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February 28, 2014


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Nearly 90% of companies fall short in protecting payment card data, Verizon says  Just 11.1% of organizations fully comply with PCI security standards, according to a new report from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. ”Verizon classified just over 70% of organizations in the report as “nearly there,” or between 81% and 99% compliant, in 2013, up from 25% in 2012. Verizon attributes this growth to increased awareness of data security standards from security vendors, card brands and the PCI governing body, and a heightened concern for card data security prompted by well-publicized data breaches. Clearer interpretations of the PCI standards have also helped. Verizon found that companies with a data breach are less likely to be effective at two things: limiting access to cardholder data on a “need-to-know” basis and generating and maintaining accurate logs of consumer activity on all devices. Though these aren’t the only two factors that increase the risk of a data breach, they were key contributors to data breaches and losses of cardholder data in 2013, the report says. (Source

Half dozen cell phones stolen in 24 hour period from Target IT staff around Minneapolis headquarters last month  - Could this be the work of organized criminals?  "A factor pointing to an organized element is a follow-up crime committed last month – a half dozen cell phones were stolen from Target employees around the store's Minneapolis headquarters in one 24 hour period. The phones "belonged to people who were part of the IT staff who had access to the [Target] networks," the source said. "This required an organized ground operation." Atkisson says the thefts indicate "there were people on the ground in Minneapolis." Target wouldn't confirm the phone thefts, but told CBS News that it recently emailed tips to employees on the importance of keeping their cell phones concealed while outside and at public venues. While the Target theft and others like it may be the work of organized crime, Sutton explains, it's not necessarily the same group: “I think that we're seeing the tip of the iceberg here. Because yes, Target was the first and now we're starting to see other retailers, Neiman Marcus, Michael's have also stepped forward. We don't have evidence that it's the same group, although we do know that very similar techniques were used in each situation.” (Source (Source

Verizon opens cyber intelligence center
Verizon Enterprise Solutions has opened the Verizon Cyber Intelligence Center (VCIC). The new center will offer advanced detection and response capabilities to better manage and mitigate cyber attacks. The VCIC will deliver actionable intelligence to Verizon's managed and professional security services clients through a blend of security analytics and dedicated security analysts, who will have access to sources of threat intelligence so they can help enterprises identify and respond to threats early in the attack cycle. The VCIC will synthesize data collected from the company's global IP backbone, thousands of professional service engagements and investigations, the VERIS framework dataset of cyber incidents, and advanced threat management and big data tools and techniques to deliver unprecedented capabilities for clients. (Source

FTC: Identity Theft is the Plague of the Country
The Federal Trade Commission today issued its annual look at what consumers in the United States are complaining about the most. The identity theft totals were actually down from 2012 when the agency said it got 369,132 or 18%, of the complaints were related to identity theft. Of those, more than 43% related to tax- or wage-related fraud, the agency stated. Florida has the highest per capita rate of reported identity theft and fraud complaints, followed by Georgia and California for identity theft complaints, and Nevada and Georgia for fraud and other complaints, the FTC noted. Over 1 million complaints were fraud-related costing consumers $1.6 billion in loses, the FTC stated. A Forty-eight percent of all fraud-related complaints reported the method of initial contact. Of those complaints, 40% said the telephone, while another 33% said e-mail. Only 5% of those consumers reported mail as the initial point of contact. (Source

How to Buy Stolen Credit Cards from the 'Amazon of Cybercrime'
The site, Valid Shop, operates on the ".su" top-level domain, once reserved for the Soviet Union but now used by many shady sites. Accounts on Valid Shop can be bought with Bitcoins, and the front page even asks registered users to pass a CAPTCHA test to prove they're not automated scripts. Once inside, the user is presented with a sleek black interface, including navigation buttons for "News," "Buy," "Orders," "Billing," "Cart, "Services" and "Support." The amount of money left in the user's on-site account displays in the top right. Searches for stolen card data can be fine-tuned according to type of card, bank name and country. Users can also check off what kind of additional personal information they'd like about card holders: address, email address, phone number, date of birth or "fullz" — the whole package. (Source

