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 March 4, 2014


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Scott Glenn was appointed Chief Security Officer of Sears Holdings Management Corporation. Scott has added the Business Continuity and Enterprise Resiliency functions to his responsibilities in addition to his traditional Loss Prevention and Safety accountabilities. The new title is a recognition by the company of the unique blend of responsibilities that Scott now holds within the organization. Scott is the only current Loss Prevention executive in the retail industry holding this title. Scott began his career with the U.S. Treasury Department and has held loss prevention leadership roles for such retailers as Target Corporation, Kohl’s Department Stores and Sears Holdings Management Corporation. Scott received his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Carolina and his Law degree from the Concord University School of Law. Congratulations Scott!

Jeremy Bailey was promoted to Regional Vice President of Loss Prevention for Hibbett Sports. 
Jeremy was previously the Regional Director of Loss Prevention before receiving this promotion. He has worked at Hibbett Sports for over 16 years. Before joining the team at Hibbett Sports, Jeremy was the Loss Prevention Investigator for Parisian. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Congratulations Jeremy!

Carmen DuBose was promoted to Regional Vice President of Loss Prevention for Hibbett Sports. 
Carmen was previously the Regional Director of Loss Prevention before receiving this excellent promotion! She has been at Hibbett Sports for 12 years. Congratulations Carmen!


U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear Amazon workers' security check case - could determine whether retailers have to pay employees for time spent in security checks - potential game changer for the entire industry  The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on Monday to hear a case that could determine whether companies such as Inc must pay workers for the time they spend waiting to clear security checks at the end of their work shifts. The case revolves around workers at Amazon warehouses in Nevada, who had to pass through security checks as part of an anti-theft procedure. The workers, former temporary employees at Amazon contractor Integrity Staffing Solutions, said they spent nearly 30 minutes some days waiting for the checks. In a 2010 lawsuit, they argued they must be compensated for that time under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled last April that the workers' suit could go forward, prompting several similar lawsuits against Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, and its third-party warehouse contractors, in federal courts around the country. "Security screenings are indistinguishable from many other tasks that have been found non-compensable under the FLSA, such as waiting to punch in and out on the time clock, walking from the parking lot to the work place, waiting to pick up a paycheck, or waiting to pick up protective gear before donning it for a work shift," Integrity wrote in a brief to the court. (Source

Senate, Retailers Push Data-Theft Law
Despite broad support, Senate bills may not be strict enough, a cybersecurity consultant says. Congress and the Obama administration are rallying retail-sector support for a national standard for companies to notify customers about data theft, but a government cybersecurity task force member says ambiguous language in bills might allow “a get-out-of-jail-free card” about when to warn consumers. A national standard to make customer warnings more efficient by replacing a patchwork of different state laws is a popular idea after credit and debit card data breaches by hackers in recent months affected millions of customers of businesses including Target and Neiman Marcus. Sears Holdings also announced on Friday it was investigating a possible breach of its systems in light of the security gaps experienced by other retailers. (Source

Beware of credit-card hack affecting Chicago Taxis, bank tells customers
An Illinois-based bank is urging customers to stop using credit and debit cards to pay for cab rides in Chicago until more details can be learned about a possible breach suspected of compromising the payment processor that local taxi companies use. The warning, made Friday by First American Bank, comes amid the high-profile hack on the corporate network of Target that led to the compromise of credit card data for 40 million customers. (Source

Retailers suffer analytics inferiority complex, according to new study
Improving shopper insights in omnichannel retailing is the top ranked priority for retailers who fear other operators may be doing a better job than they are. That is one of the key findings in a new research report from industry leader EKN that shows retailers still have a long way to go when it comes to leveraging the power of analytics. The report, “The Future of Retail Analytics: From Intelligence to Outcome,” involved surveys with 65 retailers to unearth best practices, deficiencies and what’s next when it comes to retail analytics. Download the complimentary report here. (Source

