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Michael Ward was promoted to Vice President of Loss Prevention & Safety for Lumber Liquidators. 
Michael was previously the Director of Loss Prevention & Safety for the retailer and has been a part of their team since 2013. He has also held other loss prevention leadership roles for such retailers as Michaels Stores as Director of Distribution & Marketing Loss Prevention & Safety and DC Network Loss Prevention & Safety, and at Montgomery Ward as a DC Loss Prevention & Safety Manager and Loss Prevention & Safety Manager. Congratulations Michael!


7-Eleven Asset Protection Introduces Store Robbery Alerts

By Mike Aldridge, CFE, LPC
Investigations Specialist & Law Enforcement Liaison

In 2015, the Asset Protection team at 7-Eleven ventured into new territory – reviewing and analyzing every robbery incident that occurs at 7-Eleven stores in the United States and Canada.

One of the greatest findings was that individuals committing robberies behave very similar to Organized Retail Crime subjects. They follow a pattern, impact multiple stores and often target large volumes of merchandise that are easy to fence. 7-Eleven has since introduced enhanced training to stores to reinforce key preventative measures: limit cash in the register to $30 at night, ensure store windows are clear of signage and debris, and keep the store brightly lit and clean.
Beginning in January 2016, 7-Eleven Asset Protection also started distributing Store Robbery Alerts directly to franchisees and store managers. These alerts, used by many retailers with a focus on ORC, are distributed in real-time via email to store leaders and field leadership. For example, if a subject is observed conducting three store robberies in one night, the impacted and nearby stores will receive an email with information related to the crimes, as well as photos of the subject. With more than 10,700 stores in North America - and growing - 7-Eleven has adapted this technology to look at specific neighborhoods rather than zones, markets or districts. That way, we're ensuring that the right people are being notified about the right activity at the right time.

In January and February alone, investigators were able to alert stores of nearly 40 individuals who were involved in multiple incidents throughout the enterprise. We are already on pace to identify and apprehend more individuals than ever before, with the help of our franchisees and store teams.

Vice President Loss Prevention - Plano, TX for J.C. Penney posted yesterday
on their company web site
J. C. Penney Company, Inc., one of the nation's largest apparel and home furnishings retailers, is on a mission to ensure every shopping experience is worth the customer's time, money and effort. Whether shopping jcp.com or visiting one of over 1,000 store locations across the United States and Puerto Rico, customers will discover a broad assortment of products from a leading portfolio of private, exclusive and national brands. Supporting this value proposition is the warrior spirit of over 100,000 JCPenney associates worldwide, who are focused on the Company's three strategic priorities of strengthening private brands, becoming a world-class omnichannel retailer and increasing revenue per customer.

Provides leadership and direction in the development, implementation and monitoring of effective, coordinated programs to reduce the possibility of internal and external theft, to reduce shrinkage, to ensure physical protection of associates, customers and Company assets, and to investigate losses.

Editor's Note: They've opened it up obviously. jcp.com

Macy's, NJ Town Accused Of Racially Profiling Customer
A New Jersey resident who claims she was racially profiled and wrongfully accused of stealing from a Macy's department store in Livingston, New Jersey, by store personnel and then treated with indifference by local police sued the company, town and police force in federal court Thursday.

Plaintiff Beatrice Sterlin is accusing Macy's Inc., its senior personnel and loss prevention employees of engaging in a conspiracy with local law enforcement near retail locations in which police officers accept conclusions of store personnel regarding alleged customer crimes like theft, and detain innocent victims of color without establishing whether there is a basis to do so.

Sterlin claims that her experience of being wrongfully accused by store security of stealing merchandise and later treated with indifference by responding police officers follows the same pattern of racial mistreatment that the New York attorney general uncovered in years past concerning allegations that Macy's asset protection policies violated various anti-discrimination laws.

In this instance, Livingston, its police department and Macy's have acted with deliberate indifference to the constitutional rights of shoppers of color who come into contact with the Livingston PD by failing to properly screen, train and supervise its officers, inadequately monitoring Livingston PD officers and their practices related to retail store related crime enforcement, failing to sufficiently discipline officers who engage in constitutional abuses, and encouraging, sanctioning and failing to rectify unconstitutional practices," the complaint said.

According to the complaint, Sterlin's incident at the Macy's in Livingston took place in early March 2014. She claims that after exiting the department store, which she only crossed through in order to use the mall restroom, she was chased down by two store personnel while walking across the parking lot. She claims they asked her to open up a suitcase she had with her because they suspected she had stolen something.

Sterlin claims she asked if the two white men were law enforcement, and they told her they were, but only displayed some sort of badge affixed to their clothes. She began walking towards the bus stop after refusing to open up her suitcase and called police when they began to obstruct her from moving forward, the complaint said.