How Connecting Beacons to POS Technology Will Light Up the Entire Path to Purchase  The benefits of an omni-channel marketing approach are two-fold. First, it provides consumers with digital tools and incentives that are both intuitive and incredibly complementary with the physical retail experience. Secondly, omni-channel marketing offers retailers increased insight into consumer behavior and the path to purchase (i.e., what causes a consumer to buy or not). Despite all the advantages of beacon technology, retailers are still finding it a challenge to connect this new wealth of consumer engagement data to the critical end point, and true determination of marketing success, purchases made at point-of-sale systems. By taking the next step and merging this new data with other touchpoints, such as the transactional data generated by POS technology, retailers will gain the ability to track and measure results of their marketing efforts through the entire path-to-purchase, and they can use that knowledge to increase customer engagement, loyalty and overall sales. (Source

Banks see huge 48% jump in ATM fraud - POS systems being the next most common source of card skimming  Data from the FICO Card Alert Service shows a 48% increase in ATM fraud as a result of skimming from 2012 to 2013 (ATM fraud meaning the thief used the stolen PIN and card information to fraudulently withdraw funds from an ATM). The bulk of those fraudulent withdrawals used information skimmed from bank-owned ATMs. After bank-owned ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) systems were the next most common source of card skimming, followed by non-bank-owned ATMs. While POS skimming has been all over the news with the Target data breach, Buzzard noted that most of the cards stolen in that breach have not led to ATM fraud. Even more disturbing: Less than 20% of ATM fraud originated from cards skimmed at bank-owned ATMs in 2011, but that grew to more than 50% in 2013. That’s a big jump. (Source

Old Navy Opens First Store in Mainland China

Kroger in the running for Safeway in addition to Cerberus

Ross Stores expanding in Texas, Northern California

Target up 20%, Gap up 21.5%, Best Buy up nearly 26% in online sales in Q4

Kroger adds 7,000 employees to work force in past year
Over the last six years, Kroger has created more than 40,000 new jobs. It does not include Harris Teeter's approximately 25,000 associates who recently joined the Kroger family. When combined, Kroger today employs more than 375,000 associates. Kroger has hired 22,456 veterans since 2009. In addition, Kroger is proud to have helped the "100,000 Jobs Mission" surpass its original goal in January, seven years early. The "100,000 Jobs Mission" is a coalition of more than 130 companies with the common goal of hiring more than 100,000 transitioning service members and military veterans by 2020. (Source

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Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Gap Q4 up 1% with net sales down 0.3%
Sears Canada Q4 down 10% with revenue down 10%

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2014 Loss Prevention Awards

NRF is now accepting nominations for the 2014 Loss Prevention Awards. Help us acknowledge law enforcement officers, loss prevention professionals and NRF member companies* who have impacted their community and the industry at large. Awards will be presented at the 2014 Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO on June 12, 2014.

For specific criteria and more information about each award, click on the corresponding “Submit a Nomination” buttons below.

The deadline for all submissions is March 31, 2014.

Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Award (LERPA)

This award recognizes law enforcement professionals or agencies that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the retail industry in combating fraud and other types of losses.

Loss Prevention Case of the Year

This award is given to an LP Investigator whose investigation has made a positive impact on their company, the community and the industry.

Ring of Excellence Award

This award recognizes a loss prevention professional whose achievements and outstanding leadership have shaped the industry.

LP Volunteers in Action

This recognition program acknowledges loss prevention teams making significant and measurable contributions to charitable organizations.

* The nominee can be a member of loss prevention at any level, employed by an organization that holds NRF membership. There are no NRF membership requirements for Law Enforcement nominees.

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Tim Hortons Inc, the biggest quick-serve restaurant chain in Canada, to open 500 new stores in Canada, 300 in U.S. 

Canadians must remain on guard against fraud, identity theft: Canada survey
A national survey conducted for the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) reveals that many Canadians are fighting back against scammers by protecting themselves against fraud and identity theft. • 72% said they always shred their banking and credit card statements. • 68% stated they are very uncomfortable giving out personal or financial information through email. • 59% stated they always cover the keypad when entering their PIN at a retailer or a bank machine. • 60% said they always check to confirm the shopping websites they use are encrypted when purchasing products online. (Source

Retail Fast Facts: February 2014

Total monthly retail sales changed by 2.1% over the comparable month last year.
Total sales excluding food, automotive and gasoline changed by 0.3% over the comparable month last year. Read more (Source

