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In Case You Missed It

February's Moving Ups

Calgary Co-op named Andrew Buchanan, CFI Director of Loss Prevention.
Chanel, Inc. promoted Cliff Rodriguez to Loss Prevention Director.
Checkpoint Systems promoted Jean Ann Schutte to Sr. Director of Sales, North America.
Checkpoint Systems - Alpha brand promoted Stuart Rosenthal to Senior Director of Sales and Customer Service - North America.
Harding Retail named Beth Guinn Manager of Loss Prevention.

Lowe's named
Glenn Feazell Vice President Loss Prevention & Operations Support.
Lowe's named Craig Sprinkles Vice President, Operations and Corporate LP.
Macy's promoted Joe Coll to Vice President of Asset Protection - Administration & Operations.

NIKE named Jennifer Thomason, CFI Global DTC Loss Prevention Ops Manager.
Nordstrom promoted Tony Davis to Canada Operations Director.
R&L Carriers named Scott Burdine Director of Security.
Ross Stores, Inc. named Dennis Klein Vice President, Supply Chain Loss Prevention and Safety.
The Fresh Market named Debra Martin Director of Loss Prevention.
USS (Universal Surveillance Systems) promoted Brent Onan to Vice President, Strategic Accounts Retail.

Vans promoted David Hargrove to Loss Prevention Operations Manager.
Walmart promoted Anthony Williams to Senior Director of Asset Protection.

David Homolka was promoted to Vice President and Chief Property and Design Officer here for Cabela's.
David was previously the Vice President of Real Estate, Store Design and Construction for the retailer and has been with Cabela's for almost 12 years. He has held other executive level roles such as Vice President of Human Resources & Asset Protection, Vice President of US Retail Operations, and Director of Asset Protection. The new role encompasses all things real estate, store design, construction and visual merchandising. David has also worked at Shopko as Vice President Human Resources/Loss Prevention, and Pamida, Inc as Vice President of Store Administration and Loss Prevention. Congratulations David!


NRF's 2016 Dream BIG Scholarship - Apply today - Deadline: March 31
- Two LP executives won last year!
If you love working in retail, and are looking for exciting opportunities to enhance your career within the retail industry, invest in yourself and learn more about the Dream BIG scholarship. The National Retail Federation is collaborating with University of Phoenix to award 20 full-tuition scholarships to people in the retail industry who want to enhance their career through education.

Tim Hall, zone asset protection manager for 7-Eleven and James Ostag, supply chain asset protection manager for Macy's, Inc., were two of last year's scholarship recipients. This year, it could be you!

The deadline to apply is Thursday, March 31, 2016. Learn more and apply today at nrf.com/dreambig.

J.C. Penney CEO & Former LP Exec Marvin Ellison tells CNBC Penney's "great reform is in the talent"
"We went out and we recruited one of the best e-commerce executives in retail, we went out and recruited a great supply-chain executive, we just named a new chief information officer, we have a new marketing leader," he said. "The reason why we were so successful in the fourth quarter is because of the buy-in of the team to the strategy."

Kniffen, who previously advised investors to sell the stock, is now rooting for the new CEO, grading his performance an "A+." The former retail executive noted that when he visits J.C. Penney stores, employees are confident in Ellison's direction. Kniffen said "you can't buy that in retailing."  cnbc.com

Facial Recognition Helping police solve retail credit card fraud cases
Michigan State University professor created facial recognition tool that's helping law enforcement nationwide

Dr. Anil Jain created a powerful new facial recognition tool that locally is helping the Michigan State Police solve more crimes making our communities safer. And that is paying off for law enforcement agencies nationwide, especially for the Michigan State Police.

Crime stats show that more and more people are becoming victims of credit card and identification fraud. Facial recognition is helping to identify the criminals who wreak havoc on people’s lives by stealing their personal information. "They go into these retail establishment and use a card. So then we'll work with that image that is taken from there and we’ve been able to ID quite a few people just from those images."

Let's say an image was taken from a surveillance video with the person looking off to the side. MSP can create a 3D image of that picture and then rotate it to the front so you can see the person's eyes. With the help of a computer algorithm that Dr. Anil Jain created law enforcement agencies are able to search a database of 30 million images in a matter of seconds.