Sterlin says the white police officers who arrived made her show her identification and asked her to open up her suitcase. When the police were satisfied that she had not stolen anything, they let her go and refused to make the store employees identify themselves to her, despite her request, she alleges. law360.com

Retailers Experiment With Surveillance/Facial Recognition Tools Used by Police
Soon, a department store robot may be greeting you by name

Tokyo-based NEC boasts that its NeoFace software instantly recognizes faces, even in a crowd and on low-resolution video. Originally devised for law enforcement, the product is being adapted for use in retail, says Allen Ganz, who heads the unit at NEC America that markets biometrics to companies.

Sales of facial-recognition gear will reach $6.2 billion globally by 2020, up from last year's $2.8 billion, according to forecasts by MarketsandMarkets. Almost 30 percent of retailers in the U.K. are already using the technology.

A number of major retailers, including Walmart Stores, Giorgio Armani, and Macy's in the U.S., Benetton Group in Europe, and Baidu and Alibaba Group in Asia, are exploring or even staging trials of facial recognition and other surveillance tools, according to analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence and other industry experts. Only Macy's and Benetton responded to interview requests; both denied that they are currently using facial recognition. "A lot of retailers would be afraid of the backlash of being discovered," says Bryan Roberts, a director at the retail marketing firm TCC Global in London. "You can aggregate data anonymously, but once consumers know they're being tracked by the shopping center, they'll be more hesitant to come back."

While privacy advocates argue that retailers should be required to obtain customers' consent before including them in biometric databases, the reality is that companies face few regulatory constraints, at least in the U.S. Only Illinois, Texas, and Connecticut have laws governing the use of these technologies. bloomberg.com

Since U.S. began migration to EMV, wave of skimming attacks hit nationwide 
6 States Warn Consumers - It's a Crime Wave
Since the U.S. began its migration to EMV, a wave of card skimming attacks have hit nationwide, as crooks turned to easier methods to hijack card data. CUToday.info has reported on many of these attacks. The attacks have hit grocery stores and fast food restaurants, but gas stations have become prime targets due to the increased difficulty in detection - skimming devices are often placed inside the dispenser. This past week or so California, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Florida have all issued alerts to consumers and are doing state wide sweeps in three.

Just looking at the credit card fraud gangs busted this week alone all over the country one can see the impact. Three gangs from Florida were busted in three separate parts of the country over last weekend alone. Some of which were directly connected to skimming operations as mentioned in the news articles. cutoday.info

'The Fight for 20'
New ORC Column Starts Monday - To Help Facilitate ORC Legislation in the last 20 states

This column will provide you, the reader, with all the information you need to communicate and petition the state you live in or do business in, that doesn't already have ORC legislation.

It will contain links to the 20 state retail trade associations and the 20 state capitals that list all the elected officials you need to send letters to asking them to support ORC legislation. We'll even provide sample letters and copies of other ORC legislation to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved.

The key being that everyone, every LP executive involved in the ORC fight and hopefully your corporate legal council, solicits their state retail trade associations and state elected officials to consider drafting and supporting this critical legislation. If we can get all 50 states to have ORC laws then we just might be able to impact the federal officials.

Sports Authority Gets Nod To Start Liquidation Sales
A Delaware bankruptcy judge gave Sports Authority interim approval Thursday to start liquidating roughly 140 of its locations, but not before temporarily quelling a major battle between the retailer and consignment sellers, which account for 20 percent of its business, that threatens to hang over the case. law360.com

Bankruptcy Lenders Put Sports Authority on Short Leash
End-of-April deadline handed retail chain that sought protection Wednesday

Lenders are giving Sports Authority Inc. until the end of April to find a buyer and close a deal to save part of the ailing retail chain. Some 140 stores are already being sacrificed to appease lenders owed more than $1 billion and more may be closed unless the company finds a buyer or manages to put together a turnaround plan, court papers say.

With a planned bankruptcy auction less than two months away and no offer in hand, Sports Authority is fighting the odds of surviving chapter 11. Liquidators are already on the scene and as many as 200 of the company's 464 stores may be earmarked for closure, court papers reveal. Also hanging in the balance are the jobs of some 13,000 Sports Authority workers.  wsj.com

Bankrupt Fresh & Easy Laid-off Workers Denied Class Cert. Over PTO Claims
A Delaware bankruptcy judge on Thursday denied class status to laid-off employees of bankrupt grocery chain Fresh & Easy who claim the company did not pay them for unused paid time off when they were let go. But left the door open for the ex-employees to file individual claims in the company's bankruptcy proceedings. law360.com

Two Senior Vice President of LP positions open at one time - Unique
It's not often we have two open at one time. With Stage Stores (closing 30 stores) and the confidential one in New York City. It's rather interesting to see the NY one posted as "local candidates" only considering the level. It could be an internal form requirement with indeed and merely an oversight on the posters part. So we'd suggest ignoring that line and if you're interested filling out the internal indeed form. As they don't come around often.

