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RadioShack Promotions

Bill Macaulay was promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager for RadioShack Corp. Bill has been with RadioShack as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager since 2008. Prior to joining RadioShack, Bill worked in loss prevention at Saks Fifth Avenue for three years. Congratulations Bill!

Sheldon Carlson was promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager for RadioShack Corp.
Sheldon has been with RadioShack as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager since 2003. Congratulations Sheldon!


Frank Borecki, CFI was promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager for RadioShack Corp.
Frank has been with RadioShack as since 2009, when he joined as Senior Manager, Investigations and then was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager in January 2012. Prior to joining RadioShack, he was the Director of Internal Audit and Compliance for Steve and Barry's. Congratulations Frank!


Retailer Sues Visa Over $13 Million 'Fine' for Being Hacked - A First-of-its-kind lawsuit - Something to watch carefully long term fellow retailers!  A sports apparel retailer is fighting back against the arbitrary multi-million-dollar penalties that credit card companies impose on banks and merchants for data breaches by filing a first-of-its-kind $13 million lawsuit against Visa. It’s the first known case to challenge card companies over the self-regulated PCI security standards — a system that requires businesses accepting credit and debit card payments to implement a series of technological steps to secure card data. The lawsuit was filed last week in Tennessee by Genesco, the parent company of more than 2,440 retail stores in North America and parts of Europe. The case revolves around $13 million that was seized from Genesco’s merchant bank accounts earlier this year by Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Financial. A must read for any senior LP executive! (Source

Ahead in the Cloud: Security's New Heights - The Cloud is here and Smartvue is there to help educate  Smartvue Corp. President, Martin Renkis to speak on Security Technology webcast Series tomorrow at 2 p.m. et. What can cloud computing do for the security industry and your business? We've gathered some industry experts to address that question. Join us for this one-hour live web event and discover: Top 10 cloud surveillance challenges and solutions to overcoming them - What standards exist for cloud and which ones should you be paying attention - How to leverage hosted services to increase your customers' operational efficiencies - Best practices for using remote hosted monitoring and control service providers - And more! Register here and hear two other guests talk about security in the cloud. (Source

Video that captures customers movements and creates heatmaps of what's hot and what's not - the ultimate tracking tool  That's what Prism Skylabs offers. The San Francisco startup has developed technology that uses video captured by security cameras to track customers' movements and create "heatmaps." The images represent an aggregate of all the shoppers' whereabouts in the store and which items they touched. For retailers, it's a valuable tool for making decisions about product placement and floor layout. That allows us to understand customer behavior, where people are walking, what they're doing, how long they're staying at a certain place, and then we can bundle that all up in a privacy-protected way. (Source

Omnichannel retailers in better position than their online-only competitors to win in this hypercompetitive world  Here's a look at one department store study that compared customers from a purchasing standpoint and found that having both channels actually increased transactions and sales. Stores also have other advantages, including their ability to be a powerful distribution asset. But stores’ true advantage comes with their ability to act as an effective piece of an over­arching, compelling omnichannel customer experience. New technology is now enabling retailers to bring the personalized customer experience once found only online to life in their stores, creating one-to-one retailing experiences. Doing this will help increase conversion rate and basket size by improving customer engagement, making a retailer’s store fleet more profitable. This is a must read! (Source

Some online sellers are going multichannel — either with pop-up or temporary spaces or with actual stores  "We are seeing a shift toward a showroom style of retail," said Nikoleta Panteva, a research analyst at IBISWorld. “Online sellers are opening up physical stores to have consumers try things on and order online later, or pick up in the store then and there.” A study produced jointly by Google and market-research firm Ipsos reveals just how seamless the online/offline shopping experience has become. According to this study, which labels the trend “nonline” shopping, 51 percent of shoppers research an item online and then visit the store to purchase, while 17 percent will visit the store first and then make the purchase online. Nearly a third do their research online, visit the store to handle the item, and then go back online to make the buy. (Source

