutions contain a “tripwire” that is woven into the cable as an additional layer of defense.

J-Plug’s sleek and durable stand, which works in conjunction with the J-Plug Alarm, positions display products with magnetic precision. In addition to the audio lock solutions, J-Plug offers the smallest-profile camera security on the market and a stylish loop security solution that can be used with handbags, headphones, home goods and more. J-Plug’s cohesive line allows users to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all product categories.

In additional to physical security, the J-Plug Pro App can be used alongside or independently of the J-Plug line security range. App features include siren from device, full system lockdown with geo fence technology, web-based dashboard, email notifications, content control and uninstallation protection.

GlobalShop, the world’s largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing, will be held at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV from March 18-20, 2014. Intelligent Loss Prevention will be introducing the complete J-Plug product line at booth #635.

Demonstrations of the app will be available as well as the opportunity to view J-Plug securing mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, speakers, headphones, MP3 players, cameras, handbags, home goods, power tools and more.

While GlobalShop will be J-Plug’s official introduction to the North American market, J-Plug is no stranger to the European market. J-Plug is the creation of London-based Multplx whose customers include Microsoft, Jawbone, T-Mobile, Samsung, Dell, Griffin, Nokia and HTC among others. Intelligent Loss Prevention is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Multplx’s J-Plug product line.

Visit for more information about J-Plug.

About Intelligent Loss Prevention (ILP)
Intelligent Loss Prevention is the consultative security division of Southern Imperial, Inc. – leading manufacturer of retail displays and fixtures for over 50 years. ILP helps brands and retailers safely merchandise high-theft products in shopper-friendly formats that drive sales. For more information about ILP, visit or call (800) 747-4384.


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Director of Security/LP Price Chopper Schenectady, NY Price Chopper



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LP Director BevMo! United States BevMo!
AP Manager in Training Walmart Quinlan, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Crawfordville, FL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Nottingham, MD Walmart
Regional AP Sr Manager Walmart Phoenix, AZ Walmart
Multi Unit LP Manager Kmart Paramus, NJ Sears Holdings Corp
Multi Unit LP Manager Kmart Nampa, ID Sears Holdings Corp
Multi Unit LP Manager Kmart Traverse City, MI Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears St Paul, MN Sears Holdings Corp
Multi Unit LP Manager Kmart Parkersburg, WV Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Sears Des Moines, IA Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Derby, KS Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Dedham, MA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Danvers, MA Lowe's
LP Manager Macy's Edison, NJ Macy's
Zone LP Manager Michaels Denver, CO Michaels



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Seven Smart Ways to Help Out Your Exhausted Employees In today's world, it's not uncommon for employees to have heavier workloads, and working longer hours, but don't ignore the feelings of exhaustion they may be experiencing! That just spells out trouble for your business. Use these 7 ways to give them a hand. (Use shift locks)

Get Angry! Be Passionate! Your Emotions Are Vital to Success  Don't think there is no room for your emotions at the workplace. Your emotions are what make people want to invest in you, and they help drive your business! Developing your social skills is key to drive influence and become successful. (Context, confidence, content)

7 Habits of Insanely Productive People
There's no time to waste in workplaces anymore. You have to stay as productive as possible, and you may have to stretch your own limits from time to time. Keeping up with competitors and changing trends doesn't happen while lounging on the couch! Try using these secrets of extremely productive people! (Use technology to help you stay focused)

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Professionalism or the lack thereof is a reflection of a person's inner self. How an executive presents themselves and talks about their former jobs, bosses and colleagues is a real indication of how they'll talk tomorrow about who they're working with today. And while it's human nature to be interested in the gossip, it's usually the wolf in sheep's clothing and the one who has the need to rationalize that has the most to say.

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