Businesses told to lockdown Bitcoin wallets against malware threat
Businesses considering accepting Bitcoins or other forms of cryptocurrency should be prepared to battle a rising number of malware aimed at emptying digital wallets. Researchers found that the number of malware targeted at stealing cryptocurrency from Windows PCs increased along with the rise in value of Bitcoin since the beginning of 2013. As of January of this year, SecureWorks had identified on the Internet 100 unique families of malware capable of stealing wallet files or digital currency from users' exchange accounts. The increase in the number of cryptocurrency-stealing malware made it "one of the fastest-growing categories of malware," the study said. While Bitcoin is not the only type of cryptocurrency, it is the most popular and the most valuable. The price has ranged from a high of roughly $1,150 in early December to a low of $420 Feb. 25. (Source

Survey reveals generational gap in attitudes about security and privacy - Millennials more careless about sensitive company information  In a recent study by Fortinet, 51% of Millennials said they would ignore company policies restricting the use of their own devices or cloud services at work. "Taken together, Millennials are essentially saying, 'We don't care what our employers say. We'll use whatever device we want to at work and if businesses data gets lost or goes missing, too bad,'" says John Maddison, VP Marketing for Fortinet. That generation gap - and the difference in philosophy about security and privacy - illustrates changing attitudes about what information is important, and what's not. The cavalier attitude about work policies and protecting work data will be a growing concern for employers as Millennials make up an increasing segment of the working population. (Source

Kroger talking smaller deal with Safeway; Kroger may be interested in purchasing some of Safeway's assets  Safeway Inc., the second-largest grocery store operator in the D.C. area, may have a potential suitor. Bloomberg News reports Kroger Co., the largest supermarket chain in the country, has expressed interest in buying part of Safeway's operations. Bloomberg cites people familiar with talks. Investment firm Cerberus Capital Management LP has also been mentioned as a potential Safeway buyer. Kroger may buy some stores Cerberus doesn't want, according to Bloomberg. Cerberus already owns Albertsons grocery stores. (Source

Wegmans plans Massachusetts expansion
Wegmans Food Markets begins recruitment for full-time positions March 4 for its latest Massachusetts location, Burlington, which is scheduled to open in fall 2014. The company's third location in the state is a 135,000 sq.-ft. supermarket that includes a Market Cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. Going forward, Wegmans also plans to open more stores in Massachusetts, including a location in Westwood, in 2015. (Source

RadioShack to close up to 1,100 U.S. stores
RadioShack plans to close up to 1,100 of its underperforming stores in the U.S. and reported a wider loss for its fourth quarter as customer traffic slowed during the critical holiday season. Its stock tumbled almost 21% in premarket Tuesday. CEO Joseph Magnacca said in statement that the planned store closings would leave RadioShack with more than 4,000 U.S. stores, including more than 900 dealer franchise locations. The company didn’t immediately identify what stores are being closed. (Source

Analysts think Penney has way too many stores
J.C. Penney operates about as many stores today as it did in 2007 when the company had $8 billion more in sales. (Source

Albertsons cleans the Portland, OR Distribution Center after KATU uncovers mold growing inside  An anonymous Albertsons' employee supplied the Investigative Reporter with photos of the mold growing inside the Albertsons Portland Distribution Center in Northeast Portland. The Investigators turned the pictures over to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, which immediately inspected the distribution center. (Source

More than half of U.K. shoppers say they don't "trust" retailers on social media

Robots to assist with World Cup security in Brazil this summer

Domino's is among the companies investigating the feasibility of using drones to make deliveries

AutoZone 2nd Quarter Same Store Sales Increase 4.3%

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gain from victims, witnesses and suspects. The approach is useful in helping
memories be retrieved in a proper method to make it more useful to your investigation. Great application for interviewing anyone that have been the
victim of a crime, Human Resource interviews, ORC interviews, or for that matter of finding your car keys.

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Thought Challenge

2014 Performance Management

By Byron Smith
Corporate Asset Protection Manager
7-Eleven, Inc.