Closing stores may increase a retailer's value - Don't judge a book by its cover 
The Journal of Retailing's new study shows that for some big retailers closing individual stores is a better option than opening new stores when it comes to increasing value. One of the first to examine the effects of store openings and closures on company performance, found that closing outlets can increase the value of firms with high market share as well as older firms and those that advertise heavily. Great article for the retail student. So don't be so quick to label a retailer for closing stores. It just may make them even stronger. (Source

Big Data is coming - Are You Ready? 
After a few years of experimentation and early adopter successes, 2013 will be the year of larger scale adoption of big data technologies, according to Gartner, Inc. Organizations are undertaking their big data initiatives in a rapidly shifting technological landscape with disruptive forces that produce and demand new data types and new kinds of information processing. They turn to big data technology for two reasons: necessity and conviction. (Source

Drugmakers, Interpol ramp up fight against fakes 
More than two dozen of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies have agreed to provide funding and other support to Interpol's battle against counterfeit prescription drugs, the international police agency said Tuesday. (Source

Sport Chalet aiding injured workers after gas explosion 
A blood drive and fundraising effort are underway in Southern California to support two employees injured in an explosion at a Sport Chalet store. The two employees, Victor Gonzales, 25, and Lauren Polzin, 27, were injured earlier this month while attempting to shut off a gas valve after a customer in the retailer’s store in La Canada, Ca., reported smelling gas. Sport Chalet operates 54 stores in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The employees sustained second to third degree burns over 50% to 80% of their bodies, according to local authorities. Sport Chalet is working with the local American Red Cross to host a blood drive at its corporate office on March 26. In addition, Sport Chalet has established two funds to further support the two injured employees at and Both websites are set-up to receive contributions directly from Sport Chalet employees, vendors, customers and friends. The retailer is also accepting gift cards from restaurants, grocery stores, and other retailers on behalf of the families. (Source

FTC busts 29 people sending 180M spam texts promising free gifts and gift cards from Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target "Today's announcement says ‘game over’ to the major league scam artists behind millions of spam texts," says Charles A Harwood, acting director of FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. Indeed, in some cases, consumers were obliged to sign up for as many as 13 other offers in order to claim their 'free' gift card. Many of these offers included recurring subscriptions for which consumers were required to provide credit card information. Others required consumers to apply for credit, possibly affecting their credit score. (Source

Police arrest 10 people in connection with robbery spree hitting retailers in Toronto, Canada  Toronto police arrested 10 people in connection with a robbery spree spanning two months, including the robbery and shooting at Thistletown Collegiate Institute last Thursday. A total of 21 armed robberies took place between Jan. 8 and March 7 in Toronto, Peel Region and York Region. The robberies targeted retail stores where thieves took money, cigarettes, cellphones and lottery tickets. (Source

Smash and grab burglar hits 13 Pasco County, FL., small businesses this year 
The Pasco County Sheriff says the man or men responsible have struck 13 times this year targeting mom and pop businesses near U.S. 19 and State Road 52 in Hudson. (Source

Three Memphis teens caught breaking into Southland Mall after hours.  Southland Mall retailers claim to have been hit over a dozen times after hours over the last few months and hope these arrests put a stop to this crime spree. Three teens will face charges of burglar and vandalism after police said they were caught breaking into Southland Mall early Friday morning. One 19 year old suspect admitted to police that he had stolen $10,000 worth of inventory from US Kids and $15,000 from iCon. The three will also be charged with $5000 in damages to the store and mall. (Source

Police investigating stabbing at strip mall in Vancouver. 
Three people are being taken to the hospital after a stabbing at a strip mall in Vancouver on Monday. The incident was reported about 4:50 p.m. outside near a Starbucks on Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard and Northeast Chkalov Drive, where police found two men stabbed. A third man, believed to be the suspect, was found nearby and detained, police said. His injuries, as well as the conditions of all three men, have not been released. Details on what led to the stabbing have also not been released. (Source

