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 February 29, 2016


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Doug McHose, President

Se-Kure Controls

Roger Leyden, Founder, President & CEO; Michael Campbell, VP National Sales; and Greg Saputo, Regional Sales Director

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Joe Coll was promoted to Vice President of Asset Protection - Administration & Operations for Macy's.
Joe was previously the Regional Director Store's Investigations for the retailer, and has been with Macy's since 1998 where he started as a Lead Detective. He has held numerous roles in the security industry as well as loss prevention and investigations including Director of Security Macy's Commack, Roosevelt Field, Flushing and Queens Center as well as District Manager of Investigations and District Director of Loss Prevention for NYC Metro. Joe earned his BA of Science in Security Systems/Criminal Justice from Farmingdale State College. Congratulations Joe!


Tyco Can't Delay Eli Lilly $60M Drug Heist Suit, Judge Rules
A Florida federal judge refused Thursday to allow Tyco Integrated Security LLC to further delay an Eli Lilly insurer's suit blaming the company for a $60 million drug heist, claiming that Tyco's prolonged effort to obtain testimony from one of the burglars has brought the case to its "breaking point."

In his order denying Tyco's request, U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom said that previous continuances, combined with numerous discovery disputes, have already pushed the trial date to late March, more than a year behind schedule.

Tyco had argued that the drugmaker's insurer, National Union Fire Insurance Co., wouldn't be prejudiced by its attempt to get information from one of the heist's ringleaders, Amed Villa, but Judge Bloom disagreed.

National Union has claimed that Tyco, formerly ADT Security Services Inc., lost confidential information about an Eli Lilly distribution center in Illinois, which Tyco received while the parties negotiated a contract.

The insurer said that Tyco's security lapse allowed Amed Villa and his brother Amaury to pull off the 2010 burglary, which they purportedly committed by cutting a hole in the facility's roof and deactivating the alarm system before absconding with thousands of cases of drugs and fleeing in a tractor trailer.

Both brothers have pleaded guilty, and Amaury Villa admitted last July that he took part in the crime, but said that he and his accomplices did not use any confidential information from Tyco or its partners, claiming they figured out how to disable the alarm by practicing on their home security system.

Amed Villa has refused to testify until his sentencing in Connecticut federal court, which was scheduled for this month but had to be postponed after a third man involved in the burglary was apprehended, according to court filings.

National Union has urged Judge Bloom to get the show on the road, accusing Tyco in October of "belittling" the prejudice it has suffered, and arguing that there's no way of knowing when Amed Villa will be sentenced, a matter that's further complicated by his potential cooperation in another case in Kentucky federal court.

The judge agreed, and said Thursday that enough is enough.  law360.com

Macy's Socked With Worker Suit Over Wages, Mandatory Security Bag Checks
A proposed worker class action brought by a former Macy's employee accusing the retailer of failing to pay a legal minimum wage and proper overtime for required work periods was bumped up to California federal court Thursday at the store's request. 

Yulie Narez initially filed the complaint in San Benito County Court at the end of January, contending Macy's Stores West Inc. has "systemic illegal employment practices" in place in which the retailer intentionally failed to pay employees for mandatory security checks of their bags conducted before meal breaks and at the end of shifts. Macy's brought the case up to the federal level because the amount at issue in the suit could be in excess of $5 million, according to a notice.

The case is similar to one Macy's faced in 2011, when another California employee attempted to certify a class of 84,000 workers who had not been paid for mandatory bag checks as part of a companywide policy. That case was sent to mediation in 2014, according to court records.  law360.com

Jewelers' Security Alliance Crime Prevention Tips
This series will describe the most frequent crime risks for jewelry firms, taken directly from the latest files of the Jewelers' Security Alliance (JSA), and will provide recommendations on the most effective loss-prevention measures. The crimes covered will include the whole range of violence and fraud that are committed all too frequently against jewelry firms in the United States: armed robberies, smash-and-grab robberies, safe burglaries and other burglaries, grab-and-run thefts, switches, distraction thefts, sneak thefts, credit card fraud, internal theft, and losses incurred by traveling salespersons or losses not on store premises. Practical recommendations will be offered on proper security procedures and best practices, as well as advice on necessary security equipment and current innovations in security technology.

JSA's crime stories and loss-prevention recommendations were developed from JSA's database of more than 10,000 crimes committed against the U.S. jewelry industry and from information received daily from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and countless police agencies throughout the United States.