As we reflect on 2013, many of us may have had big changes in both our personal and professional lives. The world of Loss Prevention has its changes or cycles as well. Many organizations are doing more with less, forced to reduce their team in some way, or being asked to take ownership in areas not typically managed by loss prevention. Some organizations, on the other hand, are growing. Many have become departments with proven results that are impacting profitability and have become key in developing future leaders throughout their organizations.

As it relates to developing future leaders, most organizations will be conducting their annual associate performance review process in the next few weeks. As you sit down with your associates, this is another opportunity to make a difference in their career. Be honest, offer support, and make this process one of importance by spending the time to make it beneficial for the associate and department. During my career, I have worked for some really great leaders who invested time with me during the year, and my annual performance review was encouraging and reinforcing. On the flip side, I have had reviews that were surprising and lacked substance or offered limited direction. As leaders, you should do everything possible to make those annual reviews impactful and actionable.

You may have the resources within your company to offer additional training, personal course work or continuing education toward a degree. If you have these resources, send that calendar invite today to your Human Resources partner to talk about not only the options for your associates, but what’s out there for your own personal development. Our industry also offers several certifications that should be researched and considered. By budgeting training courses or certifications in the future, you will allow not only your top performers to excel, but you will encourage those new associates into the Loss Prevention field.

Many may not manage associates or conduct performance reviews, but you should take the opportunity during the associates review time to express how they do influence others in their daily business. Encourage those individuals to conduct market or store level training, create a district newsletter or grab time during an operations conference call to recognize great performance and keep the team updated on trends. Many may have the chance to use your internal social media site to address a larger group.

Make 2014 the year of leadership development, learning a new part of the business, and encouraging personal development. These efforts will enrich your organization, maximize performance, develop future leaders, and strengthen the Loss Prevention community as a whole.





Redefining e-retail
Consumers' big shift to mobile devices is forcing retailers to rethink web design, reported retailers at last month's IRCE Focus: Web Design + Mobile Commerce event. It's no surprise that online shoppers' behaviors have changed in the past three years with new technology rapidly evolving and emerging in both online and brick and mortar stores. The amount of time U.S. consumers spend online doubled from 2010 to 2013, a product of all the time shoppers spend on smartphones and tablets. The number of screen sizes shoppers use to visit retail web sites has increased nearly two and a half times, from 97 to 232 in the same period. That shows consumers are trying out, and shopping on, all kinds of new devices, from smaller tablets to larger mobile phones and even web-connected TVs. A question debated at both conferences was whether the best way to redefine the world of retail technically is via responsive design, which allows a single web site to adapt to the consumer's screen. (Source

Is Your Business Ready for EMV?
MasterCard says recent high-profile credit card breaches are more reasons for U.S. merchants to migrate to EMV asap. “We really see this upgrade to EMV as being important to the payment system for the U.S. and we firmly believe now is the time for the migration,” says Carolyn Balfany, group head, U.S. Product Delivery for MasterCard Worldwide. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover have all announced that merchants and banks that do not support EMV (aka chip-and-pin) transactions by October 2015 will be held liable for fraud that occurs as a result. While the EMV technology makes cards more difficult to counterfeit, some still argue it is not enough, especially in card-not-present situations (for example, online shopping). For smaller merchants, making any point-of-sale adjustments presents a huge cost burden. Bob Russo, general manager for Payment Card Industry SSC would refer merchants to PCI’s list of tips to improve security. Some of these include: changing passwords regularly (per PCI, “password” is still the most common password used today), designating a separate computer for processing online financial transactions, educating employees about updated security standards, using firewalls, monitoring for intrusions and having clear processes for handling sensitive payment card data. (Source