AT&T and RadioShack stores in Davie, FL robbed minutes apart.  Police are investigating if the two robberies are connected, as they occurred only 20 minutes apart. No one was injured in either hold-up but both groups of store employees were taken at gunpoint to the back room and were told to lay on the floor. A total of $16,000 in merchandise was stolen from the AT&T store. (Source

Woman with an AR-15 rifle robs a Dollar General in Alabama.  Springville police are investigating after a woman robbed a store with what looked like a semi-automatic weapon. A woman robbed the Dollar General on U.S. Highway 11 shortly after the store opened Monday morning. They say she was wearing black coveralls and a red or pink shirt. Police say she walked through the store, then left to go get her cell phone. While she was outside, the clerk went into the office. The suspect returned, wearing a jacket, and approached the clerk at the office with a weapon. Police say the woman took an undetermined amount of cash from the store clerk and later fled in a white SUV. (Source

Masked robbers hold up a Cypress, California jewelry store.  
Four masked suspects robbed a jewelry story yesterday afternoon in Cypress. The robbers held up Alterman Jewelers just before 1:45 p.m. One of the bandits held employees at bay at gunpoint while three others smashed the glass display cases and made off with an unknown amount of valuables. The four fled in a gray or green Chevrolet Impala. (Source

Lincoln Park Virgin Mobile store burglarized; over $10,000 worth of phones stolen.  Thieves broke into a cell phone store in Chicago's Lincoln Park Community and wiped out its entire inventory. Police say they were called to the Virgin Mobile store in the 2500 block of North Clark just after 3 am Monday morning. They found the back door had been pried open. The store manager says the burglars made off with about $10,000 worth of cell phones and a full cash register drawer that was placed in a secure area. No one is in custody. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Costco 2Q up 5% with net sales up 8%
Urban Outfitters 4Q flat with retail sales up 9% and direct to consumer up 44%



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The 2013 RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference

If the numbers aren't enough to solidify your decision on why RILA is the must-attend asset protection conference of the year, see LP Magazine's interview in the January/February 2013 issue with Dennis Wamsley, director of loss prevention and safety at Publix Super Markets, Inc., on why the RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference is a must-attend event for vendors:

"Their events over the last two or three years have just been outstanding. One of the things that RILA does well, and there are many, is they try to be inclusive to the vendors by opening up sessions to them. This allows the vendors to go in and hear what's on the minds of the people who are potentially their clients. I think that's a positive for them, which they should get a lot of value out of, and in turn, that is a positive for the entire industry."

Just who is attending? 8 of the top 10 retailers and more:

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Titles include:
Vice President, Global Supply Chain, International Stores Vice President, Loss Prevention, Safety & Risk Mgmt.
Vice President, Asset Protection Senior Director, Safety, Food Safety & Hazmat
Senior Director, Shrink Improvement Senior Director, Global Investigations - Retail
Director, Risk & Insurance Director, Corporate Investigations & Crisis Management
Asset Protection Director Global Director, Loss Prevention

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4 Southern Cal. gang members busted for over 50 shoplifting incidents hitting Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Ross Stores  Four reputed gang members are suspected of committing more than 50 shoplifting crimes at stores in Torrance and across the county, stealing women's clothing, leaving without paying, then selling the merchandise for profit, police said Monday. A three month investigation also pinned them to 16 commercial burglaries in Torrance, and at least 34 crimes throughout LA County. It all started with a routine traffic stop by patrol which uncovered the initial theft at Marshalls and, through their investigation with work from our gang detail, they were able to uncover the bigger picture," Watt said. Stealing merchandise and selling it they stole thousands of dollars worth and being members of a street gang it allows prosecutors to add gang enhancements to all the suspects charges. The enhancements, which allege the crimes were committed for the benefit of their gang, could result in longer jail sentences and make them ineligible to be set free from prison early under the state's early release program for non-violent offenders. (Source