The sponsor of the series is the Jewelers' Security Alliance, a nonprofit trade association founded in 1883, serving the diamond, jewelry, and watch industry, and with a membership of 20,000 jewelry locations.

Proper security is not only a matter of life and death for jewelers. The combined costs of security and insurance represent one of the most significant expenses in a jeweler's budget. This series can help keep jewelers safe as well as save them from major financial losses.  jckonline.com

Walmart to open 200 academies across the country focused on improving customer service at stores
The students are Wal-Mart's department and assistant store managers who operate its 4,600 U.S. stores. The goal is for all of the academies to be open by the end of 2017 and for 140,000 employees to go through the program each year.

The program is part of Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon's plan to improve customer service by paying people more and offering them better training. Wal-Mart said last year, it's spending an additional $2.7 billion over two years on hourly raises, improved benefits and training.

Last week, Wal-Mart started a new training program for cashiers and their supervisors will be going through the academy too.

Department managers will go through two weeks of training and the assistant store managers that they report to, will complete a six-week course. All new department and assistant managers will continue to go through the training and Wal-Mart plans to keep the academies open indefinitely.  dallasnews.com

Retailers Grapple With Wage Pressures as Unemployment Slides
Retailers, shaking off lackluster holiday sales and battling online competition, have a new problem to deal with. Many are facing wage pressure on their store payrolls as the labor market tightens and states and municipalities raise the minimum wage.

Fourteen states increased their minimum wage as of Jan.1, with more slated to do so this year, according to a Feb. 10 UBS research report.  wsj.com

We aren't alone on job cuts - minimum wage increases & store closures
Rising UK retail wages to drive 900,000 job cuts

The retail sector, one of the UK's largest employers, is facing up to 900,000 job losses and the closure of thousands of shops in the next decade, according to a report by an industry body.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) warns that rising costs due to the "national living wage" and the apprenticeship levy - both introduced by George Osborne in last year's budget - could increase the rate of job cuts.

The BRC, which represents retail companies, stated: "Both have sound intentions but could fail on implementation. Together these effects could mean there are as many as 900,000 fewer jobs in retail by 2025 but those that remain will be more productive and higher earning."

The retail sector employs about 3 million people - but of the 270,000 shops in the UK, up to 74,000 could shut. Nearly 30% of these could be in Wales and the north of England, the report says.

The national living wage will come into force in April, replacing the current minimum wage of 6.50 pounds ($9.03 U.S.) an hour with a rate of 7.20 pounds  ($10.02 U.S.) for the over-25s. The BRC estimated that this will cost the industry up to 3bn pounds ($4.1B U.S.) a year.  Editor's Note: Once again using the UK as a barometer for the U.S.  theguardian.com

$50.8M settlement reached between Tween Brands and Ascena Retail Group, Inc. (Justice) in class action lawsuit
about whether Justice misled shoppers by marking items "40% off" when this price was in reality the regular price. Justice denies all of the claims and says it did nothing wrong. Those included have legal rights and options, such as submitting a claim for benefits or excluding themselves from or objecting to the settlement. Eligible claimants may receive a cash payment for $7, $13 or $20 or a Justice voucher for $10, $20 or $30 without documentation of their Justice purchases (Option 1). For claims with documentation of six or more purchases or documentation of a single purchase of $105 or more, claimants may receive a check for 14% or a Justice voucher for 20% of documented purchases (Option 2). To get a cash payment, you must submit a claim.  justiceclassaction.com

Staples Wins Bid For Amazon Docs In $6.3B Office Depot Merger Fight with FTC
A District of Columbia federal judge on Friday ordered Amazon.com Inc. to give Staples Inc. access to certain internal business documents and sales forecasts as part of the office supplies company's defense of the Federal Trade Commission's attempt to block its $6.3 billion merger with Office Depot Inc.

"This type of information is likely relevant to Staples' defense in this case because the information appears to relate to how competitive Amazon Business will be with other competitors in the industry over the course of the next several years," Judge Sullivan said. "Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, the court will review the documents in camera before ordering that they be produced to Staples."  law360.com

OSHA - homicide fourth-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries
4,679 fatal workplace injuries took place in 2014; 403 of those were workplace homicides. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is heading to Wichita to investigate the shooting at Excel Industries Inc. oshatoday.com

American Apparel Hit With Work Stoppage Friday at co's two plants protesting suspension of at least three factory workers
Union officials and some employees reported workers stepped away from their machines and stopped working at 9 a.m. in Los Angeles at the company's two manufacturing plants in the county. Jose Franco, a sewer at Sequoia who has been working with the company since 2008, was rallying with roughly 50 others Friday outside headquarters and reported a full stoppage by the first shift of workers - which by his estimation was about 500 people - who were subsequently sent home, according to Franco. The first shift is from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. "All of the workers stopped working."

