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 March 11, 2014


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Not in Jacksonville for the FMI Asset Protection 2014?

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Here’s just a snippet of what you missed on day one...

The Food Marketing Institute’s Asset Protection (FMI AP) conference had a packed day one full of valuable educational sessions and networking opportunities. Day one kicked-off with an amusing look at corporate culture from humorist Greg Schwem, Syndicated Humor Columnist. He kept the audience in stitches making light of some corporate situations we all deal with. The breakout sessions offered something for everyone with subjects from cyber-attacks and infrastructure protection to preventing pharmacy misfills and managing risk at the gas pump.

Day one concluded with an eye-opening presentation from generational expert Kelly McDonald, marketing and advertising expert from McDonald Marketing. FMI AP attendees learned how to work across generational lines to improve collaboration and performance in the workplace.

Can’t get enough of FMI AP 2014? Follow the conversation on Twitter #FMIasset2014!

Apple Declares Retail Store Theft & LP Is ‘Not A Priority' in Bag Check lawsuit testimony  The world’s most valuable company isn’t worried that employees might be stealing Apple gear from their retail stores, and a security bag check that is the subject of a employee lawsuit is used inconsistently “at best.” What’s more, the company hasn’t audited the bag check program to determine if it’s effective at reducing employee theft, and considers loss prevention to be a low priority endeavor. That picture was painted by an employee designated by Apple to provide expert testimony in depositions taken earlier this year. The testimony also provided previously-secret insights into the operation of the stores, including the percentage of part-time U.S. employees and the chain’s employee turn-over rate. The new information comes from Carol Monkowski, Sr. Director of Store Operations, who appeared as Apple’s designated witness for the topics covered by the lawsuit. She was deposed by the plaintiffs’ lawyers on January 8th in San Jose (Calif.) and a transcript of her testimony has been filed with the court. When the attorney’s questions turned to security policies and procedures, Monkowski offered a startling perspective—loss prevention isn’t a high priority, despite Apple operating a retail chain containing some of the highest-valued products in the world. Shalov then pointed to her declaration (pdf), which mentioned that “keeping theft rates low” was a company priority. “Is that accurate or not?” he asked. “We don’t—have, never had a shrink problem or theft internal/external as a—as the highest priority, right?” she answered. She did say that the back-of-house team focuses on inventory counts, and that is a high priority. “Is loss prevention very important to Apple?” Monkowski asked herself. “I don’t know that I can answer for Apple. Is it something we talk about every day? No, because we don’t have high shrink, and we don’t have high loss.” And just for clarity, Shalov asked again if Apple stores keep statistics about internal shrinkage. “No,” Monkowski said. However, she did say the company keeps statistics on overall shrinkage rates, but only related to twice-yearly inventory counts. Monkowski explained that loss prevention is just a 30-minute presentation during each employee’s 80-hour core training class, indicating how little emphasis the company puts on the subject of loss prevention. (Source

CVS probed in loss of painkillers at 4 Calif. stores - 37,000 pills could have made it to black market  CVS Caremark Corp. could face as much as $29 million in fines for allegedly losing track of prescription painkillers at four of its California stores, from which authorities said thousands of pills may have been sold on the black market. Officials at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the California Board of Pharmacy told me Monday that more than 37,000 pills were apparently taken from CVS stores in Modesto, Fairfield, Dixon and Turlock. Meanwhile, CVS pharmacists in Southern California said they've been instructed by the drugstore chain to get their paperwork in order so that no other prescription meds are found to be missing. Lauren Horwood, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office in Sacramento, said CVS faces 2,973 possible violations of the federal Controlled Substances Act for alleged discrepancies between the company's records and its inventory of prescription drugs. In some cases, the drugs have gone missing because pharmacists "self-medicate," they said. But in most cases, the officials said, lower-level pharmacy workers, such as technicians, have made off with the drugs and then sold them to others. (Source