Burglary suspects caught after fleeing into Dillard's store at Brandon Mall, Tampa, FL; 50 Troopers and Deputies responded  The Dillard's department store in Brandon was evacuated Monday afternoon after officials say three burglary suspects tried to hide inside the store. Authorities say the suspects were wanted for a burglary in Manatee County. While being chased Monday afternoon, the suspects drove off the I-75 exit ramp at State Road 60 and ran into the nearby Dillard's. Eyewitnesses tell 10 News as many as 50 deputies and troopers responded and surrounded the store. Officials evacuated the store as they searched for the suspects. Eventually all three were caught, including one hiding in the luggage section. What's still unclear is if any of the suspects were armed, but what is clear is that authorities were leaving nothing to chance. (Source

Self defense or something else?
Video and 911 calls released in Walmart shooting death in Chandler, AZ. The chaos and concern can be heard on the 911 calls. "A fight broke out by the checkout and a man has been shot," said the first 911 caller with screams coming from the background. It's unknown what exactly sparked the fight between Kriston Chee and Cyle Quadlin, but in the end, Chee, 36 would be dead after a single gunshot to the chest. Turns out, the entire incident is caught on camera. (Source

Two detained in gun store burglary; Phoenix Officer involved shooting  Two suspects are in custody after an officer-involved shooting in Phoenix Monday morning. According to Phoenix police, the incident started when police were called to a report of a gun store robbery near 19th Avenue and Camelback Road. Officials arrived at the scene at 4:10 a.m. and found the front door to a neighboring business with a hole that the suspects climbed through to get into the gun store, police said. When officers made contact with the suspects at the Legendary Guns of the West, one of the suspects ran out the door, climbed a fence and ran with a gun in his hand. Police said they heard one shot fired from the suspect, the round is believed to have hit a mobile home in the area. No one inside the home was injured. (Source

Flare Gun Shooting at a Walmart in Jackson, MS Starts Fire  After a flare gun is fired multiple times in a Jackson Walmart, Police say they have caught the man who pulled the trigger. Spokesperson for the Jackson Police Department, Officer Colendula Green, has not released the suspect's name. She said his mental state is being assessed. Authorities are saying apparently the suspect brought it into the store himself. He fired it 4-5 times and the blast lit some of the clothing on the racks ablaze. The store was evacuated, no injuries. (Source

Bricktown, OK Bass Pro Shopper Shares Experience from Accidental Shooting  A 5 year old boy accidentally shot his father and himself Saturday night, when he got his hands on the father's loaded gun at the Bass Pro Shops in downtown Oklahoma City. According to police, the incident happened in the men's dressing room when the father was trying on a waist-band holster. The father said he took his gun and holster off and put them on the bench in the dressing room. And his son, who was sitting on the bench at that time, got a hold of the gun and it went off. (Source

Chase with Walmart shoplifters ends in big crash in Sandy, Utah; LP Agent threatened with a knife  A police chase ended in a spectacular crash Monday when the fleeing vehicle hit a concrete divider and launched onto the bed of a pickup truck. The incident began about 9:15 a.m. at Wal-Mart, in American Fork, when a brazen shoplifter loaded a shopping cart with flat-screen TVs and Blu-Ray machines. A store employee attempted to question the man. The man said he left his wallet in the car and walked out to his vehicle while leaving the shopping cart in the store. But, just a few minutes later, he walked back into the store and grabbed the shopping cart and again tried to walk out with it. When the employee tried to stop him again, the man allegedly attempted to slash the employee with a knife. No one was injured. The employee let the man take the items to his car at that point and then called police. (Source

Moorestown, NJ Police looking for suspects in Kmart jewelry robberies; LP Agent threatened with a knife  On Feb. 28 at 8:29 p.m., Moorestown officers were called to the Kmart store located at 401 Route 38, in response to a report of an armed robbery of jewelry. Two suspects have been identified. Kmart loss prevention reported that the first suspect used a tool to cut the security cable securing a freestanding jewelry display case to the jewelry counter. The second suspect fled from the store with the display case. When a Kmart loss prevention employee attempted to apprehend the second suspect in the parking lot, the first suspect threatened the Kmart employee with a knife. (Source