Complaints about pay, changes in the production process and lack of clarity on the business outlook from management appear to be some of the issues protesters have taken up along with calls to bring back founder and fired chief executive officer Dov Charney.  wwd.com

Sarasota, FL: How does the Florida man who Patented the Magnetic Strip
Feel about the Chip Card?
Ron Klein had a role in creating one of finance's most influential innovations, one that changed the way Americans think about and spend their money. Klein, 80, of Sarasota, had a hand in inventing the magnetic strip on the back of credit cards. He recorded the idea in a patent application 50 years ago, in April 1966. Today's cards are packed with more data than Klein's prototypes, but the technology is more or less the same, long outliving the reel-to-reel tapes that inspired it. It was a very simple approach," Klein said. "You question yourself: How in the world did it - in this world of obsolescence - did it survive from 1966?" tampabay.com

Verizon Visits the LPRC Innovation Lab
This week, the Loss Prevention Research Council was visited by several of the top executives for LP/AP for Verizon. The Verizon and LPRC teams were able to collaborate on industry-specific initiatives to help get momentum rolling. A special thank you to the Verizon team: Mike Currier, Dave Magersupp, Gabe Esposito, Tim Dunham, Bruno Pavlicek, and Ken Matheson!

Lumber Liquidators suffers huge Q4 losses over safety concerns of Chinese laminate products

Sources Indicate Two Senior LP jobs have been filled? - Pier 1 & Mattress Firm

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Signet Jewelers Q4 comp's up 4.9% with sales
Lumber Liquidators Q4 com's down 17.2% with total sales down 14%

Last week's #1 article --

Shoplifting Video Going Viral on YouTube today
Walmart customer who films shoplifter apprehension banned from store in Wilmington, N.C.

A North Carolina man recorded a shoplifter inside Walmart's Wilmington location, only to be verbally harassed, threatened with arrest and banned by a clueless employee of the SuperCenter last Friday afternoon.

Jon Andrade thought he was doing the retail giant a favor by using his cell phone to capture a petty theft, when Walmart employees turned on him and demanded that he leave or be arrested for criminal trespassing on private property ending the encounter by telling the man that he is "Banned." The minute and ten seconds long video below picks up when Andrade was nearly in the parking lot.

As John Andrade's wife wrote, he was just trying to be thoughtful. It's common knowledge that Walmart loses billions annually to "shrinkage" which is the retail industry's term for shoplifting: As Jon was exiting the store, he sees a woman who has shoplifted from Walmart. She had thrown down a large purse filled with items she had stolen and takes off, into the parking lot, out the front doors. My husband, who worked as a security officer for over 5 years, instantly is in the mindset to whip out his IPhone and record this woman and this incident happening, thinking maybe he could help out; Not to mention in this day and age, the majority of people who see a crazy incident at Walmart are going to instantly grab their smartphone and hit record.

A Walmart employee, ironically wearing a "GAP" sweatshirt asks him to, "Please stop recording." That's where the pleasantries ended.

The First Amendment protects photography as a pre-cursor to expressive speech - such as Joe Andrade's post which is going viral on YouTube today - and when in public, jurisprudence says that there is no expectation of privacy for anyone, police or otherwise.

This North Carolina associate has become YouTube famous for the wrong reasons, and now is going to learn (probably the hard way) when someone may or may not record video at a SuperCenter. Editor's Note: The verbal confrontation is too lengthy to post, but leave it to say it included expletives.  photographyisnotacrime.com

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'Lucy gang' of eBay scammers jailed for
'fraud on an industrial scale'

A crime gang suspected of being part of a multi-million-pound eBay scam dubbed the "Lucy network" has been jailed for a total of 18 years.

The gang, described in court as the London cell of a nationwide crime operation, raked in more than 450,000 pounds by offering non-existent cars and motor homes for sale on internet auction sites. Detectives believe they are a part of a larger organized crime gang dubbed the "Lucy network" because the conmen use the girl's name in emails to potential victims.