Two male ex-employees busted stealing over $11,000 worth of merchandise from College Station Sports in Atlanta and selling them to Plato's Closet  A College Station employee from another location was shopping at the Plato’s Closet in Roswell and spotted hundreds of shirts with the tags still on them. Receipts from the second-hand store were key to tracking down the alleged culprits, who were arrested and charged with felony theft by taking in February. The store believed it was purchasing legitimate excess merchandise. (Source

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Broward County man sentenced to 4 years in $1.5 million identity theft case.  
A Hollywood man has admitted stealing more than $1.5 million from the government in a crime that involved filing false income tax returns on behalf of five people , two of whom were dead. David Forbes, 43, pleaded guilty to five federal counts of theft of government money. Forbes said he worked with a woman who stole the individuals' identities and submitted tax returns of more than $1.57 million on their behalf, without the victims' knowledge. At Forbes' sentencing in federal court the Judge ordered him to pay $372,342 in restitution, the balance left over after more than $1.2 million was seized from Forbes and his bank accounts. (Source

Huge check fraud ring busted in Mississippi that stretches beyond - the FBI could get involved  Jackson, Mississippi Police say they have uncovered a huge check fraud ring and believe it stretches beyond Mississippi. They arrested three women with fake checks, fake ID's, and nearly $40,000 in cash. Police say Gamble was the ringleader and provided the women with plane tickets, false addresses, false check stubs, and false lease agreements to get fake Mississippi ID's. (Source

Three busted in Suffolk, NY identity theft scam hitting fitness centers and skimming credit cards  Police said the men would break into lockers at local gyms and fitness clubs, use a portable skimming device to capture information from debit and credit cards and then photograph personal information from the driver’s licenses of the victims before returning the items to the lockers. “The stolen information would then be loaded onto a fraudulent credit card and purchases were made.” (Source

Woman sentenced to 5 yrs. in prison for role in fake checks scheme, hitting 40 Target stores across the country  Prosecutors said Williams used the bad checks to buy merchandise, which were then returned to different Target stores for cash refunds. Williams and the other suspects passed more than 100 fake traveler's checks at more than 40 Target stores, causing a $44,728 loss to the retailer. (Source


Vendor Spotlight

Axis Announces Affordable Wireless Network Camera with HDTV Quality and Push-Button Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Sub-$200 IP camera with One-Click Camera Connection for hosted video and
NAS integration is ideal for small stores, offices and residential surveillance

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – March 12, 2013 –  Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, today announces the small and cost-efficient AXIS M1004-W Network Camera with advanced wireless connection capabilities, 720p HDTV video quality and Axis’ unique One-Click Camera Connection technology. With support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), easy hosted video connection and edge recording to a network attached storage (NAS) device, AXIS M1004-W is an ideal match for small retail, office and residential surveillance users searching for a simple-to-install, flexible and affordable indoor IP camera solution.

Support for WPS protocol simplifies the process of configuring logical security on wireless networks with a push-button for automatic WLAN pairing. This helps installers or integrators save installation time and easily set-up high network security in Wi-Fi areas, especially where it is not possible to install Ethernet cables.

AXIS M1004-W Network Camera also features support for AXIS Video Hosting System with One-Click Camera Connection, making the cameras ideal for a hosted video solution. In addition, it includes an I/O port (one input, one output) for connecting devices such as sensors and external relays to activate lights or open/close doors upon video motion.

“AXIS M1004-W is an easy to install [wireless] camera and is affordably priced, adding more flexibility and choice to the well-established AXIS M10 Series,” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ director of product management. “The camera supports a push-button for easy WLAN pairing, assuring user-friendliness and high network security while enabling HDTV video to be streamed reliably over a wireless network. Small businesses and residential users will have an affordable and easy-to-use surveillance solution with AXIS M1004-W.”

