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 March 13, 2014


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Juan Valverde was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention Mexico. 
Juan has demonstrated a unique understanding of the Latin America culture which he brings from Wal-Mart and AutoZone in Operations, Human Resources and Loss Prevention roles. Juan has been instrumental in the development of the Loss Prevention program in Mexico since joining RAC in April 2012. Congratulations Juan!

Fla. man charged with Publix $50M bomb extortion plot
A man already jailed in Miami on charges of using a fake bomb in a bank robbery attempt has been accused of using bomb threats in an attempt to extort as much as $50 million from the Publix supermarket chain, according to federal court documents unsealed Wednesday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Walleisa said in the documents that Brian Henderson, 49, claimed in emails to Publix officials last year that he would plant bombs at its supermarkets and detonate them unless his demands were met. Henderson is also being charged in New Jersey with threatening to poison products made by a business there unless he was paid off. The documents show one small explosive device was detonated outside a Publix in Dania Beach but it did no damage - in fact, it wasn't discovered until months later - and another device may have been placed at Publix Super Markets headquarters in Lakeland that did not explode. In one of the emails attributed to Henderson, he tells Publix officials that "you dodged a bullet down in Broward the other day," referring to the county that includes Dania Beach. "I don't know if my triggering mechanism failed or someone found it before the timer went off but it doesn't matter. I'll be sure to do a better job next time," the email says. Henderson has pleaded not guilty in the bank robbery case, in which he's accused of trying to rob a Dania Beach Chase Bank branch in December with what he claimed was a bomb strapped to his body. He was eventually shot and wounded by police, who determined the bomb was fake. (Source

Merchant and Financial Services Cybersecurity Partnership Announces Structure, Shows Momentum and Progress Towards Goals  Today, the Merchant and Financial Services Cybersecurity Partnership announced the operating structure for the group and released a video featuring Sandy Kennedy, President of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and Governor Tim Pawlenty, President and CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), discussing the priorities for the partnership and the progress the group has made. Kennedy and Pawlenty, Co-Chairs of the Partnership, recently formed and led the first meeting of the Partnership’s Advisory Council. During the meeting, the group agreed on the fundamentals of the Partnership, including the mission, goals and the structure for how the Partnership will operate going forward. (Source

A single POS platform handling all customer transactions - online & store - coming soon  70% of retailers are deploying or planning an update of their POS software over the next three years — twice as many are considering e-commerce (38 percent) than those considering traditional POS (18 percent) for next-generation store software. With the influx of traditional e-commerce and mobile investments that have occurred over the past 10-15 years, we’re seeing a mashing up, if you will, of all of this technology. We don’t know what it will be called yet ... but there will be a single consumer interaction and transaction platform, and the study suggests that e-commerce is best suited to play that role.” Developed following a survey of more than 200 retail business and technology leaders in the United States and Europe — nearly 40 percent of retailers are considering a single consumer platform to manage interactions and transactions across channels. In addition, 30 percent of retail executives are considering cloud and 19 percent are considering on-premise options for their POS software applications. Editors note: Talk about game changing. This pushes the need for LP executives to have a thorough knowledge of all transactions and customer payment processes in order to audit, identify, and successfully investigate every transaction. (Source

U.S. Retail Sales Rise a Bit More Than Expected
The Commerce Department said on Thursday retail sales increased 0.3 percent last month as receipts rose in most categories. That followed a revised 0.6 percent drop in January and ended two straight months of declines. U.S. retail sales rose slightly more than expected in February, pointing to some strength in the economy after harsh weather abruptly slowed activity in recent months. (Source