Kroger Loss Prevention agent assaulted in Louisville, KY, customers came to his aid  Customers at a grocery store took matters into their own hands after they say a man put a security guard in a choke hold. Louisville Metro Police were called the Kroger in the 900 block of S. Second Street around 1:30 p.m. March 1 on a report of a man fighting with store security. The security guard told police Christopher Crutcher, 29, had entered the store and the guard asked "how are you?" Crutcher punched the security guard in the face and put him in a choke hold. Witnesses told police the guard's face was changing colors and store patrons came to the aid of the guard. Crutcher was being held down by customers when officers arrived. (Source

FBI task force arrests suspect in theft of 18 handguns from Stewart's Marketplace store in Roosevelt, NV  Authorities believe Livingston burglarized Stewart's Marketplace, 245 W. U.S. 40, on June 23. Store surveillance video shows a masked man running directly to the sporting goods department about 2:30 a.m., shattering the glass out of a gun case and loading 18 handguns into a duffel bag before leaving the store. Investigators initially had few leads in the case, but caught a break when three of the stolen guns were recovered in the Las Vegas area. (Source

4 suspected of credit card fraud in shopping sprees at Scheels sporting goods store in Sparks, NV  Four Northern California men who went on shopping sprees at a Sparks sporting goods store have been arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud. Sparks police say they received calls from several Californians on Sunday complaining of fraudulent purchases on their credit cards at Scheels at the Legends mall. The store determined that two days earlier the same group of people entered Scheels, bought items with credit cards and left in similar vehicles. When the group returned again Sunday, police were waiting for them and found 30 altered or fraudulent. (Source

Armed men storm, rob Winter Park Publix in under two minutes  It only took the robbers one minute, six seconds to rush a store manager, get a bag of cash and then run out. Fully covered with hoods and masks, two gunmen chose to rob a Publix grocery store on Aloma Avenue in Winter Park as the business was preparing to close it's doors. Winter Park police said they have no leads as to who these men may be. Detectives did not release how much cash was stolen. No one was injured in the robbery. (Source

Two men facing 10-20 years for Elwyn Pharmacy robbery in Philadelphia
Rasul Wade, 30 and Anthony Govan, 42, a convicted murderer, each pleaded to felony charges of robbery and conspiracy to robbery for the March 25 stick-up. Assistant District Attorney Lindsay McDonald told Judge George Pagano that the commonwealth predicated the charges on an accomplice theory in both cases, as neither defendant was the gunman but was nonetheless just as culpable. (Source

Burglar smashes window, steals from SE Portland gaming store
Portland police are trying to identify the burglar who smashed a window and stole thousands of dollars in merchandise from a popular gaming store in southeast Portland. Surveillance video taken from inside Red Castle Games at Southeast Foster Road and Southeast 64th Avenue shows a paving stone and pieces of glass hitting the floor at 2:06 a.m. (Source





6 adults and 2 juveniles face over 100 charges for “smash and grab” break-ins in OH, KY and IN  The Ohio Attorney General said that six adults and two juveniles have been arrested after 61 different break-ins at cell phone stores in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The thieves targeted Verizon stores and it is believed they stole $300,000 dollars worth of Apple and Samsung products including Iphones and Galaxy Smartphones. Some of the "smash and grab" style robberies took place between January 2012 and April 2014, according to a new release from the Ohio Attorney General's Office. A second round of robberies also took place between December 2013 and January 2014. (Source

Thieves steal $100,000 in ammo, gear from Colorado gun store in night heist Thieves stole nearly $100,000 in ammo and accessories from the OD Green Supply gun shop during a night heist Feb. 20 in Arvada, Colorado, and are still on the loose. Security cameras caught three unknown suspects hit the store around 9:30 from the outside by breaking into a secure parking and driving away with a trailer full of the store’s inventory, according to the Arvada Police Department. (Source