Director, Health and Safety, Risk Management and Loss Prevention posted for Vail Resorts in Broomfield, CO
This position provides Loss Prevention, Risk Management and Health & Safety services within multiple facilities throughout the business units, and is responsible for overall asset protection to include coordinating, conducting, and supervising all investigations and department operational programs. The incumbent must have and continue to develop strong working knowledge of internal controls (e.g., shrinkage reduction programs) and processes, the company business units, safety issues, systems and physical security. This position is responsible for hiring, development and management of the team. vailresortscareers.com

Staples offers FTC justification for Office Depot acquisition
Another set of weak quarterly results from Staples and another round of store closures could give the Federal Trade Commission more evidence to support Staples long-running effort to acquire Office Depot. chainstoreage.com

Costco raises minimum wage first time since 2007 to $13 or $13.50 per hour

Stage Stores to close 30 stores

Feb. Same Store Sales Results
Gap Global down 7%, Banana Republic down 11%, Old Navy flat

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Delhaize America full year comp's up 2.2% with sales up 2.2%
Ahold USA Q4 comp's up 1.1% excluding gas, with sales up 1.4%
Big Lots Q4 comp's up 0.7% with sales down 0.6%
Staples Q4 comp's down 4% with sales down 7%

NRF's 2016 Dream BIG Scholarship - Apply today - Deadline: March 31

If you love working in retail, and are looking for exciting opportunities to enhance your career within the retail industry, invest in yourself and learn more about the Dream BIG scholarship. The National Retail Federation is collaborating with University of Phoenix to award 20 full-tuition scholarships to people in the retail industry who want to enhance their career through education. Tim Hall, zone asset protection manager for 7-Eleven and James Ostag, supply chain asset protection manager for Macy's, Inc., were two of last year's scholarship recipients. This year, it could be you! The deadline to apply is Thursday, March 31, 2016. Learn more and apply today at nrf.com/dreambig.

Education Unlocks Doors & the NRF Has the Key
Apply Now - Represent Our Industry
You Never Know What's Behind the Door

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Cell Phone Fraud: Who's Watching IT?
Cell phone procurement fraud in he workplace - on the rise in recent months

Which is usually a crime of opportunity, these schemes involve the systematic purchase of cell phones that are then resold off-the-books by employees for personal gain.

These schemes have caused millions of dollars in losses. The internal fraudsters typically have had roles within the IT department. Their roles provide them with the opportunity to authorize and later get approval for purchases either through collusion or by manipulating the charges provided by the cell phone providers to defraud internal approvers.

Because of the potential financial repercussions, companies must put due diligence measures in place and watch out for red flags that may indicate fraudulent procurement. Two indicators that should prompt further investigation are limited oversight and lack of transparency.

In terms of limited oversight, corporate executives should look out for situations in which one employee is responsible for both reviewing the detailed cell phone bill and obtaining approval from each department or business unit. Another risky situation: one or two employees are responsible for ordering and receiving all devices.

A common red flag pops up when the accounts payable department only receives a summary of the cell phone bill. Alarms should also go off when IT resists sharing access and control to the cell phone provider's billing website. cfo.com

Criminals Use Apple Pay For Fraudulent Purchases
Mobile payments are only as secure as the wallet service is, and Apple Pay is not doing the best of jobs to protect consumer data. While many people see Apple Pay as a form of Fintech innovation, making mobile payments through Apple's financial solution with stolen credit card information appears to be much easier than originally anticipated. Some people would go as far as saying how this mobile wallet is quite inferior to other financial technologies, including Bitcoin.  bitcoinist.net

#RSAC: Cyber-Crime Investigators Need to Work With Private Companies
Cybersecurity officers and cyber-crime investigators might have different goals, but that shouldn't stop them from cooperating with one another, a high-powered panel of law enforcers told an audience at the 2016 RSA conference in San Francisco. "We're talking with the computer-security research community to understand their concerns better," said John Lynch, Chief of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section at the U.S. Department of Justice "In our prosecution and electronic evidence work, we're not trying to stifle legitimate security research."

People think about law enforcement as going out and putting handcuffs on people and arresting them," said William Noonan Deputy Special Agent In Charge, CID, U.S. Secret Service. "But a lot of what we do is about building relationships before the crime. Prevention and information sharing have been big topics of discussion for us in the last couple of years."