Thousands of people across the country fell victim to the fraud in which people were offered cars, motor homes and trailers on sites such as eBay and Gumtree, often for around 200 pounds or 300 pounds less than the going rate.

The auction site pages were linked to fraudulent bank accounts set up by hundreds of Romanians they ferried into the country for a few days on cheap flights. The gang's ringleader, Madalin Popescu, 34, would collect the "cash mules" from Luton airport and chauffeur them around high street banks across London where a co-conspirator would act as translator to open the accounts.

Police believe the gang of four men and a woman were sometimes opening 10 to 15 bank accounts a day across the capital. They identified 130 victims who lost 450,000 pounds in fake transactions from June 2014 to September 2015.

Read more here

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com. 

eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)



Tomorrow - Why retail might want to side with Apple?

As we haven't heard a word from any of the trade associations and for good reason! The full story tomorrow.  Does anybody take the bait on this one? We'll see soon enough.

Demand in new markets & Increasing labor costs drives robotics growth to double in next four years = $135B
"Robotics is one of the core technologies that is enabling significant change in manufacturing through factory-of-the-future initiatives," said Jing Bing Zhang, a research director at IDC. "While traditionally used in the automotive industry, there is an increasing adoption of robotics in sectors like electronics, retail, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, services, education and government." cio.com

J.C. Penney "Developing True Omnichannel Capabilities" Helps Q4 Results
Marvin Ellison, CEO, commenting on their Q4 results Friday said "We are repairing a broken online business, and in the second half of 2015 we developed true omnichannel capabilities," Ellison said. "The development will allow us to share inventory from bricks and mortar and store locations with our dot-com area and have seamless connections with our customers, how and when and where she wants to shop. These new capabilities allowed us to deliver record holiday online sales in the fourth quarter and we'll continue to have plenty of upside to grow."

The retailer is also investing in mobile commerce and data analytics that will help it localize product assortments and pricing. In Q4, web traffic from mobile devices was up 25% and mobile conversion improved 60%. The retailer also began testing the sale of appliances in some stores in Q4. That idea, Ellison said, came from site search data from JCP.com. The company looked at what consumers searched for and couldn't find on the site. Appliances were a popular, unmet search term. internetretailer.com

IT systems and data breaches 'holding back retail growth'
IT systems, government regulation and data breaches are viewed by UK retailers as their main barriers to growth, according to new research from business law firm DWF. A new report by business law firm DWF, which surveyed 150 executives from retail organisations across the country, saw 40% of respondents cite legislative red tape as one of their top three growth preventers, while IT systems (38%) and cyber and data breaches (32%) are also seen as major obstacles to progression. All retailers questioned for the research said that data security is imperative for their brand reputations. essentialretail.com

'The Wage Gap' isn't about corruption or greed - It's about technology and speed
Travel agents died a decade ago and were basically the first ones killed by the internet. The recruiting industry thrived until the great recession and LinkedIn, and now Met Life is doing away with agents all together. Technology, the internet, and social media has wiped out the middle man and now it's slamming retail like a tornado. That's what's caused the great wage gap and the disappearing middle class, contrary to what you're hearing on the Presidential campaign trail.

The speed of which is outpacing everything and everyone. The minimum wage is just catching up and is always the tail on the dog regardless of right or wrong. Does it need to be adjusted? Certainly, and will it ever catch up to expectations? No it won't, ever, especially now that drones, robotics and artificial intelligence is making such a huge entrance.

The issue becomes how much social unrest it creates and how fast can the millennials take control. Because quite frankly they are the only ones, that as a group, can satisfy the demand for the new jobs this wave has created. Just a thought

Analytics a top spending priority in 2016
Analytics tools and applications are a top spending priority for retailers this year, according to a new report. Many planning tools currently in use are outdated and unable to support the kind of data analysis needed to make solid planning decisions. Improving analytics is the top planning priority for 58 percent of retailers, according to the "Top 10 Merchandise Planning Priorities for 2016" report from Boston Retail Partners.  fierceretail.com

Lawmakers Tease Bill To Set Up Digital Security Commission
During an event at the Bipartisan Policy Center, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, and Senate Intelligence Committee member Mark Warner, D-Va., revealed that they are planning to introduce "early next week" a proposal to bring together federal and state law enforcement officials, technology executives, privacy advocates, cryptologists and other interested parties to develop a common set of recommendations on how to balance privacy concerns with law enforcement's need to access data in criminal and national security probes. law360.com

Fake Play-Doh fingerprint 'fools security scan to hack into iPhone 6'




BSI Awarded 2015 Retail Partner of the Year by Axis Communications

Axis recognized BSI's performance and collaboration
With partner award at ACCC 2015

Delray Beach, Florida  - Best Security Industries (BSI), a premiere provider of certified, pre-owned and private label electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems and custom video solutions, today announced that it has been named 2015 Retail Partner of the Year award by Axis Communications at its 10th annual Axis Connect & Converge Conference (ACCC) held in San Antonio, Texas. Axis, the global leader in network video, presented these annual awards to top channel, software and technology partners.