North Edmonton Mall evacuated after suspicious package left inside bank  Londonderry Mall was evacuated Thursday evening, after police say a suspicious package was left at a bank during a robbery. Police were called to the north Edmonton mall just after 6:00 p.m. after an attempted robbery at the Bank of Montreal on the east side of the mall. The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) says the Tactical Unit was called in after a suspicious package was left behind by the suspect. “Inside the bank there was a demand for some money. He left the bank and a device was left inside the bank,” said Inspector Ed McIsaac with the EPS. The mall was evacuated and closed for the night. Police say it’s not known if the suspect got away with any money. Isaac says mall security did an excellent job dealing with the situation. “Because of the time of day, 6:00 p.m., the mall was pretty active,” he said. “Security at the mall did an outstanding job of working with us, removing the people, gathering the witnesses, gathering the complainants and centralizing everybody to assist the investigation.” (Source

Toronto woman locked inside The Bay tweets her experience  Emily Keeler, a writer and editor, found herself locked inside the Bay Wednesday evening and live-tweeted her attempts to get out, including a Twitter appeal to a Hudson's Bay Co. executive. Keeler’s first twitter for help began at 7:54, she posted a picture of a back door exit that someone suggested she should try. It was locked and she began to panic. Toronto Police Const. Victor Kwong confirmed that a call was made by a woman to non-emergency police dispatch at around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday about being stuck in the store. The Hudson’s Bay Company has not responded to a request for comment. (Source

Armed robbery suspects arrested after standoff at Fredericton hotel  Two suspects in an armed robbery of a Fredericton drug store on Monday have been arrested following a standoff at an uptown hotel. A lone person carrying an undisclosed weapon entered the Pharmasave at 640 Prospect St., at about 10:55 a.m. and "made demands". The suspect obtained undisclosed items and fled the scene. No one was injured. (Source

Second Smash and Grab gun theft in Bonnyville, AB in a week  Bonnyville, AB RCMP are on the lookout for two suspects involved in a robbery at Sylvestre’s Source for Sports this past weekend that saw several long-barreled rifles stolen the second time guns have been stolen in the region in less than a week. According to an RCMP press release, at approximately 3 a.m. on Sunday morning, two male suspects used a stolen truck to ram through the front doors of the store in Bonnyville. The individuals entered the store and loaded between 10 and 15 long-barreled rifles into the vehicle before fleeing the scene. (Source

Peoples Jewellers thief pleads guilty to $3200 theft in Prince Edwards, NS
A Charlottetown man was sentenced to 14 days in jail after pleading guilty Thursday in Summerside provincial court to a charge of theft. Leigh William Misener, 25, pleaded guilty in connection to the theft of a men’s necklace from Peoples Jewellers at the County Fair Mall on Nov. 8. (Source

Thunder Bay RCMP Warning Public over Counterfeit Goods

Man in ski mask attempts to steal, open ATM from a Foodland store in Whitbourne, Newfoundland 

South-Barrie grocery apprehends 3 shoplifters



Using RFID data to tackle on-shelf availability, inventory and shrinkage
When most people think of big data in retail, they think of customer data-gathering, such as Tesco’s Clubcard program or Amazon’s recommendations system. However, one of the biggest areas for data in the next few years is likely to be on-shelf availability, inventory and shrinkage. Successful retailing has long been about ensuring that the right products are in the right place at the right time, which means it’s essential that out-of-stock incidents are minimized through the deployment of data. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is playing a key role in this process. For retailers, the ability to continually gain a real-time insight into in-store inventory is paramount. Using RFID enables them to retain a full picture of in-store performance, including the exact status of their merchandise at all times, while reducing out of stocks, cutting shrink and – above all else – driving higher sales. RFID is capable of reshaping the effective management of inventories, helping retailers to tackle shrinkage, display products attractively, maximize every square foot of selling space and ensure an excellent shopper experience. (Source

Big Data is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get
Big data is not just another IT initiative. Traditional tools (business-intelligence applications, relational databases) simply can’t handle petabytes of unstructured information. Nor is it amenable to traditional discussions about return on investment. Outcomes of big-data deployment are inherently uncertain—predicting its ROI is an exercise in futility. In fact, the beauty (and the horror, to some people) of big data is that you don’t know where it’s going to take you. You might discover fascinating and valuable insights. Or you might find nothing of interest—at least not yet. Think about big data’s ROI in holistic ways. Rather than focusing on the costs of action, mature big-data users consider the costs of inaction. They don’t want to be playing catch-up to competitors that have figured out how to utilize new sources and forms of data. (Source