Suspected terrorist links to synthetic ID fraud are being 'ignored'
Synthetic identity fraud is a scheme that procures new and genuine credit and identification cards using false names in order to create a fake identity.  Fraudsters have been able to obtain driver’s licences, passports, phone numbers and credit cards, as well as open bank accounts, take out bank loans and create companies, all under fake names. By the time police move in, many of the fraudsters have vanished, leaving investigators trying to locate people who never existed. While domestic organized crime is certainly involved in these frauds, Munshani has warned of the possibility of a terrorist link. “Using synthetic identities, safe houses can be established, cars can be rented, heavy vehicles can be bought, international travel can be facilitated, restricted goods can be bought without any flags being raised,” she said. "This is not a conventional crime. This is more towards terrorism, I believe, not just merely revenue generation.” (Source

World's First Bitcoin Bank Flexcoin Shuts Down After Massive Theft
Flexcoin, a site that described itself as the "world's first bitcoin bank," has closed after it got hacked and all of the bitcoins it had placed in online storage were stolen, the site recently announced.  Flexcoin was attacked and robbed March 2 of all coins in its "hot wallet" -- a term that refers to bitcoin online storage -- the site said in an announcement posted to its home page. The attacker made off with 896 bitcoins, which at current prices across several exchanges would amount to roughly US$600,000. The company will shut down immediately because it does not have the resources or assets to recuperate from the loss, it said. Flexcoin will work with law enforcement to determine the origins of the attack.

NRF Balks at Mastercard & Visa's Smart-Chip Security Proposal
Visa and MasterCard are advocating the use of smart chip technologies to secure credit and debit card transactions. But the world’s largest retail organization said the plan will not adequately secure payment systems. The National Retail Federation is pushing back against a plan that would ask its members to invest in chip technology, but that says nothing about personal identification numbers. Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. Friday announced the formation of a new group that would advocate for chip technology that stores customer data more securely than the current magnetic stripes found on cards in the U.S. The group isn’t advocating for the use of PINs because there’s dissension in its ranks; Visa would prefer waiting for a new generation of technology for authentication purposes, while MasterCard is on board with PINs. The NRF isn’t happy. “PINs can take away the vast majority of the card fraud,” Mallory Duncan, the NRF’s general counsel, told CIO Journal. “It’s just remarkable the card companies would want to stick with signature and the promise of something in the future, rather than put on safe PINs.” (Source

Retailers Squaring-Off in All-Out Market Share War
To grow and keep ravenous investors happy, retailers need to do everything they can to push their competitors out of the consumer’s mind — in the process squaring off against everyone from the store across the mall to the hot new line, the latest gadget, the new food trend, the most popular app and more. For retailers, every dollar spent elsewhere is a problem in a world where so few new stores are opening and C and D malls are in danger of going dark. The market share battle is growing even more intense given the increasing pressure on physical stores as retailers go bankrupt (most recently, Dots), struggle with paradigm shifts (Radio Shack, Best Buy) or simply trim their store portfolios to focus on the best-performing units (J.C. Penney Co. Inc., Macy’s, Sears, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Abercrombie & Fitch and more). The only solution is for companies to constantly up their game. To win, brands and retailers — even channels of distribution — need to be more stylish, faster and, if not cheaper, then serving up more value to customers. That might mean better sales staff, finer workmanship, some new digital feature or just a little more sizzle. And when brands market their wares, they need to reach for new levels of sophistication, whether in social media, outdoor, TV or cause marketing. (Source

Companies failing to maintain PCI Data Standard - only 11% maintaining compliance between audits  According to Verizon’s new 2014 PCI Compliance Report the majority of companies that achieve the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) fail to maintain it after the audit is complete, which could risk exposing customers’ credit card data to a security breach. The global report, which sampled 500 large organizations spanning the retail, financial services, travel and hospitality sectors and other vertical markets, showed only 11 percent passed all 12 of the requirements needed to maintain compliance between assessments. Espion senior consultant, John Hetherton, (a PCI QSA), says: “The compliance challenges highlighted in this report show some organizations are treating achieving this benchmark standard as a box-ticking exercise rather than a positive set of controls that guide best practice in security on a daily basis." (Source