Missed Alarms and 40 Million Stolen Credit Card Numbers: How Target Blew It
Six months before the data breach the company began installing a $1.6 million malware detection tool made by the computer security firm FireEye (FEYE), whose customers also include the CIA and the Pentagon. Target had a team of security specialists in Bangalore to monitor its computers around the clock. If Bangalore noticed anything suspicious, Target’s security operations center in Minneapolis would be notified. On Saturday, Nov. 30, the hackers had set their traps and had just one thing to do before starting the attack: plan the data’s escape route. As they uploaded exfiltration malware to move stolen credit card numbers—first to staging points spread around the U.S. to cover their tracks, then into their computers in Russia—FireEye spotted them. Bangalore got an alert and flagged the security team in Minneapolis. And then ... Nothing happened. For some reason, Minneapolis didn’t react to the sirens. Bloomberg Businessweek spoke to more than 10 former Target employees familiar with the company’s data security operation, as well as eight people with specific knowledge of the hack and its aftermath, including former employees, security researchers, and law enforcement officials. The story they tell is of an alert system, installed to protect the bond between retailer and customer, that worked beautifully. But then, Target stood by as 40 million credit card numbers—and 70 million addresses, phone numbers, and other pieces of personal information—gushed out of its mainframes. In testimony before Congress, Target has said that it was only after the U.S. Department of Justice notified the retailer about the breach in mid-December that company investigators went back to figure out what happened. What it hasn’t publicly revealed: Poring over computer logs, Target found FireEye’s alerts from Nov. 30 and more from Dec. 2, when hackers installed yet another version of the malware. Not only should those alarms have been impossible to miss, they went off early enough that the hackers hadn’t begun transmitting the stolen card data out of Target’s network. Had the company’s security team responded when it was supposed to, the theft that has since engulfed Target, touched as many as one in three American consumers, and led to an international manhunt for the hackers never would have happened at all. (Source

Aftermath of Barney's pre-holiday incident & NYPD's stop & frisk policy still continuing - NYC Mayor not backing PD on challenging new law making it easier to sue NYPD for racial profiling  Mayor Bill de Blasio said the police unions’ legal challenge to a law making it easier to sue cops for racial profiling is destined for failure — and asked a Manhattan judge to toss the case. (Source

Rent A Center builds Mexico LP team with new Director of Loss Prevention and Regional LPM  With 160 stores now in Mexico and opening their first back in October of 2010 they've really developed the market. With plans on opening 31 to 35 stores to include 12 stores in Mexico City this year. They've also opened three distribution centers and a corporate headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico. Jim Carr, their Director of International Loss Prevention has led the growth effort.

Aaron's rental chain banned from using software to spy via rental computers
On Tuesday, the FTC approved the final order settling charges that Aaron's, a rent-to-own chain, played an integral role in its franchisees' installation and use of technology that “secretly monitored consumers, including taking webcam pictures of them in their homes,” an FTC release said. Under the terms of the agreement, the chain is banned from using the software to collect consumers' information via rental computers. It is also prohibited from “receiving, storing or communicating such information,” except upon a consumer's request for technical support. (Source

Obama to Issue Executive Order on Overtime Pay
President Obama is planning to issue an executive order that could lead to revised regulations covering who should be paid extra for working more than 40 hours a week, reports The Washington Post. (Source

Survey: Morale top retail staffing challenge
Morale is the biggest challenge facing retailers trying to fill and maintain their staffs. According to a new survey of 168 retail staffing managers and HR executives conducted by Harris Poll for CareerBuilder and, 37% of respondents cited lifting employee morale as a challenge. The following are the top 10 staffing challenges faced by retail hiring managers:
1. Lifting employee morale – 37%
2. Retaining top talent – 36%
3. Maintaining productivity levels – 29%
4. Recruiting high skill applicants – 29%
5. Providing competitive compensation – 27%
6. Worker burnout – 26%
7. Providing competitive benefits – 23%
8. Employee engagement – 20%
9. Cutting down on cost-per-hire – 16%
10. Cutting down on time to hire – 15% (Source

OSHA urged to withdraw Electronic Reporting Proposed Rule - How will it impact workplace safety? ASSE wants to know  “In our comments submitted for the record, ASSE urged OSHA to withdraw its proposed rule, Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses, until the agency develops clearer objectives and a stronger rationale for requiring establishments with 250 or more employees to electronically submit each quarter injury and illness records and each year summary data. Establishments with 20 or more employees would submit electronically the annual summary form and certain employers would submit electronically other information on notification from OSHA. "ASSE believes publishing the information collected will make more difficult the efforts of safety professionals to focus companies on preventing hazards instead of reporting injuries.” (Source

NRF Calls Overtime Proposal ‘Contrary to the Goal of Job Creation’

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Williams-Sonoma Q4 up 10.4% with net revenue up 10%
Stein Mart Q4 up 3.1% (without 14th week) with net sales down 2.1%
Delhaize Group U.S. Q4 up 2% with revenue up 1.9%
Krispy Kreme Q4 up 1.6% with revenues up 3.3%
Dollar General Q4 up 1.3% with sales up 6.8%
Genesco Q4 up 1% with net sales down 0.5%
Kirkland's Q4 flat with net sales down 4.2%
Christopher & Banks Q4 down 1.4% with net sales down 10%

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A man was arrested Thursday after police say he was dealing in stolen property. During a search warrant of Steven Hankins' business, Hankins Computers, evidence and marijuana were found and the State Attorney's Office issued a warrant for his arrest, according to a release from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. In September 2013, detectives began working with eBay and Amazon, to find electronics stolen from construction company Anderson Columbia over a five-year span in Lake City. From 2008-2013, an employee allegedly used corporate money to buy over 300 personal electronics including new and used laptops, computers, monitors, iPads and iPods then resold them to local residents and to buyers on eBay.