"We are both proud and honored to be recognized by Axis Communications as its Retail Partner of the Year," said Matthew Sack, CEO of BSI. "Through our partnership with Axis over the past four years, we have realized significant growth in our IP-Video sales not only with new retail customers but through expanded opportunities within our existing base."

The event hosted nearly 400 attendees from various VMS companies, technology partners and integrators serving a variety of vertical industries including retail, government, transportation and education. The meeting was designed to inform its various partners on new products and solutions, provide feedback for future and existing products and offered in-depth training as well as hands-on experience with Axis products. An important part of the program was also to pay tribute to and recognize those companies who have shown a proven track record of success in design, selling and implementing new solutions based on Axis products.

"Axis partners are not only part of the industry's largest professional network, but are also an extension of our team," said Larry Newman, senior director of sales, Axis Communications, Inc. "It is an honor to bring together the top companies in our industry at ACCC and recognize those strong relationships and shared sense of leadership in providing innovative security and business solutions. These companies are leading the way to a smarter and safer world for all."

BSI specializes in analog-to-IP phased migrations as well as design and installation of new, high definition IP solutions, advanced analytics, cloud-based services and open architecture platforms. The company works with its customers to get a clear understanding of their unique challenges in order to design a cost effective video solution that provides real value. BSI has built a strong reputation by engineering highly effective video solutions for many of North Americas leading retailers as evidenced by this latest award.

"Over the years, we have built our partnership with Axis to include joint sales calls, hosting various events together and actively participating in future product and solutions development to meet our retail customer needs," concluded Sack.

Axis works with 75,000 partners across 179 countries at every stage, from distribution to installation, to offer end customers the best solutions for their specific needs. Axis' partner network includes the Channel Partner Program, the Application Development Partner (ADP) Program, the Architecture and Engineering (A&E) Program and the Technology Partner Program. For more information about Axis partners, visit http://www.axis.com/us/en/partners.



Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference

Profitect is the leading global provider of prescriptive analytics, allowing retailers to easily understand and act on their data. Their solution looks at all aspects of the retail supply chain to identify opportunities for sales and margin improvement, such as: training, vendor and cashier compliance, fraud, inventory accuracy, and customer behavior. In this LPNN interview, Guy Yehiav, CEO of Profitect, tells us how their solution goes beyond traditional exception-based reporting. While Mike Limauro, VP of Asset Protection for Weis Markets, tells us how Profitect helped their LP department transform into a profit hub for the organization.

LPNN Quick Take #2

With "Live in NYC" off and running, MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley provide a rundown of what's to come in our action-packed agenda of interviews covering a variety of LP topics. Joe also shares his William Shatner story in this LPNN Quick Take.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

When the Robots Steal Your Job, You Can Be an 'Online Chaperone'
According to a new report published by Australian science agency the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), if policymakers and governments can prepare ahead and implement the correct safety nets for workers, it'll mean that while some jobs might be headed for extinction, others will be created in their wake.

Those with the right qualifications could be working in everything from "decision support analysis" to "online chaperones". Others will be actively creating their own jobs as entrepreneurs, or working for multiple employees as freelancers in an altogether more flexible labour market.

"Online chaperones" will be like the bodyguards to our digital identities-shielding both individuals and small businesses from identity theft and online harassment. While e-commerce brings our shopping experiences online, and digital art and 3D conservation projects bring galleries and museums onto the web, there will be a special tribe of people making sure we don't lose interest in the physical world.

These "chief experience officers" and "customer officers" will be tasked with re-enchanting our interactions with the real world, or in some cases mashing up real and virtual world experiences. vice.com

Tech Bytes: Three ways mobile payment is changing
Personalized authentication methods that are either currently live or known to be in development include "selfies" (which may include distinctive features such as tattoos as well as faces), fingerprint scans, iris scans, and even heartbeat recognition. In the not-too-distant future, it is possible that consumers may authenticate their mobile purchases by scanning an implanted or ingested chip or other device. This type of "human" authentication is not foolproof, but offers more security than mainstream methods such as password or digital signature.