Features of AXIS M1004-W include:
     • 1280x800 pixel resolution, progressive scan, HDTV color fidelity and full frame rate
     • Multiple H.264 video streams
     • 16:9 widescreen and Axis’ Corridor Format
     • Input/output ports
     • Support for Edge storage to NAS
     • Support for Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n
     • Support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup protocol

The camera will be supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program as well as AXIS Camera Station. AXIS M1004-W also includes support for AXIS Video Hosting System with One-Click Camera Connection for communication with cloud-based video systems, ONVIF for easy system integration and AXIS Camera Application Platform for third-party application developers to create additional intelligent video capabilities.

AXIS M1004-W is planned to be available in Q2 2013 for $199 MSRP through Axis’ standard distribution channels. For photos and other resources, please visit:

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.

Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.



Thought Challenge

2013 Thought Challenge

As the judges are still tabulating the results for 2012,
the 2013 Thought Challenge Awards Program is underway.

"3 Innovative Changes Retail Loss Prevention
Needs To Make Right Now To Cement It’s Relevancy:
The Online Shopping Industry Is Changing Everything”

Eric S. Jarmons
Loss Prevention/Asset Protection Professional
Retired Law Enforcement Officer (Michigan, Georgia)

Someone said, “Change is good, but it’s greater when it’s ahead of its time.” If my finite brain serves me well, I would like to think that the writer of this quote meant-if you could get out ahead of the impending change, do so.

Let me be very clear about my position here, I am still a young lad in the world of Loss Prevention and/or Asset Protection and I’m not smart enough to be a statistics guy in my writings. So in this opinion, that my eyes have allowed me to comprehend, might offend some of you due to my lack of experience and confirmed data. But I will leave it up to you to tell me how far out of the ballpark I am...

The world is changing as we know it, and so is everything we are attached to. I’m not a parent, but I assumed parenting is completely different than just a year ago due to so much accessible parenting information via social networking, twenty-four hour cycled content and digital integration-not to mention the new “cloud” sharing program. Everything we know is forced to keep up with technology or be left behind with such extinct innovations like the walk-man, beepers, and dial-up internet. Loss Prevention and Asset Protection is not exempt from this change by any means.

As our senior security leaders attempt to find more ways to cut cost, manage budgets, hire efficient people at a competitive salary, and squeeze every dollar out of the outdated equipment, it makes you wonder have we just reach the point of starting all over. HUH? You can’t just start a well-established industry all over Eric, are you crazy? From what my eyes can see and what my brain can comprehend...WE BETTER!

Before I lay out the three changes, I want to first say that there are some companies who are making these changes, some who have made these changes a long time ago, and some who are in the thinking phase of it. I know it is hard to wrap our minds around such a global industry being faced with completely reinventing itself right in the middle of its highest functioning peak. But may I suggest one direct example of a entity that is doing this that we all should be familiar with: the 4-wall brick and mortar store vs online E commerce! The stores are doing it, they get it.

I’m 36 years old and from Detroit Michigan where Christmas shopping was the best, I know I didn’t, but did anyone ever think the day would come where online shopping would almost replace going out in the snow during the Christmas season into the department stores to shop? It was what people lived for! Not any more, online, online, and more online. Just go walk into your sales department and ask to see the numbers.

Loss Prevention and Asset Protection must open their eyes to new innovative ways to cut expenses, streamline training, and reinvest scarce dollars in more long-term returns. Those long-term returns I speak of are in: quality hires, self-application equipment, and strategic internal and online-shopping investigations.

To be truly honest, we all should be excited, because this will force all of us in this profession to reinvent ourselves, our departments, our people we managed, and our responsibilities as well. Also, it would present a charge to companies to bring out the strong, the educated, and the creative thinkers, to create a synergy to supplant our industry for decades to come. However, this won’t happen if we miss the opportunity by becoming comfortable in our salaries and our “ten-word” titles. Retailer CEO’s are making this E-Commerce transition and it’s either going to be with us or without us. And let’s not kid ourselves this change is too profitable to the company to carry slow progressing entities with them.