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Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us. - Probing 2nd possible card breach since last August
For the second time since Aug. 2013, online retailer has hired a computer forensics team after being notified by Discover about a potential breach of customer card data, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. Over the past several weeks, a number of banks have shared information with this reporter indicating that they are seeing fraud on cards that were all recently used by customers. Turns out, has heard this as well, and for the second time in the last seven months has called in outside investigators to check for signs of a digital break-in. Then, just last month, NoMoreRack heard once again from Discover, which said that between Nov. 1, 2013 and Jan. 15, 2014, the company had determined there were more incidents of fraud tied to cards that were all used at the company’s online store. (Source

Overstock CEO: We're Doing $20k - $30k In Bitcoin Transactions Per Day
Last week, Overstock announced that it has so far seen over $1 million in Bitcoin purchases through its site. The company began accepting the digital currency on January 9 through a partnership with Coinbase, the popular Bitcoin exchange. "There was a huge surge [in Bitcoin spending] the first day, with people showing support. It's since dropped to $20k to $30k per day, but it's gradually increasing from there. It's going well," said Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. Bitcoin purchases offer Overstock a number of advantages over credit card purchases. There are no credit card fees, chargebacks, or fraud risks to speak of.
Byrne seemed especially impressed with how Bitcoin can thwart fraud. Using a credit card, a person can "order a television online, wait for it to arrive, then call Visa and tell them there's a dispute with the charge and not to pay it," said Byrne. (Source

Vitamin Shoppe Invests in Mobile, E-Com Increases 24.4%

Dick’s kicks e-commerce revenue up 65% in fiscal 2013

Express Reports 14% Hike in Ecommerce Sales for 4Q 2013

Williams-Sonoma revenues up in fourth quarter with help of e-commerce sales





Thought Challenge

Auditing the Audit and Auditor

By Larry Evangelista
Regional Asset Protection Manager
Toys R Us

Is this an all too familiar conclusion when the Loss Prevention Manager finishes their auditing process and debriefs with store management? Store Manager “so how did we do?” LP Manager, “you passed, you scored an 83%. You missed questions 9, 11 and 23 in Section I and 37, 43 and 55 in Section II. Correct those and I’ll back in 8 weeks to follow up.”

Hold on there! What just happened?

The Store Manager thinks; Hmmm 83% I passed that will keep LP out of my hair for a couple months. I’ll give these audit misses to my Assistant Manager to correct and I’m back to what my priorities are.

Loss Prevention Manager thinks; Hmmm 83% not great but better than others. Probably good enough to make my shrink goal if they maintain and at least I won’t have to come back here for a while.

Hold on again. What just didn’t happen?

What didn’t happen was just about everything that under-trained or more likely misguided Loss Prevention Managers make in their store auditing effort. It all starts with misunderstanding the goal of auditing store performance. Actually and more appropriately it’s about misunderstanding what to measure in an audit...and that more closely is store Operating Competency. With performance being a symptom of either solid or weak Competency.

Here is the argument against checklist style, robotic auditing.

- It prompts a LPM to check the same store functions time and again. Well ok but if the store’s performance metrics, which should be carefully reviewed prior to conducting the audit indicate “solid” performance, ie..solid competency, then shouldn’t more of the available time be spent on the deficient areas?
- What responsibility does the store have to prepare for an audit assuming the announced variety? Did the store management team prior to the LPM setting foot in the store review their self-audits, did they review their performance metrics related to expected operational performance? Here again is a measure of store operational competency...are they readily aware of their metrics and can they identify their deficiencies?
- Before a single store function is reviewed is there a sit down review of store metrics lead by the management team? A mature, competent management team should be able to identify their own issues and present them to the LPM with ideas and action steps for solutions. The LPM is there for support and guidance, not to point and say “fix it”
- When a store management team is challenged to understand the “root cause” of a deficiently performing metric then the LPM should lead that exercise. Working down to 5 “whys” if needed to get to the real cause of why an operating function continually fails.
- This is also the time to bring in assistant managers or department level supervisors who own elements of store operating performance metrics. This is the time to probe these associates knowledge of YTD performance metrics that have origins in the area they provide supervision for. Can Receiving Managers speak to Inbound and Outbound Compliance, can Front End Managers speak to their YTD performance on cash handling and refund %. Are this associates mature in their position knowledge and do they demonstrate ownership of their respective areas?