I use "execution" as a broad term to cover the expanded range of devices and triggers that can be used to consummate mobile payment. For example, thanks to the emergence of Internet of Things connected devices, consumers can now use technologies such as smartwatches, wearable fitness devices or even their car's dashboard to pay for purchases. In addition, expect an increase in smart devices that automatically track a consumer's stock of goods and place online orders when inventory gets low.

A side effect of the significant expansion in the devices and technologies supporting mobile payment is the introduction of numerous new players. No longer limited to mobile platform developers, financial services providers and retailers themselves, mobile payment is now open to an almost limitless range of potential providers. This includes manufacturers of almost any consumer device, from autos to printers to washing machines. It also includes (but is not limited to) providers of any type of personal gadget, as well as developers of digital content such as TV shows or video games. chainstoreage.com



Coming this week - New Feature Series on "The Fight for 20"

Three Florida Credit Card Crews Busted

Blakely, GA., police officials make big bust on multi-state credit card fraud
Four people from the Atlanta area were accused of using a stolen card at Hibbett's Sports. The card's owner saw the charge and called the store. Investigators say the four suspects used stolen credit cards in Florida as well. Three of the four suspects are convicted felons. walb.com

Two Miami men buying gift cards with fake credit cards in Marlborough, Mass.
Two Miami men were arrested last Thursday afternoon after police say the pair tried to buy gift cards from Ocean State Job Lot and Hannaford with fraudulent credit cards. Police found 25 Visa cards, 20 Mastercards, five American Express cards and four Discover cards, which were all found to be fraudulent, in Agramonte and Martinez's possession. The pair also possessed about $900 in gift cards, said DeCiero. The men admitted they bought the fake credit cards for $40 each, said DeCiero. Martinez was also in possession of a fraudulent Texas driver's license with a false name. The name on the fake license matched the name on several of the credit cards, said DeCiero. metrowestdailynews.com

Police Nab Alleged Florida Credit Card Forgery Crew in Fairfax, VA
Three men from Florida are facing credit card fraud and related charges after being arrested last week in Springfield with fake credit cards and forgery devices, according to the Fairfax County police. Jermaine Butler, 29, of Miami Gardens, Fla., has been charged with multiple counts of credit card fraud, possession of credit card forgery devices, forging a public document, obstruction of justice, and false identification to law enforcement, the police said. The three were arrested shortly after 4 p.m. Thursday in the 6800 block of Springfield Boulevard, just west of Interstate 95, when Fairfax County police observed what was termed to be "suspicious activity."

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Crime Solvers electronically by visiting www.fairfaxcrimesolvers.org or text-a-tip by texting "TIP187" plus your message to CRIMES(274637)** or by calling 1-866-411-TIPS(8477), or call Fairfax County Police at 703-691-2131.  patch.com

Reported 'robbery' cover up for organized retail theft at Hilltop Conoco in Gainesville, FL
"The clerk on duty that night, Lloyd Dean Thrift Jr., 19; Thrift's girlfriend, Dustie Daonna Pilgrim, 17, and another friend, Zane Alexander Harder, 21, worked together to plan a theft which was then reported as a 'robbery'," the release states. Police said warrants were issued for the arrest of Thrift, Pilgrim and Harder for organized criminal activity more than $750 less than $2,500, police said. gainesvilleregister.com

Mansfield, MA: Man Arrested for Selling Counterfeit Sports Items Facing additional charges; $112,000 of merchandise seized
A man who was charged with selling fake sports merchandise faces more charges in Rhode Island. Richard Rufo was charged with forgery, counterfeiting and altering trademarks, and possession of Marijuana by the Rhode Island State Police. Rufo was initially arrested on Feb. 15 after allegedly selling counterfeit sports merchandise at a show in the Mansfield-Foxboro Area. During a search of Rufo's van, police found and seized Oxycodone, Suboxone pills, a 1 1/2oz bag of marijuana, and $760 in cash. During an investigation by state police in Rhode Island, investigators discovered 1,164 counterfeit items with an estimated value in excess of $112,000. patch.com