"Our investigations over the past five years, would never have been able to be done without private collaboration," he said "We want to get those guys in jail and make them pay, but we can also think about what we can do to prevent those schemes. We really have to work together with industry to look at vulnerabilities we can address."  infosecurity-magazine.com

'Serious risk' that Apple-made iPhone cracking code will leak
Security experts warn that once made, Apple's custom code will be 'very valuable' to authoritarian governments and criminals

Security experts yesterday said that there is a "serious risk" that the special iPhone-cracking software sought by the FBI would fall into the wrong hands if Apple is forced to assist the government in accessing the data on an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Keeping the Custom Code secret is essential to ensuring that this forensic software not pose a broader security threat to iOS users," seven security experts said Thursday in a "friends-of-the-court" brief filed with a California federal court. "But the high demand [for this software] poses a serious risk that the Custom Code will leak outside of Apple's facilities."  cio.com

Top Priority: Unified Commerce
Retail IT budgets look solid for the coming year; in most instances spending will shift from initiatives that commanded funding a year ago (like Europay MasterCard Visa implementation) to those that move the needle on "unified commerce," which brings an entire retail enterprise from the store to website together under a single technology system. One thing is clear: Improving the customer experience is an objective backed by the C-suite, and more IT spending decisions tied to strategic business goals rather than software upgrades and hardware refreshes could translate into increased funding.

Greg Buzek, IHL Group founder and president, believes that 86 percent of 2016 software spending will be in six core pillars of unified commerce: business intelligence and analytics, e-commerce, merchandising, supply chain, sales and marketing and store systems. nrf.com

CFPB Fines Online Payment System For Lax Data Security
Be careful what you claim - They're now holding you to it

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Wednesday it has issued a $100,000 penalty against an Iowa online payment platform for having weak security practices despite advertising that customers' personal information would be protected.

Des Moines-based Dwolla Inc. claimed to have data security practices that surpassed industry standards but in actuality came up short, the CFPB said. This is the first time the agency has penalized a company over data security. law360.com

The IoT liability jumble
The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting just about every industry. But it may get disrupted itself as the nation's legal and regulatory system slowly catches up with the massive security and privacy risks it creates.

The number of connected things is expected to expand so exponentially that one of the panelists, Jay Brudz, an attorney at Drinker Biddle & Reath, declared that "Internet of Things" is already a "dumb phrase. In years to come, it's going to be everything but computers with a human interface, so it's just going to be the Internet," he said. csoonline.com

Latest Updates from the RSA Conference 2016 - the world's largest infosecurity event




Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference

With solutions ranging from Interactive Video Response, Video Verification, Intrusion Protection, Fire Protection, CCTV Systems, and Business Intelligence, Iverify is committed to making a difference by delivering innovative life safety and property protection solutions, with the core belief that every interaction matters. Iverify has invested over $25 million in professionals, processes and technology to become the recognized industry leader in interactive remote video and audio protection solutions. Nick Khalil, President of Iverify, talks about the variety of solutions they offer to help retailers be more profitable through the protection of assets. 

LPNN Quick Take #4

In this LPNN Quick Take, Joe and Amber call out some of the most overused office phrases that need to be banned from our vocabulary. Spoiler: If you always say "think outside the box", you just might be IN the box.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

Mac's store clerks murders leads to safety audits & maybe new laws
Alberta safety officers to inspect 200 convenience stores, gas bars
Officers can issue orders on the spot, says labour minister

The Alberta government says it will inspect hundreds of stand-alone convenience stores and gas bars over the next three months to ensure workers are safe.

Labour Minister Christina Gray says health and safety officers will talk to employers and workers about current legislation related to working alone, workplace violence, paycheque deductions and employing young workers. During their inspections of about 200 worksites across the province, safety officers will have the authority to write orders on the spot.

Gray says the results of those inspections, along with consultations with industry officials, will help determine the next steps in the review of occupational health and safety and employment-standards laws. The inspections come after two clerks working alone at different Mac's stores in Edmonton were shot dead during robberies on Dec. 18.

"Employers are responsible to take all precautions to ensure their workers are safe, treated fairly and go home to their families at the end of the day, no matter what industry they work in," Gray said in a news release Tuesday.

"The Western Convenience Stores Association continues to work with the Alberta government to ensure evidence-based safety measures proven to work in our unique retail environment are in place and accessible to all retailers," Klukas said in a news release Tuesday.  ohscanada.com

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada
Canadians concerned about protection of personal information: CPA Canada fraud survey

44 per cent of the respondents who have access to the Internet claiming they are uncomfortable making online purchases.
● Seventeen per cent say they had corresponded, either through social media or email, with someone who had misrepresented their true identity.
● Fourteen per cent stated that someone had gained access to one of their email accounts without permission.
● Eight per cent said the same thing about a social media account.