Police arrest two for $13,000 in thefts from Crossgates Mall, in Guilderland, NY Two Troy residents were arrested for multiple thefts from Crossgates Mall. Guilderland Police responded to an attempted larceny of jewelry from the Macy's department store located at Crossgates. During an investigation it was determined that both suspects did steal an iPad Air and Mophie brand phone case/charger from the Sprint store located in the mall worth a total value of $760. Further investigation revealed both suspects were also involved in a Grand Larceny that occurred at the J.C. Penney store at Crossgates on February 25 in which $12,292 worth of jewelry was stolen. (Source

Man gets probation in over $10,000 theft from Snap-on Tools
A man who received goods stolen from Snap-on Inc. and sold them has avoided prison and will serve three years probation. Michael Ostrom, 55, of Somonauk, Ill., said his then-girlfriend Linda Anderson arranged for the items to be sent to him. Anderson worked for Snap-on in 2007 when the thefts took place, and she helped process returns. Ostrom took the scratch-and-dent inventory that Snap-on could not sell through its dealers and sold them on Craigslist. He paid for the shipping costs but not for the merchandise. Ostrom had no prior criminal record and was a “model citizen,” according to information presented during his Monday sentencing hearing. Ostrom has paid $12,500 in restitution to Snap-on. (Source


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Vendor Spotlight

Reputation is Important to your e-Commerce Fraud Model

Lauren Bridgeo
Vice President, LP Systems & Field Services
The Zellman Group

What do you think the biggest threat to your online business is? I would venture to say it is reputation. Having a good reputation means we’ve done things well and our customers enjoy our products and feel comfortable shopping with us. A single negative experience has the tendency to go viral on social media and other outlets, potentially damaging our company’s reputation.

Reputation Problem: Your Website Is Unsecure

How many times have you heard “perception is reality”? Nowhere does this adage hold truer than the on-line market place. The instant a customer believes they have been the victim of fraud they look to the last place they shopped. Their perception is the last retailer must be where the attacked occurred. It’s a natural progression as the average consumer is still learning about the dangers of the internet and likely only knows what they see on the news or in advertisements. As retailers, we clearly don’t want the perception that our website is not secure. We want to be known for our great products and depth of assortment, our fabulous customer service, our innovative and easy-to-shop website, anything but “it’s unsafe to shop with us”.

If you are responsible for supporting the customer response either directly or through your Customer Service partners, you need to understand how your website is protected. Teams you should partner with include your eCommerce infrastructure team, IT Security and your Webmaster. These are the teams that built and secured your website. At minimum, you need to have a layman’s knowledge of how your website has been protected and what vulnerabilities it may have. These teams have tools that identify Botnet attacks (robotic sequencing of stolen credit cards searching for active accounts), firewalls to prevent malware penetration, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, and customer facing protections such as CVV validation. Additionally, you should fully understand PCI compliance. Educating yourself in these areas will not only build a partnership with these teams but will give you the confidence to quell customer fears and respond business challenges.
Reputation Problem: Your Website Is Too Hard To Shop

Another perception that we guard against is the website is too hard to shop due to fraud protection. It has always been our responsibility as Asset Protection professionals to protect our company’s assets without encumbering the customer experience. The same holds true for the online shopping experience. There are ways to ensure we never experience a chargeback or fraud incident, however the reality of “never” is it may create a terrible experience for the customer. Our eCommerce and operational partners evaluate website and cart abandonment rates with the same interest and intensity they review sales and margins. In partnership, we need to limit our good customers’ unnecessary hurdles on our website in the name of fraud. We eliminate or reduce the hurdles that cause complaints, or worse, cart abandonment. Likely, the biggest mistake we make in the fraud fighting environment is setting too wide a net requiring too many customer keystrokes, too many manual reviews, cumbersome shipping and delivery rules, etc. Let’s take a look at how too many manual reviews can impact reputation. Manual review is usually viewed as the last line of defense in the eCommerce fraud (Card Not Present) environment. However, if we review too many orders we will likely slow delivery of product or services to good customers or need to add payroll to keep pace with demand. Either way there is an impact to profitability. Optimally a fraud solution, such as Zellman Fraudnet, will simplify the risk assessment and greatly reduce the number of orders failing into a manual review queue.