The image is put into the Statewide Network of Agency Photos or SNAP system. Then, by using computer program from a leading biometrics company that licensed Dr. Jain's algorithm, that image is run against tens of millions of images in the database and within minutes it produces an investigative lead for detectives.

6 News decided to try another scenario with the state police. Let's say a state trooper pulls someone over, but the driver can't produce any identification. The trooper could then use his or her phone to take a picture of the driver and then send the image to be identified using MSPs mobile facial recognition technology. This process of mobile facial recognition searches takes approximately two minutes or less and it is searching the photo I just took of you against approximately 40 million images, said Angie Yankowski, analyst, Michigan State Police. wins.com

'No-Call' for 'On-Call': Illegal Misclassification of 'On-Call' Shifts - Wage Theft
A new form of wage theft has recently been identified, where employers misclassify employees' schedules in order to shift the business expenses associated with scheduling to the employee. Illegal misclassification schemes have been around for decades. A common example is an employer misclassifying an employee's job title, so that the employee is a salaried employee, in order to avoid paying the employee overtime. Here, the employers are misclassifying the employee's schedules, instead of the employee's job title, to avoid paying reporting time premiums.

This practice involves employers scheduling their employees to work "regularly scheduled" shifts and "on-call" shifts. For a "regular" shift, the employees report to work by physically showing up. For an "on-call" shift, the employees are required to report to work by calling in one to two hours prior to their shift, to determine whether they are needed to work that day. Further, the employers have store policies for the employees to treat "on-call" shifts as a definite schedule. Failure to call in is treated the same as not showing up to a regular shift, and is subject to discipline. Conclusively, "on-call" shifts are in actuality no different than a regular shift.

When the time comes to report to work by calling in, employees are oftentimes either placed on hold or told by the managers to call back later, leaving the employees with little to no notice of whether they will receive work hours. Because the responsibility is on the employee to call in, if the employee is unable to get a hold of the manager at the store, they must physically show up to work. In essence, the employees are required to report to work, however, are not necessarily given hours to work.

California law
This type of wage theft is actionable under California law.
California, is one of several states, including New York, to require employers to pay its employees for "reporting time." The applicable Wage Order in California, requires "that on each workday that an employee reports for work, as scheduled, but is not put to work or is furnished less than half of the employee's usual or scheduled day's work, the employee shall be paid for half the usual or scheduled day's work, but in no event for less than two (2) hours nor more than four (4) hours, at the employee's regular rate of pay, which shall not be less than the minimum wage." (See 8 C.C.R. 11070; section 5.)  chainstoreage.com

Walmart Tops In Robbers
In putting together the latest edition of the Retail Security Tracker, one name kept popping up and not associated with good news. On the contrary, Walmart had a pretty tough week when it came to security, with a number of its locations throughout the U.S. happening to find themselves at the center of crime stories.

Walmart stores in the Denver metro area were the subject of a recent 9News investigative report that found that the chain's stores tend to be the biggest source of police calls in the region - to the point where city officials are calling on the company to take action in order to reduce the strain it is creating on the department's resources.

And indeed it is, according to a number of details that the 9News story metes out: One Walmart in the small town of Lakeside was responsible for almost 40 percent of all calls to the police department in 2015; in Commerce City, police responded to calls at the local Walmart at an average of 2.7 per day last year, which was the highest rate in the city; that number went up to 3.7 calls per day for one Walmart location in the town of Lakewood, which the outlet notes was the highest rate among all the communities it polled in its investigation.

In response to this alarming data (and the significant additional amount put forth in the story), Erica Jones, a spokesperson for Walmart, told 9News in a written statement that the company is "committed to making the shopping experience safe and secure for our customers and associates."

We serve more than 140 million customers in our U.S. stores every week," Jones' statement continued, "and, unfortunately, there will be individual incidents. But let me assure you that every store puts a lot of focus on its security and crime prevention measures." pymnts.com

Here's an impact your European retail colleagues don't need
Europe's New Border Controls Exact a Cost - Interrupting Flow of Goods & Customers

Traffic along one of Europe's busiest highways, which used to flow unimpeded, now often backs up for miles at a newly installed checkpoint, where a phalanx of German police officers screens trucks and cars for hidden migrants.