More shoes on Macy’s floor, fewer go missing - Macy’s gets leg up with Tyco’s RFID solution  When Macy’s flagship Herald Square store deployed RFID-enabled technology to increase inventory accuracy on its “world’s largest shoe floor” it got a lot of bang for the buck. Not only did Tyco’s TrueVUE Inventory Display Execution provide better customer satisfaction and increase sales by putting more styles in front of them to choose from, it also provided better shrink protection. From the distribution center to the store’s backroom to the POS, each pair of shoes is tracked, said Steve Sell, director of North America Retailing, Tyco International Security. Macy’s has since implemented the system across its nationwide 850-store chain, and Bloomingdale’s has followed suit. “This is the new normal in retail,” Sell said. “Whatever technology is put in a store has to do more than it used to. Technology derives a bigger ROI.” (Source

Webcast: Don't let Email Become Your Weak Security Link
Email remains the most powerful tool in business, but is also one of the top sources of data loss. A transparent and intuitive email encryption solution - including superior data loss prevention (DLP) - protects your company data while improving workflow and strengthening compliance. Join data protection experts from Zix to learn about innovative and reliable email encryption and DLP solutions that remove barriers and empower both your IT teams and employees to keep business moving forward. Watch the CSO Online webcast for free here.

Boston Marathon security doubling this year to more than 3,500 police officers
The number of police officers patrolling this year's Boston Marathon will be doubled to over 3,500, one year after two bombs exploded near the finish line, killing three people and injuring more than 260. The enhanced police presence is part of a beefed-up security plan detailed Monday by public safety officials as they prepare for the April 21 marathon. (Source

From guard dogs to 'Febrezing' stacks of cash, pot shops are taking extreme security measures in what is a federally illicit business  CNN's Ana Cabrera finds out where weed dispensaries are putting all that cash when they get turned away by banks. It's a budding business, already bringing in big time money. But with few places to put it. One dispensary owner says he made over a million dollars in sales last month. So what do they do with all the cash? "We're fortunate enough to have a bank," says one pot shop owner, whose identity has been concealed. "We bank with a company and, quite honestly, it's a don't ask don't tell relationship ... We also Febreze the money so it doesn't smell like marijuana when they get it. And we use an armored car service to come pick it up and take it to the vault for us." For everyone in this federally illicit business, security is a huge concern. All dispensaries are required to have surveillance cameras eyeing every corner. And a lot of dispensaries have alarm systems and panic buttons in case of an emergency. In Denver, there have been about 150 reported burglaries of licensed marijuana facilities in the past year. Business owners say banking needs must be addressed - for the sake of safety. (Source

Fired J.C. Penney former CEO Ron Johnson nor former Chief Talent Officer Dan Walker rec'd any severance when they left

Men’s Wearhouse to Buy Jos. A. Bank

Swatch sues Target, claims it copied watch designs

Ross Stores to open 96 stores in 2014

FedEx Distribution Center coming to Palm Springs, CA; 250 t0 300 new jobs

Jackson, GA chamber welcomes Ollie's; 1M square foot Distribution Center opening in April will bring 170 new jobs

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Kroger Q4 supermarket without fuel up 4.3% with total sales up 4.8%
Urban Outfitters Q4 comparable retail segment net sales up 1% with total net sales up 5.7%
American Eagle Q4 down 7% with revenue down 7%, full year down 6% and 5% respectfully

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Retail chains react to web retail’s growth - e-commerce is altering the reality of brick-and-mortar stores  The importance of the online channel to major retail chains’ was particularly evident in recent weeks during year-end earnings calls for retailers like Gap Inc., Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Target Corp. and Best Buy Co. Inc. Abercrombie disclosed that the $777 million it generated in sales online in 2013 comprised 18.9% of total sales in 2013—up from 15.5% in 2012. Target, also said online sales increased more than 20% year over year in 2013. This kind of growth isn't new to store-based merchants as other stores like Toys 'R' Us and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., online sales as a percentage of total sales were higher than 2010's percentage. Not only is this steady change from brick and mortar to online shopping being proven by sales numbers, people are spending much less time in stores, and it even shows in the size and amount of stores that are being built. Gap Inc., for example managed 7.6% fewer square feet of retail space in the US in 2013 as compared to 2010, but their online sales helped them generate 19.3% more in sales in 2013. Other stores are also expanding the stores' roles to support e-commerce like Macy's and Target with their buy online, pick up in store programs.   (Source