It is incumbent upon us, as Asset Protection partners, to be sensitive to the concern of our business partners and offer solutions that are balanced and work in favor of sales while maintaining fraud and chargebacks at a minimum. Our Asset Protection reputations have long been built on partnership. As we move into the eCommerce space we need to take this reputation with us and build partnerships with teams we may not have had conversations with previously. Our merchant and operational partners are still very important, but you must add Logistics, IT and eCommerce to your everyday business circle.

Visit to learn more.  


Job Opening




Regional LP Manager Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Regional LP Manager Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential San Diego, CA Downing & Downing
Director of Security/LP Price Chopper Schenectady, NY Price Chopper
LP Director BevMo!
United States



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AP Manager in Training Walmart Spartanburg, SC Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Fairfield, IL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Trion, GA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Las Vegas, NV Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Scarborough, ME Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Hondo, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Rio Grande City, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Brunswick, ME Walmart
LP Manager Kmart Annandale, VA Sears Holdings Corp
Reg Dir AP and Ops Home Depot Miami, FL Home Depot
LP Manager Macy's Bridgewater, NJ Macy's
District LP Manager Walgreens Chicago, IL Walgreens
Safety & Security Manager IKEA Seattle, WA IKEA
Regional LP Manager AutoZone South Carolina AutoZone
Sr Manager Shrink Improvement Dollar General United States Dollar General
LP & Safety Manager Lowe's Canada Hamilton, ON, Canada Workopolis



Scott Glenn was appointed Chief Security Officer of Sears Holdings Management Corporation.
Jeremy Bailey
was promoted to Regional Vice President of Loss Prevention for Hibbett Sports.
Carmen DuBose was promoted to Regional Vice President of Loss Prevention for Hibbett Sports.
Greg Jobe was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Office Depot.
Juan Interiano was named Multi Store/District Asset Protection Manager for The Home Depot.
Vincent Reidy Jr. was named Regional Human Resources Manager for AutoZone.

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The Secret to Becoming a Better Manager  Not everyone is cut from the same cloth, and that applies to managers too. What separates the good managers from the great ones is if they can unlock the potential of their employees and not just telling them what to do. The key to being a great manager is if you ask your employees these "powerful questions." (Ask 'what else?')

11 Things the Military Teaches You About Leadership  It's no wonder why some of the biggest names in the business world were in the military. The skills they learn and the experience they receive help shape them into inspiring leaders. Even if you've never been in the military, you can learn a thing or two from a veteran about leadership, life, and business. (Always look sharp)

How to Survive a Bad Day When You're the Boss  Bad days don't discriminate, and they can spring up anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. If you're having a bad day as the boss, it may feel magnified tenfold, more intense, and you don't have the luxury of just closing your door and escaping for a little while. Use these tips to help get you through your bad day and keep it from getting worse. (No venting)

Stop Trying to Give Your Employees A Heart Attack  We live in a world where hard work and long work equates to more success and accomplishment. The only thing that harder and longer work leads to, however, is stressed out employees, and health problems. Don't let work become your or your employees' eventual downfall, and use these tips to work less and get more done. (What's the purpose?)

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As many of us speed through our days and work hard to accomplish our objectives, oftentimes the one thing that suffers is our active listening skills. These skills are important if we expect to truly change behavior or direction as quickly as today's pace requires. Active listening is difficult for some and requires an individual to hear things they may not be open to hearing or just hearing things that aren't said because oftentimes it isn't what's said that's important, it's what isn't said that can mean the most. Hearing that usually takes place upon reflection because most of us aren't intellectually fast enough to respond instantaneously. Active listening is a tool and a skill that can help an executive every day. It merely requires the thought and the practice.

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Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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