So, after attempting to read everything I can get my hands on that spells out the predicting future of Retail Loss Prevention and Asset Protection and also paying attention in my own short Loss Prevention career...Here’s the 3 things I think Retail Loss Prevention and Asset Protection needs to change right now to be relevant enough to be seriously considered in companies’ future fiscal goals:

1) GET OUT OF THE EXTERNAL SHOPLIFTING BUSINESS- I have two questions for us: One, how many deaths have happen at the point of apprehension this year alone? And, secondly, if confirmed numbers say  majority of our theft, shortage, shrink, comes from internal employees, why aren’t we focusing majority of our attention on that? Let me first deal with the first question. As a former Law Enforcement officer I always thought that loss prevention was crazy and a death wish. My colleagues and I talked about it all the time. My thought process was that the worst face-to-face criminal element to come up against was a person who knew you knew that they just committed a crime. We do this daily, hourly in some stores and nothing stands between you and them, but a fragrance display and/or Sensormatic pedestal. Of course this is going to end ugly at times and I am surprise there hasn’t been more terrible tragedies. Economic times have changed, therefore people have changed and become more drastic and desperate. This is perpetuating a more “take a chance, take a risk” type of mentality. Not to mention, the liability cost of hurting them (the shoplifter) at the point of apprehension on our part. IT’S TOO MUCH RISK! Time to get out of the catching shoplifters business. The second question I asked is a simple one to reason. Turn all your detectives into internal investigative machines. We are losing millions of dollars by the same people we are asking to call us if they see suspicious behavior. My former staff would always laugh at one of my favorite sayings that I’ll interject here: “What are we doing” (I use it when it seems the purpose is undefined or has gotten blurred or keeps changing)? So my question to us, what are we doing? We need to get our money and merchandise back that’s “walking out of our doors right up under our noses” as my former District Manager of Investigations would say. Is there stillsomewhat a place for external shoplifting investigations and definitely prosecutions, yes; but we need to be realistic, it’s the internal piece that’s highly impacting our shortage and shrink numbers at the end of the year. And I think none of us can stand to hear of another LP/AP detective or associate dying from apprehending someone for a pair of ten-dollar underwear. Just too sad.

2) CREATE A (or increase your) ORC AND ONLINE-SHOPPING INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION- Whenever you have a fiscally colossal selling culture like online shopping it will always bring out the fiscally colossal illegal culture as well. The grab & runs, theft mobs, and increased major-dollar shoplifting cases we’ve seen are not about passing out clothing or merchandise to the needy in the neighborhood. This is ALL about online shopping, personal online stores and the black market. Also, the black markets in the other continents where noted investigations have follow our American stores’ merchandise and learned that it’s almost bigger there than here. We also have a very growing black market industry of “quick credit card” duplicates and “gift card/store only” card frauds that are buying these goods as well. If your company does not have an ORC department or Online-Shopping Investigative Division, then your company is just a participant this frustrating trend. You want to be apart of the solvability side of it. This is where Loss Prevention and Asset Protection are going. Take it or leave it. If you leave it, you probably should shift to “Risk and Safety” management and just prevent slip-n-falls. Maybe that’s a little aggressive, but I think you get the gist of what I’m implying here. And I’ll admit my bias here, as it pertains to ORC; this is where hiring former law enforcement will come in handy for us as a prevention and protection industry. As for online shopping investigations I think this opens up an entire new hiring market for technology and forensic college grads and professionals. Yes, this obviously will perk up the salaries for LP and AP, but I’m going to talk about how to cover that in the next point...