Many companies in Germany must wait days longer for deliveries of food, machine parts and other goods. Shoppers who made quick weekend jaunts to Freilassing's stores now mostly stay away.

"It's really bad,"
said Karl Pichler, the owner of a large gardening center here in Freilassing, whose sales of tulips, rose bushes and other plants has slumped as longtime customers from Austria have stopped coming.

But as the bloc now grapples with the biggest migration crisis since World War II, the revival of checkpoints on some of the region's most important transport routes is crimping commerce and threatening to cost billions of euros in lost business just as Europe is recovering from a six-year economic slump.  nytimes.com

Pelco by Schneider Electric Announces Integration of VideoXpert with iView Systems
Pelco by Schneider Electric today announced that its VideoXpert video management system is now integrated with iTrak, the latest incident management solution from iView Systems.

"The iTrak plugin continues our effort to work with other leaders in the industry to provide Pelco customers seamless access to the ready-made solutions to better understand and protect their organizations" said Jonathan Lewit, Director of Business Application at Pelco by Schneider Electric.

Ideal for multi-site, multi-departmental solutions, iTrak provides users with a centralized platform for incident and risk management. Its intuitive design makes it easy to access comprehensive reporting, profiling, interview management, risk analysis and subject profiling information. With the integration to VideoXpert, users will not only be able to see all related incident data via a single report, they can now link these incidents with supporting video.  mynewsletterbuilder.com

UFCW, Stop & Shop Continue Talks Despite Union Decision To Authorize Strike
United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1445, representing 10,000 workers at Stop & Shop stores in New England, has authorized a worker strike but has not set a strike date and continues to negotiate toward a new contract. The previous contract expired at midnight Feb. 27. theshelbyreport.com

Sports Authority may sell stores to Dick's Sporting Goods
The Dick's transaction is one of several options being considered, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. Modell's Sporting Goods also is discussing buying some of the stores, according to the people. It's also not clear how many locations might be involved in a potential deal, which would take effect after a Chapter 11 filing. bloomberg.com

Sprint to open 500 stores in deal with European retailer Dixons Carphone

Honeywell drops UTC bid, buys Videofied for $123 million

Aldi will now accept credit cards in its 1,500 U.S. stores in 32 states

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
AutoZone Q2 comp's up 3.6% with sales up 5.3%
Publix Q4 comp's up 3.2% with sales up 4.5%
Dollar Tree Q4 comp's up 1.7% with sales up 116.7% (Family Dollar stores)

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2016 NRF PROTECT Awards

You're Great at Identifying Criminals.
Can you Also Spot a Winner?

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 NRF PROTECT Awards, the most prestigious loss prevention and asset protection recognition in the retail industry. Help us celebrate our successes and recognize the hard work and talent within our ranks. Submit your nomination to acknowledge LP professionals and law enforcement officers who have made an impact on the community and retail industry.

Nominations are open until March 22, 2016. If you have any questions, contact us at NRFPROTECTAwards@nrf.com.

Nominate a winner!

Ring of Excellence Award

This award recognizes a loss prevention professional whose career achievements and outstanding leadership have shaped the retail industry throughout their years of service. The Ring of Excellence award winner receives one complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the United States to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.

LP Volunteers in Action

This recognition program acknowledges loss prevention teams making significant and measurable contributions to charitable organizations in their community. Learn how LP teams from 7-Eleven, Delhaize Group, Macy's and Old Navy, the 2015 recipients, made an impact. Or, see how the 2014 loss prevention teams from Barnes and Noble, Kroger and L Brands made a difference. Nominate today.

Loss Prevention Case of the Year

This award spotlights LP professionals whose work has made a significant impact on their company, community and the retail industry, and was successfully adjudicated. The honoree receives one complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the U.S. to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.

Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Award (LERPA)

This honor recognizes law enforcement professionals or agencies who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support the retail industry. Up to two LERPA honorees will receive a complimentary full conference pass, hotel accommodations and round trip airfare within the U.S. to travel to and from NRF PROTECT 2016. Nominate today.