The survey participants are also worried about possible cyber-attacks. Roughly three in four respondents (73 per cent) are concerned that their personal information is at risk because they believe Canadian businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. However, most respondents (66 per cent) think that Canadian businesses, in general, are doing the best they can to safeguard personal information.

Among victims of fraud, credit card fraud had the highest incidence rate (65 per cent) followed by debit card fraud (31 per cent). They were the top two forms of fraud cited in 2015 as well.

"The good news emerging from the survey findings is that Canadians are fighting back against fraud," adds Wilson. Actual or suspected frauds can be reported at antifraudcentre.ca or by calling toll free 1-888-495-8501. newswire.ca

March is Fraud Prevention Month
The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre partners are launching their annual Fraud Prevention Month public awareness campaign. This year's OPP Fraud Prevention Month media campaign will focus on five topics including: Emergency/Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scams; Romance Scam; Microsoft/Computer scams; Phishing/Bank Web Site scams and Lottery scams.  quintenews.com

"Fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes across Canada"
Calgarians lost as much as $75M to fraud in 2015

At least 4,972 Calgarians reported losing money to fraud last year. "Fraud Prevention Month is an opportunity to arm Albertans with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions," Acting Service Alberta Minister Danielle Larviee said.  globalnews.ca

Canada's top 10 scams earned crooks $1.2B last year, says BBB
Fear of the taxman and offers of love are two of the top tricks used by scammers to separate unsuspecting victims from more than a billion dollars last year.

1. Extortion scam: CRA income tax scam. 2. Heartbreak scam: cat-phishing. 3. Prize scam: fake lottery winnings. 4. Financial scam: investment fraud. 5. Employment scam: secret shopper. Total loss: $3.9 million. 6. Subscription scam: free trial traps. 7. Imposter scam: spear-phishing. 8. Private sale scam: overpayment or refund. 9. Emergency scam: fake relative needs cash. 10. Lending scam: advance fee loans. cbc.ca

McKesson Expands Into Canada With $2.2B Rexall Health Drugstore Buy
Wednesday's deal, which will be funded via cash and debt, will add Rexall's 470 stores to McKesson Canada and give the combined company a 13,000-member workforce in Canada, according to a statement. law360.com

Kate Spade Continues Canadian Store Expansion - 2 new stores in GTA
Kate Spade will soon boast 10 full-priced Canadian stores as well as two outlets. retail-insider.com

Canada's Top 25 Most Productive Shopping Centres Based on Sales per square foot
1. Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto, ON: $1,610
2. CF Pacific Centre, Vancouver, BC: $1599
3. Oakridge Centre, Vancouver, BC: $1,537
4. CF Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto, ON: $1,509
5. Southgate Centre, Edmonton, AB: $1,215
6. CF Chinook Centre, Calgary, AB: $1,119
7. Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto, ON: $1,096
8. CF Rideau Centre, Ottawa, ON: $1,018
9. Metropolis at Metrotown, Burnaby, BC: $1,008
10. Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga ON: $994
11. CF Sherway Gardens, Toronto, ON: $965
12. CF Market Mall, Calgary, AB: $961
13. CF Richmond Centre, Richmond, BC: $928
14. CF Fairview Mall, Toronto, ON: $913
15. CF Carrefour Laval, Laval QC: $888
16. CF Polo Park, Winnipeg, MB: $886
17. CF Masonville Place, London, ON: $855
18. Holt Renfrew Centre, Toronto, ON: $828
19. Mapleview Centre, Burlington ON: $823
20. Toronto Dominion Centre, Toronto, ON: $816
21. Peter Pond Mall, Ft. McMurray, AB: $804
22. Complex Les Ailes, Montreal QC: $790
23. Scarborough Town Centre, Toronto, ON: $790
24. Conestoga Mall, Waterloo, ON: $786
25. Halifax Shopping Centre, Halifax, NS: $783 retail-insider.com

Police searching for suspect after $34K Rolex watch stolen
from man at Toronto Starbucks
Toronto police are looking for a man wanted in connection to the theft of a Rolex watch. At 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, a 44-year-old man went to a Starbucks on Bathurst Street and Finch Avenue West to sell a Rolex watch valued at approximately $34,000. Shortly after the man entered the restaurant, the suspect approached him and struck him on the head. He then grabbed the man's bag containing the watch. The suspect then fled the scene. 680news.com