3) RESTRUCTURE, REALLOCATE, and REINVEST IN A “NEW” LOSS PREVENTION AND ASSET PROTECTION- I’m troubled about suggesting this one, because this last and final change requires our most dedicated people to possibly lose their jobs: our loss prevention associates/detectives. The restructuring phase is a difficult one to explain, so I will try to make it simple and straight. The ever-frustrating reality of “turnover” kills the progress of a loss prevention department. Median pay and shorten hours (due to budget constraints) limits continuity and consistency amongst LP and AP staff. Restructuring with a new primary focus such as internal investigations and by getting out of the dangerous external shoplifting business provides leeway to innovative changes to staff structuring in LP and AP departments. If we are going to change how we do business then we must identify what positions do we really need. Let’s face it, we all have dead weight in all areas of our departments that can stand to be trimmed for good or replace with creative and fluid individuals. It also allows for reallocation of salary dollars to create or enhance your ORC and Online-Shopping Investigations departments. Now maybe the math doesn’t add up and I am an idiot, but it’s the realistic forward thinking that I’m suggesting here. Restructuring our staff towards a new purpose, reallocating resources in a new loss prevention and asset protection, and reinvesting our dollars in smarter equipment, innovative people, and streamlined training speaks volumes to the retail industry that we are prepared to stay around and be relevant for years to come...And that you will need us!

Any questions or comments email me at:


Job Opening




Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Mgr, LP Systems & Awareness Programs OfficeMax Naperville, IL OfficeMax
Director of Security/LP Price Chopper Schenectady, NY Price Chopper
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Global Supply Chain Security Mgr Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Director of LP - East Zone Express New York, NY Express
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express
Director of Safety Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
Director, DC & Corp Security Sports Authority Englewood, CO Sports Authority
Manager, Shrink Operations Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp.
Sr Ops Business Analyst - AP Home Depot Atlanta, GA Home Depot
Corp Safety Manager Confidential Mid-Atlantic Downing & Downing
Director 2, LP Specialty Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Sr Dir Corp Investigations Wal-Mart Bentonville, AR Wal-Mart

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Central Midwest

Downing & Downing

National Acct Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing


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Assistant LP Supervisor Macy's Honolulu, HI Macy's
West LP Director Gap San Francisco, CA Gap Inc.
Loss Prevention Mgr Best Buy Nichols, NY Best Buy
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Pueblo, CO Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Northbrook, IL Lowe's
Store LP & Safety Mgr Lowe's Fayetteville, NC Lowe's
AP Manager in Training Walmart Florida City, FL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Colorado Springs, CO Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Cooper City, FL Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Audubon, NJ Wal-Mart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Salinas, CA Wal-Mart
Project Mgr II Security & Safety AP Walmart Bentonville, AR Wal-Mart
Manager AP Walmart Sterling, IL Wal-Mart


On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Bill Macaulay was promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager for RadioShack Corp.
Sheldon Carlson was promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager for RadioShack Corp.
Frank Borecki, CFI was promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager for RadioShack Corp.
Eric Jarmons was named Regional Manager, Asset Protection for Luxottica Retail Sunglass Hut.

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Do Your People Trust You?  When writers talk to managers, one of the questions they often ask is "do your people trust you?" Most are taken aback. It's not something they're often asked or a question they've even asked themselves. (It's context-sensitive)

The First Requirement for Becoming a Great Boss  Among the many requirements placed on those who take responsibility for the performance of others, there is one that is rarely mentioned. Yet, ironically, it may be the most important because so much else depends on it. That fundamental requirement is courage. (See yourself as others see you)

Why Ditching the Office Could Help You Be More Creative  The quiet, workman-like atmosphere of your office is actually not making your brain work as hard as it could. A little noise can go a long way toward getting you better ideas. (Find yourself a moderate distraction)

How to Build Trust Inside Your Company Lululemon Athletica CEO Christine Day has helped her company improve business in the past 20 years. What's her key? "Friends are more important than money." It's trust between management and employees. Here's what she had to say. (Who are your magic makers?)



Everyday you've got to work and you've got to ask yourself what value are you adding to the company, to the industry and to your career. While this may seem rather ominous at first, try reducing it to your daily tasks and just make sure that with every effort you make there is value you deliver to someone, to some store or to some project. If you can merely focus on the word "value" and ask yourself am I delivering it everyday, you're then one step closer to advancing your career. Because if you can build the field they will come and play.

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Vector Security: Maximize your loss prevention solutions. Minimize your loss. Managed Network Services by Vector Security.

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