CISOs Still Frozen Out of the Boardroom
Cybersecurity is now front and center on organizations' boardroom agendas (and budgets), but staffing shortages and lack of expertise persists, and most chief information security officers (CISOs) have yet to earn a seat at the table.

According to a study by ISACA and RSA Conference, 82% of cybersecurity and information security professionals polled in the survey report that their board of directors is concerned or very concerned about cybersecurity, but only one in seven (14%) CISOs reports to the CEO.

This gap between belief and actions at the highest levels of management is playing out in an environment where 74% of security professionals expect a cyber-attack in 2016 and 30 experience phishing attacks every day.  infosecurity-magazine.com

Calif. AG Report on Adopting Security Controls
A new report from California's attorney general says failure to implement the 20 critical security controls that define a minimum level of information security constitutes a lack of "reasonable security." So, could failure to adopt these or similar controls pose a legal threat to organizations? Perhaps, under certain circumstances.

The attorney general issuing guidance, by itself, doesn't set a legally binding duty on a company, but it certainly is indicative of what the AG thinks, and would likely be cited by the AG in cases the AG brought regarding data security," says privacy and data security attorney Andrew Serwin of the law firm Morrison & Foerster. govinfosecurity.com

Be proactive not reactive to cybersecurity threats
Security executives urge firms not to lose focus on prevention. They advise developing a holistic plan for IT and business units to fight cybersecurity together.

That holistic approach to protecting a firm's digital assets has the added benefit of bringing together teams that sometimes work at cross purposes. "It helps to bring the information technology people and the cybersecurity people together. Often, they are two communities that are at odds with each other. One's trying to get an organization to perform, the other one's trying to slow it down to make sure it's secure, and often it's a win-lose situation," Davis said.

This gap analysis enables them to both come together and look at it from a common perspective. How do we as an organization safely enable what we need to do to do our business?" he added. "The other thing that it does is once you have this gap analysis, it enables you to essentially have a scorecard for your organization.  csoonline.com

Police in seven European countries raided operators of "darknet"
Nine arrested in Europe-wide dark web raids

The operation last week targeted 69 homes and businesses across Germany and in Bosnia, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Russia, said German federal police and Frankfurt prosecutors. Selling everything from drugs, weapons, credit cards, debit cards, hacked passwords, and identity documents and virtually anything to feed the criminal underground.

The 27-year-old Bosnian national, who has not been named, was allegedly responsible for the "technical management" of the three sites, with police claiming he played a "key role" in their operation.

The German security services called the raids and arrests "a major blow against the German-speaking underground economy and further proof that there is no complete anonymity on the Internet, including in the so-called darknet". ndtv.com

Hacker Shortage - Recruiting Hackers Goes Professional
The skills shortage has hit the attacking community too, with cyber-criminals also struggling to find the right talent. This has led many to adopt traditional recruitment techniques to identify top talent to meet their needs. This includes job ads on forums or boards, and weeding out people with no legitimate technical skills.

The research found that the recruitment process often requires strong due diligence to ensure that the proper candidates come through the process. Speaking to Infosecurity, Digital Shadows' Vice President of Strategy Rick Holland said that in the untrusted environment of the attacker, reputation is as significant as in the online world and if someone does a bad job, then script kiddies and those who have inflated their abilities will be called out.  infosecurity-magazine.com



RC Willey saves millions, reduces shrink 170% below industry average by adding Axis network cameras to its inventory tracking system

In order to fulfil its promise of same or next day delivery, home furnishings retailer, RC Willey, manages $500 million of inventory in warehouses and stores throughout the Western US. With millions of dollars of product in constant motion, tracking inventory discrepancies and investigating shrink was a challenge without video support. The company installed analog cameras to document the inventory flow, but when that system reached the end of its life, RC Willey began searching for a high resolution IP video surveillance system that could deliver better video with greater forensic value.

After lengthy on-site testing of 15 IP camera vendors, RC Willey selected Axis network cameras to track inventory in transit from its distribution centers, retail stores and delivery trucks. West Valley City, UT-based systems integrator and Axis partner, Alphacorp, was selected to undertake the installations. Advanced imaging features such as Wide Dynamic Range-Dynamic Capture provide the company with sharp, identifiable details under widely diverse lighting conditions - from vast warehouse racks to open dock bays, retail stockrooms and will-call pick-up centers. RC Willey stores the video locally at each site where it can be accessed remotely by Loss Prevention staff and other authorized personnel through a Genetec video management system.