Over 21 Million Californians Affected by Data Breaches in Last 2 Years

Six Major Retailers Investing in Research & Development Labs



E-retailers face the threat of so-called ‘friendly fraud’
Friendly fraud accounts for about a fifth of the fraud experienced by online merchants, according to a recent report from LexisNexis. While hardly “friendly,” what’s generally referred to by retailers and the payments industry as friendly fraud occurs when consumers dispute seemingly legitimate charges made to their credit cards. This may happen for various reasons: a consumer may want to wriggle out of paying for product, may be unaware another household member made the purchase or may have forgotten about a transaction they made or not recognize the biller’s name and think it is an illegitimate charge. Experts say that minimizing such fraud losses requires e-retailers to figure out ways to communicate better with customers, including clarifying customer service polices, and sometimes fighting back. Improving communications between retailers and customers and an improvement in the economy will make fewer consumers seek to reverse the charges on their payment card bills, leading to reversals known as chargebacks in which funds previously credited to a merchant are taken back. (Source

$25: What Scammers Pay for Your Identity
“It’s simple supply and demand,” explains Jon Ramsey, chief technology officer at Dell SecureWorks, a division of the computer behemoth. “The identity theft business is so good that there’s a glut on the market” of everything crooks need to commit financial fraud. The result: It costs them less to obtain your stolen identity than what you pay for dinner out on date night — including most Early Bird Specials. For just $25, according to a Dell SecureWorks report, scammers can purchase “fullz” — the name for an electronic dossier containing everything needed to open fraudulent accounts in your identity: name, home and email addresses, phone numbers and date of birth, as well as Social Security number and information on bank and credit card accounts. (Source

Best Buy now an 'online first' retailer, CEO says
Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly made that pronouncement during a conference call with analysts early Thursday to discuss fiscal fourth-quarter results. "The front door of our shopping experience is online," Joly said. "Customers start their shopping experience online. That's why our strategic investments in the online shopping experience (are) fundamental." Over the next 24 months, Best Buy plans to improve its online shopping experience by enhancing search, recommendations, and product and price information to make it easier for customers to find and choose products, he said. It also plans to deploy a Big Data project called Athena that will mine customer information for more targeted and personalized digital marketing, such as email messages. (Source

Target up 20%, Gap up 21.5%, Best Buy up nearly 26% in online sales in Q4

Abercrombie & Fitch ecommerce sales up 10.9% from 2012, online sales represented 18.9% of 2013 total sales

JC Penney 4Q web sales up 26%, ecommerce sales up 5.9% from 2012


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NuTech National
New Episode - Your External Business Partners Series

Greg DeTardo, President of NuTech National, talks about the history of his company and how it has grown into one of the largest alarm service networks in North America. With the primary goal of delivering complete customer satisfaction, NuTech National has embraced technological change over the years, adapting to the evolving needs of the retail industry. Greg reveals why NuTech's model has been so successful. Watch the interview here.

Greg DeTardo, President, NuTech National
Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor, The D&D Daily and LPNN

Filmed January 13, 2014 in NYC.

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Rooftop burglars take nearly $1 million in O.C. jewelry heist
Burglars cut a hole in the roof of a Laguna Hills jewelry store and made off with as much as $1 million in merchandise, Orange County sheriff's officials said Thursday. The burglary occurred sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning at South Bay Jewelry, which is surrounded by restaurants and stores. The jewelry store owner and employees have so far calculated that more than 1,000 pieces of jewelry worth from $700,00 to $1 million were taken. Similar crimes have been reported since late 1980s and originated with a group known as the Yugoslavian Albanian Croatian Serbian burglary crew, according to the FBI. A decade ago Riverside County saw a similar series of thefts that targeted jewelers by cutting through the roofs of the stores and then using a torch to cut open the safes. (Source

Starbucks employee reports a shoplifter, Houston Police shot the suspect  The shooting was reported at around 9:25 a.m. Thursday outside a Starbucks Coffee location in the intersection of Main Street and Dallas Street in downtown Houston. An employee from the coffee shop told an officer that a man had stolen some items from the store. When the officer approached the theft suspect, a police spokesman says the suspect swung a wooden plank toward the officer. Fearing for his personal safety, the officer fired his service weapon toward the suspect. A deputy arrested the suspect who suffered injuries determined not to be life-threatening. (Source