Langley, BC: Thief boldly swipes $2,500 Plasma Cutter
A thief stole a bulky, expensive power tool from a Langley auto supply store last month by simply grabbing it and walking out the back door. On Feb. 28, a woman in her 30s walked into Princess Auto carrying a leopard print purse. Surveillance photos released this week by the Langley RCMP showed the woman lugging a large box containing a Hobart-brand plasma cutter out of the store. The plasma cutter is worth more than $2,500. The thief escaped through a fire door in the back of the store. langleyadvance.com

Merritt, BC: Attempted vacuum cleaner theft at Canadian Tire
A man prohibited from entering Canadian Tire stores was caught allegedly trying to steal vacuum cleaners from the Merritt store. RCMP said that at about 6 p.m. Wednesday, Canadian Tire employees discovered the man in the store's warehouse. The man then left the building and got into a U-Haul outside that a woman was driving. "The manager later found a garbage can over by the back bay door, and it had some Dyson vacuums stuffed in the big garbage can," police said. "Whether he was intending to come and take them from the outside, or he was going to put them outside before he got caught, I'm not sure." The police were called to Canadian Tire, who then found the two people at the neighboring Extra Foods. He said the U-Haul didn't have anything unusual in it. The man was arrested and held in custody, while the woman was released at the scene without charge. merrittherald.com

Montague, PEI: RCMP arrest 3 men after TV, tablet thefts
from Atlantic Superstore
On Monday, Kings District RCMP responded to a call at the Atlantic Superstore where the men allegedly walked out with two 48-inch LED TVs and three tablet computers. The store manager followed them and provided the RCMP with a license plate number and vehicle description of the get-a-way car. A few minutes later, RCMP officers who were in the area spotted the vehicle, arrested three men and retrieved the stolen items. theguardian.pe.ca


'Hear No Evil Monkey' Doesn't Work When it's a Legal Warning
Online Marketing Co. Pres. Who Ignored Atty Warnings Could Pay $18M Restitution

An online marketing company president who "put his hands over his ears" when in-house counsel warned him of possible Federal Trade Commission Act violations tied to hidden monthly fees can be forced to pay $18.2 million, the Ninth Circuit ruled Thursday.

Charles Gugliuzza, a former president of Commerce Planet Inc., was well aware customers were complaining about a difficult-to-find disclosure telling them that 14 days after they signed up for a "free" online auction kit, they'd be saddled with monthly payments of as much as $60, the Ninth Circuit said in one of two rulings on his case Thursday. law360.com

Payment security is the most important feature for digital channels
Payment security is a core area of concern for retailers, a recent research from ACI Worldwide unveils.

Findings unveil that payment security (72%), integrated loyalty options (71%) and seamless ordering (55%) were highlighted as the top three features that all respondents want their mobile app to deliver.

75% of respondents prioritize payment security as the most important feature of a mobile wallet offering, followed by integrated loyalty/rewards (55%) and mobile ordering (46%).

Although it was not surprising that 70% of all survey respondents cited online/domestic as the top channel their retailer sells through today, online shopping in-store (via a tablet or other device) ranked as the second most popular digital channel (45%), followed by online/international and cross border (44%) and mobile/in app (38%); social media payment has not been widely adopted yet, but remains a trend to watch (11%). thepaypers.com

Will Rising Delivery Costs Push Consumers Offline?
A recent story by Mad Mobile News points out that Amazon's decision to increase its free shipping threshold speaks to a larger reality that affects all eRetailers, not just the granddaddy of the channel: The desire for more frequent and faster shipping of retail items has raised costs for delivery companies, which, in turn, has compelled them to charge retailers more for their services (the outlet notes that USPS, for one, recently raised its going rates for retailers throughout the country).

This changing paradigm, posits Mad Mobile News, presents traditional brick-and-mortar retailers with an interesting opportunity, one that comes with two possible outcomes.

On the one hand, consumers fed up with having to pay more for the shipping of online orders might simply cut out the middleman - yes, even Amazon - and make their way to physical stores to do their shopping.

The other possibility that Mad Mobile News puts forth is a more nuanced outcome, albeit one that is arguably more likely than the first, as well as far less damaging to digital retailers: Rather than counting on online shoppers to completely bail on eCommerce, physical retailers could address the consumer problem of rising delivery costs by increasing their efforts to facilitate online-to-offline - or enter the space for the first time, if they haven't done so already. pymnts.com

Can Snapchat Become an E-Commerce Platform?