No consensus on how to notify data breach victims
Attorney General Eric Holder has joined the call for a nationwide notification standard, but divisions persist, making a consensus questionable this year. The Justice Department is investigating the data theft from Target, and Holder urged Congress in a video statement last month to adopt a national notification standard that would include exemptions for harmless breaches. Proposals now before Congress would require notification. But there are differences in what information the notification would provide, the threshold for notifying regulators and law enforcement, and the proposed enforcement. Some bills seek criminal penalties for deliberately concealing a breach; others do not. (Source

Online sales boosted by February floods in UK

E-commerce grows an estimated 23% in Central Europe in 2013



The ECR Shrinkage Group and Checkpoint Systems Launch Tool for Retailers to Test Their Loss Prevention Program

Online Benchmarking Tool Enables Retailers to Understand
How Their Shrink Strategy is Performing

THOROFARE, N.J. – March 11, 2014 – The ECR Shrinkage Group, an expert group focused on shrink, with the support of merchandise availability solutions supplier for the retail industry Checkpoint Systems, today announced it is launching an online Benchmarking Tool, which for the first time enables retailers to understand how well they are managing shrink versus others and the relative strengths and opportunities of their loss prevention program. Based on extensive global research, the tool provides global benchmarks on the strategic, organizational and operational standards that underpin an effective shrink management strategy.

To access the benchmarking tool, retailers simply complete an online questionnaire. Once the responses have been entered, the tool generates a color-coded model which highlights the areas of the shrinkage framework where they have strengths and then in turn, the areas that need to be prioritized.

The framework, shaped as a pyramid, focuses on ensuring that organizational commitment, starting with senior management, is embedded within a business’ practices, policies, procedures and strategic thinking. The objective is to provide a framework that ensures the creation of high-quality data and data management systems, prioritizing operational excellence, internal collaboration and innovation, as well as keeping shrink on the agenda throughout the company. Finally, the pyramid highlights the importance of empowering store staff to take responsibility for dealing with shrink and recognizing how operational failures are the root causes of many forms of retail loss.

Professor Adrian Beck from the University of Leicester, who developed the Benchmarking Tool for the ECR Europe Shrinkage Group, added, “The Tool was developed after extensive research with some of the leading retailers in the world and is designed to help organizations better understand how their businesses not only view the problem of shrinkage, but also help them to identify the key areas on which to focus to improve their overall performance.”

Tim Butler, Senior Director International Asset Protection at Wal-Mart added, “We used the tool in a planning and strategy session and it was absolutely superb. I would certainly recommend that other loss prevention professionals within the industry take advantage of this free and easy-to-use resource.”

Steve Hewitt, Head of Retail Loss Prevention at M&S, commented, “My team has been using the tool and I can certainly see it forming the basis of a longer term plan in the future. It’s very easy to use, the questions are very useful and the comparative data is excellent.”

The benchmarking tool is free-of-charge and available to all retailers from any sector of the industry. It can be accessed at

The next ECR Shrinkage Group meeting will take place at the Bacardi offices in Hamburg, Germany, on 19-20 March 2014. To register to attend, visit

George Cohen
GCC, Inc.




FBI busts major West Coast credit card fraud ring using 23,000 fake American Express credit cards  Two Russians used the fake cards to submit fraudulent charges on stolen American Express credit card accounts. According to the federal criminal complaint, both Melkonyan and Akhmerov conspired to defraud American Express by, "establishing a fraudulent business, obtaining victims' American Express credit card information and using the illegally obtained credit card information to bill American Express." According to the complaint, "he perpetrators directed American Express or Paypal to process numerous fraudulent credit card transactions," creating credit balances to their American Express or Paypal accounts, the funds were deposited into linked bank accounts and then the suspects took the money from those accounts. The success of the scheme depended on a short life cycle, the complaint said. Some credit card holders may complain to American Express, which can lead the company to reverse charges and an effort to collect the money from merchants. For that reason, the complaint said, the suspects submitted large numbers of transactions in a short time and took the money out soon after it was deposited, leaving the accounts depleted before American Express could recover any losses. (Source