Since the Axis cameras were installed, inventory shrink has dropped significantly to 0.01 percent, a full 170 percent below the home furnishings industry average. The cameras have helped the company pinpoint the root causes of inventory discrepancies and take steps to correct their procedures. The cameras also help the company improve warehouse management best practices to prevent future inventory from going astray.

Read the full story here.


Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference

Profitect is the leading global provider of prescriptive analytics, allowing retailers to easily understand and act on their data. Their solution looks at all aspects of the retail supply chain to identify opportunities for sales and margin improvement, such as: training, vendor and cashier compliance, fraud, inventory accuracy, and customer behavior. In this LPNN interview, Guy Yehiav, CEO of Profitect, tells us how their solution goes beyond traditional exception-based reporting. While Mike Limauro, VP of Asset Protection for Weis Markets, tells us how Profitect helped their LP department transform into a profit hub for the organization.

LPNN Quick Take #2

With "Live in NYC" off and running, MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley provide a rundown of what's to come in our action-packed agenda of interviews covering a variety of LP topics. Joe also shares his William Shatner story in this LPNN Quick Take.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

Study: E-commerce fraud risk varies by location
Analysis of millions of 2015 e-commerce transactions by Experian indicates Florida is the overall riskiest state for billing fraud, followed by Delaware; Washington, D.C.; Oregon and California. Billing fraud states are determined by where the consumer whose information was illegally used resides.

Eudora, Kansas, has the overall riskiest billing ZIP Code (66025). The next two riskiest ZIP codes are located in Miami (33178) and Boston (02210).

While Delaware is the overall riskiest state for shipping fraud (the address where fraudulent online purchases are sent), five of the 10 riskiest shipping ZIP codes are located in Miami. The riskiest shipping ZIP code is South El Monte, Calif. (91733). The next four are all Miami ZIP codes.

The majority of U.S. states are at or below the average attack rate threshold for both shipping and billing fraud, with only seven states - Florida, Oregon, Delaware, California, New York, Georgia and Nevada - and Puerto Rico ranking higher than average.  retailingtoday.com

How to understand and fight the four faces of payment fraud
Payment fraud is becoming more and more costly and sophisticated. According to the latest report from American Financial Professionals, sixty-two percent of finance professionals report that their organisations were targets of payment fraud in 2014. Payment fraud extends across all payment types including SWIFT/Wire, Faster Payments, BACS SEPA payments, ATM/debit transactions, ACH/bulk payments, bill payments, P2P/email payments, checks​ and all the different forms of domestic electronic transfers available in various markets. There are dozens of ways to commit payment fraud including creating bogus customer records and bank accounts, initiating false payments (Automatic Clearing House Fraud), and intercepting and altering payee details and amounts on checks and payable orders are just a few examples. The sooner a payment fraud incident is identified, the lower the likelihood that the attack will be repeated. The best way to uncover this type of activity is to look for anomalies in the four types of fraud indicators; user behavior, physical location, security authorizations, and account activity. information-age.com

Amazon teams up with Morrisons grocery in UK to deliver grocery's to Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Pantry customers - Who will they pick here in North America?

Japan considers making bitcoin legal currency



ORC Ring member sentenced to 5 years in prison for "engaging in pattern of corrupt activity" in Delaware County
The last of four people involved in a retail theft ring has been sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty in Delaware County Common Pleas Court to a charge of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

Jamey Rose, 35, of Marion, pleaded guilty to a charge of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a second-degree felony. Rose was part of a group that would go to retail stores and steal a variety of valuable items and then either sell the items directly for drugs or give them to someone who would return the items for in-store credit. Prosecutors said the stores targeted by the group included grocery stores, pet stores, home improvement stores, and several large retail or box stores.