Mobile phones drive Q4 digital commerce

Mobile sales grow almost 100% in 2015 over the prior year for American Eagle



Hickory, NC: Police arrest man in connection
to $200K jewelry store robbery
Hickory police arrested a suspect in the Feb. 25 robbery of the Jewelry Exchange on North Center Street on Wednesday. Mitchell Dewayne Hines, 33, of Statesville, was charged with one felony count of larceny. Hines allegedly stole $222,203 in jewelry from the Jewelry Exchange. Police are still looking for a female suspect in the case. The two suspects allegedly entered the store and asked to see rings with large stones, before Hines allegedly grabbed the loose items. hickoryrecord.com

Credit Card/ ID Theft Ring bust: group hitting NY and New England area
New York man faces charges police say relate to his involvement in a credit card and identity theft gang operating out of New York committing crimes across New England, including Connecticut. Xuefeng Lin, 31of Staten Island, NY, was arrested Wednesday on charges including third-degree identity theft, illegal use of a credit card, receiving goods or services obtained by illegal use of a credit card, sixth-degree larceny and conspiracy. The Department of Homeland Security Investigations and multiple police jurisdictions are jointly investigating organized credit card and identity theft gangs operating out of New York. myrecordjournal.com

Bellevue, WA: Hermes target of city-hopping ID thieves - one arrested
Two women are suspected of stealing a $9,000 handbag from Hermes in Bellevue as part of a highly organized theft ring whose members fly in and out of cities all over the country, ripping off high-end retail stores. The suspected thieves allegedly use stolen credit cards to buy the luxury goods. One suspect, 55-year old Lihua Li, was arrested on Tuesday. Li and the other woman allegedly used multiple fraudulent credit cards at Hermes on Sunday. One of those stolen credit card numbers belonged to Angie Dozer of Londonderry, Ohio, who directly contacted Bellevue Police. When one of the suspects returned to the Hermes the next day, a store manager called Police who made the arrest. "That's the best thing about it," Police said. If Dozer "hadn't called, we wouldn't have known about it, and the suspect would have been gone." Investigators believe the other woman has flown out of the area, which is why they're now asking for help from the FBI. kiro7.com

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Kmart nabs repeat Offender in Electronics Theft
Tonya Braun, 24, was arraigned, bail set at $15,000. A Loss Prevention officer saw Braun use a box cutter to free two cameras from their locks, and take two memory cards and batteries. Braun has two previous convictions for retail theft. standardspeaker.com

Knoxville, TN: Man sentenced to 5 years for 'Pushout' Walmart theft
Dommer pled guilty to theft in the second degree. In September of last year, Dommer did what officers later described as a "pushout", filling a shopping cart full of expensive merchandise and then rushing out the doors of the Knoxville Walmart. kniakrls.com

Stafford, VA: Suspect in Walmart gift-card fraud arrested after chase

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Manassas City, VA: Suspect taken into custody after opening fire near Potomac Mills Mall
Authorities said Manuel Gonzalez was captured near Potomac Mills Mall around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday. A joint investigation with the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force, the ATF Special Response Team, and Manassas City Police led police to Gonzalez. Witness information was key to his capture, police said. The gunfire began around 1:30 p.m., in the Georgetown South Neighborhood. Investigators now say Gonzalez was one of those shooters. Witnesses told police bullets were flying everywhere, with several rounds smashing windows of cars parked on the street. wjla.com

Savannah-Chatham, GA: Police investigate shooting at Savannah mall;
Craigslist deal goes bad in Food Court
Savannah-Chatham police are investigating a robbery Thursday that ended with a gunshot fired into the air at a crowded shopping center in the middle of the afternoon. Police responded to the food court at Savannah Mall at about 1:54 p.m. where they found Nicholas Rivera, 28, who was reportedly robbed while attempting to sell a computer he advertised on Craigslist. The suspect reportedly grabbed the laptop and then ran out of the food court with Rivera trailing behind him. Once outside, Rivera fired a warning shot into the air, and the suspect dropped the computer. No injuries were reported. savannahnow.com

Charlotte, NC: Smash & Grab raid hits Rite Aid
Shattered glass remains where a car crashed through the front doors of the pharmacy. Police did not say exactly what was stolen but said it wasn't anything from the pharmacy area. charlotteobserver.com

Irondequoit, NY: Robber Hits Bank, Evades Capture at Rochester Price Rite Grocery Store
The search for a bank robber in Irondequoit brought dozens of law enforcement Thursday afternoon to a Price Rite in Rochester, and police say he is still at-large. Irondequoit Police say around 2:30 p.m., they received a call that a man had robbed a Chase bank in Irondequoit. They say he didn't display a weapon, but made a verbal threat and got away with an undisclosed amount of money. Shortly thereafter, Rochester police spotted a car similar to the description of what the suspect had been driving at a Price Rite. As a safety precaution the store was cleared out to make sure the suspect wasn't inside, but officers determined the suspect had fled on foot. twcnews.com