Did I mention that this all should be happening before a single store operational function gets audited...good!

Remember the manager who was happy to get his 83% and call it a day? I’m sure that the score is irrelevant to him/her, what is relevant is that it’s enough to keep them off some naughty list, or getting DM heartburn and keep my LPM out of here for a while.

Now that every key performance metric has been reviewed and those under-performing metrics have gone through a root cause analysis with action steps, time-frames and ownership set should the audit walk begin. This is often referred to as the “trust but verify” part of the audit.
Managers are quick to say “oh yea, were good with that”. If the previous metric review supports that great, move on, if not dig in.
After the LPM finishes the store walk and makes “trust but verify” observations then phase III begins. This should entail a brief review of phase I (metric review) and phase II (walk observations) then with the management team present ask” give me the three most critical performance areas your team should focus on improving”.

A mature, high competency team will likely get 2 or all 3 critical focus areas without much LPM intervention. In the beginning the LPM may provide more guidance in this phase and then slowly be able to back off direct suggestions. What we are looking for here is that while we want the store management Team to correct those less critical issues that may have been found on the store walk can they Win Big in the key areas that drive profitability. That could take the form of improved in-stock and receiving accuracy execution to help sales, shrink reduction from solid merchandise protection compliance and improved risk management performance from safety awareness and execution.

When all three phases are introduced during an audit the whole array of what makes a store operational competent comes into play. The conversation often and appropriately leads to talent and that discussion should be on the table. Does a manager, audit after audit, point to an under-performer who is “killing his operation” yet the associate’s direct supervisor or the manager themselves never use any of the multitude of available metrics to performance manage that associate up or out?

Going back to that that good or fair? How much does it matter what they scored last time if it was an 86% or a 79%? I would suggest to frustrated LPMs not seeing improvement; if you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”.

Time for LP Managers to think about their approach and how to effect positive change. In fact this is a perfect way to effect change by incorporating many Leadership tactics; providing education, assessing talent, challenging store teams on root cause analysis, identifying priority and critical focuses.

So to go back to the underlying point; LP Managers should think of auditing in terms of opportunities to measure store operating capability and competency and not leap straight to performance which will fix itself once the former is addressed. Diagnose and correct the root cause and don’t get bogged down with the symptoms of poor performance. Ditch the robotic checklist in favor of fostering competent, capable store teams.



Columbia Mall shooter had fascination with Columbine
The Columbia mall shooter had a fascination with the Columbine tragedy, had known mental health issues and had been researching and planning a mass killing in the year leading up to a shooting that took three lives, including his own, on Jan. 25, Howard County police said during a news conference Wednesday. "Our investigation has clearly shown that there is no connection between the shooter and the two young lives he cut short," McMahon said. Police said the teen downloaded a game based on the Columbine shooting and also researched gun laws and mental health issues, as well as suicide chat lines. Officials said they're not sure if he took advantage of any of those services, but they believe he did know something was wrong with him. (Source

Man sought in armed robbery of an Advanced Auto Parts store in Gonzales, LA  The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office is seeking help in identifying a man who robbed the Advanced Auto Parts store, 12518 La. 44, Gonzales, on Saturday night. (Source

Denver woman swipes a wallet at Trader Joes, in one hour spent $25,000 on the stolen AMEX card  Police are looking for a woman suspected of stealing a victim's wallet at Trader Joe's and then going on an expensive shopping spree with stolen credit cards. The victim told police her wallet was stolen from her purse, which was sitting in a shopping cart, at Trader Joe's, 790 Colorado Blvd., according to Metro Denver Crime Stoppers. Within a few hours $25,000 was charged to the victim's American Express credit card. The thief, or thieves, went on a high-end shopping spree at the Cherry Creek Mall. A suspect was caught on a surveillance camera at Hyde Park Jewelers. (Source

Houston-area Girl Scouts help bust shoplifting suspects  Some Houston-area Girl Scouts selling cookies at a grocery store have been credited with helping nab a shoplifting suspect caught with $2,000 worth of unpaid goods. KPRC-TV reports the girls and their mothers last Sunday noticed a man wheeling a cart out of an H-E-B in Katy but no items were bagged. Girl Scout Hailey Matthews says the man appeared to be stealing a lot of stuff. The girls and their mothers watched the man push the cart — with wine, groceries and small appliances — to a vehicle, then reported him to an H-E-B employee, who called police. (Source