Police ID woman found dead in Vancouver mall restroom Monday morning at 6 a.m.  Police spokeswoman Kim Kapp says there's no sign of a crime. Kapp told The Columbian the body had apparently been there overnight and emergency responders were called shortly after 6 a.m. Monday. (Source

Tacoma police release pic of man suspected in 18 armed robberies in past 3 months  In each case, the man enters the store, shows a gun and demands cash, threatening to shoot the clerk if they don't comply. The robberies have occurred between 7 p.m. and 11:45 p.m. at convenience stores and gas stations in the City of Tacoma and in the Midland area of Pierce County. (Source

More Details To Be Released About Mall In Columbia, MD Shooting
This week we will find out more about the deadly shooting inside the Mall in Columbia. Police are holding a news conference Wednesday morning to release more information about the shooting in January. Police say Darion Aguilar, 19, killed two employees inside the Zumiez store before killing himself. The new information will include photos and video, and police say the case is not closed. (Source

Shoplifter arrested after mall security guard stabbed in Chilliwack, Canada
A 42-year-old Maple Ridge man is facing charges after a security guard was stabbed in the leg while arresting an alleged shoplifter on Friday. Chilliwack RCMP said the stabbing occurred at Eagle Landing Shopping Centre around 3:50 p.m. as two security guards tried to arrest the suspect. The one officer sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital. Charged with assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, and theft under $5,000 is Shane Garret Appleby, who was to appear in court on Monday. Appleby also had an outstanding North Vancouver warrant in relation to another theft charge. (Source

Maryland woman charged with theft by fraudulent return scheme at Kohl’s; data indicates 63 illegitimate returns  Stephanie Carol Loveena Metz, 31, was charged with theft less than $1,000 for an incident occurring at the Kohl's in Westminster Friday. A loss prevention officer contacted police after allegedly observing Metz and a second woman enter the store with an empty canvas bag and walk through and select several pieces of clothing. One of the suspects allegedly entered a fitting room with the bag and exited, returning all clothing except four items to the fitting room clerk. Metz and the female suspect then allegedly made a false return without a receipt of the four items not given to the clerk, receiving a store credit gift card in the amount of $107.36. The two women allegedly proceeded to purchase $93.27 in merchandise from the store with the gift card and exited the store. The loss prevention officer informed law enforcement that Metz had allegedly been identified in several Kohl's stores in Maryland for making 63 illegitimate returns since 2001. (Source

Orlando woman turns in accomplices in fraud scheme, avoids prison  An Orlando woman pleaded guilty to a fraud scheme, but avoided prison time by turning in the men she says put her up to it. Lashonda Rogers, 32, was sentenced to three years of probation and to pay more than $13,000 in restitution for her role in a conspiracy to skim customers' credit cards in exchange for $1,500 in cash and gift cards. In May and June of last year, federal court papers indicate Rogers received a credit card skimmer from the mastermind of the scheme and stole up to 40 credit card numbers. She was caught only when security cameras at her unnamed place of employment captured her placing her hands under her desk, appearing to swipe the cards. When confronted by Secret Service agents, Rogers turned in the two men she says put her up to it. In return, she received a downward departure in her sentence. (Source

Scared Straight Program: 17 year old boy serves 35 years for Credit card fraud  They are handing out some serious numbers for credit card scamming, Jerahn just turned 17 and got hit with 35 years. They will reduce his sentence for doing scared straight but he still ain't coming home till he is at least 40. Kids need to know its not a game out here and that they are handing out adult time in prison these days. (Source

Miami man arrested, accused of using fraudulent credit cards at Coastland mall  Mall security officers called Naples police Sunday to report two suspicious men using different credit cards. A cashier at a shoe store who rang up one of the men said he had to punch the credit card number in manually because the card wouldn’t work on its own. Police spoke with Jorge Lopez and another man, and asked to see the credit cards in Lopez’s wallet. Inside, they found eight credit cards that were later determined to be counterfeit, according to an arrest report. (Source