Mount Vernon, NY: AG Finds "No Criminal Culpability" In Holding Cell Death Of Westchester County Woman Arrested For Shoplifting
A 42-year-old Westchester County woman and mother of 8 was found dead in her holding cell in Mount Vernon, New York last July, two days after being arrested for allegedly shoplifting a box of crab legs from a wholesale food market. Today, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced that his seven month investigation into Raynette Turner's death while in the custody of the Mount Vernon Police Department had found no criminal culpability. The AG's report details that Turner died from an enlarged heart-the result of "chronic cocaine and morphine use." gothamist.com

Houston, TX: Suspect faces judge in Gun Store Smash and Grab case
One of the suspects accused in the elaborate smash-and-grab robbery of Carter's Country gun store in Southwest Houston made his first court appearance before a judge early Thursday. Anthony Cannon, 20, and another man are accused of selling a police informant four of the guns that were stolen from the Carter's Country Guns and Ammo store in Southwest Houston. The deal went down at a house on Selinsky Road, and inside that house officers say they found 32 guns, all with the price tags still on them. Cannon is one of three suspects taken into custody so far. khou.com

Shoppers React To String Of Center City, Philadelphia Robberies
Another smash and grab robbery has occurred in Center City and the target was another high end retail store. This time it took place at 17th and Walnut in Rittenhouse Square. It's been happening frequently around the area," said Wendy Bancoff, a local shopper. "You just don't know now where it's going to happen."

Police say these types of robberies are occurring more frequently. Just within the past month, the Century 21 store on Market Street fell victim to overnight thieves shattering a store window to gain entry. Police are looking to step up patrols and work with business owners about keeping their property safe, while shoppers remain vigilant about their own safety. cbslocal.com

Fresno, CA: Mother-daughter duo accused of Robbery, Assault on LP and Child Endangerment at JC Penney
Two women have been arrested and charged for their alleged involvement in a Feb. 10 robbery in central Fresno, the police department said. Athena Webb, 39, and Montrice Bowlin, 22, allegedly stole multiple items from the cosmetics section of the JC Penney store at Fashion Fair Mall. The women had children with them, Fresno police said. When confronted by police, the women allegedly attacked the store's loss prevention agents. fresnobee.com

Bossier Parish, LA: Man caught on video no longer a burglary suspect
Bossier Parish detectives say the man previously identified as a "person of interest" this week in connection with some residential burglaries is not their suspect. Detectives released surveillance video from a Haughton grocery store on Tuesday, asking for the public's help in identifying a man they believed was connected to the crimes. While authorities have not released the man's name, they say the man is cooperating with law enforcement and is no longer considered a person of interest or a suspect. ksla.com

Niota, TN: Girl Scouts selling cookies at Hess station
narrowly miss Armed Robber
A group of Girl Scouts in McMinn County narrowly avoided a run-in with an armed robbery suspect Wednesday night in Niota. Police say the suspect walked up to the WilcoHess truck stop around 6:40 p.m. A group of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside asked if he wanted to buy any, but he ignored them and went inside. The suspect then demanded money from the clerk and threatened to have a gun. wjhl.com

Mass. Inspectors Look For Skimming Devices Inside Gas Pumps
Pumps have been tampered with in several communities including Westwood and Hingham, while thieves have also installed card reading devices on ATM machines at some convenience stores.  myinforms.com

Skimmers found at two gas stations in Dover, NH

ATM Skimming Devices May Have Caused Fraud In Cedar Grove, N.J.

Eagan, Minn., police start 'Skim Stop' sticker program for gas pumps

Beltsville, MD: Customers say Army veteran fired from CVS for thwarting robbery was a hero

Philadelphia, PA: Center City area hit again with a Smash & Grab Burglary

Clayton, MO: Elaborate Craigslist Scam cost one man a $7,000 Rolex and $1,000 in cash

UK: Australia: Queen of the fake Dior bag busted, fined $6285

Kay Jewelers in the Polaris Fashion Place, Columbus, OH was the victim of a Glass Lift Theft on Feb 28, the stolen item was valued at $1,799

Shaw's in the Prince George's Plaza, Hyattsville, MD was the victim of a Distraction Theft on March 1, merchandise valued at $1,699

Bonanza Mini Mart - Klamath Co, OR - Burglary
Dollar General - Springfield, IL - Robbery
Happy Store - Columbus, GA - Armed Robbery
Kum & Go - Ottumwa, IA - Robbery
Love's Travel - N. Fort Myers, FL - Robbery
Pizza Patrone - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery/ Police Chase
Rite Aid - Charlotte, NC - Burglary
Turner Drugs - D'Iberville, MS - Burglary
Vince Clothing - Philadelphia, PA - Burglary



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