Atlanta Metro Police investigating 3 recent Jewelry store
Robberies Atlanta police say they are working with two other local law enforcement agencies to track down the people involved in a string of armed robberies of Kay Jewelers stores. Since June of 2013, armed robberies have been reported at Kay Jewelers in Atlanta, Cobb County and Gwinnett County. Investigators say they believe those three robberies are related. Police have released security camera video that they say shows the robbers. (Source

Ex-Jewelry Store Employee Charged In $30,000 Theft in Waco, TX
Damion D. Jones, a former employee at Jewelry Repair and Design, in the Richland Mall, in Waco, was charged with theft more than $20,000 but less than $100,000. An arrest affidavit says police believe an employee at the store took $29,859 worth of merchandise in thefts dating back to Dec. 20, 2013, officers traced missing jewelry to area pawnshops. (Source

Police Arrest Suspect in New Canaan, CT Rolex Robbery  Police have arrested a suspect in a robbery at Henry C. Reid & Son Jewelers in New Canaan in November. Three Rolex watches, worth a total of $55,000, were stolen from the jewelry store in New Canaan around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6. Authorities identified Ronald A. McIntyre, 37, as a suspect through blood left at the scene, police said. Four men tried to enter the jewelry store on that November afternoon, but an alert employee quickly locked the door. Unable to get inside the store, one of the robbers shattered a front display window with something like a sledge hammer, reached through the broken glass and took the watches. (Source

Frankenmuth, MI Police Department investigating armed robbery
The Frankenmuth Police Department is investigating an armed robbery at the Funky Skunk store. The incident was reported at 8:52 a.m. Tuesday, March 12, by employees at the store. Two gunmen entered through the front door and are described as wearing ski masks and carrying handguns, police said. The store sells a variety of Irish-themed merchandise. An undetermined amount of cash was taken, and no one was physically harmed. (Source

Detroit model charged with murder in store clerk killing during armed robbery in Ga.

Two charged in Baltimore diamond heist, two additional suspects at large

Shoplifting suspect leads police on a two –state chase from KY to TN

Former Zales Jewelry store employee charged with the theft of $72,000 in merchandise from the San Jacinto Mall in Baytown, TX

Suspect Sought in T- Mobile Robbery in Kennewick, WA

Kay Jewelers in the Sun Valley Mall, Concord, CA the victim of a $799 Grab and Run, fleeing with a Bulova watch




Two Burglars arrested at Big Lots in Woodbridge, VA driving a U-haul and attempting to break into a Storage Container  The incident started on Feb. 27 around 5:06 a.m. at the Big Lots store. An employee noticed a series of loud noises coming from behind the store. When Police arrived at the scene, they found two suspects and a U-Haul truck behind the store next to the shipping containers. Both the suspects then tried to run away, police said. Deron Winston McDonald, 52 was arrested in connection, police said. He was also wanted for a similar incident which happened on Feb. 9 at an outdoor furniture business. Investigation revealed that the two suspects were trying to enter into the shipping containers by cutting the lock. (Source

Seller of $1100 of Stolen Goods on Facebook Sentenced to 5 years in prison in Wyoming  A Cody man has been sentenced in the case of selling stolen retail goods on a social media group page. August of last year, Cody Police were contacted by the administrator of Cody Area Classifieds, a group page on Facebook that allows people to buy and sell goods. The administrator told police that her suspicion was peaked by a couple selling multiple items that were new and still in their original packaging. Court documents allege that the couple had sold a stainless steel grill, a roaster, a couple of camping tents, and a soda streamer. In an interview with officers, the wife of 27 year old Cory Armstrong admitted that the couple had been going to Walmart, stealing new items that they later sold on Cody Area Classifieds. The amount of stolen goods sold was $1,100. Armstrong was tried for one count of theft and one count of conspiring to commit a crime. He was sentenced to five years in prison and $170 in fines. Armstrong was also sentenced for a separate, unrelated larceny charge, receiving another five years. The sentences will run concurrent with each other. (Source

Two arrested at Macy’s Washington Crown Center store in West Virginia; stealing kitchen appliances to exchange for heroin  Two West Virginia men were arrested Tuesday night by North Franklin Township police after allegedly stealing a combination mixer, pasta roller and cutter they planned to exchange for drugs. Both men assaulted the Loss Prevention agent attempting to apprehend, fled the store and were later arrested by Police. (Source