Sears Loss Prevention Agent stabbed during an apprehension at Marley Station Mall, Glen Burnie, MD  A Sears employee was cut with a knife after confronting a man for shoplifting. The suspect remains at large. When employees detained a man for shoplifting, he displayed and then swung a knife. Police say one employee was hit, resulting in a small cut to his head. The store employee was treated on scene by responding medical personnel. (Source

Police chase down suspects in armed E. Stroudsburg, PA Radio Shack robbery Police chased and arrested five New York men for robbery and related charges at the East Stroudsburg Radio Shack in Pocono Plaza last night. According to police, the Stroud Area Regional Police arrived at the store shortly after 7:36 p.m. for a robbery in progress. When police arrived they saw, from the front of the store, an employee exit the back room, immediately followed by an individual wearing a black face mask. The suspect immediately turned and fled back through the back room. Officers exited the rear of the store and saw a car traveling in reverse at a high rate of speed. Another assisting patrol unit followed the suspect car. The car eventually stopped and was blocked in by other responding police vehicles. The suspects were ordered to put their hands up and removed at gunpoint. (Source

Dollar General Armed Robbery suspect may be tied to 2 others in Foley, AL The robber made away with an undisclosed amount of cash. Police believes the suspect has struck before. Investigators think the same suspect has robbed two other stores in Foley in the last few months. No employees have been injured. (Source

Man accused of impersonating a Police Officer in Duluth burglary attempt
A Duluth man was charged Thursday in district court with five criminal counts after police said he impersonated an officer at two East Hillside Cenex convenience stores in an attempt to get into their safes. (Source

California Man gets 14 years in two New Hampshire Jewelry store Robberies 

Columbus Man Who Burglarized Hebron, OH Gun Store Sentenced to 151 months 

Nine ‘Assault’ Rifles Stolen From Memphis Walmart

National Tire and Battery store employee arrested for $3500 theft in Nashua, NH




'Walmart 5' arrested, charged in Winona, MN: $8000 of merchandise spread out on the highway  Winona police were called to Walmart at 1:15 a.m. Feb. 20 to investigate a theft. Upon arriving, police were told that a man and a woman — one carrying a large bag, the other pulling a large suitcase — walked out of the store, activating anti-theft alarms as they did. The two were then followed in short order by two women and a man with another large suitcase. They were followed into the parking lot by an employee who reported hearing someone in a vehicle yell, “Ditch it!” — whereupon the suitcase was abandoned and the three piled into a blue SUV. Police reported spotting the suspect SUV westbound on I-90. Following the vehicle, he saw the driver change lanes, then spotted a large bag lying in the right lane. The five were taken into custody without incident. Meanwhile the St. Charles officer returned to inspect the bag on the highway — which had been struck by a semi, spreading items and pieces of items across both lanes and beyond. Items found in the suitcase recovered from the Walmart parking lot, the suitcase found on I-90, and items from the bag run over by the truck matched electronics removed from locked Walmart display cases. The total value of the items was $8,277.46. (Source

Women charged in over $3,000 theft from Belk in Dothan, AL
Dothan Police recently arrested two women on felony charges alleging they stole more than $3,000 worth of property from the Belk’s Department store. Court records show police investigators arrested Kellia DeShawnta Foster, 38, of Kinsey, and Maya Antoine Singletary, 37, of Dothan, on Wednesday and charged them each with a single felony count of first-degree theft of property. (Source

Queens Man Charged with Felony Grand Larceny for Brewster, NY Home Depot Theft  State police say they have charged a Queens man with grand larceny for a theft that took place at the Brewster Home Depot on Tuesday. Police said that Santiago Alarcon, 18, of Jackson Heights in Queens, was observed by loss-prevention officers at the Home Depot put $1,700 worth of copper wire in a garbage can and leave the store without paying for it. Alacron was charged with fourth-degree grand larceny, a class E felony. (Source

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How to Tell A-Employees From C-Employees When Hiring  It can be difficult to gauge how a potential employee will turn out. Who you think would be a hard worker, could turn into someone who just doesn't have the skill sets or lacks the engagement. don't waste your time hiring the wrong people, use these tips to help you out! (Don't use the resume so much as their social media pages)

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