Identity theft could be behind recent Cameron, TX Post Office break-ins  Mail boxes at five more local post offices were burglarized over the weekend. Investigators think they could be connected to the string of drop box burglaries throughout our area over the past few months. Your mail is full of sensitive information like bills and bank statements making the post office a target for box drop bandits. Cameron's Police Chief Randy Dixon says he believes he knows what they're after. Over the weekend post offices in Milano, Rogers, Buckholts, Rockdale and Cameron were broken into. Chief Dixon says these are just the latest in a growing list of drop box burglaries. (Source

Pawn America Employee Admits to Stealing $10K from Coon Rapids, MN Store
A Pawn America employee is facing charges after admitting to stealing more than $10,000 from the company from August 2013 to February 2014. According to the criminal complaint, the Pawn America District Manager hired a private investigator to find out why the Coon Rapids store was losing so much money and property. During the investigation, 25-year-old Jaclyn Marie Gariepy admitted to making fraudulent transactions. She said she pretended to buy property but didn’t actually turn it into the store and that she also took money from the cash register and pocketed it. (Source

UK’s Tesco security guard 'acted in self defence' at Accrington store

Kay Jewelers in the Northgate Mall in Seattle, WA hit with a Grab and Run; On Sunday late afternoon 2 male suspects grabbed 2 bridal sets total value of $11,598.00

Police charge man with stealing $20k worth of Magic cards, laptop from Waterville, Maine store




No bail for parents in Northbrook $7M family shoplifting case  A Northbrook couple charged in a cross-country shoplifting spree was ordered held without bail Monday after prosecutors raised concerns the wife was faking health difficulties and her husband was concealing their wealth. U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Mason detained both Branko and Lela Bogdanov as risks to flee if they were released while awaiting trial on charges of interstate transportation of stolen property. The decade-long scheme netted the family more than $4 million in eBay sales, much of it stolen by Lela Bogdanov inside a bulky black dress outfitted with compartments for stuffing large merchandise, charges alleged. Assistant U.S. Attorney Renato Mariotti sought detention because he said both were in the U.S. illegally. The prosecutor said the husband lied about their financial holdings and the wife falsely pretended to be “feeble” and unable to understand English. Mariotti said she had given lengthy interviews in English after her arrest last week. At one point, she scolded my agent and said...she spoke English,” said Mariotti, his words translated by an interpreter into Serbo-Croatian for Lela Bogdanov, who stood before the judge in orange jail clothing with her long hair in a ponytail. Mariotti also alleged she had tried to give the appearance in court of being a “feeble person” who “shuffled” to the front of the courtroom and leaned on a lectern to keep her balance even though surveillance video showed her “sprinting very quickly in and out of the stores with great agility.” Mariotti said Branko Bogdanov lied to federal authorities, claiming he had a negative net worth of $28,000 even though he owns a 5-bedroom Northbrook home worth well over $1 million and owns a dozen vehicles. The judge continued the hearing for Bogdanov's daughter, Julia, until Tuesday so she can attempt to find a suitable person to stay with while on bail. Mason rejected her first choice, her sister Sylvia, after learning she had been convicted once of retail theft. (Source

Oil City, Pa. man jailed on charges he stole & resold teeth whitener strips in local store  A man has been charged with shoplifting teeth whitening strips from a grocery store, then reselling them to a secondhand shop in northwestern Pennsylvania. The (Oil City) Derrick reports Kofalt stole the whiteners from a store in Cranberry Township, then resold them at The Attic, the second-hand store in Oil City, on five occasions. Kofalt has three previous retail theft convictions, making the current charges against him misdemeanors.  (Source

Credit fraud suspect arrested at Best Buy in Stafford, MD; attempting to purchase 4 iPads  A Maryland woman was arrested Saturday shortly after she opened a credit card account in someone else's name and purchased an iPad. Stafford County Sheriff said the woman entered the Best Buy and inquired about iPads. She then asked to apply for a store credit card. She handed the manager an out-of-state identification and her application was approved. But the manager became suspicious after noticing that she was looking at her phone as she entered a Social Security number. The woman then announced that she wanted to purchase three more iPads. When she went into the bathroom, the manager called the Sheriff's Office. The woman was still in the store when Sgt. Deuntay Diggs arrived. She said she knew nothing about any forgery, then ran out of the store after giving Diggs what turned out to be a fictitious name. Diggs quickly apprehended her and took her into custody. (Source