Amber Rose, 37, of Prospect, Ohio, was sentenced to four years in prison on Dec. 28, 2015. Ian Thacker, 33, of Marion, was also sentenced to five years in prison on Oct. 19, 2015. Jill Columber, 44, of Richwood, Ohio, was sentenced to three years of probation on Nov. 23, 2015. delgazette.com

Traffic stop nails ORC trio hitting Best Buys stores in Pennsylvania - $17,000 recovered in electronics
Aantwon Justin Williams, 24, of Wilmington, New Jersey; Jasmond J. Welcome, 28, of Chester; and Charles E. Chevalier, 25, of Philadelphia, were charged with one count each of felony receiving stolen property and misdemeanor unlawful possession of retail theft instrument after they were caught with nearly $17,000 worth of high-end electronics that police said were stolen from multiple Best Buy Stores in western and central Pennsylvania.  cumberlink.com

Houston, TX: Gang of 10 Men Smash & Grab Gun Store, escape with cache of weapons
Houston police now say at least 10 men were involved in a smash and grab-style burglary at Carter's Country gun store in southwest Houston early this morning. Authorities say a man used a black Ford F150, and hooked it up to some tools to rip off the front door. The burglars took several high-powered rifles. Police say the thieves went inside the store and smashed cases and grabbed guns off the wall. An officer also said this location has been burglarized several times, most recently two months ago. abc13.com

Las Cruces, CA: Group, possibly a family, sought in Target shoplifting
The incident occurred the evening of Feb. 15 at the Las Cruces Target, police detectives learned the group entered the store together and loaded merchandise into two shopping carts. They then rolled the carts past all checkouts and left the store with an estimated $4,175 worth of merchandise. Target surveillance cameras captured images of a group of five individuals suspected of working together. The group appears to include an adult woman, two young men and one woman in their teens or early 20s, and a young girl who is possibly 8 to 12 years old. lcsun-news.com

Petaluma, CA: Police seeks $3,500 Ulta Beauty shoplifting suspects
Petaluma Police are searching for two women suspected of stealing $3,500 worth of merchandise from the Ulta Beauty store in Petaluma on Feb 21. On Feb. 21 at approximately 11:27 a.m., police said two unknown females entered the East Washington Street store and selected numerous items from their display areas. Both subjects fled the store on foot with the stolen merchandise. petaluma360.com

Frederick, MD: New website closed to public, Protects Retailers; The new "Retail Business Watch Site" aims to reduce shoplifting
There's a new website in Virginia that created a network of businesses that all want to get shoplifting under control. According to Capt. Alek Beeman, the growing issue of burglary and robbery sprees isn't slowing down in Frederick County; the sheriff's office is investigating another string of thefts from just last week. "As a matter of fact, I heard them giving out a [be on the lookout] for the same car on my way home on Friday. They have suspects and a vehicle description, but they haven't caught him yet," Beeman said. This is a scenario where the new "Retail Business Watch Site" -- recently launched by the Frederick County Sheriff's Office -- comes in handy. your4state.com

Kings Plaza Kiosk worker & girlfriend hit for $100,000 in gift cards using stolen credit cards

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community,
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!

Two more plead guilty in $1.5M multi-state cargo theft ring in New Jersey
Two men pleaded guilty today to conspiring in a $1.5 million series of thefts involving tractor-trailers loaded with cargo, including clothing, beauty products, auto parts and beer, which the defendants stole and fenced. 

Seven men pleaded guilty previously to taking part in the theft ring, which operated in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

A total of 12 men were charged in a June 4, 2015 indictment stemming from Operation Midnight Run, a long-term investigation by the New Jersey State Police Interstate Theft North Unit, the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice Specialized Crimes Bureau and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Border Enforcement Security Task Force.

Kenneth Manus owned the warehouse on Midland Avenue in Saddle Brook where they fenced goods stolen by the ring, buying them himself or finding a buyer, plead guilty Nov. 30th. Ring members also allegedly rented space at a furniture store on Route 22 in Hillside, N.J., which they also used as a location for their fencing activities.