Costa Mesa, CA: $35,000 in Drones stolen in store break-in
Costa Mesa police responded to a burglary alarm at Aerial Media Pros, just before 2 a.m.. When officers arrived they saw that someone had smashed a window and three or four drones valued at a total of $35,000 had been stolen. Investigators are waiting for the owner to arrive at the business to determine if more merchandise was stolen and to access any surveillance video. latimes.com

Fairfield, NJ: Woman charged with Identity Theft; $3,200 purchase
of Camera Equipment
Shortly before 6:30 p.m. police were contacted by the management of Unique Photo, reporting a possible credit card fraud that was in progress. It was being reported that a female was attempting to purchase approximately $3,200 in camera equipment using what appeared to be a fraudulent Capital One Mastercard that the store could not get approval on. newjerseyhills.com

Bowling Green, KY: Three indicted in cloned credit card case;
$3,800 gift card scam at Sam's Club
Ebony Turner was seen on video surveillance using another person's Sam's Club membership card to complete transactions, loading money onto gift cards. "Upon reviewing the transactions, it was determined the individuals used at least three individual membership cards that did not belong to them to purchase $3,800 in gift cards," the report said. "During the purchases they attempted to use several cards that were declined before the transactions went through." bgdailynews.com

Mt. Healthy, OH: Police in the Tri-State and as far away as Cleveland are looking for a "serial" Rogaine thief
Police said the Rogaine bandit has been targeting mostly Walgreens stores like the one in Mount Healthy. Detectives said he stole $800 worth of merchandise, mostly the hair growing aide. As it turns out, investigators said he has been a very busy man. The suspect was well dressed and while he is obviously bald, police don't think he's personally using the Rogaine. facebook.com youtube.com

Beverly, MA: Toys R Us Reports a $500 Lego Theft
Detectives are seeking to put the pieces together after Toys "R" Us reported on Saturday at 1:44pm that a 60-year-old man shoplifted $500 worth of Legos. No arrests have been made. salemnews.com

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Memphis, TN: Police searching for man involved in Oak Court Mall shooting
A man is on the run after a shooting at the Oak Court Mall on Saturday. Police were called to the scene around 12:00 p.m.. Police say when they arrived to the scene they found 15 bullet shells surrounding an empty car with the motor running near Macy's. According to the report, the witness said she looked up and saw a young black male dressed in all black running from the area. He then got into a silver vehicle and went up the parking ramp. Another witness spoke with police telling them he saw the suspect but did not see who he was shooting at. He described the suspect as a black male wearing black clothing with a goatee and a fade. No property damage or injuries were found on the scene, according to police. fox13memphis.com

Salt Lake City, UT: Police battle rock-throwers after Saturday night shooting
A male who authorities say was wielding a broomstick was shot and critically injured by Salt Lake City officers Saturday night, touching off several hours of unrest downtown as officers donned riot gear and blocked streets and bystanders threw rocks and bottles. The male shot by two Salt Lake City Police officers was in critical condition at a local hospital Sunday morning after being struck twice in the torso. Two Salt Lake City police officers are on administrative leave after one or both shot a male wielding a broomstick in the city's downtown. heraldextra.com

Miami-Dade, FL: Gun fired at The Falls in Kendall; 2nd time in a week
For the second time this week, a gun was fired at a South Florida mall on Friday. Miami-Dade Police said a man fired a shot in the air around 8:30 p.m. Friday at The Falls, an open-air mall in Kendall. No one was injured in the incident. Cops said two men got into a scuffle at the mall when a third man fired a shot in the air and fled the scene. Police are still looking for the suspect. miamiherald.com

Update: Florida Sheriff stands behind treatment of Suspected Shoplifter
Video from Pasco County, Florida shows a loss prevention officer and sheriff's deputy approach a suspected shoplifter outside a department store. The entire incident was recorded by a camera worn by the deputy. The deputy asks the woman to go back into the store, but when she refuses, he orders her to put her hands behind her back. Instead, she pulls away and begs the officer not to take her into custody. The deputy then grabs her hand and attempts to place her in handcuffs, but as she struggles her head slams into a wall and she begins to bleed. Many have criticized the deputy for the way he handled the arrest. The sheriff stands behind the deputy's action. Sheriff Chris Nocco said he reviewed the body cam footage, which is more than 25 minutes. He said his deputy was justified in how he handled the situation. According to authorities, the woman tried to leave the store without paying for shoes. abc11.com