Walmart thief gets 15 days in jail
A West Virginia man whose theft spree at multiple Walmart stores ended in Marietta was sentenced Monday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to 15 days in jail-which he will finish serving in late September. Cody Peters, 28, pleaded guilty Jan. 21 to a fifth-degree felony count of theft for his role in the thefts where he and another Weston man-Rick A. Meitzen Jr., 33-successfully stole items from Walmart stores in St. Clairsville and Cambridge before getting caught trying to roll out of the Marietta Walmart with cartloads of unpaid merchandise on May 14. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Eliminate Wardrobing with WG Security's Seal Tag

News outlets such as ABC News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo!, Fox, and even the Daily Mail in the U.K., published stories about the new and exciting method Bloomingdale's has initiated to fight the scourge of wardrobing. According to these stories and citing the National Retail Federation, wardrobing is a form of fraud that cost retailers $8.8 billion last year. While Bloomingdale's is to be commended for an outside-the-box way to reduce shrinkage, what you don't know is that this revolutionary wardrobing prevention plan was a collaborative effort between Bloomingdale's and WG Security Products Inc., the California-based company that has developed a reputation over the last 15 years for innovative and original EAS technologies.

The device in use at Bloomingdale's locations throughout the nation to stop wardrobers in their tracks is the Seal Tag, available now from WG. It is not an EAS tag, but a one-time use device which is typically applied at the point of sale, to a noticeable area of the garment. Customers are instructed that removal of the Seal Tag voids any return policy. This prevents customers from wearing the garment for a day and attempting a return, therefore ensuring honest returns. The Seal tag is very easily removed by hand and once removed, cannot be re-applied. It can be personalized, with your business logo imprinted on the front, adding a degree of elegance. You can watch our video for more information about wardrobing and the Seal Tag.

If wardrobing is a concern for your business (and judging from the comments section of these stories, it should be), the Seal Tag is the answer for you. Contact for more information on the Seal Tag.

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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Thibodaux, LA Lowe's
AP Manager BJs Wholesale Club Oakhurst, NJ BJs Wholesale Club
EHS/ AP Regional Mgr HD Supply Los Angeles, CA HD Supply
Regional LP Manager DSW Northridge, CA DSW



Jennifer D'Antonio-Wells was named DCLPM for Bob's Discount Furniture.

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An Almost Foolproof Way to Achieve Every Goal You Set  As an employee or leader you are always setting new goals for yourself, whether it's to get this project done by the end of the week, or get a promotion by the end of the year. Sometimes these goals keep looking like they are just out of reach but use these tips to make progress. (Goals vs. systems)

Scared Of Failing? Ask Yourself These 6 Fear-Killing Questions  What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Would you go for that promotion? Would you climb Mount Everest? Fear has this uncanny ability to keep our goals or dreams at arm's length, but if you can get past it, think of all the things you could accomplish! (Ask 'What if?')

5 Ways To Be A Team Player Without Turning Into A Doormat  Being on a team takes some give and take, but how do you find that perfect balance without being taken advantage? As a team player it's important for you to look like you can handle it all, but that good nature doesn't deserve to get abused. Use these tips to help you out! (Your team needs a structure)

Do You Need to Lighten Up or Toughen Up?  If you were asked if positive feedback or negative feedback has helped your career more, which would you say? Most people would probably say that constructive criticism has helped them improve in their careers, but this survey breaks it down into which demographics prefer which type of feedback! (Both are essential to work)

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Perception becomes reality slowly on a macro level and it's difficult to change it if it's incorrect or doesn't portray the truth. It's the same reason law enforcement separates witnesses to ensure clarity and truth. The group mind becomes influenced by opinion and agendas and distorts the true reality. One can only rely on daily vigilance based on doing what's right to hopefully impact the individuals one works with on a daily basis to carry the experience forward and be witness to what is right.

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