In addition to the GNC fish oil supplements, which were stolen in Paterson on May 28, 2013, investigators also recovered the following cargo at that location which allegedly was stolen by the ring: over $77,000 worth of Bell bicycle parts stolen in Paterson, N.J. on May 28, 2013; about $65,000 worth of bedding, which was part of a trailer-load of $88,000 in bedding stolen from South Plainfield, N.J., on June 14, 2013; and over $9,000 worth of Little Hug juices stolen in Passaic, N.J., on July 1, 2013. The "stolen" goods consisted of $80,000 worth of perfume and 330 counterfeit North Face jackets. A tractor-trailer containing approximately $201,000 worth of clothing, which was stolen in Elizabeth, N.J., on March 12, 2015 and transported to a lot in Brooklyn, N.Y. A tractor-trailer containing more than $151,000 worth of Goodyear tires.  rismedia.com

Two high fashion robberies in Europe in two days
Thieves broke into Chopard's boutique on Place Vendôme on Thursday, a spokesman for Paris' Préfecture de Police confirmed. The theft marks the second fashion robbery in Europe in two days. On Monday, thieves stole 20 to 25 handbags from the Bottega Veneta flagship in Milan's Via Montenapoleone. wwd.com

CVS Manager, Veteran fired after taking down two Armed Robbers
Joe Morici joined the Army right out of high school. After serving his country as a sergeant in a medivac unit for a year in Afghanistan, he came home and he went to work for CVS. He recently managed a store in Beltsville, Maryland. He says Friday morning his military instincts kicked in when two robbery suspects entered the business. Those instincts got him fired. "Two individuals were jumping the counter into our pharmacy," says Morici. Police say the suspects took narcotics from the pharmacy's safe. Morici says fearing for the safety of his customers and co-workers, he pursued the suspects to the front door where one of the suspects attacked him with this screwdriver. Morici says, "He tried to hit me again with the screwdriver. I disarmed him of the screwdriver, while having the other guy pinned against the one door." Morici says he even managed to retrieve most, if not all, of the stolen pills during the struggle. The suspects got away. Morici says while customers and co-workers praised him for his heroics, he feared his actions would get him in trouble. He says CVS has a strict policy against confronting robbers. He says he was fired later that day. wjla.com

Memphis, TN: Suspect at large in shooting of clerk at Family Dollar
An attempted robbery at the Family Dollar in the 1600 block of Getwell has the Memphis Police Department searching for a male suspect. MPD said around 9 p.m. Saturday, a black male entered Family Dollar with a handgun and demanded money from register. That's when authorities said the suspect starting shooting and struck the clerk. fox13memphis.com

Lilburn, GA: Texaco Store Owner Robbed in his Driveway; member of Robbery Crew
Sadiq Chanura told FOX 5 News he was robbed at his home of more than $20,000, his cell phone, keys and wallet. It happened late Monday night when he had come home from work at the Texaco gas station he owns on Covington Highway in DeKalb County. Chanura said the robber put a gun in his face as he was getting out of his SUV. He said he thought someone was following him home when he left work. Chanura said he thought he shook a tail by zigging and zagging through various roads on the way home. Despite those efforts he was ambushed and robbed in his driveway. fox5atlanta.com

Shoplifter Arrested after Robbery at Kohl's with Replica Gun
A man was arrested after holding up a Seal Beach Kohl's store with a replica gun Monday afternoon. At 2:39 p.m., officers were called to a Kohl's store for a theft in progress. The suspect, later identified as 38-year-old Alex Preciado was on his way out of the store when he was met near an exit by an employee. Meanwhile, Seal Beach police officers were positioned outside waiting for Preciado. "The suspect turned to face the Kohl's employees and pulled out a handgun from his waistband," according to Henderson. At that point, officers confronted Preciado and he dropped the gun. ocregister.com

Charlotte, NC: Family Robbed at Gunpoint outside Northlake Mall
A mother was leaving Northlake Mall with her family Saturday night when she and her boyfriend were robbed. Angel Townsend said it was just nearing 7 o'clock Saturday night when her family was leaving the Macy's department store. wbtv.com

Lafayette, IN: Robbery Investigations underway at 2 CVS locations
Police are investigating at two Lafayette pharmacies after both locations were robbed less than 30 minutes apart. Lafayette police said the incidents took place at two CVS Pharmacy locations. The first happened just after 3 p.m. at the CVS at Shenandoah Drive, the second, at the CVS on the corner of Sagamore Parkway shortly after 3:30 p.m. Authorities confirmed the first incident was an attempted robbery. They said the man entered the store and gave the clerk a note. He claimed to have a weapon, but none was displayed. wlfi.com