Brown Deer, WI: HHGregg the victim of an Armed Robbery
Two armed men robbed the hhgregg appliances and electronics store on North Green Bay Road in Brown Deer last night. According to a news release from the Brown Deer Police Department, the two men entered the store around 8 PM, one displayed a gun and the other implied he had a gun. The suspects left the store with an undisclosed amount of money. No one was injured in the robbery. cbs58.com

Rockwall, TX: US Marshalls and Texas Ranger arrest 2 Suspects in Zales Jewelry Store Robbery/ Assault
Rockwall police say media coveragehas led to the identification and arrest of two men suspected of robbing a jewelry store in the city on Tuesday. United States Marshals Service officials and Texas Rangers found 31-year-old James Glen Wallace and 20-year-old Clayton Michael Duckworth in Dallas on Friday, Rockwall police said. The two were arrested for robbery and theft and eventually transferred to Rockwall County Jail. Police said earlier this week two men went into a Zales Jewelry Store just after 1 p.m. Tuesday and started looking around. One of the men left the store, and a few minutes later the other man jumped over a counter and hit a female employee before leaving with some jewelry. Police had also said those men matched the description of suspects in a similar jewelry theft that happened Monday in Sherman. cbslocal.com

Raleigh, NC: Police search for suspect in North Hills Jewelry Store Robbery
According to police, a man walked in wearing a ski mask and armed with a handgun. Police said the store was open with one customer inside as well as employees, but no one was harmed. CCBI investigators were seen inside Fink's taking pictures and talking with employees. Outside, the store was blocked off as crime tape greeted patrons enjoying a Saturday night out at the popular, upscale shopping center. abc11.com

Bryan, TX: Burglars smash into Citi Trends and steal the safe
Police are investigating a burglary at Citi Trends off of Texas Avenue in Bryan, after a burglary alarm went off Monday at 3:00 a.m. Police say when they arrived the front of the store had been smashed into by a vehicle. The safe inside Citi Trends was taken with an unknown amount of money inside. kbtx.com

Portland, OR: Fred Meyer's Shopper stops fleeing Suspect with a Shopping Cart
Police in Portland, OR, are thanking an anonymous shopper for helping them apprehend a fleeing suspect on Feb. 18 by "sacrificing his groceries." Cody Jaye Lindsay, 26, led police on a chase through a Fred Meyer store after they approached him about a jaywalking incident. globalnews.ca

Treasures Jewelers in the Ford City Mall, Chicago, IL was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/26 at 11:00am

Suspect grab an undisclosed number of Rolex watches and fled. Store employees gave chase. When the suspect cleared the malls doors he turned and fired several shots at his pursuers. The suspect has not been found.

Kay Jewelers in Tuttle Crossing, Columbus, OH was the victim of a Distraction Theft on 2/27; merchandise valued at $7,699

Zales in the Inland Center, San Bernardino, CA was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/25 just before closing; merchandise valued at $1,995

JB Robinson Jewelers in the Sandusky Mall, Sandusky, OH was the victim of a Grab & Run on 2/27: merchandise valued at $849

Skimmers found at three Bowie, MD., 7-Eleven's ATM's

Skimmer found at Sioux City gas station

Amherst, MA: Two arrested at Amherst College for allegedly passing fake $100 bill at CVS

UK: Cartier and Montblanc secure court-ordered block on websites selling fakes

UK: Poundstretcher sued for 'selling fake bottles of Head & Shoulders shampoo'

Aerial Media Pros (Drones) - Costa Mesa, CA - Burglary
Baskin Robbins - New Orleans/ Mid City, LA - Armed Robbery
BP - Englewood, OH - Burglary
B&S - Athens, AL - Burglary
Circle K - Urbana, IL - Robbery
Country Corner Market - Bonneville Co, ID - Armed Robbery
CVS - Pageland, SC - Armed Robbery
Jonny's - Portland, OR - Armed Robbery
Kennewick Coffee - Kennewick, WA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Cecil Co, MD - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Abilene, TX - Armed Robbery
First Care Pharmacy - Rome, GA - Robbery
HH Gregg - Brown Deer, WI - Armed Robbery
Mac's - Oshawa, ON, CN - Robbery/ Employee Assaulted
Marathon - Dayton, OH - Burglary
Metro PCS - Nashville, TN - Burglary
Phillips 66 - Idaho Falls, ID - Armed Robbery
Precious Metals & Gems - Overland Park, KS - Burglary
Rite Aid - Chattanooga, TN - Armed Robbery
Smoke Shop - Newark, MD - Armed Robbery



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