Windsor, CT Police investigating two thefts at CVS, suspects focused on Body Wash and Baby Formula

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Cam Connections Recognized as One of North America's Fastest-Growing Security Solution Providers

SD&I Fast50 ranks Cam Connections #8 in prestigious list
of security dealers and integrators

Every year, Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine honors the 50 fastest-growing security dealers and integrators in North America. This year, Cam Connections Inc. made the Top 10 in SD&I's third-annual Fast50 - tying for 8th place on the prestigious industry list.
“We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into process improvement since 2011 — we analyzed our pain points, and then focused on minimizing or eliminating those shortcomings,” says Chris Lesnewski, CEO of Cam Connections. “Some key improvements as a result are much better hiring practices, improved communication, highly specialized roles/training, and employee retention and satisfaction. Education and retail have been the growth markets for us. There is still much fear over random acts of violence and concern for public safety, and understandably so.”

With nearly 60 employees, Cam Connections provides custom-tailored security and loss prevention programs for hundreds of America's leading businesses and government agencies. Their experienced staff - comprised of some of the country's best trained security, loss prevention and technology specialists - forms the foundation of CCI's elite security team: professionals whose focus is on complete client satisfaction.

The top 10 Fast50 companies run the gamut from large to small businesses in terms of employees; however all of them balanced gross revenues and overall percentage growth over a three-year period to end up on top of the rankings.

“Our members have seen a number of growth opportunities, and the forward-thinking companies are the ones who thrive,” says John Knox, president of the Electronic Security Association (ESA). “Regardless of size, the most successful companies will be able to provide quality products and great customer support at a competitive price. And never forget that good, old-fashioned hard work makes the difference, regardless of whether it’s a one-man company or a company of thousands.”

See the rest of the SD&I Fast50 list here.

About Cam Connections
Since 1998, Cam Connections has been a leading Loss Prevention resource in the United States. Our mission is to provide unmatched service in delivering electronic security solutions that are expertly tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. We are dedicated to heightening the value of our clients’ businesses as a trusted partner in protecting their people and property.

Because we are a service provider and not a manufacturer, we are not tied to specific products or systems. We are free to select the most appropriate components from the entire marketplace, giving you the best solution at the best value. This also allows us to easily adapt your security system to meet your organization’s existing procedures, rather than forcing you to conform to a pre-fabricated system.

Our dedication to customer service and our breadth of experience make us the ideal choice to protect your business from loss.

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Juan Valverde was promoted Director of Loss Prevention Mexico for Rent-A-Center.

Esteban Ulate
was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Rent-A-Center.
Esteban joins RAC Mexico after serving in numerous management positions at Industrias Líder, Casa Vita Bienes Raíces and Wal-Mart Latin America.

Keltric Goff
was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for L Brands.

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6 Tips for Productive Time Management With Daylight Savings Time knocking off an hour out of everyone's day, time seems to escape from us even faster now! How can you make up for that seemingly lost hour? Try using these six time management tips and see if you can get back in your groove. (Add some music)

7 Proven Steps to a Better Workday
Your workday can become a day filled with stress, burnout, and anxiety in just a matter of minutes, with meetings to attend or emails to get back to. It's easy for a day to go from great to dragging. Use these tips to try to make your day as satisfying as possible! (How do you spend your morning?)


3 Ways to Handle Criticism Like a Pro - and Actually Grow from it  Handling criticism can be difficult at times, especially when it may not be as positive as we hope, but if you're smart in how you ask for feedback, you can live and learn from its presence. Learn to embrace criticism with these steps. (Learn to have a growth mindset)

How to Have a Eureka Moment
You don't have to be a super genius to have an a-ha moment at work! When you have to come up with ideas on the spot on how to improve things, trying to find that spark can be difficult! This survey may just give you the insight you need to have your own eureka moment! (Work on something different)

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Accepting criticism and feedback is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially if it's unexpected or from an individual or group that's not really informed well enough to offer constructive criticism. Coming from our superiors or clients, criticism and feedback can truly be valuable and help mold the path a person needs to take in changing or modifying behavior and improving relationships. It all boils down to whether or not you're willing to accept it and really hear what they're saying or not saying. It's human nature to automatically respond defensively and rationalize what you're hearing, thus avoiding having to own it. However, the wise person learns to listen and force themselves not to respond other than to acknowledge that they heard it.

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Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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