Clermont, FL: Shoplifter blames long register lines at Publix for $500 theft
A Central Florida woman was arrested Friday after police said she tried to shoplift more than $500 worth of groceries from a Clermont-area Publix after complaining about having to wait in line for too long. Hope Hanak, 55, was caught by employees after they saw her place multiple items in reusable bags in her cart. Hanak paid for a pack of cigarettes at the store's customer service counter, then left without paying for her groceries, police said. When questioned by police, Hanak said she "did not want to wait in line" so she left. mypalmbeachpost.com

UAE: 10,200 counterfeit beauty products seized
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, DED, has seized 10,231 counterfeit beauty and skincare products in an inspection campaign launched by its Commercial Protection Directorate, CPD, in Mussaffah, Abu Dhabi. emirates247.com

Police bust credit card fraud duo buying $4,000 in gift cards at Fashion Square Mall in Saginaw, MI

Two men hitting Sam's Clubs buying gift cards with fake credit cards in Newington, CT

Clerk wounded when gunman tries to holdup south Kansas City store

Suffolk Co, NY: Duo Used Stolen Gift Cards at Dix Hills Retail Stores

Durban, South Africa: Outgunned Armored Car guard takes on 6 Armed Robbers and Wins

A&D Food - Limestone Co, AL - Armed Robbery
AT&T - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Bestway Gas - Cranston, RI - Armed Robbery
Carter's Guns - Houston, TX - Burglary
Casey's General - Fargo, ND - Armed Robbery
Church Square Pharmacy - Cleveland, OH - Burglary
Citi Trends - Bryan, TX - Burglary
CVS - Beltsville, MD - Armed Robbery/ Shooting
CVS - Lafayette, IN - Armed Robbery/ 2 stores in 30 mins
CVS - Pageland, SC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Trafford, AL - Armed Robbery
Fantastic Sams - Louisville, KY - Burglary
Family Dollar - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery/ clerk shot
Minit Mart - Kansas City, MO - Armed Robbery/ Shooting
PJ's Grill & Groceries - Raleigh, NC - Police Shooting
Rogers Corner - Haughton, LA - Armed Robbery
Subway - Memphis, TN - Robbery
Verizon - Altamonte Springs, FL - Burglary
99 Cent - Hemet, CA - Theft/ Robbery/ Assault



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David Homolka was promoted to Vice President and Chief Property and Design Officer here for Cabela's.

James Peterson was named DC Asset Protection for The Home Depot.

Sean Califf was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Training Manager for TJX Companies.

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People Often Forget 1 Simple Truth About the Road to Success  The best way to determine your success is to see if you've met the predetermined metrics you've set for yourself. If you have checked off your to-do list, met your goals and stuck to your vision, that's when you can say "I'm successful." Don't let anyone else's success measure your own. You own your success

4 Smart Lessons from Kobe Bryant on Achieving Greatness  Kobe has been compared to some of the greatest NBA players, and it's no wonder, with his impressive statistics and high percentage points. His success story can highlight some lessons for anyone trying to be great. Here are four things he lives by when attaining success. Be a true leader

Why the Most Successful People Lean on Their Friends  It's always nice to have support, especially when chasing your dreams. Every professional who wants to reach success needs to have a personal pit crew. Your pit crew is there when you need to vent, receive advice or even provide you with motivation. Here's how you can create your own. If you need help, ask

Four Powerful Strategies for Building Success  If you're in need of some inspiration to reach your goals, or boost your productivity levels, here are four powerful strategies that will help you get there. They may seem simple, but they sure pack a punch, and they illustrate that success is found when you view yourself, relationships and work positively. You control happiness

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Interacting in large networking groups can be very challenging even for the most seasoned of executives. The speed, the number of people, and the amount of information shared can be overwhelming. However, the one basic principle you can rely on is keep it simple, one person at a time and focus on that person both mentally and visually. Slow it down in your head and make sure you communicate clearly and sincerely regardless of the background you have with anyone or any group. Because at the end of the day, you're all part of the same industry, the same community, and everyone has the same objective; to help develop and represent the industry as professionals.

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